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metap0dAnyone know how I can find out which Additional Driver for my Nvidia card is which? I have two experimental and two current entries in the dialog but none of them state driver versions00:44
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UberDuperWhere do you disable the lock screen for the screensaver / blanking?01:16
UberDuperI've checked/unchecked everything that looks like it should turn it off.01:16
UberDuperStill locks.01:16
UberDuperI'm on the 4.10-RC01:18
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robtygartUberDuper: look at settings > Display > screen savers01:36
robtygartor look at your power settings01:37
userlainI LOVE KUBUNTU 12.04.1!01:53
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UberDuperrobtygart: I've set it in both places. Doesn't prevent it from locking.03:01
UberDuperMaybe a bug.03:01
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metap0dHey everyone, is there an easy means to revertan Nvidia driver? I added the edgers PPA to try out the latest Nvidia drivers but they're pretty unstable. Unfortunately in my additional drivers dialog the new experimental driver has replaced my old current.03:40
Glitchdcan anyone give me a clue as to how i would go about writing a scritp to launch a program that is in /usr/bin ?04:30
dniMretsaMGlitchd: using what, bash?04:31
GlitchddniMretsaM, ummm....idk04:31
GlitchddniMretsaM, its an "sh" script if that helps toward your question04:32
GlitchddniMretsaM, its to launch a program called "x11vnc"04:32
dniMretsaMthat would be using bash, most likely. you can simply put a call to that file in your script04:32
GlitchddniMretsaM, this is what i have so far04:32
dniMretsaMand that doesn't work?04:33
Glitchdsays its not there04:33
jazzkutyadrop the .sh unless if it really is /usr/bin/x11vnc.sh04:33
dniMretsaMyeah, what he said04:33
Glitchdjazzkutya, in the bin folder, its just an icon with "x11vnc" no ending or anything.04:35
Glitchdjazzkutya, i thought i was an sh file04:35
Glitchdthats hilarious. it worked.04:36
Glitchdnow i need to add that script to startup at boot04:36
Glitchdi have it on my server and i would be convenient if it would just start then i dont have to log in with ssh and start it then log in with vnc04:37
Glitchdi could just log in with vnc04:37
Glitchdcuts a few step out of the equation04:37
Glitchdhow would i add that script to start with the machine04:37
jazzkutyadoes that x11vnc start it's own session like the vncserver i use?04:39
jazzkutyaor it uses the session it was started from?04:39
Glitchdjazzkutya, dont quite understand what u mean..04:40
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jazzkutyawell then you better not administer any server on the internet :)04:41
Glitchdwait i understand after reading it again..04:41
Glitchdit starts its own session04:42
jazzkutyadoes it change to an unprivileged user if started as root?04:42
Glitchd...nope wrong. it uses the current session04:42
jazzkutyai'm not on linux right now to check this04:42
jazzkutyawell then it's complicated04:43
Glitchdi made an .sh script to start it, i just need to know how to add the .sh script to session and startup, and if that will even work.04:43
jazzkutyasomehow you can setup autologin with ubuntu i guess... i was able to do this with 8.04 i don't know how it works with current ubuntu04:43
Glitchdi dont need it to autologin..04:44
Glitchdok screw that question, answer this.04:45
jazzkutyayou have to autostart your script from kde _and_ setup autologin so the the system will automatically start a kde session to which you can connect to with kde04:45
Glitchdim adding it to session and startup, for the command i put /home/***/x11vnc.sh04:46
jazzkutyabut afaik ubuntu has a vnc server builtin that can be set up with simple gui04:46
Glitchdor do i have to put /home/***/./x11vnc.sh04:46
jazzkutyathey are the same04:49
Glitchdthought it was imparative to put the "./" to make sh scripts launch..04:50
jazzkutyain commandline yes but not in an absolute path04:50
jazzkutyaan absolute path is one that starts with /04:50
Glitchdmmk, good to know.04:51
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Guest78365hi all05:52
WizardHi all.08:51
SyriaHi, Can I add custom commands to the menu ? like send to > usb flash disc?09:55
TorchSyria: you're referring to the right-click menu in, e.g. dolphin for files?09:56
SyriaTorch:  I found the solution ! thank you buddy, Dolphin > Settings > Configure Dolphin > General > Context  Menu. There are options to "Show 'Delete' command", "Show 'Copy To' and  'Move To' commands".09:57
SyriaBut still don't know how to protect a zipped file with a password!09:58
