coolbhaviajmitch, ping07:24
ajmitchcoolbhavi: hi07:34
coolbhaviajmitch, should we go ahead with a small informal status update meet here?07:35
ajmitchif you wish, though there won't be much to talk about :)07:36
coolbhavibecause I hadnt had the time to update agenda07:36
ajmitchI haven't seen any response on-list about meeting today07:36
coolbhaviyes so07:36
coolbhaviI had only one update07:36
coolbhavilintian with arb profile is in place now07:37
ajmitchyep, I saw that07:37
coolbhaviand i have updated the spec on the same07:37
ajmitchI'll try & use that to do a pass over everything in the queue & put the results up07:37
coolbhavisure :) feedback is welcome :-)07:38
ajmitchI just haven't spent much time working on the queue or tools to manage it like I promised07:39
coolbhavino issues ajmitch07:40
ajmitchsince my plan was something to track votes a bit better, and run lintian, licensecheck & build binary packages to test07:40
coolbhavihmm same here so I reported a bug too on the voting system07:41
coolbhaviin myapps07:41
ajmitchyeah I saw that07:41
coolbhavireg the call for arb members07:42
ajmitchyou can set up a poll & get ~ubuntu-dev to vote on it?07:42
ajmitchwhat we did last time was list the names, and include 'none of the above' as an option07:42
coolbhavigood thing is highvoltage is willing to step in again and forwarded the application07:43
coolbhavireg ben I dint hear from him though07:43
coolbhaviso that makes it only one person07:43
coolbhaviand yes I'll get in touch with techboard07:44
ajmitchI was hoping ben would be willing, since he nominated himself07:44
ajmitchhe has a lot of experience07:45
coolbhaviyes I know but I reached out to him a couple of times with the process and received no response07:48
coolbhaviSo as said earlier I was thinking of another call in april and try to reach to him and get wendar in07:51
coolbhaviso that arb would be in near full strength again07:52
ajmitchsounds good, and those that arent in the arb can still do everything but vote07:53
coolbhaviyes I was thinking to send a mail to app-review-contributors for something like app review week this cycle07:58
ajmitchsounds like a good idea07:58
coolbhaviand help on reviewing the apps07:58
coolbhavisure then I'll do it soon07:58
coolbhavithe last update I had is wendar has expressed interest to write a mail to app developers that the review process takes bit of time08:00
coolbhavishe said she is willing to come up with a draft soon08:00
ajmitch'a bit of time' is an understatement, sadly :)08:02
ajmitchI hope that developers are willing to be patient, and I hope that the sandboxing doesn't take too long to implement08:03
coolbhaviyes hope so :-)08:03
coolbhavithats it from my side08:03
* ajmitch doesn't really have anything to add08:03
coolbhavino issues ajmitch thanks a lot for the quick chat :-) I'm sure when you return you will rock!08:05
ajmitchwe'll just let highvoltage sort out the rest of the queue :)08:06
coolbhavihaha seems a great idea :) I'll also devote some more time to the ARB :)08:09
highvoltageajmitch: what does the queue look like these days, btw?16:48
coolbhavihighvoltage, growth has subdued a bit16:50
cwaynehiya coolbhavi16:56
coolbhavihey cwayne16:56
coolbhavihey cielak :)16:57
cielakhello coolbhavi! :)16:58
highvoltageoh hello everyone. didn't expect there to be so much traffic here on a sunday morning :)17:00
coolbhavihey highvoltage :)17:01
coolbhavihow is it going?17:01
highvoltageI'm doing ok thanks and you?17:08
coolbhavidoing fine done with lintian checks for arb17:09
coolbhavireading on apparmor17:09
wendarcoolbhavi,ajmitch: actually, what I was suggesting was a queue flush on everything before quantal17:12
coolbhaviwendar, yes17:13
wendarcoolbhavi,ajmitch: we've done those before, with a polite message that we only review for the *current* release, and they're welcome to resumbit for quantal after they've tested on quantal17:13
wendarbasically, reject all the old submissions17:14
coolbhaviwendar, seems good till atleast we have our tooling in place17:15
coolbhaviI can do that but the only thing is I am thinking about the feelings of the developers17:16
coolbhaviwendar, would it be ok if I bring up a small draft as a reply to your mail on the list?17:27
coolbhavias you gave the idea I'm asking you17:27
wendarcoolbhavi: don't mind at all :)17:32
coolbhaviwendar, drafting a mail now then :-)17:33
coolbhaviwendar, current release = stable release?17:40
wendaryes, current stable release17:40
wendar(instead of current development release)17:40
coolbhaviok thanks17:41
coolbhavisent mail wendar17:45
ajmitchwendar: occasionally there are developers wanting to target the LTS, or are you just going by submission date?19:15
wendarajmitch: there are some developers targeting the LTS, one even specifically said they will only support the LTS19:16
wendarajmitch: but ARB policy isn't current release + current LTS19:16
wendarajmitch: it's only current release19:16
wendarI'm kind of divided on that19:16
ajmitchwhich should probably change, at least for the next LTS19:17
ajmitchI still run precise on my laptop :)19:17
wendarand it was my greatest hesitation is suggesting the queue sweep19:17
ajmitchyes, I hate telling people that they need to resubmit because of something we didn't do19:17
wendarand, if we had more resources to review packages, I'd go for changing the policy for the current LTS19:17
wendarbut, since we are so limited in resources19:17
wendarand, there's really no way we'll get through all the old package19:18
wendarstaying true to the actual policy is a good way to focus work efforts19:18
wendarwe can't dig ourselves out19:18
wendarbut, maybe we can wipe the slate clean19:19
wendarlooking at what has been submitted since the quantal release, I think we could catch up on that19:19
* ajmitch has to head off to work now, mondays...19:19
wendarit's for you all (ARB members) to decide19:19

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