KI4ROAnyone know how to turn on the voice over feature in an IPOD thru UBUNTU?00:00
KaRmAcan anyone tell me why my proftpd server on ubuntu would disconnect for no apparent reason? I am able to log right back in and I have all the timeouts set really high...00:00
paco1hello masters!00:00
KaRmApaco1, hello slave00:01
makutoWhen I attempt to execute the .desktop file (using the dash) nothing happens. The command I'm trying to get it to run is 'xterm -e "~/path/to/executable" ' (without single quotes)00:01
jribmakuto: what's in your .desktop file?00:01
makutojrib: http://pastebin.com/NHCuHesp00:02
ActionParsnipKaRmA: is the service running?00:02
makutoThe command doesn't work in the terminal either, so I think that's the main problem00:03
dcopehey all, i have ubuntu 12.04 on a macbook air. when i close the lid the apple stays on. any fix?00:03
KaRmAActionParsnip, yea..... my problem is it disconnects after a minute or so even though the proftpd config file tells it not to .00:03
jribmakuto: heh, try gnome-terminal instead of xterm00:03
KaRmAActionParsnip, sending 'NOOP' or keep alive, keeps it alive....00:03
KaRmAso I guess ill just have to do that :-\ not sure why though.00:03
KaRmAmy ssh never disconnects00:04
M13is there anyone here that is good with syslinux?00:04
paco1i have a question: if it exist a tool to analyse the session of a user?00:04
LinSvenHow do I delete/purge old kernels? I was asked for homework to write a one line cmd that gets rid of all the old ones.00:05
makutojrib: That worked better, but I get this error: Failed to execute child process "~/Development/gameDev/oneDayTilemap/tileEditor" (No such file or directory)00:06
jribmakuto: don't use ~00:06
makutojrib: Alright. Also, I found it isn't where I thought it was, dumb mistake :)00:06
KI4ROLinSven, OS-uninstaller does the trick00:06
ActionParsnipLinSven:  dpkg -l | awk {'print $2'} | grep linux-image | grep -v `uname -r` | grep -v linux-image-generic        lists the excess kernels00:07
jribmakuto: also, you might look more into .desktop files. Some have "Terminal=true" and that may be more correct to use00:08
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LinSvenActionParsnip thank you. I was looking at this cmd but yours seems better. sudo apt-get remove $(dpkg -l|egrep '^ii  linux-(im|he)'|awk '{print $2}'|grep -v `uname -r`)00:08
ActionParsnipLinSven: you can use backticks to then use it with apt-get00:08
jribmakuto: run this for some examples (and I'd also check the spec online): grep -r -i terminal=true /usr/share/applications00:09
ActionParsnipLinSven:  sudo apt-get --purge remove `dpkg -l | awk {'print $2'} | grep linux-image | grep -v `uname -r` | grep -v linux-image-generic`00:09
makutojrib: Ah, that did the trick! Thanks tons!00:09
LinSvenOh thx. Really new to this stuff. Installed Ubuntu today for a class we are having.00:09
LinSvenMust say I like the idea of free software. Not because of the money but the idea.00:10
ActionParsnipLinSven: you have the knowledge (awk, grep. etc) That's all your tutor is really wanting you to demonstrate00:10
jonjoActionParsnip: ever had 'locked' when transfering a movie and trying to play it?00:10
makutojrib: And I understand the grep command, brilliant way to show me that. Thanks a lot!00:10
Ben64I don't use it for the money or the idea, I use it because it works better for me00:10
LinSvenActionParsnip yeah that was the idea I think.00:10
ActionParsnipjonjo: no, I use my sftp server and transfer that way.00:10
teslas_moustachegot it. The files in that directory were all empty anyway. I don't know why it wasn't created automatically, but my files should be popping up in /tmp/restore pretty soon. Thanks for the deceptively simple advice.00:11
PDunAnyone know of a way to set up a proxy to be able to view the data that is sent through it?00:12
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FLeiXiuSMy ubiquity success commands don't execute at the end even though syntactically it's correct.  Was this removed in 12.04 installs?00:13
jonjoPDun have you read the tsocks man pages?00:14
brightsparkPDun, check out the bridged mode provided by ettercap.  Haven't used it myself so can't be of much further assistance unfortunately.00:14
M13I have a Question: 'make menuconfig' is not working00:14
tompahow do i know which driver i should use? I have a Asus 560ti and have 4 different options to choose between ("additional drivers" software)00:14
M13i get a error : libtinfo.so.1 is not found00:15
M13please help00:15
* Naughx gives LinSven a warm welcome to the GNU/Linux world :D00:15
PDunjonjo - No00:16
devnull_tompa what drivers  what hardware ...00:16
devnull_more information required00:16
FunkyHow can i make ubuntu notifications direct me to the applications that sending the issued the notifcation?00:17
devnull_idk if it works that way funky00:17
Funkyoh =(00:18
devnull_have you searched google yet00:19
brightsparkIs the Cinnamon DE in the repos for the new ubuntu?00:19
OrphisHow can I resolve windows machine hostname from ubuntu? I've tried installing winbind and adding wins to nsswitch.conf (just after files) and it's not working00:19
OrphisHow can I troubleshoot it?00:19
devnull_brightspark idk did you check ?00:19
brightsparkI checked on mine- it's not in the repos on Maverick, but that doesn't mean much.00:20
devnull_well why don't you search the repos for 12.10 then00:20
raphytaffycan anyone walk me through installing C/C++ compiler tools for netbeans IDE?00:21
raphytaffyi have netbeans installed, i just need to install the compiler tools00:21
ActionParsnipbrightspark: there are no repos for Maverick00:21
KyleYankanHey #ubuntu, I have a question. I'm trying to connect my Canon 50D (which doesn't support USB Mass storage) to get some images off. Shotwell sees the camera, but says it's locked by another application. No other image applications are open. I do get a weird error wehn I plug the camera in, with no applications open: "Error initializing camera: -1: Unspecified error"00:21
brightsparkdevnull_, does that involve fiddling with the sources file?00:22
brightsparkActionParsnip, yep; I noticed that.00:22
brightsparkActionParsnip, however, aptitude still lists packages for download.00:22
devnull_brightspark, i would suppose since you are on IRC you also have web access ?00:22
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ActionParsnipbrightspark: wit will untill you clear the available packages on your system.00:23
hydruidI am having issues running a bash script, when I wget it from Github it won't run, but when I manually create it everything is fine......what causes that?00:23
usr13KyleYankan: Maybe just take the memory card out and use a card reader?00:23
devnull_hydruid, is it executable ?00:23
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brightsparkdevnull_, correct00:24
hydruiddevnull_: it's a .sh00:24
devnull_brightspark, then search ubuntus repo for the latest version and see if it is a listed package00:24
Ben64cinnamon isn't in ubuntu00:24
hydruiddevnull_: both methods I did a chmod +x script.sh before trying to run it00:24
KyleYankanusr13: No card readers00:24
devnull_hydruid, what do you mean by ... wont run00:24
usr13KyleYankan: I don't know about you, but my laptop and desktop both have build-in card readers.00:25
hydruiddevnull_: it comes up with a random error, seems like it's saying there was a line error after a space00:25
KyleYankanusr13: My laptop has a SD card reader, but the 50D takes CF cards.00:25
KyleYankanPro cameras usually do :-/00:25
NaughxMaybe it's already mounted somewhere else.00:25
devnull_hydruid, okay ... so it does run ... it just has an error00:25
usr13KyleYankan: Well, card readers are pretty low priced, probably abuot $10 or less.00:25
bluebeat09hey! can someone help me plz?00:26
hydruiddevnull_: yes I can pastebin it if you want00:26
devnull_hydruid, no thank you00:26
usr13KyleYankan: When I bought my digital camera, that was the first thing I ordered and have kept it in my camera bag since then so that I always have easy access.00:26
hydruiddevnull_: this is the error it gives, https://raw.github.com/hydruid/zenoss/master/install.sh00:27
KyleYankanusr13: Yeah, I just normally use a windows computer, but I'm currently away from any of my regular equipment00:27
KyleYankanI personally don't find a card reader necessary for my work00:27
hydruiddevnull_: this is the error it gives:  Syntax error: end of file unexpected (expecting "then")00:27
usr13KyleYankan: Well, doesn't matter if it's windows or linux.00:27
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KyleYankanusr13: The camera works fine on windows. I'm booting into it now to get the images I need00:28
bluebeat09can i restore ubuntu 12.10? like if it was just installed?00:28
usr13KyleYankan: There is always the possibility that some setting on the camera is blocking it.  Hard to tell from where I sit :)00:28
jonjothis ubuntu / andoid isb link sucks00:28
devnull_bluebeat09, restore what ?00:28
evbogueAsk #Ubuntu: What's the first app you install on a fresh Ubuntu install?00:28
dr_willisbluebeat09: user settings are easy to restore. system can be harder00:28
ActionParsnipbluebeat09: you can remove the configs in $HOME and get vanilla settings for apps, the things outside that will need a little more work00:28
devnull_jonjo ...   what are you trugudsknidgjj to say00:29
usr13KyleYankan: There is probably a way to access it, I would guess it is something simple, but without more info, we wouldn't be able to tell what it is.00:29
dr_willisevbogue:  poll in #ubuntu-offtopic00:29
ActionParsnipjonjo: its the single storage thing. its a bit weird00:29
brightsparkdevnull_, ok thanks.  finally found it.00:29
ActionParsnipjonjo: I just transfer data over the wifi and its fine00:29
devnull_hydruid, i guess you are going to learn about bash scripting today00:29
KyleYankanusr13: Not sure what to tell you. There's no lock on the camera. I'll do some more googling00:29
jonjoits too slow00:30
devnull_brightspark, yea ... they have the repos online so you can check that kind of stuff00:30
bluebeat09i installed gnome shell from u soft center, then i deleted it from there too, but now when i power up in the login screen is different, i just want to go back to the way it was00:30
jonjowhat wifi speeds do you get ActionParsnip ?00:30
bluebeat09i know its not a problem+00:30
bluebeat09but i would like to do that00:30
bluebeat09i cant seem to get it right+00:30
ActionParsnipjonjo: not sure exactly, moves fast enough00:30
devnull_bluebeat ... ps ax | grep gdm  ... is gdm listed or lightgdm ?00:30
nimocan you uninstall pulse and still get audio ?00:30
hydruiddevnull_: I think i just figured it out, looks like it added the dreaded ^M at the end of each line, removed them and that resovled the issue00:30
usr13KyleYankan: YOu could bring up a terminal and type   tail -f /var/log/syslog  and hit enter and watch as you  plug it in to see what clues you get.00:30
tompaHello, i just updated my graphic drivers for my Asus Gtx 560ti card. But now after reboot everything lost its sharp. It feels like i run everything in a lower resolution (lower than 1080) even if system settings/display says it is in 1080p ... Someone who knows what to do?00:30
dr_willisbluebeat09:  sudo dpkg-reconfigure lghtdm00:30
brightsparkdevnull_, I thought I might have to edit my sources and have aptitude pull the list that way.  Glad I didn't have to.00:31
devnull_hydruid, that would do it00:31
dr_willisbluebeat09:  sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm00:31
ActionParsniptompa: change refresh rate maybe00:31
bluebeat09ok will try this  sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm00:31
KyleYankanGot it. Had to rub gphoto2 from the command line. It seemed that the connected would rapidly disconnect after connecting. So executing a `gphoto2 --get-all-files00:31
KyleYankan` as soon as connected got them00:31
=== chiluk_away is now known as chiluk
usr13KyleYankan: Ok, there you go.00:32
devnull_tompa .. what isn't sharp anymore ... text ? everything ?00:32
jonjomaybe it is the flash commit speed on the nexus which is the problem00:32
tompaactionparsnip where can i find refresh rate options?00:33
usr13KyleYankan: I've had my camera for YEARS and never plugged it into a computer.  I've always just pulled out the chip and put in the PC.00:33
Ben64tompa: nvidia-settings00:33
tompadevnull_ Yeah i think everything is more blurry00:33
brightsparkActionParsnip, I just cleaned the package cache but they didn't actually disappear00:33
dcopeis there a way to mimic os x mouse settings on ubuntu?00:34
devnull_dcope what are OS X's mouse settings ?00:34
devnull_ive never used it00:34
Naughx@Usr; SD / SDHC are so much better :P00:34
usr13dcope: Not sure why you would want to.00:35
dcopedevnull_: no idea, but i've put mouse sensitivy and acceleration at 0 and my mouse is still flinging around the screen00:35
Ben64devnull_: you hover over the icon and if OSX wants you to, it'll launch00:35
dcopei just need to slow it down00:35
bluebeat09i dont remeber who gave me the code but it worked+00:35
bluebeat09thx a lot00:35
brightsparkdcope, is there a different tab for touchpad vs mouse?00:35
devnull_bluebeat09, <dr_willis>00:35
dcopebrightspark: no, just a different "Input" dropdown. i'm using xfce00:36
bluebeat09right. thx dr_willis, simple solution00:36
brightsparkdcope, ah sorry.  good luck.00:36
devnull_dcope,   usb/ps2 ?00:38
dcopedevnull_: bluetooth00:38
=== Vobine is now known as Psychoholic
tompadevnull_ ben64 actionparsnip i changed resolution and changed it back and then it worked ... thank you!00:39
devnull_dcope, oh .. i have never used any bluetooth devices ... not sure if there are any issues with them00:39
devnull_tompa, glad it works00:39
devnull_dcope its possible you have to change the sensitivity somewhere else00:40
devnull_or maybe xfce isn't setting it correctly ... havent used xfce in a lil while00:41
dcopedevnull_: it's interesting because it works with the trackpad but not the mouse00:41
dcopeeven when i specifcally set it for the mouse00:41
Awolfi have ubuntu 12.-04 installed on my laptop and i want to install win 7 for dual boot i've partitioned my hd and set the partition type to hspf/ntfs 0x0700:42
Awolfbut when i enter win7 installation it stops at startup and gives me the following error00:42
devnull_dcope, it is bypassing those settings ... maybe it needs to be adjusted at the X level00:42
=== Vobine is now known as Psychoholic
Ben64Awolf: you should install windows first00:43
devnull_yea windows 7 doesn't play nice nice with partitions especially with linux on themn00:44
Awolfis there no turn around ?00:44
Awolfit took me a real long while to install linux and its updates :@00:44
tentaclemoosehowdy folks, has anyone here had problems with 2wire(ATT) routers and linux?00:45
Ben64Awolf: i don't know that much about windows7 install00:46
Ben64i just know it doesn't like linux at all00:46
OrphisHow can I resolve windows hostnames from linux?00:46
devnull_Orphis, did you check google00:46
NaughxYes, windows bootloader overwrites grub...00:46
Orphisdevnull_: Yes, and it doesn't work00:46
ActionParsnipAwolf: what does the stop code mean?00:47
Awolfi dont mind the overwriting section i can refix grub with boot-repair00:47
Orphisdevnull_: I've installed winbind and added wins to nsswitch and names can't be resolved00:47
NaughxI know, but it's just annying.00:47
ActionParsnipOrphis: could use hosts file in windows. I've configured Ubuntu to state its hostname to the router but i can't remember00:47
Orphisdevnull_: My Ubuntu machine can be resolved from windows though00:47
devnull_samba ?00:48
OrphisActionParsnip: I haven't put anything in the hosts file, it's 2012, we can autodiscover most things now00:48
ActionParsnipOrphis: in /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf00:48
Orphisdevnull_: Yes, samba is installed with nmbd to provide a name00:48
ActionParsnipOrphis: Its actually 2013.00:48
OrphisActionParsnip: I'm lagging a little :P00:48
ActionParsnipOrphis: change: send host-name "<hostname>"00:49
NaughxYes... 8 days now...00:49
ActionParsnipOrphis: to:   send host-name "actualsystemnamehere"00:49
AwolfActionParsnip windows disk cant find the partitioned section for it i guess00:49
ActionParsnipOrphis: if you're going to have an attitude about it, at least be precise00:49
Awolfeven though i did partition it into ntfs form and set it to bootable00:49
=== carlos is now known as Guest66226
{messedupmatthewcan someone help me  with my broadcom driver for my wifi?00:50
ActionParsnipOrphis: if the server is on static IP then hosts file is dead handy, saves having to quiz the router for something which will neve change00:50
OrphisActionParsnip: Resolving the name from elsewhere in the network works just fine, why would changing the dhclient.conf config change anything?00:50
devnull_idk matthew how about some more details ...00:50
FLeiXiuSAnyone familiar with preseeds and late/success commands for 12.04?00:51
OrphisI'm trying to resolve a name from the linux box, there's no dhcp config there00:51
devnull_awolf is the partition logical ?00:51
Orphis(well, there is, but it isn't used for resolving winbind names really)00:51
devnull_i think windows will only install to a primary partition00:51
{messedupmatthewi am xubuntu and it says to go to the desktop menu system administration additional drivers and i cant find it?00:51
devnull_{messedupmatthew,  i don't know what software xubuntu comes with ... look for jockey in the software center00:52
{messedupmatthewjockey ok will do00:52
Awolfhow can i know if it is primary or logical00:52
ActionParsnipOrphis: it makes the Ubuntu OS publish it's name to the router, if you look now it will only show an IP and a Mac address00:53
devnull_what version of ubuntu matthew ?00:53
Awolflet me try something now00:53
{messedupmatthew12.04 i believe00:53
devnull_awolf ... well then i think you better read through some tutorials first00:53
Awolfbe right back00:53
ActionParsnipAwolf: you will need to delete the partition then convert to extended, then make logical partitions00:53
OrphisActionParsnip: I know what it does, and it's not used at all for netbios / bonjour (avahi) protocols at all00:53
Awolfok ill do that now00:53
OrphisActionParsnip: It's mostly used if you want the dhcp server to identify machines on the network with names instead of mac address00:54
devnull_i would imagine windows wants a primary partition because bootloaders have to be on primary partitions00:54
Awolfany suggestions as to what program i should use to partition correctly00:55
ActionParsnipAwolf: gparted00:55
devnull_Awolf, i would read some tutorials on installing windows7 after ubuntu is already installed ... you will lose grub00:55
ActionParsnipOrphis: by default, the name of the Ubuntu system will not be in your router. you need to make that change and reboot (or maybe just restart networking)00:56
Awolfdevnull, I can refix grub by re-inserting the live cd and installing and running boot-repair from the live cd00:56
OrphisActionParsnip: The name doesn't need to be in the router!!! I'm not trying to have DNS resolves, but wins!00:56
ActionParsnipAwolf: you will lose grub after installing Windows, but you can boot to Ubuntu liveCD and reinstate Grub to the MBR00:56
rk0nWhen using unity, the sound manager allows me to set the sound beyond 100%, but with KDE I don't have that option. And the sound is very low, any idea how to access that extra volume with KDE?00:57
devnull_awolf  ... that isnt the problem its your partitioning .. you should probably read up on what windows installer is looking for00:57
ActionParsniprk0n: tried in alsamixer?00:57
ActionParsnipOrphis: no idea then00:57
ActionParsnipOrphis: maybe others can advise00:57
rk0nActionParsnip, yes, everything in alsamixer is 100%00:58
NaughxYes, this is easy with grub-install00:58
devnull_ug  kde00:58
Awolfdevnull_ will do00:58
ActionParsniprk0n: tried in #kubuntu as well?00:58
devnull_awolf .. i just don't know what its requirements are ... i wish i could help00:59
rk0nActionParsnip, nope, but I just figured it out. Thank you!00:59
Riley88hey guys does ubuntu have a hardware database for laptops id like to post mine its rather new and everything works00:59
ActionParsnip!hcl | Riley8800:59
ubottuRiley88: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection00:59
ActionParsnipRiley88: http://www.linux-laptop.net/01:00
devnull_riley88 lucky you01:00
devnull_nvidia ?01:00
Riley88gotta love intel01:00
ActionParsnipRiley88: aye :)01:00
devnull_i like amd ... just not so happy with ATI ... even though they are the same company now01:01
devnull_Riley88, intel hd graphics or nvidia ?01:01
=== puff`` is now known as puff
Riley88intel hd01:01
devnull_finger print reader ?01:02
devnull_special speakers ?01:02
wabashDoes flash come with any of the extended repos for Ubuntu?01:02
wabashOr do I need to go to adobe site?01:02
=== puff is now known as puff``
Riley88webash u can choose to include flash by default01:02
=== puff`` is now known as puff```
devnull_wabash, there is open flash and proprietary flash01:02
=== puff``` is now known as puff
wbfexcuse me but I need to use minecraft on my ARM based ubuntu setup. any suggestions?01:03
dr_willisthe tools in the repos download flash for you01:03
wabashdevnull_: Does "open flash" work with linux well? Can you give me an example of it?01:03
devnull_Riley88, that is sweet .. im still trying to get my fingerprint reader and my subwoofer functioning01:03
ActionParsnipWebu: i use chrome, works well01:03
Riley88mine is a newer asus01:03
devnull_newer hp dv601:03
devnull_wabash, no i can't give an example ... it is flashplayer01:04
Riley88flash isnt really an issue on linux anymore01:04
OrphisActionParsnip: Turns out that host is DNS only, and ping uses NSS. Thus it was working all along (if only I had used the right command to check the result)01:04
devnull_unless your on 64bit ?01:04
wbfmine is a compaq presario CQ-60 and my other is an ARM-based UG802 running ubuntu01:04
Riley88unless your on some weird oss only distro01:04
dr_willisive no issues with flash on 64bit.01:04
wabashRiley88: devnull_:  Excellent to hear.01:05
dr_willisand i know 32bit users that have huge flash issues01:05
wabashRiley88: devnull_:  Is "open flash" the name of the codecs? Or is it a name for something else?01:05
devnull_dr_willis, ... i thought it was the old had to have 32bit browser for flash .. i guess they released 64b version01:05
Riley88its just adobe flash player01:05
wbfdr_willis, can you help me with my LWJGL problem?01:05
wabashRiley88: But it's open?01:05
devnull_wabash, its not open flash .... open as opposed to propietary01:05
dr_willisdevnull_: i dont even know qhat one im using.01:06
wabashdevnull_: Riley88: Right. so if I wanted to install this... what should I search for?01:06
dr_williswbf:  no idea what lwjgl means01:06
wabashThis is not "gnash" or anything messed up like that, is it?01:06
devnull_dr_willis, cool ... that means it isn't a problem ... good to hear ... i might change over to 64bit01:06
Riley88adobe flash player in the software centor01:06
devnull_wabash, idk why don't you check01:06
dr_williswabash:  use the flash installer tools in the repos and hope it works01:06
Riley88or ubuntu restricted extras if u want dvd and mp3 codecs to01:07
wbfWho here knows about the Lightweight W (don't know what w stands for) Java Game Libary?01:07
devnull_never heard of it01:07
wbfDo you play minecraft on linux? runs off that01:07
wabashRiley88: Thank you. So "adobe flash player" is open flash, I can assume, because it's in a Ubuntu repo?01:07
devnull_no or i probably would have heard of it01:07
devnull_wabash, no01:08
memandHey guys, I think I did somthing bad. I was messing around in the tty1 terminal (I don't know what it is actually called) and was trying to get back to my graphical interface. I ended up rebooting the machine, but now when I type my password at login it just briefly flashes some terminal that I dont have time to read and sends me back to the login screen01:08
dr_williswabash:  there no opensoueced flash that ive seen that works well01:08
Riley88yes its not open flash its just adobe flash player01:08
memandnow I'm stuck in tty mode :/01:08
Riley88gnash was kind of good01:08
Riley88is that even still updated01:08
devnull_memand, what did you do to make it reboot .... alt+ctrl+delete ?01:08
dr_willisthere are flash downloader tools and flash replacer extensions you can use in the browsers for videos on some sites01:09
devnull_i think if you install chrome it will install its own flash plugin01:09
memanddevnull: yes01:09
wabashdevnull_: dr_willis, Riley88: thank you. So long story short -- to get flash on Ubuntu, I can find it in one of the repositories? I.E., I don't have to go to adobe's site directly?01:09
devnull_memand, alt+ctrl+ F7 to get back to X01:10
Riley88yes wabash01:10
devnull_wabash, no .. the package will get flash from adobe for you i believe01:10
dr_williswabash:  i said warlier. the tools in the repos download it from adobe for you01:10
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash01:10
KI4ROAnyone know how to turn on the voice over feature in an IPOD thru UBUNTU?01:10
TheLordOfTimewabash, the package in the repositories will download it from adobe and install it, since the source for  flash is closed the package can't contain the actual code (but it can download it)01:10
devnull_KI4RO, i don't even know what that is01:11
memanddevnull: nice thanks, I did not know that, but it will still not log me in for some reason01:11
TheLordOfTimedevnull_, if you have no idea, don't respond, just a tidbit of advice ;)01:11
KI4ROdevnull_, Okay LOL01:11
dr_willisubuntu cant even include the flash download due to silly licensing01:11
memanddevnull_: nice thanks, I did not know that, but it will still not log me in for some reason01:11
Riley88what are u talking about its in the installer01:11
TheLordOfTimeKI4RO, i've never heard of that being done, but someone else may be able to.  Patience might be needed before you get an answer though.01:11
wabashTheLordOfTime: Interesting. Does it do a gpg check?01:12
TheLordOfTimewabash, uh, what?01:12
KI4ROTheLordOfTime, Thanks...been asking all throughout the day...we'll see01:12
TheLordOfTimewabash, i'm going to let dr_willis explain the package if you have such questions, apparently i need to poke something up in priority somewhere.01:12
* TheLordOfTime disappears for a bit01:12
devnull_TheLordOfTime, maybe i want to know what it is so i can try and help01:12
wabashdr_willis: ?01:13
dr_williswabash: ??01:13
devnull_wabash, just install the package01:13
Riley88for real lol01:13
Riley88sudo apt-get install adobe-flashplugin01:14
Riley88or is it just flashplugin01:14
devnull_KI4RO, the last i checked ... almost 2 years ago ... IPODs were a pain to deal with01:14
dr_willisapt-cache search flash installer01:14
dr_willisi think01:14
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devnull_on 12.1001:15
KI4ROdevnull_, Still are LOL01:15
devnull_i don't understand what you are trying to do though01:15
KI4ROdevnull_, You asking me?01:16
KI4ROdevnull_, I have the IPOD shuffle and there is a feature available called voice over that will announce the name of the artist and the song once you get it turned on01:17
devnull_so what does that have to do with ubuntu ?01:17
demoniohi all I have a problem01:17
devnull_KI4RO, okay .. i think i gotcha01:17
demonioi have got a double boot01:18
KI4ROdevnull_, I'm asking if anyone has found an Ubuntu app that might allow you to access and turn on the feature01:18
devnull_KI4RO, your trying to set settings on your device from Ubuntu ?01:18
KI4ROdevnull_, Yep01:18
devnull_there is a program .. i can't remember what it is called that will let you rip music off of an IPOD .. it might be able to communicate with it01:18
demoniolinux and win7, but linux is the first to start, how can i change that?01:18
KI4ROdevnull_, I have ITuNES7 running under WINE but apparently WINE can't "see" any USB devices01:19
tarelerulzAny of you have any know how when it comes to MiroHDHC card? I have it hooked in with USB card reader and SD card adapter pluged into it .  It says 10mbs ,but it doing 7-8mb .   What could be problem01:19
HonestAbechange the menu.list in grub demonio01:19
HonestAbeone sec01:19
devnull_KI4RO, it might not be that it can't see the device it might be that the device is unrecognized to linux01:19
HonestAbethat's probably not the actual name of the file01:19
KI4ROdevnull_, Either way, I can't get there from here LOL.   BTW there is a program called gtkpod, but it doesn't seem able to access the features of the IPOD01:20
ElectricPrismIs anyone here up and running from the Ubuntu Mini install? (38mbs) ?01:20
ActionParsnipElectricPrism: indeed01:20
devnull_KI4RO, thats the program ... you may want to check wine information to setup usb correctly ...01:21
demoniois anyone here that can help me to set grub?01:21
demonioor mbr01:21
devnull_tarelerulz, so you are only 2mbs off ?01:21
huttalaDoes anyone have any idea how I can get the GUI working for my ubuntu 12.04 installation on a AMD APU laptop? I keep getting "Error no screens found" all the time, even tho I've installed the ATI drivers and they seem to be working01:21
ActionParsnipdevnull_: thats what I thought....01:22
KI4ROdevnull_, I have and it seems to be a known issues...they suggest setting Virtual box or some such01:22
devnull_demonio, someone is currently answering you01:22
ElectricPrismActionParsnip: how was the setup, I'm running arch on my laptop and Sabayon my desktop and I'm thinking of moving to Ubuntu Mini because of the Software Center, and debian packaging system01:22
huttalaThe laptop is dualGPU, I guess that's what messes things up.. :/01:22
tarelerulzWell, Yes is that normal ? Do you have round down ?  Like hard drive says 10 gb and you actually have 9gb01:22
devnull_KI4RO, well you will need to install windows inside of virtualbox ... wine isn't always the best solution ... im not sure if it can connect directly to USB or it still goes through the normal linux way01:22
demoniodevnull_ thanks my problem is that i had install win7 and ubuntu but in the dual boot ubuntu is the first to start, so can i make in a way that is win7 to start first?01:23
ActionParsnipElectricPrism: fine, ran the installer then ran:  sudo apt-get install fluxbox slim    and went for a shower01:23
thoonaiaverage_drifter: hey01:23
devnull_demonio, yes you were already answered .. scroll up01:23
HonestAbedemonio, my current machine doesn't have a menu.lst, but go to /boot/grub/menu.lst and just move the win7 entry to the top of the list01:23
KI4ROdevnull_, Supposedly it can "see" the usb ports directly (virtualbox)01:23
devnull_KI4RO, yes virtual box can .. but i think that is because it has a kernel module ?   i think if linux doesn't see the usb device then wine won't01:24
demonioHonestAbe ok i'll try immediately01:24
devnull_demonio, or set the default boot number to the windows number01:24
HonestAbebefore you do, go read the documentation, i'd feel awful if you followed my paraphrased directions and your computer caught fire or melted or something awful01:24
Riley88im pretty sure u can do that in bios01:25
KI4ROdevnull_, Linux can see it...rhythmbox, banshee and gtkpod all see it just fine01:25
Riley88set the boot order01:25
demonioHonestAbe i cant find menu.lst01:25
devnull_KI4RO, im not sure how that works ... they might be accessing it in a special way .. which wine can't ?01:25
demoniodevnull_ where have i to go for make that?01:26
KI4ROdevnull_, Nor am I01:26
devnull_demonio, where honestabe told you01:26
ActionParsnipdemonio: its not used now, ubuntu uses grub201:26
devnull_KI4RO, i wish i knew more about how that worked but im strapped for ideas ... lets see what google has to say01:26
devnull_KI4RO, seems like that is a popular topic ... itunes(wine) cant recognize ipod ... but it looks like people have fixed it01:27
KI4ROdevnull_, Good luck...lots of answers but none seem to work so far...hence my reason for coming here...yep, very popular01:28
aaasgetting intermittant reboots.  Not scheduled: see here: http://i.imgur.com/LzaAo.png   doesn't seem to be overheating or voltage, but had to enable those plots and will watch.  dmesg/syslog doens't reveal anything that would cause it so sounds more hardware related...any suggestions?01:28
devnull_silver rating on winehq01:28
ActionParsnipaaas: have you tested your RAM using memtest?01:28
aaasActionParsnip no, but ill try that tonight01:29
demoniodevnull_ HonstAbe I find it but i don't know what i have to change.. so can you help me?01:30
devnull_KI4RO, seems like a VM is the answer because it can directly access USB01:30
demoniomy win7 is latest01:30
KI4ROdevnull_, Yep, haven't had the nerve to try that yet LOL01:30
devnull_as long as you don't mind sitting through a windows install01:30
devnull_demonio, what version of ubuntu ?01:31
KI4ROdevnull_, A windows install?01:31
devnull_KI4RO, yes .. VM means virtual machine .. you will need to install windows inside of it ... it is not an emulator01:32
ActionParsnipKI4RO: if you go for virtualbox, you'll need the one from the virtualbox site (or PPA)01:32
devnull_you will literaly be booting windows inside of a virtual machine01:32
ActionParsnipKI4RO: the one in the ubuntu repos does not have raw usb access01:32
devnull_ActionParsnip, does that come with a kernel module ?01:32
KI4ROdevnull_, Oh goodie!!  Don't have a Windows disk here01:32
devnull_lol   even better01:32
ActionParsnipdevnull_: no idea, i'd imagine so but i only know the difference in that sense. easier to not buy apple rubbish :)01:33
devnull_ActionParsnip, yea im with ya on that .. i don't like proprietary things01:33
ActionParsnipdevnull_: i don't mind proprietary, i just like things to work01:34
devnull_but then again i don't "sync" things either ... usb mass storage is my friend01:34
KI4ROdevnull_, Wife bought it for me....I'm just trying to make it work01:34
devnull_KI4RO, no prob i understand ... ipods do their job well as a player ... your just screwed if you don't have itunes01:34
devnull_demonio, do a search on google ... you will find out how to do it01:35
KI4ROdevnull_, Well I've been able to make it work with Rhythmbox, it plays and all, just trying to get this last feature to work01:35
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devnull_KI4RO, it would be cool to get that to work ... i would imagine someone is working on it01:36
kaushalAny recommended add-on plugins for dictionary in Firefox Browser?01:36
KI4ROdevnull_, Hoping gtkpod folks are trying01:36
devnull_KI4RO, for all i know they might have a development version with more features .. just becareful01:36
devnull_kaushal, what do you mean ... like for spellchecker ?01:37
aniahi i have tough question about hardware can any 1 help please//////??01:37
KI4ROdevnull_, Hmmmm...interesting thought...where would I find it?01:37
devnull_ania, don't know until you ask your question01:37
kaushaldevnull_: meaning of any word on the webpage01:37
devnull_kaushal, well if there was a plugin it is not ubuntu related ... check firefox extensions directory01:37
kaushaldevnull_: any url?01:38
devnull_kaushal, GOOGLE IT01:38
Slaptmandoes anyone know how to restore ipod on ubuntu 12.04?01:38
devnull_the internet is your resource ... use it01:38
aniamotherboard micro atx with intel atom......can it be powered by netbook psu? where to read about it .....please?01:39
ElectricPrismQ: anyone here running 13.04 daily? If I run it for say 6months will It automatically become 13.10 daily with updates?01:39
ActionParsnipkaushal: got a dictionary?01:39
ActionParsnipElectricPrism: ask in #ubuntu+1 for pre-release01:39
kaushalActionParsnip: ?01:39
devnull_ania ... not a ubuntu question01:39
ElectricPrismActionParsnip: thx01:39
ActionParsnipElectricPrism: Raring will upgrade to raring stable after release day, you will need to take extra steps to upgrade it to 13.1001:39
Slaptmangtkpod dont seem to work01:40
ActionParsnipkaushal: I thought you were having issues with words on a web page01:40
devnull_Slaptman, that is your best bet .. otherwise you will need to use  a VM with windows and itunes01:40
kaushalActionParsnip: yes01:40
kaushalActionParsnip: i saw a bunch of plugins but not sure which one to use01:41
devnull_ActionParsnip, kaushal wants to be able to somehow click on a word and have the dictionary definition i think01:41
xenomeHi, I have a preinstalled image that jumps to a login prompt while running the setup, does that mean something is failing?01:41
xenomei don't know what the logins are so I can't find a log to see what might have happened01:42
devsfan1830installing ubuntu server on a machine with an intel 6300 wifi module (wired connection not feasible at this time, this is just a test run for a minecraft server anyways). seems to want me to load firmwares labeled iwlwifi-6000-6.ucode and iwlwifi-6000-5.ucode. I cant seem to find any info on google and intels linux driver site is dead. any ideas?01:42
dcplayaMy computer says 100% of disk space is full but i know its not. Doing "df -h" will show 100% used sometimes while other times its back to normal. Anyone know why?01:42
ActionParsnipkaushal: they have that as addons and extensions for web browsers01:43
