tjaaltonguess we could switch to sna once 3.8 hits raring08:06
tjaaltonand I'm preparing mesa master now08:06
mlankhorstsure, makes the intel devs happy08:06
tjaaltonyou think?08:06
mlankhorstI'm not sure it makes anyone else happy though!08:07
tjaaltonasked ickle about it a month ago or so, he thought it was maybe 80% ready back then. they've fixed some issues since then, might be 9/10 by now :)08:07
tjaaltoner, 90%08:08
mlankhorstgoing to do 1 more testbuild of pixman, then push the thing08:09
tjaaltonalways fun merging new mesa upstream..08:15
mlankhorstit's becoming more and more boring though08:20
mlankhorstbut hey tf2 fps increase, count me in08:20
mlankhorstI'm hipster and knew about that before phoronix reported it08:21
tjaaltona ton of conflicts that need to be manually resolved08:21
tjaaltoneasy though, always take what's the new08:21
mlankhorstwhen doing syncs of pre-release git, new maintainer entry should be Ubuntu Developers <ubuntu-devel-discuss@lists.ubuntu.com> right?08:24
tjaaltoni'd prefer ubuntu-x08:25
tjaaltondpkg-source is happy as long as the address has *ubuntu.com on it08:25
mlankhorsti thought pre-release like that was special when there were no ubuntu specific changes08:25
tjaaltonit's not a big deal08:28
mlankhorstok incoming pixman then08:28
tjaaltonmeh, robert hasn't kept up with wayland updates..08:52
tjaaltonor my mirror.. wtf again08:55
tjaaltonright, mirror cleanup & sbuild-update fail, duh :)09:00
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
tjaaltonbuilds, with an additional uncommitted build fix..09:34
tjaaltonapw: so, were you going to upload 3.8 to raring soon?09:59
ricotztjaalton, hi, i there a nvidia 313.09 patch for 3.8 available? (i guess, i havent looked hard enough yet)10:05
tjaaltonricotz: tseliot is on them10:05
ricotzgreat, thanks10:05
mlankhorstcan someone sponsor pixman? it doesn't appear to be part of xorg package set10:57
bdrunghi, i like to ask about a possible MIR of libxkbcommon. we will need libxkbcommon in main if we enable the wayland backend in gtk (bug #954352)11:46
ubottubug 954352 in gtk+3.0 (Ubuntu Raring) "Enable wayland backend" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/95435211:46
tjaaltonbdrung: go for it11:47
bdrungtjaalton: the description says that this library is experimental11:47
bdrungthe current version of this package is a git snapshot11:48
bdrungthere is a 0.2.0 of it11:48
tjaaltonok, I'll update it11:48
bdrungtjaalton: the warning in the description came from bryce. bryce, did you add the warning, because the package was a git snapshot?11:54
tjaaltonit was at some point11:54
tjaaltonthings have changed since11:55
tjaaltonbryce: the versions-current page doesn't seem to track libxkbcommon upstream?11:55
tjaaltonmesa snapshot builds properly now, doing libxkbcommon & weston next12:14
mlankhorstok first attempt at mesa done12:33
tjaaltonwhat's the diff like?12:36
tjaaltonbdrung: libxkbcommon 0.2.0 uploaded12:40
mlankhorstfew lines12:41
tjaaltonshow it :)12:41
tjaaltonoh, it's in git already12:41
tjaaltonnot quite :)12:41
tjaaltonit was the security update12:41
bdrungtjaalton: thanks12:42
tjaaltonmlankhorst: so basically, mesa-common-dev should be backwards compatible?12:46
mlankhorstpretty much12:46
tjaaltonunless a package depends on glu_*.h :)12:48
tjaaltonwhich got removed in 9.012:48
tjaaltonbut it shouldn't matter12:49
ricotzbdrung, hi, is it possible to enable broadway too which doesnt need further depends and won't interfere either?12:50
bdrungricotz: what is broadway?12:51
ricotzbdrung, the html5 backend of gtk12:51
bdrunghow much will the package size increase?12:52
ricotzhmm, quite a question12:52
bdrungricotz: broadway will not need any new build dependencies?12:52
bdrungricotz: do we have an open bug report for it?12:52
ricotzi was asked to do so in my ppa, and did for some time now12:53
bdrungricotz: and there were no regression?12:53
ricotzit is a separate backend like wayland12:53
bdrungricotz: can you evaluate the size change?12:53
ricotzi'll try12:54
mlankhorsttjaalton: that should be pulled to libglu.*-dev then12:55
tjaaltonmlankhorst: it's not in precise12:55
bdrungweston needs to be updated in raring - see bug #109768513:00
ubottubug 1097685 in weston (Ubuntu) "libwayland and weston package versions in raring are incompatible" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/109768513:00
