cje_Hi, I would like to install Lubuntu to a CD, but my CDs are only 700 MB, and Xubuntu is 715 MB of ISO.  What should I do?05:53
cje_oops, I meant Lubuntu, not Xubuntu05:53
holsteincje_: same... USB stick or DVD05:55
holsteinOR, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD ,get the minimal install image, burn that to CD, and add what you want/need05:56
Mobilhi. when I try to mount an external drive, it mounts to /media/media/xxx.. this is on 12.04 ..I had 11.10 before and it didn't do that06:31
Mobilit would just mount to /media/xxx06:31
delldimhow can i change directory and access files from anopther partition, ek from sda1 to sda3 or to sdb111:02
orbitusfrom the terminal?11:04
delldimim using LXTerminal;)11:07
orbitusyou mean like the command cd?11:08
delldimor any command that can get me to view directories and access files11:08
orbitusls to list the files within the directory11:08
delldimbut how to change to other partitions and view and access files11:11
delldimls just gives me a list on the current partition11:12
orbitustry cd and then that directory11:12
delldimbut i need to get to another partition11:13
delldimi cant do that with ls and cd11:13
orbituslike to go up a level11:16
delldimwell get to sda1 to sda3 or sdb1 - if that is going up a level then yes11:18
orbituscan you see them in your file explorer?11:18
delldimbut its faster to use a command line actually11:19
orbituswell find the full link to it, something like /usr/sda111:20
delldimok and then i use cd?11:20
orbitusyeah, like cd /usr/sda111:21
delldimok thnx11:21
orbitusnp, i think its /media that its in11:22
delldimi have another question too. I once installed my bootloaders on the root sda/sdb but then one of the linux os'es disappeared from the grub menu and updating the grub didnt change it so i installed the bootloaders on separate partitions and then it worked. I read its best to install them on the root but how do i get that top work?11:26
orbitusfrom my experience it hasn't affected anything for me, as long as it works11:31
delldimhmm so how come it overwrites the previous grub menu items when installing it on the root sda/sdb?11:36
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roastedhello friends21:30
roastedQuestion - I installed Ubuntu 12.04 and then installed LXDE on top. I'm trying to set up automatic login, but even though I edited /etc/lxdm/default.conf to auto log in as me, it won't work. Eh?21:30
mysteriousdarrenroasted https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutoLogin22:10
roastedmysteriousdarren: that info is OLD...22:54
holsteinroasted: did it work?23:02
holsteinhttp://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?f=175&t=104666 is an option23:04

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