popeypip pip00:03
jacobwtoodle do00:04
AlanBellhi popey00:06
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Seeker`ali1234, seems that a 290e scans/tunes correctly. Still no idea why my other two cards are dead though01:39
brobostigongood morning everyone.10:11
SuperEngineermorninks brobostigon10:12
brobostigonmorning SuperEngineer10:13
Myrttiswype is usable again, wheee10:16
brobostigonmorning Myrtti10:17
SuperEngineerMyrtti: why was it not? [interested as I've recently installed it]10:17
Myrttididn't have tab or arrow keys for a while10:17
SuperEngineer...assuming that was Skype??10:18
Myrttimade irssi usage difficult on mobile10:18
SuperEngineermy bad10:18
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SuperEngineer_ok - who nicked my internet... and why am I now showing as both me & me_ [come on xchat - get it right!]10:37
SuperEngineer_time to log off & back on... 'scuse me a mo10:38
cjoargh, I think my mythtv backend is screwed :(10:43
cjoGot a disk to replace the failing one I can do sometihng about, spent hours copying stuff over. Updated the machine and rebooted and now I'm getting a bad superblock error10:44
cjoon the new drive. As well as a pre-existing bad superblock on another drive10:44
brobostigonhey jacobw10:58
jacobwhey brobostigon, how's it going?11:00
brobostigonjacobw: not bad, and you?11:00
jacobwbrobostigon: pretty good, working through some project euler today11:06
brobostigonjacobw: :)11:06
SuperEngineerhmmm - Big Bang Theory or catch up on work emails... hmmm -such a quandary ;)12:09
brobostigonbig bang, everytime, :)12:12
SuperEngineerbrobostigon: +112:12
SuperEngineerJust been catching up on work emails - one demanding a "new mythology" re a certain customer. I have promised to comply ;)13:15
SuperEngineer[things I do whilst watching BigBang!]13:16
ali1234are you going to develop a new backstory involving elves?13:16
SuperEngineerali1234: that *is* a good idea! - then watch boss's brain melt13:17
SuperEngineer...could even tell him I was inspired miMecraft [deliberate mis-spell]13:20
SuperEngineer*inspired by13:21
SuperEngineerconnxn slowing to a halt.. me sign off now13:36
popeyPip pip!16:17
penguin42Hey Popey16:20
DJShiraim new in Linux etc and have a little problem with my firefox flash17:05
popeyDJShira: hello17:06
DJShirafirefox dont find the flash plugin, i have tryd it now with google chrome and here it works very fine17:06
DJShirahello popey17:06
brobostigonchrome has flash already there built into itself. which is seperate from the normal installed flash.17:07
popeyDJShira: sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer17:07
DJShirano, i must install it manual in chrome17:07
popeyDJShira: chrome or chromium?17:07
DJShirapopey i have tryd it17:07
popeywhat happens when you run that command?17:08
DJShiraalso manual in firefox17:08
DJShiraits allready installed17:08
popeybrobostigon is right, chrome has flash already built in17:08
popeywhat isn't working then?17:08
popeydoes that page tell you what version of flash you have installed?17:08
DJShirafirefox dont fin it17:08
SuperEngineerDJones: have you retarted since installing it?17:09
popeySuperEngineer: not necessary17:09
DJShiraah wrong17:09
DJShirai have17:09
DJShira11,5,31,137 installed17:09
popeyunless you mean "restarted browser" ☺17:09
popeyok, good, so you have flash17:09
SuperEngineerpopey... thought it still was... - i'll shut up ;)17:09
DJShirabut in firefox dont work17:10
popeyDJShira: so what exactly isn't working17:10
popey"don't work" isn't sufficient information17:10
DJShirafirefox cant find flash17:10
popeywhat are you doing and what doesn't work?17:10
popeye.g. what website17:10
DJShirafirefox say i have no flash installed17:10
popeyif you visit http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/ in firefox, does it give a version number?17:10
popeywhat version of ubuntu are you using? and are you using it on a normal pc, not an arm based tablet?17:11
DJShirai have also tryd to search about my problem via google but nobody have that problem. the flash lib is in the firefox folder etc17:12
DJShirai have it on my new acer pc17:13
DJShirai dont know what ubuntu version it exactly is, its based on ubuntu17:13
popey"based on ubuntu"?17:13
popeyso is it mint?17:13
penguin42DJShira: Start again, what exactly have you got installed on this PC?17:13
DJShirayou know how i mean, its ubuntu but with many many tools17:13
penguin42DJShira: No, we don't know - what exactly17:14
popeyno, I dont know how you mean17:14
popeyright, thats not ubuntu17:14
popeyyou want #backtrack17:14
DJShirait is ubuntu^17:15
popeyno. it is not17:15
popeyit is _based_ on ubuntu. It is not Ubuntu17:15
