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skellatGrumblesmurf...maybe, just maybe I've got this ZNC bouncer thingy set up right...03:32
drkokandyare you trying to test something?04:09
skellatdrkokandy: Yep.  And I think it actually may work well for me.04:22
drkokandysounds good04:22
drkokandygreat when things like that work04:23
skellatdrkokandy: It is one of the few things that is on this end.  I've had a parade of dying hardware for a while now.  At least the bouncer will keep me logged in and gives a playback buffer when I log in.04:24
skellatdrkokandy: From paultag's perspective...I can be logged in all the time now even though I'm not actually logged in04:25
drkokandythat's cool skellat - I had heard of ZNC but decided to go with Quassel after Cheri703's strong recommendation. Glad you got it working, and I hope it does what you need it to04:27
skellatdrkokandy: Let us hope04:27
skellatdrkokandy: Any thoughts as to the educational IRC session later this month?  Our default topic is going to be "The Joys of BeagleBoard" unless we get better ideas floating around.04:28
Cheri703I've got nothing.04:28
Cheri703Job postings! from my company!04:28
Cheri703Folks who are interested should poke me first so I can "refer"04:29
Cheri703Hacking Environment / CTF Engineers - https://www.linkedin.com/jobs?viewJob=&jobId=459108004:29
Cheri703Network Vulnerability (Redseal) Engineers - https://www.linkedin.com/jobs?viewJob=&jobId=459108504:29
Cheri703Security Consultants - https://www.linkedin.com/jobs?viewJob=&jobId=459109104:29
Cheri703Information Security Behavior Engineer - https://www.linkedin.com/jobs?viewJob=&jobId=459109504:29
drkokandyskellat - I don't know anything about BeagleBoard, so that might be interesting. When I brought it up I didn't mean to sound like it had to be like a directed educational presentation - it could just be like a roundtable on a topic. At the Ubuntu Hour we had in Mansfield we just kind of talked about 12.10, played with Gnomebuntu, and shared some of our favorite applications. It could be something that casual if you think04:32
drkokandythat would work04:32
skellatdrkokandy: Okay, narrow it down a little...what would you like a roundtable discussion of?04:34
drkokandythat might be the problem - I didn't necessarily have a topic in mind :-)04:34
paultagskellat: :))04:35
drkokandyRaspberry Pis seem cool, but I don't know anything about the Beagleboard, so I'd be happy to learn a little about them from your experience04:35
skellatWell, perhaps paultag could nominate a topic or he could give us a presentation about the wonderful things he's doing to Python perhaps...04:35
paultagis this an Ohio meeting?04:36
skellatNot a business meeting04:36
paultagAh, cool.04:36
drkokandythe online chat before or after the next IRC meeting04:36
paultagWell, let's see here04:36
paultaghowabout them redsox04:36
skellatI've got not just the Cleveland Indians but also the Lake County Captains minor league team to my immediate west!04:37
paultagNothing beats a game at the Jake04:37
paultagoh sorry, the prog'04:37
skellatJake (noun): slang for toilet bowl04:38
paultagso, if anyone's wanting to learn about both Git and Bzr, I have a patch request :)04:39
paultagbzr-git (unmaintainedish) need a fix so that it can handle git signed tags (and it can't ignore them due to hash problems when committing on top of one)04:39
paultagif someone wants to do that, they'll get paultag brownie points and perhaps a beer if they drink04:39
skellatI was wondering what on earth hython is04:41
paultagOh yes, quite! :)04:41
paultagIt's a way to write Python in, well, Lisp :)04:41
paultagPython only looks like Python out of coincidence04:41
paultagso, why not write it in an historic language04:42
skellatAn homage to RMS04:43
skellatdrkokandy: Is this the sort of thing you were looking for in terms of roundtable?04:43
drkokandyI don't know that I'd be that much help on this kind of thing, but that could be cool to learn about too04:44
paultagI'm giving a talk on this on the 24th04:44
paultagI'll post slides shortly thereafter04:44
skellatThat gives me some ideas04:46
skellatUWN #-Next is going to mention that the default topic is Joy of BeagleBoard04:46
paultagdrkokandy: if you're looking for Pythonic projects, I've got a few -- from simple to advanced04:46
drkokandyI don't know anything about it paultag, but I just signed up for one of those open online classes that's like an intro to Python04:47
drkokandysounds like fun skellat :)04:47
paultagdrkokandy: well, if you want to flex your newfound skillz, I'd be happy to review, provide feedback and make sure your code sees production :)04:47
skellatI'm trying to sit down and spend time thoroughly reading "Hello! Python"04:48
skellatAs well as "Learning Perl"04:48
drkokandyI just hope I can keep up with it - thanks for the support04:49
paultagI'm quite sure you will! :)04:49
skellatIn other news...I gotta get 18 more signatures to get on the ballot to run for township trustee04:50
