andybrinenot yet00:00
bobweaverandybrine,  I am sure that there are others that are better but it is a good place to start00:01
andybrinethat does look ok, though it does not say much about setting it up00:02
bobweavercomputer, lol yeah that has to be installed00:02
bobweavercomputer, sudo  apt-get -y install  unity-greeter00:02
xbskidIs there something I can get for Unity that gives me an expandable menu? For example, if I wanted to lock a 'Games' folder to the launcher, so when I click on it, it expands out from the launcher bar and gives me a list of games.00:03
bobweaverandybrine,  check this one out ?  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OpenVPN00:03
bobweaverxbskid,  what version of Ubuntu are you running ?00:04
xbskidbobweaver: 12.1000:04
andybrinethat was the one i was having a good read00:04
xbskidAlternatively I could just find a different shell...00:04
andybrinejust looking to access a us ip so i can watch us netflix with more shows :)00:04
computerOk that's done? Does that mean 2D menu will be there?00:04
bobweaverxbskid,  you have looked at this ? https://launchpad.net/drawers00:05
bobweavercomputer,  yeah it should be00:05
computerOk. I'll try it :)00:05
bobweaverxbskid, here is a video of it in action it is 3rd party but great also  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTwXwadnxUU00:05
donttrustemdr_willis: Hi. I have tried to boot with what was describe in the link you posted and I get login screen but  it only displays half the scree00:05
donttrustemAlso the screen is pixelating00:06
donttrustemWhen I move the mouse00:06
xbskidbobweaver: No, no I haven't looked at that, but it seems to be exactly what I'm looking for!00:07
xbskidThank you :)00:07
cubis there a keyboard shortcut to use in terminal that allows you to select all text... like ctrl+a?00:07
donttrustemAnyone here installed ubuntu on an acer aspire one00:07
bobweavernp xbskid  yeah it is new and not many people know about it. Have fun with it I like it00:07
bobweavercub,  open gnome termianl and go to edit_>keyboard shortcuts00:08
cubi did, i didn't see anything about selecting text.. maybe i wasnt looking in the right place?00:08
cubor its under another name?00:09
TranshumanistHello. My government's spy agency plans to use domestic citizens's computers as part of a botnet to attack perceived threats. I am using Ubuntu. What should I do to help prevent becoming a node in ASIO's botnet? More here: http://yro.slashdot.org/story/13/01/12/230252/australian-spy-agency-seeks-permission-to-hack-third-party-computers00:09
computerHi. Still no Unity 2D menu on Log In? New desktop buttons to one side have vanished?00:10
bobweavercub,  yeah I just looked at that also and I am sorry but that si all I know. I am sure that someone else will know more00:10
donttrustembobweaver: Could you help me with my acer aspire one ... Having problems with 12.4, I just get a black screen on boot up00:10
cubthanks bobstermcbob ... i had looked there too thinking that is where it would be..00:10
bobweavercomputer,  that is crazy try to purge and re-install lightdm          sudo apt-get --purge remove lightdm && sudo apt-get install lightdm00:11
ActionParsnipComputer: install xfce4 and use the xfce session00:11
ActionParsnipTranshumanist: keep an eye on your router logs00:12
computerHave Xfce on Log In drop down menu. Will try purge remove install lightdm now.00:13
bobweavercomputer,  I just asked you question on the #ubuntu-studio channel also to see if there is something that is blocking it in I also ran across this http://askubuntu.com/questions/148070/ubuntu-studio-i-unity-2d-installed-but-i-cant-see-anything00:13
ActionParsnipTranshumanist: if it relies on rpc in Windows,  you are ok00:13
bobweavercomputer,  looks like that dude just install gnome-shell to get it all to work00:14
donttrustemIs this a special version http://www.ubuntu.com/certification/hardware/200908-3469/00:14
TranshumanistActionParsnip: I figure they'll be targetting Windows. But it makes sense to me to investigate what I can do to ensure my Linux computers never become nodes in botnets. Cheers.00:14
computer OK. Remove and install lightdm or not?00:15
bobweavercomputer,  I would do that00:15
* donttrustem is now confused... How can it be certified and not work on the hardware00:15
bobweavercomputer,  I would also maybe install gnome-shell also  sudo apt-get install gnome-shell00:16
ActionParsnipDonttrustem: what hardware?00:16
=== dniMretsaM is now known as dniMretsaM_away
computerWrong box sorry00:17
donttrustemActionParsnip: Acer aspire one00:17
HackinBlackWhen is the next release of ubuntu00:17
donttrustemActionParsnip: http://www.ubuntu.com/certification/hardware/200908-3469/00:17
ActionParsnipDonttrustem: what part of the system?00:17
HackinBlackWhat is the next release of ubuntu00:17
donttrustemActionParsnip: I have a problem with the video I think ...I just get a black screen on boot00:18
