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mrspinxHi I am looking for the latest builds for the nexus7 I am looking at the git repository and I am thinking of installing the stock image03:32
jon654does anyone know how to put Windows Ce Or UBUNTU on a Generic Android 2.2 Tablet (it doesnt have sync cable, but does have microsd, and is a tablet, not a netbook AKA Eken m009s or WM8650)?03:51
jon654does anyone know how to put Windows Ce Or UBUNTU on a Generic Android 2.2 Tablet (it doesnt have sync cable, but does have microsd, and is a tablet, not a netbook AKA Eken m009s or WM8650)?03:54
jon654does anyone know how to put Windows Ce Or UBUNTU on a Generic Android 2.2 Tablet (it doesnt have sync cable, but does have microsd, and is a tablet, not a netbook AKA Eken m009s or WM8650)?03:56
jon654How can I install ubuntu on an android device?03:58
XorAjon654: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zpwebsites.linuxonandroid&hl=en ??04:16
jon654Yes XorA, but I want to completely take off android and put on ubuntu instead04:17
XorAjon654: then you probably need to compile your own kernel and install it, then I would point it to the SD card with a Ubuntu FS on it04:18
jon654please explain04:18
XorAjon654: without a sync cable though installing a custom kernel could be difficult04:18
jon654when i have installed android updates, it boots off the sd card, but when using and .iso extracted, it wont boot from the sd04:19
XorAjon654: I suspect this task is beyong a beginner, and each device is different so I couldnt give you a guide!04:20
jon654i just bought the cheapest chinese tablet with two names, EKEN M009s and MID WM864004:21
jon654it had 256MB Ram, 4GB Disk Space, Android 2.2, webcam04:21
jon654and it is called generic04:21
XorAjon654: do you have a local LUG?04:22
jon654what is LUG04:22
XorALinux Users Group04:22
jon654Whats that?04:22
XorAbunch of geeks get together drink beers and solve issues like this04:23
jon654I have had ubuntu in the past, but now i want it on my tablet04:23
lilstevie256MB ram will not be a nice experience though04:24
XorAtrouble is here there is very little likely hood of finding someone with same tablet04:24
jon654oh ok04:24
XorAlilstevie: is the man if you buy a Transformer :-D04:24
jon654I have had 1GB ram and it was super fast04:24
jon654so 256Ram for a tablet should be fast for ubuntu04:25
jon654just slow for android04:25
lilsteviejon654: not really04:26
lilstevieI have ported ubuntu to 3 tablets now04:26
lilstevie1 with 512MB ram and 2 with 1GB04:27
jon654could you help me port it onto mine?04:27
lilstevieand 512 is painful04:27
XorA256 is like 1999 memory levels :-D04:27
jon654i really don't care about speed for what I'm using it for04:27
lilstevieit isn't speed04:27
XorAjust loading firefox takes 100+M04:27
lilstevieI call the device with 512MB RAM Crashy McCrashCrash04:27
jon654Ok, but it's good enough for me04:28
lilsteviecause LowMem killer04:28
jon654can you tell me how to port it to my droid tab?04:28
lilstevieopen more than 3 or 4 tabs in Chromium of Firefox and say goodbye to Chromium or Firefox04:28
lilsteviewith great difficulty if you have no idea what you are doing04:28
lilstevieyou need to be able to compile a kernel04:29
jon654how can i do that?04:29
jon654I have the iso ready04:29
lilstevieand be comfortable with flashing it/configuring it04:29
lilstevieand no iso is going to help04:29
jon654i have the Ubuntu12.10.iso04:29
jon654but what should i do to port it over to the tablet?04:29
* lilstevie walks away04:29
jon654Has anyone else ever ported Ubuntu onto an android tablet? by taking off android and putting on ubuntu?04:35
lilsteviejon654: ubuntu will not run on your tablet04:42
lilsteviethe tablet runs an ARM9 (ARMv5) SoC, ubuntu only supports SoCs that are ARMv704:45
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jon655lilstevie, what about Ubuntu 8?05:30
lilsteviejon655: past EOL05:40
jon6558.04, im downloading it from Ubuntus site right now05:40
lilstevielet me guess you downloaded an iso05:49
jon655yes i did05:52
