dcopeHey all00:04
dcopeanyone running xubuntu on a macbook? i just installed 12.04 and the apple doesn't turn off when i shut the lid. any fix?00:04
dcopeit works when i do suspend -> close lid00:05
nimocan you uninstall pulse?   and still get audio?00:30
David-Animo: to some degree yes. (In 10.04 I have uninstalled pulseaudio, pulseaudio-esound-compat, pulseaudio-module-x11,  gstreamer0.10-pulseaudio, libpulse-browse0, libpulse-mainloop-glib0)00:36
nimoDavid-A,   in my understanding pulse lays ontop of ALSA.. and ALSA is sufficient for the everday user... is that correct?00:42
David-Animo: for some people that is probably how it is.00:49
David-Aevery new audio system tries to replace the others being on top of the others. there are thousands of them. this is from before pulse: http://matt.bottrell.com.au/uploads/Pics/linuxaudio.png00:58
David-A(sorry, that was after pulse, not before)00:59
HonestAbehowdy folks! how do I assign a keystroke to workspace switching in 12.10? in previous versions, all that was necessary was going to the shortcuts menu and assigning the approprate keystrokes01:41
HonestAbenow it appears that the workspace switching is not included by default in the shortcut key menu. If someone could just provide some sort of a helpful link with the appropriate commands to bind, that would be absolutely delightful01:42
ZelouilleHonestAbe: there are two places for settings keystrokes. Workspace keystrokes are in the Window Manager settings.01:50
HonestAbechecking before i say thanks01:51
HonestAbeyou magnificent bastard, thank you01:51
ZelouilleHonestAbe: That's part of the odd things on GNU/Linux. Like setting a theme for the windows, and another one for the window-borders. Because each part is an independent piece of software. Well, that's how I understand it.01:56
HonestAbeIt certainly is bizarre. I'll have to keep it in mind, all of those weird things are so useful to remember.01:57
hasn-tmphello. Running the 12.10 livecd now, and I'm observing strange behavior with the panel and window buttons plugin...02:22
hasn-tmpit seems to cause a 1-pixel shift in the panel when moving from workspaces containing windows to empty workspaces, but only with the plugin handle hidden02:23
Zelouillehasn-tmp: you are right. I experience the same thing on the livecd. I can't test on an installed system. You may want to post a bug report on https://bugzilla.xfce.org02:35
hasn-tmpah,  it has already been reported: https://bugzilla.xfce.org/show_bug.cgi?id=895302:48
ubottubugzilla.xfce.org bug 8953 in Workspace Switcher "1 pixel offset when the workspace switcher shows an empty workspace" [Minor,New]02:48
rk0nDoes anyone know how to get the panel to keep the clock all the way to the right of the panel?02:55
rk0nI removed some things from the panel and now it moves depending on how many windows I have open02:55
rk0nI want it to keep certain things (clock, tray) to the right, and the app menu to the left02:56
hasn-tmpadd a "Separator" to the panel and set it to expand02:57
rk0nAh, awesome! Thank you!02:57
Zelouillehasn-tmp: maybe you should add a comment to the bug, to say that's not the "workspace switcher" component which is faulty (like said in the bug report), but the "window buttons". There's nothing to do with workspace in fact. Only the window button that doesn't take the same width when it's empty (with handle hidden).03:17
Zelouillerk0n: this is how "window buttons" works since xfce 4.10. There's a line on the Xubuntu 12.10 FAQ about this.03:21
rk0nZelouille: Thank you, I didn't know03:22
xubuntu104i am trying to install xubuntu 12.10 along side windows 7, but xubuntu keeps telling me that there is no other OS installed?05:14
xubuntu104any thoughts05:14
xubuntu128hi! i unstall xubuntu on hard disk which i don't want and now i want to formatting (deleting all files) my 2 hard disks (in one of them windows is working). How I can do this?06:15
xubuntu662Hello, Anybody Available to Answer a question on a new installation of XUmbutu.07:45
xubuntu662Hello, Anybody one this channel?07:46
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WalterNso I set up a PXE server, but when I go to boot the PXE, it says that it failed09:44
WalterNnot sure whats wrong exactly09:46
WalterNthe tftpd-hpa service seems fine (at least it does not complain when I restart it)09:47
