PatrickDickeyJust wanted to pop in and say hi. And to let you know, that if you're in the #ubuntu channel, and type !manual the bot gives a link to our manual. :D11:44
CarstenGHi Patrick11:49
CarstenGNice to see you :-)11:49
PatrickDickeyNice to see you too CarstenG.12:02
PatrickDickeyAny word on when we'll be starting the Raring manual, or are we going to wait for the next LTS?12:02
CarstenGWe will do a version for raring.12:03
CarstenGBut I don't know when we start12:03
CarstenGI think Kevin will organize a meeting for it.12:04
CarstenGThe raring branch is already started and can be used.12:05
CarstenGThe next LTS will be 14.04, or?12:07
CarstenGHi Sylvie12:25
cqfd93Hi Carsten!12:35
PatrickDickeyI'll have to install it on my laptop. I decided to go with lubuntu on my desktop.13:26
CarstenGyou mean raring?13:33
CarstenGHi Thorsten.13:43
CarstenGSee you all.13:43

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