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jonohey folks22:17
ajmitchhello jono22:17
jonohey ajmitch22:17
jonohow things?22:18
ajmitchgood, back at work though :)22:18
* ajmitch needs another holiday22:18
jonoajmitch, did you head out on vacation?22:18
ajmitchonly for a short time, mostly I was still around home22:19
ajmitchhow about you?22:19
ajmitchI see that you were busy at CES22:20
JoseeAntonioRhey jono22:20
jonoajmitch, ahhh nice22:20
jonohey JoseeAntonioR22:20
jonoajmitch, CES was incredible22:20
jonothe interest in Ubuntu was insane22:20
jonopeople seem to genuinely love the phone22:20
ajmitchthat's good, it'll be interesting to see how it compares with android going forward :)22:21
JoseeAntonioRjono: btw, keeping that Q&A on Wed at 11am your time?22:23
jonoJoseeAntonioR, it looks like this week I will need to do it on Friday as I am our from Tues - Thyu22:25
jonoI am around on either Mon or Fri22:25
jonomaybe Mon might be better22:25
jonochecking my cal22:25
jonoJoseeAntonioR, lets do Monday22:26
JoseeAntonioRwhat time?22:26
jonolets do it at 11am Pacific22:26
jonois that ok for you?22:27
jonoI will blog about it22:27
JoseeAntonioRyep, looks good22:27
jonoJoseeAntonioR, you da man22:27
JoseeAntonioRhaha, thanks :)22:27
JoseeAntonioRcalendar updated22:27
jonothanks JoseeAntonioR22:28
jonoblogging it now22:28
JoseeAntonioReverything will run as last time22:28
jonothanks JoseeAntonioR22:39
jonowould you mind redditing http://www.jonobacon.org/2013/01/13/this-weeks-video-qa/22:39
JoseeAntonioRsure, doing it right now22:39
jonothanks JoseeAntonioR22:40
JoseeAntonioRlet me know if there's anything else I can do22:40
jonothanks JoseeAntonioR22:41
jonoI think we are all set :-)22:41
jonoI have a phone with me too, so I can always show some of it off22:41
JoseeAntonioRoh, cool then!22:42
JoseeAntonioRI'm sure we'll still have lots of phone questions22:42
jonomhall119, you around?22:44
mhall119jono: for now23:17
jonomhall119, its ok, I mailed the list23:52
jonojut about if staging for accomplishments is up to date23:52

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