lilsteviearm versions of ubuntu do not ship in ISOs05:53
lilstevieyou are just randomly downloading isos thinking it will work, yet you haven't even investigated compiling a kernel05:54
sim590Hey! Anyone's got an idea for helping me about the post I've just made on: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1683145&page=57 (Jhinta kernel for lilstevie ubuntu)05:56
lilsteviesim590: a few things05:58
sim590yes yes, I'm quiet and listening05:59
lilstevieapply_binaries does not register the binaries correctly as far as ubuntu expects (with update-alternatives), jhintas kernel doesn't support the latest release of tegra drivers this is why the package didn't seem to work05:59
lilstevieunity does not work at this time with tegra drivers05:59
sim590ok, so I'm better with lxde I guess06:00
lilsteviealso I would advise caution when using jhintas kernel, it is a fluke that it even works06:00
sim590I posted the link to the kernel I use. I don't know if it's jintha's kernel really..06:01
jon655i am using this kernel now06:01
jon655the one he listed06:01
jon655i'll see if it works06:01
jon65514 minutes left to extract06:01
lilsteviejon655: <lilstevie> arm versions of ubuntu do not ship in ISOs06:03
jon655i know06:04
jon655it wasnt an iso06:04
lilsteviethen why did you say yes when I asked you if you downloaded an iso06:05
jon655that was before this one06:05
lilstevieand more importantly what did you download06:05
jon655It's Arch Linux for ARM06:05
lilstevieand that kernel is for your device yes? cause in that video isn't it a different device06:07
jon655i believe so06:08
jon655It is the netbook version of my tablet06:08
lilsteviethen that is not the same thing06:09
jon655With the same WM865006:09
jon655It contains the same processor as my tablet06:09
lilsteviethat means nothing06:10
jon655Its the same android just with a touch screen and with a keyboard attached06:10
lilstevieSasmsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Asus Transformer TF101, Motorola Xoom, Toshiba Thrive, Acer A500 all use the same Tegra2 cpu yet each has a different kernel, why? cause they are not the same device06:11
jon655They are both Wonder Media Tablets! Mine has two names, EKEN M009s, and Wonder Media WM8650... This is by the same people!06:12
jon655with just 2 differences06:13
jon655in the description he writes tablets for the download, not netbook06:14
lilstevieAsus Transformer prime and Asus Nexus 7 are by the same people yet run different kernels06:14
jon655in the description he writes tablets for the download, not netbook06:14
lilsteviepoint is be prepared that the kernel may not work06:14
lilsteviecause arm kernels tend to be horribly device specific06:14
* jon655 wow06:27
jon655lilstevie you still here?06:34
sim590oops (cat)07:04
sim590anyone uses links2 as web browser?07:54
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teilerpandaboard: how do I restore my previous kernel if the new one doesn't boot?10:35
infinityteiler: The previous one should be on the SD card's first parition backed up as uImage.bak and uInitrd.bak10:55
infinityteiler: You can swap them back and it should boot fine (assuming this was done by flash-kernel)10:55
teilerok, but how?10:56
infinityWell, either on another machine with an SD reader, or interrupt the uBoot process and do it by hand.10:57
infinityRunning something like: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1527006/10:58
infinity(This is what boot.scr on the SD card runs in uBoot automatically, but with .bak added to the two image files)10:58
lilstevieI hope building for ubuntu phone isn't as head-deskish as building desktop applications for windows rt is10:58
infinitylilstevie: Well, it's just Ubuntu on the underside.10:59
lilstevieinfinity: and windows rt is windows on the underside10:59
infinitylilstevie: Now, I'm still not sure where things will go as far as "app frameworks" and "official APIs", but for people doing native work, it's just Ubuntu.10:59
infinitylilstevie: Well, I a bit more "just Ubuntu" than RT is "just Windows".  As in, it's the same archive repository, the same binaries.  Self-hosting, you can build natively, no need for cross sandboxes and voodoo.11:00