ActionParsnip!find iwlwifi-6000-6.ucode01:43
ubottuPackage/file iwlwifi-6000-6.ucode does not exist in quantal01:43
devnull_devsfan1830, lspci ... find your card in the list .. take that unique number and do a google search01:43
devnull_dcplaya, maybe temp files ?01:43
ActionParsnipdevsfan1830: what is the output of:  lsb_release -sc01:44
dcplayadevnull_: nope, I have searched my entire system for large files, they dont exist. I have rebooted multiple times as well01:44
devnull_xenome, preinstalled image ?01:44
devsfan1830im in the install GUI, not sure how to get what you ask for01:44
devnull_dcplaya, tell me you don't have 1 partition ?01:44
norm_join #Pipes01:44
dcplayadevnull_: yea (for ubuntu at least, I have other drives for other files)  Is that bad?01:45
devnull_devsfan1830 get to a terminal and type that command01:45
ActionParsnipdevnull_: ctrl+alt+f3   run it there01:45
devnull_devsfan1830, ^^^^^^^^^^01:45
ActionParsnip!info firmware-iwlwifi01:45
ubottuPackage firmware-iwlwifi does not exist in quantal01:45
devnull_dcplaya, i guess it is just preference ... but i don't like the single partition installs ... because things like this can happen ... you can to easily fill your partition up if something in var gets to big or what not01:46
ActionParsnipdevsfan1830: are you installing debian?01:46
devsfan1830Ubuntu Server 12.1001:46
dcplayadevnull_:  the weird thing is that this happened about 2 months ago and then it just randomly "fixed" itself01:47
devnull_what version of ubuntu01:47
dcplayadevnull_:  and its a 1TB drive and I only am using 20% of that in reality01:47
HonestAbei know this is ubuntu, but does anyone know the command to switch to a specific workspace in xfce? those channels are frightfully silent01:47
thalibhi evveryone i am having a problem01:48
thalibtrying to install ubuntu01:48
ActionParsnipdevsfan1830: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=68941601:48
thalibi installed it and at the end an error comes01:48
ubottuDebian bug 689416 in src:linux "Nonexistant files are asked for on Intel Centrino Ultimate-N 6300 (802.11 a/b/g/n 3X3) Half Mini Card" [Important,Fixed]01:48
devnull_HonestAbe, maybe alt+ctrl plus left or right to go back and forth .. or like alt+ctrl+1, 2, 301:48
thalibafter that when i try booting it it doesnt show up in the booting menue01:48
dcplayadevnull_: I am running 12.1001:49
thalibplease help01:49
devsfan1830lsb_release -sc in terminal returns "not found"01:49
HonestAbedevnull_ well, here's the problem, i'm trying to bind the command to a keystroke, so i need the actual command, not the keystroke unfortunately.01:49
devnull_devsfan1830, are you still in the install ?01:49
devnull_HonestAbe, gotcha01:49
devnull_HonestAbe, xfce doesn't let you bind shortcuts for desktop switching ?01:50
devsfan1830im in the terminal, i can reboot to go back01:50
ActionParsnipthalib: what is the error?01:50
devsfan1830i tried going on despite the missing files, it couldnt resolve with the DHCP01:51
devnull_devsfan1830, can you not finish the install ?01:51
ActionParsnipthalib: simply saying 'an error' means nothing and doesn't tell us anyting to help you01:51
devnull_devsfan1830, tell it not to get updates while installing01:51
thalibthe installer was not working or something but when i checked it had installed01:51
ActionParsnipdevnull_: try:  cat /etc/issue01:51
thalibwill check again01:51
ActionParsnipdevsfan1830: ^01:51
devnull_devsfan1830, did you not have the lspci command in terminal ?01:53
HonestAbedevnull_ it does, I was looking in the wrong place. I needed to be in the window manager settings. I was looking at the keyboard shortcuts. Who'd have thought?01:53
devnull_i hear ya01:53
devsfan1830i ran lspci, it just reported the name and model of the wifi card and its REV, id go directly to intel but the site they link to is down01:53
devnull_gotcha ... one more time .. what is the card .. ill check01:54
devsfan1830hang on01:54
thalibthe error is c:\users\owner\appdata\local\temp\wubi-12.10-rev273.log01:54
devnull_oh wubi01:55
ActionParsnipthalib: so you are using wubi?01:55
ActionParsnipthalib: why did you not say you were using wubi?01:55
thalibthats what ubuntu gave to install through the usb stick01:55
devsfan1830Intel Corporation Centrino Ultimate-N 6300  (rev 35)01:56
thalibi thought everyone used that01:56
ActionParsnipthalib: yes, if you open the USB stick in windows it will offer you wubi01:56
devnull_i would say ... only use wubi if you have to ... not sure if you have to or not01:56
thalibi dont know anything about linux01:56
devnull_devsfan1830, thanks01:56
ActionParsnipthalib: oh hell no, wubi is nasty01:56
thalibhow else can i install it01:56
ActionParsnipthalib: I recommend you run a chkdsk on your NTFS partition to ensure it is healthy01:56
ActionParsnipthalib: boot to the USB stick and you can install Ubuntu to its own partition01:57
ActionParsnipthalib: I recommend you use add/remove programs to pull wubi off01:57
devnull_yea ... linux in windows is a ungodly idea01:57
ActionParsnipthalib: You can single boot Ubuntu on its own, as the sole OS. There would be no Windows OS to run the installer from, would there?01:57
TomyLobowhat do kde and gnome generally do when they run programs without a console?01:57
TomyLobojust nohup or something else?01:58
thalibok will try that now but how am i to unistall the things which have installed now01:58
ActionParsnipthalib: add/remove programs...like any other windows application01:58
HonestAbeoh man, I remember my first linux install, it was a migrated wubi install on a netbook, what a nightmare.01:59
devnull_devsfan1830,  iwwlagn01:59
TomyLobowhy would you do that?01:59
ActionParsnipTomyLobo: massochistim?01:59
HonestAbeno cd drive and I didn't know any better01:59
TomyLobolinux reinstalls are so painless01:59
xenomedevnull: yes, the preinstalled-desktop image, more specifically the omap4 image01:59
HonestAbelater, i learned about the wonders of netbooting01:59
devnull_install linux from floppies then we will talk :)01:59
thalibhow do i do a chkdsk02:00
ItsTheSourcentfs? boot into safe mode...02:00
devnull_but then again back then kernels fit on a diskette02:00
devnull_how i do not miss slackware02:01
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thalibyup running chekdsk now02:01
devnull_devsfan1830, thats the driver you need ... it might require some extra parameters though02:02
thalibhello actionparsnip02:03
devsfan1830ok cool, but now how do i get it if intellinuxwirele­ss.­org is dead02:03
devnull_devsfan1830, you don't ... you don't get anything from them02:03
thalibwhat do i do now how do i put ubuntu into the usb and boot it from there02:03
devnull_as far as i can tell it should be available to you02:04
gratsHey I am having a problem with ubuntu that only the desktop/mouse shows? I have tried some of the guides online no luck. Anyone know a fix?02:05
ItsTheSourceok i'm confused. volume slider has no effect on the volume for my headphones even though in alsamixer its changing the master volume. weird...02:05
devnull_ItsTheSource, how about the headphone volume slider ?02:05
ActionParsnipthalib: you know, check your drive is healthy.... its a standard windows thing02:05
ActionParsnipthalib: right click C drive -> properties -> tools......02:05
thalibits healthy no bad sectors or anything02:05
ActionParsnipthalib: when did you last test it?02:06
ItsTheSourceyea adjusting headphone volume in alsamixer works fine. Any way to lock master and headphone volumes?02:06
thalibdont know02:06
ActionParsnipthalib: then you have no way at all of substantiating your 'no bad sectors' claim at all if you have never tested the drive02:06
dcplayaha! I found the stupid file using all my space!  a log file for VNC02:07
thalibi just did on command prompt02:07
julioalguien habla español02:07
ActionParsnipthalib: it won't work without rebooting02:07
ubottujulio: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.02:07
ActionParsnip!es | julio02:07
devnull_dcplaya, there you go .... it is usually a log file .... vino-server ?02:07
ActionParsnipthalib: so you didn't do it02:07
juliosorry :/02:07
DaemonicApathyTodo es bien, julio. Buena suerta con sus problemas.02:08
devnull_ItsTheSource, why do you want to lock them ?02:08
DaemonicApathy*suerte? I forget.02:08
thalibi dont understand u asked me to do a chkdsk02:08
thalibi did02:08
thalibit said no bad sectors02:08
thalibnow what do i have to do02:08
ActionParsnipthalib: use the GUI and select to fix sectors and such, you will be asked to reboot02:08
ActionParsnipthalib: did you uninstall wubi?02:09
ActionParsnipthalib: ok, boot to the usb stick you made, resize your NTFS and install to the freed space02:09
ItsTheSource...that way the volume slider actually works for my headphone jack. If I can tie them together so they raise and lower together problem solved...02:09
thalibhow do i do that02:09
devnull_ItsTheSource, you don't really want that i don't think02:10
thalibhow do i for starters boot to the usb stick02:10
thaliband also i just want to tell the ubuntu that was downloaded has wubi on the usb stick02:10
thalibshould i delete that02:10
devnull_thalib, yea they all do02:10
ItsTheSourceCan you propose an alternate solution? I can launch alsamixer and modify the level for the headphones but that's a pain...02:11
HonestAbedevnull_ funny enough, he may not actually want it, but I sure as hell do02:11
ActionParsnipthalib: have the USB you made with the ISO in the port, select it as the boot device and you will get a live USB OS02:11
HonestAbemy headphone jack is closer to my speakers than my speaker jack02:11
devnull_let me think about it02:11
HonestAbeand i have been just manually adjusting it with the dial, but now that it's been brought up....02:11
devnull_so you want the master to go up when the headphone slider goes up ?02:12
HonestAbeother way around02:12
ItsTheSourceactually the other way around. The volume slider affects the master.02:12
devnull_how about you just keep headphones at MAX level and then you can just adjust the master through gnome or your software ?02:13
thalibthats the problem i dont know how to do it02:13
ItsTheSourcemaster has no effect on headphone volume02:13
mad-lulz-yodevnull_, no one who has any decent pair of cans would do that02:13
thalibhow do i select it to become the boot device02:13
ItsTheSourcethere's mut or max02:13
dfcnvtI just plugged in my speaker to my computer... it doesn't make a sound. How do I restart my audio interface?02:14
HonestAbeuh oh, now the demon of audio problems has reared its hideous head02:14
devnull_its coming in waves today .... multiple ipod questions now multiple sound questions .. :)02:15
devnull_and i just spent 2 days messing with alsa,pulse and hda-analyzer02:15
alephantHi all02:15
alephantHow do I tell whether package foo has been compiled with support for bar?02:15
alephant(e.g. whether "pppd" has PAM support)02:15
ItsTheSourceIf you compiled it there might be a configure.log02:16
devnull_does debs contain that meta information?02:16
devnull_ItsTheSource, so you are saying you would like ... when headphones are plugged in the volume control adjusted the headphones not the master ?02:17
devnull_instead of adjusting pcm or master ... you want the headphone level adjusted02:18
ItsTheSourceSince master doesn't affect my headphone volume then that would work.02:18
thalibhow do i make my usb stick the booting device02:19
devnull_thalib, idk .. go into your bios and find how to change the boot order .. or press F9 or F10 for a boot menu02:19
DaemonicApathyEither adjust the primary boot device in your BIOS, or select it manually when turning on the computer.02:19
devnull_we don't know what bios you have02:20
thalibhow do i go into the bios02:20
ItsTheSourceF2, F12, DEL...press all of them at once02:20
devnull_escape even02:21
thalibthats when the computer starts right02:21
devnull_ItsTheSource, i wonder if there is a pulse config for it ... because that is detectable i believe wether headphones are plugged in02:22
ItsTheSourceWell I have Headphones in my audio output devices. If I select it and adjust the volume...nada...02:22
devnull_dfcnvt, pulseaudio -k02:23
devnull_you can try pulseaudio volume control02:23
dfcnvtnothing worked02:24
dfcnvtLet me do the power cycle on my computer.02:24
devnull_dfcnvt, i wouldn't02:24
devnull_there are numerous reasons for audio not working02:24
machicolawhat are some tasks people do with startup scripts? or shell scripts02:25
devnull_drivers ... mixer levels ... etc02:25
ItsTheSource...incorrect device selected...02:25
dfcnvtI've used up on smplayer often but I don't remember messing around with speaker's interface.02:25
devnull_is it a desktop ?02:25
dfcnvtlet me double check to see if it's selected a correct device02:25
mad-lulz-yomachicola, things youd like to setup and run...02:25
dcplayaCan someone recommend a good VNC server for 12.10 that will start on boot?02:26
devnull_dcplaya, vino-server comes with unity i believe02:26
mad-lulz-yomachicola, servers, make wifi connections02:26
devnull_but i don't think it starts till you have logged in ?02:26
HonestAbewhew, solved my audio prob, it was xfce related (of course). It was using hdmi as my default audio02:26
devnull_that will happen02:27
dcplayaIm running a headless. I usually login via SSH but sometimes I need a GUI02:27
ItsTheSourceno you don't :D02:27
devnull_im not sure but vino-server may be user specific ?02:27
dr_willisdcplaya:  you can just ssh in and start vncserver by hand. works well for me02:27
ztguHi, I am having problems with ctrl + alt + f7 from console mode. I get a black screen and can't do anything02:27
ztguCan anyone help?02:27
dr_willisyou dont want to use vino on a headless server02:27
devnull_ztgu  fresh install ?02:27
ztguWhat is happening in this process?02:28
devnull_dr_willis, good point02:28
dfcnvtztgu: /etc/init.d/gdm restart02:28
dfcnvtbut unsure if there is gdm in it02:28
machicolaahh, wifi, definitely... thanks mad-lulz-yo02:28
dcplayadr_willis: I used to do that but I just found a 700GB VNCserver log file so I am apprently doing it incorrectly02:28
devnull_12.10 would be lightdm02:28
mad-lulz-yostgu, #killall Xorg02:28
mad-lulz-yostgu, #startx02:28
jschallwhy do the nvidia drivers make the splash screen go completely fugly?02:28
ztgudevnull_: fresh install won't work02:28
devnull_dcplaya, can you kill logging ?02:28
ActionParsnipztgu: killall -u $USER     will do it02:28
devnull_ztgu .... what did it just stop working .. did you just install ??02:28
dr_willisdcplaya:  edit the vncserver script to remove logs. or set a no logging option perhaps02:29
devnull_jschall, what splash screen ?02:29
HonestAbedcplaya sorry to be an idiot, but have you tried trimming down logs?02:29
ActionParsnipztgu: what video chip do you use?02:29
jschalldevnull_: the ubuntu splash screen02:29
HonestAbeerp, dr_willis is vastly quicker02:29
devnull_jschall, you talking about the screen while it is booting ?02:29
jschalldevnull_: yes02:29
devnull_jschall, probably a framebuffer problem ... might need to add an option to your kernel boot .. might not be finding the video mode correctly02:30
devnull_my guess02:30
jschalldevnull_: it switched to a text-based splash and a bunch of crap gets printed over the top of it in a very broken manner02:30
ztgudfcnvt:  etc/init.d/gdm restart, what does it do?02:30
dr_willisnvidia and flgrx drivers have issues with plymouth ;)02:30
=== vnbang_ is now known as vnbang2003
ztguActionParsnip: I have amd, what does killall -u $USER do?02:30
haylois some version of live build being maintained for ubuntu ?02:30
dr_willisi tend to just disable plymouth02:30
devnull_yea i used to have similar issue with fglrx drivers ... but seems to be fixed these days for me02:30
dfcnvtztgu: It will restart the x server. (Where you tried to get in CTRL+F7)02:31
ActionParsnipztgu: kills all the processes belonging to your user02:31
aartistHi, What is the one thing, that I can do, if my mouse is stuck?02:32
devnull_jschall, luckily you don't really have to worry about it .. it just wont look pretty02:32
ztguActionParsnip: yeah, I know, but why?02:32
jschallwhy can't ubuntu get a damn splash screen right after 10 years?02:32
devnull_jschall, they do have it right02:32
ActionParsnipztgu: then why ask what it does, when you know?02:32
devnull_does the LiveCD / USB boot correctly with the splash ?02:32
ItsTheSourceOH what a tease...http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=90030502:32
jschallclearly not.02:32
ActionParsnipztgu: it will allow you to log in and hopefully give a GUI.02:32
devnull_jschall, are you new to this ?02:33
dr_willisi belive the nvidia/fglr x stuff with plymouth has  laege  threads on the forums02:33
jschallnot remotely02:33
PreflexHi, I'm trying to convert a series of .png files to video.   Any suggestions on a good way to do this?02:33
devnull_then you should know better02:33
dr_willisPreflex:  ffmpeg/mencoder02:33
jschallanyway, yes, nvidia's problem, but yes, ubuntu's problem too.02:33
=== vnbang2003 is now known as vnbang
devnull_jschall, does the install boot correctly with the splash ??02:33
jschallyou mean the livecd?02:34
devnull_i guess if you have an older version of ubuntu02:34
* dr_willis dosent worry about a 10 sec boot animation when he had 10+days of uptime02:34
devnull_but yes02:34
jschallyes, it works with nouveau or nv or whatever02:34
ztguActionParsnip:  The thing is that I can get a GUI working with startx, ( i am using KDE) But the ctrl + alt + del process freezes my system.02:34
devnull_jschall, then it is your problem not ubuntus problem02:34
devnull_ztgu, don't do that02:34
devnull_jschall, but to fix it .. lets move forward02:35
ztgudevnull_: do what? startx or ctrl - alt + f7 ??02:35
devnull_find out what drivers and settings the LiveCD is using for video and try to mimick that setup02:35
devnull_ztgu ... do not ctrl+alt+delete02:35
PreflexI've tried mencoder, but it doesn't seem to be working right.  I only get two or three frames and then it goes nuts.   http://pastebin.com/aW715Yjh02:36
jschallanyway, i'd like it fixed for everyone. i'd like to understand how to work around nvidia's crap and implement it.02:36
devnull_jschall, i have had issues in the past where the video is flawless from the livecd but after install i had to fix it02:36
devnull_jschall, nvidia's crap is better than ATI's crap02:36
devnull_it is probably a setting of yours02:36
Preflex#ffmpeg wouldn't help me, because ubuntu's version of ffmpeg is a "fake fork"02:36
dr_willisits not going to be a trivial fix with nvidia/plymouth.02:36
devnull_check to see what mode is set in the kernel boot02:36
WXZxrandr prints out a list of your root windows, right?02:36
ztgudevnull_: why?02:37
dr_willisfake fork = spork02:37
ztguActionParsnip: Do you know of an alternative to suspend or if I can make my suspend resume with startx command instead ?02:38
dr_willisffmpeg in ubuntu is the ffmpeg fork known as avconv i think. check ffmpeg --help02:38
smogfork shaped like a spoon, with the teeth closer together = spork02:38
aartistHi, I need urgent help. On ubuntu my cursor doesn't move.  Does your cursor moves?02:39
jschalldevnull_: a setting of "mine" implies i changed a setting. it may indeed be a setting on my computer.  i have googled about it, it says to run hwinfo --framebuffer and pick a resolution, but none of the resolutions are the native resolution of my (system76) laptop, which seems pretty dumb.02:39
dr_willisaartist:  yes. moves fine here02:39
bsmith093you know how some really advanced bulk renamers can add the parent folder(s) to the name of a file? well i need to remove that part organized like this stuff/blah/status/blah - authorname - filename.txt the only matching parts will be the "blah", and it is garanteed to be a part of the filename02:39
devnull_jschall, it might be a different setting02:39
jschalldevnull_: and the nouveau drivers clearly display the splash at native resolution02:40
devnull_and your using nouveau drivers ?02:40
jschalldevnull_: no, i'm using the native drivers02:40
aartistdr_willis: ok.. so it's not internet problem. what I can do to solve it?02:40
jschalldevnull_: nouveau is what's used on the livecd, right?02:41
dr_willisaartist:  no idea. you havent given us any details. unplug/replug the mouse and se if it works02:41
devnull_not sure ... that is the open source drivers ... so i don't know what you mean by native02:41
jschalldevnull_: oh, i don't mean native, i mean proprietary02:41
devnull_not sure about the nvidia drivers ... do you feel like you have to have the proprietary drivers ?02:42
ItsTheSourcebsmith093, you could probably use rename and pwd to rename your files02:42
aartistdr_willis: I am on laptop... with intel machine and installed ubuntu via wubi. and works good everyday. I can reboot and it may work fine.. but I like to make it working without rebooting.02:42
devnull_ItsTheSource, my search is running a little dry for your headphone issue .. maybe jack is needed02:42
bsmith093ItsTheSource: its not the pwd but 2 levels up from there02:42
jschalldevnull_: yes, i do things that require the proprietary drivers.02:42
HonestAbeaartist: from personal experience, can i reccomend that you reinstall?02:42
devnull_jschall, 12.10 right ?02:42
aartistdr_willis: I can click the way it is.  But  the cursor doesn't move with mousepad.02:43
xenomeis there an easy one liner to completely remove ubuntu-desktop?02:43
HonestAbenot necessarily to fix whatever problem, but wubi installs are problematic to say the least02:43
devnull_jschall, btw does the splash screen load up correctly at all .. even for a second ?02:43
devnull_xenome yes02:43
dr_willisaartist:   see if it works ffom s live cd as a test02:43
jschalldevnull_: it does not02:43
xenomedevnull: how would you do it?02:43
aartistdr_willis: thanks.., I don't have LiveCD.02:43
devnull_xenome did you do a google search yet ?02:44
dr_willisaartist:  time to get one. they are handy.02:44
devnull_jschall, let me check on that02:44
HonestAbeaartist, have you got a thumb drive?02:44
dr_willisaartist:  or make a live usb02:44
xenomeyes, but it seems like an apt-get remove ubuntu-desktop just removes the meta package, not really any other packages02:44
xenomei could remove gnome-*02:44
ItsTheSourceI think bash will allow you to match the longest string from the beginning to the last match of a character. I'm trying to remember the syntax...maybe PWD=$(pwd) ${PWD##/}...bah i know that's wrong..02:44
xenomebut it seems like there is a cleaner method02:44
dr_willisxenome:  thats how meta packages work. yes02:44
aartistdr_willis: no.02:44
devnull_xenome why are you doing this in the first place ???02:44
aartistdr_willis: I was looking for some keyboard command tweaks.. that will get this going.02:45
xenomecan I not just look at what the metapacke installs, and reverse that?02:45
ItsTheSourcedevnull_, thanks for looking. I'm not coming up with much either...02:45
devnull_jschall, they just made some adjustments to the nvidia-graphics-drivers package that might be a known issue02:45
xenomedevnull, because I want to get to a stripped down X running only openbox from init script02:45
xenometrying to do it as clean as possible02:45
devnull_xenome ... so install openbox02:45
dr_willisxenome:  not really its a failing of how metapackages work. they just dpend on other things02:45
jschalldevnull_: nvidia did or canonical did or what?02:46
dr_willismakes  ti easy to install stuff.. but not easier to remove02:46
devnull_jschall, checking ... it is because it thinks there is no framebuffer to use02:46
devnull_jschall, ill see if i can find an update or fix02:46
ItsTheSourcebsmith093, ${string%substring}: deletes shortest match of substring from back of string...02:46
devnull_xenome you can have multiple window managers ... you can pick what you want to get into on login02:46
somsipxenome: I tried that once. I ended up reinstalling from the minimal image to get a clean setup02:47
devnull_jschall, on shutdown do you see the splashscreen ?02:47
jschalldevnull_: not sure yet. i doubt it. i can find out now?02:48
jschalldevnull_: i'll just do that.02:48
devnull_i dont want to make you reboot02:48
Solace_could anyone tell me why I can't execute eclipse?:( private message for details02:48
xenomesomsip: that's probably a good idea02:48
devnull_Solace_, just ask your question in here with some a lil detail02:49
somsipxenome: I found I couldn't get things as clean as I wanted without trawling for dead config files. Easier to min install and 'apt-get install {WM of choice}'02:49
=== dankest is now known as dankest|away
devnull_xenome don't remove any other packages .. just install openbox ... logout .. you should be able to pick your session at the login screen02:49
devnull_jschall, that was dang fast02:50
tocoheadquestion, want to install ubuntu 12.04 and have a 64 bit but it recomends 32bit, why and which is best?02:50
xenomedevnull: I'm looking for no window manager, I don't want a prompt, I'm setting up a pretty simple device02:50
Solace_downloaded eclipse Juno with wget http://www.ocdsoft.com/files/debian/eclipse-cpp.tar.gz && tar -xvf eclipse-cpp.tar.gz && mv eclipse-cpp /usr/local/eclipse-cpp && ln -s /usr/local/eclipse-cpp/eclipse eclipse && rm eclipse-cpp.tar.gz02:50
somsiptocohead: almost certainly 64 bit02:50
jschalldevnull_: it does not work on shutdown02:50
devnull_xenome, openbox is a window manager02:50
ActionParsniptocohead: depends on the cpu you are installing on, how much ram you have and the use of the OS02:50
xenomei'm sure, gdm02:50
Solace_but when I use the command eclipse or cd the directory and ./eclipse, cannot execute binary02:50
devnull_jschall, thank you for the information ... fast reboot btw02:50
xenomeerr i'm sorry, gdm02:50
xenomedisplay manger02:50
HonestAbeActionParsnip, I love your name02:51
dr_willisgdm can autologin02:51
ActionParsnipHonestAbe: its an old harry hill joke02:51
ItsTheSourceSolace_, you may need to run that with xvpf for your tar arguments02:51
jschalldevnull_: yep, it's a fresh install on a system76 gazelle professional - no ssd though, could be faster :)02:51
xenomeyeah but I don't need all that stuff running, I've got a limited embedded device02:51
devnull_gazelle ... nice02:51
somsipxenome: you want simple - slim may be worth considering as login manager02:51
dr_willisstart x from rc.local then02:51
devnull_xenome ... what stuff ??????02:51
ActionParsniptocohead: there is no single best, if there was then they would kick out only one ISO...wouldn't they02:52
Solace_@ItsTheSource ./eclipse -xvf?02:52
devnull_jschall, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers/+bug/1063969            looks promising02:53
ubottuUbuntu bug 1063969 in nvidia-graphics-drivers (Ubuntu) "NVIDIA does not work with framebuffer drivers" [Wishlist,Triaged]02:53
devnull_but you can enable it in a config file and 2 commands ... but your kernel will throw warnings at you02:54
jschalldevnull_: right, so it is entirely nvidia's fault02:54
devnull_jschall, looks that way ... but if you want the framebuffer support you can have it ... but it will throw a warning in the log02:55
ItsTheSourceah...no, wget http://www.ocdsoft.com/files/debian/eclipse-cpp.tar.gz && tar -xvpf eclipse-cpp.tar.gz && mv eclipse-cpp /usr/local/eclipse-cpp && ln -s /usr/local/eclipse-cpp/eclipse eclipse && rm eclipse-cpp.tar.gz02:55
jschalldevnull_: i wonder why.02:55
devnull_something like the nvidia drivers dont support framebuffer so if you enable it is a unsupported feature ?02:56
jschalldevnull_: also, for some reason hwinfo --framebuffer reports that i don't have any framebuffers at my native resolution02:56
devnull_you have none at the moment because they are disabled02:56
tocohead4xAND 9650, memory 7913 MB, ATI Radeon HD 3200. general use02:56
jschalldevnull_: god i hate nvidia so much.02:56
devnull_still better than ATI ... a boot screen is a minor issue ... Nvidia just increased their graphics peformance on linux by 40% i wouldn't complain to to much :)02:57
jschalldevnull_: how much worse is ATI?02:57
spyzerhey everyone, does the open source radeon driver supports open gl ES acceleration?02:57
tocoheadwas confused as they have 32bit (recomended) next to the download02:57
devnull_getting better ... but bad driver support02:57
jschalldevnull_: i guess with valve pressuring them they might work a bit harder on the linux drivers.02:58
devnull_tocohead, because 32 bit will run on all 32b and 64b processors ... but 64bit will only work on ... 64bit02:58
Solace_ahhh, so just change -xvf to -xpvf :) thank you very much02:58
devnull_jschall, they did .. they just increased performance .. like just recently ..i thin it is on valve for linux's site02:58
tocoheadok thank 64bit it will be02:58
devnull_framebuffer is a minor issue compared to 3d rendering02:59
dr_willistocohead:  idiot proofing for people that have no clue what 32/64bit mean02:59
ItsTheSource...maintains permissions. If that doesn't work then just run # chmod +x /usr/local/eclipse-cpp/eclipse02:59
devnull_dr_willis, i was going to say the same thing ... in a slightly different way ;)02:59
ItsTheSourceidiot proofing?!? impossible!03:00
devnull_jschall, but you can enable it if you want ... people are saying they aren't running into stability issues by having it enabled03:00
tocoheadthanks for all your help, using Linix Mint and thinking Ubuntu will be better03:00
dr_willisdevnull_:  im sick of  bending over backwards to idipt proof stuff. then getting  asked to do backflips also.  ;)03:00
jschalldevnull_: anyway, it just bugs me because its embarrassing for ubuntu, embarrassing for nvidia (but less so), and embarrassing for me when my $1400 computer looks "broken" with the OS it was purportedly designed for.03:00
spyzeranybody please03:00
devnull_i hear ya ... i am a programmer and web developer ... goes with the job03:01
dr_willistocohead:  i dont see much point in using mint really.03:01
HonestAbejschall what kind of computer?03:01
jschalldevnull_: anyway, i'm trying ubuntu again after switching to kde for a very long time. my next issue is why can't i drag windows smoothly?03:01
jschallHonestAbe: system7603:01
devnull_jschall, comment #7 in the link will fix it .... you should be fine ... nvidia probably changed something in how their software works and they probably don't need it for other os drivers03:01
ActionParsniptocohead: 64bit is my recommendation03:01
HonestAbejschall nifty!03:02
dr_willisspyzer:  state the issue to che chennel03:02
ActionParsniptocohead: remember the target audience of ubuntu. If you have a 64bit OS you can run both 32bit and 32bit03:02
tocoheadI liked the look and windows design. but having problems with it03:02
ActionParsniptocohead: so it covers the users who are unsure of their CPU, or computers in general03:02
devnull_jschall,   that is another issue03:02
jschalldevnull_: known?03:03
devnull_jschall, and btw .. if i didn't have to i wouldn't buy an ATI card .. but my laptop is an APU03:03
tocoheadmakes since ActionParsnip03:03
devnull_jschall, like ... a setting somewhere ... might be a composite issue03:03
devnull_kde on 12.10 ?03:03
jschalldevnull_: kde on 12.04. i just got around to grabbing 12.1003:03
devnull_maybe you need sync to vblank on03:03
spyzerdr_willis: i am trying to look for tizen sdk development. The emulator needs open gl ES accelration. My laptop has ati radeon hd 4500 . So I wished to know whether the radeon driver supports that?03:04
devnull_not sure .... i haven't had that issue in like 2-3 years since the drivers got better for ATI03:04
jschalldevnull_: they aren't tearing, they're just jerky03:04
dr_willisspyzer:   no idea.. thats why i said ask the channel. not me. ;)03:04
devnull_do you have a CPU monitor ?03:04
spyzeranybody :)03:04
devnull_spyzer, something that opengl3 offers ?03:05
devnull_jschall, i was going to say drag a window around and see how high your cpu spikes03:05
jschalldevnull_: no spikes.03:05
jschalldevnull_: all 8 lines stay below 50% :)03:06
devnull_hehe ... dang you03:06
jschalldevnull_: just grabbed compizconfig03:06
devnull_yea .. check in the compiz settings manager03:06
jschalldevnull_: i really wish ubuntu had built on/polished kde instead of gnome03:07
devnull_i guess you could grab kubuntu ?03:07
jschalldevnull_: because this is a serious pain compared to how well kde works, but kde also has rough edges (search, for example)03:07
rushboyhello can anyone please tell me where can i see the git folder ?03:07
rushboyubuntu 11.1003:08
devnull_maybe kde has its own composite engine ?03:08
devnull_i really haven't touched KDE in like 10 years03:08
ultraparadigm!Help!  ?Where did my Desktop Cube go?03:08
ubottuultraparadigm: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:08
jschalldevnull_: it does, kwin has its own compositing03:08
devnull_jschall, so maybe it is a compiz issue then03:08
ultraparadigmDid the version of Compiz in 12.10 get rid of the desktop cube?03:09
devnull_ultraparadigm, compiz plugins03:09
mogajHow do i get Twitter web app in ubuntu 12.1003:09
spyzersometimes i keep on getting system problem detected with evolution-calender-factory, is that a known bug?03:10
devnull_how do you get the bot to describe a package?03:10
spyzerIf yes, is there some short fix for that03:10
devnull_hmm ... let me check that package .. might not be the correct one03:10
ultraparadigmDevnull, that the second important thing I found missing in 12.10 that was in 12.0403:10
spyzeralso when I try to generate the error report , in the apport-gtk it just shows me a loading icon when I click on details03:11
somsipdevnull_: use !info {packagename}03:11
spyzeris there any way for me to get the details03:11
spyzerso i can atleast do some hotfix if possible03:11
ultraparadigmThe first most important thing was the linux-headers.  My video drivers FUBARed my PC upon compile untill i figured that out.03:11
devnull_!info compiz-plugins-extra03:11
ubottucompiz-plugins-extra (source: compiz): transitional dummy package.. In component universe, is extra. Version 1: (quantal), package size 3 kB, installed size 73 kB03:11
spyzeranyone please03:11
spyzerEven my crash reporter dies03:12
devnull_ultraparadigm, yea i thought i was given a disabled compiz manager .. but you just need to install the extra plugins and it will be just like before03:12
devnull_ultraparadigm, yea .... just grab the headers always .. its always a safe bet03:13
datruthI'm using djbdns/tinydns and i'm having a hard time understanding how I am to do reverse dns for my /29 subnet could some help?03:13
ultraparadigmThanks so much!03:13
DaemonicApathyDoes anyone have a copy of the original 12.04 ISO that they would be willing to send me?03:13
devnull_you can download it03:14
DaemonicApathyI can download 12.04.103:14
bazhangdatruth, thats not an ubuntu issue; try ##networking or #freenode03:15
DaemonicApathyNever mind, found the old release. Thanks, devnull_.03:15
HonestAbeanyone have any suggestions for a snappy pdf reader?03:15
bazhangHonestAbe, the default one evince03:16
devnull_jschall, there is a bug with mouse/compiz .... is it like a delay .. or just laggy movement ?03:16
HonestAbedocumentviewer leaves something to be desired03:16
HonestAbethanks bazhang03:16
jschalldevnull_: its strange, i logged out and back in and its gone03:16
bazhangHonestAbe, apt-cache search term to find something you like03:16
rushboyI have git installed on ubuntu 11.10 but now i need to look into the git directory , how do i do it ? any suggestions ?03:16
devnull_jschall, the lagginess ?03:17
jschalldevnull_: but it wasn't a delay, it was just laggy03:17
devnull_okay ... the recommendation when something like that happens is to try and restart unity03:17
devnull_unity --replace should do the trick03:17
devnull_rushboy, hmmm ... not sure where it puts git ... maybe in /var somewhere .. or /usr/lib/03:18
iFlipHas anyone messed around with RouterBoard and Debian distro?03:19
somsiprushboy: it's install in /usr/bin/git but I guess you mean the .git folder of the cloned repo?03:19
devnull_somsip, where does ubuntu put the git repo that is being served ... i think that is what he needs03:20
somsipdevnull_: whereever it's checked out to. Am I missing something in the question?03:21
devnull_jschall, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/76433003:21
ubottuUbuntu bug 764330 in compiz (Ubuntu Oneiric) "[regression] Moving windows lags behind the mouse by 1-2 seconds; appear to freeze when dragging." [High,Fix released]03:21
HonestAbehmmm, I'm looking at my system monitor here, and in resources, my cpu is at 100%, but under processes nothing is taking up more than 16%, any tips on finding the culprit?03:21
devnull_somsip, he is hosting a repo03:21
=== monkeyjuice is now known as mydogssnameisrud
devnull_HonestAbe, top ?03:21
HonestAbeAhh, there we go, thanks03:22
bazhangiFlip, #raspberrypi you mean?03:22
datruthno djbdns ppl?03:22
somsipdevnull_: ah. not sure then. It's been a while since I did that, and then I used gitolite or something03:22
devnull_i have a good question ... i have a trinity APU ... dual core with built in GPU ... my cpu monitor ... is that just the processor or also the GPU ?03:22
=== mydogssnameisrud is now known as monkeyjuice
bazhangdatruth, wrong place I told you03:22
iFlipbazhang no, its a RouterBoard 532A03:22