meier_hanshello everybody, can i please get some obfs2 tor bridges? i am currently blocked by chinese fw - you can get them here: https://bridges.torproject.org/?transport=obfs2 . thank you very much11:08
meier_hansplease help me out and support a free internet11:10
azrael_Hi everyone, I've a problem with the ath9k driver for my Atheros AR9285 controller. The signal is very very low even if I'm near the AP and the connection is very unstable. Any idea?11:30
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Das_AugeHello people12:15
Das_AugeI need some help on a startup problem in Kubuntu 12.04: I start always with the wrong resolution at the logon screen. I use a 1366x768 notebook screen and a fullHD external monitor. The login screen is shown at 1024x768.12:17
TorchDas_Auge: gfx card and driver would help ;-)12:52
BluesKajhowdy all13:06
ubottuThe Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/13:07
Das_AugeTorch: Intel on-chip: 2nd Generation Core Processor Family Integrated Graphics Controller. Driver: i91513:09
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alsitnetpchallo, here is ..14:22
BluesKajalsitnetpc, ??14:23
FlowRiserHey all, i'm using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS with unity+compiz; I want to switch to kde as easy as possible; What's the best course of action ?14:33
Peace-FlowRiser: just install kubuntu-desktop package14:44
Peace-FlowRiser: and remove unity14:44
ubottuIf you want to remove all !Gnome packages and have a default !Kubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purekde »14:44
BluesKajFlowRiser, install kubuntu-desktop , then you cah remove ubuntu-desktop if you wish14:44
FlowRiserPeace-, BluesKaj, thanks will do :)14:45
Peace-BluesKaj: for you information removing ubuntu-desktop doesn't remove all the packages :P14:45
BluesKajyes , he has to purge them14:45
Peace-BluesKaj: mmm ubuntu-desktop is a metapackage14:45
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BluesKajyeah , but the page you poated for pure kde used to be behind anbd didn't include 12.10 until recently , hence my suggestions, Peace-14:47
Peace-BluesKaj: have you tried with purge?14:47
BluesKajthat page takes ages to update , I'm surprised14:47
Peace-for what i remember it doesn't do the job14:47
BluesKajyes it woks ok but it's more work14:48
Peace-BluesKaj: never installed unity :P14:48
BluesKajI did , but switched to gnome shell very quickly , then after a week i got rid of it as well14:49
Peace-BluesKaj: :P echo  $(apt-cache show ubuntu-desktop | awk '/Depen/ || /Rec/{ gsub(/\,/,"") ;gsub(/Recommends:/,"");gsub(/Depends:/,""); print} ' | awk '{ printf "%s", $0 }')14:50
Peace-prints all the ubuntu dependences :D14:50
Peace-BluesKaj: i used this method to reinstall kde :D http://nowardev.wordpress.com/2010/11/08/reinstall-kde/14:51
BluesKajwell after removing gnome i just purged all the ubuntu apps except for synaptic and then used autremove and autoclean after a reboot ...seems to have done the job ..I'm still running the same install14:52
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BluesKajI still prefer synaptic to muon tho14:59
brumesvitasSalut tout le monde =)15:01
BluesKajhello brumesvitas , c'est anglais ici15:02
brumesvitasOh sorry =)15:02
ubottuNous sommes désolés, mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.15:03
BluesKajbut you can ask your question in english , brumesvitas15:03
brumesvitasOk thanks =)15:04
Das_AugeHello, is there a certain way to tell KDM at which reslution to start?15:07
FlowRiserOk, so i'm downloading the kubuntu-desktop package15:11
FlowRisercan i just disable unity, rather than uninstalling it ?15:11
BluesKajFlowRiser, you can choose which desktop to run at the login page15:13
bazhangchoose kde4, or whatever others you have installed , such as gnome-shell, gnome-panel, xfce4 etc15:13
FlowRiserBluesKaj, that might be a problem ... thanks for reminding me to change the login screen to unity-greeter; I'm running a custom greeter15:14
FlowRiserHaven't gotten the chance to add a user session change :D15:14
BluesKajpersonally i think the greeter page i kde is fugly ...it's greyblue theme is awful15:17
FlowRiserBluesKaj, that's why i'm installing kde, to help d_ed work on his greeter themes15:19
yofellightdm-greeter-kde just uses the default kde background by default. (Meaning it looks much better with 4.10...)15:20
FlowRiserBluesKaj, my current greeter theme http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lBFlNp13MQ015:20
BluesKajthere is an option to change the bckground on the greeter page in system settings login page but it rarely works15:20
FlowRiserRight, so i guess it installed... fingers crossed.15:23