teilerinfinity: thanks. I was looking for a command reference for this shell. Is it uboot?11:00
infinitys/I a/it's a/11:00
infinityteiler: It's uBoot, yes.11:00
lilstevieinfinity: windows rt doesn't require too much voodoo, they just haven't offered the framework libraries in the sdk11:01
infinityteiler: It does have a help command though I suppose the help is a bit arcane.11:01
lilsteviethat is pretty simple11:01
infinitylilstevie: Ahh, yeah, I haven't looked at RT, due to a lack of carefactor.11:01
infinitylilstevie: But in our case, it's all there.  Or, will be once the UI stuff lands in the archive.11:01
lilstevieinfinity: sadly native compilation on ubuntu phone will solve 99.9% of the issues Visual Studio presents11:01
teilerwell, what puzzled me was the device taxanomy11:02
infinity(And, of course, we're working hard on making or cross-building story less crap too, if you've noticed but, still, the joy of a self-hosting platform and ARM devices being pretty speedy these days is that you can just go native and it works)11:02
lilstevieinfinity: with SoCs like S4 and beyond (aarch64, big.LITTLE, etc) building on device isn't scary anymore11:03
infinitylilstevie: I've been saying that since the Cortex-A8.11:04
infinitylilstevie: But yes, the situation just keeps improving.  A15s are really impressing me a lot more than I thought they would when I first saw them on paper.11:04
lilstevieinfinity: My dual-core S4 does not perform much worse than my quad-core A911:05
lilsteviewhich is a damn good sign11:05
infinityAnd someone announced an 8-core big.LITTLE at CES.  Forgot who already.11:06
RaYmAnExynos 5 'octo'11:06
infinity4xA7, 4xA15.  Curious to see how it'll work in practice, rather than theory.11:06
infinityRaYmAn: Right, thanks.11:06
infinityGetting old, trivia just slips in one ear and out the other these days.11:06
lilsteviethat will be interesting11:06
lilstevieI didn't really pay much attention to CES11:07
lilsteviemost of it was pretty boring crap11:07
infinityThen again, even if we're all still scrambling to make big.LITTLE scheduling as awesome as possible, just firing it up with the 4xA15s and ignoring the A7s will be fine for my use cases. :P11:07
lilsteviewhat would really make my day is being able to turn on both CPU Complexes at once11:08
infinityMost of the big.LITTLE people I've talked to have mentioned that as a nice-to-have goal.11:08
infinityFor people like me who don't give a shit about power and just want as much juice as possible.11:08
infinityBut, it makes SMP scheduling a bit of a nightmare to have mismatched CPUs.11:09
infinityCause timeslices are no longer equal units.11:09
infinityAnd, to be fair, the A7 is intentionally so much slower than the A15 that you might not really care about the modest performance boost anyway.11:10
infinityEspecially after you factor in the complexity overhead, plus the development time that went into the shiny. :P11:10
lilstevieGiven that they should be living on 2 different buses (with one central) that you may be able to async between the complexes while maintaining SMP in each complex11:10
infinityI do kinda wonder why they didn't just go with big.BIGGER as the model.11:12
lilsteviethat would be cool11:12
lilsteviebut probably power profile11:12
infinity(As in, a bunch of identical cores, but recommend that you turn all but one off and frequency scale that one into the ground)11:12
sim590anyone got an idea why linux would put a filesystem in readonly? I got a guess: dpkg tried to access to some corrupted file. Seeing it was corrupted, linux put the FS in read-only FS. Does this make sense?11:12
infinityBut I get the impression the A7 part itself is just plain designed to be far more efficient than the A15.11:13
lilstevietrying to make little as power efficient as possible11:13
infinitysim590: dmesg may give some clues.11:13
lilsteviesim590: RO is considered safe but yeah check dmesg11:13