HackinBlackPlease Help me00:18
ActionParsnipHackinblack: its always .10 and .4 each year00:19
HackinBlackPig ii doesn't know that00:19
ActionParsnipDonttrustem: add the boot option:  nomodeset00:19
sylphieyou mean people with "hack" in their names need help too?00:19
donttrustemActionParsnip: I have00:19
HackinBlackWhat about hack00:19
donttrustemActionParsnip: Now I get half a screen and it pixelates when I move the mouse00:20
HackinBlackWant to try me00:20
ActionParsnipDonttrustem: or   intel.blaclist=100:20
donttrustemActionParsnip: Where do I add that00:21
ActionParsnipDonttrustem: which aspire one do you have?00:21
computerOk. All done. Reboot?00:21
donttrustemActionParsnip: AO751h00:22
ActionParsnipDonttrustem: seen this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AspireOne/AO751h00:22
ActionParsnipDonttrustem: seems to need a few boot options00:23
ActionParsnipDonttrustem: have you tried those?00:24
bobweavercomputer,  yeah also you might want to join the channel #ubuntu-studio00:24
HackinBlackHow to control laptop fansin ubuntu00:24
donttrustemActionParsnip: No will try now00:24
HackinBlackIi need help00:24
ActionParsnipDonttrustem: why not? Surely a page like that is the FIRST thing to try.....00:25
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience00:25
HackinBlackI did ask my question00:26
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/00:26
=== glebihan_ is now known as glebihan
addicat!rippy lol00:26
HackinBlackIhave no patience00:26
dr_willisspamming help me wont help it then.00:26
dr_willisand people are joining all the time00:26
HackinBlackHemp me00:26
addicatI'm sorry, I confused my chat rooms.00:26
sylphieyou need to move to colorado for that00:26
ActionParsnipHackinblack: how can we when we don't know you r issue00:27
HackinBlackColorado for what00:27
skp1a brain00:27
sylphiefor hemping you00:27
HackinBlackI already said my issue00:27
dr_willisHackinBlack:  guess no one saw it.. so guess we cant help... OR you can restate it00:27
HackinBlackHow do ii control my fan on mylaptop00:27
ActionParsnipHackinblack;: what make and model laptop?00:28
donttrustemActionParsnip: Do I just added this by using the e command at the grub menu00:28
dr_willismy laptrrop controlls the fans allready by default.00:28
HackinBlackIt's a ho dv600:28
dr_willisbut its an older laptop00:28
ActionParsnipHackinblack: what is the output of: cat /etc/issue00:28
HackinBlackMy laptop is new00:29
ActionParsnipDonttrustem: yes, remove quiet splash   and add those instead00:29
dr_willisHackinBlack:  and what do you mean by control? whats to control? How new is new? 2 days old? 2 months?00:29
ActionParsnipHackinblack: newness is moot00:29
WeThePeoplehow do i access the trash form the terminal?00:29
ubottuYour GUI file manager's Trash folder is located at ~/.local/share/Trash/ for files moved to trash from your hard disk and .../.Trash-userid/ on external devices for files moved to trash from the device.00:29
ActionParsnipHackinblack: what is the output of: cat /etc/issue00:29
HackinBlackA couple months and just controll the fan sorta like how Hp coolsense works00:30
HackinBlackOn windows00:30
dr_willisand that does what exactly?00:30
ActionParsnipHackinblack: last chance, what is the output of: cat /etc/issue00:30
MDKwlanIs there a way with apt to search like pacman -Ss in arch?00:31
HackinBlackNom I'll come back later have work00:31
dr_willisMDKwlan:  apt-cache search pattern00:31
ActionParsnipMdkwlan: apt-cache search thing00:31
MDKwlanThanks dr wilis and ActionParsnip00:31
ActionParsnipHackinblack: so why ask when you have no way to try what we suggest00:32
dr_willisapt-get also supports TAB completion in ubuntu. ;)00:32
MDKwlanReally? I didn't know that dr_willis00:32
ActionParsnipHackinblack: makes no sense at all. And to be so demanding to. You need to think before you type00:33
MDKwlanLearn something new every day I assume. Cheers.00:33
dr_willistab is handy00:33
ActionParsnipMdkwlan: always try tab, it does a lot00:33
MDKwlanYea I use it for navagating files but I assumed that it didn't work for apt-get.00:33
hsnis there something like apple has on bottom of screen - that app starter00:33
sylphiemayybe he's never used a terminal window and so had no idea what "cat" meant?00:34
ActionParsnipHsn: you can install a dock like avant window navigator, docky or plank00:34
ActionParsnipSylphie: then s/he could have asked00:35
ActionParsnipSylphie: and being so demanding of support then not being able to apply it til later is dumb00:36
sylphiealso true00:36
madmantmanyone have experience with gnome-shell00:36
madmantmi got a little issue00:36
ActionParsnipMadmantum: ask and see00:37
tgahey, does anyone know about mounting hfs volumes with uid set?00:37
ActionParsnip! Hfs00:37
ubottuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE00:37