penguin42DJShira: You need to be honest if you are going to get any help; please telll us exactly what you have done if you want any17:15
penguin42DJShira: How exactly did you install flash?17:16
DJShirahavt i also know is, under system - pref, when i click on adobe flash player i get a error message (permission denided)17:16
DJShirai have install the flashplayer-instzaller via synaptic17:17
DJShirathat has not work17:17
DJShirathen i have erease it and install it manual17:17
DJShiraalso dont work17:17
DJShirathen i have install google chrome17:18
DJShiracreate a plugins folder17:18
DJShiracopyd the flash plugin in the plugin folder17:18
DJShirahave change the menu command from google chtome to enable plugins17:18
DJShirastart chrome17:18
DJShiraflash work17:18
penguin42DJShira: I'd go back to installing it via the package and see what's going wrong there17:19
DJShirainstall work17:20
DJShirano probs17:20
DJShirabut firefox cant detect it17:21
brobostigondoes it show in about:plugins in FF ?17:21
SuperEngineerDJShira: "Installer for the Adobe Flash plug-in for Mozilla"17:22
popeyi believe there is some information missing here. like it's firefox under wine or something equally odd.17:22
DJShirabut it is in the mozilla/plugins folder17:22
penguin42popey: Not necessarily, I've seen firefox misbehave like this, but I'm not prepared to debug except via the pacakge17:23
DJShiranope its not under wine17:23
popeywell, if there's been sufficient dicking about with the system it's hard to know what state its in17:23
penguin42DJShira: You could try deleting the pluginreg.dat files that are a few levels down in |/.mozilla/firefox   it sometime gets confused about that17:23
DJShiraok i try17:23
popeyor it's firefox from a tarball or something17:24
popeypeople who use backtrack do _odd_ things17:24
popeyodd as in "using backtrack" being the first one17:24
DJShirai have also delete the installed firefox and download and install the new from the mozilla homepage17:24
popeythere we go17:25
popeytold you17:25
penguin42DJShira: OK, forget it - I'm not helping; you could have told us that 20 minutes ago17:26
DJShiraok now im confused17:26
penguin42DJShira: Try somewhere else, not here17:26
DJShirafirefox have delete the plugin self from the folder? OO17:26
DJShirahu whats now wrong? OO sry when my english is not the best17:28
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popeyDJShira: i would recommend removing your firefox/mozilla folders in your home directory (or create a new user, so start blank), install firefox from the repository, and flash from the repository "sudo apt-get install --reinstall firefox flashplugin-installer" and then test that install17:34
popeyand focus just on getting that thing fixed, and not muck about with other browsers / download tarballs17:35
popeyalso, I would recommend either using Ubuntu or Debian. Backtrack seem to have zero support, and just send their users to ubuntu irc channels which is not the right thing to do17:35
DJShiraok ty i will try17:35
ali1234backtrack is for pen testing17:38
ali1234if you need end user support you shouldn't be using it in the first place17:38
popeywell, indeed17:39
ali1234i think people confuse "security distro" with "secure distro"17:39
DJShira_sry crashed17:40
DJShira_yes ok but i thing the basic things like flash etc must work same as in other distr.17:43
penguin42DJShira_: The way they are installed and managed aren't17:43
ali1234it's based on ubuntu 10.0417:44
ali1234so it's basically 3 years out of date now17:44
popeyhah, oh dear17:45
penguin42although still in support17:45
popeydefine support17:45
popey(from backtrack)17:46
penguin42popey: 10.04 is still in support17:46
popeyits not 10.04 tho17:46
ali12343 year support on desktop17:46
popeyyou know this though ☺17:46
ali1234so that expires in like 2 months17:46
penguin42and hence it hasn't yet17:46
popeythats come around fast17:46
ali1234support doesn't cover the whole distro anyway17:47
ali1234it covers packages17:47
popeyit covers ff and flash tho17:47
ali1234you can tell, because different packages are supported for different timeframes17:47
ali1234therefore this must be true17:47
popeyyou can tell by looking at the package17:47
ali1234also, define support?17:47
popeyalan@deep-thought:~$ apt-cache show firefox | grep Supported17:47
popeySupported: 5y17:47
ali1234when you say "ubuntu is supported for x years" it doesn't mean "we will tell you how to install it"17:48
* penguin42 wonders if popey also has earth17:48
ali1234it means "we will backport security fixes to these packages"17:48
penguin42ali1234: No, but it will mean that I'd help someone with it17:48
