FloatingGoatwhere has holstien been02:18
multimediaGood morning from Seville, i'am fun of Ubuntustudio, this is a 11.04, and have other pc with 12.04, two versions are nice, and i like comments. Thank's have a nice day in Ubuntu.09:19
multimediaI have a little problem with Ardour in Ubuntustudio 12.04, i don't save project, and export in .wav file have a problem with save, the file is corrupted or no sound in this track. Thank's09:56
raven_do you know about any (cmd-)tool that i able to do sound processing (with compressors) on a mp3-stream without external decoding?13:46
cfhowlettraven_: to what?13:50
raven_i have a webradio running on icecast and id like to do sound-processing on it without decoding it to "real audio"13:51
cfhowlettavconv is what you want, I think13:52
raven_cfhowlett, but it is not able to do sound compressing and eqing13:53
cfhowlettraven_: news to me.  I still use ffmpeg but the official notice is that it's been deprecated and to use avconv instead.13:53
raven_ffmpeg can do eqing??13:54
cfhowlettraven_: ffmpeg will compress to .mp3 and other formats.  eq'ing is not on the menuy though13:54
raven_right i mean sound-compressing not format-compressing13:54
cfhowlettraven_: awww, ok13:54
cfhowlettNot something I've done.  You might want to search the linux radio station/streaming options.13:55
cfhowlettraven_: quite a few options pop up on the first search page.13:56
raven_for example?13:56
cfhowlettgnormalize ..13:57
Len-nbcfhowlett, there are actually two projects, ffmpeg and libav. Libav is like a fork and they are slowly changing the commands to libav.14:08
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zlatko_hello, is there any tutorial plainly explaining how to connect/get sound: guitar - line6ux1 (or any other external sound card) - jack - guitarix (or similar)?21:49
zlatko_btw. external sound card (line6) works perfectly on freshly installed Ubuntu Studio 12.10. On earlier *buntu versions it was really frustrating...21:53
len-1304zlatko_, I do not know of a tutorial... Though I don't have a good knowlage of what is available...22:04
len-1304Where are you having problems?22:04
zlatko_well first of all I don't quite understand Jack concept. In W$ I just plug the guitar and open standalone version of guitar effect software and I get the sound out...22:06
len-1304In linux you could do that sort of with pulse, but the sound out would be way behind you playing22:07
len-1304Jack is a replacment back end that can have way lower latency.22:07
zlatko_Then I read some Jack tutorials and figured out "connect" options in qJackCtl22:08
len-1304We are having problems getting Jack to start right now... but I have a workaround.22:08
len-1304It is not that hard. Just like a physical patch pannel.22:08
zlatko_But then there is a setup pannel where my sound card is listed in Interface and I/O drop down menues.22:09
zlatko_But no matter what I am doing I can't get sound out...22:10
len-1304Have you got the level turn up on it?22:10
zlatko_So I was thinking not to bother you guys, but simply to get some good tutorial. Couldn't find...22:11
zlatko_level turn up?22:11
len-1304Use either alsamixer from the terminal or the pulse mixer from the speaker icon at the top22:12
len-1304(sound settings)22:12
len-1304By default all the levels are off.22:12
len-1304(for capture ports.)22:12
len-1304zlatko_, I am assuming your audio Interface is USB?22:13
zlatko_Yes it is a USB interface and I was in pulseaudio setup22:13
zlatko_turned OFF my internal Intel card22:13
len-1304Good idea22:13
zlatko_so just USB device is active and everything is ON22:13
zlatko_Input, Output & Playback22:14
len-1304there is a tab called input devices22:14
zlatko_Recording window is blank...22:14
len-1304sounds like you got it. If jack is not running then when you put something into the input you should see a level in the meter.22:15
zlatko_I am following. Input Tab22:15
len-1304That is where the input level is set.22:15
len-1304There is a bar under that that should show input level like a meter.22:15
len-1304Before worrying about jack you want to see level there.22:16
zlatko_If I got youright: I should now strum my guitar and get meter jumping...22:17
zlatko_no...  :-(22:17
len-1304Do you still have jack running?22:17
len-1304(with qjackctl?)22:17
zlatko_no I did not start it. qjackctl is opened, but not started still.22:18
len-1304Ok, in the input devices section for that card is there a green check mark?22:19
len-1304Is it depressed?22:20
zlatko_Depressed and channels locked together22:20
len-1304there is also just over from that a mute button22:20
len-1304make sure you are not muted.22:20
zlatko_it is not muted...22:20
len-1304Ok, I'm not sure, but I have to run and pick up my son from school, so I will be back in 20 min or so.22:21
zlatko_(playback is perfect on this USB card). len thanks. I am going to sleep now. I will continue tomorrow :)22:22
zlatko_Thanks a lot anyway ;-) kids first!22:22

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