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knomepleia2, another thing we might want to touch: http://identi.ca/group/xubuntu22:20
pleia2identi.ca kind of makes my head explode22:20
pleia2there are one or two trolls there22:21
knomeyeah, but since the group is administered by somebody whose nick (no pun intended) sounds familiar, i think we should get at least the logo updated22:21
pleia2ah yes, I'll give him a nudge22:22
pleia2haven't heard from him lately though22:22
knomejust tell him to email me if he needs help with (exporting) artwork22:22
knomethe url on his blog articles image discloses that he has blogged on august. so not years of silence. yet.22:25
pleia2he's kind of been in and out22:25
knomejust as a final note, however much you hate identi.ca, would you be willing to join as an additional admin (if you have an account)22:27
knomehah, we're only 37 followers away from identica's numbers on twitter.22:27
pleia2I suppose, if only for nuclear option recovery22:28
pleia2am pleia2 there too, but don't use it22:28
knomejust to have somebody from the team that's active (on the team) on the admins.22:28
pleia2I don't really understand how groups work though22:28
knomeme neither22:29
knomei don't think it's like an account22:29
knomei suppose it's more like a group for a hash(exclamation)tag or something22:29
pleia2why that needs an admin... who knows :)22:29
knomebtw, can others see https://twitter.com/i/connect ?22:29
knomeif not, that's a bit shame22:30
pleia2but they can search for @Xubuntu22:30
pleia2actually that doesn't do what I wanted22:31
pleia2bah twitter22:31
knomemy phone asked "should we update the date and time?"22:31
knomei was like "err"22:31
knomethen "ok"22:31
knomeand it advanced the clock 1 minute.22:31
drcah...you have the slackware phone...no auto-nothing :)22:46
SkippersBossev; twitter has got its uses22:47
SkippersBossevening all22:48
SkippersBosson a totally different note. Is there anything doc wise that's going to happen in Ringtail ?22:50
pleia2we're planning on appointing SkippersBoss the docs lead to figure that out22:50
pleia2seriously though, let me look at blueprints22:50
SkippersBosspleia2, euh you want thing done22:50
pleia2not a whole lot, looks like22:51
SkippersBossCan understand though when you are delegating22:52
pleia2it's a difficult cycle for me, new job + wedding planning, I'm pretty overwhelmed with Life life :)22:53
SkippersBossI thought you two were trying out wedding planners LOL22:54
pleia2we didn't, that was a mistake :)22:54
pleia2too late now22:54
knomepleia2, i can design your invitations, but only if you give me free hands22:55
SkippersBossdefine free hands22:59

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