tgamount -o uid=1000 seems to ignore me, I still get the OS X uids00:37
madmantmwhen i pass the authentification, i get the blue lines wallpaper appear, and then i get my background00:37
madmantmeach time00:37
sylphiemadmantm \ what then is the issue?00:39
madmantmwell, why is there a picture loading when i authenticate that is different from my own background00:39
madmantmsorry i might have not explained it correctly00:39
donttrustemActionParsnip: Works perfectly... Now I have to add the line permantly how do I do this00:40
sylphiemadmantm \ so that if you can't authenticate, your personal data won't be loaded00:40
tgaActionParsnip, afaict that link doesn't help much00:40
madmantmyes, i'm saying after i authenticate, for one or two seconds, i see that blue default wallpaper, and then it comes back to my own wallpaper00:40
sylphiemadmantm \ it takes time to load your personal wallpaper, 2 seconds isn't terrible00:41
tgaI am manually mounting a HFS partition with uid=1000 and I still get uids from the original system00:41
ActionParsnipDonttrustem:  run:   gksudo gedit /etc/default/grub     and add it there. Again,  why did you not find that page. I used the most basic search and that popped up00:41
madmantmokay i will search elsewhere, still thanks for your time.00:42
ActionParsnipDonttrustem: http://www.google.co.uk/search?aq=f&client=chrome-mobile&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8&q=a0751h+ubuntu00:42
ActionParsnipDonttrustem: thats all I did.....00:42
sylphiehuh? acted like a statement that this is normal was a non-answer00:43
subcoolhey,, anyone have any experience or-- knowledge of this software - Ubuntu Malware Removal Toolkit?00:47
tgawhy would this ignore the uid and umask? sudo mount -o ro,uid=1000,umask=0 /dev/sde1 /mnt/100:47
tgaI'm not getting errors or anything00:47
ActionParsnipDonttrustem: you will need to run:  sudo update-grub   to apply it permanently. This will not affect the install CD. It will work on an installed OS00:47
sylphietga \ try "-r"00:48
tgasylphie, -r should be the same as -o ro00:48
tgaand the result is the same, I still can't access the files00:49
sylphieuid of 1000 is the right one for the file ownership?00:49
tgauid=1000(tga) gid=1000(tga)00:50
tgaI tried umask=0 alone and it didn't work either00:51
jribtga: what filesystem?00:51
tgahfs+ probably, os x standard00:51
sylphiewhen you are booted mac, is 1000 also your uid?00:51
donttrustemActionParsnip: Wtf I edit the file reboot and get a black screen :(00:51
tgasylphie, of course not00:52
jribtga: how do your files end up getting mounted?00:52
tgajrib, using the original uid and umask00:52
tgaso as a user I can't even access them00:52
=== Albastos is now known as Albastos|off
sylphieI thought os10 was was bsd enough that you'd have uid numbers00:53
jakepianodoes anyone know how to connect to an ethernet internet connection on ubuntu?00:53
tgasylphie, you have uids, but they start at 99ish00:53
tgaso they don't match ubuntu00:53
jribtga: and what's the output "mount"?00:53
tgaprobably for the better, otherwise it would be even more confusing00:53
sylphietga \ maybe you need to mount using the os10 uids?00:54
tga/dev/sde1 on /mnt/1 type hfsplus (ro,uid=1000,umask=0)00:54
tgajrib, the uid option doesn't do anything, I still have old uid 99 everywhere00:55
ActionParsnipDonttrustem: did you run: sudo update-grub00:55
ActionParsnipDonttrustem: that's why00:55
donttrustemGoing to fix it now00:55
donttrustemAdding the line again using e command00:56
sylphiecould be hfs tools are broken00:56
metap0dIf I want to install a later Nvidia driver from the edgers PPA, how can I make sure my kernel and other things don't get updated to? Do I just add the PPA, install the newer Nvidia drivers and then remove it?00:56
ActionParsnipDonttrustem: update-grub makes the file be reread, otherwise just changing it does nothing00:56
donttrustemCan I run this from the command line00:57
ubottuUbuntu bug 8922 in linux-source-2.6.15 (Ubuntu) "HFSPLUS does not take care of uid/gid options" [Wishlist,Invalid]00:57
tgaas far as I can tell, this is still valid00:57
ActionParsnipDonttrustem: yes, thsts where you run it00:57
donttrustemSo F200:57
ActionParsnipDonttrustem: ctrl + alt + t   is easier00:58
shell_Is this the biggest channel in all of irc land?01:00
ActionParsnipShell_: I'd ask in #freenode01:01
shell_Ok, I'll go check there01:01
Tex_Nickshell : no, but it's the best ;-)01:01
jribtga: there are some relevant comments here (especially #6), but I'm still reading: https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=353301:03
ubottubugzilla.kernel.org bug 3533 in HFS/HFSPLUS "HFSPLUS does not take care of uid/gid options" [Normal,Rejected: documented]01:03
shell_Tex_Nick I agree01:03
tgajrib, yeah, I'm reading too but not seeing anything promising01:04
tgajrib, that's a bug from 2004!01:04
jribtga: well the comment claims it's not a bug :)01:04
