sagacimesquka: hi06:43
sagacianyone around for the meeting..09:57
jeasagaci: we didn't really schedule it properly10:11
jeaMaybe we should set dates for the 2013 meetings, and get things going properly10:12
jeathe main issue is that we don't have anything to really talk about10:12
jeawill you or will I make the meetings in l.u.c?10:18
sagaciyou can if you feel like it10:24
jeaOk, I will get that done soon10:25
head_victimSorry all, I thought the meeting was due next week. Thanks sagaci and jea for showing though.11:10
jeahead_victim: I guess today would be the correct date, but I had forgotten also11:13
head_victimI don't know about you but this week's been crazy. Started back at work, started back at uni (first assessment due tomorrow) and now I forgot this :/11:17
jeaWow, that is a lot. Luckily I am still on holidays, but I have started back at work again11:21
head_victimI see we've had some other vocals join the channel recently. Friend of yours or just from here?11:22

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