rick_h_ugh, soo tired02:30
rick_h_3yr birthday complete, house mostly cleaned02:30
rick_h_good times, had one school friend come over so fun to see them terrorize together02:32
rick_h_but man I"m beat02:32
greg-gI bet02:37
jjessewow congrats on 3 years02:40
jjessetime for the terrible 3's02:40
rick_h_yea, it's really fun but tiring02:41
dzhoman what a fun age03:25
snap-lGood morning15:49
jrwren3s is hell. fun but hell.18:09
jrwrencongrats on party.18:09
jrwren4s and 5s is hell too, still fun and still hell ;)18:09
rick_h_hah, yea. Everything is pulling teeth but at least there's some fun in it18:10
* snap-l created a script in Python to generate a playlist for the Metalinjection.fm show18:37
snap-lWhat started off life as a "hey, wouldn't it be neat if I" turned into a neat automation exercine18:38

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