tgajrib, I see, so what would be the proper way of accessing a hfsplus volume as a user?01:05
tgajrib, even a permanent chown/chmod is out of the question since hfsplus is ro01:05
jribtga: I can't tell you with certainty.  But I imagine it would be the same as accessing an ext4 volume as a user.  The user needs to have permission on it.  There might be a better solution, but I don't know; I don't use hfsplus at all01:06
=== bill is now known as Guest5384
jribtga: can I ask what your end-goal is?  Is this a one-time access scenario...? or...?01:07
tgajrib, being able to copy files off OS X drives01:07
tgajrib, I'm doing it as root now, but that means I can't use the gui01:08
tgaor anyway, extra steps01:08
jribtga: you can do « gksudo nautilus ».  An alternative would be to create a group with the right gid and add your user to that group (very hacky)01:08
tgayeah, ugly but probably works01:09
tgawhat package should I file the bug against? hfsplus?01:09
shell_How do I find my real ip (example: not just on a local network?01:10
tgagoogle "what is my ip"01:10
shell_thank you01:10
julian-delphikishell_: curl http://ifconfig.me/ip01:10
tgathat's nicer01:11
jribtga: sure, use that other bug on launchpad as a guide.  Might be worthwhile to mention that old bug and the 2004 bug and explain why you'd like some additional feature01:11
shell_What's the real Ip's technical name?01:11
shell_Thank julian01:11
julian-delphikiexternal ip address01:11
julian-delphikiWAN ip01:11
jribicanhazip.com is fun too01:12
jaffGreetings, all. I have a question regarding a recent update. I invoked software update on my 12.04 system yesterday, and it was recommended that I restart. When the system rebooted, all boot info was lost, I was left with a flashing underline cursor. What is recommended method of rebuilding grub or whatever boot method is employed? I am currently running on an older Ubuntu boot CD I had handy (8.04)01:18
escott!grub | jaff01:19
ubottujaff: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)01:19
jaff@ubottu - thanks for the links01:19
=== dankest is now known as dankest|away
pregmatcherHey everyone...I had a question about pregmatch in php....what channel would you recommend?01:31
TheLordOfTimepregmatcher, probably ##php01:31
pregmatcherthanks!   sorry for asking in this channel....i know its not the right topic.01:32
TheLordOfTimepregmatcher, next time you may want to use alis, and search for *php*01:33
Noskcajare there any torrent clients that allow me to add many trackers at once?01:33
TheLordOfTime!alis > pregmatcher01:33
ubottupregmatcher, please see my private message01:33
julian-delphikiNoskcaj: do you know how bittorrent works?01:33
julian-delphikiyou can only add trackers that have the exact same files01:34
computerNever managed to get the unity 2D Shell working. System crashed so had to un-install gnome Shell using Recovery mode.01:34
SuperFunkyFlyI installed ubuntu 12.10 the other day. Now when I tired to google I get some weird thing about a nanny filter. http://www.securly.com/blocked?reason=noip01:40
SuperFunkyFlyWhat in the world is this?01:40
SuperFunkyFlyand How do I turn it off01:40
SuperFunkyFlyUsing only default stuff here.01:40
SuperFunkyFlyon 12.1001:40
SuperFunkyFlyDoes Ubuntu have some built in Net Nanny???01:41
SuperFunkyFlywtf .... Web Filtering 2.0 for Schools. This is my home computer???01:43
Noskcajjulian-delphiki, yes i do, if you add a list all that work with the file will01:43
TheLordOfTimeSuperFunkyFly, it may be on your network not just your computer01:43
BullSharkit's ubuntu so wtf01:44
TheLordOfTimeSuperFunkyFly, if your computer's running through their things they could block stuff.01:44
SuperFunkyFlyI am at home and Ubuntu is in a VM on a Debian host01:44
elferthat sucks01:44
elferare you connected to a school's network?01:44
GomexFala ae pessoal01:44
GomexEstou pensando seriamente em migrar pra Ubuntu, mais uma vez depois de anos01:45
SuperFunkyFlyNo, I pay like a 100USD for my network01:45
SuperFunkyFlyMy servers are up and fine.01:45
elferdo you attend college or school?01:45
elferor have you?01:45
SuperFunkyFlyNope, that was 20 years ago01:45
Tex_Nick!es | Gomex01:45
ubottuGomex: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.01:45
elferwith your computer01:45
GomexTex_Nick, sorry about that01:45
GomexTex_Nick, it is portuguese01:45
elferthat's strange.01:45
FloodBot1elfer: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:46
GomexTex_Nick, I tip this in wrong channel01:46
Tex_NickGomex : i was close ;-)01:46
GomexTex_Nick, Yes! :P01:46
GomexTex_Nick, Thanks and sorry for bother01:46
SuperFunkyFlyIll pipe my traffic though a VPN and see if anything changes. Then Ill stuff port 53 for DNS into TOR or just change to opendns01:46
SuperFunkyFlyMy Debian host is acting fine.01:47
julian-delphikiSuperFunkyFly are they both using the same DNS servers?01:48