FlowRiserBluesKaj, it worked! i now have kde installed, tbh it's slower than unity+compiz, but it looks great15:34
BluesKajFlowRiser, kwin uses version of compiz , you can get most of the same effects in kmenu>computer>sytemsettings>desktop effects15:36
BluesKajwithout using compiz15:37
ovidiu-florin_Hello world, I have a problem with kontact and Kmail, I crashes. I've only managed to set up my Gmail account on it and since then I can't start it anymore. Any Ideeas?15:38
BluesKajovidiu-florin_, unless you need a database email system for work or home office , don't use kmail if it crashes on your system ..I use thunderbird15:41
ovidiu-florin_then Why does kubuntu ship with Kmail?15:42
BluesKajovidiu-florin_, that's what a lot of KDE users have wonderedd about for the last 3yrs , but one can disable akonadi server for kmail and other PIM apps and instyall aemail of your choice15:45
yofelovidiu-florin_: it tries to stick to KDE software whenever possible, sadly kmail is not the most stable piece of software there15:45
ovidiu-florin_I've tried kmail in the previous release, and I really like it, maybe more than thunderbird15:45
ovidiu-florin_but it's very unstable15:45
DarthFrogWhich is too bad.  Kmail had a lot of potential.15:46
BluesKajovidiu-florin_, ithink it was an attempt by Canonical to increase penetration into the workplace /market15:46
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yofelBluesKaj: you may exclusively blame KDE for the current Kontact suite15:46
yofeldebian did the right thing sticking to the old one15:47
BluesKajwell to include it ..sorry , that was apoor choice of words15:47
BluesKajkde is responsible15:47
ovidiu-florin_ok, Ill go on the #kde channel15:48
BluesKajbut it doen't work at all on my setup ...segfaults after abot 2 days of use ...as if it gets infected by a virus like windows15:48
yofelthat didn't have anything to do with canonical either, just the kubuntu team15:48
BluesKajyofel, yes I'm aware of that , i just never liked Canonicals enterprise motives and suspect that kde4/kmail was convenient for them15:50
yofelwell, if it had been better maybe they would've even used it. Sad that it's not15:51
BluesKajbut I blame Canoonical for not pushing KDE for a better PIM suite that actually works15:52
DarthFrogI doubt Canonical would have much influence with the KDE boys.15:52
BluesKajtoo bad15:53
BluesKajwho does KDE favour then when it comes to OSs15:53
DarthFrogYes, I agree.  Lacking a great mail client will hurt KDE in the long run.15:54
DarthFrogBluesKaj:  I don't have the sense that KDE favours any one distro over any other.15:54
yofelit's not the default DE on any larger distro I know of either15:55
DarthFrogyofel:  SuSE?15:55
ovidiu-florin_I'm searching for an ideea of an application that I want to make and to know that people are using it, maybe this is it: an email client :D15:55
BluesKajDarthFrog, somew=how i doubt that ..everyone has favs , whether thy admit it or not ...I'd like see what OSs the KDE ppl use in their evreyday work15:55
yofelDarthFrog: they at least seem to have both gnome and kde on the default DVD15:56
BluesKajthunderbird is agood email , I recommend it highly ..easy to setup and use15:56
DarthFrogyofel:  Which is a desirable thing, IMHO.15:57
DarthFrogBluesKaj:  I like and use Tbird, too.15:57
DarthFrogMainly because Kmail doesn't handle HTML mail properly.15:57
yofeldepends on your target, if a user doesn't know what gnome or kde is then that's debatable15:57
* yofel uses tbird too, because akonadi is too slow15:57
* DarthFrog doesn't see the point in akonadi/nepomuk. It just consumes resources and gets in the way.15:58
yofelnepomuk is getting better and better, but akonadi just stays slow :/15:59
BluesKajDarthFrog, exactly it's an unecessary burden for ordinary users15:59
yofeland mysql is even the best working backend -.-15:59
BluesKajnepomuk is useless to me15:59
ovidiu-florin_what exactly is nepomuk and akonadi?16:00
DarthFrogHa.  the bot knows nothing about them.16:00
FlowRiserQUESTION: virtual desktops, how do i enable them in kde ?16:00
BluesKajthe factoid bot is disabled ?16:01
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yofelubottu: ping16:01
FlowRiserlol, that is nice16:01
yofelnope, it's just lacking knowledge16:01
BluesKaj!info nepomuk16:01
ubottuPackage nepomuk does not exist in quantal16:01
DarthFrogFlowRiser:  Use System Settings.16:01
yofelFlowRiser: system settings -> workspace behaviour16:01
FlowRiserubottu, hello16:01
FlowRiseryofel, DarthFrog thanks16:02
DarthFrogWe need a kbottu.16:02
ovidiu-florin_FlowRiser: theres a widget called Pager that helps you manage them, so you don't have to go to system setting16:02
