Kilosmorning all04:23
Kiloshi mazal 05:15
mazalMore oom Kilos 05:15
Kiloshi barrydk 05:17
barrydkGood morning everyone05:17
barrydkHelo Kilos how are you05:17
Kilosgood ty and you?05:18
barrydkalso good lovely hot morning05:18
inetprogood morning05:45
Kilosmorning inetpro 05:45
Kilosyou wet the bed?05:46
Kiloshi theblazehen 06:21
Kiloshi jrgns hubx 07:15
jrgnsmorning all, Kilos07:16
mazalMorning hubx , jrgns 07:16
Kiloshi Vince-0 07:19
magespawnmorning all07:33
Kiloshi magespawn 07:33
magespawnmad morning already and you Kilos?07:36
Kilosgood here busy starting supper07:36
Kilosotherwise not bad07:36
Kilossheep out chickens fed07:37
Kilosback still niggling though07:37
magespawnis the back a permenant problem or a recent injury?07:41
Kilosjust last few weeks07:41
magespawnyou on anything for it?07:41
Kiloshurt when tipping ran over for innoculating07:41
Kilosi hand upside down for a while daily and do situps that way to strengtheng muscles07:42
Kilosit is improving though07:43
Kiloshey Squirm 07:43
magespawnimprovment is always good07:44
Kilosyip. think the muscles were getting weak with all the sitting so they let it slip out07:44
magespawni have found being aware of the way i sit helps, i tend to slouch07:45
Kilosstill to sore to sit up straight07:48
Kilosslouching works07:48
Kiloshiya maiatoday 08:07
maiatodayhi Kilos08:07
drussellhappy new year za folks ;o)08:53
Kilosty drussell and all the best to you as well08:58
Kiloswb magespawn 09:17
Kilosyou have a good break deegee09:17
magespawnty not sure what happened09:17
Kilosinterwebs most likely09:18
Kilos8ta very slow here today09:18
Kilosi see there is linux software for my ups09:18
magespawnmm maybe09:18
Kilosand winsucks09:18
magespawncool that will help to manage it09:18
Kilos35 win download and 45m linux09:19
Kilosthank heavens for 8ta09:19
Kilosoh ya i still gotta fone them and see if they will speed up this connection09:20
Kiloswill first test it on one of ians drives with xp09:22
Kilosi worry about installing foreign stuff here on unity09:29
Kilos_hmm 09:39
Kilos_grrr i forgot the ghost command09:40
=== Kilos_ is now known as Kilos
* Kilos got netsplit09:52
Kiloshaha hes detached from screen10:01
inetproKilos: who's he?10:02
Kilosthe weed10:02
Kilosthats his away message10:02
Kilosi gotta get me one10:03
Kiloslike guess what i broke now10:03
inetproKilos: you'd be a good spy10:04
Kilosi dont spy on my friends10:05
Kilosdo i get to be 00 inetpro 10:53
Kiloshey barns Banlam bakuman hows you guys10:54
Kiloshiya monk11:16
Kilosai kbmonkey 11:16
kbmonkeyHoe ganit my maat11:16
Kilosbeter as met jou, jy het baie werk11:16
Kilosas daar n netsplit is dan kom QA terug en groet almal een vir een11:17
kbmonkeyAi. Net soos ek gedink het!11:18
Kilosoh jy het dit voorsien?11:18
kbmonkeyEk voel daai bug is bad, ons kan nie dit laat gebeur nie, oom.11:18
Kiloswhy you taaling today11:18
Kilosand the pro watches everything11:19
Kiloshe never sleeps he says11:19
kbmonkeyI can speak english handsomely since I was twice!11:19
Kilosare you afrikaans11:19
Kilosim sure before you said easier in english11:20
* mazal loer in11:20
Kilosja when you were still travelling from the cape home11:20
Kiloslo mazal 11:21
mazalHows things ?11:21
Kilosgaan leer python mazal 11:21
kbmonkeyHehe. Ja ek is oom, maar baie van die geek woorde ken ek net in engels11:21
kbmonkeyHi mazal11:21
mazalWhy Kilos ?11:21
Kiloswe need debugging done on QA11:22
mazalYou don't need debugging to know what is wrong with QA11:22
* mazal gets ready to run11:22
mazalShe's female , there's your problem11:22
* mazal runs11:23
Kiloslike if she was here she woulda greeted 39 peeps with her greeting11:23
Kilosmajor spam11:23
mazalNah Oom Kilos you know I can't program11:24
Kilosthats why i said learn python dodo11:24
Kilosthen in 5 years you will know how11:24
kbmonkeyWe need to change the greeter11:26