bazhang##networking or #freenode datruth03:23
rushboysomsip: actually i want to upload a local folder onto github ? can u help me on this ? I want to add the folder to : https://github.com/rushboy52/core03:23
bazhangiFlip, debian only? or ubuntu as well03:23
iFlipbazhang I was in networking - there a bit fussy tonight. I figured maybe a Linux related distro someone might know03:23
devnull_jschall, logitech mouse ?03:23
jschalldevnull_: razor03:23
bazhangiFlip, the ##networking was to datruth03:24
rushboysomsip: yes maybe i am looking for the .git folder of the cloned repo03:24
somsiprushboy: git clone {repo}; cd {repo}; mkdir newdir; git add newdir; git commit -m 'Message'; git push; But you should fnid a nice tutorial really03:24
devnull_jschall, check the x log and see if there are any errors for the mouse03:24
=== Paradigm|2 is now known as ultraparadigm
iFlipbazhang either one... I read people loading Debian, but if anyone had tried Ubuntu I would be open to success story03:24
ultraparadigmYes, that worked like a charm03:25
jschalldevnull_: i guarantee you the mouse is fine. fine in kde, fine while not moving windows, fine now that the window thing seems to have resolved itself.03:25
jschalldevnull_: rebooting, i want to see what removing plymouth-theme-ubuntu-text does03:25
gnuskoolubuntu phone is the biznis03:25
HonestAbehave you tried it out?03:26
ultraparadigmI had to return my old ATI HD video card because it turns out it doesn't work in 12.10 and I tried it in 12.04 and it works but not the opengl.  :-(    It was already using legacy drivers when i bought it bran new.  So I got a NVidia GTX and I am happy now.03:26
gnuskoolnah, just vids03:26
bazhanggnuskool, #ubuntu-phone03:26
devnull_ultraparadigm, what card doesn't work in 12.10 ?03:29
jschalldevnull_: well, i got it to just display all the text properly, and that is definitely preferable to the brokenness that was going on by default03:29
devnull_jschall, i bet03:29
devnull_as long as that issue with the windows is resolved atm you should be okay03:30
devnull_im still trying to tweak my system to play TF2 smoother03:31
devnull_70% of the time ... it works all the time03:34
=== vjn_ is now known as vjn
jschalldevnull_: this is with ati?03:36
jschalldevnull_: oh damn, the laggy windows are back03:36
devnull_unity --replace03:36
devnull_well having composite on the desktop makes gaming a little harder ... i think i need to launch a second X server with no composite to get some more performance03:37
devnull_and i already enabled opengl3 by using the 3.7.1 kernel03:37
devnull_but i am not using the proprietary drivers03:38
jschalldevnull_: well, i'm going to go try kde distros.03:43
jschalldevnull_: i lasted almost three hours this time! a record.03:43
devnull_hehe ... it took me a lil to get used to unity and i have been using gnome for to many years03:44
devnull_you can install a kde desktop if you would like03:44
jschalldevnull_: no, i'd prefer not having all of the out-of-place junk from the gnome installation03:45
devnull_jschall, ah ... you mean like primarily using qt software instead of the gtk software that ubuntu uses03:49
jschalldevnull_: right. having both just gets you a huge number of redundant applications03:49
HonestAbejschall try the xfce side of the force03:49
devnull_yea xfce is pretty nice .. i must say ... but it isn't kde in anyway03:50
ActionParsnipdevnull_: completely different base :)03:50
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devnull_im still not thrilled with these hover scroll bars in unity .. but im not gonna remove them03:51
ActionParsnipdevnull_: its an option03:52
devnull_ah .. you don't have to remove the libs to change it anymore ?03:52
jschalldevnull_: yeah they're really damn annoying.03:55
jschalldevnull_: especially since half of the applications have them and half of them don't03:55
devnull_yea depends if they are gtk native or not03:56
devnull_saves a bit of space though i must say03:56
jschalldevnull_: firefox isn't?03:56
FISH_SOUPhello, if i were to install virtualbox on a ubuntu server, how do i go about the installation if SSH access is only available?04:02
ActionParsnipFISH_SOUP: https://forums.virtualbox.org/viewtopic.php?t=666304:04
Paradiseðóññêèå åñòü?04:05
RussellAlanIts not as easy to find entreprenuers on the web as it was back in the day.04:07
feeshonPardon my newbness but I am looking to build a KVM machine on ubuntu 12.04LTS what should I use for a software RAID?04:08
ActionParsnipRussellAlan: facebook maybe04:10
RussellAlanActionParsnip, like your thinking =D04:10
beandogfeeshon: mdadm04:10
RussellAlanAndroid related business, maybe post an ad on a forum fb04:10
FISH_SOUPActionParsnip, but still that doesn't allow any form of GUI04:11
FISH_SOUPhow can i install windows via the headless of VB if i cant see anything visually04:11
ActionParsnipFISH_SOUP: let me see, ask in #vbox as well04:11
devnull_jschall, you good now ?04:12
jschalldevnull_: not really :)04:12
devnull_lol ... im stepping a way for a bit ... good luck04:13
jschalldevnull_: ubuntu doesn't want to let me go. startup disk creator still crashes (several releases after i had to start using unetbootin for the same reason)04:13
ActionParsnipFISH_SOUP: http://www.howtoforge.com/managing-a-headless-virtualbox-installation-with-phpvirtualbox-ubuntu-12.0404:15
ActionParsnipFISH_SOUP: simple websearch, look what I found.... :)04:17
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pep0Hi, night04:22
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pep0somebody else can you help me to install adobe flash on ubuntu 12.1004:22
SolarisB1ydoes anyone know if the ubuntu precise netinstall allows one to create LVM/soft raid && home dir encryption during the boot process?04:26
cjaeso now what with the chrome only adobe releases ... use chrome only?04:30
pep0now yes04:30
ActionParsnippep0: what is the output of:  lsb_release -a; uname -a; dpkg -l | egrep 'flash|gnash|swf|spark'04:31
pep0i have firefox but its slow04:31
ActionParsnippep0: firefox is slow :D04:31
ActionParsnippep0: use a pastebin to host the text please04:31
pep0Distributor ID:Ubuntu04:32
pep0Description:Ubuntu 12.1004:32
FloodBot1pep0: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:32
ActionParsnippep0: again, use a pastebin04:33
ActionParsnippep0: thanks04:36
ActionParsnippep0: and the output of: dpkg -l | egrep 'flash|gnash|swf|spark'      Thanks04:36
percent20Is there a place, on the web, I can view all of the packages included in ubuntu gnome 12.10 remix?04:40
pep0ActionParsnip,  can you check it, please?04:40
ActionParsnippep0: let me see :)04:40
ActionParsnippep0: and the output of:   uname -a    (no need to pastebin that, its a single line)04:41
xanguapercent20: the sames as ubuntu or any other of the ubuntu distro family04:42
pep0Linux ubu 3.5.0-17-generic #28-Ubuntu04:42
jayarmy ubuntu is saying my networking04:43
jayarisnt compatible with this version04:43
pep0i check from here --> http://www.adobe.com/es/software/flash/about/04:43
pep0and the flash player its installed on my pc04:43
pep0thanks ActionParsnip04:43
=== Fudgey is now known as Fudge
ActionParsnippep0: thats not the full output of the command04:44
jayar"The system network services are not compatible with this version"04:44
pep0Linux ubu 3.5.0-17-generic #28-Ubuntu SMP Tue Oct 9 19:32:08 UTC 2012 i686 i686 i686 GNU/Linux04:44
ActionParsnippep0: thanks04:44
ActionParsnippep0: well, you have a 32bit OS, I suggest you remove the flashplugin-installer package and install the adobe-flashplugin package from the partner repo04:45
rushboyCan anyone please help me with this : how do i copy a directory from one a source to a destination in ubuntu ?04:46
ActionParsniprushboy: are you able to write to the destination as your user?04:46
WXZhow do I get a list of all the root windows that xserver has setup on my computer?04:46
pep0how do that04:46
somsiprushboy: cp -R oldpath/olddir newpath/newdir04:46
borisetopep0: If you are using firefox, install the add-on flash-aid. It will automatically install flash for your machine.04:47
ActionParsnipWXZ: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=125437604:47
WXZActionParsnip: thanks04:47
ActionParsnipboriseto: why? there is already a package to install flash?04:48
=== root is now known as Guest90518
ActionParsnippep0: sudo apt-get --purge remove flashplugin-installer04:48
ActionParsnip!rootirc | Guest9051804:48
ubottuGuest90518: It's not technically our business, but we'd like to tell you that IRC'ing as root is a Very Bad Idea (tm). After all, doing anything as root when root is not needed is bad, and especially bad with software that connects to the Internet.04:48
ActionParsnippep0: enable the partner repo either in /etc/apt/sources.list or use software centre04:49
borisetoActionParship: I know, but it does everything for him, without having to remove and then install...04:49
xanguaboriseto: sounds like magic04:49
borisetoxangua: it might be. :)04:50
pep0i use chrome, let me try04:50
borisetopep0: oh, well in that case, stick to whatever ActionParsnip told you.04:51
ActionParsnippep0: if you use chrome, you don't need any flash packages installed, it uses it's own04:51
rushboysomsip: Thank you :-)04:52
ActionParsnippep0: its why I use chrome :)04:52
=== Justasic2 is now known as Justasic
pep0i removed the plugin04:53
borisetopep0, wait, do you use chrome or chromium?04:54
pep0chrome my friend04:54
pep0why boriseto ?04:55
pep0be back in a bit04:57
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hexstatikhello there, i am new to linux and need major help with ati/amd drivers. Here is a post to summarise it: http://askubuntu.com/questions/235605/xubuntu-12-10-amd-catalyst-12-11-beta-11-installation-not-working-how-to-recove05:11
ogisti can help you05:12
ActionParsniphexstatik: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HybridGraphics  may help05:12
hexstatikplease do05:12
ogistdont listen to that05:12
hexstatikno i dont have hybrid graphics05:12
ogistill help ya05:12
ogisti need to find the website05:12
FloodBot1ogist: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:12
ActionParsniphexstatik: I suspect you will have a lot of issues there, dual GPUs are a headache05:12
hexstatikis radeon hd 695005:13
ActionParsniphexstatik: good, the gpu is also liked by the xorg in quantal :)05:13
ogisttype the following in the console05:14
ogistsudo add-apt-repository ppa:makson96/fglrx05:14
hexstatikim on guest user rightnow05:15
ogistthat's ok i think05:15
ogistas long as you type sudo05:15
hexstatikand im not able to change to to my primary user in terminal05:15
ogistit will ask for your password05:15
ogistafter you type that...05:16
ogistsudo apt-get update05:16
ogistand then05:16
ogistsudo apt-get upgrade05:16
ogistand finally05:16
ogistsudo apt-get install fglrx-legacy05:16
ogistafter all that is complete, reboot05:17
hexstatikshoot, says i must be root05:17
hexstatiki tried sudo su05:17
hexstatiksudo: unable to change to sudoers gid: Operation not permitted05:17
ogistdo you not have the root pass?05:17
dr_willisdont use sudo su.   just sudo -s   for a root shell05:17
ActionParsniphexstatik: what is the output of:  cat /etc/issue05:18
ogistsu = switch user05:18
ZenexerI'm trying to compress a folder into a .tar.xz file while passing some custom parameters to xz.  I made an intermediate .tar, but xz doesn't seem to want to compress anything.  It looks like it's always trying to decompress, because no matter what I feed it, I get this error: "xz: File format not recognized"05:18
ogisthexstatik, it's because proprietary drivers do not work on the latest version of X05:18
hexstatikaction: Ubuntu 12.10 \n \l05:18
ZenexerI've tried various flags, and settled with -kt9z05:18
ActionParsnipogist: works here with nvidia05:18
hexstatikogist: thats why i got the beta 12.11 drivers they do05:19
ogistActionParsnip, ati is what hexstatik has05:19
hexstatiki tried 12.10 ones before that05:19
Zenexer-z should force compression, but either it's trying to decompress anyway, or it wants something specific.05:19
TXRoadkillUbuntu has apparently stopped supporting the Seamonkey Project.  I use Composer all the time.  Does anyone know of a good substitute WYSIWYG web authoring tool which 12.10 supports?05:19
ogisti actually did this today and it worked for me05:19
hexstatikguest-9jUhIB@comp:~$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:makson96/fglrx05:20
hexstatiksudo: unable to change to sudoers gid: Operation not permitted05:20
ZenexerI've also tried doing it through stdio as the manpage demonstrates, but the example doesn't work for me.05:20
ActionParsnipogist: hexstatik has a 6950, that is for 2xxx 3xxx and 4xxx05:20
hexstatikyea i have hd 6950 radeon 2gb05:20
dr_willishexstatik:  you are the guest user? or a normal user right now?05:21
ActionParsnipogist: tried Precise? It is LTS so supported long after even Raring is EOL05:21
hexstatikcant login to my normal user it just takes me rightback to log in screen afther the screen goes black for a awhile05:21
ActionParsniphexstatik: what is the output of:  groups05:22
ZenexerCan someone do me a favor, and try to compress a file with xz on 12.10, and let me know if it works?05:22
dr_willishexstatik:  guest cant sudo. try logging as your user on the console05:22
ActionParsniphexstatik: oh, then you won't be able to do much at all05:22
hexstatikdr_willis: guest-9jUhIB05:23
hexstatikdr_willis: Password:05:23
hexstatiksetgid: Operation not permitted05:23
hexstatikwhen i try to su username05:23
ogistActionParsnip, what?05:23
ogisti havent tried precise05:23
dr_willishexstatik:  LOGIN at the console as your user... not under guest05:23
ActionParsnipogist: sorry, was meant for hexstatik05:23
ZenexerDoes xz have a file size limit?05:24
ActionParsnipZenexer: shouldn't do as far as I know05:24
ZenexerIt doesn't like my 32 GB tar archive.05:24
hexstatikdr_willis: ok should i get on irc on diffrent machine? im using the guest account to be on irc rightnow05:24
ActionParsnipZenexer: could try in 2 stages. Make a tar of the data then gzip the tar05:24
ZenexerSeems to be working with the same arguments on a text file.05:25
ActionParsnipZenexer: ah05:25
dr_willishexstatik:  you can irc from the console if you wanted to05:25
ogistI installed cairo-dock earlier and clicked to include the enlightenment window manager, how do i know if enlightenment is working?05:25
ActionParsniphexstatik: tried bzip or 7zip etc?05:25
hexstatikyea i have irssi05:25
hexstatikaction: for what puropose?05:26
ZenexerEh, never mind, it's not working on a text file either; just looked like it was working the first time05:26
ZenexerSame error: file format not recognized05:26
dr_willisogist:  did you select enlightmnt at the login screen?05:26
ActionParsnipZenexer: ah, good test05:26
ForSparePartsIs there a way to prevent the top menu bar from appearing over fullscreen applications maximized on another screen when the app loses focus?05:27
ForSparePartsUnder Unity, that is.05:27
ZenexerAh.  I think -t was throwing it off--I have to run an integrity test as a separate command, after the file is already compressed, I think.05:27
kunjiHmm, in case anyone is interested, upgrading from 12.04 to 12.10 fixed the wireless problems I was asking about this morning.  I can't say anything conclusive about exactly what the fix was though, unfortunately it was a spray and pray approach to fixing it.05:28
ZenexerI thought I tried it without that, but I guess not.05:28
hexstatikdr_willis, sorry i went afk for a second05:32
ActionParsnipkunji: glad you got the gold. shame the LTS wasn't up to it :(05:33
hexstatiknot really sure how i can run irssi, and terminal at the same time05:33
xenomecan I change the grub fb image (tux pengium) displayed during boot w/o having to rebuild the kernel?05:33
ActionParsnipxenome: how do you mean 'fb image'?05:33
hexstatikill just use the laptop for irc, brb05:34
xenomethe boot images displayed in the top left corner05:34
xenomefor my omap4 install, I get two penguins05:34
ViperXL75I'm logged in on the Ubuntu Gui. How do i run a program as Root without having to go in the Terminal first to type "su [progname]"  ?  Can you do that directly from the Gui?05:34
ActionParsnipViperXL75: press ALT+F2 and run:  gksudo appname05:35
ActionParsnipxenome: Is it using Grub2?05:35
ViperXL75ah. tx05:35
rollituphi guys05:35
phaxHi guys I updated to Ubuntu 11.10 and  the wireless does not connect to my old profile, or shows me surrounding networks...but I can use iwlist scan to get the list..so it seems the drver is ok..is there any service i need to start ?05:36
rollitupi am trying to create a symlink but not been able to achieve exactly what i want05:36
ActionParsnipphax: which release did you upgrade from?05:36
xenomenope, uboot05:36
ActionParsniprollitup: what are you trying to achieve?05:36
ActionParsnipxenome: what is the output of:  cat /etc/issue05:36
phaxActionParsnip, 10.0.4 to 11.0.4 to 11.1005:37
rollitupi have created a vhosts dir /var/www/icw.dev and i wish to link this to a dir /home/instant/public_html/icw05:37
xenomeubuntu 12.04 LTS05:37
xenomei'm using the arm version05:37
rollitupso i tried this command sudo ln -s /home/instant/public_html/icw/05:37
ActionParsnipphax: you shouldn't upgrade 10.04 ro 11.04, you need to upgrade to maverick first05:37
vitalikodr_willis: im back05:38
ogisthow come when i create a shortcut to quake2 executable, it just opens and closes in <1sec05:38
phaxActionParsnip, well without network connectivity not sure what to do now ?05:38
rollitupit did create a link but not exactly what i want for example now when i type icw.dev it takes me to the web directory where icw dir is shown05:38
ActionParsniprollitup: so the intention is to link the icw.dev folder so it appears to have the same data as the folder in your home folder?05:38
rollitupinstead of showing the index file that is placed in the icw dir05:38
ogistalso when i try to open quake2 from the cairo-dock folder menu, it tries to open it with a package viewer05:38
phaxActionParsnip, but why is it wrong to expect this to work ?05:38
kubuntuseranyone know if it's possible to broadcast on a shoutcast server with ubuntu ?05:39
ActionParsnipphax: because yu leapfrogged a release05:39
ActionParsnipphax: you could in factg upgrade 10.04 to 10.10  or direct to 12.04 (LTS to LTS)05:39
ActionParsnipkubuntuser: look into icecast05:39
ActionParsniprollitup: sudo ln -s /home/instant/public_html/icw /var/www/icw.dev05:40
kubuntuserActionParsnip: yes but it's possible to broadcast with a player ?05:40
ActionParsniprollitup: sudo ln -s <source> <dest>05:40
ActionParsnipkubuntuser: vlc can05:40
ogisthow do i make a shortcut to a file and put it on my desktop? i clicked on quake2 and chose make link, and i put it on the desktop, but it doesnt work...05:40
kubuntuserActionParsnip: mmm broadcast too ?05:40
ActionParsnipphax: if you remove the wifi network from within gconf and reboot, can you connect to it?05:41
ActionParsnipkubuntuser: maybe, not sure05:41
rollitupActionParsnip: i get this error ln: failed to create symbolic link `/var/www/icw.dev/icw': File exists05:41
kubuntuserActionParsnip: i try now05:41
ActionParsnipogist: you could make a .desktop file for it, you can then have a nice icon too :)05:41
dr_willisogist:  easiest way is to make a bash script that runs the game05:41
rollitupmaybe i have to remove the earlier created symlinks and then try the command again ?05:41
ActionParsniprollitup: ok, what is the output of:   file /var/www/icw.dev/icw05:41
rollitupActionParsnip: do u mean the output i get in the terminal ?05:42
phaxActionParsnip, how do i correctly upgrade to the 12.04 and instal all missing deps from cmd line ?05:42
ActionParsniprollitup: yes, 'file' is a command05:42
vitalikook, so can anyone please help, I installed 12.11 ati drivers and now i cant login to my normal user, guest works  fine. Tried purging the drivers and reverting back to x.org drivers and no luck...ive spent so much time on this ish05:42
phaxI can use the wired network05:42
rollitupERROR: cannot open `/var/www/icw.dev/dev' (No such file or directory)05:43
ActionParsnip!upgrade | phax05:43
ubottuphax: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade05:43
ActionParsniprollitup: /var/www/icw.dev/icw not /var/www/icw.dev/dev05:43
ogistActionParsnip: I have a icon file (png) and the game is /home/ogist/Games/quake2/quake205:44
rollitup sorry my bad this is what i get /var/www/icw.dev/icw: symbolic link to `/home/instant/public_html/icw/'05:44
ActionParsniprollitup: I thought the symlink was just to /var/www/icw.dev ?05:44
ActionParsniprollitup: cool, the link is made :)05:44
=== vitaliko is now known as hexstatik_
hexstatik_my specs are: i5 2500k, hd radeon 6950, 8gb05:45
rollitupActionParsnip: the link is made but when i type icw.dev in the browser it shows the icw directory but not the index.html within this dir05:45
rollitupActionParsnip: there is an index.html  within /home/instant/public_html/icw05:46
ActionParsniprollitup: does apache follow links?05:47
rollitupsorry i didn't get what you meant to ask ?05:47
iseerCould i please get somebody to take a look at my question on askubuntu?05:47
ActionParsniphexstatik_: the i5-2500k is a sandybridge05:47
dr_willisi thought apache had a security setting to not follow links05:47
ActionParsniphexstatik_: so you have an Intel HD 3000 in the CPU. You have a switchable GPU setup05:48
iseerare we allowed to provide links in this channel?05:48
ogistDoes anyone here have cairo-dock? That little 4-screen switch thing disappeared05:49
ActionParsnipiseer: sure05:49
dr_willisuse the dock settings to readd it perhaps ogist05:49
hexstatik_ActionParsnip: when i was in gnome under software courses it did show that my radeon was the active card05:49
hexstatik_if thats what you were implying05:50
iseercould somebody please have a look at this and see if they know what is wrong and/or how to fix it http://askubuntu.com/questions/237658/can-somebody-help-fix-ubuntu-12-04-being-stuck-at-black-screen-on-regular-boot05:50
ActionParsniphexstatik_: all I can recommend is read the ubuntu hybrid graphics page. If you can, disable the inbuilt GPU or just remove the ATI and you'll be fine05:50
ogistdr_willis, it was something that was not even on the dock05:50
ogista little thing with 4 screens05:51
ogisti clicked show-desktop somehow and now it is gone05:51
hexstatik_initially i used the open sourse drivers and they worked fine exept for some performance degradation05:51
rollitupActionParsnip: is this the only limit to creating symlinks ?05:51
ogistthe workspace switcher thingy05:51
ActionParsnipiseer: 3.7 kernel isn't supported here05:51
hexstatik_then i used 12.10 ati and found out they're not supported05:51
rollitupi mean it would link to the dir but won't show the index.html file within it ?05:51
ActionParsniprollitup: limit in what way?05:51
hexstatik_ActionParsnip: ok ill try and see there is a way to disable in bios, but i think i would  already have that05:52
ActionParsniprollitup: a link will show all the files you have in the folder. You may need to chown the linked files a little so that the service can access it05:52
ogistok i fixed it05:52
iseerActionParsnip: what is the latest kernel i am under the impression that i will need at least 3.6.3 to use my inbuilt dvbt card05:52
ogistubuntu is sweet lookin05:52
iseerlatest kernel that is suppoted *05:53
ActionParsnip!info linux-image-generic precise | iseer05:53
ubottuiseer: linux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (precise), package size 2 kB, installed size 31 kB05:53
rollitupchown root /home/instant/public_html/icw/index.html  is this how i should try ?05:53
ActionParsnipiseer: you will need to install Raring to get the 3.7 kernel but it is pre-release unttil April05:53
ActionParsniprollitup: not root, look at the other files in /var/www05:54
ActionParsniprollitup: if you start trying to guess tsuff in Linux you will bork your OS.05:54
dr_willishexstatik_:  im not even sure what your situation is. no need to msg me. im at work and may have to leave irc at a moments notice05:54
hexstatik_you were just helping me 5 min ago,05:55
hexstatik_ok, so can anyone please help, I installed 12.11 ati drivers and now i cant login to my normal user, guest works  fine. Tried purging the drivers and reverting back to x.org drivers and no luck...ive spent so much time on this ish05:55
iseerActionParsnip: is there any prevalent bugs in raring that would make regular use difficult or is it usable?05:55
dr_willisand i help dozens of people a day. and my irc log is about 10 lines of history05:55
hexstatik_using ati radeon hd 695005:55
ActionParsniphexstatik_: if you make a fresh user in root recovery mode and add it to the sudo group, then log in as the new user, is it ok?05:56
ActionParsnipiseer: its pre-release so its a bit of a mixed bag05:56
iseerActionParsnip: im fine with it a bit buggy aslong as i can use my wireless and boot lol, i have to boot through recovery mode now05:57
sin_taxquick cron question.... this doesn't seem to be working so I must be doing something wrong: @reboot rtorrent /data01/torrents/start  <--- should that not run '/data01/torrents/start' as the user 'rtorrent' on reboot?05:57
hexstatik_ActionParsnip: I can try, but the point being i have spent alot of time setting up that user the way i wanted05:58
ActionParsniphexstatik_: well if you can't log in as the user its not much good is it...05:58
hexstatik_i mean i can login from the terminal05:59
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jiridoHi i try to install lubuntu from a usb stick but everytime it get stuck at the "Who are you" .. Any advice?05:59
ActionParsnipjirido: did you MD5 test the ISO you downloaded?06:00
ActionParsnipjirido: if you use all lower case letters is it ok?06:00
jiridoi did06:00
dr_willisyou could reset all the problem useres settings as a test hexstatik_    but you will have to figure out what setting is the issue. or just reset them all06:00
jiridoYou mean the name?06:00
ActionParsnipjirido: all of it06:00
ActionParsnipjirido: all the boxes you typed in, use all lower case letters06:01
jiridoI think al ofit yes06:01
ViperXL75In the name of all that is unholy! How do I check which command to start K3b burner? I need to start it as Root, but can't find the correct command to start it up with.  :(06:01
jiridoI did06:01
ActionParsnipjirido: check, if you used all lower case then I suggest you MD5 test the ISO so that you know it is error free and complete06:01
dr_willisViperXL75:  its 'k3b' last time i tried06:01
jiridoI used unetbootin to put it on stick06:02
ActionParsnipjirido: if you have web access in liveCD, run:  sudo apt-get install ubiquity gparted     and it will upgrade the installer to the latest version. Then run it06:02
dr_willisViperXL75:  or see what the k3b.desktop file launches06:02
=== ericab is now known as ericab_away
jiridoI dont have any cd06:02
ViperXL75dr_willis: thing is, I start it from that Alt-F2 interface. I never get a hold of the shortcut itself.06:03
jiridoBut ill check md506:03
hexstatik_okay, so if i were to reinstall ubuntu or make a new user, what whould be the best driver to install to get the most performance from radeon hf6950? Using 12.10 ubuntu....06:03
ActionParsnipjirido: you don't need a CD, you have the USB :)06:03
hexstatik_mainly for GUI performance(im kind of a freak when it comes to smooth actions in GUI) and gaming as well06:04
jiridoshould i run :  sudo apt-get install ubiquity gparted in the installer or..06:04
rollitupActionParsnip: i chown 'ed instance /home/instant/public_html/icw but still it does not show up the index file06:05
rollitupsorry instant06:05
ActionParsniprollitup: i'd ask in the apache channel :)06:05
rollitupthat sounds good06:05
ActionParsniphexstatik_: your guest user is ok, so my guess is the driver is ok. Worth exploring06:05
chovydoes ubuntu have newer software than debian?06:05
ubottuPackages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.06:05
gonzojiveI upgraded my old ubuntu machine, where the root file system is RAID 1 ext3, and upon restart I'm given a grub prompt06:06
gonzojivewhat do I do next?06:06
jiridoActionParsnip, Should i run  sudo apt-get install ubiquity gparted during the install or on the mashine i use to put the iso on the stick?06:07
ogistok so how do i make a desktop file06:08
ActionParsnipjirido: boot to the live OS and run:  sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install ubiquity gparted; sudo apt-get clean06:08
=== XenGi is now known as XenGi_
ActionParsnipjirido: then run the installer as normal06:08
hexstatik_ActionParsnip: actually now that you say that it might not be anything to do with the video card drivers. What else do you think it could be...again the issue is that i try to login to my user and login screen and it just kicks me back out06:08
ActionParsnipogist: I always copy one from ~/.config/autostart then modify06:08
ActionParsniphexstatik_: settings in your users home maybe06:09
hexstatik_where should i look06:09
ActionParsniphexstatik_: the new user will have vanilla settings06:09
ActionParsniphexstatik_: boot to root recovery and run:  adduser testname sudo06:09
hexstatik_ok brb06:09
iseerActionParsnip: ok so im downloading the 64 bit pc iso now, do you have any idea when it will be officially released?06:10
ActionParsnipiseer: April 201306:10
gIneeRingany Android guys that like to make money.06:10
inflamesHello, I am stuck on the lock screen for cinnamon on ubuntu 12.04, i see a bluebox appears to be the size of my secondary monitor and other than that I have a black screen with a time and username with a lock icon, can someone help me fix this./06:10
ActionParsnipiseer: april being the (4)th month in 20(13)...hence 13.04   being the version number06:10
gIneeRinghey ActionParsnip, I tried FB it didnt work06:11
iseerActionParsnip: thanks i didnt know that i'm quite new to ubuntu. aslong as it boots, and can run python3.2 im fine, if bumblebee works on it that is a bonus because it is an optimus laptop but thank you so much :D06:11
gIneeRingI need some assistance with my Ubuntu 12.04 though... it does not turn on my W-Lan card - Sony Vaio06:11
ActionParsnipiseer: if you can disable a GPU in BIOS I would do that. Optimus is a mess. I'm avoiding it like Paris Hilton avoids talent06:12
gonzojiveanyone have experience booting up ubuntu from grub shell?06:12
jiridoActionParsnip, Is 1gig memory to little maybe?06:13
iseerActionParsnip: I have looked around and couldn't find anything to do that but would be willing to because i don't really think my gpu has much on the inel inbuilt graphics as it is only a gtx630m06:13
iseergIneeRing: do you know what wlan card you are using06:14
jiridoIt does start up live anyway06:14
ActionParsnipjirido: 512Mb is minimal, you'll be ok. Could use XFCE or LXDE to reduce used resources06:14
jiridoits lubuntu06:14
ActionParsnipgIneeRing: what wifi chip are you using?06:15
ActionParsnipjirido: should be fine. LXDE is dead light06:15
jiridocan i install from inside the livecd?06:15
ActionParsnipgonzojive: http://www.chrissearle.org/blog/technical/booting_grub_shell  may help06:15
ActionParsnipgonzojive: If I get that I always just chroot from liveCD and reinstate grub2 there06:15
ogistActionParsnip, :)06:15
inflamesis there some place to go to get better help with cinnamon? should i try #mint?06:15
ActionParsnipjirido: yes06:15
ActionParsnipinflames: mint support is on a different network06:16
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org06:16
jivoraHi what does cmov stand for in /lib/tls/i686/cmov/ . Thanks.06:16
iseergIneeRing: do you know exactly which sony vaio it is because there are several different models06:16
inflamesbut i am on ubuntu and running cinnamon06:16
gIneeRingActionParsnip, not sure. one secondo, although there was no issue before06:16
ActionParsnipinflames: we cannot support cinammon here06:16
inflamesok, thanks ActionParsnip06:17
inflamesas always06:17
ActionParsnipno worries :)06:17
Ben64the mint people might not support it either06:17
gIneeRingActionParsnip, Intel Wifi Link 5100 AGN06:20
gIneeRingthe light doesnt want to come on (switch in front)06:21
gIneeRingSony Vai - NS29OJ btw06:21
rollitupActionParsnip: i joined the #apache channel but it says Cannot send to channel: #httpd is that the right channnel ?06:21
ActionParsnipgIneeRing: if you run:  sudo lshw -C network     is it unclaimed?06:21
gIneeRingim not on the system right now06:21
ActionParsniprollitup: join that channel then :)06:21
somsip!alis | rollitup06:21
ubotturollitup: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*06:21
gIneeRingi suppose i will do it tomorrow.06:21
gIneeRingI need some find some entreprenuers lol06:22
^BladeRnRdejavu :->06:22
ubottualis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*06:25
rollitup!alis | rollitup06:25
ubotturollitup, please see my private message06:25
Tigerx1078hi where can i go to see what other people are talking about what system they use to run ubuntu on?06:35
somsipTigerx1078: you can chat in #ubuntu-offtopic if that helps?06:36
Tigerx1078trying to figure out which version i need for my system06:36
somsipTigerx1078: what choices are youi considering?06:37
Tigerx1078like a server with a gui inside it06:37
somsipTigerx1078: for production, or just dev/testing?06:37
Tigerx1078just for home06:37
somsipTigerx1078: how will you connect to it - with a monitor or over LAN with SSH or similar?06:38
jiridoActionParsnip, the copy was ok and i did  sudo apt-get install ubiquity gparted but still the installer hangs on "Who are you?" dialog after the files are copied.. in taskmanager only lxtask use cpu06:38
somsipTigerx1078: how much RAM?06:38
iseerActionParsnip: I'm installing it now I'll let you know how it goes06:38
Tigerx1078got plenty06:39
Tigerx1078i belive 4gb06:39
somsipTigerx1078: well, your options are wide open really. 32 bit with PAE kernel or 64 bit is probably a better recommendation. If it's not production you dont really need LTS of 12.04, but it might be more stable. And either server install, then put a GUI on top, or a lightweight desktop such as lubuntu or xubuntu. No firm answer really06:40
fulcanwhat is the easist/best way to launch a script into a users xsession? i.e. from ssh make firefox open on the users desktop?06:40
Tigerx1078i see somsip i tried 12.04 server its choppy in the gui06:41
Tigerx1078its a p4 2.4 ghz with 4 or more gb of ram06:41
=== Garr255_ is now known as Garr255
Tigerx1078a 04 model06:41
somsipTigerx1078: could be all manner of things. What desktop?06:41
somsipTigerx1078: sorry - what WM on the desktop...06:42
Tigerx1078dell dimension 460006:42
Tigerx1078and i added a graffics card to06:42
somsipTigerx1078: no - when GUI was choppy, what GUI were you using, and how did you set this up given server edition does not come with a GUI IIRC06:42
Tigerx1078i did it in the comannd like06:43
Tigerx1078to install the gui06:43
Tigerx1078i'm on a differnt puter at the moment06:43
somsipTigerx1078: If you want help, you will need to give more details. Do you want to get this GUI sorted out, or reinstall a different version?06:46
vnc786running kubunut 12.04 through LTSP when i am trying to save some files on desktop it doesn't show up on desktop ?06:46
Tigerx1078would a differnt version help like a older one somsip?06:46
=== tux is now known as Guest59356
somsipTigerx1078: difficult to tell without knowing what the real problem is. If the current GUI is choppy, using a different GUI will possibly give a different result.06:47
ogisti cant even make a desktop shortcut work06:48
ogistlinux is tough stuff06:48
somsipTigerx1078: simple answer may be to put a lightweight version on, such as lubuntu or xubuntu. If it's easy for you to try that, it may give you a solution06:48
=== Guest59356 is now known as Elpie
vnc786can i ask directly question here ?06:49
Tigerx1078ok will those versions work for being a server somsip?06:50
vnc786running kubunut 12.04 through LTSP when i am trying to save some files on desktop it doesn't show up on desktop ?06:50
somsipTigerx1078: what do you mean by 'server'? What will you be running?06:50
Tigerx1078file server,webserver06:51
somsipTigerx1078: yes - it'll make no difference really. It might just make it easier for you to manage if sometimes you will have direct access with a monitor, rather than if you only had SSH06:51
hexstatikActionParsnip: i fixed it, basically all i had to do was to change ownership of Xauthority06:51
ActionParsniphexstatik: sweet, been running GUI apps with sudo by any chance?06:52
ActionParsniphexstatik: does:  sudo gedit    or:   sudo nautilus   sound familiar?06:52
Tigerx1078ok somsip thanks for the help i'll try that06:52
=== Albastos|off is now known as Albastos
ActionParsniphexstatik: that's what causes it06:52
ActionParsniphexstatik: you don't run GUI apps with sudo06:52
hexstatikActionParsnip: i c, lesson learned06:53
ActionParsniphexstatik: you use gksudo06:53
somsipTigerx1078: no probs. Not a definitive answer though. No real right or wrong thing to do.06:53
hexstatiknow ive reinforced my knowledge:)06:53
Tigerx1078ok somsip i'll try a older version form the web that people talk about if i can find any and give those a try as well06:54
hexstatiki think its time to try installing the drivers again06:55
