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BillyZanei can chit-chat in here right?02:47
TheLordOfTimeif its ubuntu related02:47
TheLordOfTimeotherwise #ubuntu-offtopic may be better02:47
BillyZanei think ubuntu's partitioning systeming has spilt off on to iRC02:48
mesqukaHey, is there a developement channel?03:18
IdleOne#ubuntu-packaging or maybe #ubuntu-devel03:20
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apm1will 12.04 get a kernel update ?11:58
apm1i mean will there be a newer kernel than the current 3.2 version in any future updates ?11:58
SuperEngineerapm1: enable "proposed" in sources - I got an update last week [I had forgotten proposed was enabled!]12:00
apm1SuperEngineer, thanks :)12:01
SuperEngineer..so if proposed - then might be coming to normal release - but it was a "point" release12:01
apm1SuperEngineer, this isn't a major update this is  "3.2-36" while the normal repos have "3.2-35" hardly makes sense to change my repo list for a patch :p12:06
SuperEngineerapm1:  I let it in - no probs -but, yes, agreed12:07

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