pleia2philipballew: re: scale, did you get the packet yet?00:11
pleia2if not I might end the email now and just say you're waiting on it, as I know folks have already started making travel plans00:11
pleia2so knowing that it's "pending" is better than nothing :)00:11
philipballewpleia2, not yet.00:14
philipballewgood point.00:14
philipballewill send it now00:14
* philipballew needs something to do00:14
philipballewCan I copy your email from last year and use it as a template pleia2 ?00:16
pleia2philipballew: go for it00:16
* philipballew goes for it00:17
philipballewpleia2, being that we were unable to meetup over holiday, I guess you can send down the stuff, or just give it to someone driving down.00:23
pleia2philipballew: heh, yeah, I might actually be coming afterall00:23
pleia2so I'll let you know :)00:23
philipballewwell its only a Weekend trip, so not that hard.00:24
philipballeware you coming for work?>00:24
pleia2employer will pay for the trip if I'm speaking, and will probably do an Ubucon talk00:25
pleia2so for work-ish00:25
philipballewoh nice! I'm gonna do one to!00:25
philipballewoh, also. I noticed last year we had some trouble as I was the only person with a unity laptop so it was contacted System76 to see if they could help us out with one in my place.00:25
pleia2any luck?00:26
philipballewyes, there gonna give up one!00:26
pleia2awesome :)00:27
philipballewCalled someone named ema and she was saying how she is gonna be there, and can bring one for us to use.00:27
pleia2Emma is great!00:27
philipballewI told her she can hang out with our LoCo and she said thats good because she had nothing to do in the evenings.00:28
philipballewScale gets better every year it seems.00:29
philipballewjust sent some email to you peeps.00:40
philipballewhope it looks good.00:42
pleia2great :)00:42

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