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sondai want to write my own application in ubuntu11:47
sondai know c,c++11:47
sondahow to get started?11:48
sondamy idea is to write a note taking application which will integrate with some database may be mysql... i am not sure11:49
sondato provide facilities like find as you type, tags, etc..11:50
sondaright now i use zim... its nice but it doesn't have search as you type feature11:52
tsimpsonyou should decide if you want to write a GTK+, GNOME, Qt, KDE, or fancy-pants QML application first11:55
sondai can learn qt quickly i guess11:57
sondawhich one is the most widely used?11:59
tsimpsonit's hard to say, but I would speculate that Qt is the most widely used11:59
tsimpsonI'm one of those Qt fanatics though, so I may be biased12:00
sondais it free12:00
sondaor i would need license?12:00
tsimpsonit's free12:01
tsimpsonyou only need a license if you plan on changing the Qt source and not sharing those changes (closed-source proprietary applications)12:01
sondaNo I am not that intelligent12:02
tsimpsonbut it's LGPL, so you can use it freely for open-source stuff12:02
sondaI want to use my free time productively. so thinking of starting with something12:02
sondai have never done such things before12:02
sondabut my inner voice says I can do it12:03
tsimpsonyou likely already have the Qt libraries installed, you just need the development packages with an "apt-get install qt-sdk"12:03
sondaany website for help12:03
tsimpsonthen you should see the Qt Creator IDE installed12:03
sondai have heard qt can be used on many platforms12:04
sondaspecific to qt on ubuntu any website12:04
sondaor the os doesn't matter?12:05
tsimpsonyou don't need to know anything specific really, it's designed so you write the same C++ code and it works everywhere12:05
sondacan i get help here regarding coding12:06
tsimpsonhttp://developer.ubuntu.com/ may have some more info, but last I checked some of it's links for Qt were out of date12:06
tsimpsonyou can ask here, but this channel is rather.. dead12:06
tsimpsonthere is #qt though12:06
sondaoh i see12:07
sondathanks simpson12:10
sondahope to see you soon, when i am stuck with something12:11
tsimpsonwell I'm also in #qt so I'll probably see any questions you ask ;)12:12
sondacool :)12:12
sondaone more thing12:15
sondafor database can i use mysql12:15
sondai think it comes with ubuntu right?12:15
tsimpsonI don't think it comes with ubuntu by default12:17
tsimpsonthere is SQLite installed by default though12:17
sondaoh i see12:17
sondait might be sufficient right?12:18
tsimpsonit likely is12:18
tsimpsonthere's also that couchdb/desktopcouch thing that ubuntu likes to use12:18
sondawhats that12:19
sondado i need any special learning for that12:19
tsimpson"RESTful document oriented database" apparently12:19
tsimpsonit's not SQL as far as I know, so you'd need to get to grips with whatever API it uses12:20
tsimpsonbut SQLite is always there, and Qt has built-in support for SQLite too12:20
sondawhich ide u use for coding12:24
tsimpsondepends on my mood and the scale of coding I'm doing, either just a plain text editor like kate or nano, or I use Qt Creator12:25
tsimpsonand maybe kdevelop now it's getting stable again12:26
sondaany ide that has intellisense?12:27
tsimpsonQt Creator has code completion, yes12:28
sondaok great12:29
sohail_hey guys, I'm trying to install both libssl-dev and libssl-dev:i386 on 12.04 but I get the following error: http://paste.lisp.org/display/134608 - I need to build against both 32 and 64-bit :(14:08
sohail_(it's a conflict)14:09
sohail_anyone know how to fix it?14:10
sohail_damnit: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=68909314:13
ubot2`Debian bug 689093 in libssl-dev "libssl-dev is not Multi-Arch compatible" [Normal,Open]14:13
christofferHi, I'm trying to use Glade to design a Toolbar with "Text beside icons" but it doesn't seem to work. "Text below icons" works just fine.14:24
christofferanyone know if there is a known bug reported for this?14:24
christofferaha, had to mark the toolbutton "important"14:28
christofferthat doesn't make sense :P14:28
wed_i have a question about packaging for the ubuntu software center: does the package to upload be a .deb file? if so, how do i create one? i dont use the pygobject api.15:46
ziyadbGood day all!18:26
ziyadbGlad to see the number of users in this channel.18:26
ziyadbI'll be a regular from here on as I am working on developing a heavily customized app.18:27
ziyadbI'm also new to the platform :D18:27
JanCziyadb: thanks for staying and wanting to become a regular; too many people just drop in, ask a question, and leave again before anybody can answer...   :-/22:38
JanCI guess it's not obvious for everybody dat IRC != instant messaging22:38
JanCalso, we need a lot more users to make the channel more active  ☺22:40
duallyI see that qml can call XMLHttpRequest(); with GET parameter.  Is it possible to POST as well?23:10

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