koegsWalterN: any error messages or at least config-files?09:54
WalterNkoegs: where would such an error message be?09:55
WalterNon my dd-wrt router, I just have dhcp-boot=pxelinux.0,xubuntu,
WalterNand http://pastebin.com/pmbwUiUh09:56
WalterNfor /etc/default/tftpd-hpa09:57
koegsand your pxelinux.cfg?09:57
WalterNwith the Xubuntu netboot.tar.gz unpackaged in..09:58
WalterNwhere is that file?09:58
WalterNoh, folder09:58
koegsin you /var/lib/tftpboot09:58
koegsit should be /var/lib/tftpboot/pxelinux.cfg/default09:58
WalterNwhatever came with the netboot.tar.gz ... sec09:59
koegsand these files do exist within /var/lib/tftpboot?10:00
WalterNmenu.cfg does, and..10:00
WalterNthe other one does too10:01
koegsthen i would check the syslog and the error messages on your PXE-Client10:03
WalterNJan  9 02:33:34 luna in.tftpd[29245]: tftp: client does not accept options10:05
WalterNwhat does that mean?10:06
koegsplease try TFTP_OPTIONS="-l -s" instead of "--secure"10:06
WalterNrestarting the service..10:07
WalterNlets try booting10:07
WalterNsame error messages on the client and server10:08
WalterNis it because my laptop (the computer I'm trying to PXE boot from) does not support something that it should for a PXE boot?10:10
WalterNhmm, that looks like its a pretty generic error message for PXE booting10:16
koegsWalterN: how did you put the netboot.tar.gz on your server and how did you unpack the files?10:18
WalterNsudo wget http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/quantal/main/installer-amd64/current/images/netboot/netboot.tar.gz10:19
WalterNsudo tar -zxvf netboot.tar.gz10:19
koegshm, looking good10:19
WalterNdid this once before not too long ago with debian... *shrug*10:20
WalterNI just removed the debian stuff from that folder and obtained the ubuntu netboot tarball10:20
WalterNand made sure they were at least readable with chmod10:21
koegsgot no idea right now10:21
WalterNI wonder if its an issue with how PXE is implemented on the laptop10:22
WalterNdont have a cd/dvd drive in it, so I cant install Xubuntu that way XD10:22
koegsWalterN: USB?10:23
WalterNcould do a USB thumb drive install I suppose10:23
WalterNbut "meh, why bother when I have PXE sitting here"10:23
koegsif it works :P10:23
WalterNwhat was the TFTP_OPTIONS="-l -s" supposed to do in place of --secure?10:24
koegsdunno, it is from my working setup :D10:25
WalterNoh heh10:25
WalterN--secure worked for me before, with the debian thing10:25
koegsi have -l -s on my arm-debian10:25
koegsmaybe it does not matter10:26
WalterNI'll check BIOS settings, see if I'm missing something in there10:27
yolateng0I'm on Ubuntu 12.10 VOYAGER 12.10 -N2600-graphic chipset. my problem in low light at boot OS. after a disconnection of the session it manages. Someone to help me?10:30
WalterNkoegs: http://askubuntu.com/questions/111655/pxe-boot-server-stalling-with-file-not-found-error10:32
WalterNkoegs: that guy said the pxelinux.0 file was not correct or something10:32
koegsWalterN: it should be a link10:33
koegspxelinux.0 -> ubuntu-installer/i386/pxelinux.010:33
WalterNmine is 26.5kB in size10:33
koegsor amd64 in your case10:33
WalterNlooks like it does, and seems to be good?10:34
koegsi do not use the netboot-packages, i boot complete live-sessions via NFS10:35
WalterNoh, from the ISO?10:35
WalterNcause that would be nice10:35
koegsyou have to unpack the ISO or loop-mount it10:37
nantoui have found 4 defective blocks running sudo badblocks -sv /dev/sda. How bad is it? how do I fix it?11:22
WalterNkoegs: I just ordered a 250gig SSD to put Xubuntu on :311:40
WalterNfor my shiny new laptop11:40
WalterNkoegs: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E1682014718911:40
koegsmine was alread shipped with a 256GB SSD :)11:42
WalterNI just got it yesterday for $37011:43
WalterNAMD A6-4455M11:43
knomekoegs, WalterN: we have #xubuntu-offtopic for random chatter :)11:43
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xubuntu207I have a problem with my live session xubuntu concerning my persistent file. Can I get some help?13:59
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xubuntu207anyone home?14:38
xubuntu207I need some help....14:38
crondxubuntu207: ask your question, if someone can help, they will see it!14:55
osiristhevirusis installing the ATI drivers in xubuntu easy?14:59