infinitysim590: But as a general rule, if your filesystem throws errors, your kernel will remount it RO to prevent you from damaging it further until you can sort it out.11:14
infinitylilstevie: I do look forward to big.LITTLE in practice on smart phones, though.  I dream of a day when my smart phone can go two days without charging. :P11:15
infinity(Who else misses all the old Nokia feature phones that went a week?  Seems like forever ago now)11:15
lilstevieinfinity: agreed11:15
lilstevieI miss feature phones for that reason11:15
sim590thanks guys. I'll try to trigger the error again and look dmegs11:16
lilstevieI miss the good old days of "oh, my phone is bleeping at me, what do you know it has been like 8 days since I charged it"11:17
lilsteviethen as phones got more advanced and their battery lives started dropping I thought, ok fair enough, give it time for the battery tech to catch up. Now here we are years later and stuck at 1, maybe 2 days if you are lucky11:17
infinityMaybe I should throw my SIM in my old Sony W700 and see how long I can survive without a web browser and apps.11:20
infinityAt least it was a good music player.11:20
infinityAnd it probably wouldn't take long to relearn T9.11:20
sim590infinity,lilstevie: Thanks for your advice guys11:21
infinityOh, except I'm on a cheap carrier than doesn't actually offer GSM service, so I'd be perpetually roaming.  That would be problematic. :P11:22
lilstevieheh sometimes I consider trying to find a nokia 1100 again, I used to consistently get 8-10 days from that thing11:23
infinityI probably still have my 8860 in a box somewhere.11:24
infinityOh, wait, no, it was an 8850.11:26
infinityThe 8860 was the silly North American TDMA model, and I had that phone in Australia.11:26
lilstevieas long as it is not TDMA it will probably still work here11:27
infinityThe 8850 is GSM 900/180011:27
infinityShould work on a fair few carriers still.11:28
lilstevieyeah that would work just fine here11:28
lilstevieon my carrier11:28
infinityIt was pretty, too.  I've mostly forgotten how much design went into these things.11:29
infinityBefore we all started carrying black rectangles.11:29
infinity"The phone's memory can store up to 250 names and 50 calendar notes. SMS messages can only be stored on the SIM card."11:29
infinity^-- How did that not drive me insane?11:30
lilstevieoh...my...god that just reminded me11:30
infinityI have tens of thousands of text messages on my current phone, that wouldn't fit on a SIM. :P11:30
lilstevieof the hell11:30
lilstevie"Your phones simcard is full please delete some text messages"11:30
infinityThe good old days.11:30
lilstevieback in the day when having 30 text messages was it11:31
infinityI suspect I spent more time talking to people in person back then.11:33
infinityYay, progress.11:33
lilstevieor talking on the phone11:35
lilstevienow days it is all text11:35
lilstevieI know my old phones spent a lot more time against my ear than new ones11:35
lilsteviethe new ones*11:36
teilerinfinity: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1527006/ root=UUID=c8fabf2c-f023-41d8-83bd-98dcde49d64f won't work …12:20
infinityteiler: Erm, yeah, that's my root device, not yours. :P12:21
infinityteiler: Is your root on the SD card or an external USB drive?12:22
teilerSD card12:22
infinityteiler: You'll want something like "root=/dev/mmcblk0p2" probably.12:23
lilstevieyou can probably also get your uuid from the boot.scr/boot.cmd on your u-boot partition12:27
infinitylilstevie: Yeah, but if he could get at his SD card, he could also just swap uImage and uImage.bak.  I get the impression he's not flush with non-Panda SD readers.12:28
lilstevieI thought u-boot had a cat like command though12:29
infinityPlus, mmcblk0p2 is a hell of a lot easier to type than a UUID. ;)12:29
lilsteviealso that said, I do only have 1 device with u-boot and I don't tend to poke around its console very often12:29
infinityYeah, I can't find a catish thing in the first reference sheet I googled.12:31
infinityYou can fatls directories, but no fatcat or similar.12:31
infinityShame, cause fatcat would be an awesome command name.12:32
