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ronnocwhat a PITA though, really00:20
BarkingFishanyone happen to have the source code to libkscreen, or know where i can find it?00:23
BarkingFishit's been a while since i dabbled, and i haven't even begun to touch raring00:24
yofel_BarkingFish: http://quickgit.kde.org/?p=libkscreen.git00:27
BarkingFishthanks :)00:27
BarkingFishand it's Dan's commit which has buggered things up?00:28
BarkingFish*buggered up is such a strong term, apologies.  I can't see where it's gone wrong, to be honest.00:46
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BluesKajhowdy all13:06
alleehi, what's wrong with dput ppa:kubuntu-ppa/experimental (lilb)kscreen ... .changes?14:19
alleeuploaded yesterday qjson like that but can't see it in the experimental ppa14:19
yofel_did launchpad send an acceptance mail?14:20
alleeyofel_: no.  I received no mail 14:28
yofel_did you use the right key to sign the files?14:29
yofel_if LP sends no mail it usually doesn't recognise the signature14:29
yofel_(you should get the mail within 10 minutes after upload)14:30
alleeyofel_: mhmm, sig should be right.  I recheck.14:30
yofel_then try uploading again, maybe something broke14:30
alleeI've tried to move qjson from ppa -> experimental but experimental was no listed as an target ppa :-(14:31
alleeyofel_: I'll try tonight.  Have to leave14:31
alleeyofel_: thx for the info!!!14:31
shadeslayer^ Some of the packages are Kubuntu packages14:42
yofel_shadeslayer: does red mean "failed" or "not rebuilt" ?14:50
yofel_k3b is red, but it didn't fail14:51
yofel_it would really nice if people would implement packageset-filtering in a few places...14:53
yofel_(start with errors.ubuntu.com)14:53
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shadeslayeryofel: I don't know :S15:40
shadeslayerk3b did fail15:40
shadeslayerbut they're doing test builds in that ppa15:40
yofelthen they should please link to the builds in that...15:41
shadeslayerdunno what they're doing15:43
shadeslayerthat team has been deprecated15:43
shadeslayerso that means you can't join the team and fix15:45
shadeslayerScottK: could you pass transmission from {quantal,precise}-proposed ?15:46
shadeslayerI mean from the unaccepted queue into -proposed15:46
yofelhow the hell does ubuntu manage to use more memory than KDE o.O16:10
Riddellnow now, have more faith in your favourite desktop :)16:15
shadeslayeryofel: actually, I find KDE uses very little memory when constrained16:16
shadeslayerI could run it on a RasPi and it consumed very little memory16:16
yofelI didn't mean that KDE hasn't improved there, but 500M sounds a bit excessive for Ubuntu compared to the gnome2 days that I remember16:17
yofelok, ~400-450. but still16:17
Riddellthey did make their own widget toolkit, that's not likely to end up with high memory efficiency, look at star/open/libreoffice.  they should have stuck with unity 2d16:20
* yofel finds it kind of funny how unity and gnome3 have made Xfce popular16:40
shadeslayerso. very. sleepy17:27
Riddellwell it is late where you are, maybe your body clock is actually on local time?17:29
shadeslayersomehow I doubt that17:31
shadeslayerI got up at 1 PM @_@17:32
allee  Riddel:  I'm not a member of kubuntu-ppa team .   So I can't upload (lib)kscreen to experimental19:02
allee^^ anyone with upload right to experimental care to upload (lib)kscreen builds?   They are in kubuntu-packages bzr19:03
allee^^ I first try in my ppa if everything is building .. I ping later ...19:07
yofel_allee: I'll upload it19:08
yofel_HEAD^ builds19:08
alleeI know I've tested an hour ago.  But I've never verified the build deps in a pbuilder yet ...19:08
yofel_allee: uploaded, but please fix:19:14
yofel_W: libkscreen source: debhelper-but-no-misc-depends libkscreen-dev19:14
yofel_W: libkscreen source: dh-make-template-in-source debian/shlibs.local.ex19:14
yofel_W: libkscreen source: dh-make-template-in-source debian/watch.ex19:14
yofel_uploaded for raring and quantal btw.19:14
alleeyofel_:  Thx.  I know about the W them,  Riddell and afiestas suggeted to upload as soon as possible.19:15
alleeyofel_: Is there a tool to get started with the copyright file?19:16
yofel_not that I know of, shadeslayer dug something out a while ago I think but I do them by hand19:16
alleeyofel_: watch.ex is a reminder I've to keep until there's a proper 1st release19:16
yofel_using licensecheck + grep19:16
yofel_ah ok19:16
shadeslayerI don't remember the invocation though19:17
shadeslayer./something -s19:18
shadeslayeror something like that19:18
shadeslayerand libkscreen should be small enough that you can use licensecheck + grep19:18
yofel_seems like gpl2+ with a few exceptions19:18
shadeslayer./copyright-helper.pl -sc19:19
shadeslayerthat should work19:19
alleeshadeslayer, yofel_: thx for the tips.19:20
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ScottKshadeslayer: No time today.  Ping me tomorrow if someone else didn't already.19:28
Simeso, who is going to FOSDEM in a few weeks? and is there any clustering around a given hotel going on?19:36
Riddellooh it's a Sime 19:54
RiddellSime: yeah book through the FSFE http://www.woodshed.de/tmp/hotel-fosdem.html19:54
RiddellI'm there friday to monday19:54
Riddellpst everyone, get your pykde questions in quick while Sime is here :)19:55
Simenext session is in 2 years time!19:55
Simehey, that is hotel Astrid. I was looking at booking there anyway...19:55
Riddellsit back and relax and let the FSFe do it for you then19:57
Simecool. I didn't see many FOSS people last year.20:02
Simei'm looking forward to FOSDEM though!20:02
RiddellSime: make sure you come to delerium, that's where it all starts20:17
SimeRiddell: yeah, I'll probably show up in the evening and then head as per standard procedure. :-)20:17
RiddellJesus phoned me again, this time her mum who has a couple words of English, she says she wants to "help kubuntu" so I said use internet relay chat but I suspect she won't turn up20:23

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