Kilosapie hoekom is jy nie op my kanaal nie11:26
kbmonkeyReset its timeout if it detects a netsplit11:26
Kiloswhew that will get your brain busy for a while and you outa trouble11:27
kbmonkeyHang on... laat ek uitvind hoe om die foon te laat join11:27
Kiloswb tumbleweed 11:47
tumbleweedhi Kilos12:09
Kiloshi smile you are early12:25
smilehi :)12:25
smileyes I am :)12:25
mazalLo smile 12:25
smileI'm back from school :p12:25
barrydkLekker aand almal12:52
Kiloswb superfly 12:55
Kiloswhere you been12:55
magespawnwhat is the best ubuntu replacement for hyperterminal13:24
tumbleweedscreen /dev/ttyS0 (for example)13:25
magespawnokay this is going to interesting13:31
magespawnthe console cable is connected via a usb adapter to my laptop13:32
tumbleweedthen it's /dev/ttyUSB0 probably13:34
magespawnwill try that13:34
magespawnokay just get a blinking cursor13:35
tumbleweedif you need a custom baud rate, /dev/ttyUSB0,9600 / whatever13:35
magespawnah i do 13:35
tumbleweedthere are a bunch of other flags too, see the manpage13:36
magespawnty will do tumbleweed13:36
magespawnlots of reading ahead there13:39
magespawnlater all14:12
Kilosnou kry ek warm15:14
KilosMaaz, weather in irene south africa15:15
MaazKilos: That didn't seem to agree with me15:15
inetproMaaz: weather in Pretoria15:44
Maazinetpro: That didn't seem to agree with me15:44
Kilos10 mins then the idiot box will give weather15:45
inetproKilos: ai! Baie warm!15:46
Kiloseks seker dis 36 of even meer15:48
Kiloshi kbmonkey hot there too?15:49
Kiloshi Cantide 15:50
Cantidehello '-';;15:51
kbmonkeyhi Kilos and Cantide 15:52
kbmonkeyit was hot, cooling a bit now15:52
Cantidehey kbmonkey :)15:52
Cantidemy dad seems to use Ubuntu only for solitaire -_-;;15:53
kbmonkeyit could be worse!15:53
Kiloshehe tell him try freecell too15:53
Kilosand mahjongg15:53
Kilosthats what i do when peeps threaten to ban me15:54
Cantidei don't think he likes mahjong15:54
kbmonkeyI cant figure out why my site subdomain wont show the content I put inside. hmpf.15:55
kbmonkeydoes he like racing games Cantide ?15:55
Cantidehe likes solitaire haha15:56
Cantidei might try to put some other things on there for him15:56
Kilosand games like AOE?15:56
Cantidebut i think he likes things that don't require much speed or hand-eye coordination15:56
Kilosgonna rain in durbs15:57
Kiloswe hotashell15:58
Kilos21/36 tomorrow15:58
Vince-0ow no15:59
Vince-0maritzburg has been hot15:59
Kilosyeah sleepy hollow can cook16:00
smilewhere is martizburg, Vince-0 ? :p16:00
Kilosjust north of durban smaile16:01
Kilossmile, too16:01
kbmonkeywhat are you doing in pmb Vince-0? It can become a hot oven in there!16:01
Kilos90 ks inland from de beach16:01
Kilossmile have you heard of the comrades marathon?16:02
smileokay, Kilos :)16:02
Kilospeeps run from durban to pmb16:02
smilehow many km is that? :)16:02
Kilosand other way the following year16:02
Kilos87 or 9016:03
smilewow ;)16:04
Kilosgoogle the comrades16:05
Kilosworld famous marathon16:05
Kiloseven russians come run16:06
smile.com :)16:06
Kilosyou like wikipedia16:07
Squirmjust setup the network in my new flat16:08
Squirmtaking a while to move in16:08
Kilosah thats good Squirm 16:09
kbmonkeythat is nice Squirm 16:09
kbmonkeybusy copying apt archives to the desktop. saving bandwidth ;)16:10
Kiloshehe 16:10
SquirmI'd have done it during work time(seeing as installing network in the flats is what I do), but I couldn't stand being outside16:10
Kiloscp gave me hassles once so i use rsync16:10
Squirmeven though I was for a whole bunch of the time16:10
Kiloskbmonkey, you can save over 300m16:11
Kilosactually much more with all apps there too16:12
Squirmthat's why aptoncd was awesome16:14
Kilosand remastersys16:14
Kilosbut now they talking about another tool16:14
Vince-0Kilos, some techies in pmb today - sux to be a techie in that heat16:15