ali1234thus if backtrack uses the same repos like mint does, then the backtrack packages are covered by this support, whether the developers like it or not17:48
* penguin42 only got rid of his work laptops 10.04 a couple of months ago17:48
ali1234well i will help people using 8.04 if they have a good reason to do so17:49
ali1234i'm not bound by any support contract, the 3y/5y thing is irrelevant to me17:49
ali1234point being, "supported" is another one of those weasel words17:49
popeynot if you define it17:50
ali1234to the customer it means "tell me how it works" to developers it means "maintained"17:50
ali1234yeah but nobody ever does17:50
DJShira_ah totaly forgotten to post the reinstall errors17:50
ali1234"stable" is another one17:50
DJShira_2013-01-13 18:40:13 ERROR 404: Not Found.  download failed The Flash plugin is NOT installed.17:50
ali1234to consumer it means "does not crash" - to developers it means "i'm never changing the code again"17:50
popeythere we go DJShira_17:50
popeyso the flashplugin-installer package is getting the "wrong" flash tarball17:51
popeysomeone should try and reproduce that on a real 10.04 system17:51
popeyif it's indeed broken then we need to fix it17:51
ali1234well it's probably an ancient flashplugin-installer trying to download an ancient flashplugin that adobe no longer ships17:51
popeybut we can fix it17:51
popeyi will happily test in a vm later on, but for now I'm off to San Francisco to walk about and drink beer17:51
ali1234no need to actually try this on a real system, just loook at the packages17:52
penguin42popey: Nice17:52
popeytrue, file a bug ali1234 if you feel inclined and I'll poke people17:52
ali1234it's probably backtrack not importing the newest package17:52
popeyi thought they use the same repo/archive17:52
popeylike mint17:52
popeyanyway, ttfn17:52
ali1234i dunno if they do or not17:53
penguin42sounds like bug 106474317:53
lubotu3bug 1064743 in update-notifier (Ubuntu) "flash plugin tar.gz file missing" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/106474317:53
ali1234i don't even know if mint does these days17:53
penguin42my oneiric mint seems to have a mix17:55
ali1234backtrack looks like an overlay repository17:57
ali1234!info flashplugin-installer17:59
lubotu3flashplugin-installer (source: flashplugin-nonfree): Adobe Flash Player plugin installer. In component multiverse, is optional. Version (quantal), package size 7 kB, installed size 136 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)17:59
ali1234it's multiverse17:59
ali1234which means it isn't supported *at all*18:00
ali1234especially not by canonical18:00
ali1234so the "5 year support" does not apply. at all.18:00
ali1234!info adobe-flashplugin18:00
lubotu3Package adobe-flashplugin does not exist in quantal18:00
ali1234!info flashplugin-installer lucid18:01
lubotu3flashplugin-installer (source: flashplugin-nonfree): Adobe Flash Player plugin installer. In component multiverse, is optional. Version (lucid), package size 20 kB, installed size 116 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)18:01
ali1234same version18:02
DJShira_nice :/18:02
ali1234but notice it's in security/updates: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/lucid/+package/flashplugin-installer18:02
ali1234so i'm 99.99% sure this problem is caused by backtrack being a kang18:02
DJShira_i have now setup it again (newer version) and why he say and older version is available?18:05
DJShira_the flash problem is only in firefox18:05
DJShira_not in chrome18:05
ali1234i dunno. going for dinner18:06
SuperEngineerDJShira_: why not just use Chrome then - solves your problem!18:07
brobostigonas i have said previously, chrome has flash already built into it,18:07
ali1234you should read the backtrack faq especially this part http://www.backtrack-linux.org/wiki/index.php/FAQ#I.27m_new_to_linux.2C_is_BackTrack_a_good_place_to_start_.3F18:07
DJShira_i have read it18:07
DJShira_but the flash works,  only not in firefox. I have install the firefox from the mozilla page, intsall the flash from launchpad and yay firefox dont like it18:09
DJShira_but i have found a interessting thing in the ubuntu folders, called FLASHBLOCK18:12
DJShira_flashblock desc - Firefox extension that replaces flash plugin by a button18:13
DJShira_ok i thing i have found how i canmake it work, oh yes the backtrack site have a how to make flash work. great :D18:18
SuperEngineerWhat? - you mean backtrack has this answeredon the backtrack site?.... odd that... hmmm18:20
DJShira_yes, after long sdearch i have found it18:21
DJShira_yay haha dont work OO18:24
SuperEngineerignoe previous - meant for Skype18:55