somsipTigerx1078: no need to use an older version. Just try a lighter window manager if that was the thing that was bothering you. eg lubuntu, xubuntu06:56
Tigerx1078ok thanks somsip i belive it was.  since i could not install the drivers for the grafics card from restriced drivers06:57
dibblegoI have ubuntu 10.10 installed — can I install a package without upgrading the version?07:00
ActionParsnipdibblego: no, there are no more packages for Maverick07:00
dibblegook np cheers07:00
fulcan setenv DISPLAY bt/unix:0  No command 'setenv' found, did you mean:  ???    env DISPLAY bt/unix:0  env: DISPLAY: No such file or directory  ???   how do you set the display variable?07:01
dibblegoI shall attempt the upgrade and hope!07:01
ActionParsnipdibblego: if you clean install with Precise, you will get support til april 2017 :)07:01
ActionParsnipdibblego: or upgrade07:01
dibblegoyeah I will see if I can get to 12.04 by upgrade07:01
the_dark_knightHi, I how do I test the performance of my website using it's URL. How do I write a shell script which will benchmark it give me the throughput of this app? please help.07:04
somsipthe_dark_knight: depends how simple you want it. You could hit it with ab (apache benchmark) for example07:05
ActionParsnip!info ab07:06
ubottuPackage ab does not exist in quantal07:06
ActionParsnip!info apachebench07:06
ubottuPackage apachebench does not exist in quantal07:06
iseerActionParsnip: i downloaded the 13.04 image and mounted it to a disk but when i installed it, it now says it is 12.10 on the bottom left of the screen at login page07:06
somsip!info apache2-utils07:06
ubottuapache2-utils (source: apache2): utility programs for webservers. In component main, is optional. Version 2.2.22-6ubuntu2.1 (quantal), package size 89 kB, installed size 329 kB07:06
rushboysomsip: Here is the libreoffice repo : http://anongit.freedesktop.org/git/libreoffice/core.git/ . I want to fork it on github . Can u please guide me how to do it ?07:08
iseerActionParsnip: nvm that obviously hasn't been updated to display 13.04 yet sorry :P07:09
fulcanhow do i launch a script into a users xsession?  i.e. from ssh make firefox open on the users desktop?07:09
somsiprushboy: way OT for here. Basically you would clone it, create an empty github for it, add a new remote being the github repo, assign local:master to github:master, and push all of the code. You need to find an online tutorial that explains this better though.07:10
somsip*push all of the code to the github repo07:10
jianmeng1I got a error about drm:drm_edid_block_valid in file syslog.07:10
jianmeng1And one  LCD of my dual screen  got a black screen.07:11
Clarusim using xchat how do I add a new channel07:17
=== BaW- is now known as BaW
Clarusdont worry07:18
Clarusworked it out07:18
magn3tsSo is libvirt not broken for anyone on 12.10 or is that a stupid question?07:18
hexstatikError 5: dependency not met: gawk not found in path07:18
rushboysomsip: sorry not github, I want to do something similar to forking here : https://gerrit.libreoffice.org/#/admin/projects/core . I want to add a patch , can u please guide me to do so ?07:19
somsiprushboy: no I can't. There are plenty of online tutorials out there to help you with this07:20
gSussbacktrack 5 anyone?07:20
somsip!backtrack | gSuss07:20
ubottugSuss: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)07:20
=== Stava is now known as Slavehandler
rushboysomsip: Okay . Thanks for helping me out previously :-)07:21
magn3tsUncaught error validating hardware input: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'set_parent'07:21
magn3tslibvirt. Broken. Lame. Can't find a fix online, any help?07:21
somsiprushboy: that link says 'If you need help with your patch or want to discuss it, do not hesitate to join #libreoffice-dev on freenode IRC' Did you try?07:24
rushboysomsip: yes , but no response .07:24
somsiprushboy: k. You saw this I guess? http://www.libreoffice.org/developers-2/07:26
nldimitrisHello to all of you , is there any good place for python programming?07:26
somsipnldimitris: #python07:27
rushboysomsip: yes , but if i'm able to locate the libreoffice core repo on github or even scm , I would fork it online . i tried but in vain . Can u help me just one more time to locate the libreoffice core repo please ?07:28
somsiprushboy: you posted a link to it yourself...the one ending in core.git above. And it's in the link I just gave you. What are you missing?07:29
genteorhi there! do u know any channel for bioinformatics??07:38
=== atrius is now known as atrius_away
ubottualis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*07:38
genteorthnx ubottu , much appreciated07:40
Noskcajpolpol, blasphemy07:46
kPb_inHello Guys.. Whats the proper way to add DNS servers.. the resolve.conf file says DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE BY HAND -- YOUR CHANGES WILL BE OVERWRITTEN07:48
somsipkPb_in: Loads of info here http://askubuntu.com/questions/130452/how-do-i-add-a-dns-server-via-resolv-conf07:49
dctrdhey guys07:59
dctrdwhen i boot up ubuntu on vm07:59
dctrdit tells me07:59
dctrdthis kernel requires a x86-64 cpu08:00
dctrdbut only detected an i686 cpu,unable to boot08:00
dctrdwats the damn problem08:00
trijntjedctrd: language please08:00
trijntjeand you need to select 'ubuntu, 64 bit' as host system, not ubuntu 32 bit08:01
dctrdhows that08:01
trijntjedctrd: no, I mean mind your language please08:01
dctrduhhhh sleeping...eating....internet.....watching porn08:01
=== phill is now known as Guest22372
dctrdtrijntje how?08:03
=== dctrd is now known as Anon
=== Anon is now known as Yaben3amme
somsipdcplaya: http://hereirestinremorse.wordpress.com/virtualbox/this-kernel-requires-an-x86-64-cpu-but-only-detected-an-i686-cpu-unable-to-boot-please-use-a-kernel-appropriate-for-your-cpu/08:04
somsipdcplaya: meant for dctrd but I think he's gone08:04
Yaben3ammeno im still here08:04
Yaben3ammeand i didnt uerstand shitnd08:06
Yaben3ammeand after all that talking whats the solution?08:06
somsipYaben3amme: read the link08:06
Yaben3ammei did08:06
Yaben3ammesomsip just say damn solution man08:08
trijntjeYaben3amme: please mind your language in this channel08:08
somsip!attitude | Yaben3amme08:08
ubottuYaben3amme: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines08:08
somsipYaben3amme: but it's the last sentence on the link I gave.08:08
Yaben3ammeok sorry08:08
Yaben3ammeand how should i know which one is appropriate?08:09
somsipYaben3amme: the one where is says SOLUTION in uppercase bold letters08:09
trijntjeYaben3amme: also, did you select ubuntu, 64 bits while creating the virtual machine?08:09
Yaben3ammei didnt find the option to create a 64 bit one08:12
Yaben3ammejust have the option of ubuntu08:12
Yaben3ammeno 64 bit08:12
=== tavasti is now known as tavasti`
trijntjeYaben3amme: its in the first screen when creating a new virtual machine08:12
trijntjeOperating system: Linux. Version: Ubuntu  (64 bit)08:13
Yaben3ammethere is only ubuntu08:13
Yaben3ammetheres no ubuntu 3408:13
Yaben3ammeor ubuntu 6408:13
NuSueyah, what is the ubuntu channel where I can chit-chat :D?08:13
Ben64Yaben3amme: then download 32 bit ubuntu08:13
Ben64NuSuey: #ubuntu-offtopic08:14
Yaben3ammegood thing my internet is fast08:14
somsipNuSuey: you need #ubuntu-support for chat. This is for support08:14
Ben64somsip: uh..08:14
somsipNuSuey: noooo #ubuntu-offtopic. My bad08:14
NuSueysomsip, Ben64 thanks guys ;) you are awesome.. and you know it :p08:15
=== Yaben3amme is now known as __abdam_
sam__I'm looking to automate some ubuntu installs and have them install some extra packages e.g.  Eclipse, tomcat etc… how best can i script the install to be unattended.  BTW the installs have to be self contained on the CD or USB and work when there is no internet connect?08:17
NuSueyah, is there a way how to fix the hall32.dll (or is it hall.dll) windows boot .. without using the windows installation CD? (i'm asking because it would fu.k up my GRUB)08:18
somsipsam__: I've never heard of this before, but: http://fai-project.org/08:18
mladouxNuSuey, it might be easier to use the windows installation cd to fix it, then use the ubuntu install cd to repair grub afterwards.08:20
trijntjesam__: you could take a look at ubuntu-defaults-builder, which allows you to create a custom iso image08:20
trijntjeHowever, due to a bug this will not work for Quantal 64 bit08:20
NuSueymladoux: yeah. but last time, when It threw my GRUB into trash, I had quite some problems to put the grub back in :p08:21
Ben64NuSuey: you could back up grub and put it back :D08:22
mladouxNuSuey: do you have /boot on it's own partition?08:22
mladouxbecause if you do, a real easy way to fix it is to run the ubuntu livecd, then mount your boot partition to /boot on the live cd, then run grub-install or grub-setup with /dev/sda ( no number, replace sda with your configuration ) as the target08:23
mladouxcan't remember if it's grub-setup or grub-install08:24
mladouxI had to do it a couple days ago.08:24
Ben64back up is easier08:24
NuSueymladoux: nope :/ but.. I'll probably try it.. yeah. last time I did it so, *nearst* helped me.. booted the partition, did some mount this and that.. grub-setup.. and voila08:25
mladouxmbr is just the first 512 on your hdd, i think08:25
Ben64dd if=<boot drive> of=boot_backup bs=512 count=108:25
sam__somsip: thanx!  that looks like a nice project!08:25
Ben64or similar08:25
sam__might work..08:25
sam__i was busy looking at AptoCD08:25
mladouxyeah, but you want to know for sure before you do it, backing up isn't really easier, just geekier08:26
sam__and remastersys08:26
pigetahi guys08:27
pigetai cant install my digitune dvb-t s08:27
pigetai follow the wiki08:27
pigetai install w-scan08:28
pigetawhen i type : sudo w_scan -fc -X >> /etc/vdr/channels.conf08:28
pigetait say to me :main:3079: FATAL: ***** NO USEABLE DVB-C CARD FOUND. *****Please check wether dvb driver is loaded and verify that no dvb application (i.e. vdr) is running08:29
somsipsam__: pure luck. Hope it's useful for you :)08:30
pigetawith lsusb :Bus 002 Device 003: ID 13d3:3219 IMC Networks DTV-DVB UDTT7049 - DVB-T Driver(Without HID)08:30
pigetaif i type lsmod |grep dvb i have nothing08:30
Sizurguys, why is no conkeror package in standard repos?08:30
shanecowherdhow can I open port 80 for a node.js app on 12.04? I tried port forwarding but I can't get it to work, thanks08:31
somsipSizur: konkeror? The KDE app?08:31
icerootSizur: long time replaces with dolphin08:31
kPb_insomsip: thanks :)08:32
=== pipopopo_ is now known as pipopopo
somsipkPb_in: np08:33
kPb_insomsip: created a tail file08:34
kPb_inthat worked08:34
Sizuri find conkeror pretty critical tool :(08:34
hexstatikdoes anyone know how to lower the mouse sensitivity and get rid of mouse accel completely?08:34
somsipSizur: you mean this? http://conkeror.org/08:35
dr_willisfile managers are so fun08:36
dr_willisdozens of alternative file managers out there. sort of sad the current in file manager 'features' is the removal of features.08:37
MonkeyDustranger is a sweet CLI file manager08:37
dr_willisim used to mc. ;)08:38
EaglemanHow does bind forwards request for some dns names to dns zones?08:38
hexstatiki am trying to lower the mouse sensitivity and remove the acceleration and looks like i found some props via xinput, but my question is how do i make this permanent? each time i reboot it switches back08:43
gIneeRingAnyone clever with marketing? For a android service campaign.08:44
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:44
blimhow to enabled 32 bit emulation under ALSA?08:48
blimon a 64bit system08:49
genteorlusers freenode08:55
aeon-ltdbring da beef08:55
dr_willisblim:  why do you think you need to?08:58
negevhi, i just installed a grub update on a server with software raid and it's segfaulting trying to install to /dev/md1, do i need a special parameter or something?08:58
MonkeyDustnegev  #ubuntu-server08:59
pigetaany help?09:00
blimwhen trying to run doom3 I keep getting the same error "WARNING: sound subsystem disabled"09:00
MonkeyDustpigeta  start with a question09:00
pigetai do before (09:27:36)09:01
Sehnder_Hey folks, looking for a bit of insight to solve an install problem. Running windows 7 x64 and trying to install Ubuntu 12.04 x32. Using LiLi USB creator I can create x64 for both 12.10 and 12.04 and be recognized when booting, but it is not detected if I use x32 instead.09:01
Sehnder_Is that a windows version to linux version issue when booting, or a usb creator issue.09:01
MonkeyDustpigeta  better repeat it, this is a busy channel and some people entered after 9:2709:02
dr_willisSehnder_:  you did verify the md5s of the images? try a tool other then LiLi?09:02
pigetainstall Bus 002 Device 003: ID 13d3:3219 IMC Networks DTV-DVB UDTT7049 - DVB-T Driver(Without HID)09:02
pigetaon ubuntu09:02
pigetaneed driver09:02
pigetacant find09:03
Sehnder_Do you have any recommendations for a tool to mount the install other than lili?09:03
Sehnder_Not familiar with md5 images or how to verify09:03
Sehnder_I am very much a novice09:03
dr_willisSehnder_:  i fine most anything at the pendrivelinux site better then lili09:03
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows09:03
dr_willisif 64bit works.. why not use 64bit?09:04
HonestAbeatt is well deserving of a dickpunching09:04
HonestAbewhoops, wrong channel, but my sentiments remain09:04
Sehnder_64 bit for Ubuntu had some major issues for me09:05
Sehnder_I could not get the video drivers to work properly despite using four different sets of drivers09:05
Sehnder_I was told a stable release in 32 bit might have better odds for me09:06
dr_willishmm. cant say ive had any video driver issues with  64bit in years09:06
Sehnder_the default drivers can't load anything but using alternative drivers removes the side bars and launch items from the screen09:06
Sehnder_As I didn't know the command to restart and couldnt click the button I had to do a hard reset, giving me a kernel crisis or some such09:07
coreybanyone know why fubuntu is invite only right now?09:07
Sehnder_After that i decided a different version may be helpful09:08
dr_willisperhaps its regiestered nicks only coreyb09:08
genteorhi guys, i use dual booting- need to be ubuntu my first option instead of windows, how to fix that?09:08
dr_willishmm.  ubuntu is the first option on all my dual boot machines09:08
coreybdr_willis are you able to join? to confirm your theory?09:09
iseerHey i have a dvb-t device that came pre-installed on my laptop but am unable to tell what it is and i cant find its product id referenced anywhere online can somebody help me please?09:09
krzdoes the wubi installer do everything, if i were to install from a cd?09:09
dr_williscoreyb:  havent tried.. you can regiester and try09:09
dr_williskrz:  it installs to a file/dir on the windows partition.  but once running its mostly the same09:09
dr_williskrz:  most peoplr avoid wubi. it can be flakey09:10
MonkeyDustkrz  it's a limited pseudo-installation09:10
krzdamn, i downloaded the desktop version, but realized it was an 800mb iso file09:10
krzonly got a 700 cdr09:10
dr_willisuse a usb is the normal method. or a dvd09:11
dr_willis12.04 fits on cd09:11
jiridoHi when i try to run gparted it does not start so i tryed trough terminal and get it saying that gtkrc:114: Murrine configuration option "gradients" is no longer supported and will be ignored. does anyone have any idea?09:11
dr_willisjirido:  thats a warning and not critical09:12
dr_willistry gksudo gparted ?09:12
krzusb would be the same as dvd ?09:12
krzno limitations, as noticed with wubi?09:13
dr_williskrz:  boot usb.. install.. same as from dvd09:13
muscagenteor: i like rebooting to the last choosen OS  http://ubuntuguide.net/let-grub2-remember-and-auto-select-last-entry-you-booted09:13
aeon-ltdjirido: try a diff gtk theme09:13
jiridodr_willis, Itryed just that09:13
jiridoHow do i set gtk theme?09:13
dr_willisi use the various tweak tools09:14
Sehnder_The hash test passed so it looks like a different USB loader might be the answer09:14
jiridoI have used so many different tools to try to get my linux look as i want that im totaly lost :)09:15
Sehnder_Although even using the wubi installer had issues- it can't complete copying to the drive I designate09:15
genteor*musca*thnx, i will see to it!09:15
MonkeyDu1tSehnder_  yes, wubi is very limited, better not use it09:16
=== MonkeyDu1t is now known as MonkeyDust
jiridoIs there some sensible guide to linux gui? Im all lost09:17
MonkeyDustjirido  how did you learn other GUI's, from other OS's ?09:17
dr_willis!manual | jirido09:18
ubottujirido: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/09:18
MonkeyDustjirido  find Nixie Pixel on youtube, you'll see why09:18
lhavelundjirido: The Ubuntu Manual is definitely what you want.09:18
coreybwhat about fubuntu!09:19
hexstatiki am trying to lower the mouse sensitivity and remove the acceleration and looks like i found some props via xinput, but my question is how do i make this permanent? each time i reboot it switches back09:19
jiridoHow for an example is openbox related to gtk theme or gnome color?09:19
dr_williscoreyb:  last i looked that wasent even ubuntu based..09:19
gIneeRingAnyone in here have any business ambitions? Looking to make some money?09:19
hexstatikhow can i make an auto config/bash for something like this 'xinput set-prop "Logitech Gaming Mouse G100" 269 1.1'09:19
jiridoOk i look09:19
dr_williscoreyb:  and not really ot here09:19
MonkeyDustgIneeRing  #ubuntu-offtopic09:19
lhavelundjirido: OpenBox is a window manager, not a desktop shell. It doesn't control the buttons or panels, only the decorations.09:19
Sehnder_Alright, new boot usb created. Wish me luck folks, and thanks for all your help.09:19
gIneeRingthanks MonkeyDust09:20
hexstatikdont fry your ssd like me09:20
Sehnder_The night is young :P09:20
lhavelundjirido: For the most part, if you're curious what something does, look up its documentation :)09:20
sexxxxyhey guys/girls09:21
sexxxxydo you know if it's possible to extract only a specific directory from a CPIO archive?09:22
HonestAbethat's not the question i was hoping you were going to ask09:22
dr_willissexxxxy:  i seem to recall using  the 'mc' file manager to extract parts of a cpio archive as if it was a directory.. years ago09:23
dr_williscpio is used by rpms?09:23
MonkeyDust!find cpio09:24
ubottuFound: cpio, rpm2cpio, bsdcpio09:24
hexstatikhow can i make an auto config/bash for something like this 'xinput set-prop "Logitech Gaming Mouse G100" 269 1.1'?09:26
hexstatikits for changing the mouse sensitivity, but i need it be applied always09:27
dr_willishexstatik:  if you have a command to tweak it. you can auto run the command at login09:27
MonkeyDusthexstatik  or ask in #bash09:27
dr_willisin  your .config/autostart directory09:27
bentinatatype !bin/bash09:27
dr_willisa shell script will do it09:27
bentinataxinput set-prop "Logitech Gaming Mouse G100" 269 1.109:29
hexstatikin terminal?09:29
dr_willisinto a shell script09:29
dr_willisa file. ;)09:29
hexstatikand store it where? .config/autostart?09:30
dr_willisgedit mymousetweaks.sh09:30
dr_willisyes. in that auto dir.09:30
dr_willismake sure its executable also09:30
hexstatikokie doki :)09:31
hexstatikchmod +x mousesens.ch right?09:32
hexstatikto make sure its executable?09:32
SehnderWhen trying to install ubuntu 12.04 32x, it boots to a black screen with a flashing cursor09:34
SehnderFrom where I cannot take any further action09:34
SehnderAnyone experienced this or know of any solutions off hand?09:34
SehnderAll I have gathered is that it is hardware related, but no notes anywhere on how to resolve09:34
MonkeyDust!nomodeset | Sehnder09:34
ubottuSehnder: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter09:34
bentinataI'm new on IRC09:36
hexstatik_chmod +x mousesens.ch right?09:36
hexstatik_to make sure the shell script is executable09:37
bentinatajust name it "mousesens" is okey09:37
bentinatasudo chmod +x mousesens09:37
=== lhave is now known as lhavelund
bentinataI'm using xchat09:38
bentinatahow to disable09:38
bentinatathis people log09:38
bentinata"has joined #ubuntu"09:38
bentinataany help?09:38
bentinatathis people statuses fill my screen09:39
MonkeyDustbentinata  don't hit the enter key too often, it's getting a headache09:39
llutzbentinata: rightclick on the channel-tab, there's a setting09:40
SehnderI looked at the boot options link but I am not sure how to address that in my case. I never actually get to a purple screen from which I can select options- it just goes directly to a black screen with a flashing cursor.09:41
bentinatallutz, okay, after that?09:41
SehnderMore odd still because the x64 loads to the options screen without issue09:41
aranwAm unable to apt-get update on 12.04 LTS, what could be the cause of 404 errors on apt-get?09:42
llutzbentinata: uncheck "show join/part messages" and you're done09:42
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MonkeyDustaranw  my first thought: a PPA -- type sudo apt-get update|pastebinit and type the url here in the channel09:42
MonkeyDustpaste the url..*09:43
bentinatallutz, thanks09:43
aranwMonkeyDust: 1 minute then09:43
=== luckman212_ is now known as luckman212
aranwMonkeyDust: http://pastebin.com/a7PHJJyV09:45
MonkeyDustaranw  firstly: i see a mix of amd64 and i38609:46
aranwoh yeah09:46
aranwthis is a default installation from a ISO provided by my VM host09:46
aranwonly option I selected during install was OpenSSH09:47
aranwMonkeyDust: any ideas whats happened?09:49
MonkeyDustaranw  it's only the 'us.archive.ubuntu' that gives error (the archive)09:50
MonkeyDustaranw  disable that repo and try again09:51
mr_louI'm having a little mounting issue. Mounting an external USB harddisk with sudo mount /dev/sdc1 /mnt/usbdisk. That's fine. Then I create a folder. sudo mkdir /mnt/usbdisk/hello. Also fine. But when I do sudo echo Hi > /mnt/usbdisk/hello/yo.txt then I'm getting a Permission denied. What am I missing?09:52
sstrikEhey guys i need some help anyone willing to share some of their knowledge?09:52
=== Guest98381 is now known as Chex
llutzmr_lou: use " echo Hi |sudo tee /mnt/usbdisk/hello/yo.txt"    you cannot use sudo echo, it wont traverse the > redirection09:52
mr_loullutz, Oh.... thanks. Didn't know that.09:53
ndeeto share data between two servers which are right next to each other, is NFS still the way to go?09:53
mr_loullutz, Can I use that | sudo tee thingy with a mysqldump command the same way?09:54
llutzmr_lou: sure09:55
olala22000hi good morning09:55
mr_loullutz, Awesome. :-) Thanks.09:55
sstrikEGuys if i have an .exe and want to run it and it says that the file is locked only on a certain cpu can i unlock it to work on my cpu?09:56
llutzmr_lou: "tee" just reads stdin and writes to whatever you tell it to do09:56
savagecrochow can i get just the pid for the process that starts with "nginx: master process"?09:56
llutzsstrikE: 1. linux systems don't use .exe 2. whats the exact message you get?09:56
savagecroci've been playing around with awk.. but no luck09:57
llutz!pastebin | sstrikE09:57
ubottusstrikE: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.09:57
sstrikEoh i`m sory i thought this was for windows too,my bad09:57
mr_loullutz, Neat. Looking at man tee it doesn't seem there's a -quiet option? It's spitting all my database out in the prompt as well. Any way to prevent that?09:57
sstrikEcould someone redirect me to a windows irc channel? :) tyalot09:58
dufasavagecroc: you could use ps aux | grep | cut09:59
aeon-ltdsstrikE: #windows ?09:59
sstrikEty a lot09:59
aeon-ltdsstrikE: ##windows ?09:59
lhavelundsstrikE: ##windows is what you want.09:59
savagecrochmm  ps aux | grep 'nginxfff: master proces' | grep -v grep | awk '{print $2}' || echo 'NOT_FOUND' << this works except the echo not found doesn't pipe out if awk is empty10:04
llutzsavagecroc: pgrep "nginx: master process"10:05
savagecrocllutz: pgrep is not working for me10:07
llutzsavagecroc: pgrep -f10:07
savagecrocah awesome much better ;)10:08
t0bisHi there !10:08
t0bisDoes anyone available for a hand on Vhosts configuration for an Apache2 server ?10:09
NAndocan some one help me with native development10:09
NAndoof ubuntu app?10:09
VictorCLsomeone told me to fix this yesterday10:10
VictorCLecho extension=oci8.so >> /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini to add sudo  echo extension=oci8.so sudo tee -a /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini10:10
VictorCLsomething like that but I forgot the exact command :/10:10
MonkeyDustNAndo  #ubuntu-app-devel10:10
llutzVictorCL:  echo extension=oci8.so | sudo tee -a /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini10:11
VictorCLah yes10:11
VictorCLxD thanks , will write it down this time10:11
hexstatik_is three a quick way to see the desktop? as in minimize all?10:11
savagecrocllutz: i run it from a script and now i get two pids back.. i'm assuming one is from the grep10:12
MonkeyDusthexstatik_  ctrl-super-d10:12
savagecrocllutz: https://gist.github.com/e2568d6bccf8e615e82e10:12
llutzsavagecroc: pgrep never gives its own pid back, so you got 2 macthcing processes running10:12
savagecrocllutz: it's really strange when i run it through bash, it doesnt10:13
savagecrocllutz: when i execute through an ssh channel, i get two pids coming back10:13
hexstatik_umm whats super lol10:13
MonkeyDusthexstatik_  the 'windows-key'10:13
hexstatik_yea i tried10:13
hexstatik_didnt wokr10:13
savagecrocllutz: could it be that it relies on something in the bash environment?10:14
=== olala22000 is now known as yolateng0
yolateng0Someone use ubuntu VOYAGER 12.10 ?10:14
savagecrocllutz: i'm not running this from a shell... it's getting directly executed over ssh10:14
llutzsavagecroc: nothing i'm aware off10:14
MonkeyDust!anyone | yolateng010:15
ubottuyolateng0: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.10:15
ubottuProgramming editors/suites: Terminal-based: vi/vim, emacs - KDE: Kate, KDevelop, Quanta+, Umbrello - GNOME: gvim, gedit, anjuta, pida, monodevelop, geany - Others: eclipse, netbeans, qtcreator10:16
BeifongWhat are the procedures for removing a distribution?10:17
MonkeyDustyolateng0  i read it's a xubuntu fork , guess it's not supported here10:17
llutzsavagecroc: how many processes does "ps aux | grep 'nginx: master' " via ssh show?10:17
mr_louI'm off. Thanks again llutz10:17
yolateng0ubottu: sorry for my english10:17
ubottuyolateng0: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:17
savagecrocllutz: running, before and after10:18
BeifongWhen I install a new OS does it install it's own grub on its partition?10:19
yolateng0MonkeyDust: exactly a nice fork...10:19
savagecrocllutz: oh interesting.. https://gist.github.com/40ea312cd05fb1bb887d10:19
MonkeyDustyolateng0  but not every (x)ubuntu fork is supported here, there are too many of them10:19
llutzsavagecroc: ah, pgrep also finds the ngingx watchdog, you have to adjust your pattern10:20
llutzsavagecroc: nonsense, ignore me10:21
savagecrocyeah.. i think that might be the SSH library i'm using10:21
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest80045
savagecrocyeah it is10:22
savagecrochttps://gist.github.com/2dd3769dba045ab28c0c << i changed it10:22
savagecrocand it's coming up with the command i ran.. + grep10:22
savagecrocso by default.. the ssh library must be using bash rather than the raw ssh channels like i thought it was10:23
yolateng0I have a problem brightness when booting Ubuntu Voyager -xfce fork- under Intel N2600.10:23
yolateng0after a disconnection of the session that arranges. a idee please?10:24
MonkeyDustyolateng0  type /join #xubuntu10:24
yolateng0MonkeyDust : ok thanks10:24
llutzsavagecroc: pgrep -u root -f "nginx: master"10:24
Beifong!removing > beifong10:26
savagecrochttps://gist.github.com/170d259e3c25d69b5466 << llutz: worked perfectly .. thankyou :)10:26
llutzsavagecroc: its just assuming that nginx-master# will always run as root ;)10:27
hexstatik_i just discovered gnome do, best little app ever10:27
savagecrocllutz: i think it has too10:27
savagecrocllutz: i don't think you can start nginx up under any other user10:27
llutzsavagecroc: it will start as root to bind to 80/443 and then fork to another user, i guess (like most httpds)10:28
savagecrocllutz: yeah.. everything else gets run as nginx10:28
savagecroci don't know why you can't just do something like.. oh this user gets bind privliges10:29
savagecrocnot very sandboxey10:29
hexstatik_how i can i create an iso of my current install?10:30
ikillcypherhello guys10:31
ikillcypheranyone has any idea how to copy windows which I downloaded 30 days trial iso into a usb stick :P Im currently on Ubuntu10:31
ubottumagico: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».10:32
MonkeyDustikillcypher  better ask in ##windows10:32
ikillcypherim currently on Ubuntu10:32
ikillcypherso I believe it is a software I have to use10:32
MonkeyDustikillcypher  you want to make it installable?10:32
ikillcypherit is copying the whole iso into a usb and yes installable and bootable10:33
ikillcypheras I need it for work10:33
MonkeyDustikillcypher  not sure if that's possible with windows10:33
ikillcypheryou dont understand10:33
ikillcypherin windows if I want to copy ubuntu to my usb I use linuxusbcreator10:34
ikillcypherbut for Ubuntu now I want to copy windows into my usb10:34
ikillcypherwhat do I use10:34
MonkeyDustikillcypher  you want to boot windows from usb?10:34
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
ikillcypheryes and install into my harddisk10:35
ikillcypherit is like installing from a cd10:35
ikillcypherbut now I want to install from my usb10:35
MonkeyDustikillcypher  not sure if that's possible with windows10:35
igcekhi, ive got 2 drives mounted in two folders... first is mounted on /home/foo and second is mounted on /home/foo/second_drive10:35
ikillcypherit is10:35
ikillcypherI did it before10:35
igcekeverithing is then shared through samba over the network and mounted on ubuntu sistem...10:36
hexstatik_how i can i create an iso of my current install?10:36
igcekproblem is i can only use the /hone/foo drive's max space10:36
skoochif you want to boot windows install disc off a usb stick, its as simple as partitioning it to ntfs and setting it bootable with bootsect.10:36
skoochthen copying everything in the iso across10:37
igcekso if drive foo has 120 and second drive 40GB  i can only use 120GB10:37
igcekbut i can record on any of them...10:37
graydragonwell i got a problym im still new to ubuntu10:39
graydragonnot even shure this is working10:41
dr_willisand your issue is graydragon ?10:41
graydragonwell i made the mistake of trying to install ubuntu 10.10 on to a external10:42
MonkeyDust10.10 is no longer supported10:42
graydragonso far from what i have found that i now have a grub boot loader on my xp internal10:43
dr_willisi install to external usb all the time. works well.. or at lease 11.x and 12.x has10:43
graydragonproblym is windows is hybernated10:43
zuppettoqualcuno scrive in italiano?10:43
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)10:43
dr_willisyep. grub can go to the  internal hd if you dont tell it to use the external10:43
zuppettothanks a lot!10:44
graydragoni found that out the hard way10:44
Beifongthat's it then? grub-install and then delete partition10:44
graydragonwell i need to keep whats on the internal hd10:44
dr_willisthe windows hd?10:45
bentinata 10:46
dr_willisyou should still be able to use  access the windows fileststems from the installed system or a live usb10:46
graydragonand well the windows partishion is in a hybernated state10:46
bekksThen you cannot mount it.10:47
graydragonim using a live usb atm10:47
dr_willisi think you can force it to mount10:47
dr_willisid check the ntfs-3g docs . im not sure of the option10:47
graydragonok so is there a way to well repair it i have no idea how from what ive read id have to do some thing with mbr10:48
bekksgraydragon: Boot Windows, and shut it down instead of hiberbating.10:49
graydragonid love to10:49
* dr_willis waits for more details...10:49
graydragonand greetings warrior10:49
graydragonok ill try to give as mutch detail as i can10:50
graydragonfirst off its a netbook10:50
bekksgraydragon: Or ensure that Windows will never ever boot from that disk, and just enforce mounting it using ntfs-3g. Not doing so may result in data loss, since the hibernated data may contain pending MFT data which were not written to the physical MFT yet. And changing data on the disk and resuming from hibernation after, may result in corrupting the filesystem.10:50
bekksI've summed it up... :P10:50
graydragonwell i am so new to ubuntu that i hae to say im lost10:52
dr_willisboot system, shutdown not hibernate.. would be the   'best' fix10:52
dr_willisnever use hibernate again. ;)10:52
signal0rguys. what am i doing wrong? http://paste.ubuntu.com/1512328/ my vpn dont work and i'm not sure what the problem is.10:53
graydragonlol yea10:53
thealmandPlease forgive my ignorance... I'm trying to find the beginner channel.10:54
thealmandI know this couldn't be it as it's the first thing I have tried and I know I'm not that good.10:55
graydragonsigh so whos realy good at fixing os problyms  or well complicated ones ?10:56
bentinatagray: use boot-repair10:56
bentinataI guess, you can't boot into windows?10:57
graydragonok um how all i have to work with is my live usb thats it10:57
bekksgraydragon: I told you both possible solutions already.10:57
thealmand@graydragon check out miniPE10:57
bentinataadd repository10:57
graydragonok thanks10:57
thealmandminiPE makes a RAM drive, lots of good utills10:58
computerguyhii anyone please help I cannot boot into Ubuntu after upgrading the version from 12.04 to 12.1010:58
bentinatasudo add-apt-repository ppa:yannubuntu/boot-repair10:58
bentinatasudo apt-get update10:58
kimal73_scuste ma qualcuno si ricorda percaso qual'era di default il visualizzatore di immagini nella release prima di shotwell?10:59
graydragonill chk it out10:59
bekks!it | kimal73_10:59
ubottukimal73_: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)10:59
kimal73_a cavolo scusa10:59
hexstatik_hey guys, where should i save this shell script if i want it to apply always and globally? http://paste2.org/p/271957310:59
computerguybentinata: is those commands are for me?11:00
dr_willisgraydragon: so you are saying you cant boot windows. or what exactly?11:01
bentinatacomputerguy, no11:01
abdulhello guys11:01
abduljust want to ask how do you check the ubuntu version running on your laptop11:01
graydragoncorrect getting a grub line11:01
zvacetlab_ release -a11:01
computerguyabdul: go to system settings and then go to details11:02
zvacetabdul: wrong sorry lsb_release -a11:02
Beifongchecked it and it works. I'm not sure if It was needed though.11:02
computerguyit will tell the version installed on your pc11:02
abdulokidoki guys thanks11:02
thealmandI am panning on taking the jump and buying my own domain. I love how I don't need to host thanks to Ubuntu. Is there a way to "register" my own DNS so I don't have to agree to some third parties EULA (website is about expressing first amendment rights)?11:02
computerguybentinata: can you please help with my problem11:02
computerguy I cannot boot into Ubuntu after upgrading the version from 12.04 to 12.1011:02
=== root___ is now known as SouravAJ
hexstatik_hey guys, where should i save this shell script if i want it to apply always and globally? http://paste2.org/p/271957311:03
abduli have installed GNS3 on my ubuntu 12.04......any body knows how to install juniper image to work on the GNS311:04
dr_williscomputerguy: what does it do exactly11:04
dr_willishexstatik_: globaly at login or bootup11:04
hexstatik_either way will do really11:05
hexstatik_i just want it to spread to all programs11:05
computerguyot goes up to the log in screen then i type of password and then when i hit enter it won't load anything it just loads only the desktop back ground..there will no icons nothing..then i have to hit power button to turn it off11:05
dr_willisit depends on whats uts doing.... hexstatik_11:05
hexstatik_there is a pastebin...it changes mouse sensitivity11:05
bekksabdul: You need a valid Junioer firmware image. Thats not part of this channel.11:05
hexstatik_lowers it11:05
savagecrocdo symlinks automatically get created with chmod 777?11:06
abdulhas anybody installed 12.10..............how is it? hope no hitches11:06
dr_willishexstatik_:  so the users. config/autostart is best11:06
abdul@bekks I do have  a valid juniper image just like cisco image11:06
savagecroci've got my sudo umask and my users umask set to 0007 and they are both coming up with lrwxrwxrwx  1 root       root          26 Jan  9 20:44 2013-01-09--17-44-02.conf11:06
abdulbut anyways thanks11:06
computerguyabdul: that is what i installed.. i upgraded it from 12.04 to 12.10 but now the system is not booting11:06
bazhangabdul, whats the exact question. "any hitches" is very vague11:06
dr_willisbbl. driving home..11:06
thealmand@hex try your bash,rc in /ect folder. If I understand though every new shell will reload your scrip so make sure to account11:07
bekksabdul: Then the GNS3 documentation tells you on how to use a router image.11:07
abduli mean can u install it without any problem11:07
bazhangabdul, yes of course11:07
=== tinti is now known as tinti_
hexstatik_dr_willis: ok will try11:07
hexstatik_thealmand: thanks, gonna try dr_willis method first11:07
