ttoinescott is not there...10:30
astraljavaGive it two to three hours.10:45
ttoineastraljava, thanks13:01
astraljavaNo worries, but he has exactly 8 minutes to show up, otherwise I wasn't of much use. :)13:38
zequencettoine: What's on your mind?16:34
ttoinezequence, just would like to know if he has some news from twitter16:55
zequencettoine: Ah17:06
len-1304zequence, I have a hack that lets jack start every time... 22:06
len-1304In the qjackctl setup->options->execute script on startup put :22:10
len-1304pasuspender sleep 5 &22:10
len-1304Probably even 1 or 2 would work instead of 5.22:45
len-1304Anyway, For testing I have audacious streaming through pulse to hw:1 (the same IF as jack uses)22:47
len-1304I tell qjackctl to start Jack and there is a quick stop start of audio and pulse switches from direct to the device to jack_sink.22:49
len-1304zequence, I am not sure, But I think pasuspender uses dbus to tell pulse to release the device.22:49
len-1304That would be the same as what Jackdbus does on start up.22:50
len-1304The only difference I can see is that there is more time from PA giving up the device to jack trying to grab it.22:51
zequencelen-1304: pasuspender will make pulse let go of the card, so that enables jack to grab it. Then, when pulse starts again, jack already has the card, right?23:15
zequenceA hack, yes. But I guess we could consider adding it, if there's no fix23:17
len-1304Well my guess is that pasuspender uses dbus to tell pulse to let go of the devices.23:20
len-1304Just the same as jackdbus does.23:21
len-1304The only difference is the amount of time involved.23:21
len-1304I am not that good with c++ which is what jack2 is23:22
len-1304But it should not be hard to come up with a patch for jack2 to fix it23:22
len-1304add a half second delay23:23
len-1304Anyway, I am posting this to the list and a copy to David H, who may at least know if my guess about how pasusupender works is right23:24
len-1304That way I would know if I should bug against PA or jack.23:24
len-1304zequence, BTW my 12.04 install seems to have stopped working too. So something has been updated that causes it.23:26
len-1304Not pulse because it still uses the old version of pulse23:26
zequenceI have no idea about how dbus works, but the way I'd imagine the thing should work: 1. jackdbus tells pulse to give up the card 2. pulse releases it 3. pulse tells jack it's now release 4. jack takes it23:29
len-1304I don't think that happens23:30
zequenceAt least I'm imagining that jackdbus is either getting a false response, or ignoring it23:30
len-1304I think dbus just returns an ack that the message got through23:31
len-1304Not that it has been acted on.23:31
zequenceIf jack is not able to monitor when pulse let go of the card, it doesn't know when it's ok to grab it23:34
zequenceYou'd want some kind of return when the card was released23:34
len-1304I think it assumes an ack from dbus means go.23:34
zequencean ack that the message was sent is not the same as that the process finished23:35
len-1304I agree23:35
zequenceFor some reason it does work when PA is not playing something though23:35
len-1304Not always for me.23:36
len-1304I have had the same problem after a fresh login23:36
zequenceWell, I can only guess, since I don't know anything about it. Does sound very undeterministic anyhow23:36
zequenceLike, it'll work, if pulse was not too busy23:37
zequenceor soemthing23:37
len-1304Once David answers I will put a bug in.23:37
len-1304I think I will download the src of both and see if I can find anything.23:38
zequencelen-1304: You have any experience in searching in code? I'm thinking I need to get a bit more professional with that. Use tools23:39
len-1304I have done a bit, but I am more used to c than c++23:39
zequencelen-1304: You'll find the reserve code easily in the dbus folder of jackd2. The two files authored by Poettering23:40
len-1304OK thanks.23:40

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