SquirmVince-0: I was there for a few hours today16:15
Squirmon the radio, said 33 in pmb and 31 in Mooi River16:15
Kilostry being a diesel mechanic in that heat16:15
Vince-0the valley is like 8 degrees hotter than the coast16:16
Vince-0ag nee16:16
Kilosyou gotta keep you tools in shade otherwise you cant touch them16:16
SquirmKilos: happens here too16:17
kbmonkeyouch, that must be hot16:22
Squirmkbmonkey: yes16:23
Squirmbbl, going to a friends for supper16:23
kbmonkeyI had my lunch late, so I am good for dinner :)16:26
Kiloshehe kbmonkey QA only does that spam greet if i ctrl +c the tyerminal16:26
kbmonkeywhat terminal?16:32
kbmonkeythe one your run the bot from?16:32
kbmonkeyit is still busy copying my apt archives, it is only 400MB16:35
Kiloswow my archives are 3.5g16:36
Kilosya the bot came back with a tail after netprobs and when i said die she got cheeky so i did ctrl+c in the terminal she runs from16:37
kbmonkeyi'm copying over a wireless network through my phone. maybe that is why16:37
Kilosdont you have a /var/cache/apt/archives with all your packages in?16:38
kbmonkeythat is where I copying from16:39
kbmonkeyfrom laptop to desktop16:39
Kilosonly 400 meg16:39
kbmonkeyyup ":)16:40
Kilossomething wrong there16:40
kbmonkeyI run a light system, I dare say.16:40
kbmonkeywhy do you say that?16:40
Kilosoh and no game packages16:40
Kilos0AD is 388m alone16:40
kbmonkeywell I have no gnome dependencies, no unity, no kde16:44
kbmonkeywell the largest game I have is supertuxkart. that is almost 600MB16:44
kbmonkeybut I build that from source, so its not part of my updates16:44
kbmonkeyhah. I found a usb disk. I'm going to copy the debs on that, and be done with it before the wireless rsync16:45
Kiloshave you got a screenshot i can see16:46
Kilosthats crashbang hey?16:46
kbmonkeyyes, crunchbang16:47
Kiloswhat gui16:47
kbmonkeyyou can have xfce same as xubuntu16:48
kbmonkeyor openbox, another light gui like xfce16:48
Kilosmaybe i look at it next month when next 8ta 2+1 goes in16:49
kbmonkeyby using light guis, the updates also weigh less. it adds up for updates :)16:49
kbmonkeyI think we post you discs with repos when we get16:50
kbmonkeyI think william had the repos with him, nuvolari may have copied them, I'm not sure.16:51
Kiloswilliam walter?16:52
kbmonkeybut I have blank dvd's to use and wouldn't mind posting to you Kilos 16:52
kbmonkeyyes 16:52
inetproCantide: let your dad play simutrans, I'm sure he will enjoy it16:52
Kilossounds good ty kbmonkey 16:52
Kilosim a rich bitch with many pcs so can play16:53
kbmonkeyi've had a spindle of dvd's for a year now, I dont use them, all is usb now :p16:53
kbmonkeymight as well XD16:53
Kilostry make an iso of your working system16:53
Kilosdunno if remastersys works on crunchbang16:54
kbmonkeyyes it does16:54
inetproKilos: have you ever played simutrans?16:56
Kilosnope inetpro is it in the repos?16:56
inetproKilos: yes16:57
Kilosi go see16:57
inetprotransportation simulator16:57
inetproan amazing game16:57
* inetpro loves it16:57
inetprothough I haven't played in a while16:57
* kbmonkey goes to check out simutrans too :D16:57
Kilosmight make my life sweeter when i get threatened with banning16:57
inetproKilos: you'll be banned if you start spamming us16:58
kbmonkeyaah, like transport tycoon16:58
Kiloswow only 4745 kB to download16:59
* Kilos gets16:59
kbmonkeywow the detail is stunning16:59
Kilosbbs i go eat17:01
Cantidelooks a bit like openTTD17:05
Cantidethanks, inetpro :)17:05
inetproCantide: you're welcome17:06
inetproeven the forums are amazing with lots of stuff you can read up 17:06
* inetpro is stumped by cal 9 175217:19
inetprohow the heck can that month only have 19 days?17:20
kbmonkeyI don't think my tram rails are building correct :p ha ha ha17:23
Kilosdo i need a better graphics card?17:25
Kilosor am i doing something wrong17:25