abdulseriously am scared of upgrading to 12.10.......maybe i will wait after 2months or so11:08
computerguyabdul: yes i installed it...but after upgrading the ubuntu is not booting11:08
=== root_____ is now known as Sail
bazhangabdul, thats your choice, but not a support issue for this channel11:08
computerguyabdul: i think my problem is due in-compatible graphic card nvidia gt 620m ...11:08
zvacetabdu: maybe it is better to  make fresh install11:09
computerguyi think the ubuntu is not supporting11:09
abdulok thanks computerguy11:09
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=== tinti__ is now known as viniciustinti
thealmandCan anyone hear me? How do you find Will Smith in a snow storm? Look for fresh prince!11:10
abduli have another question: i have a virtual box running on my ubuntu 12.04 and win7 is installed on the virtual box, how do i get to make the virtual box detect my usb or external drive11:10
computerguyi even tried in recovery mode but the screen hang's up with a black screen11:10
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computerguyabdul: is there any ISO file on that device?11:11
graydragononly reason why ive enjoyed 10.10 to me it seems to agree with anything i have pluged it in to11:11
abdulyes i have already installed win 7 iso image, and its working perfectly11:11
computerguyi think you can just give the path for the ISO as I\something.iso by clicking browse11:11
thealmandh..a..h..a? Anyone know payable service to ask hosting/DNS/domain questions too?11:11
abduljust that it can't detect my usb from the virtual box11:12
bazhang!ot | thealmand11:12
ubottuthealmand: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!11:12
graydragonok so any one whos reay good with ubuntu  and winxp could ya plz im me11:13
bazhanggraydragon, 10.10 is already end of life11:13
krzI'm setting up a usb flash drive for boot. should i set persistence ?11:14
graydragonerr pm me11:14
bazhanggraydragon, ask in the channel11:14
bekksgraydragon: Whats still unclear with both solutions I provided?11:14
bekksMe, and others, to be honest.11:14
Sailgraydragon: if u want to use 10.10  can use backtrack latest version its all work on ubuntu 10.1011:14
bazhangkrz, if you wish it to save changes then yes11:14
graydragonim not to good with keeping in the mane chat11:14
bekksSail: 10.10 isnt supported anymore, and backtrack isnt supported in here, too.11:15
graydragonerrg keeping up11:15
bazhangSail, please do NOT recommend bt here11:15
Sailbekks: dont be high its supported u might want to check and i am just suggesting11:15
bazhangSail, its offtopic, so please do NOT11:15
bekksSail: It isnt. Please take a look yourself first.11:15
bekks!eol | Sail11:16
ubottuSail: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades11:16
graydragoni know its end of life for 10.10 but atm its all i ve keeping me going11:16
Sailbekks: actually i am running bt5 r2 on my other desktop and its on ubuntu 1011:17
bekks!bt | Sail11:17
bekks!backtrack | Sail11:17
ubottuSail: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)11:17
bazhangSail, lets move on. none of those are supported here.11:17
bekksThere you go. And now lets keep it up with Ubuntu support.11:17
Sailhaha zipp11:18
abdul_hello guys......please how do i get my usb to be detected by my virtual box11:18
bekksabdul: By installing the extension pack, enabling usb2 support for your vm, and passing through your USB device.11:18
bazhangabdul_, do you have the vbox guest additions installed?11:19
bekksbazhang: The guest additions are irrelevant for USB support. :)11:19
bazhangabdul_, you can also check in #vbox11:19
bazhangbekks, whoops sorry!11:19
abdul_yes the vbox guest addition is installed11:19
bazhangabdul_, disregard what I just said, listen to bekks11:19
graydragonwell reguardless of vershion ill need some one to assist in a step by step manor to private mesage me so i can work better with my problym witch is part user error with ubuntu11:20
abdul_ok becks so which extension pack are we talking about here11:20
bekksabdul: The virtualbox extension pack.11:20
thealmandI want to "resolve my own DNS" i.e. point my domain to my server's ip/port. Is this even possible?11:20
abdul_ok will try that and then get back to you11:20
bekksabdul: Just join #vbox for vbox related problems :)11:21
thealmand#I want to "resolve my own DNS" i.e. point my domain to my server's ip/port. Is this even possible?11:21
MonkeyDustthealmand  #ubuntu-server11:22
Sailbekks: u want to check wiki backtrack nd yea its on ubuntu 10.02 lucid11:23
thealmand#ubuntu-server I want to "resolve my own DNS" i.e. point my domain to my server's ip/port. Is this even possible?11:23
graydragonso any on wish to assist me11:23
MonkeyDustthealmand  type /join #ubuntu-server11:23
llutzthealmand: do you have access to nameserver config of your domain?11:23
bazhanggraydragon, with what. state your issue11:24
graydragoncould you plz pm me ill stat the hole thing in detail11:24
bazhanggraydragon, we answer questions here in the channel not via PM11:25
llutz!pm | thealmand11:25
ubottuthealmand: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.11:25
MonkeyDustthealmand  keep it in the channel please11:25
bazhanggraydragon, if the channel is too much, try askubuntu.com11:25
Ubuntu-erikashow to write C++ programms?11:26
graydragonwell here it gose11:26
jat_Hello, is there a way to swich front output with rear output on my EMU10K1 soundcard? The rear output has a better hardware chip supposed to give better audio quality.11:26
bazhangUbuntu-erikas, how is that ubuntu related11:26
MonkeyDustUbuntu-erikas  ##c++11:26
Ubuntu-erikasin ubuntu...11:26
bazhangUbuntu-erikas, please visit the channel suggested by MonkeyDust11:27
graydragonthis is the err mesage and prompt11:27
bazhanggraydragon, on 10.10?11:27
bazhang!eolupgrades | graydragon11:27
ubottugraydragon: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades11:27
graydragononce i get this fixed i can upgrade11:28
MonkeyDustgraydragon  10.10 is no longer supported11:28
bazhanggraydragon, its not supported here, please follow the link above to get up to speed11:28
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MonkeyDustUbuntu-erikas  no pm please11:28
bazhanggraydragon, there's no fix without an upgrade11:28
Ubuntu-erikasi have an problem,when i start ubuntu 12.04 it says "Ubuntu has an internal error registred"11:29
Beifongdoes gnome-diskmount keep settings someplace?11:29
MonkeyDustgraydragon  10.10 cannot be fixed, upgrade first11:29
MonkeyDust!find diskmount11:30
ubottuPackage/file diskmount does not exist in quantal11:30
graydragonim using a live usb cant upgrade till i have access to my othe os11:30
Beifongdiskmount-applet keep a reference to nautilus. I'm using precise.11:30
bazhanggraydragon, then grab the latest iso and "burn" it to usb11:30
graydragonon a netbook11:30
bazhangnetbooks support booting by usb no problem graydragon11:31
Beifonggraydragon, grab the liveCD and use gnome-startupdisk-maker11:31
bentinatamaybe this is not #ubuntu channel11:32
Beifonggraydragon, but be careful with that it's dangerous.11:32
bazhangyou can simply cat the iso to the usb stick11:32
bentinatathis is #ubuntu-help channel11:32
thealmand@llutz I haven't bought the domain yet. not sure what a nameserver is. Perhaps you could reffer me to a good resource as I need to grow my understanding... My usual google searches are poisoned by people trying to sell me the service11:32
bazhangbentinata, whats the issue. please state it11:32
bentinatabazhang, how to PM?11:33
bazhangbentinata, /msg nickname message; good idea to ask first11:33
llutzthealmand: if you "buy" (register) an domain, the registrar will give you a webfronted to edit the nameserver-entries/to add subdomains etc.pp. those dns settings you have to adjust to your needs.11:33
llutzthealmand: since those webfrontends differ a lot from registrar to registrar, there is no general way to tell you. you could use the time to read about dns, records etc.pp11:34
graydragonerror: no such device:ze738bad-4312-4b9b-a177-1c57b9f6171  Grub rescue>_11:34
graydragonthis mesage was from my winxp hd11:35
bazhanggraydragon, you need to follow the eol upgrades link11:35
JohnnieWhat does Ubuntu use clients.l.google.com for?11:35
graydragonusing a live nonpresistant usb11:36
graydragonall i have atm11:36
graydragonthat and a external usb hd11:36
barnexMorning guys. I'm using ubuntu 12.10 with ecryptfs encrypted home directory. And it somehow got mounted as a read-only filesystem.11:36
graydragonwitch i cant seem to install anything to11:37
barnexCan I just remount ecrypftfs as write'able like it's a normal filesystem?11:37
barnexand why did it mounted itself read-only?11:37
EaglemanMy postfix will only deliver mail to local domains, not to external domains, i am looking for the option to allow sending mail to external domains, any idea how i do this?11:37
barnexEagleman: what do you get in log when you try to send to an external domain?11:38
Eaglemanrelay acces denied11:38
thealmand@llutz so you could say no one ever "owns" a domain. It's closer to renting...(going out on a limb) an organization that has a big enough foot print on the web to forward a .com to an IP???11:39
llutzthealmand: basically, yes11:39
thealmandrenting *from11:39
barnexEagleman: have you tried googling it?11:39
Eaglemanbarnex it only allows mail to people in mydestination =11:39
graydragoneug sarry bazhang thought you were asking how there11:41
barnexbbl - reboot to test if my ecryptfs system will mount properly11:41
thealmandwow mind blown.... sounds like net neutrality as I thought it was never existed... and they still want to restrict it...11:42
thealmand@llutz if you wouldn't mind indulging me.... if instead of typing in a domain people pointed their browsers at my static ip I wouldn't need a domain or DNS?11:45
llutzthealmand: no11:45
guang_I rm /etc/apache2,then i reinstall the apache2.But now,after i run "/etc/init.d/apache2 restart",the terminal shows ".: 45: Can't open /etc/apache2/envvars"11:45
jribguang_: because apache2 is not the package that provides those files.  Use « dpkg -S /path/to/file » to figure out the correct package11:46
thealmand@llutz ip and port lol?11:46
llutzthealmand: remembering IPs is just not as handy as having domain-names/dns, but it works (dns just translates names into IPs)11:46
dibblegoif I need to upgrade 10.10 to 12.04, do I need to first upgrade to 11.04?11:46
jribdibblego: yes11:46
jrib!upgrade | dibblego11:46
ubottudibblego: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade11:46
graydragonwas using live usb to install ubuntu to an external hd it askd to be restarted i restarted and can not get windows xp sp3 to work i get a mesage...((error: no such device:ze738bad-4312-4b9b-a177-1c57b9f6171  Grub rescue>_)) windows is hybernated11:46
dr_willisgraydragon:  you could reinstall and be sure to put grub on the MBR of the external USB hd. and then be sure the system is booting that HD.11:47
llutzthealmand: if your publix-IP doesn't change, its no problem to tell your friends" hey connect my webserver on ""11:47
graydragonso cant mount would love a step by step11:47
dr_willisif you were to mount the windoiws partion. what would you do with it?11:48
llutzwell, remove 1 811:48
dr_willisHuh? 1 8 ?11:48
dr_willisoh ;) miss read.. lol.11:48
llutzdr_willis: one of those 8s11:49
* dr_willis squints11:49
graydragonatemp to save the critical info then preform surgery on it to remove grub11:49
jribthealmand: also, at that point, you could just get a sub-domain from some place likely for free11:49
graydragonand get windows working agion11:50
dr_willisntfs-3g has a remove hyberfile option that would let you mount the  windows drive.11:50
graydragonand atemp to do an external usb hd agion11:50
graydragoni havent had any luck with that11:50
dr_williswhat have you done exactly with it?11:51
JohnnieI have a question. Could enybody answer me? I use WireShark and see on them that my computer use client.l.google.com. I try to use Domain Blocker and block it, but It does not work.  Do somebody know why it so and what for this domain ( client.l.google.com) is used? Maybe it is because of Firefox browser?11:51
graydragonbasicly any comands to at least do a read only11:51
bazhangJohnnie, how does this relate to ubuntu11:51
dr_willisgraydragon:  what commands exactly?11:52
bazhang!info wireshark11:52
ubottuwireshark (source: wireshark): network traffic analyzer - GTK+ version. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.8.2-2 (quantal), package size 889 kB, installed size 2374 kB11:52
SnowmanX11How can I cut the end of the files (e.g 5 characters) with Gnome Commender - Advance Rename Tool?11:52
thealmandya jrib I did that through no-ip. My sucesses with that have inspired my to go farther as the free services apeared to me to have alot of entanglements. I was going to buy a domain from them but didn't like the terms of use. looked around and didn't like what I saw and I came here......11:52
graydragoni have forgoten so far was one to mount hd as read only using that 3g11:52
thealmand@llutz you say friends because there is no way I could withstand the pressure of having my ip address public11:53
graydragoni could jest be entering it rong11:53
graydragonbasicly i want to back up some of the data b4 i proced11:53
BluesKajHiyas all11:53
EaglemanMy postfix is ignoring all changes i do i main.cf, for example: mynetworks_style = host   but when i do  postconf -nf | grep mynetworks_style   mynetworks_style = subnet11:54
dr_willissudo ntfs-3g /dev/sda1 /media/MAKEADIRETORYFIRST -o remove_hiberfile           (i think)11:54
graydragonyea i dont wana do that till i back up first11:54
dr_willisof course there might be some data loss. its hard to tell with hiberfiles.11:55
dr_willisSo... Now you want to get the windows system bootable first? or what exactly?11:55
graydragonyes thats the last step11:55
dr_williserr... that would be the first step unless you want to remove the hiberfile..11:55
dr_willisand mount the windows drive.11:56
graydragonmount drive as read only then x11:56
thealmandI know domain and dns makes things easy. But I remeber a time (in the states anyway) before cell phones when you could dial complicated numbers to get a deal on long distance phone calls. 10-10-321 just a dial a minute...11:56
dr_willisNo idea if you can with a Hiberfile on the windows drive..11:56
dr_willisNot sure what removeing the hiberfile would endanger either.,. Unless you had an app OPEN that had data in it you just HAD to have...11:57
graydragonok....so how to mount first as read only?11:57
dr_willisNo idea if you can mount it read onlyt with a Hiberfile on the windows drive..11:57
bekksgraydragon: You have to mount with removing the hibefile. Like being told several times.11:57
thealmandOr how about letter association with numbers dialed on a phone. **call 1-800-shopnow**11:58
graydragonok dr willis and bekks can you please pm your step by step methods to me plz11:59
graydragonfor doing the task11:59
graydragoni would be vary happy if ya did12:00
gorjan-stojchevHi guys..12:00
nearsthi ppl12:00
gIneeRingcould someone assist me getting my WLAN adapter to work ?12:00
graydragonplz not all i have in use atm is a live usb12:00
graydragono i know this12:00
gorjan-stojchevIt's been ages since I've used IRC ... :) forgot all the shorts..12:01
nearstgIneeRing, try iwconfig12:01
moonsandrocan anybody help me conecting ubunto to a zentyal domain??12:01
nearstgorjan-stojchev, same12:01
graydragonok glneering whats the problym from your vew12:01
gIneeRingnearst, am going to reboot into ubuntu12:01
bekksgraydragon: dr_willis already gave you an example command.12:02
moonsandrocan anybody help me conecting ubunto to a zentyal domain???12:02
gIneeRingloggin into irc on my tablet.12:02
graydragonugg didnt see it12:02
bekks0109 125425 < dr_willis> sudo ntfs-3g /dev/sda1 /media/MAKEADIRETORYFIRST -o remove_hiberfile           (i think)12:02
dr_willissudo ntfs-3g /dev/sda1 /media/MAKEADIRETORYFIRST -o remove_hiberfile           (i think)12:02
graydragonwhats this make dir12:03
gorjan-stojchevI'm having a serious problem with a server runing ubuntu 12. I was wondering is some one with experienced kernel knowladge can help...12:03
dr_willisMake a directory.....12:03
nearstgorjan-stojchev, throw a questions12:03
=== francisco is now known as Guest79688
Johnniebazhang I use Linux Mint 12. Basicly it is a ubuntu. I think that if a domain blocker does not block that domain, clients.l.google.com, the reason is it is used by system or just a bug.12:03
moonsandrocan anybody help me conecting ubunto to a zentyal domain????12:04
MonkeyDustJohnnie  mint is not supported here, we don't know what the mint people changed to make it 'mint'12:04
thealmandthanks for the help!12:04
graydragonone thinkg i do not know how in ubuntu12:04
gineeringI have a VAIO Ns 29OJ with a Intel WiFi 55012:05
dr_willismkdir thinkofaname12:05
gorjan-stojchevThe problem is this, I'm expiriencing defunct proccesses. For example if I do tail -f I cannot kill the proccess. It gets defunct. I've did every thing posible to diagnose it. To no avail...12:05
nearstJohnnie, basic domain in /etc/resolv.conf12:05
ubottumount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount12:05
gineeringThe light doesn't come on in the front switch12:05
dr_willisntfs-3g mounts ntfs filesystems. :)12:05
gorjan-stojchevAlso this happens after a while after reboot..12:05
nearsttail -f = getting live log12:05
gorjan-stojchevI've notced this only on tail -f and on mysql. When I try to stop it it gets defunct...12:06
gineeringNearst.. Me?12:06
swHi, I just installed Ubuntu 12.10 in Hyper-V, passwords chosen during installation but now the installation is complete and I'm at the login screen it's saying that the password is incorrect.12:06
nearstgineering, hi.12:07
gorjan-stojchevram checks ok, hdd ok, swap working so it's not deprived of resources..12:07
gineeringUrg... Seriously... I am an idiot12:07
nearstgorjan-stojchev, try htop and filter to tree12:07
dr_willis!info htop12:07
ubottuhtop (source: htop): interactive processes viewer. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.1-4 (quantal), package size 64 kB, installed size 180 kB12:07
nearstty dr_willis12:07
nearstgineering, what ur problem12:08
prostakov_alexeyhello friends! Have problem, can not load Ubuntu 12.04. Write many error like "/proc/self/fd/9 Permission denied"12:08
graydragonindeed ty dr_willis12:08
gorjan-stojchevproccess list...?12:08
JohnnieMonkeyDust Mint is the same Ubuntu with own desktop.12:08
graydragonand ack the other one12:08
graydragonfor your help so far12:08
nearstprostakov_alexey, u try with live cd ?12:09
dr_willisMint has some  deep differances then ubuntu last i looked into it.12:09
MonkeyDust!mint | Johnnie12:09
ubottuJohnnie: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org12:09
prostakov_alexeyyes. can by livecd12:09
nearstyup, same like debian and ubuntu also mint12:09
prostakov_alexeylive cd is work. How cam I repaid main system?12:09
dr_willisprostakov_alexey:  is this a new install? or has it recently broken?12:10
nearstprostakov_alexey, try chroot main fs and fsck disk.12:10
gorjan-stojchevcannot kill the proccess it gets ppid to 1...12:10
moonsandroconnect ubuntu to a zentyal domani? anyone??12:11
ubottuzentyal is a web-based GUI interface for administering a server. It is designed to work with Ubuntu/Debian style configuration management. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Zentyal (Project formally known as eBox - including in Lucid/10.04).12:11
dr_willisIm not sure how zentyal has a domain. ;) but what do i know...12:11
gorjan-stojchevalso if I don't try to kill tail in time it stays active and running and it consumes 100% cpu..12:12
prostakov_alexeyno, it is no new install, system live more 1 year. I can chroot for disk main system. find no errors12:12
nearstouch. ebox. try look at /etc/resolv.conf for dns and domain related12:12
gorjan-stojchevif I kill it it gets swoped by pid 112:12
nearsttry sudo ? :)12:12
=== nearst is now known as nearst|away
dr_willis /proc/ is a virtual/system  filesystem anyway.. so i dont think it would be a  filesystem error..12:13
prostakov_alexeyok, will try again12:14
prostakov_alexeythank you12:14
Johnnienearst,  /etc/resolv.conf is empty. Should I write down some code?12:17
gorjan-stojchevCan anybody please direct me in which direction should I investigate further. None of the logs provide usefull info except the messages INFO: task fsnotify_mark:55 blocked for more than 120 seconds.12:19
xGeekfuck all :D12:22
xsobex787I am in uber need of assistance12:23
xGeekxsobex787, just ask12:23
gorjan-stojchevOk tnx guys, anyhow... I'll gather info and file a bug. Tnx...12:24
lhavelundxGeek: Watch your language please. :)12:24
xGeeklhavelund, it's not me :/ my bro12:24
swHi, I just installed Ubuntu 12.10 in Hyper-V, passwords chosen during installation but now the installation is complete and I'm at the login screen it's saying that the password is incorrect.12:24
xGeekCan i install ubuntu 12 on HP G6 ?12:24
dr_willisxGeek:  and whats a HP G6 thats so unusual?12:25
riderplusI'm trying to upgrade gdm via synaptic, I mark it for upgrade then I get "cannot upgrade package, fix broken packages first"12:25
dr_willissynaptic has a button/toggle to show broken packages.12:26
swHi, I just installed Ubuntu 12.10 in Hyper-V, passwords chosen during installation but now the installation is complete and I'm at the login screen it's saying that the password is incorrect.12:27
riderplusdr_willis: where's that?12:27
dr_willislook around. bottom left perhaps.12:27
bekkssw: Then the password is wrong. Things like caps-locvk,, shift, etc. may have occured.12:28
dr_willissw:  try the console?12:28
graydragonok yes id like to figure out this grub thing so i can get windos to boot agion12:28
swbekks No, I have copy + pasted the password in during setup and again now, so they are exactly the same.12:28
riderplusdr_willis: the list of dependencies shows libaudit1 which I don't have installed and I don't know where to install it from12:30
swSo there is no solution apart from 'install again'? :-)12:30
dr_willissw:  use a live cd, chroot in, set password12:30
dr_willisor use the recovery console mode12:31
Johnnie! Domain blocker12:31
riderplusdr_willis: should I choose "force version??12:31
riderplusthere's no libaudit1 anywhere12:31
dr_willisriderplus:  ive never needed to. Could be you have some ppa's enabled or disabled thats confuseing things12:31
carloItaliahi what is the best desktop environment?12:31
dr_williscarloItalia:  the one that you perfer...12:32
dr_williscarloItalia:  try them out.. see what you like12:32
graydragondr willis know any thing about grub rescue?12:32
xsobex787@Geekx Okay, so I am working on a webserver which the data rention is vital, and was having issues booting, it was 10.0.4 and I am upgrading to Ubuntu 12.10 but during the upgrade process (non-destructive), the upgrade failed and was getting an error indicating no init config file, i presume for grub, and its file system isn't being recognised, used boot repair disk (ubuntu-secured-remix) *LIVE12:32
xsobex787CD to attempt to address what I think are partion map errors, but am able to now have access again and the ability to mount the main HDD now, but when I restart it without the live CD, it says "Missing Operating System.    SYSLinux 4.03    Error: No Configuration File Found     No DEFAULT or UI configuration directive found!            boot:|12:32
dr_willisgraydragon:  grub and its console/rescue modes have hunderds of pages of docs and guides. If grub breaks on me. i tend to use the boot-repair tool mentioned at the fixgrub wiki page12:32
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)12:33
petervadoes anyone here have any luck with Citrix receiver on 12.10_amd64? I've fscking with this issue all day now, and can't seem to get it to work >_>12:33
carloItaliai use the gnome shell with cairo dock but I want to change12:33
dr_williscarloItalia:  theres  dozens of window managers and about a half dozen 'desktops' you can play with.12:33
graydragonso is there a way to tell it to uninstall its self?12:33
swdr_willis This is in a VM, I am at the login screen now. How do I do that?12:34
MonkeyDustcarloItalia  install what you want, login, select something of your choice, login12:34
dr_willisgraydragon:  you would install a  differnt bootloader over it. such as the windows mbr.  the boot-repair tool may have a remove-grub option. but that may just make the disk unbootable.12:34
the_dark_knightHi, which is the best program to draw a pie chart based on the readings in ubuntu?12:34
MonkeyDustcarloItalia  install what you want, logout, select something of your choice, login  <-- correction12:34
dr_willissw:  try the alt-ctrl-f1 CONSOLES12:34
the_dark_knightplease help.12:34
dr_willissw:  or the recovery menu item from the grub menus12:34
xsobex787Dr Willis, i am at a Boot:|12:35
xsobex787and says im missing my OS12:35
xsobex787ive been at this for 24 hours now12:35
dr_willis!fixgrub | xsobex78712:35
ubottuxsobex787: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)12:35
xsobex787@Dr. Willis Okay, so I am working on a webserver which the data rention is vital, and was having issues booting, it was 10.0.4 and I am upgrading to Ubuntu 12.10 but during the upgrade process (non-destructive), the upgrade failed and was getting an error indicating no init config file, i presume for grub, and its file system isn't being recognised, used boot repair disk (ubuntu-secured-remix)12:35
xsobex787*LIVE CD to attempt to address what I think are partion map errors, but am able to now have access again and the ability to mount the main HDD now, but when I restart it without the live CD, it says "Missing Operating System.    SYSLinux 4.03    Error: No Configuration File Found     No DEFAULT or UI configuration directive found!            boot:|12:35
xsobex787with the !?12:35
FloodBot1xsobex787: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:35
aeon-ltdxsobex787: you should prob pastebin that12:36
xsobex787it says boot: Could not find kernal imafe12:36
dr_willissounds like its not trying to boot the HD. or theres no bootloader on the hd.12:36
xsobex787what is paste bin12:36
xsobex787i havent used irc in like 10 years12:36
dr_willisor its for some reason trying to boot a Hd/usb/somthing that had syslinux on it at one time12:36
dr_willisa normal install does not use syslinux. the live cd does. as would a live-usb12:37
graydragonrecovery menu? i like that sound12:37
xsobex787so maybe should I try pointing my drive differently in the distro on the Ubuntu Secured live CD again with boot repair disk?12:37
dr_willisgraydragon:  its in the grub menu.. if you have a grub menu12:37
dr_willisxsobex787:  or have it install grub to all attatched hds. ;)12:38
graydragonok how i get in to that , as id have to shut down12:38
carloItaliai have tested mate,kde,unity,cinnamon,xfce and lxde and I realized that xfce and lxde are not made for me unity slows me down and I see kde gnome is too complex that I'm using but I would change so that there are other desktop environments but unfortunately I do not know the names12:38
xsobex787how do I do that?12:38
xsobex787i think its a raid setup12:38
dr_willisor determins what hd you want to boot and be sure grub installs to it.12:38
dr_willisIve no idea with raid.12:38
dr_willisI dont use raid.12:38
xsobex787it says its an LVM2 volume12:39
MonkeyDustxsobex787  ubuntu server?12:39
xsobex787im not sure what it was12:39
xsobex787i might of been12:39
xsobex787it wouldnt boot to gui to begin with12:39
xsobex787and it was sending out malware to the visitors12:39
xsobex787i have the box in meh house12:39
dr_williscarloItalia:  theres some 'window managers for x'  summary site i saw ages ago with huge lists.. but i cant reall the url12:39
MonkeyDustxsobex787  was it an installer or a live cd?12:39
xsobex787it was a live cd with the installer option12:40
dr_willisif it was sending out malware. i think using a live cd. and backing  up imporntant data... then reformating would be the best bet.12:40
xsobex787going from 10.0.4 to 12.1012:40
MonkeyDustxsobex787  ok, then it's not ubuntu server12:40
xsobex787I would like to, but it says i dont have permission12:41
dr_willisdont have permission for what?12:41
the_dark_knightHey, please help me out guys. Which program should I use to draw a pie chart using a file containing the readings. I am currently reading on gnuplot. But there is not much about pie charts in gnuplot.12:41
EaglemanI am unable to figure out why i cant send mail to external domains ( relay acces denied )  http://pastebin.com/LJ95bT1W   any idea what i did wrong?12:41
xsobex787to access the mounted root folder and a few other folders on the harddrive from my live CD12:41
cfhowlettthe_dark_knight: libreoffice calc12:41
MonkeyDustthe_dark_knight  libre calc12:41
dr_willisxsobex787:  access them as root perhaps?12:42
MonkeyDustcfhowlett  was faster :)12:42
xsobex787in terminal?12:42
dr_willishowever you want.. :)12:42
riderpluswhere can I get libaudit1 from?12:42
cfhowlettMonkeyDust: only today.  Usually, y'all beat me hands down12:42
xsobex787im alright at linux and ubuntu, im just not like a pro, ya know?12:42
xsobex787how can i do it in the GUI12:42
carloItaliado not remember it at all?12:42
xsobex787access it as root12:42
carloItalia@dr_willis do not remember it at all?12:43
=== Err404NotFound is now known as Error404NotFound
dr_williscarloItalia:  google for 'window managers for x' perhaps and see12:43
bentinataI'm AWAY12:43
dr_willisthats what i would normally do to find it12:43
bentinatahow fix that?12:43
carloItaliaok thanks12:43
the_dark_knightcfhowlett: MonkeyDust , I don't want a to do it manually. I wan't to generate a pie chart based on values from a config file.12:44
riderplusdr_willis: is there any way to install libaudit1?12:44
grek1 http://wklej.to/KL59a12:44
bentinatahow fix AWAY?12:44
dr_willisriderplus:  source... would be one way12:44
swdr_willis I don't see those options when starting up. When I start the VM I see 'Hyper-V', then a purple screen for a while and then the login screen.12:45
dr_willis!find libaudit12:45
ubottuFound: libaudit-dev, libaudit012:45
riderplusit finds libaudit012:45
dr_willissw:  hold the shift key as it boots to get to a grub menu if its hidden.12:45
riderplusI need libaudit1 to update gdm12:45
MonkeyDustriderplus  scroll down: http://ftp.snt.utwente.nl/debian/pool/main/a/audit/12:46
dr_willismakes me wonder which gdm you are installing and if its from some unofficial ppa.12:46
swdr_willis Thanks, I'm in the Grub menu now, do I choose the (Recovery Mode) one?12:47
dr_willissw:  if you want to use recovery mode... yes..12:47
riderplusthank you MonkeyDust12:47
swdr_willis I don't care what I use, I just want to reset the password, like I've said.12:48
dr_willisThen use the recovery console feature and change it.12:49
swdr_willis There is no 'recovery console feature' listed.12:49
MonkeyDustbentinata  no pm please12:49
dr_willisYou just said you saw a GRUB menu item for 'recovery'12:49
bentinataMonkeyDust, oh okay12:50
swdr_willis (Recovery Mode) <- Yes. Is this the 'recovery console feature' you're talking about?12:50
graydragonok better q i think for me is how do you tell is to boot the ntfs partishion12:50
bentinatahow re-enable "away" status?12:50
dr_willisit gets you to the console.. yes12:50
nibblermy system running openvas, system load is ~40. everything works smooth in cli as long as i dont try to access the process list (this is a guess) via ps, w, pkill - how would i have to change my system to be more responsive here? csw/int/io stats are basically idle.12:50
swdr_willis So now I see 'grub> '12:51
dr_willissounds like it dident work to me. SHould be some sort of menu its giving options for..  sounds like you went into the GRUB console/command line.12:51
OerHeks!away | bentinata12:51
ubottubentinata: Please do not use noisy away messages and nicks in Ubuntu channels. It is annoying and unnecessary. Use the command "/away <reason>" to set your client away silently. See also «/msg ubottu Guidelines»12:51
swdr_willis You said console, so I pressed 'c'?!12:52
EaglemanI am unable to figure out why i cant send mail to external domains ( relay acces denied )  http://pastebin.com/LJ95bT1W   any idea what i did wrong?12:52
dr_willissw:  that the GRUB command line.12:53
dr_willisgrub boots the OS -> with the recovery option..12:53
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest92098
Error404NotFoundI am trying to install percona-server on ubuntu 12.10 64b and stuck with: libmysqlclient18:amd64 5.5.28-rel29.2-360.quantal (Multi-Arch: no) is not co-installable with libmysqlclient18 which has multiple installed instances. I have tried to remove libmysqlclient18 but its reinstalled and gives same error. I tried installation use percona's apt repo as well as deb packages.12:54
swdr_willis Right, which option should I choose now?12:55
dr_willissw:  i dont have the menus menorised.. what options are there?12:55
swdr_willis I have 'resume', 'clean', etc ...12:55
dr_willislook for one to get you to a shell/terminal/console/bash/ etc....12:56
xsobex787can I use acronis OS Selector?12:56
swdr_willis 'root'?12:56
graydragonok how dose one get the menu opshions for grub?12:56
dr_willistry it and see.12:56
OerHekssw easy peasy > http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/resetpassword12:56
swdr_willis 'root@$server':~#12:57
swdr_willis Can I just passwd the user now?12:57
dr_willissw:  you now have a root shell on the console...12:57
gacEagleman: do you have an example of a failure message? you may need to authenticate to your ISP's mailserver (which is the relayhost, I assume)12:57
dr_willispasswd username                yes.12:57
swdr_willis 'passwd: Authentication token manipulation error'12:57
dr_willisthat explains why you  cant login then.12:58
dr_willissome how your passwd/shadow files got messed up.. if this is a new install i bet other things are messed up also12:59
nibblersw: mount -oremount,rw /12:59
dr_williswouldent it say read only then?12:59
dr_willisor is it just a generic error message.12:59
nibblerdr_willis, nope, it would confuse you with wired token blah12:59
swIt's a fresh install.12:59
riderpluscan someone help me correct this error?12:59
dr_willisif / is read only that would make sence i guess. :) i rarely yse the recovery mode stuff13:00
MonkeyDustriderplus  try sudo apt-get -f install13:00
dr_willissw: so remount / to be read/write --      mount -o remount,rw  /13:00
ElixirVitaeHow long does it generally take for programs to update in repos?13:00
riderplusdr_willis: it doesn't work13:01
dr_willisElixirVitae:  they normally only get security updates. untill the next release13:01
OerHeksElixirVitae, depends, some will be updated with a next version13:01
ubottuPackages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.13:01
ndeehi guys, whenever I try to conenct from a nfs-client to the nfs-server, I get the error "No such file or directory" --> http://pastebin.com/nWGm4tfC these are the commands/configs I'm using. Anyone knows how I can that nfs-mount running?13:01
gacriderplus: sounds like you have some kind of PPA installed and the packages are getting mixed up?13:01
ubottuIf new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging13:01
ubottuThe packaging guide is at http://developer.ubuntu.com/packaging/html/  - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports and !sponsoring13:01
ElixirVitaeIn that respect shouldn't I get latest firefox updates as well?13:02
nibblerdr_willis, took me ages to figure out the first time i ran into this.... but now when someone utters token manipulation errors, at least i remember :p - lets see if this is the issue here, but i know it from booting with init=/bin/bash13:02
EaglemanI am unable to figure out why i cant send mail to external domains ( relay acces denied )  http://pastebin.com/LJ95bT1W   any idea what i did wrong?13:02
OerHeksElixirVitae, FF 18 is out, got it this morning13:02
xsobex787how do i back up data on mounted volume from root folder if it normally says access died or you do not have permission?13:02
nibblerEagleman, you did everything right, as long as you run this on a public ip13:02
Eaglemangac relay acces denied13:02
ElixirVitaeI got as well.13:02
dr_willisnibbler:  yep in the old days init=/bin/bash :)13:03
Eaglemannibbler eth1.10      inet addr:
OerHeksElixirVitae, then why do you want updates as you are up2date ?13:03
=== ewy is now known as yanerwei
yanerweihow to use this software?13:03
gacEagleman: what outgoing address is on your emails? i assume it's "from: <address@eagleman.net>" ?13:03
dr_willisxsobex787:  acessing them as the root user fails?13:03
ElixirVitaeI just want to know how and when they are updated.13:03
xsobex787from live cd yes13:03
nibblerEagleman, if you would relay for unauthenticated users, it would take you about 1h to get abused by spammers and blacklisted all around the globe13:03
xsobex787im not sure how to elevate if i need too13:04
ElixirVitaeIf it takes, say 2 weeks for repos to have newer firefox, I would switch to mozilla's own repos.13:04
dr_willisxsobex787:  use sudo as needed..13:04
