Super_DogOK... Looks like they gave me 3.6.3 on the 12.04 upgrade..00:04
Super_Dog3.6.3 Samba that is.00:05
Super_DogGonna update and reboot...00:06
Super_DogSee if that helps...00:06
freesbieon 10.04 it was 3.4.7 so maybe you need to fix configs00:06
freesbieI dont see any reason to change to a newer version yet00:07
Super_DogThanks... I'll be checking the configs shortly after reboot.  This is my first boot from 10.04 to 12.04 and I'm typing on this hardware right now.  I recall saving my samba configuration during the upgrade process.00:08
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blairis there rsync available to download the cloud images instead of using wget?03:01
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patdk-lapyes, and zsync, and several others03:09
blairpatdk-lap, thanks, what's the URL to use for rsync?  i'm referring to the images at http://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/raring/03:15
patdk-lapoh, probably doesn't exist for daily03:17
kantlivelonghey all im using 12.04 and am trying to setup a sftp jail. it seems to crap out and get reset with the user03:23
kantlivelongnot sure why03:23
jturekKEY}:source /home/jturek/.byobu/profile03:24
jturekwhoops sry03:24
avickerySup mike07:19
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avickeryMike is back!07:20
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avickeryidentity crisis much?07:23
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deniswi'm trying to my local computer with Juju (on Ubuntu 12.10 desktop) but every deploy command results in an "install-error" status11:08
deniswaccording to "juju debug-log", there is an error installing grub-pc11:08
deniswany ideas how to work around that?11:08
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greg Hi guys, I want to access /var/www via FTP and SMB, any suggestions for chmod/configuration of vsftp/samba? Its Ubuntu Server 12.0411:49
gregHi guys, I want to access /var/www via FTP and SMB, any suggestions for chmod/configuration of vsftp/samba? Its Ubuntu Server 12.04...any tutorials?12:03
RoyK!patience | greg12:16
ubottugreg: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/12:16
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swgreg: Following the server guide will answer both of those questions.12:42
sw!guide | greg12:42
ubottugreg: The Ubuntu server guide may be found at http://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/12:42
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billkdI'm having dificulty running virtualbox VMs in network  bridged mode. When I try to start the machine I get the error at http://billkd.deaddogcafe.ch/vbox-error17:38
billkdI've tried both the virtualbox package in the repo and the virtualbox package on virtualbox.org17:38
storrgieI've got an install where it is trying to put the grub parition on the USB disk... how can I manually specify the grub install?17:43
LeChacalhello all, has anyone ever used ssmtp? I am looking for a way to send emails from scripts on my server but don't need/want a full mail server. I am wondering if there is something better or a reason to not use ssmpt18:11
qman__LeChacal, personally, I just use postfix in a satellite system configuration, it's super easy to set up, widely supported, and it's not heavy on resources by any means18:37
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Bizzehhi, has i386 support been dropped in 12.10?21:04
drag0nzzhey guys, when i installed ubuntu 10 couple of years ago, i used to be able to access the server using FTP but now i installed the latest version of ubuntu server and i cannot ftp to it21:05
drag0nzzdid someone change and i have to install an ftp server or something?21:05
Bizzehftpd has never been in ubuntu as default, you have always had to install one yourself21:08
Bizzehyou may be thinking about SSH21:08
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drag0nzzBizzeh, possible that i installed it when i first installed the OS without remembering, but im sure it wasnt SSH21:09
drag0nzzBizzeh, what do you recommend if i want to access my server using FTP service?21:10
drag0nzzthis is a local server and im the only one who uses it..21:10
Bizzehdrag0nzz, when your installing, you get asked what the server is going to be, one of the options is FTP, if you choose that, the installer will choose an ftpd for you21:10
drag0nzzso i want to be able to ftp to my user account and not to an ftp directory21:10
drag0nzzah right21:10
Bizzehmost common are pureftp and proftpd, personal preference really21:10
drag0nzzwhat is the command to run that installer again?21:10
