bazhang<hacker> Ignore hackinblack02:45
bazhangcoincidence that I just removed hackinblack, and this hacker fellow joined, just as hackinblack was threatening to ban evade?02:45
bazhang<metal> i caught a thread on this before, from archlinux or may be another buttrack02:47
bazhangarch is not that bad!02:47
bazhanghi frankenhawg02:50
frankenhawg\0/ hi02:50
bazhangwhats the issue frankenhawg02:51
frankenhawgtesting install02:51
bazhangfrankenhawg, this is the wrong channel for that02:51
hackeribeatCan I be unbannwd02:52
hackeribeatI'm sorry02:52
bazhangfrankenhawg, if theres nothing else please exit the channel02:52
hackeribeatBazhang can you urban me02:52
bazhanghackeribeat, wait02:53
hackeribeatHow long ?02:53
bazhangas long as it takes02:53
hackeribeatYou banned both my IPs02:53
bazhangwhy did you ban evade02:53
hackeribeatWill I be unbanned by tomorrow or monday02:53
bazhang<HackinBlack> And I can change my ip02:54
bazhang<HackinBlack> Wanna play ?02:54
bazhangthat was you? ^02:54
hackeribeatYes we played02:54
hackeribeatSadly yes02:54
bazhangso what was this about "freedom of religion" and repeating "I'm Amish"   in #ubuntu02:55
hackeribeatIt was nonsense02:55
bazhangand when told to stop, you said, that No, it's on topic02:55
hackeribeatYou offended my religion I got mad02:55
bazhanghackeribeat, do you know the chat channel?02:56
hackeribeatYes but I need ubuntu seriously for help02:56
hackeribeatLater on when I need iy02:56
hackeribeatCould I be unbanned ?02:56
bazhangthink about that next time before you start with the "I'm Amish" etc nonsense02:57
bazhangtry askubuntu.com02:57
hackeribeatYes / no?02:57
hackeribeatWhy can't you unban me?02:57
bazhangyes or no what02:57
bazhangI dont see you needing #ubuntu02:58
hackeribeatI do02:58
hackeribeatFor help02:58
hackeribeatWhen I get my laptop back from repair02:58
bazhangall you did was nonsense there.02:58
hackeribeatI sorry02:58
bazhangthe bans will NOT be removed at this time.02:59
hackeribeatPlease don't forget I need support when laptop comes back02:59
bazhangplease dont forget that using the channel for nonsense, getting quieted, then banned, ban evading is not the way to get support in #ubuntu03:00
hackeribeatI know03:00
hackeribeatI sorry03:00
bazhangso why do it03:00
hackeribeatU offended my religion03:01
bazhangwhy was your religion mentioned in a support channel at all03:01
hackeribeatWrong channel03:01
bazhangso that is all on YOU03:02
hackeribeatI use this app don't know how to use it03:02
bazhangok, well you need to learn how to use it03:02
bazhangso askubuntu.com for your support needs.03:02
hackeribeatBut I'll be unbanned though right?03:03
bazhangat this time, no.03:03
hackeribeatLater I mean03:03
bazhangcould be03:03
bazhangthere's no set time on bans.03:04
hackeribeatSo whos going to unban me ?03:04
bazhanghackeribeat, come back in a week, and we can discuss.03:04
hackeribeatA week!?03:04
hackeribeatThat's outrageous03:05
bazhangis that too soon? lets make it two weeks then03:05
hackeribeatFor a mistake03:05
bazhangso see you in two weeks.03:05
hackeribeatI'm reporting you you play me03:05
bazhangour discussion about your ban is concluded hackeribeat , please dont idle here03:06
hackeribeatI'll be back03:06
bazhangsee you in 2 weeks.03:06
hackeribeatIn fo time you will be repayed03:06
bazhangnot sure what that means.  see you in two weeks. Please dont idle here, thanks hackeribeat03:07
hackeribeatI idle here if I want03:07
bazhangnot really, no...03:07
hackeribeatResetting modem as we speak03:08
hackeribeatSee you in a bit03:08
bazhangto ban evade?03:08
hackeribeatYou unfair03:08
bazhangok bye03:08
hackeribeatYes to ban evade03:08
hackeribeatAnand I'm back in lobby :)03:09
bazhang* [MaxElite] (48c6d2e9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. ip72-198-210-233.om.om.cox.net/
bazhangcould it be?03:11
hackeribeatWhat ?03:11
bazhangyour ban evading client^03:12
hackeribeatNo my modem is still resetting03:13
hackeribeatI can't reset that fast03:13
bazhang<MaxElite> I am getting my laptop back for repair, but need to know if i should install the latest 12.10 or 12.04 witch i had before03:13
bazhang<hackeribeat> Please don't forget I need support when laptop comes back03:13
hackeribeatYes ?03:14
hackeribeatThat is not me03:14
hackeribeatGood eyes though03:14
bazhanghackeribeat, please exit now03:15
hackeribeatWhat ?03:16
hackeribeatWhat's the matter Bazhang03:16
bazhanghackeribeat, sorry, I'm busy now.03:17
hackeribeatWah really :( but we were playing03:17
IdleOnehackeribeat: Please part this channel now. You can return in 2 weeks and discuss the ban removal03:18
hackeribeat2 weeks is to long03:18
bazhangmake it 4 then03:19
IdleOne2 weeks is the amount of time it will have to be03:19
bazhangfor the 3 ban evasions of the last two minutes03:19
hackeribeatChanging ip 5 seconds vs 2 weeks on an old ip03:19
bazhangsee you in a month hackeribeat03:19
hackeribeatI havny been ban evading lol03:19
hackeribeatI'll see u in 10 seconds03:20
bazhangit was your brother/cousin/otherfamilymember?03:20
hackeribeatAnd I'm back03:20
hackeribeatWe can play all day03:21
IdleOneEnough of this silliness, please part this channel03:22
hackeribeatWe play some more ill keep changing IPs03:23
bazhangyeah, he's not back03:23
bazhang<petergk> how is connected the zeitgeist system to the gps data sender?09:34
bazhangmore implications of spyware etc09:35
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