Eaglemannibbler i did force logins, but i may have disabled it now, all i care for now is that it works13:04
Eaglemangab yes:  Jan  9 13:38:42 homeserver postfix/submission/smtpd[7097]: NOQUEUE: reject: R                          CPT from D4B2D271.static.ziggozakelijk.nl[]: 554 5.7.1 <rp@hgg                          .nl>: Relay access denied; from=<robin@eagleman.net> to=<rp@hgg.nl> proto=ESM                          TP helo=<[]>13:04
xsobex787how do i use sudo in gui13:04
ElixirVitaeBut if it is within 3 days, I would stay with the ubuntu repos, as some security vulnerabilities are seen within a few days, which is a good thing in this case.13:04
dr_willisxsobex787:  use gksudo for gui apps13:05
OerHeksElixirVitae, this update FF18 arrived within 24 hours, not fast enought?13:05
Eaglemanonly emails to local domains are accepted ( @eagleman.net13:05
bekksxsobex787: In the GUI, you use gksudo instead.13:05
gacEagleman: seems normal to me; your ISP won't relay mail from a domain that has nothing to do with them, to another domain that has nothing to do with them13:05
ElixirVitaexsobex787, > gksudo nautilus for files13:05
xsobex787i use gksudo in terminal to elevate gui?13:05
ElixirVitaeOh, it is more than enough OerHeks13:05
Eaglemangac, the problem is that it worked before13:05
dr_willisgksudo nautilus can  really mess you up. ;) best to learn to use the terminal to do rooty tasks13:05
gacEagleman: your ISP may have changed some settings for security13:05
Eaglemani was using my isp as gateway13:05
ElixirVitaeBut what about other programs?13:05
EaglemanHow can i be sure?13:05
nibblerEagleman, if you would allow anyone to connect to your server and send emails from it, spammers would abuse it. whom to you want to accept mails from for relay?13:06
ElixirVitaeNot everyone is as high profile as firefox with lotsa developer/packagers13:06
xsobex787i just need to copy pasta from this mounted volume to my external13:06
=== yanerwei is now known as newname
xsobex787then fresh install13:06
dr_willisElixirVitae:  normally only security updates happen. untill the next release.13:06
gacEagleman: generally speaking, if I'm @domaina.com, I would never relay mail from domainb.com to domainc.com, because these two domains are both outside of my domain13:06
nibblerxsobex787, sudo cp -ax /source/path /dest/path ?13:06
gacEagleman: as a rule of thumb, if I was running domainA.com, then either the sender or recipient would have to be @domainA.com otherwise it's nothing to do with me13:06
dr_willisElixirVitae:  if you always want the latest of everything then a rolling release or source based disrto may be better for you.13:06
ElixirVitaeBut I can stay with LTS and have updates from official repos/downloads from each program.13:06
nibblersw: any progress?13:06
=== ubuntu__ is now known as Guest46024
ElixirVitaeAs long as dependencies are fine, I am good, I presume.13:07
Eaglemanhmm, so i cant setup a gateway for sending mail and forwarding it to my isp?13:07
t0bisDoes anyone available for a hand on Vhosts configuration for an Apache2 server ?13:07
ElixirVitaeI want OS to be stable, programs to be newer, I don't want to cut my edges, if you catch my drift.13:07
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
dr_willisLatest is not always stable.13:08
gacEagleman: you can, but not from eagleman.net, probably13:08
Eaglemani understand what you mean gac, but how do i let my users mail?  i cant let them use smtp.eagleman.net, since they will get an relayacces denied13:08
cfhowlettElixirVitae: LTS, backports enabled and run sudo dist-upgrade every now and then13:08
ElixirVitaeI thought dist-upgrade was to go from one version to the next.13:09
ElixirVitaeIs it not?13:09
nibblerEagleman, is smtp.eagleman.net reachable from the internet ?13:09
Eaglemangac, the mail server cant mail anyways, since i am on a resident ip address, blocked by zenhaus. thats why i set up a relay_host to my isp13:09
Eaglemanyes it is13:09
nibblerEagleman, ok, was just on it. your users need to auth to use it as relay13:10
bonoon 12.04 in gnome (classic): xrdb -load ~/.Xresources does what it should do; but after logging in a new gnome session it doesn't seem to load the Xresources. Any idea?13:10
=== cryptfu_ is now known as Guest2374
Eaglemanyou were on it with telnet?13:10
dr_willisElixirVitae:  it updates tinstalled packages.. NOT to the next release13:10
nibblerEagleman, but this is not allowed yet13:10
cfhowlettElixirVitae: nope.  dist-release will upgrade a distro.13:10
nibblerEagleman, yes13:10
slamonsinstalled 12.04 on an hp 8460p over the holiday but can't seem to adjust the display brightness.  any tips/pointers?13:11
* ElixirVitae knows better now.13:11
cfhowlettElixirVitae: the dist-upgrade and backports will capture new/upgraded official packages13:11
dr_willisbono:  have it auto run on login via your .config/autostart directory perhaps?13:11
Eaglemannibbler could you send what you did on telnet?13:11
Eaglemanwhat error did you get13:11
Eaglemanhow do you know you have to authenticate13:11
ElixirVitaedist-upgrade is done through update manager as well, yes?13:11
nibblerEagleman, relay access denied. is what i got13:11
Eaglemanwhat was your RCPT TO: ?13:12
nibblerEagleman, if you do relay for unauthenticated users, you WILL BE ABUSED AND THERFOR BLACKLISTED and unable to send any email ever again and your isp will send a hitman after you13:12
nibblerEagleman, of course my rcpt to not local to you, as i tried to relay and not to deliver13:12
FloodBot1db56: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:13
Eaglemannibbler:  smtpd_client_restrictions=permit_sasl_authenticated,reject13:13
nibblerEagleman, i suggest some reading http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_mail_relay13:13
nibblerEagleman, yes, but you don't have sasl auth configured13:13
Eaglemani dont?13:14
nibblerEagleman, i gues you don't have a auth backend or whatsoever. see the difference:  http://nopaste.info/5bdd8eee53.html13:15
dfgmmeanyone any app for keeping record of internet data usage13:17
cfhowlettElixirVitae: yes through update manager or via the command line13:17
llutz!info vnstat | dfgmme13:18
ubottudfgmme: vnstat (source: vnstat): console-based network traffic monitor. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.11-1 (quantal), package size 80 kB, installed size 308 kB13:18
dfgmmeok how to i check my last login ?13:19
EaglemanANy idea why nibbler?13:19
Slingdfgmme: /var/log/auth.log will show you system logins13:19
xsobex787root folder contents are currently unreadable13:19
vmousepermision deny13:19
Picidfgmme: 'check' in what way?13:20
magik_Hey guys I have been having a problem with xchat causing the gui to crash causing me to have to reboot any suggestions?  This happens when I hide xchat and then bring it back up but randomly13:20
vmousegoodnight too13:21
nibblerEagleman, http://nopaste.info/20d0d831cd.html stuff like this might help, but this requires dovecot (or cyrus or similar) as a backend, which needs to be configured to correspond correctly with postfix... email is no trivial topic.....13:21
Eaglemannibbler i already setup dovecot as backend13:22
nibblerEagleman, you have config lines similar to mine?13:22
EaglemanYes nibbler13:24
magik_I'm running Ubuntu 12.10 64bit Unity - wcompiz ,  While using XChat sometimes when I hide the XChat window then bring it back causes a glitchy response flickery screen so I end up having to reboot the machine any suggestions?13:24
dmihey all13:24
dmiI'm hoping someone can answer me a question about gparted13:25
dmiI have a 3TiB disk, which was formatted using MBR rather than GPT13:25
Eaglemannibbler:  http://pastebin.com/gkuqjX8e13:25
cfhowlettmagik_: this is the xchat app?  consider dropping that in favor of the xchat plugin to firefox13:25
dmiI was planning to use gparted to move the original partition to make room for the GPT at the start of the disk13:25
dfgmmethanks gusy13:26
magik_cfhowlett, yeah I'm using the xchat app.13:26
dmibut gparted seems to allow me to use the full disk13:26
dmimy question: will it upgrade the disk to use GPT automatically?13:26
cfhowlettmagik_: there is a firefox plugin.13:26
Ben64cfhowlett: whats wrong with xchat13:26
cfhowlettBen64: magik_ reports that it futz his screen and forces a reboot13:27
BluesKajwill what upgrade ? , dmi ?13:27
Ben64i've never had an issue with xchat, having it as a plugin seems strange13:27
dmiBluesKaj: will gparted automatically upgrade the disk's MBR to GPT13:27
cfhowlettBen64: ymmv ...13:28
magik_cfhowlett,  I don't wanna use a plugin but thanks for the info13:28
dmiso basically, the partition setup at the moment is one 2TiB partition with an MBR (msdos) partition table13:28
dmiif I ask gparted to resize the partition to fill the 3TiB disk, will it also move the partition and change the partition table to GPT format?13:28
dmiI can't seem to find any information about this one way or the other13:28
nibblerEagleman, you are lucky, and everything is fine. just use submission port (587), this is where you already have authentication allowed, and its easier for your users to use, because less blocky ;)13:28
dmiit doesn't say it will do this when I queue up the operation (without applying it)13:29
dmiand I don't really want to destroy nearly 2TiB of data :-)13:29
cfhowlettdmi: convert mbr to gpt can be done, but gpartd won't do so automatically.13:29
dmicfhowlett: awesome; that's exactly what I needed to know13:29
nibblerEagleman, http://nopaste.info/383c88b77e.html - see, all auth options available13:29
krywkI need help with the Linux Steam Client.13:29
Eaglemannibbler the main idea was to disable port 2513:29
senorbusyboxhello, ubuntu wasnt able to mount after restart, now I'm in the busybox, what can I do? I have no clue what to do now13:29
dmiso my plan is to move the partition up by 1MiB or so, and then convert to GPT, then resize it13:29
krywkMore with Team Fortress 2.13:29
cfhowlettkrywk: best to ask steam ... it's their beta product ...13:30
nibblerEagleman, you need 25 for receiing13:30
Picikrywk: Please ask in #ubuntu-steam13:30
Eaglemanrecieveing in what way?13:30
krywkcfhowlett, I've already asked in the steam for Linux chat, no response.13:30
Ben64krywk: whats the problem13:30
EaglemanMTA to MTA ?13:30
=== DavidGebler_ is now known as DavidGebler
krywkIt hints to opening, but nothing happens.13:30
cfhowlettkrywk: again ...beta13:30
BluesKajif you install ubuntu beside windows then grub will chainload the mbr , so to speak and include it in the menu , and of course you need to create ext4 partitons for / and /home and swap ...otherwise I don't know what you mean13:30
dmiBluesKaj: it's pure-Ubuntu; an in-office server13:31
dmiBluesKaj: but it doesn't support UEFI boot... which isn't a problem, as this 3TiB RAID is just pure data storage, not used for booting13:31
dmiBluesKaj: but I think I've got the answer I need from cfhowlett, thanks13:32
Eaglemannibbler:  25 is for MTA-to-MTA mail exchange. 587 is for user-to-MSA mail submission.   right?13:32
Ben64krywk: make sure you have graphics drivers installed and you have the requirements for tf213:32
senorbusyboxI dont know what to do, do I need to reinstall ubuntu?13:33
krywkBen64, Graphics Drivers up to date, and I'm pretty sure I do have the requirements to run it. 4GB RAM DDR3 1333MHz, GeForce 9800GT 1GB GDDR3, Intel Core i3 @ 3.1 Ghz (2 phys-cores, 2 virtual cores)13:33
krywkSo yeah.13:33
ravenany way to "attach" processes that were started by cron to see theyr messages?13:34
BluesKajoh thatEFI raises it's ugly head again ..guess I'd better do some research13:34
Eaglemanraven run those processes in screen13:34
Eaglemanthan you can attach the screen and see what they do13:34
ravenEagleman started by cron  in background13:34
EaglemanYou can still add screen in the cronjob13:35
raven_any way to do it like i needed?13:36
EaglemanI dont know what you do in the cronjob13:36
raven_Eagleman, i start a tool in the cron i later want to see its messages live (not only in a textfile)13:37
Eaglemandoes the tool stdout ?13:37
raven_Eagleman, i think so13:37
Eaglemanscreen will do the job for you then13:38
Eaglemanhow do you write ot to a file with >13:38
Eaglemando you write it to a file like this command > file.log  ?13:38
Eaglemanyou have 2 options13:38
Eaglemanuse tail -f on the file13:38
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!13:39
SlingEagleman: try it and see, echo "test" > testfile13:39
Eaglemanor use screen13:39
raven_and tail -f is reloading/live?13:39
Slingoh wait13:39
Slingim misreading :)13:39
Eaglemanyes it is raven13:39
Ben64krywk: run it from terminal and see what it says13:39
krywkGame update: AppID 440 "Team Fortress 2", ProcID 7491, IP
krywk/bin/sh: 1: /home/krywk/.local/share/Steam/SteamApps/krywk/Team Fortress 2/hl2.sh: not found13:39
krywkGame removed: AppID 440 "Team Fortress 2", ProcID 749113:39
krywksaving roaming config store to 'sharedconfig.vdf'13:39
krywkroaming config store 2 saved successfully13:39
FloodBot1krywk: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:40
krywkThat's what it says.13:40
raven_Eagleman, oh yes thats an option! tnx13:40
Eaglemanraven if the file size changes ( it happens when things get added ) tail -f will show you what changes13:40
Ben64<krywk> /bin/sh: 1: /home/krywk/.local/share/Steam/SteamApps/krywk/Team Fortress 2/hl2.sh: not found13:40
Ben64you might want to check that bit13:40
krywkBen64, yeah, even though the file is there.13:41
Ben64well it can't find it, so theres your problem13:41
Slingyou most likely need to escape the spaces with a backslash13:41
krywkhang on a sec13:42
raven_Eagleman, does >> file.txt append to the file?13:42
krywkmy tf2 folder was called 'team fortress 2', steam was searching for 'Team Fortress 2'13:43
Slingraven_: yes13:43
Ben64krywk: why is it in .local anyway13:43
senorbusyboxI think I reinstall ubuntu13:43
krywkThanks for the help anyways c:13:44
EaglemanCan i prevent mail submission on port 25 and still accept mail exchange on port 25 in postfix?  Same for port 587 but then otherwise > 25 is for MTA-to-MTA mail exchange. 587 is for user-to-MSA mail submission.13:46
senorbusyboxmy ubuntu server edition wont boot anymore, what can I do?13:46
Eaglemansenorbusybox boot from a livecd and go trough the logs on the filesystem13:47
Mandalordsenorbusybox: did it print out anything?13:48
senorbusybox "Target filesystem doesn't have reqeusted /sbin/init."13:48
senorbusyboxEagleman: going to do that13:48
Ben64senorbusybox: sounds very broken13:49
Mandalordsenorbusybox: you may want to try reinstall grub213:49
nibblerraven, Eagleman: you can give reptyr a try, but thats a dirty hack13:49
nibblerEagleman, when i grew up, it was port 25 only.... but i guess today you are right13:50
Eaglemannibbler there are no official ways?13:50
Mandalordsenorbusybox: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=170542313:50
nibblerEagleman, to not open port25? well - iptables -I INPUT -p tcp --dport 25 -j DROP, but thats a hack. i'm sure there is also a nice way13:51
Ben64senorbusybox: what did you do to it13:51
krzi am dual booting. win7 for the occasional game, and linux for everything else. I've got a nvidia 680m 4gb gpu. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bumblebee if i only want to install bumblebee for its power savings feature. is it enough just to run sudo apt-get install --no-install-recommends bumblebee linux-headers-generic?13:51
schnuffleEagleman: havent't followed, what's your problem with port 25?13:51
senorbusyboxMandalord: starting a live-cd now via usb13:52
Eaglemanschnuffle nothing, but i am trying to setup a secure box. and if i am right port 25 is only used for mail exchanged. on my machine i am able to also use port 25 for submission13:52
senorbusyboxBen64: apparently nothing, I think my harddisck is just broken13:52
nibblerEagleman, you are fine as long as you don't open-relay, so dont worry13:53
schnuffleEagleman: That can be changed i the postfix/exim/sendmail config, you would disbale realy on port 25 and only allow it on 58713:53
Eaglemannibbler why is my isp blocking port 25 then? for mail submission13:53
Eaglemandisbale realy ?13:54
nibblerEagleman, because he does not comply with net neutrality (and thinks you might spam if he does not watch you)13:54
schnuffleEagleman: That could be due to load considerations13:54
nibblerschnuffle, blocking 25 for load considerations, or do i get the context wrong here?13:55
schnufflenibbler: not blocking 25 but blocking smtp auth and relay on port 25, that's a difference and should be RFC compatible13:55
* nibbler just can't see any load considerations anywhere around13:56
Eaglemanshould be done in master.cf under smtp right?13:56
schnuffleEagleman: Depends on your setup, either main.cf or master.cf13:57
Eaglemani am a bit confused by my own setup..13:57
schnufflenibbler: Imagine a heavy loaded smtp server. And now you can offload all the auth/relay checks and TLS load onto another server. Just a thought, I don't have any knowledge about the big providers13:58
Eaglemanschnuffle: smtpd_relay_restrictions and the one for auth is?13:58
senorbusyboxMandalord: I'm inside my live-cd, yet my harddisks are not mounted, for some reason the link you gave me, his harddisks were already mounted13:58
darrylwhen an ubuntu bug is marked as 'fix committed' how long does it take the change to show up in the repo?13:59
schnuffleEagleman: As long as you don't have any loops in your postfix ( aka pass over to amavis and the reinject to postfix) you can do it in the restriction classes13:59
darrylspecifically this one: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers-173/+bug/106419213:59
ubottuUbuntu bug 1064192 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-173 (Ubuntu Quantal) "[update request] nvidia-173.14.36 adds support for xserver ABI 13 [quantal]" [Medium,Fix committed]13:59
schnuffleEagleman: I would place it in smptd_recipeint_restrictions.14:00
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senorbusyboxMandalord: ah wait, I get it now, but what do I do when I have a raid system?14:01
senorbusyboxMandalord: could it be my mounted disk is /dev/mapper/sil_bhadbgcdahff?14:03
schnufflesenorbusybox: yes14:05
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=== long is now known as xiongqiu
gnarphi, does anyone here use/know GCStar? i wonder if and how remotely adding items is secured, ssl or something? or is ti plaintext?14:08
senorbusyboxschnuffle: http://pinoy-computing-tips.blogspot.de/2010/08/how-to-fix-ubuntu-error-no-init-found.html14:08
darrylis there an unstable repository for updates to quantal?14:09
=== mani is now known as Guest5014
Ben64darryl: proposed?14:09
senorbusyboxschnuffle: I tried to do this, got at the part where I have to sudo fdisk -l (to get the device name), errormessage appears: Filesystem monted or opened exclusively by another program?14:10
senorbusyboxand it's not mounted14:10
Ben64senorbusybox: but you have raid?14:10
odie5533Should I be mounting network drives to /media/subfolder? The folder is owned by root.14:11
senorbusyboxBen64: yes, I think software based14:11
Ben64senorbusybox: then it might work differently, i don't know14:11
thompchaCan somebody help me troubleshoot a slow tomcat7 startup on ubuntu server 12.10?14:12
schnufflesenorbusybox: if it's in a RAID you won't see it mounted only the RAID. You can check it with mdadm --detail /dev/mdXX14:12
schnufflewhere mdXX are the ones found under /dev14:13
senorbusyboxschnuffle: so sda and sdc14:14
senorbusyboxand I guess /dev/mapper/sil_bhadbgcdahff is the mounted version of those 214:15
schnufflesenorbusybox: think so as well. the mdadm command gives you the infos about your raid and the integrated partitions14:16
schnufflesenorbusybox: paste the output of mount and ls -l /dev/md* to pastebin14:17
raven_Eagleman, tail -f would be a nice solution but i just found out that the tool i start with cron (ezstream) only writes into the txt file when its closed14:17
senorbusyboxschnuffle: no such file or directory14:19
schnufflesenorbusybox: and the output of the mount command?14:19
Eaglemanraven google for: man screen14:20
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senorbusyboxschnuffle: I dont know how the mount command should look like14:21
Global_Radiois there a command to find out the make and model of your motherboard14:21
=== vrnithinkumar is now known as vrnithin
raven_Eagleman, i am using tmux already any solution for the thing to write every message immediately?14:21
schnufflesenorbusybox: just: mount  that will list the mounted partitions, You can use pastebinit like mount | pastebinit will give you a link to the pastebin URL14:22
bekksGlobal_Radio: maybe dmidecode can help you.14:22
Eaglemanraven_ hack the application and try to look where it stores temp logs14:22
senorbusyboxschnuffle: what mount?14:22
schnufflesenorbusybox: open a terminal and enter the command mount14:23
bekkssenorbusybox: The command "mount"14:23
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
arshavinGlobal_Radio: sudo dmidecide14:23
Toph2arshavin,,, that produced a 'command not found' for me14:25
arshavinToph2 : sudo dmidecode14:25
nextblovehello want to configure my network interface dont know where is locate ifcfg-eth0 in  ubuntu please i need ur help14:26
bekksnextblove: There is no ifcfg-eth0 in Ubuntu. There is /etc/network/interfaces14:27
arshavinToph2: sorry for the typo here is right command sudo dmidecode14:27
schnufflenextblove: ifcfg-* is centos14:27
bekksschnuffle: Or redhat.14:27
nextbloveok thank schnuffle14:27
Toph2arshavin,,, yup,, lots of output there14:27
nextbloveyeah cause am using always redhat14:27
nextblovethats why14:27
senorbusyboxschnuffle: situation changed a bit: Live cd crahsed -> restarted pc -> my ubuntu is booting again, yet I want to find still an answer since it's the 3rd time it happened, pastebin comming soon14:27
arshavinlook through it should have Product name14:28
Eaglemannibbler, back to the original question, openrelay in combination with:   -o smtpd_client_restrictions=permit_sasl_authenticated,reject   would make it a lot more safe?14:28
nibblerEagleman, it would not be open relay anymore, as its not open ;-)14:29
arshavinToph2: try this to reduce output sudo dmidecode -s system-product-name14:29
nibblereman__, /quit14:29
nextbloveplease can i have a doc for howto configure static interface ?14:29
Eaglemanbut it allows me to use the smtp server to send mail to anything outside the eagleman.net and jrpoot.eu scope ?14:29
schnuffleEagleman: Paste your whole restriction classes as just a part doesn't give any hints about security14:29
Eaglemanlike a proxy14:29
HanbaalHowdy. im trying to install something with synaptic and i dont seem to be able to click on OK to agree with the terms. Return doesnt work either. what could i possibly be doing wrong?14:30
nibblerEagleman, you dont need open ports to send emails. i'd answer "yes"14:30
senorbusyboxschnuffle: http://pastebin.com/3E7CtT3N14:30
feeshonnextblove: you can use the nework manager14:30
jribHanbaal: can you take a screenshot and show us what you see?14:30
feeshonor you want to edit the iterfaces file under networking14:30
Eaglemanhow do i set up openrelay then? since i am only allowed to send emails to domains in the scope14:30
Hanbaalhang on14:30
nextblovedont have graphical interface feeshon:14:31
sgo11hi, anyone use supervisord? how to get rid of warning messages: "cElementTree not installed" and "Server 'unix_http_server' running without any HTTP authentication checking" ? thanks.14:31
Toph2arshavin,,, that gave:  To be filled by O.E.M.14:31
Global_Radiois there a way to know what graphics cards will be compatible with a certain motherboard?14:31
schnufflenextblove: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/setting-up-an-network-interfaces-file/14:31
feeshonnextblove: /etc/network/interfaces14:31
nextbloveyeah but want to setup static interface?14:32
arshavinToph2 : sudo dmidecode -s  system-manufacturer14:32
schnufflenextblove: check the link it shows how to do it14:32
feeshonThere you go nextblove14:33
Toph2arshavin,,, yes,, that gave me the Manufacturer , but not the model of the MB14:34
schnuffleEagleman: you should start reading some docs at postfix.org as configuring a MTA can e very risky. One way could be to allow relaying for specific IPs ( internal network for example)14:34
feeshonnextblove: For future reference google helps a lot before coming to irc14:34
laura_palmerfeeshon: In other words, RTFM ;)14:35
arshavinToph2: try typing dmidecode --help it will list srings that you can put after -s14:35
feeshonthanks laura_palmer14:35
Toph2arshavin,,, ok,, good idea,, thanks14:35
schnufflesenorbusybox: hmm apparently no mounted disks but you still can access your HDDs?14:35
nextbloveok feeshon14:35
senorbusyboxschnuffle: since I was able to boot, I have full access again14:36
senorbusyboxso I guess I could run every command now14:36
schnufflesenorbusybox: so the last time you mounted the disks someway, anyway what is your goal?14:36
raven_Eagleman, is there really no way to attach stdout messages by process id??14:37
arshavinToph2: or to find motherboard model try sudo dmidecode|grep "Product Name: "14:37
senorbusyboxschnuffle: yeah but, this also happened yesterday, I want to find an answer what causes this before it may be too late14:38
schnuffleraven_: you can do it in the start command and redirect the outputs e.g. command 1>/log.txt 2>&114:38
Eaglemanraven_ you were saying that stdout is written upon exit of the application14:38
bekksEagleman: Thats wrong. stdout is writte at any time the application wants to write to it.14:39
raven_Eagleman, it writes the messages into the terminal if started manually but into file it writes only at kill14:39
Eagleman> always worked for me14:40
raven_Eagleman, yes i wonder too14:40
MarKsaitiscan somebody tell me, why on the damn earth change ldap-pam.conf name to ldap.conf ?!?!?!!!!14:41
MarKsaitison ubuntu?14:41
MarKsaitisif the program is called ldap-pam, it does make ALOT of sense, to keep the config file named ldap-pam.conf ????? I bet millions would agree to that, what the hell is going on!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!14:42
GneaMarKsaitis: Could you please tone down the excitement?  Nobody is going to answer or take seriously a question or demand with so much punctuation.  Also, language.  Finally, not sure what your question is, it's not very clear.14:44
PiciMarKsaitis: Its nothing that Ubuntu is doing. We sync the package from debian and thats how the file is named there. http://packages.debian.org/squeeze/i386/libpam-ldap/filelist14:44
Michiellllaptopcan someone tell me how i can get flash for chrome?14:45
GneaMichiellllaptop: chrome uses the same flash that other browsers on the system do14:45
Gnea!flash | Michiellllaptop14:45
ubottuMichiellllaptop: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash14:45
bekksChrome has a builtin pepperflash.14:45
MarKsaitisPici, ok14:46
vrnithinhi am using ubuntu 12.04 and when i tried to set my screen brightness permanently by using   "echo 0 > /sys/class/backlight/acpi_video0/brightness" am getting  an error like the path does not exist...14:46
bekksnearst: Stop it please.14:46
schnufflenearst: any questions?14:46
arshavinbekks: wt is this pepperflash14:46
FloodBot1nearst: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:46
vrnithinanyone please help ..14:46
bekksarshavin: A flash implementation in Chrome.14:46
schnufflevrnithin: the check if the path exists14:47
arshavinbekks: does that mean you dont have to have flash player installed on your system?14:47
nibblervrnithin, does the patch exist? cat you cat /sys/class/backlight/acpi_video0/brightness ?14:47
bekksarshavin: Correct.14:47
vrnithinnibbler, i checked and the path is not exist..14:48
nibblervrnithin, then your hardware and/or driver does not support this in this way14:48
laura_palmervrnithin: You shouldn't run commands on your system without understanding what they are actually doing14:48
Gneabekks: they only started doing that in version 2114:48
bekksGnea: Correct. :)14:48
vrnithinnibbler, is der any other way to set my brightness fixed ?14:49
GneaI'm on 12.04 and my chrome is 20, so it uses the flash that I installed14:49
arshavinvrnithin:  what graphics card do you have ?14:49
k1lnearst: if you got a question: ask! but please keep this channel free for other support questions if you dont have a technical issue. thanks :)14:50
vrnithinnibbler, nvidia gforce 52514:50
nearstk1l: sure!14:50
arshavinvrnithin: are you using proprietary drivers of nouveau14:51
vrnithinnibbler, nope..bumblebeee14:51
arshavinvrnithin, sorry no experience with bumblebee maybe you should google for it14:52
vrnithinno other fix ?14:54
=== root___ is now known as Sail
nearstwhat mean EDID block  invalid ? on my radeon ?14:55
arshavinvrnithin, if you have nvidia drivers,you should be able to adjust it graphically14:55
ExxKAHi Guys. I have developed some server software that I will be running of ubuntu instances. I am unsure abuot what service initializer to go for, init / upstart or a third solution? These a simple servers that do not interact with other services on the machines (no hotplug) they just need to be kept alive, and go down for maintenance14:56
sgo11anyone is good at supervisord? failed to find any useful information with google...14:56
Note_Hello, I own a VPS with Ubuntu 12.04 and nginx running on it, I am wanting to be able to give a friend access to only a certain folder through ssh, is that possible?14:56
arshavinnearst, try adding nomodeset as kernel option during boot14:56
nearstkk.. nomodeset is very common issue.14:57
ExxKANote_, access so that he can download and upload files?14:57
schnuffleNote_: you can use libpam-chroot to chroot some of your logins14:58
Note_ExxKA: I want to give him access to only one part of the vps which will be a folder within nginx, so that he can upload his own website, create directories for his www.domain.com/directory1/directory214:58
vrnithinarshavein, i can  fix it graphically..but every time i reboot its getting reset...14:58
ExxKANote_, sounds like you need to setup an ftp server14:58
schnuffleNote_: If it's only for up/download use a FTP server like proftpd with sftp14:59
vrnithinarshavein, is there any way to fix it permanently  ?14:59
ExxKANote_, if you just give him ftp access, there is no way he can get to the rest of your system as opposed to ssh where he will be able to start applications and otherwise mess about14:59
Note_Ah, FTP seems like the better option then14:59
arshavinvrnithin, i don't have bumblebee stuff so it's difficult to tell anything about the issue14:59
Note_Is there any good tutorials for what I'd need?14:59
ExxKANote_, what schnuffle suggested will give your friend a sandbox environment using ssh15:00
phaxhi guys i upgraded to Ubunto 12.0.4 and the networking manager does not start up by default bot h the wired and wireless interfaces are down...any assistance?15:00
ExxKANote_, I am sure you can find tons of guides on the internet :)15:00
Note_I'll just use FTP, seems easier for both of us :)15:00
Note_Thank you15:00
nearstphax: try manual wired/wireless15:00
phaxnearst: i can manually start dhclient eth0 and use iwlise to see wireless networks...but on the earlier version i was using 10.0.4 there was an applet  for viewing surrounding networks15:01
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Slart_Hello, I just reinstalled ubuntu 12.10 (64bit) and my desktop is kind of laggy when I move windows around.. I remember having this problem when I last reinstalled but that was over a year ago and I've forgotten what I did to fix it.. Any hints on what to try? I've read some of the bug-reports but haven't found anything useful so far15:02
Slartbah.. already had an irssi window open..15:02
BluesKajnearst, it could be your monitor isn't being recognized by the graphics card, ..I used to get that error with the default driver on ati radeon , but that was a long time ago.15:03
arshavinvrnithin, maybe you can try using vendor backlight solution form this post http://www.techjail.net/solved-brightness-problem-in-ubuntu-12-04-precise-pangolin.html15:03
geothomHappy New Year for everyone and many wishes for a  lot linux users15:04
abdulhello bekks...i updated the virtual box to 4.2  via command prompt, restarted my pc but i couldnt find the virtual box icon itself, so i went to software center and noticed that it was uninstalled, i installed it back but its showing the previous version15:07
arshavinvrnithin, otherwise have a look at this bumblebee power management how to https://github.com/Bumblebee-Project/Bumblebee/wiki/Power-Management15:07
abduleven from software center...they only have version 4.1.1215:07
abdulor do i have to upgrade  my ubuntu from 12.04 to 12.1015:07
bekksabdul: You have to install the official vbox version. Thats all.15:07
Eaglemanschnuffle adding my current ip in mynetworks allows me to send email to everyone, isnt there a option to allow users authed with the server to relay to everything15:08
abdulok thanks15:08
schnuffleEagleman: of course it's permit_sasl_authenticated15:09
Eaglemanso mynetworks = IP's  $permit_sasl_authenticated ?15:09
schnufflesmtpd_recipient_restrictions = permit_mynetworks, permit_sasl_authenticated,   reject_unauth_destination,15:10
schnuffle        reject_unauth_pipelining,15:10
schnuffle        reject_non_fqdn_recipient,15:10
schnuffle        check_policy_service inet:
schnuffleoops soory15:10
FloodBot1schnuffle: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:10
schnuffleEagleman: see http://pastebin.com/4YPWxH5w that show the restriction class for a full festured MTA15:11
schnuffleEagleman: always keep in mind that the order is important and the other restriction classes can lead to a unsecure server as well15:12
EaglemanOk that works :)15:13
Eaglemanschnuffle, if i am right. everything i did here: http://pastebin.com/j8xWcdHk  like for example   -o smtpd_recipient_restrictions=reject  only applies to port 25 right?15:14
schnuffleEagleman: Yes but reject everything seems strange to me. Doesn't the server has mails it is responsible for?15:16
Eaglemanschnuffle i only want mail exchange to happen on port 25 not submission, did i do this wrong?15:16
gardonhello, which one can help me about router dealer mode15:16
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schnuffleEagleman: you have reject on smtp which means your MTA will not acept any mail on port 2515:17
usr13gardon: What are you trying to do?15:17
gardonusr13, sorry, I'm asking question about zeromq , it's wrong area15:18
usr13gardon: Ok15:18
Eaglemanschnuffle so how do i disable submission on port 25 and allow mail exchange?15:19
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schnuffleEagleman: you disable sasl on port 25 and you forbid relaying. So switch the master entry back to default an set something like: smtpd_recipient_restrictions = reject_unauth_destination, reject_unauth_pipelining15:21
linda666hi... Im using ubuntu 12.04, i have virtual box installed. having problems with my guest OS detecting usb. no usb are available under my Devices>USB Devices menu. anyone can help how to troubleshoot that? I tried installing guest additions. the guest additions only mounts a CD icon on my guest's OS (which btw is Centos 6.3) and by double-clicking that only a folder opens.. can anyone help please??15:22
pinkpelicandd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/sda1 bs=4KB& pid=$!15:22
pinkpelicanI used this command15:22
pinkpelicanIt has taken 16 hours to overwrite 80GB of disk.15:23
pinkpelicanDoes using pid to display progress slow down the rate of process?15:23
usr13pinkpelican: Not sure about the bs designation.15:23
usr13pinkpelican: Where did you get that?15:23
Slartlinda666: there used to be two versions of virtualbox, one without usb (amongst some other things) and one with it.. ubuntu repos shipped with the one without usb15:24
strixbgHow to create usb live from Ubuntu 13.04 daily .iso?, I tried LinuxLive USB Creator and Universal-USB-Installer from pendrivelinux, both ways get "/boot/vmlinuz is missing" on boot from usb flash drive15:24
Picipinkpelican: all the pid part of that does is assign the actual pid of the dd process to a shell environment variable called pid.  it has no bearing on how fast or slow that dd is running.15:24
Slartlinda666: not sure what it's like at the moment though.. did you install the one from the virtualbox site or the one from the ubuntu repos?15:24
schnufflepinkpelican: shred can do that for you15:24
linda666Slart, omg thats bad. any suggestions how i can work-around that?15:24
linda666Slart, ubuntu repo15:24
pinkpelicanschnuffle can I see progress of shred?15:24
schnufflepinkpelican: let me check15:25
pinkpelicanPici, so the rapidly changing display doesn't effect time?15:25
Slartlinda666: they are both free so it's just a matter of downloading the package from virtualbox.org .. still a one-click-install iirc15:25
Eaglemanschnuffle, ok and how can i be sure mail exchange will still work?15:25
linda666Slart, so you suggest I unistall this and install the other one?15:25
Slartlinda666: yup15:25
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schnuffleEagleman: Test it :)15:26
Picipinkpelican: The second part with the while true might be slowing things down.15:26