tjaaltonupdating as we speak13:00
jcristaubdrung: of course libxkbcommon is experimental.  so's wayland...13:03
tjaaltonjust not api-wise, not anymore13:03
bdrungjcristau: i was referring to the API (not how often the API will be extended)13:05
mlankhorsterm afaict libglu1-mesa-dev from precise includes GL/glu.h and GL/glu_mangle.h, so installing it will work even on renamed stack13:07
tjaaltonmlankhorst: of course, dunno what I was looking at..13:09
tjaaltonsigh, why on earth doesn't the ubuntu cairo package build the egl backend?13:16
ricotzbdrung, the stipped gdk lib would grow by ca. 90kb13:17
bdrungricotz: and in percentage?13:17
ricotz550 to 64013:18
bdrung90 kb is not that big if there are user wanting that backend13:19
bdrungricotz: feel free to extend the debdiff and state the dependency/size impact of the change in the bug report13:19
ricotzit is getting in shape in 3.7.x, while staying on 3.6 it might be not the great to use13:20
tjaaltonlooks like an ancient cairo merge left the egl backend disabled, nice13:21
ricotztjaalton, it is intended to be disabled due nvidia blob memory problem13:22
tjaaltonricotz: ah, meh13:22
tjaaltonricotz: that was on oneiric?13:23
ricotztjaalton, still valid afaik :(13:24
tjaaltonok tehn13:24
ricotztjaalton, feel free to check13:25
ricotzthe nvidia kernel module will massivly increase in size13:25
tjaaltonyeah i remember now13:25
bdrungricotz: then a bug report with the current findings would be nice as reminder once we get >= 3.7.x into the archive13:27
ricotzit isnt likely it will land in raring13:27
ricotz3.7.x i mean13:28
bdrungtherefore the bug report13:28
bdrungtjaalton: have you seen http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=691699 ?13:28
ubottuDebian bug 691699 in src:libxkbcommon "libxkbcommon: [PATCH] upgrade to 0.2.0" [Wishlist,Open]13:28
tjaaltonbdrung: no13:29
bdrungtjaalton: it would be nice to review that and reduce the lintian output13:29
mlankhorstah great, pixman 1-0 and input update is enough for new xserver :)13:29
tjaaltonbdrung: huh, I only got one warning13:30
tjaaltonabout out-of-date-standards-version13:30
jcristautjaalton: he runs lintian with the pedantic option13:31
bdrungtjaalton: are you using lintian 2.5.11ubuntu1?13:31
jcristauwhich outputs lots of irrelevant stuff13:31
tjaaltonbdrung: whatever is in raring13:32
tjaaltonjcristau: ah13:32
bdrungtjaalton: i use --pedantic -IE13:33
tjaaltonduh, I wasn't aware it didn't use debhelper 913:35
ricotzbdrung, ah there is a bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/precise-backports/+bug/93364113:36
ubottuUbuntu bug 933641 in gtk+3.0 (Ubuntu) "Please backport/enable HTML5 (broadway) gdk backend for gtk+3.0" [Wishlist,Confirmed]13:36
tjaaltonwho uses that backend anyway?13:36
tjaaltonthe latest I heard was that it's still very much WIP13:36
ricotzsome kind of webapps13:36
ricotzyeah, that is why i said 3.8 will be more appropriate to have it in a usable stat13:37
bdrungricotz: can you comment that bug report?13:37
ricotzbdrung, is it possible to remove the "Precise Backports" reference completely?13:43
ricotzfrom the mentioned bug13:44
bdrungricotz: it doesn't seem to be possible13:44
bdrungtjaalton: will you apply the libxkbcommon patches?13:48
tjaaltonbdrung: ones that matter13:48
bdrungtjaalton: the patches 004 - 008 makes sense to me13:49
bdrungthe patches 002 and 003 were already covered by you13:49
tjaaltonnot 5 & 613:49
ricotzmlankhorst, hi, btw, what is holding back wine getting into raring?13:51
mlankhorstno idea?13:53
bdrungtjaalton: why not? what speaks against using 3.0 (quilt)? why is the tarball generation still needed?13:56
ricotzmlankhorst, hmm, so scott is not comfortable with 1.5 yet?13:56
mlankhorstI don't upload wine to distro, just maintaining ubuntu-wine ppa :-)13:56
ricotzi know, i am just hoping you would know why it isnt there yet ;)13:57
mlankhorstso you use the ubuntu-wine ppa, of course!13:57
ricotzi do, yes13:58
mlankhorstbeen maintaining audio there mostly, the ubuntu official release is probably lacking all these changes13:58
ricotzok, keep that up! :)14:00
mlankhorstthe bug about supporting pulseaudio is >5 years old at this point. :P14:01
mlankhorstok guess I'll do a 'proper' rework of all patches to xserver 1.14 now, botched up when testing airlied's stuff14:10
