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trijntjeHi all. I'm thinking about writing a tv guide lens. Before I start, I want to make sure that a similar project does't already exist, so there's no duplicate effort16:49
trijntjeI've been looking around on launchpad but it looks like there is no such thing, is that correct?16:52
sirdancealot1i wonder if theres any effort at all </troll16:59
sirdancealot1https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/community-r-tv-development http://www.doadjustyourset.com/2012/11/01/ubuntu-tv-uds-r-update/17:00
sirdancealot1two todos i found today17:00
trijntjesirdancealot1: thanks, it looks  there is some stuff for a tv program guide on the todo lists17:09
mhall119trijntje: tgm4883 is already working on a TV guide lens using MythTV as a backend18:27
trijntjemhall119: do you know where his code lives? I don't see anything about a TV guide on his launchpad https://code.launchpad.net/~tgm488318:31
mhall119trijntje: nope, you'd have to ask him18:31
trijntjemhall119: thanks for the pointer, I'll shoot him an email18:36
tgm4883bobweaver, ping20:01
tgm4883trijntje, I've just got the scope portion written. I haven't started the lens portion yet20:02
tgm4883trijntje, bobweaver was going to make one for me, I'm unsure if he's started on it yet. You should at least talk with him on what new layout features are available20:03
bobweaverhey tgm488320:38
bobweavertgm4883,  it is kinda hard at this time due to some things that are going on internal with Ubuntu TV20:43
* bobweaver is stuck between Rock and a Hard Place 20:43
bobweaverYou know the Hurry up and wait game20:43
bobweaverhey tgm4883  I am not recording anything on myth tv atm but I can not change channels. what is up with that ? backend is up and says that there is nothing recording but yet I can only change 3 channels21:55
bobweaverLike I can switch for  10_1 to 10_2 and 10_3 but nothing at all that is like 8.1 or 32.121:56
bobweaverWell that was crazy I tried to open up myth front end on backend and it says that all tuners are busy21:59
bobweaverI am rebooting backend to see if that helps22:00
bobweaverAllRight I got all my Channels back22:03
trijntjehi tgm4883 and bobweaver22:07
bobweaverHello trijntje22:08
trijntjeA little bit of background: I want to create a tv guide lens to ship with the localised dutch ubuntu images, so I'm not specifically involved with ubuntu TV22:10
trijntjeI'm guessing that the same lens can be used on the TV and desktop interface?22:10
bobweaverwith myth tv ?22:10
bobweavertrijntje,  it all depends on what you are using as a backend if I understand you righ t22:12
bobweaverso you want to make a iso that is only for the dutch and uses mythtv as backend to read lens ?22:12
bobweaverat any rate I do not want to be involved in anything carry's water in Nationalism. What can you tell me trijntje  that makes it not Nationalism ?22:14
trijntjebobweaver: I just want to create a 'normal' tv guide lens, ie for use on the desktop.22:15
bobweaverin unity 3d or 2d  ?22:15
bobweaverlike you want the Rendering to look like a tvguide ?22:15
trijntje3d I think, since 2d is no longer available on the latest releases of ubuntu22:15
bobweaverok you will have to hack unity 3d then22:16
bobweaveradding things like TileHorizantial.cpp  but make that for guide and also need to make a way that Unity knows that that is the render type that you want to render22:17
bobweaverthis can be dont in the lens its self22:17
bobweavertrijntje,  what kinda lens have you made in the past ?22:17
trijntjebobweaver: this would be my first lens. For now I'd be happy to get the functionality working in the default unity layout, without anything fance22:18
trijntjeYou were thinking something along these lines? http://askubuntu.com/questions/94490/what-is-the-api-for-new-lens-features-in-the-ubuntu-tv-alpha22:19
bobweaverNo that is all fake22:20
bobweaverbut Render type like that is possible22:20
bobweaverright now if you take a look at this kens22:20
bobweaverlens *22:20
bobweaverSee line 3722:20
bobweaverand 4022:20
bobweaverso in 3d there is three render types22:21
bobweaverand the 2 that are in that example22:21
bobweaverbut if you make a new rendering type then you can call tha t22:21
bobweaverI do not think that you can call coverflow though because they took it out of 3d because it is not ready22:22
bobweaverat anyrate if you want to just make a lens that works. Questions that I would ask myself is where am I getting my data from ? how do I want to render it to screen.  what is the effects that I want to put on it.  how can I take a data point and read from it in python so that dee knows what is going on ?22:25
bobweaverthings like that22:25
bobweaverlike if I am using mythtv I am going to query the backend If I am using youtube I am going to query youtube api22:26
bobweaverwhat Am I going to pass to unity as iconhint mimetype uri name22:26
trijntjebobweaver: yeah, first I should get more familiar with how lenses work. But if tgm4883 has the scope portion written I could just use that as backend and only write a simple lens right?22:27
bobweaverwell that all depends on what it is that you are using22:27
bobweaverdata source that is ^^22:27
trijntjeor are those scopes using mythtv as backend? I'm not very familiar with mythTV, but that would probably make the lens rather big :P22:27
bobweaverif mythtv then yes you can use his api22:27
bobweaverIt all depends on where you want to get your data from22:28
* bobweaver knows nothing at all about dutch tv 22:28
bobweaverthe picture from the link you posted is Unity 2d22:29
bobweaverit reads xml files that are hard coded at this point22:30
bobweaverthe file is called Epg.qml it is under the dash in the ubuntu tv mockup code.  I took it out of my stuff for now22:30
bobweaverI use unity 2d with qml webview to just render a mythweb22:31
trijntjebobweaver: it looks like mythtv has a bunch of grabbers for Dutch television, so I guess I'll use one of those22:32
bobweaverI just change from tv to desktop to tablet with this22:34
trijntjethats handy22:37
bobweaveryes it is22:38
bobweaverI can change any glib settings that there is from there22:38
bobweaverSorry about the sound I do not have the money for a good mic22:40
* bobweaver is super poor :) 22:40
trijntjeThanks for your time bobweaver, you've given me a lot to think about. I'll go read some more and try to get a simple lens to work, and I'll contact you or tgm when I've gotten started22:41
bobweaverCool have fun with that22:42
bobweavertrijntje,  you may also look to people like davidcalle and mhall119  mhall119  knows alot about lens also22:42
bobweaverI think he wrote the guide on wiki.ubuntu.com but I could be wrong about tha t22:43
bobweaverthat *22:43
bobweavertrijntje,  thanks for looking at my videos :) even though I am american :P22:43
bobweavertgm4883,  how do I turn down vol in myth just the vol that the player is using22:44
trijntjebobweaver: not everybody speaks English, so we can't all use the same system. Some of us need localised apps ;)22:44
trijntjeSee you later, have a nice evening!22:45
bobweaverthat is why there is things like u2d.tr("text goes here to translate ")22:45
bobweaverbut it was nice to meet you22:45

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