SuperFunkyFlyNo, when I think about it. My host computer is always using a DNS server though TOR. I dont like my ISP logging what I am doing.01:49
elferdo you have something to hide?01:49
GomexTex_Nick, I will put my question in my bad english01:49
SuperFunkyFlyYeah about 10000000 GB of chicken pron.01:49
SuperFunkyFlyDoes it matter?01:49
tgaunless you're also browsing through tor, they see everything anyway01:49
elfertor isn't even safe01:49
SuperFunkyFlyNo I don't but I feel that I should not have to be tracked01:49
elferbradley manning anyone?01:50
GomexI wanna change my Linux Distro to Ubuntu01:50
elfermaybe vpn through tor01:50
SuperFunkyFlyBradley Manning was playing with fire.01:50
GomexI don't wanna forget any thing befora format my disk01:50
elferdo you work for the gov't?01:50
rimasis there a way to pause a media player (Exaile, if it matters) when sound is coming from the browser or any other source?01:50
Gomexcan you please help remember any thing to backup?01:50
SuperFunkyFlyNope, I am a normal netcitizen who respects his privacy.01:51
SuperFunkyFlySame reason why people get mad when others open their envelopes and read their mail01:51
Tex_NickGomex : what distro of linux are you using now01:51
SuperFunkyFlyEven if it is a boring bill or something.01:52
GomexTex_Nick, Archlinux01:52
nitrousoxidusHi.I have AMD HD 5850 and Intel HD 4000, one monitor is connected to HD 5850 and the second one is Intel HD 4000, intel is recognized but when i try to extend display system crashes, also system setting - sound crashes to - i have presonus audiobox usb 2x2 and no sound.Thanks01:53
julian-delphikiGomex, sorry, we can't support anything except ubuntu01:54
Tex_NickGomex : probably only your home folder01:54
julian-delphikinitrousoxidus: can you put them both on the 5850?01:55
nitrousoxidusI can and it works but colling is better01:55
nitrousoxidusand linux doesnt have good power managment01:55
julian-delphiki"colling" ?01:55
nitrousoxidusfor graphic cards01:55
Gomexjulian-delphiki, I don't wanna support other distribution01:55
Tex_NickGomex : there is an archlinux channel that is usually very active ... #archlinux01:55
GomexJust asking advice01:55
nitrousoxiduscolling everzthing is custom01:55
julian-delphikinitrousoxidus: cooling?01:56
nitrousoxidusaftermark coller for hd 585001:56
nitrousoxidusand noctua coller for cpu01:56
nitrousoxidusah ok.Thanks cooling01:56
nitrousoxidusSo any ideas.01:59
julian-delphikiI can't say I know how to do that, nitrousoxidus. People usually only use one display output type.01:59
b1llyI uninstalled the default video drivers because I was trying to install my nvidia ones for ubunut01:59
b1llynow I'm locked in my lowest resolution02:00
b1llyand have no idea how to get back02:00
b1llyI tried installing the nvidia drivers but nothing seems to work02:00
daftykinsb1lly: reinstall a driver? :P02:00
nitrousoxidusWhat about sound in fedora it works out of the box02:00
=== aaron is now known as Guest41060
sajbenWhere are you from?02:05
BillyZaneyes, i was just staring at the screen02:05
BillyZanesan diego02:05
BillyZanehow about you02:06
b1llyyeah so, i have no clue02:06
b1llyit says I have the latest nvidia drivers installed when i try to update them02:06
b1llybut then when I try to goto my nvidia settings02:06
b1llyi dont appear to using the nvidia x driver02:06
MDKwlanAlright I know this isn't ubuntu based question but I'll try anyway. So I have a choice between a tarball or a 32-bit deb file for a game. Which would you assume is better or are the just the same and I'm just a noob?02:07
BillyZanewhat's lower than a n00b02:07
julian-delphikiMDKwlan: if you are on ubuntu / debian based distro the deb will work02:08
BillyZanei'm a fr00b then cause i have no idea what you just said02:08
BillyZanei just got linux 2 days ago02:08
MDKwlanWell yea. I'm just asking is there really any differance between the two?02:08
julian-delphikione will install on your system, one you will extract into a folder02:08
BillyZanesorry, can't help you. i'm on baby formula right now02:08
BillyZanei believe tar extracts to a folder02:09
BillyZanedeb installs?02:09
BillyZanewell i learned something02:09
MDKwlanYea I undertand this.02:09
BillyZanehow do you use the deb command?02:09
BillyZaneis it... deb (letters) file02:09
BillyZaneletters being the jumper settings for the install02:09
MDKwlanits not that simple billy lol :P02:10
MDKwlansudo dpkg -i filename.deb02:10
BillyZanewell, i took a guess02:10
BillyZanesudo = super user do02:10
MDKwlanI know :D Just saying :P02:10
BillyZanedpkg , no clue what that is02:11
MDKwlanlook at the man page and it will explain it ^.^02:11
BillyZaneoh yeah, is there a manual online?02:11
julian-delphikion your terminal02:11
julian-delphikiman dpkg02:11
MDKwlanopen terminal man dpkg02:11
BillyZaneman dpkg?02:11
BillyZaneohhh.. hold on, i have a virtual box02:12