Eaglemanlike sending mail to another external domain :P?15:26
schnufflepinkpelican: the -v options shows you the progress15:26
pinkpelicanPici, thank you.15:26
Slartlinda666: everything still looks and works the same.. except for the usb thing15:26
linda666Slart, alright thx :)15:26
Slartlinda666: you're welcome15:26
pinkpelicanschnuffle, for shred or for both shred and dd?15:26
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schnuffleEagleman: if you have a public IP you can use some relay tests and for sending yes send something to external adress15:26
schnufflepinkpelican: for shred15:27
pinkpelicanPici, would watch -n1 "kill -USR1 $pid" slow things down less than while true; if that is what's causing the slowdown or if there is a slowdown?15:27
EaglemanWHere can i find a relay test?15:27
ikoniathere are many on the net15:27
ikoniaor a basic HELO/ELO test15:27
pinkpelicanschnuffle, thanks for the help.15:27
Picipinkpelican: no, that would do the same thing.   Maybe change the refresh time for watch to more than just one second, or do the same via the while true command15:28
schnuffleEagleman: as ikonia told you you can do basic checks with a telnet session15:28
EaglemanAll tested completed! No relays accepted by remote host!15:28
ikoniaEagleman: then what's the issue ?15:28
pinkpelicanPici, thank you again.15:28
EaglemanNothing now, i guess15:28
Eaglemanthere will always be a new issue15:29
pinkpelicanIf I installed pv, would pv cause the same type of slowdown?15:29
ikoniaEagleman: then you ask about the new issue when it comes up15:29
schnuffleEagleman: now you need to check if submission, auth and relaying is working correctly15:29
schnuffleikonia: He just gave feedback to me15:30
Eaglemani was able to mail on port 587 to internal and external domains15:30
abdulbekks: I have installed the same version of virtual box and that of the extension (4.1.12) and enabled usb2.0 but still nothing happened15:30
pinkpelicanI'm trying to use shred, but have no directory /dev/hda15:33
pinkpelicanHow do I identify the hard disk's address?15:33
schnufflepinkpelican: is it an internal, external .......15:33
linda666Slrat, 4.2.6 is the latest version in website. is that correct one?15:33
k1lpinkpelican: /dev/hd* is obsolet. its /dev/sd*15:33
Slartlinda666: yup15:34
pinkpelicank1l thank you.15:34
k1lpinkpelican: use "sudo fdisk -l" (its a small L at the end)15:34
giNeeRingI need some new team players to join up and make some money15:34
k1lpinkpelican: it lists the harddisks and partitions15:34
k1l!ot giNeeRing15:34
k1l!ot | giNeeRing15:34
ubottugiNeeRing: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:34
pinkpelicank1l, it only listed the partition and the usb15:35
naftilos76Hi everyone, i made a fresh install of 12.04 on a desktop with an Intel GPU 82Q963/Q965 and the log-in screen is a mess. It goes like a turtle. Very slow so that even when i type my pass i manage to write 5-6 digits and then i can see the text box starting to show the asteriscs! Can anybody help?15:35
pinkpelicanMonkeyDust informed me that sda would be the disk and sda1 the partition.15:35
hilohello, I have a question that isn't exactly about Ubuntu, but I was hoping someone here might be able to point me in the direction of an application that can help me (which I would run on my Ubuntu system). I recently changed the password to my router, and I fat fingered something. I can't log in and I really do not want to hard reset and have to reconfigure (my setup is non-standard). I know what I meant to type, and have tried many combinations manually. I am15:36
hiloat the point where I am wondering if there is a tool which I can give the password I meant to type, and then it can hammer based on slight permutations of that.15:36
JHOSMANHi all, I'm from Colombia Ubuntu council and we had a huge problem with mirros for our country (which are brazil) and would like to help us find a solution15:36
JHOSMANRecently in less than a week, the mirror has fallen three times and it is necessary to find a solution. co.archive.ubuntu.com15:36
k1lpinkpelican: yep that is right. sda(here a number) will name the partition. but fdisk lists the hdds too15:36
pinkpelicanI didn't see it, sorry.15:36
pinkpelicanThank you either way.15:37
EaglemanWhats are the differences between the master.cf and main.cf if i place something like smtpd_recipient_restrictions in main.cf15:37
pinkpelicanshred is working much faster, but only detects 150/160 GB for some reason.15:37
Blacklite_is there a social channel?15:37
schnuffleEagleman: everything in the main.cf is valid for every transport. So if you want to have special conf for a transport you define it in master.cf which will overwrite main.cf15:38
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Blacklite_how do KDE apps look on unity for Quantal?15:38
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Eaglemanschnuffle so everything in main are general rules and master is for specific ports ?15:39
Blacklite_i'm considering changing back from fedora to ubuntu because ubuntu is more mainstream.15:40
schnuffleYep, the names like smtp .... are defined in /etc/services which maps names to ports15:40
schnuffleEagleman: Master.cf defines the services and special configs and main.cf holds the default and global config15:41
k1lBlacklite_: for chitty chat we have the #ubuntu-offtopic (if that was the point of asking for a social channel, since this is a technical support channel here)15:41
schnufflejil: any help neede?15:42
Global_Radiofor some reason flv video wont play in any of my browsers unless I download the file and play it in mplayer or vlc. Can anyone help?15:42
jilschnuffle: yes many problems.15:42
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JHOSMANCan anyone tell me where I can contact people to make changes in the mirrors15:43
jil1.  I have an I/O error on a fresh installation of ubuntu15:43
schnuffle!anyone | jil15:43
ubottujil: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.15:43
pinkpelicanwhile true; do kill -USR1 $pid && sleep 1 && clear; done15:43
borisetoGlobal_Radio, do you have flash installed?15:43
pinkpelicanWhat part of this line refers to time in seconds?15:43
schnufflepinkpelican: sleep115:43
Global_Radioboriseto, yes i do, and sorry but i have a correction to make. The videos do actually play in my browser but they are choppy15:44
pinkpelicanWhat would be in it's place if I wanted minutes, sleep 60?15:44
schnufflepinkpelican: yep, check with man sleep you ca use a suffix e.g. sleep 1m15:45
schnuffleI'm off have a nice time15:46
borisetoGlobal_Radio, I had the problem. I use indicator-cpufreq for it. Whenever I want to view a video on the browser, I set it to performance mode (since the default is on demand, and for some reason it's still choppy on it). After viewing the video I set it back to powersave or ondemand, so it would save my battery. Try if that fixes the problm.15:46
pinkpelicanThanks for all the help.15:46
jagosixhello people15:46
jilOk sorry schnuffle.15:47
jagosixis there a way to install ubuntu on an efi computer ?15:47
jilI have a fresh ubuntu insall and an I/O error15:47
jilspecificaly I/O error on device fd0 sector 015:47
pinkpelicanWhat programming language is linux built with?15:47
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pinkpelicanOh nevermind15:48
pinkpelicanIt's probably unix15:48
jagosixthis machine is the new win8 computer. I want to install ubuntu on it . However it's uefi15:48
pinkpelicanWait unix isn't a programming language.15:49
jilAlso I suspect my disk to be old and not reliable because when I download a big image like an OS image, it decays rapidely.15:49
jilMaybe there's some block on my disk that are not good but I don't know how to identify them15:49
lynusmy server reject ipv6 connection on squid service(port 3128).but accept http and ssh15:49
gsantjagosix: do you have secure boot enabled ?15:50
newb2hi all! how can I solve the missing scrollbar at openoffice/livreoffice?15:50
Global_Radioboriseto, but this is a desktop computer15:50
Global_Radioshouldn't it be in performance 24/7?15:50
lynusip6tables is empty.what could be wrong?15:50
jilFinaly, I experience many crashes of applications, but I have just installed ubuntu a few days ago, so I'm very confused and I have a hard time convicing my family that ubuntu is good.15:50
linda666Slart, i downloaded, tried installing by simply double-clicking, got this error from Ubuntu Software Center: Breaks existing package 'virtualbox' that conflict: 'virtualbox' . But the /home/user/Dowloads/....../virtualbox-4.2_4.2.6-82870~Ubuntu~precise_amd64.deb' provides it via: 'virtualbox'15:50
compdocjil, read the drive's SMART info. It will tell you if the drive is failing15:50
jilI think most of my problems have to do with bad blocks15:51
dchernivjil, fd0 is your floppy disk contoller15:51
Slartlinda666: try uninstalling virtualbox first15:51
jilcompdoc ok15:51
Slartlinda666: it might not like having two versions installed on top of each other15:51
linda666Slart, thats done15:51
borisetoGlobal_Radio, well yes, but for some reason it resets on ondemand after a minute after booting. I don't know why. Try and see if it works.15:51
jildcherniv, yes I know I don't have a fd0 so I removed it from my fstab but still15:51
jilI mean I don't have a floppy disk15:52
linda666removed using the ubuntu software center itself15:52
Slartlinda666: hmm.. you're sure?15:52
JHOSMANCan anyone tell me where I can contact people to make changes in the mirrors15:52
Slartlinda666: all the virtualbox packages?15:52
PiciJHOSMAN: What sort of change?15:52
dchernivpinkpelican, linux kernel is written in C15:52
Global_Radioboriseto, it didn't work15:52
jagosixit's been disabled15:53
linda666let me check15:53
Slartlinda666: what does   sudo dpkg -l | grep -i virtualbox    in a terminal print out15:53
dchernivjil, pastebin the dmesg output when an app crashes15:53
gsantjagosix: It is possible to install Ubuntu on UEFI machine. The Ubuntu 12.10 secure remix has a key signed by Microsoft15:53
jagosixI've been trying to get it to boot for a few days now and I'm very frustrated15:53
jagosixok where can i download it15:54
gsantjagosix: so even if u have secure-boot enabled if should be able to run the Ubuntu 12.10 secure Remix version15:54
linda666Slart, oops :D15:54
borisetoGlobal_Radio, and what is your configuration?15:54
linda666Slart, dpkg gives me virtualbox installed. how should i remove it although i've removed it using software center?15:54
linda666Slart, is a reboot needed?15:54
gsantjagosix: and follow this instructions https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI15:55
drdozerhi - I'm trying but failing to eject a dvd15:55
drdozerthe drive is in an endless loop of spinning up and down15:55
Global_Radioboriseto, can you be a bit more specific15:55
JHOSMANCan anyone tell me where I can contact people to make changes in the mirrors of repositories Ubuntu15:55
Global_Radioboriseto, configuration of what?15:55
drdozerthe drive is no-longer mounted15:55
mogensendannieCan I've some help on an errormessage in Ubuntu 10.04.03  server:  In /var/log/user.log I get the following Error:Failure loading the HyperFileSQL server.#012Error: %1!s15:55
borisetoGlobal_Radio, well hardware configuration (sorry) and which drivers have you installed.15:55
gsantbut u have to enable the boot by dvd or usb. Otherwise u are not ganna be able to boot this image15:56
drdozersudo eject /dev/dvd2 just hangs15:56
jilIs there something wrong with my smartctl -a log ? http://pastebin.com/H15vMZ8215:56
Slartlinda666: it might be.. there are some kernel stuff involved in virtualbox... give it a try15:56
Global_Radioboriseto, how do i find that out?15:56
linda666Slart, ok. brb15:56
OrpheonI've got problems with an SD card in a SD-USB converter plugged into my computer. A new device (sdb) gets created as it should, but trying to mount, format or do anything with it results in an error about the device not being found. Having it plugged in at boot or just inserting it makes no difference.15:56
OrpheonAny help?15:57
borisetoGlobal_Radio, in terminal run this: lspci | grep 'VGA'                 and give me the results15:57
drdozereject: unable to eject, last error: Inappropriate ioctl for device15:57
jilI kind of a newby, I don't really what to do to correct check my disk15:57
Guest71624What program would be the best (free if possible) to take advantage of the capacities of a Blu-Ray burner?15:58
SlartOrpheon: have you looked at what gets printed to /var/log/syslog when you plug it in?15:58
Global_Radioboriseto, 00:0d.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation C61 [GeForce 6150SE nForce 430] (rev a2)15:58
OerHeksJHOSMAN, try #ubuntu-mirrors15:58
OrpheonSlart, yes, nothing that looks like an error15:58
linda666Slart, its still theree...15:58
OrpheonSlart, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1509555/15:58
linda666Slart, any suggestions on removing?15:58
Global_Radioboriseto, i should note that i have the same problem, perhaps worse, on laptop i have as well. it also has a (non-embedded) nvidia driver15:59
borisetoGlobal_Radio, http://askubuntu.com/questions/85913/video-drivers-for-onboard-geforce-6150se15:59
Slartlinda666: sudo apt-get remove virtualbox*   should do it15:59
SlartOrpheon: hmm.. that looks normal to me.. odd15:59
Global_Radioboriseto, i already have installed the proprietary drivers16:00
theseushaving an issue with mounting a second hard drive in ubuntu16:01
OrpheonSlart, if you want the exact error message: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1513397/16:01
borisetoGlobal_Radio, the thing is that I have different configuration and can't help you much, but as I see that it is an older nVidia graphic card and a solution is proposed there, saying that the newest version of he drivers solved their problems. Sorry I couldn't help.16:01
theseusformat of 2nd hhd is sfs, any help?16:01
mogensendannieCan I've some help on an errormessage in Ubuntu 10.04.03  server:  In /var/log/user.log I get the following Error:Failure loading the HyperFileSQL server.#012Error: %1!s16:01
LadilleroHello guys, does anyone know how to reset a bios password ?16:01
SlartOrpheon: have you looked at what is on the card using.. for example the disk utility? perhaps it's not formatted or uses some kind of weird format?16:02
nearst*sigh* grub2 is crap16:02
SlartLadillero: remove the bios backup battery... reinsert it after a while.. there might be some kind of reset-switch as well16:03
OrpheonSlart, yes. Disk Utility shows it as a device, but trying to format it or do anything results in a helper error(1), also about no device found. Gparted doesn't even list the device16:03
LadilleroSlart it's a brand new laptop, HP Envy M616:03
LadilleroI did try removeing the bios back up battery16:03
Ladilleroand nothing happened16:03
nearstLadillero, try off battery and power and hold start for 10-15secs16:03
theseushaving an issue with mounting a second hard drive in ubuntu16:03
theseusformat of 2nd hhd is sfs, any help?16:03
OrpheonSlart, Error creating partition table: helper exited with exit code 1: cannot open /dev/sdb: No medium found16:03
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Orpheon(Disk Utility error)16:03
Ladillerohold the keyboard start ?16:04
lukasz_mHello, I have a small problem with gnome-classic in Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS : after reboot I have bad spaces between icons in gnome panels.   http://postimage.org/image/wemn9bnvl/ - it looks like this - after reboot:( http://postimage.org/image/tnz2nj63l/ - it should look like that. What I have to do?16:04
SlartOrpheon: strange.. never had that problem myself.. let me just check if I can find something on google16:04
nearstyup. start button for your lappy16:04
LadilleroSlart I tried turning it on with no battery and it was still asking me for a password16:05
Diegosnathi guys!!16:05
SlartLadillero: did you remove the right battery? there might be more than one16:05
lukasz_m@Landillero  wait from 15 mins to about 4 hours after removing battery16:05
DiegosnatCan you tell me where I can find a stable repository for Samba4 for Ubuntu 12.04 ????16:05
Global_Radioboriseto, i appreciate the help nonetheless16:05
Ladillerolukasz_m Ok, I'll give it a try16:05
LadilleroSlart I did remove the visible battery16:06
jhutchins_wkOrpheon: That's a problem with the kernel drivers for the reader.  What the system sees is a new USB device which is the reader, but it does not see the actual card.16:06
acovrigI want to convert a 32bin install to a 64bit install, I have 32&64bit installs in a lvm, but can't get the 64bit to boot, it gives an exec error on initrd16:06
SlartOrpheon: is there a card in the drive? inserted the right way? working?16:06
jhutchins_wkOrpheon: Which kernel are you on?16:06
OrpheonSlart, yes, works on windows atleast.16:06
Orpheonjhutchins_wk, how do I find out?16:07
Orpheonalso, fdisk -l doesn't show it16:07
Orpheonif that helps16:07
nearstsudo fdisk -l ?16:07
SlartOrpheon: then the suggestions from jhutchins_wk might be a good way to start... or I at least that's what most of the threads I found about similar errors suggested16:07
mogensendannieCan I've some help on an errormessage in Ubuntu 10.04.03  server:  In /var/log/user.log I get the following Error:Failure loading the HyperFileSQL server.#012Error: %1!s16:07
lukasz_m@Orpheon  show me  dmesg | tail16:07
Orpheonjhutchins_wk, Linux patience 3.2.0-32-generic #51-Ubuntu SMP Wed Sep 26 21:33:09 UTC 2012 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux16:08
DiegosnatCan you tell me where I can find a stable repository for Samba4 for Ubuntu 12.04 ????16:08
nearst!info samba16:08
ubottusamba (source: samba): SMB/CIFS file, print, and login server for Unix. In component main, is optional. Version 2:3.6.6-3ubuntu5 (quantal), package size 4010 kB, installed size 22359 kB16:08
SlartLadillero: I'm sorry.. then I'm out of suggestions.. bios passwords comes in many weird shapes and designs.. tried contacting the laptop makers support?16:08
Orpheonlukasz_m, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1513408/16:09
LadilleroSlart I will, it's HP... I'll see what do they come up with16:09
Diegosnatnearst, but i want samba 4 ! :)16:09
Orpheonlukasz_m, (the Sony thing is the SD card)16:09
linda666Slart, ok installed sucessfully -thanks for that-, and now, install guest additions still is not giving me anything16:09
nearstDiegosnat, u may google for that.16:09
laura_palmerDiegosnat: Use a rolling release distribution16:10
Diegosnatnearst, did no success16:10
laura_palmerDiegosnat: Or you can always compile it yourself, it's not difficult16:10
lukasz_m@Orpheon does it work on other OS? maybe card is faultly?16:10
Diegosnatlaura_palmer, what's that?16:10
Slartlinda666: great.. now download the Extension pack.. it's available from the same page where you downloaded the virtualbox package16:10
Orpheonlukasz_m, yes, it works on windows16:10
linda666Slart, oh okie16:10
laura_palmerDiegosnat: Rolling release is a version of Linux where software is continually updated, rather than Ubuntu where you are given specific "stable" (old) versions16:11
lukasz_m@Orpheon try sudo dd if=/dev/sdb of=/dev/zero count=1616:11
Orpheondd: opening `/dev/sdb': No medium found16:11
Diegosnatlaura_palmer, unfortunately im forced to use ubuntu 12.04 so I need to find a solution for that specific distro16:11
lukasz_m@Orpheon   sorry, no idea. Is this the same when you insert reader to USB WITH your sd card?16:12
laura_palmerDiegosnat: Then compiling it yourself is the best option16:12
Orpheonlukasz_m, you mean without?16:12
Diegosnatbut when they roll out an update, how can I do it?16:12
f00li am strucking with my libc6 update in bt someone pls guide me16:12
Rootbriandiegosnat: I'm also forced to use 12.04 on my desktop due to better compatibility.16:13
Diegosnatalso my boss would be happy with that solution16:13
lukasz_m@Orpheon   insert  card into reader, and then insert reader to usb16:13
Orpheonlukasz_m, no, no sdb gets created16:13
Orpheonlukasz_m, yes, that's what I did before16:13
DiegosnatRootbrian, have u managed to install samba4?16:13
nearstcheck on dmesg16:13
kelvinellahi is elementary OS ubuntu with different DE?16:13
RootbrianDiegosnat: no, I don't use samba or servers.16:13
lukasz_m@rootbrian  you just have to compile samba4 every time after update. Sorry, but it is not in official repos16:14
jackherer1Hello, have anyone tried bodhi linux?16:14
MonkeyDustjackherer1  #bodhilinux16:14
nearstDiegosnat, samba4 in repo16:14
lukasz_m@Orpheon maybe support is missing in drivers.. I have no idea what to do16:14
Diegosnatnearst, yes but there is a buggy version16:14
laura_palmerkelvinella: It's based on Ubuntu, but more software is changed they just the DE16:15
Rootbriankelvinella: you can install another window manager or desktop environment with sudo apt-get install <window-manager-name>16:15
jackherer1thx monkey16:15
nearstaw.. download tar and make ?16:15
kelvinellais elementary OS lighter than xubuntu??16:16
laura_palmerkelvinella: No16:16
ikoniakelvinella: try it, lighter is a very subjective phrase16:16
kelvinellai saw a youtube video, it is fast and slick16:16
ikoniakelvinella: a video is not a sane test16:16
kelvinellaand the dock at the bottom seem more usable than the xbuntu dock16:17
ikoniakelvinella: then use it16:17
nearstyup. lol16:17
RootbrianI'm hoping team canonical/ubuntu avoids packaging a buggy, rushed or unstable version of Cheese in the next feature and LTS version. I hate using gtk-recordmydesktop and cheese from a PPA to even capture video. :(16:17
laura_palmerkelvinella: Xubuntu doesn't have a dock, it has a panel. And it's very configurable and stable16:17
kelvinellabut i already installed xubuntu, i dont wanna reinstall everthing again16:17
ikoniakelvinella: then it won't be "lighter" as it's ubuntu16:18
kelvinellai find that the dock or the unity is better when i open like 20 different window16:18
Rootbriankelvinella: stick with xubuntu then. But note that bluetooth internet tethering doesn't work.16:18
kelvinellain xubuntu although it is light weight but when i have many stuffs open, its hard to see which is which16:18
xanguaRootbrian: why would not¿16:18
mogensendannieHello, can anybody Help me out on an issue about an Errormessage in Ubunto server 10.04.316:18
ikoniamogensendannie: if you tell the channel the problem, I'm sure people will try to help16:19
mogensendannieOr maybe just tell how this works, as it is my first time here16:19
Rootbrianxanqua: both 12.04 and 12.10 have non-functioning cheese package.16:19
K350Ubuntu security notice: http://packetstormsecurity.com/files/119378/USN-1681-2.txt16:19
laura_palmerkelvinella: You can configure the panel with a different configuration..... it's very flexible in XFCE16:19
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xanguaRootbrian: what does that have to do with tethering¿16:19
mogensendannieCan I've some help on an errormessage in Ubuntu 10.04.03 server: In /var/log/user.log I get the following Error:Failure loading the HyperFileSQL server.#012Error: %1!s16:19
laura_palmerkelvinella: Right click and look at the settings16:20
ikoniawhat is hyperfilesql server ?16:20
mogensendannieHyperfile server is a databaseprogram working with Ubuntu16:20
Slartis there a gui to manage groups in ubuntu these days? didn't there use to be one?16:20
Rootbrianxangua: whoops, I didn't read correctly. Well, the bluetooth functions on xubuntu are different and haven't worked in a long time. Couldn't tether my blackberry. People couldn't tether their androids either (using bluetooth application or native)16:21
ikoniamogensendannie: so have you tried starting it ?16:21
ikoniaSlart: the old user gui could do groups too16:21
mogensendanniebut the Errormessage number, do you have any Idea what kind of Error, Right?16:21
mogensendannieYes I tried starting it, and it only gives this error16:21
Slartikonia: is that still available? or that is old and therefor bad? =)16:22
datruthAnyone use djbdns and allows recursive dns queries?16:22
ikoniaSlart: as far as I'm aware, still there16:22
ikoniadatruth: try ##networking16:22
Sizursomssip: Yes, conkeror, not konqueror. (sorry, just starting with irssi and missed your responses...)16:22
jhutchins_wkmogensendannie: You will probably have to use the hyperfile support, it's not a common program.16:22
hublaoHello, I've a strange problem.My wifi keeps connecting and disconnecting.However , there's consistent connection on my pc.16:22
datruthikonia: been there didn't get any responses16:23
jhutchins_wkmogensendannie: Their documentation may be able to tell you what the error means.16:23
ikoniadatruth: ok, so here is still not acceptable16:23
mogensendannieAnd they refer to Ubuntu16:23
ikoniadatruth: plus your also telling lies as you've only just asked16:23
mogensendannieThis Errormessage should releate to Ubuntu errormessages?16:23
ikoniamogensendannie: no, it doesn't16:23
jhutchins_wkmogensendannie: Nope.16:23
Rootbrianhubalo: Have you tried resetting the router?16:24
ikoniamogensendannie: try starting the application manually, see what feedback you get16:24
mogensendannieOkay, thanks everyone.  Now I know16:24
datruthikonia: you have assumed I have have lied but you have no idea how long I have been working on this issue and why is it not acceptable to ask here?16:24
ikoniadatruth: I've just seen you join the channel and ask16:24
datruthikonia: that doesn't mean anything to me.16:25
Picidatruth: This channel is for Ubuntu support only. We cannot support random networking questions.16:25
PiciWe're already extremely busy as it is.16:25
kelvinellacan i install elementaryOS DE in xubuntu?16:25
xanguakelvinella: don't think so16:26
Rootbriankelvinella: try sudo apt-get install gnome-panel16:26
ikoniakelvinella: not from the ubuntu repos16:26
arabihttp://pastie.org/5655611    <<< please tell me what is the problem here16:26
xanguakelvinella: you can ask about elementary os in #elementary16:26
ikoniaarabi: the startup init script failed, investigate why16:27
ZenMastaI'm trying to type a pipe character, but it I cant because it turns into a tilde instead, any ideas?16:27
arabiikonia, how can I identify that?16:27
ikoniaarabi: start it manually see what errors ?16:27
Rootbrianarshavin: huh?16:27
datruthPici: Ah I see, so I can't even request to be PM by anyone here with experience? Must be a ubunutu question only and answered in the channel only?16:27
Picidatruth: Correct.16:28
ikoniaarabi: walk through the init script ?16:28
datruthPici: very restrctive ;/ thanks for the info.16:29
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_Ethan_i have ubuntu 11.0416:29
_Ethan_and i want simply to install the latest version, 12.1016:29
madwilliamflintMorning everyone.  Is there a significant performance hit for a 'wubi' install given that it's installing over the top of ntfs?16:29
_Ethan_i know i cannot update directly, but it is possible simply to format and install ?16:29
* madwilliamflint would rather not quibble about the value of the word 'significant' too much.16:29
_Ethan_but executing it inside my current ubuntu ?16:30
_Ethan_best regards16:30
MonkeyDustdatruth  if you get answers in pm and the person leaves hies desk, you're left behind without help16:30
Rootbrian_Ethan_: you can do that with the live CD.16:30
woooHey guys is illumos an operating system like ubuntu ?16:30
vitalyihey people do anyone use that UNITY?16:30
ikoniawooo: use the illumos website to get info - it's not ubuntu16:30
Rootbrianwooo: best to visit that distro's website and find out more.16:31
ikoniavitalyi: most ubuntu users will use unity16:31
_Ethan_Rootbrian that is what i dont want to do16:31
Rootbrianvitalyi: I use gnome-panel within fluxbox.16:31
Picidatruth: There are thousands of channels on freenode. Many of them enforce rules. Including us.16:31
_Ethan_i want to reinstall ubuntu from my current installed version16:31
_Ethan_any way ?16:31
datruthMonkeyDust: even so a pm wouldn't involve the channel as much. But hey I get it ubuntu only.16:31
datruthPici: 1st time I've ever been told "you can't even request a pm"16:32
vitalyigood, well i wanted to say unity is nice for look, but when i restart networking - it always fails16:32
jhutchins_wkvitalyi: What would the desktop have to do with networking?16:32
Rootbrian_Ethan_: backup the /home/ folder to a usb or second hard drive (not partition as second hard drive), then go about the usual reinstallation, then use the live CD to restore the /home/ folder.16:32
vitalyignome2 or kde does not have that problem16:32
vitalyiit sounds strange so far, jhutchins_wk, but it happens16:33
_Ethan_Rootbrian i repit that is not what i want to do16:33
Rootbrianvitalyi: un/plug the network cable then? Or toggle wifi via the physical function?16:33
jhutchins_wk_Ethan_: You can also upgrade to each intermediate version.16:33
vitalyii mean running /etc/init.d/networking restart16:34
_Ethan_no i cant, i tried jhutchins_wk but there is some fail16:34
_Ethan_with the repositories, maybe i have to change them...16:34
jhutchins_wkvitalyi: What actually happens?16:34
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Rootbrian_Ethan_ there isn't much you can do if it fails.16:34
jhutchins_wk_Ethan_: Fix the failure.16:34
xangua(10:34:29) _Ethan_: with the repositories, maybe i have to change them... - very bad idea16:34
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arabihttp://pastie.org/5655654   <<< I have to empty the list .. how can I do that16:35
_Ethan_so it seems there is no solution to my question xangua16:35
Rootbrian_Ethan_: nope, there isn't. You have to go about the Live CD/USB method instead like I always do.16:36
vitalyiit simply crashes (graphics looks like when compiz fails) - unable to see mouse or cursor, no response for any action16:36
vitalyithe only think i can do is to shut the computer down by pressing power button16:36
nearstu may use ctrl + alt + L1 to login to console16:37
KeyboardNotFoundHow to delete chat history of skype ?16:37
_Ethan_Rootbrian okkk16:37
vitalyiok then, thank you16:38
arshavinKeyboardNotFound: you can disable it from options and delete from profile perhaps16:38
ZenMastaHow can I type a command and have the output pause before it fills up another screen.16:38
lombardowindows will have my laptop battery stop charging when i use it in "desktop mode".. this makes the batery live longer..  how do i get the same thing in ubuntu?16:38
jhutchins_wkIs there some reason you can't just take 11.04 to 11.10 then to 12.04 then 12.10?16:40
_Ethan_jhutchins_wk yes, i try to update to 11.10 but i get an error16:41
jhutchins_wk_Ethan_: So fix the error.16:41
k1l_Ethan_: which error?16:41
meLonIs it possible to have python-pyopencl in Ubuntu 12.04 without nvidia-current?  I'm having a hell of a time getting this working :\16:42
SlartZenMasta: I don't think you can actually pause the program doing the printing but you can use more, less or most to buffer the output so you can browse around in it at your leisure16:42
SlartZenMasta: ls | more   will give you a kind of text editor view of the output where you can scroll up and down, search and so on16:42
SlartZenMasta: personally I prefer "most" but you'll have to install it first..   sudo apt-get install most16:43
jhutchins_wkZenMasta: You can pipe the output to more or to less.16:43
jhutchins_wkZenMasta: It's possible to pause some output with the pause or scroll lock keys, but that's a little harder at the speeds we get today.16:43
ZenMastaI was hoping to pause this for example dpkg --get-selections16:44
jhutchins_wkZenMasta: It's possible to scroll back with shift-page up, but the buffer is limited.16:44
jhutchins_wkzen dpkg --get-selections16:44
jhutchins_wkzen dpkg --get-selections | less16:44
jhutchins_wk(stupid keyboard)16:45
MrPopinjayAnyone else failing to download all the repository indexes on 12.04?16:45
ZenMastajhutchins_wk thanks16:45
jhutchins_wkZenMasta: you might want to look for articles on "bash redirect" for the many wonderful ways you can use that.16:45
ZenMastaI guess I could have wrote to text file too, but that's exactly what I wanted16:46
_Ethan_i have 10.10 and it seems it cannot find some files in the server16:48
_Ethan_to update to 11.0416:48
k1l!EOL | _Ethan_16:48
ubottu_Ethan_: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades16:48
jilok thx and bye16:48
k1l_Ethan_: read that. and you are very very very late to update that, btw16:48
_Ethan_yes i know16:49
linda666Slart, ok all done and working :) only had to add my user to virtualbox  groups at the end, reboot and now my usb is working perfectly. thanks alot! ;)16:49
_Ethan_so i guess i will have simply to create a usb bootable16:49
Slartlinda666: great! you're welcome16:49
_Ethan_fuck!! :(16:49
Slart_Ethan_: language...16:49
k1l!rootirc > root16:50
ubotturoot, please see my private message16:50
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timotejHi i moved to ubuntu 12.10 from Fedora and I had multiple problems but i was able to fix them except for one16:50
Slart_Ethan_: if you're looking for some repository files there used to an url for the old repos.. something with old-releases in it.. it's probably in that link from ubotty16:51
Slart_Ethan_: that might help you to at least get the upgrade to a new version going16:51
k1lSlart: yep, its in the wiki page for EOL UPgrades16:51
timotejmy parition layout is sda2 /boot sda3 / and in LVM on sdb /home and /var (sda is SSD sdb is HDD) and home stayed from fedora16:51
arabihttp://pastie.org/5655744     <<< i am getting an error here please help16:51
Slartk1l: ah.. thanks16:51
timotejBut now on every boot i get error cannot mount home16:51
timoteji have to write vgscan and vgchange -ay combo16:52
_Ethan_just wanna update ubuntu16:52
timotejso LVM paritions are recognized and system continues to boot16:52
jhutchins_wkSo what's the policy on when old releases get move to the old-releases repositories?16:52
timotejany ideas why ubuntu has problems with this? and how to somehow make it boot automatically16:52
k1l_Ethan_: did you read and understand how an EOLUpgrade works, now?16:53
_Ethan_no, actually i dont know how it works16:53
_Ethan_the "ubuntu pc" is 10 meters from me16:53
k1ljhutchins_wk: its: gets no support its just a historical repo that apt-get and upgrades still work16:53
_Ethan_gonna look at that16:53
k1l_Ethan_: read the link the bot gave you and do whats is written there16:54
_Ethan_is it maybe possible to update from the command-line ?16:54
k1l_Ethan_: read that link. its explained in there16:54
_Ethan_which link?16:54
jhutchins_wkk1l: I understand that, I'm just wondering when releases get moved there.  Are only the two most recent on the active repos?  Only the most recent three?16:54
k1l!EOL | _Ethan_16:54
ubottu_Ethan_: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades16:54
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blimIve never had this problem before but every so often the scroll on my mouse stops working or a second. plz help. this need to work every time for fast pace gaming on ut16:54
k1l_Ethan_: ^ that link16:54
_Ethan_oh ok16:54
_Ethan_im sorry16:55
k1ljhutchins_wk: they get moved after X monthes after EOL16:55
jhutchins_wk_Ethan_: Basically the older releases get moved to an archive server.16:55
_Ethan_gonna look at that then16:55
k1ljhutchins_wk: let him read it. its explained there. i think he just gets confused now16:55
jhutchins_wkk1l: So how does _Ethan_ determine which releases are on old-release and which are on the regular mirrors?16:56
k1ljhutchins_wk: i dont get your point. he has to do it for the first upgrade at least. since 10.10 is put of support "some" time16:57
c00keeanyone install ubuntu on acer's google chromebook16:57
jhutchins_wkk1l: Understood - but what's the oldest release that's still on the main servers?16:57
MonkeyDustc00kee  guess this is not the right place to ask16:57
morfeohello, someone can help me to format a usb, this have virus and mkfs.vfat dont work16:58
_Ethan_arf, that links is not enough16:58
c00keeknow of any room that can help with that monkey dust16:58
_Ethan_actually it seems Help widget says i have 11.1016:58
_Ethan_but in the command line i get maverick16:58
_Ethan_so it seems synaptic made some crap when trying to update16:58
OerHeksc00kee, is it an ARM chromebook ?16:59
k1l_Ethan_: you have to change the repos to a old-releases repo. that is the point. i dont know why you are not doing it16:59
k1ljhutchins_wk: see the header: http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/releases/16:59
jhutchins_wkc00kee: Not too many people have tried yet.  There are some very strange looking schemes to get it working, but I don't know of anybody who's done a direct install.17:00
jhutchins_wkc00kee: If you want a minimalist ubuntu netbook there are probably better options like an Acer One.17:00
_Ethan_k1l that link does not include 10.10 version17:00
jhutchins_wkk1l: D'Oh!17:00
Pici_Ethan_: yes it does. look again17:01
c00keei have installed and currently  running uuntu 12.04 on my acer chromebook17:01
blimwhat would make a mouse wheel become intermittent?17:01
c00keei just wan to rub elbows with someone on working on develpments17:02