yofelthere is kubotu, but for different purposes16:02
yofel!info nepomuk-core16:04
ubottunepomuk-core (source: nepomuk-core): Nepomuk Semantik Desktop core libraries. In component universe, is optional. Version 4:4.9.3-0ubuntu0.1 (quantal), package size 374 kB, installed size 1475 kB16:04
yofellook at http://nepomuk.kde.org/ if you want to know what it is..16:05
FlowRiserovidiu-florin_, mersi frumos :D16:05
ovidiu-florin_FlowRiser: Cu plăcere16:06
DarthFrogNepomuk is very ambitious.  Unfortunately, it's still early days for this type of technology and its immaturity gets in the way frequently.16:08
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shadeslayerDarthFrog: actually, I'd disagree16:29
shadeslayerDarthFrog: I was hoping around the new indexer code16:30
shadeslayerand it's pretty good16:30
shadeslayerit's really really fast right now, probably because the indexers don't do alot of things16:30
shadeslayerI even wrote one to extract data out of ebooks and mobi files, but it didn't get into the repo because if issues16:31
shadeslayerDarthFrog: my next mini project resulted in this for homerun : http://wstaw.org/m/2013/01/09/plasma-desktopwr2226.png16:34
shadeslayerbut I can't get the poster to resize properly right now16:34
DarthFrogshadeslayer:  Looks nice.16:36
DarthFrogThe one feature I'd like to see added (and it may already be there, IDK) is when I enter text into krunner, that it runs the program of that name instead of some web page, text document or picture.16:37
shadeslayeractually that would be a wieghting issue with krunner16:38
shadeslayerDarthFrog: can you give me a test case where I can reproduce this?16:39
shadeslayerbecause for eg. if I type quassel, the program always appears before any documents16:39
DarthFrogshadeslayer:  Not right now off the top of my head.  I will do so the next time I encounter the issue.16:39
shadeslayerDarthFrog: http://simplest-image-hosting.net/png-0-w1114716:40
shadeslayerDarthFrog: okay16:40
shadeslayerKRunner 'learns' as you use it16:40
DarthFrogI'm trying to recall the last time I encountered the issue.16:41
shadeslayeronce you find a testcase and can reproduce it on 4.10, then we can poke people in #nepomuk-kde16:42
shadeslayeror I can go over to Vishesh's house and heckle him :P16:42
DarthFrogthe thing is, I now work around it almost without conscious intervention. :-)16:42
DarthFrogshadeslayer:  Has 4.10 been released?  I'm on
* DarthFrog goes to run dist-upgrade.16:47
yofelthat would be what's current16:47
shadeslayerheh, 4.9.97 is what will become 4.10 eventually16:47
yofelDarthFrog: http://techbase.kde.org/Schedules/KDE4/4.10_Release_Schedule16:47
shadeslayerso if you can reproduce that with 4.10 ( or 4.9.97 for that matter ) , please do file a bug with full test cases :)16:48
DarthFrogyofel:  Thanks.16:48
DarthFrogshadeslayer:  I find trying to file a bug to be the equivalent of "a maze of twisty passages, all alike".  I ususally give up in frustration.16:49
shadeslayerok, I agree, bugzilla doesn't have the friendliest user interface16:49
DarthFrogI keep getting sent back to a previous page.16:49
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ubottuU is the 21st letter of the modern latin alphabet. Neither 'U' nor 'Ur' are words in the English language. Neither are 'R', 'Y', 'l8', 'ryt',  'Ne1' nor 'Bcuz'. Mangled English is hard for non-native English speakers. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/abbreviations/ for more information.18:22
OerHeksok BluesKaj18:27
BluesKajOerHeks, I was merely checking the factoid to show my wife the rules18:28
BluesKajor that that rule , at least :)18:30
OerHeksIt is clear and helpfull, you know english is not my native language selection on Kubuntu :-)18:31
* OerHeks loves the factoids18:32
BluesKajagreed, and I despise those shortforms and silly text-style words that some use here ..I'm guilty of one (ppl) when I shoule use "people"18:33
BluesKajerr should18:34
jazzkutyau are offtopic :)18:35
BluesKajproper words in any language should be used18:36
BluesKajnot really it's a rule of the room18:36
BluesKajand all should be aware of them :)18:36
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shojohi, does the new kubuntu install in dual boot as a program under windows? Its silyl but someone told me that and i'm verifying19:18
shojoor any clue what might have given them that idea? They said it was listed in Windows under "program Files"?19:19
yofel_that would be installing using Wubi19:20
shojoreally? what does it do?19:20
yofel_install kubuntu in Windows as a program. The system is stored in a file and added to the boot options19:22