BillyZanebut... guys02:12
BillyZaneguys... i want to do a  legit ubuntu install, on its own partition02:12
BillyZanei have an install file on a USB drive02:12
BillyZanei want to know02:12
julian-delphikiI think you should keep using it in a VM for a while02:12
BillyZaneok :(02:12
MDKwlanUnderstand it in a vm a little more before installing stright up02:12
MDKwlanIts more of a safety net.02:13
BillyZanei suppose you're right02:13
MDKwlanI do that with arch and gentoo02:13
julian-delphikiand when you do install, just check out wubi02:13
BillyZanelets say the safety net is not there, what would happen?02:13
julian-delphikicould lose / mess up your windows install02:13
MDKwlanWell if grup messes up you could be left with a nonbooting machine lol :P02:13
BillyZaneumm... let me google everything you guys said02:13
MDKwlanwhich i mean is fixed easly02:13
MDKwlangrup? really grub02:14
BillyZaneMDKwlan, but i would have a windows partition on the HDD02:14
MDKwlanNo free space?02:14
daftykinsBillyZane: the point is, if you're not very familiar with installing Ubuntu, you could stop Windows from booting.02:14
BillyZaneumm... well, about 150gb for windows, i would alocate about 30 gb for the ubuntu drive and then give the rest to NTFS02:14
BillyZanedaftykins, even if ubuntu is on its own drive?02:15
b3njhelp, at command says "warning: commands will be executed using /bin/sh"02:15
BillyZaneerr... on its own partition02:15
MDKwlanyou have to watch doing that. If it's within the windows tool for that it will be fine but i would do it with gparted.02:15
BillyZaneone sec, i gotta google all the encrypted code words you guys use02:15
daftykinsBillyZane: in a dualboot config yes02:15
julian-delphikithis guy seems like a troll02:15
BillyZaneno i just have a weird sense of humor02:16
b3njhelp me, how to make at use /bin/bash instead of /bin/sh?02:16
MDKwlanI get lost sometimes. I think its windows that hates playing with linux. Like windows before linux not linux before windows.02:16
GodelMy youtube videos have yellow dots in them. I am using Ubuntu 12.04. Chrome 24.0.1312.52. It started today. Any suggestions?02:16
MDKwlantype bash02:16
b3njMDKwlan: in at command02:16
BillyZanejulian-delphiki, i am legitely brand new to this though02:16
BillyZanei'm googling wubi02:17
MDKwlanStick with a vm mate. Until you learn some more :P02:17
BillyZaneubuntu installer, is a windows based installer.. hmm... it installs on NTFS or on its own partition02:17
b3njMDKwlan: i should just type bash in at and commands will be executed using bash?02:17
daftykinsBillyZane: WUBI is a seriously, seriously bad idea.02:17
MDKwlanAre you editing a script for sh?02:17
BillyZanei have no idea what i would be doing02:18
julian-delphikiwubi isnt a bad idea, it works, its just kind of easy to break02:18
b3njMDKwlan: i mean at as a command02:18
BillyZanei have 2 computers02:18
MDKwlanLike ok I only ever see this with arch's chroot but do you see like sh 4.2 and not root@hostname?02:18
=== Danausplexippus is now known as Idsi
BillyZanei would technically use my second computer to come on here and ask questions during install?02:19
daftykinsBillyZane: which Windows? does it fill the entire HDD right now?02:19
BillyZaneit would be a painfully slow process, switching monitor,keyboard,mouse but at least it's faster than communications a few hundred years ago02:19
BillyZanedaftykins, windows 7, it is on a 150gb partition02:19
daftykinsBillyZane: so there's free space to put Ubuntu on already?02:19
BillyZane1 tb hard drive02:19
daftykinswow that's a bit small02:20
daftykinsplenty for Windows on its' own though02:20
MDKwlanDoesn't windows 7 have a program for idk real time editing of partitions?02:20
BillyZaneyeah, i'm considering reformatting and starting over, i should have given it like 350gb02:20
MDKwlanIt's been a while since I've used windows.02:20
daftykinsBillyZane: just go for it then. boot the CD/DVD/USB and install to some free space. you'll want to partition manually though so Ubuntu doesn't take all the free space02:20
daftykinsMDKwlan: obviously.02:20
BillyZanedaftykins, that's the problem, i'm not sure how I would partition manually02:21
daftykinsBillyZane: no, even 100GB is plenty for a C: for just Windows. then i'd have user data on a separate partition02:21
BillyZanedaftykins, i've only really made partitions using install software02:21
BillyZanedaftykins, yeah but i got itunes and several devices, plus i'd like to install softare on C02:21
daftykinsBillyZane: you'd want to create a 100MB ext4 /boot, then say a 20GB ext4 /, then a 4GB swap, then some space for /home02:21
MDKwlan4gb swap? Overkill?02:22
daftykinsMDKwlan: no.02:22
BillyZanei've heard ext4 is not compatible with NTFS, ext3 is better no?02:22
daftykinsBillyZane: both are incompatible with Windows.02:22
BillyZanedaftykins, hard drives can only have 4 partitions, if i do that i would be left with 500 gigabytes of unused space02:22