maddernickosiristhevirus: depends15:01
maddernickif there is a suggested propritary driver, its very easy15:02
maddernickif you need to download the driver of ati's page, its a bit more annoying15:02
xubuntu207I need some assistance.. please...15:24
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience15:24
xubuntu207I have a usb xubuntu that im trying to configure on a 16 gb flash drive and im trying to access the remainder of the storage space however I cannot access it does anyone know how to do that?15:26
xubuntu207and I also can't access the persistent file.15:27
jackherer1Hello, I just installed gparted but I can't find it anywhere. How can I run it?16:23
Yotsonjackherer1: here a link to start gparted lives in Applications menu -> System -> GParted16:31
jackherer1It is not there16:33
jackherer1I can't find it anywhere in applications menu16:33
Yotsonother option could be to start it from a terminal. "sudo gparted"16:34
laitejackherer1: IIRC gparted goes on 'settings manager' nowdays16:39
jackherer1thx laite16:40
socratesxdhi guys16:55
socratesxdi want to connect to a wireless network16:55
socratesxdbut actually nm-applet doesn't recognize any network16:55
socratesxdwell, it's like if wifi were off16:56
socratesxdif i run nmcli nm16:57
socratesxdit does tell me that WIFI is enabled, and WWAN, HARDWARE-WAN, HARDWARE-WIFI too16:57
xubuntu537hello? anybody online?17:18
raytrayxubuntu537, sup17:19
xubuntu537I just loaded a new version of xunbuntu. Most new programs that I install do not appear in the menus? Can you help?17:20
xubuntu537I was installing Partition editor software, different versions, and most do not show up on the menus or elswhere. This, even though they show that they are installed.17:22
xubuntu537Version 12.04 is what I am using.17:23
xubuntu537Where would the programs load, typically, maybe then I could just type the program in the terminal mode.17:29
baizonxubuntu537: enable it using menu editor (alacarte)17:29
xubuntu537menu editor is in administration or which submenu?17:31
xubuntu537The Menu editor that is in the control center? enable the install there?17:34
baizonxubuntu537: just launch alacarte _)17:36
xubuntu537If I understand you. The programs are installed but maynot be enabled? Right? I need to enter in to the Menu editor an then enable the software that should exist. IS this a progrmmers mistake or error? Or is this normal for all programs? 'Gparted' enabled itself when I loaded the software.17:37
xubuntu537I will need to leave but I will be back. I need to reload my OS. xubuntu537 out for a minute.17:41
xubuntu538Hell. I am now back online and I am inquiring about my new installs. I was unable to find the new installs on my menus. I was asked to go into 'alacarte' and enable them. I have not found this software, yet. Can you assist?17:55
baizonxubuntu538: what did you install?17:55
xubuntu538Where is Alacarte?17:56
koegsxubuntu538: how do you install the software?17:56
baizonxubuntu538: type alt+F2 then type alacarte17:56
koegsbaizon: :P17:56
xubuntu538I view the software from the Ubuntu Software Center. And then I select the software that I would like to install. Partition software for the Harddrive is what I was installing. I install ed many versions of software, even 'Gparted'. I discovered that only, 'Gparted ' was showing on the menus. I installed Xubuntu ver. 12.04.17:59
xubuntu538I am a new user of your Xubuntu software and Linux user.18:00
xubuntu538Can anybody help out in telling me where alacarte is?18:03
baizonxubuntu538: type alt+F2 then type alacarte18:04
xubuntu538OK. I did type ALT F2 and then typed alacarte. Up came the menu editer allowing me to enable menu items. The sofwtare pacjages that I installed are not listed, except for ,Gparted,. Is it possible the software would install but not get listed in alacarte?18:08
baizonxubuntu538: you sure the software is installed?18:09
baizonalt+F2 and "gparted". If it works you got it installed18:09
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xubuntu538Well, tahnks for asking. I go to the Software Center and attempt to install the software again and find that the software Center says the software is already installed. So  this tells me the software did get installed but is not showing in the menu.18:11
