wrstgreetings  afew hours late chris458500:10
chris4585sup wrst00:12
wrstnot much chris4585, been playing around with freenas00:12
wrstpretty cool setup00:23
wrsti'm finding that my hardware is a little not up for the task, not bad but to get the full goodness00:24
wrstespecially out of ZFS00:24
chris4585I would do something like that but I need a few hard drives first00:31
wrsthad a couple spares and an external so have them hooked up00:32
wrstcool thing is you can add more fairly easily it seems00:32
wrstof course i suppose raid would be in order and what not too00:33
wrstwith zfs not positive if raid would even be necessary00:33
wrstand i see it is reccomended not to use hardware raid with zfs00:34
chris4585wrst, neat00:44
wrstyeah something else for me to tinker with :)00:44
wrstjust what i need00:44
chris4585I really need an extra hard drive :/00:49
wrstchris4585: i really don't need the storage i have now00:56
chris4585its cool01:09
chris4585what I think I'm going to do is eventually buy a 250gb hdd, and a 1tb hdd, the 250 for a dedicated windows, and 1tb for storage01:10
chris4585then take this 500gb and give it to my secondary computer01:10
wrstdedicated windows.... :\01:14
chris4585yes because I don't really like the idea of windows sharing a hard drive with linux01:16
wrsti have a windows partition on this laptop but its not on the main hard drive and I boot it up once every 2 months to update :)01:18
wrstactually been more like 3 i suppose it was before thanksgiving01:18
chris4585well I game sometimes01:18
wrstthat makes a difference01:19
chris4585its rather annoying though everytime I boot it up I have updates01:20
chris4585like ridiculous amount of windows updates01:20
wrstyes and windows updates don't just work in the background reboot reboot reboot01:21
chris4585annoying when it just reboots in the middle of a game01:27
wrstjust occured to me, I'm running Arch on the desktop, Ubuntu on one server, FreeNAS for storage, and Debian on another server, I have operating system diversity01:28
chris4585I have manjaro and windows01:31
wrstmy wife has osx, then we have android and ios01:33
wrsti do have a windows vm that i use on rare occasion but it doesn't count01:33
wrsthmm freenas does a time machine backup that works perfect also02:06
wrstyeah its a preset in the apple share02:42
average_guyBitlbee is running, all of my accounts are set up fine but it won't stay connected. It keeps dropping and over in the "status" window I get- ERROR Closing link: Pink Timeout: 360 seconds. Can anyone suggest what might be causing this?14:35
average_guyYES! Finally got bitlbee working correctly19:33
average_guythis has almost givin mr the courage to attempt mutt configuration19:33
cyberangeraverage_guy: Sweet23:01

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