infinityI'm being stared at by a fat cat right now, actually.12:32
infinityI think he thinks it's breakfast time cause I'm awake. :/12:32
lilstevieffs why do people think it is a good idea to hardcode something like /MACHINE:X86 even though there is the same option elsewhere which is controlled by the target platform12:33
infinityThis is why I love free software, at least.12:34
infinityCan you imagine the pain of the poor porters who had to sift through the Windows codebase after more than a decade of no one caring about it being portable?12:34
lilstevieit is painful enough that some of this stuff depends on cpucontext12:35
lilsteviewhich doesn't quite line up12:35
lilstevie(direct register access)12:35
infinityThough, they could surprise me.  Maybe they maintained internal port builds all along to prevent just that sort of oops.12:35
lilsteviefrom what it sounds like it is a cleanroom port12:35
infinityYeah.  Sounds more likely.12:36
lilsteviea lot of the outdated crap is gone12:36
infinityI somehow doubt the portability of NT4 survived 15 years.12:36
lilstevieor so I hear12:36
teilerinfinity: it worked, thanks.12:36
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lilsteviethere should be at least a little portability in the original code12:36
infinityWell, as much as any generic C and C++ is portable, obviously.12:37
infinityBut I'm sure there are x86isms all over the effin' place too.12:37
lilsteviegiven that NT4 ran on mips and alpha12:37
infinityAt least they don't have to care about endianisms this time around.12:37
lilstevieand there has been Itanium for a lot too12:38
infinityYeah, MIPS, Alpha, and PPC.12:38
infinityI don't know that I ever actually saw an NT ia64 port in the wild.12:38
infinityThough I'm sure it must have existed.12:38
infinityAll the ia64 kit I met ran HP/UX (or Debian).12:38
lilstevieI am not sure, doesn't appear to be an IA64 version that I can find12:42
teilerinifinity: I made a dist-upgrade frrom 12.04 to 12.10, but it seems there is no omap4 linux packet any more?12:48
infinityteiler: linux-omap412:48
infinityteiler: Definitely exists.12:48
infinityIf you've done something strange to remove it, just "apt-get install linux-omap4"12:49
infinityOh, unless you're running armel...12:49
lilsteviethat would probably not go down well12:49
infinityWe didn't officially support armel for 12.04 for a reason. :P12:49
infinityAnd dropped the kernels from armel in 12.10.12:50
infinity(And dropped the userspace in 13.04)12:50
infinitySo, in conclusion, use armhf. :P12:50
infinityAnd I should get some sleep.  It's 6am.12:51
lilstevieinfinity: lol wow yeah get some sleep, 23:51 here12:51
teilerinfinity: 'No candidate version found for linux-omap4'12:52
lilstevieyeah probably cause of armel12:52
infinityteiler: Yeah, like I said...12:52
infinityteiler: If you installed precise/armel, you were installing a dead-end and unsupported platform.  We tried to make that clear.  Maybe not clear enough.12:53
infinityteiler: You want armhf.  It's the way and the light.12:53
lilstevieI wonder when canonical is going to say screw armv7 and move to armv812:54
infinityWell, we're doing aardvarch64 stuff pretty heavily right now.  But I doubt we'll drop armhf any time soon.12:55
infinityPlus, there may always be a neat use-case for armhf/arm64 multiarch for 32-bit goodness on your 64-bit kernel.12:55
lilstevieone big stopper on dropping armhf is no aarch64 stuff available :p12:55
lilstevieand I suppose aarch64 has the ability to multiarch a bit better12:56
lilstevielike x86/x86_6412:56
teilerinfinity: so how do I switch? Can I dist-upgrade?12:56
infinityteiler: No.  You're pretty much stuck reinstalling.12:56
lilstevieteiler: the best way is to download a new image12:56
lilsteviedist-upgrade will leave you in a horridly broken state12:56
infinityteiler: Cross-grading arches is a stretch goal for multiarch, but it doesn't really work without a lot of manual fiddling right now.12:57
infinityAnd isn't worth the effort of trying.12:57
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Tassadarhmm, nexus 7 has "serial debug shell" thing, where you can just "screen /dev/ttyACM0 115200" into the shell via usb17:30
