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micahgbdrung: about Bug #1099003, does vlc dlopen libopus?02:55
ubottubug 1099003 in vlc (Ubuntu) "VLC 2.0.5 won't work with Opus. Please include libopus0 from n-muench PPA" [Undecided,Won't fix] https://launchpad.net/bugs/109900302:55
micahgbdrung: if so, we can backport opus from quantal to precise02:57
micahgbdrung: make that can, as I see there's a build-dep in quantal02:58
micahgbdrung: alternatively, we can backport opus+vlc from quantal to precise once the can't build depend on backports in backports bug is fixed03:00
wendarrecap: gnumeric is a trivial manual merge, but depends on goffice 0.10.004:09
wendargoffice requires a sync, since the Ubuntu patches are no longer relevant04:09
wendarbut, it's a significant version change so requires a transition04:10
wendaranyone got pointers for docs on library transitions?04:11
wendarI'll ask cjwatson when the time zones roll around again if no other answers pop up04:13
micahgwendar: preferably through merges/syncs from Debian if they're available04:13
micahgif that's needed04:13
wendargnumeric is a merge from Debian, goffice will be a sync04:14
jtaylorwendar: first setup a transition tracker http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/transitions/04:14
micahgjtaylor: it's a handful of packages04:14
micahgor 2 handfuls04:14
wendarjtaylor: is that populated manually or automatically?04:15
jtayloryou just have to provide the rules04:15
wendargoffice isn't in there, but then goffice is blocked on a manual merge04:15
micahgit's actually 5 sources04:15
wendarso, if goffice is sync'd, will it then appear in the transition tracker?04:15
micahgnot worth a tracker04:15
jtaylorno the tracker has to be setup manually04:15
wendarah, automatically generated, for manually specified package names?04:16
jtayloryou provide the afftected, good and bad lines you see in the existing ones04:16
jtaylorbut it may not be worth it if its only handful04:17
wendaris it fairly similar to the Debian transition "ben" format? http://wiki.debian.org/Teams/ReleaseTeam/Transitions04:29
wendarok, exactly 5 packages04:44
wendarmicahg: is it reasonable to put in the Sync request for goffice, and include the list of reverse depends and reverse build depends?04:50
wendarwith the note that it may require a transition04:50
wendaror would you lean more toward an email to ubuntu-motu (which is where I see some transition conversation happening)04:52
jtaylorfirst do all rdeps still build?04:52
jtaylorif yes (and they also work) the actual transition can be simple04:53
jtaylormust get to bed now, n804:54
micahgwendar: if everything works, then file the appropriate bugs with notes that they should go together05:29
wendarmicah: I'm doing a test build on all of them05:30
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cjwatsonwendar: yeah, for five I'd JFDI.  Let me know when I should merge gnumeric10:42
jtaylorI probably asked that already but forgot,  when doing an sru that build depends on another sru do I have to add versioned depends?12:51
jtaylore.g. jcc (>= 2.11-3ubuntu0.1)12:51
Rhondahmmmmm, why don't I have the ssh key from my laptop on jubany.c.c …13:20
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wendarcjwatson: a sync'd version of the latest goffice from Debian builds fine, but I get build failures in gnumeric and gnome-chemistry-utils which depend on it17:18
wendarthose are the only two reverse depends on goffice that have ubuntu changes, everything else is already sync'd from Debian17:19
wendarthe build failures aren't directly related to goffice, though17:22
wendarwhich means, it could be other gtk packages in Ubuntu that are different versions than Debian's17:23
wendargnumeric fails with a missing identifier in GTK-Doc17:24
wendargnome-chemistry fails with a missing symbol from libxslt at link time (so, not even gtk related)17:25
bdrungmicahg: backporting opus+vlc sound good. what needs to be done once quantal EOL?17:53
bdrungbackport from raring to precise?17:53
micahgbdrung: that or just upload the precise version with enable opus + enable ssl18:07
bdrungmicahg: looking at the precise->quantal diff, it's better to just enable opus and ssl instead of backporting the quantal version18:15
micahgbdrung: I was going to backport quantal + reinstate the postinst18:16
bdrungmicahg: and revert the fonts-freefont-ttf rename, please18:16
bdrungotherwise you can't install it (or you backport the freefont package)18:17
micahgbdrung: we just need the reverse dependencies tested with the built versions, I can throw them in my PPA18:17
micahgbdrung: ah, yes18:17
bdrungbackporting the font would be probably better18:17
micahgit has a few reverse dependencies as well, but I don't mind if they're tested18:18
bdrungmicahg: once we have one version of vlc in backport, keeping it updated shouldn't be that big issue (because security updates will go to precise and quantal)18:21
micahgah, we actually don't need the backport on backport version18:23
micahgboth are new packages in backports18:23
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wendarcjwatson: is there a better way to test a partial archive rebuild for a library transition?19:30
wendarcjwatson: I'm beginning to suspect the build failures may have more to do with creating a test build environent from a mixture of apt-get installs of raring packages and local custom dpkg installs of the new versions of the packages19:32
wendarcjwatson: so, it's getting the dependencies confused on building packages that depend on other packages I've already built19:32
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jtaylorwhen doing an sru that build depends on another sru do I have to add versioned depends?  e.g. jcc (>= 2.11-3ubuntu0.1)19:55
micahgjtaylor: if the version is required for functionality, yes20:17
jtaylorits only the build20:18
jtaylorruntime doesn't matter20:18
micahgyes, I mean if it's required to make the build work properly, it should be versioned20:18
cjwatsonwendar: Does the new goffice render the old (other packages) uninstallable?21:01
cjwatsonwendar: If so, the simplest way is to put it into raring-proposed (where everything's staged anyway) and then it'll automatically stay there until we fix everything else up - and it'll be easier to test-build them once the new goffice is in raring-proposed21:02
cjwatsonwendar: if the new goffice changes library package names or similar, that's good enough for this purpose21:03
wendarcjwatson: I'm getting FTBFS on gnumeric and gnome-chemistry-utils when I rebuild locally on the new goffice21:29
wendarcjwatson: so, yes going ahead and syncing the new goffice into raring-proposed would work21:30
wendarcjwatson: I can watch and fix any errors until all the dependencies are straight21:31
wendarcjwatson: (the library package names are different for the new goffice, all 0.10 instead of 0.8)21:34
cjwatsonwendar: done on your behalf, then21:35
cjwatsonI'll have a poke at gnumeric tomorrow21:35
wendarcjwatson: thanks!21:35
wendarI did the merge for gnumeric21:36
cjwatsonhttp://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/ should tell you what's still blocking it (in a bit)21:36
cjwatsonpoint me to a source package and I'll start from that, then21:36
cjwatsonthough the Ubuntu changes weren't complicated21:36
wendarcjwatson: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnumeric/+bug/109902721:36
ubottuUbuntu bug 1099027 in gnumeric (Ubuntu) "Please merge gnumeric 1.12.0-1 (universe) from Debian unstable" [Wishlist,New]21:36
cjwatsonok, ta21:37
wendaraye, the changes were light21:37
* cjwatson not a major fan of attempting to sponsor UDD merges anyway21:37
cjwatsonfine for other things, but there are a few too many directions to compare for merges21:37
cjwatsonso glad you just gave a debdiff21:37
cjwatsonanyway, -> tv, will look tomorrow21:38
wendarenjoy :)21:38

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