Ghads: have you noticed issues with the e1000e/network with yours?01:28
hadsG: Not that I've noticed so far but haven't had it on that long.06:08
Ghads: hmmm okay, certainly an issue with mine, network dies unless pinging another (any other) alive host on the network06:13
* G goes to try something that was mentioned on the Intel site06:13
hadsG: How quickly does it die?21:57
Ghads: reasonably quickly, basically (and this is how I noticed it) if you PXE boot install, it'll just suddenly stop transferring22:12
Ghads: I tried 12.10 and gave up - because the busy box 'ping' only sends one ping and gives up, but 13.04, and Fedora, equally bad22:13
Ghads: let me find the NUC communities post about it22:13
Ghads: http://communities.intel.com/message/175243#175243 - personally I'm wondering if it's something to do with a particular batch or something22:15
hadsI haven't run Ubuntu on it yet.23:14
hadsG: I've just run it up with OpenELEC on it and have been updating databases etc. for 30 minutes. Playing some music now with no issues.23:16
hadsLooks like you've posted some good info there, hopefully they do something with it.23:18
Ghads: yeah, is yours the same batch?23:22
hadsheh, the noise this box makes is amusing.23:23
Ghads: the carton?23:24
Gprotip: Don't leave it open in the room23:24
hadsMine is a different batch; CNG62BQ10523:25
Gno, just when you turn the lights on at night, it'll play the sound :)23:25
Ghads: interesting, here is hoping it's not a batch issue23:25
hadsAt least if it is a batch issue you can send it back for an exchange.23:27
Gmight call Intel up and lodge it formally so it becomes a warranty issue too23:28

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