qman__drag0nzz, I recommend not using FTP for anything, ever, since SFTP is in all ways superior21:36
qman__Bizzeh, actual i386 was dropped after 10.04, as in the linux-386 kernel does not exist past that21:36
qman__ubuntu "i386" is actually i68621:37
Bizzehyeah, i get that, server was still always labeled as i386 though, and there are no links to any server iso other than x6421:37
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Bizzehwondering if 32bit server has been binned21:37
qman__and can only be expected to run on Intel Pentium II or AMD K7+ chips21:37
qman__there are some pentium 1s with i686 but only a few21:38
qman__but I'm pretty sure 32-bit hasn't been dropped yet, looking now21:38
qman__yeah, it's still on the download page21:39
qman__http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop - drop-down has 32 and 64 bit21:39
Bizzehreally? for 12.10 i only see 64bit for server21:39
qman__for some reason the server drop down isn't there, but the image is21:40
Bizzehthats why i was wondering21:40
qman__they probably just want to discourage use21:41
Bizzehhave a spare p4 with 2gb of ram at work, decided to use it to host diskless boot21:41
qman__if your hardware supports it, no reason to not use 64-bit, and hardware that doesn't will be getting too old in the near future21:41
Bizzehwas gonna go thin client, but, dont really wanna shell out thousands for a server powerful enough to host X and apps and everything required to run thin client for 50+ machines21:42
Bizzehqman__: p4 doesnt support 64bit, if we had a 64bit cpu, i would use it, but we dont, and my boss is tighter than you can imagine21:43
qman__I'm actually running 32-bit on this system, but it was originally installed back in 2006, and things were different then21:44
qman__late P4s do suppport 64-bit21:45
qman__but only P4 extremes IIRC21:45
patdk-lapthought we where still on p4's21:45
Bizzehno, the entire project branch of p4 was killed21:46
Bizzehthe intel core processors were based on the p3, which was actually far better than the p421:46
qman__they integrated some of the features they came up with for the P4, but the architecture has very little in common with them21:47
qman__netburst died21:47
Bizzehthe failure of the p4 over those 3 - 4 years is what allowed AMD to become a major player, creating competition, reducing prices21:47
Bizzehso, even if you had the misfortune to buy one, it was a good thing21:47
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qman__intel had to intentionally cripple the P3 to get the P4 to sell21:48
qman__they purposely kept cache sizes too small21:48
qman__and xeons stayed on the P3 architecture well into the 1.4GHz range21:48
Bizzehthey released drivers that killed performance on p3's also, claiming it was required to increase performance for the p421:49
qman__as did the mobile chips, they called them pentium Ms, but they were really just newer P3 chips21:49
Bizzehhmmn, doing diskless boot, cant seem to get the client to use the X drivers to accelerate the gui. pissing me off now21:54
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luminoushello! does ufw provide any assistance with ssh bruteforce attempts? or is there another utility one ought to use in conjunction with ufw to better block the brutes and keep sane logs :)22:01
qman__luminous, ufw has a "limit" option to provide that22:02
qman__there is also fail2ban, which is a separate package that bans users based on login failures22:03
qman__see man ufw for details22:04
luminousawesome, ty!22:09
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elkingreyI recently changed my ip address for my DNS, and now I can't get thunderbird to connect to my mail server any more. Anybody have any ideas for me to check?22:33
aleinYou can use google public dns server and
aleinelkingrey: try it. ;)22:52
JanCelkingrey: how recently?23:07
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elkingreyJanC: Yesterday.23:11
elkingreyJanC: The mail server pings correctly, so I'm confused.23:11
JanCdefine "pings correctly"23:11
elkingreyWell, then I issue the ping command from both my local machine and the server(VPS) I get the correct(new) IP23:12
elkingreythen = when23:12
JanCdid you restart Thunderbird?23:12
JanCand does the server actually accept connections on the new IP address?23:13
JanCIMAP/POP connections, I mean23:13
elkingreyOne sec, I'll show the error.23:13
elkingreyJanC: http://www.bpaste.net/show/YvA3b4BnYRCmfMrcIgYJ/23:14
JanCokay, so it's your outgoing mailserver23:15
JanCcan you connect to it using telnet?23:15
elkingreyJanC: When I log into the server, I do so on the new ip address.23:15
