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cj_I need help.  I have recently installed Ubuntu 12.10 as a dual OS with Windows 7.  I had to re-install my dvdrw drive on Windows 7.  After doing so when I tried to run Ubuntu it now goes to a black screen and does not load.  Any Ideas?04:19
cj_is anyone on here?04:53
yeehifull disk encryption is meant to reduce performance. How much would it be effected on a system running on a SSD?06:08
holsteinyeehi: i would say you'll just have to try it and see06:09
holsteinif something like truecrypt wont fit your needs, and you need encryption, then it really doesnt matter06:09
yeehithanks, holstein06:10
yeehiQuantal Unity ran v slowly in a Virtual Machine as it 2D wasn't well supported - has this been fixed yet?06:27
yeehi1Unity in quantal doesn't have a 2D version, so it ran very slowly in Virtual Machines. Has this been fixed now? Does quantal run fast in VirtualBox?06:55
mysteriousdarrenyeehi1: yes but I used lubuntu 12.10 in my VMs06:58
Rajuwired connection and dsl connection not working at sametime. Any body know answers???13:19
Raju Hi all, I have just installed Bodhi linux . Having trouble in connecting to internet. can somebody help me13:20
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utopiqHi, I'm using Lubuntu, and I'm trying to configure my internet connection in manual mode instead of DHCP, but I can't because the Apply button is disabled17:37
utopiqThe only info related I've found is that post on the forum17:37
utopiqBut it's not solved17:37
utopiqCan anyone help me? Thank you very much in advance17:38
holsteinutopiq: i would just search static ip info18:10
holsteinhttp://www.howtoforge.com/linux-basics-set-a-static-ip-on-ubuntu utopiq18:13
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RT_hello, I'm having trouble setting up my wireless internet card with live usb of Lucid21:34

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