Tassadaris that just kernel thing or must be something in userspace running?17:30
kulveTassadar: you need to have login running in user space on correct port. It's ttyGS0 on nexus side17:33
Tassadarah, that's what getty is for17:56
Tassadarnow to figure out where should it be started in archlinux17:56
itu  hi18:02
* itu would like to get some linux on his Jay-tech 9903H mini-netbook18:03
Tassadarha, there it works now, thanks18:08
Rjshmm, that reminds me: is there support in the ubuntu nexus7 kernel for the USB ethernet gadget device? on my openmoko gta02, I'm used to ssh'ing in via the USB connection (it's more versatile than just a serial port, for file transfers etc.), and I'd like to get the same on nexus7...18:16
kulveRjs: at least it's possible to recompile kernel so that it's supported (usb0). I'm not sure if that's on by default with ubuntu's config18:17
kulveg_multi supports both the getty and the usb0 at the same time18:17
Rjskulve: ok, g_multi sounds very good :) (just found drivers/usb/gadget/Kconfig in the kernel source) thanks! I'll try that when I compile my own kernel18:19
Rjshmm, there's also USB_CDC_COMPOSITE which seems to have only serial + ethernet, while USB_G_MULTI also has mass storage (and is marked EXPERIMENTAL), maybe composite is better for me18:21
kulveif you run into compilation problems with fsl lock something functions related to those, just comment them out..18:22
Rjsok, I'll keep that in mind (not trying it right now, maybe later today or tomorrow)18:23
Rjsit's not on in ubuntu's default kernel: only CONFIG_USB_SERIAL=y in /proc/config.gz, the other CONFIG_USB_G_* are unset (i.e., not even compiled as modules)18:29
marvin24how to solve "Cannot build any of the architectures requested: armel armhf" ?18:42
* marvin24 hopes this is the right channel18:42
jj234is there any reason why my install of the omap4 preinstalled image wouldn't set $HOME for root?18:46
jon654Hello, I'm trying to install ubuntu on a tablet, Does anyone know how to boot android device from the sd card slot18:50
jon654How could i root it, it's a chinese generic Tab.18:51
kulveall devices are different, no generic rule18:55
jon654It;s known as Eken M009s/MID v7/WM865018:56
jon654Hello, I'm trying to install ubuntu on a tablet, Does anyone know how to boot android device from the sd card slot. How could i root it, it's a chinese generic Tab. It;s known as Eken M009s/MID v7/WM865019:05
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stgraberjon654: You've been told that already yesterday and things didn't change overnight, Ubuntu won't work on this tablet as it's an ARMv5 and we only support ARMv719:11
jon654Not even an older version stgraber?19:12
stgraberthe last time Ubuntu was fully built for ARMv5 armel, was around jaunty/karmic IIRC, neither of those are still around today19:14
stgraberand as other people told you, even if you get a userspace that works for your tablet, you'll still need to build a kernel for it yourself as that specific ARM platform has never been supported by Ubuntu or Linaro19:14
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SammyHey Guys!19:27
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Dj_SammySomeone there ?19:28
k1l147 users19:29
Dj_SammyCan someone please reply?19:41
k1l!ask | Dj_Sammy19:42
ubot2`Dj_Sammy: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience19:42
Dj_SammyOKay... Im sorry for that :S19:42
TassadarI like that bot Oo19:42
komradefoxi used a usb keyboard on ubuntu on my nexus7, but when i reboot without the keyboard plugged in, i can't get a virtual one to sign in19:43
Dj_SammyI want install Ubuntu on my Nexus7 16 G w/o Cellular. First: I must unlock the Kernel... But do i need an installed UBUNTU System on my PC? ?19:43
Tassadarkomradefox: one of the icons in upper right corner should turn it on19:44
komradefoxTassadar: ah yes, thank you19:47
komradefoxdoes the software update work on the n7?19:47
komradefoxoh hmm i guess not, i get an error19:49