kbmonkeythat looks right, Kilos 17:26
kbmonkeypress F1 and start there :)17:26
kbmonkeyit's beautiful pixel art, don't be frightened17:27
Kiloseverything so tiny i battle to read 17:27
kbmonkeyuse < and > to zoom the map17:27
kbmonkeyoh the fonts?17:27
Kilospmb only 26 tomorrow17:29
kbmonkeyshame Kilos, is that font too small to read?17:30
Kilosim forever ctrl + ing on sites17:31
kbmonkey:( I don't see a way to size the font larger17:33
Kiloshi superfly 17:41
superflyhi Kilos17:42
Kiloshehe ill need a 50 inch screen17:44
Kilossjoe 17:48
KilosMaaz, coffee on17:51
* Maaz starts grinding coffee17:51
KilosMaaz, large17:51
MaazIn a beer mug just for you Kilos17:51
KilosMaaz, hurry17:54
MaazMaking decent coffee is an art Kilos and should never be rushed17:54
kbmonkeyMaaz, coffee please17:55
Maazkbmonkey: Sure17:55
kbmonkeyMaaz, thanks!17:55
Maazkbmonkey: Sure17:55
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos and kbmonkey!17:55
KilosMaaz, ty17:55
MaazYou are welcome Kilos17:55
* kbmonkey *gulps*17:55
kbmonkeyMaaz, its hot!17:55
Maazkbmonkey: Sorry...17:55
kbmonkeyhe he17:55
kbmonkeyMaaz, thanks17:55
Maazkbmonkey: No problem17:55
* Kilos watches big bang theory17:57
Kilosfonts right size there17:57
kbmonkeyha ha17:58
kbmonkeyit is a funny show that, init?17:58
Kilosyeah hehe17:58
kbmonkeyI like how sheldon's mom psychoanalizes everyone. he he18:00
Kilosthis ups has been runnig all day on xp pc without a prob19:12
inetproKilos: ai!19:14
Kilosya ai!19:15
inetproKilos: you modified it again?19:15
Kilosi dont understand why it gives probs here19:15
Kilosjust disconnected internal battery19:15
Kilosbut still rebooted here so i moved it19:15
Kilosnow i got the software win win and linux but need to figure how to tell the thing what to do19:16
Kilosi think via network cable19:17
Kilosthe software asks for ip addresses even19:18
Kilosmaybe the ups's programming is corrupted some19:19
Kiloswb smile19:19
kbmonkeywhat do you want to tell the ups, Kilos 19:19
kbmonkeypower-manager settings?19:19
Kiloswhen i have it on this pc it keeps rebooting19:20
smilethanks :p19:20
smilelol, i quit seamonkey xD19:20
kbmonkeyit kills the power to the pc?19:20
Kilosbut worked for months without a prob19:20
kbmonkeydoes not sound good :(19:20
kbmonkeyups's work unconfigured19:20
Kilosused to switch off 2 mins after power cut19:20
Kilosif its faulty it should be faulty on both pcs19:21
kbmonkeyand now?19:21
kbmonkeymaybe it's your pc?19:21
Kilosits been running fine on xp all day19:21
Kilosyeah but only when ups is plugged in?19:21
kbmonkeya ghost in the ups19:22
kbmonkeyvoodoo magik19:22
Kilosdont start19:22
Kilosi think i gotta check voltages all over and see where something isnt happy19:23
Kiloscant be from overheating because it rebooted within 2 mins of startup19:23
Kilosi didnt try all the output sockets either19:24
Kilosthere are 319:24
kbmonkeyai, you have your work cut out for you, man19:27
Kilosyeah as usual19:28
Kilosnothing ever runs smooth here19:28
Kilosthen to top it all up i get threatened with banning19:29
smilebyee :)19:30
smilegood night Kilos :)19:30
Kilostoods smile19:30
Kilossleep tight19:30
smilethanks :D19:30
inetproKilos: ai!19:41
inetproKilos: don't worry, we won't ban you19:41
inetprojust yet19:41
kbmonkeysjoe but its still hot19:45
kbmonkeythe wind has completely stopped now19:45
kbmonkeydead quiet19:45
Kilosbeen like that here all day19:45
Kiloswind helps19:45
Kilosask bikers19:46
Kilostravelling at 80kph temp is ten degrees lower19:46
Kilosi go sleep now. you guys dont stay up too late. work tomorrow19:47
Kilossleep tight all19:47
kbmonkeyokay gn kilos19:48
kbmonkeywill do!19:48
superflyit's raining here...20:36
kbmonkeynothing here, yet.20:37
kbmonkeybut I hear the thunder coming from the north20:47

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