SuperEngineerdarn -my spelling was bad there... perhaps I should start installing flash ;)18:58
SuperEngineerAnyone here using Skype app on Ubuntu? My q/ is: how to increase font size in chats window?19:07
SuperEngineer[tried different "styles" in it's settings to no avail]19:08
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Azelphurdoes anyone get a bug with gedit where the cursor disappears when you minimise it? drives me nuts :(21:22
ali1234how can you tell that the cursor disappears when you minimize it?21:34
Azelphurali1234: I mean, when you bring it up again, the text cursor is gone21:34
Azelphurso you have no idea where your typing21:34
ali1234hell no i never saw anything like that21:35
ali1234and i use gedit all day every day21:35
AzelphurStep 1) Minimise gedit, Step 2) bring gedit back, Step 3) You now don't have a text cursor, enjoy frustration21:35
ali1234that sounds like a compiz bug tbh21:35
ali1234sounds like the firefox focus issue21:35
ali1234where you unminimize firefox and you can't type into anything like URL bar, search bar21:36
AzelphurMaybe, I get a similar issue with nautilus too21:36
ali1234you can click in them but there i just no cursor. the windw looks selected too21:36
* Azelphur tries the firefox thing21:36
Azelphurnah doesn't happen with firefox, just gedit and nautilus.21:36
ali1234to repro it in firefox i think you have to minimize it, then click a URL in some other app and cause it to unminimize21:36
ali1234this bug has been fixed and regressed about 5 times in the past 2 years21:37
Azelphurnope still can't replicate (I used terminal to simulate clicking a link since ff isn't my default browser)21:37
Azelphurmaybe soreau would know since he knows all the compiz things21:38
ali1234does typing work?21:39
Azelphuryea typing works21:39
Azelphurand clicking to set position works21:39
ali1234it's something different then21:39
ali1234what if you press insert21:40
ali1234or change colour scheme21:41
Azelphurali1234: cursor still invisible, although it still replaces characters as it should21:41
soreauAzelphur: Sounds possible that it's a keyboard focus issue. You can try another wm to see if it's compiz21:41
Azelphurali1234: colour scheme doesn't fix it21:42
bigcalmGood evening peeps :)21:44
inn0min4t3_Good evening21:55
ali1234i just accidentally mistyped slashdot and ended up on some gambling site with this terrible bit of photoshopping http://imagebin.org/24278121:59
mgdmcoudln't it be the other woman's arm?22:01
ali1234i suppose it could be but i think my version is more amusing22:02
mgdmtrue :)22:03
bigcalmAmusing :)22:12
skinofstarshi all22:14
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bigcalmmgdm: happy b'day btw :)23:36
solarcloud_3scrnHi there.. I'm just checking wasn't the 'test' machine for The Ubuntu -TV distro supposed to be the 'Acer Revo RL70' or am I mistaken in that ???23:36
solarcloud_3scrnpopey, ping23:37
solarcloud_3scrnCome on, Nerds ... help me out here, pretty please ??23:39
daftykinssolarcloud_3scrn: do you think that's funny?23:40
solarcloud_3scrnGot it .. "what's the target hardware23:44
solarcloud_3scrn   ... we used an Acer Revo during development," https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuTV/Contributing .. looks ike they just used that for dev.  .. shame as I had a REVO offer for £130 +P&P (usu. £350)  .. oh well. And no , don't take offence.23:44
daftykinsi'm not, i think less of you for typing it though23:45
daftykinsif it's an old Ion 1 Revo, forget it23:45
daftykinsthey're old school23:45
solarcloud_3scrnthought it was this one ...23:46
daftykinsoh an AMD E-45023:47
daftykinseven worse :>23:47
solarcloud_3scrnwhy do I always feel like mypetals have torn off everytime I visit this #channel and ask a general question ??Why is that daftykins , WHY ??23:48
daftykinsi'm not sure, are you really a flower? :D23:48
solarcloud_3scrnI'm a buttercup :)23:49
solarcloud_3scrntoday, anyway.23:49
daftykinstruthfully i don't know how that AMD benches against intel atoms23:50
daftykinsbut my feeling would be that it's a glorified calculator23:50
solarcloud_3scrnI had my b.day party, today .. althou my b.day was over a week ago... :)23:50
daftykinsO_O how odd23:52
solarcloud_3scrnall the restaurants were shut .. so we leave it a week every year ...23:53
cjocoming from someone that describes themsevles as a flower, relatively not that odd23:53
solarcloud_3scrnI'd love to see Ubuntu TV on the game stick :: http://www.kicktraq.com/projects/872297630/gamestick-the-most-portable-tv-games-console-ever/23:55
solarcloud_3scrnalthough I think that slightly disrupts the Shuttle's vision :)23:57

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