komradefoxfailed to fetch, sum mismatch,19:49
TassadarYou don't, but it is much easier19:51
Tassadarjust download the live cd and boot from it, that should be enough (I am not "from ubuntu")19:52
Dj_Sammyive got some old pc's, ill think that will work too19:52
Tassadarkomradefox: it should19:56
Tassadarapt-get update && apt-get (dist-)upgrade works for me19:56
komradefoxhuh, i followed a guide to clear my apt. http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=11951697&postcount=219:57
komradefoxand that fixed it19:57
komradefoxsomething must have gotten corrupted was all19:58
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simonAnyone got this error with Lilstevie ubuntu (updated to 12.04, k2.6.36.4) when from a certain point after installing it.. It only reboots in readonly FS?20:42
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sim590no matter if I run e2fsck.. it still does this20:44
sim590nvm.. It seems like fsck doesn't fix it really.. but e2fsck fixes it. For now it seems to work. You guys can light down Gondor's alarm firelights!20:48
jj234my u-boot command line contains "splash," is there any reason why I wouldn't still get a splash screen?20:49
jj234i have plymouth installed20:49
sim590well, it just randomly went back to read-only file system..21:08
Tassadarsim590: try to run dmesg, maybe there is more info in there21:10
sim590Yeah.. I've just done that and it says: [sda] Device not ready, [sda] Result: hostbyte=0x00 drivebyte=0x08,[sda] Sense key : 0x2 [current] ........... I/O error, dev sda, sector 6578354, lost page write due to I/O error on sda121:12
Tassadarit's usb flash drive?21:13
sim590I'm using the SD card on the keyboard of the TF10121:13
sim590it's my rootfs21:13
Tassadarit is quiet possible that it the sdcard is corrupted21:13
sim590maybe I should use micro sd card21:13
sim590Or may be it sometimes has some bad contact with between the tablet and the keyboard21:14
sim590therefore, the journal is messed up21:14
Tassadaryou could try to connect it to computer or something21:14
sim590I/O error wouldn't indicate that there's a connectivity problem?21:16
Tassadarwell, it can as well might be that the sdcard is bad21:17
TassadarI know that USB drives do that21:17
sim590my sd card is new21:18
sim590I've just bought it21:18
Tassadarthen it is probably just bad contact, as you say21:19
sim590that's unfortunate.. I've bought that for nothing and costed 40$..21:19
sim59032Go.. it's going to cost double the price for micro SD21:20
TassadarI dunno how is sdcard connector mad in TF101, but can't you just, I don't know, put a piece of paper or something on top of the card so that the contact is correct?21:22
sim590may be the problem is from the connection between the tablet adn the keyboard21:23
sim590you know where the table fixes itself. It's a little bit mobile there21:23
sim590it moves a little bit21:24
sim590may be the bad contact is there.21:24
TassadarI'd really just try to stick that sd-card to computer and try if it is not bad21:25
Tassadaror try to use some other sdcard with the tablet21:25
sim590The sd card is ok. I use it with my pc and it always mounts21:26
Tassadarwell, mount is one thing, have you tried to actually transfer some data to it?21:27
sim590the image i put on it took 2hours to dd21:27
sim590and everything was fine21:27
sim590it corrupts itself only when I put it in TF10121:28
Tassadarbtw, how big was the image you dd-ed to it?21:33
sim590About 30Go21:34
Tassadaroh, okay, 2 hours seemed a little too much to me, but if the image is that big, then it's okay21:35
Tassadarwell, I don't have anything else to tell, just try to make sure that the contacts are correct, but I guess you can figure that out)21:36
sim590I could resize it to less than this in order to take less time, but if I want to take advantage of the whole space on the partition, I have to resize it afterwards on the TF10121:36
sim590Thank you for your assistance, it's good to see we can get some echo21:36
sim590I just blow air in the slot. I hope it helps ^^21:38

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