mhall119one of these times mesquka is going to stick around for a responce03:33
TranshumanistYou spelt 'qwerty' incorrectly.04:11
mhall119maybe it's dvorak04:11
Transhumanisthah, yes maybe04:11
mhall119you know, with two t's and two y's and two u's04:12
Ryan45no response yet on the bulk galaxy nexus buy07:33
Ryan45i'll keep working on it07:33
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damian__^hi, does someone know, will ubuntu mobile eventually be merged into ubuntu? so they are the same os? i have seen the galaxy nexus build and heard that you can simply bring it home, plug in a keyboard mouse and monitor and have a fill ubuntu desktop..?12:57
damian__^or will ubuntu mobile be a different os that also supports a full desktop?12:58
robin-gloster1damian__^: ubuntu moblie IS the same OS13:01
damian__^awesome :)13:02
blackout23yes that's the whole idea instead of going the microsoft route which means making a completely different os for the tablet, phone and desktop and slap the phone ui on everything13:05
blackout23anyone knows if there is a TODO list on what thing will go into the nexus image that will be released late february? Working software center maybe?13:06
damian__^im assuming until code is released we have no related documents? but im just assuming13:16
damian__^hopefully this will bring a new breed of devices/technology where we can just sit our phones in a dock or something and have a full blown keyboard/mouse/monitor pc13:18
damian__^or maybe something like the padfone but a laptop version13:19
damian__^being an android dev i find this all really exciting13:19
damian__^(and a nerd, hehe)13:19
hourdbe cool to have something liek the motorola lapdock for ubuntuphone13:24
damian__^wow didnt even know it existed. i like :)13:26
hourdyeah, shame the phone failed13:27
hourdbut a great idea13:27
hourdi can see it being used for ubuntu phone pretty quickly13:28
damian__^wow, you can buy a 11.6 incher for $60USD. and hook up a raspberry pi or beagleboard.13:29
damian__^maybe other phones can be made work with it, via hdmi out or something. interesting13:30
damian__^we so need an ubuntu image for the droid's, defies etc. time will tell i guess13:31
damian__^although google owns motorola now so...13:31
hourdthey don't own all of motorola do they?13:32
damian__^from what i can tell they own all of it13:35
damian__^awesome! perfect for ubuntu mobile!13:38
hourd[B[B[B[Bglad to be of help13:39
hourdsorry about my terminal lag there13:40
damian__^i own the galaxy nexus and am patiently awaiting ubuntu mobile. just ordered a lapdock on ebay. $70 (cheap!!). you made my day :)13:41
damian__^np :)13:41
hourdwish i had a galaxy nexus, i have a desire z13:41
damian__^nothing wrong with that :) but even the galaxy is old news nowdays, with all the 1080 screened thousand core phones coming out lol13:44
damian__^anyway bedtime. nice talking and thanks :)13:46
hourdoooo how about ubuntu phone plus an oculus rift13:50
disharmonicdamian__^, Galaxy Nexus is relatively current still. It's not bleeding edge but it's faster than any midrage phone still. That will change in 6-9 months though13:54
blackout23The reason why I bought a Nexus last August was because Apple tried to ban the sale of it in the US. It's my first smartphone and if Apple hates this device so much it must be pretty kickass.15:27
hourdhaha nice logic15:28
blackout23A friend of mine got a Nexus 4 a few weeks ago and I still like my Galaxy more than the 4th gen Nexus15:30
blackout23the AMOLD screen is just so much better than LCD especially when opening the App drawer with a black background15:31
blackout23on the Galaxy it's just pitch black on the Nexus 4 it's more grey15:31
blackout23speed when using the device is the same and the Galaxy is more robust when dropped15:32
hourdive been looking at a nexus415:32
hourdmainly the price is great15:32
blackout23if you have a GNex and don't use it for super intense stuff like gaming it's not worth it15:32
blackout23I hate having glass on both sides15:33
hourdi run on a desire z... its getting a little slugish and the keyboard is getting hard to use15:33
blackout23and the toch screen of the Gnex is better. Nexus 4 suffers from the same problems as the iPhone 5 where the touch sensor is embeeded in the display cells15:34
blackout23when doing a pinch to zoom it takes longer for the nexus 4 to register that you are moving them away from each other15:34
blackout23with the Galaxy it is instant15:35
blackout23also don't like having Chrome as default browser because the stock Android browser is faster at the moment15:35
hourdim just looking for a phone which will run ubuntu now. the project has really got me excited15:35
blackout23me too I'm using CM 10.1 on my Nexus and everythiing is very nice15:36
blackout23but since I don't use any apps from the app store I'd switch to Ubuntu for having real linux15:36
hourdid gladly give up all my android apps for proper linux15:36
hourdthey are all just make-shift for proper functionality15:37
blackout23I'm using Whats App but that is not crictical and might come to Ubuntu later15:37
hourdi hope ubuntu phone has a nice terminal on the phone interface15:38
blackout23there are 20 different terminals for linux I bet someone will port one of them to Qt with a nice interface15:39
netcurlithere are also already terminal emulators written in qml like https://github.com/jorgen/yat15:40
hourdi use linux for all my day-to-day needs, so having it on my phone with the same functionality will be fantastic15:40
blackout23I might even switch back to Ubuntu or at least a Ubuntu based distro like mint from Arch Linux at least on one of my PCs15:42
hourdyeah im on mint right now15:42
blackout23I'm using cinnamon on arch. Really nice desktop.15:42
hourdyeah i use cinnamon too15:43
blackout23classical desktop is still the best.15:43
blackout23can't live without a proper taskbar where i see open windows15:43
hourdwill have it on ubuntu phone too15:43
netcurliI use docky as a panel15:44
blackout23i tried some panels like awm, docky etc but wasn't really satisfied with any of them15:46
blackout23http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=JISeFQ_1QzU#t=200s this is what I'm most excited abot. This device has the same hardware as the Gnex which is used for demoing right now.15:47
blackout23I always wanted a media center where I could show some photos to my familiy right from the Ubuntu One cloud but I don't want another box standing around.15:48
hourdthats nice :)15:51
harushimohas the phone been released?18:39
k1lsee topic18:39
atitidamn end of feb18:46
atitistill a long time18:46
hourdwant an early release18:48
hourdnot that i have good enough hardware to put it on anyway18:48
salmaanCan we use GCC on Ubuntu for Phone? I have an application Fortran, which I wanna port to Ubuntu for Phones.19:05
blackout23probably i think there is an arm version of gcc19:06
blackout23sou you can compile stuff on your phone will take a while probably19:06
salmaanthanks @blackout23. You were right.19:08
atitiyea salmaan you should be able to19:09
atitialmost everything that you have on the x86 ubuntu has an arm version19:09
atitiexcept the closed source, binary only stuff19:10
salmaan@atiti, thanks. UBUNTU REALLY ROCKS19:11
hourdmost debian stuff works on arm, or you could compile it yourself19:32
hourdlook at raspberry pi project19:32
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