koegswhich one?18:12
drcxubuntu538: What apps did you install that are <not> showing up; and (from your nick) was this on an installed xubuntu or the live cd (not sure if it makes a difference).  And what version of xubuntu is this.  And what happens is you try looking at the menu thru Main Menu?18:16
xubuntu538OK. 'partition' search for partition 'partclone'. This allows for a user to clone a partition. Exciting software to me but not everybody else. The software does not allow for me to install bt only remove the software. This indicates that the software was installed. In fact I installe the software last night. But it is not listed in the alacarte menu editor.18:17
xubuntu538Xubuntu ver 12.0418:18
koegsxubuntu538: obviously partclone is only a terminal-program18:20
xubuntu538Are terminal programs only runable from the terminal? Or can I insert a routine to run the program from the menu?18:21
drcxubuntu538: Was this app listed in the menu after you installed it last night?18:22
xubuntu538This maybe a dumb question. How can I tell that the program is a terminal program.18:22
koegsxubuntu538: most of them would need parameters, so it is better to open up a terminal18:22
xubuntu538Or terminal progam only.18:23
drcxubuntu538: some terminal apps can be run from the menu (htop is an example) but most don't18:23
drcxubuntu538: And <you> can use alacarte/main-menu to set up a menu item for those that don't18:24
xubuntu538The item was not listed in the menu list, 'alacarte'. Even after I rebooted the OS.18:24
drcxubuntu538: was this on an installed system or a live cd?18:25
xubuntu538This was an installed system, running on a Gateway M285-E Laptop with 100 Gig HD.18:26
xubuntu538This uses an Centrino Duo procesor.18:27
Zelouillexubuntu538: on xubuntu 12.04, sometime I have to refresh the menu, to see new installed applications. I do that by right-click on the xfce menu button > properties > then i choose a "custom menu file", then switch back to the default one.18:29
drcxubuntu538: I agrre with koegs, this looks like a terminal app, so...unless you use this app quite often (enough to justify the effort to make a menu item), I'd just use the terminal.18:33
xubuntu538If it is a teminal application where do I look for the program to manually insert into the menu tree?18:36
baizonxubuntu538: yes, alacarte can do this18:40
drcI start easyL  open a terminal, type the name of the app (partclone>) and see if it's in your path...if it runs from there than all you need to do is type the name of the app when you make the menu item.18:40
drcIf not, I'd look in the /usr tree../ysr/bin. /usr/local/bin...something like that.18:41
drcDog walking time...back later.18:42
xubuntu538OK Zelouille i proceeded as you suggested. The 'partclone' program and others still did not show up. what do you suggest?18:42
koegsxubuntu538: partclone will not show up... never, you have to use the terminal or add it manually18:45
Zelouillexubuntu538: you can add it manually, like koegs said.18:48
xubuntu538OK. I opened the terminal package and 'partclone' is what I typed and 'command not found' error cameup. I do not have a path to the dircetory where the software was installed. Suggestions on where the program would be?18:49
koegsxubuntu538: if you look at the details of partclone in the software center, it will tell you the commands18:52
koegsalso you can try partclone<tab>18:52
Zelouillexubuntu538: try typing "partclone" on the terminal, then pressing "Tab" two times... It will suggest you all the partclone utilities.18:53
xubuntu538Then run a search for the individual file and consequently find the path that way. OK I am still learning the Linux way as opposed to the Gates way.18:54
Zelouillexubuntu538: try "man partclone" too, to see the manual.18:56
xubuntu538The 'man partclone' command exhibited a 'No manual entry for partclone'. Suggestion?18:58
ChrisWereHey guys, does anyone know how to get the spell check working in libre office on xubuntu?19:00
Ronalds_Manybody knows if FX 5200 supports newest nvidia driver, or how to overclock it on linux?19:00
xubuntu538OK Zeuille, I did as you suggest with using the tab button. And multiple items, variations of 'prtaclone' were shown. Is this  listing all the programs of this type?19:01
Ronalds_MChrisWere, there is no option in menu?19:03