skellatI should get a bunch at church tomorrow04:51
skellatThe filing deadline is August so I'm pushing things harder than I have to04:51
skellatThough, in world where even things like this are actually bloody well wrong, having additional time to work with may help: http://ballotpedia.org/wiki/index.php/Laws_governing_recall_in_Ohio04:52
paultagballotpedia is amazing04:52
paultagI'm absolutely chuffed to bits you just posted that04:52
skellatHow so?04:53
paultagtheir wiki editors are very sharp and keep a very close eye on State Legislatures; no small task, I can tell you.04:54
paultagI love using them to double-check my data.04:54
skellatAnd here's how I explained to them where they went wrong: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1526255/04:55
paultagAh, well, I've not seen much wrt recall laws04:55
paultagI just check Legislative data04:55
skellatI remember having to do a series back when I was a working newspaper journalist on how a particular township fiscal officer could be removed before his term was up.  Recall elections don't happen here.  You have to go through other routes that can be described as "weird".04:56
skellatWisconsin could have their recall election for Governor Scott Walker.  Ohio would have a court trial for "... who willfully and flagrantly exercises authority or power not authorized by law, refuses or willfully neglects to enforce the law or to perform any official duty imposed upon him by law, or is guilty of gross neglect of duty, gross immorality, drunkenness, misfeasance, malfeasance, or nonfeasance..." for Governor Kasich.04:58
paultagOh, Ohio.04:59
skellatWe adopted that in our state's 1912 constitution as the mechanism we could proceed with in addition to old fashioned impeachment by the House and trial by the Senate.05:00
paultagbicameral legislatures on the state level are silly05:00
skellatYeah, but only Nebraska has gone unicameral since 193005:03
paultagand samoa iirc05:03
paultagand dc05:03
paultag(dc council)05:04
paultagwhich I relize may not count05:04
skellatNope, the Territory has two houses where one is elected popularly and one is made up of chiefs.  DC has city council which functions in lieu of a state legislature in that unique case.05:04
paultagone of the territories has a unicam05:04
paultagskellat: anyway, the fed. supreme court ruled that having a statically sized senate violates equal representation, so they are baiscally just differently sized05:05
paultagor house, can't remember which05:06
paultagbut I know it's now silly05:06
paultag(you need equal population districts for upper and lower)05:06
skellatIn Ohio it is proportional.  Every 1 senate district equals 3 house districts.  33 senate districts, 99 house districts.05:06
paultaghttp://openstates.org/oh/ ← if you want to see it in action05:07
paultag(yes, the data's off in the lower chamber)05:07
paultagI should be fixing it now, but I'm watching it's always sunny05:07
skellatAnd if you want to see some of the local madness out my way, the comments on this story are precious: http://starbeacon.com/local/x964870999/Ashtabula-school-cuts-approved05:08
paultagthanks :)05:08
paultagOh jesus05:08
paultagthey *approved* the cuts?05:08
paultagwhat the fuck05:08
paultagwill the Cleveland+ area never learn.05:08
paultagsadly, quite literally05:08
skellatWell, deficit spending is not allowed for school districts05:09
skellatTheir budget was provided 25% locally with 75% coming from the state and federales05:10
skellatUnfortunately the state money is going away and the Obama administration has other priorities05:10
skellatProperty values are so low a 6.4 mill levy would only generate $1.5 million within that district05:11
skellatThey cut everything they could to try to end the academic year in the black as the law demands05:11
skellatAlmost everything is cut to the absolute state minimum required05:12
skellatI can ponder all the Ubuntu evangelizing I want to do locally but there are some far more fundamental layers of Maslow's hierarchy of needs that need to be tended to before such evangelizing could ever be effective here05:14
paultagaye, quite05:15
skellatThat's part of the township trustee run.  The platform is simple: "Peace and Security".  I would be pushing to build up policing to make criminal activity unattractive locally and to try to help lift spirits in general by pushing to build confidence locally.  What looms locally is an air of defeat and resignation eagerly awaiting oblivion's arrival and frankly that just sucks.  Borrow a little of "broken windows" policing, update gov05:18
skellatAlas, my netbook is acting weird and I need to shut it down so I bid you all good night.  With luck there may be a special guest for Burning Circle 97 to talk mental health issues especially in light of Saturday's big news story.  Goodnight y'all...05:21
drkokandygood night05:22
skellatCheri703: Have we had any Ubuntu Hours out in Mansfield?17:40
Cheri703no, I have been a slacker18:34
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