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krowlifeless:  http://paste.drizzle.org/show/2218/07:11
lifelesskrow: hi08:40
lifelesskrow: that probably indicates you have a repo (object store) but no branch(es) present there08:40
lifelesskrow: that can happen if your connection is interrupted during initialisation / first time push08:40
lifelesskrow: easiest solution is to push again08:41
lifelesssame place, should make it all good08:41
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alkisgHi, what group do I need to be in, to access https://launchpad.net/ltsp/+edit   ?18:12
alkisgI thought that would be "ltsp drivers", but after getting an admin status there, I still can't edit the ltsp project page...18:12
* alkisg guesses only the "maintainer" has access there...18:28
alkisgTy, we'll need to put a team there then18:33
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PhantomasIs it possible to translate multiple branches of a project in rosetta?20:54
Phantomas(without using series)20:55

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