yofel_Rather slow and really only usable to try it out or when you have no other choice19:22
yofel_you can remove it using add/remove program in windows if you want then19:23
shojoi see. thank you very much!!! you're amazing for knowing this!19:23
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BluesKajthere is a misconception about ubuntu that it can only run in windows . Even my daughter asked me about that since some sales jerk at a bigbox store told her that was the case19:34
TheLordOfTimeBluesKaj, most sales persons don't know jack.19:40
BluesKajno kidding ... or they are deliberately misleading customers because windows is the only install that's allowed...most stores won't sell a raw pc or laptop19:42
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quesada_I like to have my taskbar vertical, but I also display the window title there19:54
quesada_I use "current application" plasmoid to display window name in horizontal taskbar19:55
quesada_this doesn't work when the taskbar is vertical19:55
quesada_anyone knows a plasmoid that would do this? or  a workaround?19:55
quesada_any trick to see the window name (I have window bars off, using awesome)19:56
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ObsequiousNewtIs anyone here?22:30
muscayes, just ask.22:33
ObsequiousNewtUm, I was trying to resize my root partition from a LiveCD.22:40
ObsequiousNewtI had tested this on a VM with the same conditions and it worked fine.22:40
ObsequiousNewtBut when I actually tried it, the partitioner seemed to freeze up.22:41
lordievaderObsequiousNewt: Are you using KDE's partition manager?22:41
ObsequiousNewtAnd now I have the partition, which has been resized the way I want it, and it won't boot and in fact is labeled as having no file format.22:41
ObsequiousNewtYeah, I was using the one installed by default on the live cd.22:42
ObsequiousNewtBut it worked in the VM...22:42
ObsequiousNewtSo, anyway, I ran boot-repair22:43
ObsequiousNewtAnd I got this:22:43
lordievaderObsequiousNewt: Hmm, well I had the kde one freeze on me too once. However Gparted (gnome's partition manager) works fine, ever since I have been using that one.22:43
ObsequiousNewtSo is it just a bug of the KDE PM?22:44
ObsequiousNewtMore importantly, is my system in any way recoverable?22:44
lordievaderObsequiousNewt: What you need to do is some disk checking/repairing. What I can conclude from this message is that the boot sector with Grub is fine, however the first and second partition are in a state where the system doesn't know what it is.22:46
ObsequiousNewtThat's what it looked like.22:46
ObsequiousNewtWait, sda2/22:46
ObsequiousNewtI didn't do anything to that. Couldn't, either.22:46
lordievaderObsequiousNewt: Oh wait nvm, I'm not reading correctly...22:47
Torchi think it's safe to ignore sda2 and sda522:48
Torchseems broken22:48
lordievaderObsequiousNewt: Do you happen to know what kind of filesystem it was?22:48
Torchnot good22:48
FloodBotK1Torch: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.22:48
lordievaderObsequiousNewt: Ext4?22:48
ObsequiousNewtI'm fairly sure22:48
lordievaderObsequiousNewt: http://justcheckingonall.wordpress.com/2010/07/18/howto-repair-broken-ext4-partitions/22:49
ObsequiousNewtIt was Kubuntu 12.10 64-bit22:49
ObsequiousNewtI'll try that22:49
lordievaderObsequiousNewt: This is also a good one, actually better: http://linuxexpresso.wordpress.com/2010/03/31/repair-a-broken-ext4-superblock-in-ubuntu/22:49
lordievaderObsequiousNewt: Or at least I've used the second guide once with a succesfull result :), good luck.22:49
Torchi doubt fsck will help, it will just say it's not an ext filesystem22:50
ObsequiousNewtIt might.22:50
ObsequiousNewtI'm going to try both of them, honestly.22:50
Torchthere's gpart (don'T confuse with gparted) for recovery that i have not used myself and another one whose name i forget22:51
Torchah, testdisk22:52
Torchthere are a couple of "recovery live cds" where this can be found22:52
Torchthough gpart might be the better tool for your case.... can't tell right now.22:54
ObsequiousNewtOkay, running fsck.ext4 gives me "The superblock could not be read or does not describe a correct ext2 filesystem.22:55
ObsequiousNewtDespite that it's actually ext4.22:55
Torchnow there was something in that second link about recovering the superblock from one of its backups22:55
ObsequiousNewtWell, I'm trying that, but they're all complaining of a bad magic number.23:02
Torchsuggesting the backups are dead too23:03
ObsequiousNewtAnd the last five say "Invalid argument while trying to open /dev/sda1"23:04
ObsequiousNewtOdd, that.23:04
ObsequiousNewtI'm trying gpart.23:06

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