BillyZanedaftykins, so i wouldn't be able to access mp3s from an NTFS partition?02:22
daftykinsBillyZane: i don't think you're right there.02:23
=== thoughtcrime is now known as Athlon
BillyZanei would prefer not to use the 3 partition method, i'm tired of buying hard drives02:23
daftykinsBillyZane: you can only have 4 _PRIMARY_ partitions02:23
BillyZanei 'm really broke right now, i just spent $1750 on a new tower02:24
daftykinsouch ripped off02:24
BillyZaneoh no, no...02:24
BillyZanethis tower is legit02:24
BillyZanei built it my self02:24
donbrightis it too legit?02:24
julian-delphikithen tell me its specs plz02:24
BillyZanehopefully to quit02:24
BillyZanelets start with the case02:24
BillyZanethis case is boss02:24
donbrightlol high five02:24
BillyZanethis case will make your lan party friends explode in their pants02:25
daftykinsany chance you can just put it on a single line so i don't have to wade through the spam?02:25
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:25
BillyZanei paid $240 for this case02:25
BillyZanewhich was on a special02:25
daftykinsalso i'd be willing to bet very few of us are 15 years old, so i doubt a spec is going to impress any of us02:25
b3njMDKwlan: where is at config file and how is it named?02:25
julian-delphikiyeah bro, i was trolling when i asked for the specs.02:25
_helios_I just noticed that Xubuntu installed as a ext2 filesystem, is there anyway I can change it to a ext4 without doing a complete reinstall?02:25
BillyZaneit's a full tower, dust fans, powder coated, multi colored case lights, fan controls, it's epic02:25
BillyZanethis case is like... art.. it's worthy of museums02:26
BillyZaneMSI mpower motherboard... $20002:26
BillyZanei7 2770k CPU - $32002:26
MDKwlanI'm not even sure what you're doing b3nj02:26
BillyZaneerr.. 3770k02:26
BillyZanea rasa 750 RS 360 water cooling kit - $15002:27
b3njMDKwlan: i want at command to use /bin/bash by default02:27
BillyZane16gb of 2133mhz DDR3 - $13002:27
MDKwlanWhat are you using? Ubuntu uses bash by default02:27
BillyZaneMSI twin frozer 3 GTx 660 video card02:27
BillyZanethat video card was $24002:28
=== nightfly_ is now known as nightfly
b3njMDKwlan: at command, man at02:28
BillyZaneumm... another 120 for a creative sound blaster Z02:28
BillyZane600 watt power supply OEM - $4002:28
b3njMDKwlan: see man at02:28
Tex_Nick!ot | BillyZane02:28
ubottuBillyZane: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:28
MDKwlanjulian-delphiki, help b3nj please I need to leave for a few.02:29
b3njjulian-delphiki: hi02:29
BillyZanea bunch of stuff like sleeving, case fans, arctic silver 5, CD rom drive,  umm.. yeah, some extra case lights, a UV light actived water cooling tube kit, an extra power supply for my old computer...02:29
julian-delphikib3nj: type chsh02:29
BillyZaneTex_Nick, sorry, i'll chill out02:29
BillyZaneTex_Nick, someone asked is all02:29
BillyZaneso.. i'm in here because i want to run ubuntu to compile and run C software for scientific computing02:30
b3njjulian-delphiki: i want at command to use /bin/bash instead of /bin/sh by default02:30
BillyZanethis is not a computer for gaming, i have no games installed, the video card is strictly for GPU computing02:30
bazhangBillyZane, thats enough chit chat02:30
BillyZanefor sure02:31
bazhangBillyZane, so stop. and take it elsewhere.02:31
b3njjulian-delphiki: normally, /bin/bash is already set as default shell02:31
BillyZaneyou're right bazhang, i'm only going to talk about ubuntu now02:31
bazhangBillyZane, this is not chat at all.  It's support ONLY02:32
b3njjulian-delphiki: i want at command to use bash shell by default02:32
bazhang#ubuntu-discuss for chat about ubuntu02:32
HackinBlackWhen is the next version of ubuntu coming out02:32
BillyZanebazhang, as it should be, i didn't know about the other channel02:32
bazhangHackinBlack, 13.0402:32
BillyZanedaftykins, is there a way i can just install ubuntu on 1 partition02:33
daftykinsBillyZane: i kinda lost interest.02:33
BillyZaneno worries02:33
daftykinsBillyZane: yeah, it'd suck, but you could make one big /02:33
BillyZanewhy would it suck?02:33
daftykinshard to say02:33
BillyZaneis it for reinstalling?02:33
BillyZaneyou said you should have 1 100mb partition02:34
BillyZanei presume because of the constant updates, it would be better02:34
daftykinsthat was /boot where the kernels live02:34
julian-delphikibecuase you generally want several partitions for linux02:34
daftykinsno nothing to do with updates02:34
BillyZanebut why02:34
julian-delphiki |/boot /home /tmp and / is a decent layout02:34
MDKwlan4 partitions boot root home swap02:34
BillyZanei know swap is like the page file02:34
HackinBlackWhen shovesdoes RaikkonenNoah02:34
BillyZaneomg, 4?02:35
MDKwlanThat's how I use arch.02:35
Slingand having /var on a separate partition is common too, especially to avoid filling your / to 100% with logs in /var/log02:36