elkingreyI cannot receive mail, either23:15
elkingreyJanC: I don't know how to connect using telnet.23:15
elkingreyJanC: Figured it out: http://www.bpaste.net/show/Kqb5fs1EiQzBv3eUpZPb/ And that's the new ip23:22
JanCso, the server refuses connections to the mailserver...23:23
JanCdid you update your firewall rusles to the new IP address?23:24
elkingreyHmm, I was under the impression my firewall was disabled. Let me look into that. I have to figure out how to configure it again. It's been forever since I played with it.23:25
JanCI'd say, check firewall config & mailserver config & check if the mailserver is actually running23:25
* JanC has to go now, have to get up early in the morning...23:26
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swelkingrey: using iptables?23:26
elkingreysw: I only partialy built my server, the rest was done by somebody else. I don't know.23:30
elkingreyI would say yes.23:30
swelkingrey: $ iptables -L23:31
elkingreyone sec23:31
elkingreysw: http://www.bpaste.net/show/leXvEDwosXGXBECkfC2e/23:32
swelkingrey: so your server is blocking everything apart from established/related connections, http, https and ssh?23:36
swelkingrey: what's your servers IP address?23:36
swelkingrey: you said you had mail server issues right?23:38
elkingreytwo minutes before you asked me that I played with disable ufw, and then enable ufw. Don't know whether or not it was enabled to begin with or if I screwed things up.23:39
swelkingrey: you probably want to allow IMAP/POP3/SMTP then, as all of those ports are blocked23:40
elkingreysw: I don't know how they got blocked.23:40
elkingreysw: Or how to allow them23:41
swelkingrey: $ ufw allow 143/tcp; ufw allow 110/tcp; ufw allow 25/tcp23:41
elkingreysw: BTW, my thunderbird mail client is set up so that I receive mail on port 995 and send on port 58723:42
swelkingrey: also you should decide whether you are going to use iptables or ufw, as looking at your paste there is a mixture and things can get messy when using different interfaces to manage it23:42
elkingreysw: ufw may have been disabled originally, and I just enabled it a few minutes ago. Really, I don't know what I'm doing.23:43
elkingreysw: Let me disable ufw and then those to the iptables -L23:43
swelkingrey: then you'll want to allow those ports too using the method above23:43
swelkingrey: if you're not experienced then I would suggest using and sticking to ufw as it tends to sort everything out for you and simplifies things23:43
elkingreysw: How does this look now that I've disabled ufw? http://www.bpaste.net/show/EbfNiKJ6eVEm72YA1lc5/23:44
elkingreysw: Hmm, does this mean its settings aren't changed until startup, or they are changed immediately? Firewall stopped and disabled on system startup23:46
swelkingrey: I'm not sure, it depends on what you want. though if you aren't the original person who set it up then I'd recommend clearing the tables, and starting a fresh so that you learn something along the way23:46
swelkingrey: if you're using iptables then nothing is saved unless you sort that out yourself. ufw should handle that though23:46
elkingreysw: What command should I issue now, to allow ports 995 and 587?23:46
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elkingreysw: Alright, I'll re enable ufw, then issue the command to open up the ports and see what happens23:48
swelkingrey: seriously though, I would clearing everything, reading the documentation and starting again. you're going to get yourself in to all sorts of mess doing this without understanding what you're doing. for e.g. iptables are read from top to bottom, you're allow rules should be at the top and deny rules at the bottom. you're going to get yourself locked out etc. until you really understand what you're doing23:48
swelkingrey: this is a good page to read if you're new to firewalls: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW23:49
swelkingrey: iptables are not saved unless you sort that out yourself. so for e.g. you have deny rules handled by ufw and allow rules handled by native iptables at the moment. on restart, your allow rules will be lost but the ufw deny rules will be reloaded meaning you could get locked out etc.23:50
fluteamahootSo I can't connect to Maas...23:51
fluteamahootand google has failed me23:52
elkingreysw: I don't know how to start from scratch.23:52
swelkingrey: $ iptables --flush, maybe23:53
elkingreysw: Do you know if there is any way I can find out what the status of ufw was before I started tinkering?23:56
swelkingrey: what do you mean status?23:59

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