tjaaltonuse ubuntu+1, and reset --hard it to the current branch14:11
mlankhorstwas thinking of a debian-experimental+1 first14:12
tjaaltonor just bump d-e there14:12
tjaaltonjcristau: opinions?14:12
tjaaltonwhether to bump xorg-server debian-experimental branch to git master14:13
jcristaushouldn't be an issue, i don't think we need to go through 1.1314:17
mlankhorstah k, x1.14 it is then14:17
jcristaubranch history will be a mess, but oh well :(14:17
tjaaltonbecause of xi2.3?14:18
mlankhorstit's git, it will resolve the conflicts ;-)14:18
* ogra_ wonders why nobody had the idea to send git to syria tzhen14:19
mlankhorstthey don't use version control there14:20
jcristaumlankhorst: that's not what i'm worried about14:20
jcristaujust having lots of merges of stuff that was never used/uploaded14:21
tjaaltonon the d-e branch?14:23
mlankhorstit was used, just not on debian :)14:23
mlankhorstwow, that was easy, just needs inputproto / pixman version bump14:45
mlankhorstand removal of input barrier patch14:45
mlankhorstbit suspicious that all other patches just apply, though14:51
tjaaltonnot much has changed though14:53
tjaaltonfeature wise anyway14:53
mlankhorstand I guess the 1.13 rc's grabbed most patches we cared about anyway14:55
mlankhorstsdksyms.o:(.data.rel+0x3578): undefined reference to `PanoramiXSaveXFixesVector'15:40
jcristau♥ sdksyms15:45
mlankhorstwell fine, wonder if a hack is enough, if it's a configure option not like that stuff should be exported anyway..15:49
brycebdrung, yeah the warning can be removed from the description.  Back when I packaged it, it was pre-release experimental, but not anymore.18:27
tjaaltonbryce: yep, done18:27
tjaalton0.2.0 is in raring now18:27
bdrungbryce: thanks18:27
tjaaltonand pushed a further description update to debian-unstable branch18:28
brycetjaalton, yeah there's several upstreams it doesn't track.  It's on my todo list.18:29
tjaaltonweston update nearly there18:30
mlankhorstbryce: fwiw x1.14 compiles, don't know about pointer barriers yet, seems to have been upstreamed?19:08
brycemlankhorst, great19:24
brycemlankhorst, yeah I saw peter put in some of those changes for 1.14.  Enough for us to drop our patch?19:25
mlankhorstwell it fails to apply now19:25
brycemaybe raof can illuminate us19:27
* bryce throws in the towel on #1056039. WFM.19:36
tjaaltonthe upstreamed version of p-b is functionally equivalent to the old one, aiui19:44
brycetjaalton, ah good.  So perhaps just a matter of testing.19:46
tjaaltonbut it was a rh/gnome guy who made it happen there19:46
tjaaltonyeah, needs testing to be sure19:46
tjaaltonmaybe unity/compiz needs to adjust19:47
tjaaltonno idea19:47
brycesounds like a job for the TODO page19:50
tjaaltonbtw, I think that for bugs just assigning them to people/the team should be sufficient :)19:51
brycetjaalton, how do you mean?19:51
tjaaltonbryce: meaning that maintaining a list on a wikipage takes effort :)19:53
mlankhorstI so how would I upload xserver-xorg, without it immediately getting pushed to raring directly?19:53
tjaaltonmlankhorst: why?19:53
mlankhorstwas curious19:54
tjaaltonthere is no -proposed for -proposed ;)19:54
brycetjaalton, certainly does, but I'm fine to do that, it's helping me keep track.  Some people have a *lot* of assigned bugs, so just looking at the raw list would have  a lot of noise.19:55
tjaaltonbryce: right, I don't mind you looking after them :)19:56
tjaaltonand it's true that trying to find a decent bug to work on from a list of 500 is "hard"19:56
tjaaltonwithout getting burned out19:57
jcristautjaalton: the wheezy rc bug list is only 300!19:57
* jcristau hides19:57
tjaaltonjcristau: hehe :)19:57
brycetjaalton, maybe some day I'll write a web tool that pulls assignments from launchpad.  20:13
tjaaltonbryce: yeah that might be handy20:13
RAOFbryce, tjaalton: The upstream pointer barrier code is now sufficient, but the API's changed; unity will need to be ported.22:28
bryceRAOF, happen to know if there is a bug # or WI for that work?22:54
RAOFbryce: Let me check my filed bugs; if I haven't filed it, I don't think there's one.22:54
mlankhorstI had a feeling it would be something like that22:55
RAOFbryce: No; it looks like I haven't filed that.22:57
bryceRAOF, ok, subscribe me to it once it's filed if you don't mind23:00
RAOFbryce: Done.23:58

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