ChrisWereRonalds_M: yes, it's just it doesn't work, it doesn't seem to pick up a dictionary even though I have them installed.19:03
Ronalds_Mmaybe some package is missing from libre office, try synaptic19:03
Ronalds_Mit works in unity19:04
Ronalds_Mor you don't have unity?19:04
ChrisWereRonalds_M: I've tried installing every conceivable package. I'm on XFCE, hense why I'm in #Xubuntu19:04
Ronalds_Mah, yes19:04
Ronalds_MI don't use libre office on my xubuntu so I don't know19:05
ChrisWereRonalds_M: I get so many more bugs in my Linux system than on my windows. I hate windows so, but I spend most of my time working out these kind of bugs.19:06
Ronalds_Mlinux works out of the box as desktop OS , if you have enough resources19:08
Ronalds_Mmaybe you should try ubuntu standart, if you can run it19:08
Ronalds_Mcause it beats tha shit out of windows 7 and xp in terms of awesomeness19:08
ChrisWereRonald_M: I have a pretty fast computer. I don;t think that's what's causing this spell check error19:08
superbootHi all. I've got a wacom bamboo gth-670 tablet. It works on my i386 laptop (xubuntu 12.04), and not on my x64 desktop. Both are stock systems.19:09
Ronalds_Mthere is always an option to install more window managers19:09
ChrisWereRonalds_M: Linux is much better but I just run into so many bugs and regressions, it's very frustrating and I spend too much time fixing them.19:10
xubuntu538OK everybody. Thanks for your help and input. I am a long tme user of windows. I am very interested in Linux and varieties of Linux. Thanks I will learn more and come back online.19:10
Ronalds_Mbugs in libre office means19:10
Ronalds_Myou have to take other version19:10
Ronalds_Mlatest are not always the stable ones19:10
Ronalds_Mnobody knows how to overclock gpu with linux?19:11
baizonRonalds_M: what GPU Vendor?19:13
Ronalds_Mnvidia FX 520019:13
baizonRonalds_M: http://www.headshotgamer.com/gamepics/102_OpenSUSE_OverclockNvidia4.png19:14
baizondo you have this?19:14
Ronalds_Mwell I have standart driver19:14
Ronalds_MI tried installing overclock app it doesn't starts19:15
baizonRonalds_M: i dont think it will work with the OS-drivers19:15
Ronalds_Mversion 17319:15
Ronalds_Mdriver version I have19:15
baizonRonalds_M: try this http://www.upubuntu.com/2011/09/how-to-overclock-nvidia-graphics-cards.html19:15
superbootRonalds_M: Don't use the Return key for punctuation. Don't be afraid of long lines.19:16
Ronalds_MI'm back19:32
Ronalds_Mpost that link again19:32
Ronalds_MI lost system because of changing that file19:32
Ronalds_Mnvidia drivers19:33
Ronalds_MI'm from live cd19:33
Yotsonhttp://www.upubuntu.com/2011/09/how-to-overclock-nvidia-graphics-cards.html ?19:33
drcI didn't see the link, but was it this one  http://www.nvidia.com/object/unix.html  ?19:33
drcnevermind :)19:34
matteo_sorry guys, i need a little help too. I'm kinda noob on ubuntu so maybe will be easy for you. I connected all pc ( this one with ubuntu included with ehternet and a Hub . But i have problem setting connection.19:35
matteo_I'm using Ipv4 at the moment but often the connection is coming and going away19:36
Ronalds_Mchanging xorg.conf19:36
Ronalds_Mis dangerous19:36
matteo_wired connection with ipv6 not working well. is there19:36
matteo_xorg.conf ?19:36
Ronalds_Mif you can't manage to change it back19:36
Ronalds_M(I just did it and couldn't even start pc)19:37
matteo_i'm doing that without command line or text editing just going on editin troughtout19:37
matteo_ronalds are you answering me?19:37
matteo_is there anyone who can suggest the best DHCP setting? or the best way to set multiple tryouts for ubuntu? like command line or similar?19:39
matteo_is there anyone seeing me writing? just to know if my Irc is working fine19:45
drcNope, on the internet, no one can see you writing.19:46
matteo_so manual talk about NetworkManager, are you using you too to config connection and wired stuff? well i m used to being ignored so don't waste time answer19:48
matteo_for what reason i don't know i have set up a strange connection "lo" someone can give light on it?19:50
Ronalds_Manybody knows how to tweak flash20:06
Ronalds_MI need it run in perfomance mode20:06
Ronalds_Mcause OC my gpu doesn't work20:06
Ronalds_Mwith linux20:06
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