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_Ethan_anyways i think there should be a standard way to simply update from "almost every version"17:02
c00keearm type processor17:02
MonkeyDustc00kee  #ubuntu-app-devel17:02
_Ethan_of course im no-one to ask that, this is free software17:03
OerHeksc00kee, you might want to check out #ubuntu-arm for that17:03
jhutchins_wkc00kee: Was it just a normal install or did you have to do some unusual steps?17:03
blimwhat would make a mouse wheel become intermittent?17:04
SonikkuAmericaAh, this looks better17:04
c00keeyeah toplace it in developer mode which is done by going into the bios17:04
k1l_Ethan_: sry, but you are more than overdue. that is your fault. so you have to do the "work" of changing 3 words.17:04
orudieany reason why ubuntu desktop image iso does not fit on a regular 700 mb CD ?17:04
c00keeand then using the command prompt and installing directly from there17:04
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_Ethan_not only that, im sure there will be more problems, as always k1l17:05
jhutchins_wkc00kee: If you could do a writeup of the process and put it somewhere on the wiki it would be very useful.17:05
_Ethan_but yes, it is my fault17:05
SonikkuAmericaorudie: It has ~1 GB of data...?17:05
_Ethan_however, 10.10 is a 2011 version , that is not too much time17:05
jhutchins_wkc00kee: If you followed a good writeup, could you post the link here?17:05
k1l_Ethan_: you could easily be upgrading already if you would read what its meant you to do and do it instead of talking about it or other things all the time17:05
Pici_Ethan_: 10.10 was released in 2010.  The Ubuntu version numbers represent the YEAR.MONTH of release.17:06
teorudie: What is the name of the file you downloaded?17:06
k1l_Ethan_: wrong on that, too. 10.10 came on 10. month on 2010.17:06
SonikkuAmericaPici, _Ethan_, k1l: Not to mention it's outdated.17:06
c00keewell i saw it on the a forum  at http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2012/12/how-to-install-ubuntu-on-acers-199-c7-chromebook/17:06
jhutchins_wkc00kee: Thank you.17:06
k1l_Ethan_: and there are LTS releases for people who dont want to upgrade that often. so dont blame us on that :/17:06
Laurencebcan anyone help me set up a printer?17:07
MonkeyDustorudie  http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/11/ubuntu-12-04-disc-size-to-be-750mb17:07
c00keeits only for the acer chromebook17:07
SonikkuAmericak1l, _Ethan_: Unless you're running Lubuntu of course17:07
_Ethan_k1l im not blaming anyone17:07
_Ethan_i will just go for the usb live and that's all17:07
k1l_Ethan_: the task you got to do now is not a big deal. i dont understand why you make such a drama about it17:08
_Ethan_the other staff is a lot more work for nothing, dont need to keep anything in the installation17:08
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SonikkuAmericaDexterF: Hello, how can we help you?17:08
c00keeit does work 100 percent except for some minor issues with virtualbox running, it gives me an error about the kernel currently installed17:08
DexterFwhat's the preferred program to make 1:1 copies DVD to disk?17:08
_Ethan_i insists k1l that web does not include 10.10!17:09
SonikkuAmericaDexterF: Typically Brasero.17:09
awefiojwefiowejfI'm trying to make a bootable usb for a mac on a mac17:09
_Ethan_anyways thanks for your help17:09
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SonikkuAmericaDexterF: I mean, it's typically included with Ubuntu (Unity), GNOME Remix, and Lubuntu17:09
blimI have tryed more than 2 mouse and they all do it so it has to be somthing with ubuntu. plz help17:09
k1l_Ethan_: and to upgrade fomr 10.10 to 11.04 to 11.10 (which support ends next time) and preferable to 12.04 (LTS) is way more work and time than to install a new release direct17:09
SonikkuAmericaI think, if I'm not mistaken, Kubuntu has its own disc burner...?17:09
SonikkuAmerica_Ethan_: "Next time" = April of '1317:10
Allspark_____I'm trying to make a bootable usb for a mac on a mac17:10
_Ethan_k1l: exactly17:10
blimhow do i reinstall the use controllers?17:10
DexterFSonikkuAmerica: I rarely use gnome apps and had brasero for a writer. I'll give it a whirl, thanks.17:10
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SonikkuAmericaDexterF: Oh wait...17:11
SonikkuAmericaDexterF: I didn't see from DVD to disk. Some file managers have that ability... I know for a fact Nautilus can (if the source DVD isn't read-only(17:11
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SonikkuAmericaAllspark: ? Clarify please.17:12
blimwhat elements or Ubuntu have a direct affect on use devises17:12
DexterFSonikkuAmerica: how can a src dvd be *not* read-only?17:12
AllsparkI'm working on a macbook air. I want to make a usb bootable with ubuntu that can boot up on a mac17:12
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SonikkuAmericaDexterF: Windows has a "Live File System" which allows CDs and DVDs to work like USB flash drives, but that's (sort of) different17:13
jhutchins_wkAllspark: Sounds like a cool project.  Take good notes and post a writeup!17:13
MonkeyDustAllspark  and you need a tool to do it?17:13
AllsparkI don't know. I've tried many things.17:13
SonikkuAmericaAllspark, jhutchins_wk: I think Ubuntu's Web site has a page devoted to that17:14
thoonaiAllspark: dd?17:14
blimis this a bad time to get help. whats best time to come here?17:14
AllsparkI tried making it bootable through terminal. Then it didn't boot up.17:14
SonikkuAmericablim: Now! What's up?17:14
AllsparkThen I install rEFIt, and synced it. still didn't work. says missing operating system.17:14
teblim: Anytime is ok17:14
blimever mouse I use has the same problem. the scroll at times does not respond17:14
jhutchins_wkSonikkuAmerica: If you could post a link to it I'm sure Allspark would appreciate it.17:15
Allsparkthoonai, i did dd. It installed properly, but it won't boot up. Using rEFIt yieled the 'Missing Operating System' error17:15
DexterFSonikkuAmerica: yes, UDF based. nother story. well, brasero actually *can* backup DVD to image files, but it gives me tons of errors that don't mean nothign. guess I'm missing deps.17:15
jhutchins_wkblim: What do the times when the scroll doesn't work have in common?17:15
DexterFnautilus, eh? gonna check that...17:15
jhutchins_wkblim: That probably has nothing to do with USB.17:15
blimit just seems random but maybe if I dont use it for a while it might happen.17:16
SonikkuAmericaAllspark: Try this: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/help/create-a-usb-stick-on-mac-osx17:16
Allsparkdid all that17:16
MonkeyDustAllspark  http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/17:16
atlefDexterF, http://askubuntu.com/questions/147800/ripping-dvd-to-iso-accurately17:16
Allsparki tried unetbootin but unetbootin makes bootables for windows. you can't boot up on mac.17:16
teblim: Tell us about your hardware, like Processor, RAM, mouse etc17:16
SonikkuAmericaAllspark: Possible problem though: <<Note: OS X tends to put the .dmg ending on the output file automatically.>>17:17
SonikkuAmericaAllspark: (When using hdiutil)17:17
Allsparkyup, using sudo -dd can install dmg or img17:17
calimero_1982how can i remove firefox estension completally?17:18
blimfirstly Ive NEVER had this problem before. amd fx 8 core, asus crosshair iv board, 6950 2gb, force 3 120bg sd drive, soundblaster x-fi pci-e (not fully working)17:19
SonikkuAmericacalimero_1982: That's a Firefox question...17:19
MonkeyDustcalimero_1982  delete in firefow, then look in ~/.config if there's a folder to delete17:19
atlefcalimero_1982, try making a new profile17:19
blimcorshair 1600hmz 8-8-8-20 x 8gb17:19
Allsparki just had an idea!17:20
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)17:20
Allsparkone sec17:20
Allspark!tab ubotto thank you17:20
ubottuAllspark: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:20
Allspark,g google17:20
PiciAllspark: your tab key17:20
AllsparkPici: google17:20
PiciAllspark: google?17:21
AllsparkPici: hello17:21
blimrun smooth as anything. linux games installed like ss3 tf2 killingfloor and ut2004. all work great17:21
MonkeyDustAllspark  type two letters and then press tab17:22
blimmouse is a razer abyssus17:22
AllsparkErealz: what for?17:22
PiciAllspark: can I help you?17:22
Allsparkthe harddrive that i'm installing the linux dist. on must be formatted to fat32?17:23
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teAllspark: No17:23
JuJuBeeAnybody willing to help me with squid/iptables question in pm?17:23
teAllspark: The installer will re-format it17:23
Allsparkte: what installer should i be using?17:24
MonkeyDustJuJuBee  careful with pm, if you're getting wrong instructions, nobody can correct them17:24
JuJuBeeGood point MonkeyDust17:24
teAllspark: The one that runs when you boot the Ubuntu CD or USB.17:24
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JuJuBeeI just didn't want to cause extra traffic here and #squid is always dead...17:25
Allsparkte: that's my problem… how do i get linux onto a usb?17:25
Allsparkte: i've been trying to install inux onto an external hdd and i have not been able to get it to boot. i'm on a mac17:25
blimI have two of the same mouse so i know its not to fult17:26
Allsparki love catskill, new york.17:27
Laurencebcan anyone help me set up a printer?17:27
theseushaving an issue with mounting a second hard drive in ubuntu17:27
theseusformat of 2nd hhd is sfs, any help?17:27
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shomonhi.. what's the best way to get at outlook email from ubuntu?17:27
shomonapart from owa/wine/virtualbox solutions :)17:28
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jrib!printing | Laurenceb17:28
ubottuLaurenceb: Printing in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkPrintingWithUbuntu17:28
Laurencebyes ive read all that17:28
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Laurencebbut i dont know what to do17:28
Laurencebi only have a single piece of information17:28
jrib!enter | Laurenceb17:29
ubottuLaurenceb: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!17:29
Laurencebthe name of the printer service on the windows network17:29
blimis that a, we have no idea what the problem is?17:29
Laurencebi have no clue17:29
Laurencebi hoped someone here could help me17:29
jribLaurenceb: well what happens when you try to add the printer?17:29
Laurencebit says its not found on the network17:29
Laurencebwindows users type in \\UIWAPEPS0317:30
Laurenceband it works17:30
Allsparkte: how do i put linux on a usb in mac so that i can boot into it and install linux?17:30
blimmy problem does seem to happen more ingame come to think about it17:30
jribLaurenceb: what says "its not found on the network"?17:30
teAllspark: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/help/create-a-usb-stick-on-mac-osx17:30
Laurencebthe printing troubleshooter dialogue thingy17:31
Allsparkte: i already saw that. didn't work. i booted up and it said 'missing operating system'17:31
jribLaurenceb: how did you get to it?17:31
Laurencebadded a new printer, set it up as lpd://uiwapeps0317:31
MonkeyDustAllspark  have you asked in the mac channel?17:31
Laurencebthen set up the drivers for the correct model17:32
Allsparkno what is the mac channel?17:32
Laurencebsmb:uiwapeps03 also fails17:32
Laurencebsmb:// even17:32
teAllspark: Run md5sum on the ISO image and google it.  (Verify that the image is authentic.)17:32
MonkeyDustAllspark  #MacOSX17:33
Allsparkte: lol what is the md5sum17:33
teAllspark: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Md5sum17:33
blizzow1I think I found a minor bug/inconvenience for the motion package.  The motion process runs as user motion, but the default directory the conf file saves to does not have permissions set correctly for the motion user to write to it.  The motion process dies when it tries to write to a location it does not have permission to write to.   Can anyone else verify?17:34
Allsparkmacosx channel is dead17:34
ejvthats because it just works17:35
jrib!who | Laurenceb17:35
ubottuLaurenceb: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)17:35
teAllspark: If the iso image is authentic, verify that the process you used to write the image to the USB stick is correct/proper.17:36
Allsparkwell im' using that link that you sent me te.17:36
jribLaurenceb: I usually prefer the cups web interface.  But you should be able to do the same through the gui. Do you not see the printer listed as a network printer?17:36
Allsparkjrib: you need to type /whois [username] for that to work17:36
teAllspark: Run md5sum against the iso image and see what you get.17:37
Allsparkte: i'm on mac, i can't17:37
ejvAllspark: !who is a command supported by the robot "ubottu"17:37
Laurencebjrib: no17:38
Laurencebits not a printer17:38
Laurencebits a printing service17:38
Allspark!who ejv17:38
Laurencebshared between all printers on the network via a print server17:38
ejvAllspark: you have to use the pipe operator: | e.g. !who | nick17:39
jribLaurenceb: my guess is it works the same, no?17:39
teAllspark: I'm sorry for the limitations of MacOS.  Are you sure there is not an md5sum app that can be installed?17:39
Laurencebwell maybe17:39
Laurencebbut its not working17:39
Allsparkte i'll look for something.17:39
Laurencebonly works on windows717:39
Allsparkte: thank you very much17:39
Allspark!who | ejv17:39
ubottuejv: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)17:39
Geetis it possible  as a last ditch effort to replenish my 8 year old desktop. pentium iv 1.8ghz and 512 mb ram?  which distro may work?17:40
atlefGeet, xubuntu maybe17:41
shomonGeet: lubuntu maybe, or puppylinux if all else fails17:41
MonkeyDustGeet  i've used a 10 year old desktop with linux17:41
jribGeet: lubuntu should work great17:41
MonkeyDustGeet  it was debian17:41
dniMretsaMGeet: Lubuntu, CrunchBang, SliTaz, or Puppy17:41
hsnmckhello, is there a way to use the wireless card to connect to the internet and to create a hotspot at the same time?17:41
GeetMonkeyDust: which one? was the usage normal or slow?17:41
Geetjrib: the latest version would work?17:42
jribGeet: yep17:42
tehsnmck: You need a router.17:42
shomonhsnmck: doubt it.. and if it does, I want one17:42
Geetdnimretsam: slitaz and puppy are to minimal i tried them.. never heard the others.. would i find old drivers?17:43
shomonwhat do you do if your work email is outlook based and you're in ubuntu?17:43
shomonapart from suicide suggestions :)17:43
Geetjrib: would i find the required drivers?17:43
jribGeet: drivers for what?17:43
tehsnmck: You can share the connection with the LAN port into which you plug a wireless router that can act as your "hotspot"17:44
dniMretsaMGeet: Lubuntu is Ubuntu with the LXDE desktop. CrunchBang is Debian-based and usus OpenBox. in my opinion, it's the best OpenBox distro around17:44
Geetjrib: sound printer17:44
atlefshomon, http://askubuntu.com/questions/24083/recommend-an-outlook-replacement17:44
jribGeet: try and see :)  I doubt you need to do anything special with such an old machine17:44
nearstbodhi , antiX also good. im not eyecandy guy :)17:45
dniMretsaMnearst: I'd suggest Ubuntu Minimal wih XMonad, but...17:45
shomonatlef: yeah if possible I'd connect via clawsmail17:45
dniMretsaMif Puppy is too minimal for him, he'd die trying to use XMonad17:45
shomonbut I can't get them to change their email server or windows-centricness.. until they grow enough to be required by law to form a union or something17:46
Geetjrib: so i will try lubuntu. what's the latest?17:46
nearstworth to try , and find suitable . ima use remastersys to backup as iso and install it back make my own custom17:46
dniMretsaMor he could just do Ubuntu Minimal with GNU Screen. that'd be interesting17:46
jribGeet: 12.10 is the latest release; 12.04 is the latest LTS release17:47
dniMretsaMGeet: Lubuntu 12.10 is the latest stable. Or you could go with 12.04, which is the latest LTS release17:47
nearstubuntu minimal + emacs binds. lol17:47
ClientAliveHi, I'm trying to do something real quick. I'm trying to remember how to use wildcards to make numbered directories (multiple directories in one comand). I tried "mkdir Assignment[1-9]" and "mkdir Assignment*[1-9]" but in both cases it just made a single diretory with exactly that as it's name? Anyone can tell me the command for this?17:47
* dniMretsaM loves him some Emacs, nearst17:48
jribClientAlive: echo {1..9}17:48
Geetjrib, dnimretsam which one would work better? i mean stable and fast etc17:48
kriskropdClientAlive: thats because you put it in quotes, remove the quotes17:48
ClientAlivejrib: ahhh... the ol' squiggly brackets17:48
zakkotroni have installed glib atk latest version in /opt directory so how to configure gtk to these new libraries before installing it17:49
dniMretsaMthey're both about the same, probably. 12.10 has some newer software, so you might get speed improvements.17:49
Geetjrib: how about peppermint?17:49
ClientAlivekriskropd: I didn't put quotes in the command I only put them here to set of the [code] ... [/code]17:49
jribGeet: well with 12.04 you'll have support for 5 years.  So if you want to stick something on there and not worry about upgrading for a few years, go with 12.04.  12.10 has support for only 18 months, but it is more recent17:49
jribGeet: I don't know what peppermint is17:50
savidWhy do I now get "Directory not empty", when I type "rm -rf somedir/", and then running the *exact* command a second time works?17:50
ClientAlivejrib: thx. worked  :)17:50
ejva p4 with 512mb of ram running 12.04 lts, that sounds like a bad idea. 12.04 is a dog.17:50
jribsavid: pastebin full input and output preceded by "ls -R somedir"17:50
jribejv: he's using lubuntu17:51
savidjrib, well the directory is gone now... but, why would it matter what's in the directory?17:51
ejvnot sure that changes how i feel... heh17:52
Geetjrib: i don't think that system will work for more than a year :D so i will opt for 12.10 then..17:52
TheBronxHi all17:52
Geetdoes it have a software center like ubuntu?17:52
auronandaceGeet: peppermint isn't supported here17:52
savidOh...  wait, the directory is not gone17:52
savidso, rm -rf didn't remove the whole dir17:53
jribGeet: yep, it's the same distribution.  It just has a different set of default applications17:53
atlefGeet, that is what is great about most distro's, they run live from dvd/usb/cd, so you can try before you install17:53
jribsavid: to explain what happened we need more information; that's why I asked17:53
TheBronxI have ubuntu server 10 and I would like to know what does this message means: "r8169: eth0: link up"17:54
Geetatlef: i got some shitty internet speeds here :( so downloading the iso is a pain.. anyways.. i will try some as u suggested..17:54
nearstagree.. :)17:54
jribsavid: if you want me to make a guess... it's some permission issue17:54
Geetthanks jrib17:54
atlefGeet, ok17:54
nearstGeet, what u looking for atm?17:54
savidjrib, http://sprunge.us/VRQN17:55
zakkotroni have installed glib atk latest version in /opt directory so how to configure gtk to these new libraries before installing it17:55
strangrzakkotron, also specify the version17:55
savidjrib, and here's the output if ls -lR to show permissions:  http://sprunge.us/TMXe17:56
jribsavid: I should have said: ls -lR google-chrome17:56
savidThis may have something to do with the profile problems I'm having with chrome :-P17:56
savidWhat, other than permissions, would make a file non-deletable?17:56
TheBronxanyone? r8169: eth0: link up?17:57
jribsavid: that's kind of weird.  Can you use rm on Custom.css?17:57
klpktHello, I have a question; Is it possible to mount a CD drive?17:57
jribsavid: I'm assuming your user is "ben"17:57
savidjrib, correct17:57
ejvTheBronx: looks like a signal sent to your kernel ring buffer indicating your interface is active17:57
zakkotroni have installed glib 2.34.3 atk 2.6 in /opt directory so how to configure gtk 3.6.4 to these new libraries before installing it. i m using ubuntu 12.0417:57
MonkeyDustklpkt what goes wrong when you just enter the cd?17:57
auronandaceklpkt: technically you mount what is inserted into the drive17:57
Slartklpkt: I think you can mount a cd disc.. the drive itself might not be mountable17:57
jribzakkotron: can I ask why you are doing this?17:58
zakkotroni have installed glib 2.34.3 atk 2.6 in /opt directory so how to configure gtk 3.6.4 to these new libraries before installing it because it is still getting glib 2.32.3. i m using ubuntu 12.0417:58
savidOh, duh. Probably b/c chrome is still running :-/17:58
jribsavid: that shouldn't matter17:59
remonteesHello ¡!17:59
tesavid: You can only delete files or directories that are owned by your username.17:59
savidjrib, I just killed chrome and was able to delete the directory17:59
klpktWhen I enter the CD, which is an installation CD, it opens the contents in Rhytmbox, but nothing else happens.17:59
savidte, they are owned by my username.17:59
nep1xthe 32 bit version of a distro works good in a 64-bit architecture? or should I download the 64-bit version? which advantages/disadvantages could have one against the other? thanks18:00
jribsavid: maybe chrome recreates that file...?18:00
Getterac7nep1x: 32-bit will work fine, but you're limited to 4GB of RAM or so.18:00
atlefklpkt, what did you want to happen?18:00
jribnep1x: nowadays, if your hardware supports 64bit I would advise using 64bit18:01
tenep1x: Yes, the 32bit verson will be fine.18:01
strangrjrib, that issue zakkotron is having any ideas?18:01
klpktI did have a problem earlier with not being able to open /media/[username], and now when I try to open the CD contents in nautilus, it says that /media/[username]/[cdname] isn't a folder.18:01
savidjrib, dunno. but killing the process allows me to remove it. strange.18:01
ejvyou can use a 32bit kernel with PAE to address memory outside the ~4GB range18:01
jribsavid: you can test if you want, make a copy of some mp3, play the mp3, and delete the mp3 while it's playing18:01
nep1xok, thanks guys.18:02
jribstrangr: yes, I'm wondering why he wants to do that :)18:02
klpktatlef: I wanted to be able to open the contents in i.e. nautilus, and to open it in PlayOnLinux, to install The Sims 3.18:02
atlefklpkt, ok, not sure what is going on, sorry18:03
TheBronxis it normal to have thousands of messages like "r8169: eth0: link up" during a SYN flood attack?18:03
Getterac7Anyone know about using multiseat, but with a split-screen setup?  I have a beast computer, a 100" projector screen, and 3 friends.  We want to play split-screen PC games.  Ideas?18:04
teklpkt: Is it a music CD?18:05
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jribGetterac7: I don't know, but that sounds awesome18:05
strangrjrib, he wishes to compile evince18:06
Third3yeSo there's no sound coming from the HDMI output18:06
Third3yeI want to fix this...18:06
klpktte: No, it's an installation CD for the Sims 3, but Ubuntu/Rhythmbox seems to think it is.18:06
strangrthe latest git requires that verison of gtk18:06
strangrand glib18:06
strangrbut 12.04 ships with the older ones..18:06
strangrjrib ^18:06
jribstrangr: but evince is in the repositories already18:07
strangrjrib, we are developing18:08
Third3yeI have "Intel Corporation 82801I (ICH9 Family) HD Audio Controller (rev 03)"18:08
DominikST95hey, I need some help in Java x__x I've got a problem, but can't fix it, somehow...Help pls!18:09
Third3yeALSA recognises the speaker output and HDMI output, but only the speakers on the laptop seem to work18:09
jribstrangr: maybe check out jhbuild.  Should make the process easier for you18:09
nep1xsorry guys, I know this is not the right place to ask this question, but I know you can anwer it in a light quickly way... Its my understanding that amd is the competitor of intel and when downloading the 64-bit version the file name ends in amd64. But my cpu is intel... Can you understand my confussion.¡? jejeje thanks18:09
udi_10x_org_ilHi! Anybody remembers what was the name of the service allowing to setup an intermediate ssh relay?18:09
strangrjrib he already uses jhbuild18:09
strangrjrib however i dont18:09
strangrjrib but he seems to have the same issue18:10
strangrwith jhbuild too18:10
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Getterac7nep1x: amd64 just means 64-bit... if you have a recent Intel CPU, it will work fine.18:11
jribstrangr: you can usually pass arguments to ./configure indicating where various libraries can be found.  But jhbuild should automate all of this18:11
Getterac7amd64 refers to the CPU instruction set that supports 64-bit.18:11
TheBronxis it normal to have thousands of messages like "r8169: eth0: link up" during a SYN flood attack?18:11
davelindbergAnyone have success in installing Ubuntu 12.10 64-bit on an Asus G75VW (with Windows 8 preinstalled)?  I'm at a loss.  I just want Ubuntu on a second internal drive and have UEFI prompt for either Win 8 or Ubuntu.  Any suggestions?18:11
zakkotronjrib jhbuild will only work when gtk>=3.4.4 but ubuntu 12.04 has 3.4.218:12
strangrjhbuild seems to find the older glib18:12
TheBronxare you there ejv?18:12
atlef!uefi | davelindberg18:12
ubottudavelindberg: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI18:12
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strangrzakkotron oh thats the case?18:12
jribzakkotron: doesn't jhbuild let you build gtk+18:12
nep1xjejeje I guessed it but just for clear my mind thanks!!!18:12
ubottuGuest85404: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».18:12
josh__so I'18:13
strangrzakkotron, try building gtk+ using jhbuild as jrib suggests18:13
strangrjust might work u know18:13
zakkotronjrib: ok18:13
josh__I'm having an interesting issue with mouse vs. touchpad.  If I set my mouse to left-handed, the touchpad swaps single and double-touch.  And if I set the mouse back, it doesn't set it back again.18:13
Third3yeAre you telling me that the restricted Nvidia driver does not support sound over HDMI?18:14
davelindbergYes, i do understand what EUFI does.  I attempted https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI but it does not allow me to run Ubuntu even off the Live USB.  The directions do not work on Asus G75VW.18:14
jribstrangr, zakkotron: you might also try the channels on gimpnet irc to ask how developers there like to work18:14
josh__I've searched the Ubuntu bug database and google for this issue, but I can't find anything.  Hints on what to look for?18:16
meLonOh no! https://askubuntu.com is down ;_;18:17
Third3yeUh... no it isn't, meLon18:18
meLonI am having trouble with my ATI card w. headless setup w. OpenCL: http://askubuntu.com/questions/239195/ati-r7850-w-opencl-support-on-12-0418:18
meLonThird3ye: It was.  I wasn't the only person reporting it, either18:18
davelindbergAre there any Official Ubuntu "techs" here.. or just the Ubuntu Community?18:19
Third3yeThe techs... are in a place unknown to people, a hobble where a castle once was... deep in its dungeons18:20
Third3yeStanding around a glowing pentagram...18:20
davelindbergWow @Third3ye... and I wonder why more people do not come here for help?18:21
Getterac7davelindberg: you'll probably only get responses from the community, but we can be helpful sometimes!18:21
josh__davelindberg: lots of people come here for help.  they just don't always get it18:22
Third3yeYeah, like me18:22
Third3yeHDMI... Nvidia MCP77/78... Intel HDA... nvidia driver version 310.12... no sound... help!18:23
josh__hmmm.  found an entry on the forums, but it basically tells me that the whole touchpad/mouse thing is broken: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-1746468.html18:23
davelindbergOk.  Third attempt at help, no one is helping USERS. No wonder Ubuntu is not a majority holder of Desktop PCs.  Ubuntu and Canonical should be ashamed.18:25
josh__wow, who poured drano in his coffee this morning?18:26
tedarryl: Why don't you ask your question?18:26
tedarryl: Sorry, wrong nic18:26
ejvhmm >:)18:29
Third3yeme gusta18:29
FourFireIs there a Wine support channel?18:30
atlef!wine | FourFire18:30
ubottuFourFire: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu18:30
TheLordOfTimeFourFire, #winehq, or here.18:30
TheLordOfTimeFourFire, if its wine-specific you may want to go to #winehq18:31
ejvFourFire: #winehq18:31
ejvFourFire: http://www.winehq.org/irc18:31
FourFireI've never seen such a populated IRC channel before o.o18:31
seba4_hello to all ... i got a question how could i make a shortcut to change keyboard layout ..18:33
seba4_at work i got suse and i have ctrl+alt +k for switch18:34
seba4_oh found it now added it to alt caps18:35
atlefare there any programs to monitor router traffic in gui?18:37
MonkeyDustatlef  wireshark ?18:38
atlefMonkeyDust, ok, will look thx18:38
vjoehey guys18:39
hangdeadmanI found a folder in my music collection named using a character unreadable to ubuntu 12.04 and I cannot delete or open the folder using nautilus, how do I delete or rename it using the terminal?18:39
vjoehow do I install h.264 on Ubuntu for encoding? libx264 does not exist in the repos. Am i missing something?18:39
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tevjoe: http://askubuntu.com/questions/148554/installingffmpeg-libx264-and-libavfilter18:41
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)18:42
DJoneshangdeadman: Can you use the tab key to autocomplete the foldername, eg mv yourfoldername newfoldername just entering the first few characters and then pressing tab to complete the foldername18:43
vjoethanks a lot te18:43
Getterac7Is there a good way to use Ubuntu (or any Linux distro) split-screen?  Sort of like multiseat, but only one monitor.18:44
brunbookAjude me, meu Administrador não quer entra eu digito a senha mas ele volta para pagina para volta a senha eu fui em convidado tirei a senha mas mesmo assim ele não quer entrar, como eu faço para ter acesso as minhas pastas para pega e formatar o pc ?18:45
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.18:46
brunbookHelp me, do not want to enter my Admin password but i type it back to back page for the password I was asked to removed the password but it still does not want to go, how do I access my folders to handle and format the pc?18:46
hangdeadmanDJones: didn't work18:46
brunbookHelp me, do not want to enter my Admin password but i type it back to back page for the password I was asked to removed the password but it still does not want to go, how do I access my folders to handle and format the pc?18:47
DJoneshangdeadman: That was my only idea, can't think of anything else I'm afraid18:47
MonkeyDustbrunbook  boot a live cd or usb, use gparted to remove the partiton18:47
FourFireI have a problem : I'm new to Ubuntu and I am trying to use a command switch on an .exe program (in wine), How do I do this in Ubuntu?18:48
hangdeadmanDJones: there is no way to delete it from terminal/18:48
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vjoete: why arent they available in the repos in a friendlier manner?18:50
tehangdeadman: What is the flename?18:50
tevjoe: I dono18:50
brunbookbut I want to recover files from my admin I have the cd18:51
MonkeyDustbrunbook  keep it in the channel, please18:51
MonkeyDustbackbox  /join #ubuntu-it18:51
m60Anyone know if there Firefox 17 ESR will be added to Ubuntu repositories?18:52
MonkeyDustm60  the current  version is 1818:53
m60Firefox ESR: "Extended Support Release", MonkeyDust , it's the equivalent of LTS.18:53
MisterLmaybe you guys can help out since i cant find a working solution via google. my floppy drive isnt recognized in 12.04, adding the device in /etc/modules makes the fdd appear in lsmod, but marked red (no idea if that matters). /dev/fd0 doesnt exist anyway18:56
m60Firefox 17 is the most recent ESR and is planned to be updated through Firefox 25 (w/ 24 being the next ESR): http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/organizations/faq/18:56
MisterLany ideas on that legacy hardware? :)18:57
hangdeadmante: I fixed it thanks18:57
Third3yeMisterL: I could be wrong, but I think you'll have to compile a new version of the kernel and include floppy disk support18:57
ChrisWereDoes anyone know how to get the spell check working on libre office for xubuntu?19:02
cmj141chrisWere try a xubuntu channel19:02
ChrisWerecmj141 I tried, there's no-one there19:02
cmj141oh, you're going to have to get lucky in here being this a general Ubuntu room19:03
LTFhello, i get the error "permission denied" when trying to ssh the localhost (or trying from outside), I already regenerated public and private keys (the error says error in the public key) but not solved the problem,someone has idea about this?19:06
MisterL[LTF]: as root?19:07
jca1981hi i was hacked an my server is sending a bizillion mails out a sec. how do i locate what program is sending mails trough postfix?19:07
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alamimy lan netwok conection goes away some time how can i fix that?19:08
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BoreeasHow do I mirror a partition from one harddrive to another?19:13
BoreeasI got a new one, and I want to transfer my stuff without having to reinstall everything19:14
Nieralytei wonder is everyone of ~1800 users here a human?19:16
Getterac7i would guess FloodBot1 and 2 are bots..19:16
Nieralytewell, yes19:17
truexfan404i just noticed something19:19
reaga1ive never used ubuntu before19:19
reaga1i m wondering about running VIRTUAL MACHINES on ubuntu19:19
riqdiizchrisward: we ni wetu?19:19
reaga1i want to use a VM that doesnt steal the cursor of the OS its running no19:19
auronandacereaga1: vbox is in the repos (and qemu)19:19
ActionParsnipReaga1: virtulbox and vmware are available19:19
reaga1ok thanks19:20
riqdiizChrisWere: we ni wetu?19:20
ActionParsnipReaga1: they will when the mouse is in the OS. There are shortcuts to release it19:21
disharmonicfor virtualbox just make sure you have your kernel headers installed. For some reason it doesnt have that as a dependency19:21
HackinBlackSo when are the phones going to come out19:21
compdocreaga1, there are several, but the best depends of the intended use19:21
compdoc*on the19:21
troybipeople can you help me in an asm program?19:21
auronandaceHackinBlack: #ubuntu-phone19:21
reaga1compdoc: are u in everty channel19:21
reaga1you seem omnipresent19:21
ActionParsnipTruexfan404: what have you noticed19:21
disharmonicActionParsnip, reagal with guest additions in vbox the mouse works seamlessly on both host and guest19:22
truexfan404nothing lol i was thinking ubottu wasn't here, its just way down in the user list19:22
ActionParsnipDisharmonic: then why does the popup still show19:24
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savidDoes anyone know of a graphical interface to list/navigate USB devices?19:27
ActionParsnipSavid: hwinfo maybe.  How do you mean by 'navigate'19:28
MonkeyDustsavid  nautilus19:28
disharmonicActionParsnip, it show on boot. For guest additions to work the guest must first load the addons19:28
savidActionParsnip,  like lsusb -v, but with a tree view (easier to browse through device info)19:29
disharmonicsavid he quit19:29
Third3yeI'll have to compile alsa...19:29
Third3yeJust cause HDMI doesn't friggin' work19:30
MehmetonLine oLan arkadasLara warmıdır19:30
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.19:30
disharmonicanyone know where to get the steam auth key for the repo.?19:30
Third3yedisharmonic: steam repo? You mean Steam by Valve?19:30
disharmonicThird3ye, yeah. a steam repo appeared on my 12.10 install. But it's lacking a GPG key and apt is complaining19:31
goddardhow can i use the groove shark application integration with ubuntu?19:32
carey_how do i create a share19:32
IdleOne!gpgerr | disharmonic19:32
ubottudisharmonic: Getting GPG errors after adding custom repositories? Find the GPG keyword for the repository (it's 437D05B5 for the standard ones) and run « sudo apt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com <key> »19:32
goddardit says i have to log out and log in19:33
goddardcant i just restart unity?19:33
goddardi dont want to close and reopen all my applications19:33
Third3yedisharmonic: I'd say it's kind of uncessary... just download the .deb from the official web-site19:33
IdleOnegoddard: you can try19:33
disharmonicThird3ye, i didn't add it. It must get added by an update on 12.10. But last i heard Valve wants to move steam updates to apt for ubuntu19:34
disharmonicIdleOne, thanks. I'll give that a shot19:35
UlyssesGaGood hello.  I have an interesting issue - can I bounce it off of you fellas?19:35
MonkeyDustUlyssesGa  let's hear it19:36
jribdisharmonic: well what is the repository? Seems strange it would be added automatically19:36
disharmonicjrib it's possible that installing steam adds it19:37
jribdisharmonic: yes, is that what happened?19:37
Third3yedisharmonic: I don't think they've published it yet19:37
jrib!ask | UlyssesGa19:38
ubottuUlyssesGa: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience19:38
Third3yedisharmonic: but just in case they have, mind messaging me the repo url? :P19:38
disharmonicjrib, dunno. I only noticed it cause apt was complaining when i tried to update today.19:38
IdleOnejrib: it is repo.steampowered.something, it should get the GPG key on its own but sometimes things happen.19:38
jribdisharmonic: well what is the repository?19:38
IdleOnejrib: http://repo.steampowered.com/steam/19:38