BillyZaneso, you say that it's not a 4  partition limit, but a 4 primary partition limit. if that's the case, i could have 4 linux partitions and 2 windows partitions on this hard drive. then, how many of the linux partitions would need to be primary? how do i even set these partitions to be primary or secondary?02:37
HackinBlackI'm Amish02:37
Slingbut then again better to logrotate and monitor disk usage02:37
SlingBillyZane: perhaps you should first find out the difference between the two02:37
HackinBlackI'm Amish02:37
BillyZanesling, ok02:38
SlingHackinBlack: that's nice.02:38
Tex_NickBillyZane : have a look at this ... https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation ... some REALLY good info there :)02:38
bazhangHackinBlack, stay on topic.02:38
BillyZanethanks, i'll read it02:38
HackinBlackIsh is on topic02:38
bazhangHackinBlack, not here its not.02:38
HackinBlackFreedom of religion02:39
daftykinsBillyZane: you obviously don't understand much about MBR based partitioning. there exists primary partitions, extended partitions and logical drives. it's worth reading up on this02:39
BillyZanedaftykins, i don't. i have used windows all my life02:40
BillyZanei'm just trying something new02:40
BillyZaneout of necessity02:40
daftykinswindows also has said partitions02:40
BillyZanei want to have access to a good C compiler02:40
daftykinsBillyZane: it's just that kids today don't understand of their existence02:41
BillyZanegcc is the one that seems best02:41
metalQuick question on Synaptic/TOuchpad issues wthin X over a period of time.02:41
BillyZanedaftykins, i take for granted the technology i use02:41
BillyZanewait wait, this is chit chat02:41
daftykinsBillyZane: so say we all02:41
BillyZanei'll get scoled again, back to reading about partitioning02:42
BillyZanei can't spell02:42
metalalokde/gnome) seems to enable mousehweel02:42
metalwith 1 finger02:42
Tex_NickBillyZane : for C  join ##c02:42
metaland the sensitivity goes crazy too.02:42
hackerIgnore hackinblack02:44
metalanyone have synaptic and/or touchpad isues02:44
metali'd like to resolve any sensitivity/mousehweel jumpyness02:44
hackerHave you tried installing drivers metal02:45
metalits a newer synaptics hardware02:45
metalmeaning, it can sense 5 fingers02:45
BillyZaneTex_Nick: thank you!02:45
metalsurely you cannot be serious hacker02:45
hackerCan anyone help ne02:46
hackerYes I am02:46
BillyZaneTex_Nick: i am also very new to legitimate programming also02:46
metalafter about 2 hours of work, the touchpad seems to be too sensitive, and detect 2 fingers rather than 1, and this enables mousehweel etc..02:46
metali caught a thread on this before, from archlinux or may be another buttrack02:46
hackerBazhang can you help me02:47
hackerBazhang can you help me02:48
julian-delphikihacker you're spamming02:48
julian-delphikiwhat's your issue.02:48
hackerNo I'm not02:48
bazhanghacker, with what.    ask the channel02:48
hackerBazhang can you unban hackinblack02:48
bazhanghacker, is that you? if so, /j #ubuntu-ops02:49
hackerUbuntu ops ?02:49
hackerI told you I would be back.02:49
=== dniMretsaM_away is now known as dniMretsaM
metali think i fund it02:50
metalthe fix is probably, disable vertical scrolling wth two fingers and just enable vertical scrolling at right edge (obv you need this)02:50
kostkonBullShark, wrong channel :P02:54
BullSharkkostkon -> this is not #familyguy? XD02:57
kostkonBullShark, :P02:58
=== Onii-san is now known as Onii-san|DoYouEv
=== Plinker__ is now known as Plinker
KI4ROAnyone have any good ideas on how to get a Windows Pc to print on an Ubuntu printer on Samba?03:09
bazhangKI4RO, wireless printer?03:10
KI4RObazhang, USB03:10
bazhangKI4RO, via cups ?03:10
wzhi ki4ro03:10
MaxEliteCan someone help me03:10
KI4RObazhang, Yes03:10
K1rkMaxElite, don't ask to ask, just ask.03:10
MaxEliteI am getting my laptop back for repair, but need to know if i should install the latest 12.10 or 12.04 witch i had before03:11
K1rkMaxElite, what factors are you looking for in making your decision?03:11
K1rkI personally like to stick to the LTS's. So I'm running 12.04 on all of my stuff.03:12
MaxEliteI just want to know if there is any big change between 12.04 / 12.10. 12.04 works fine for me as far as drivers / support03:12
^MikeHow can I switch there the close/min/max buttons appear in the titlebar of windows in unity? Currently they're on the right for un-maximized windows. I tried using gconf-editor to set /apps/metacity/general/button_layout to "close,minimize,maximize:menu" but it seems to have no effect03:13
K1rkLike I said MaxElite I'm personally an LTS guy. If the LTS works I'd stick with it. But it is up to you.  If everything worked for you in 12.04, what are you looking to gain?03:13
K1rkAlso 12.10 has that controversial Unity shopping lens... granted, it can be uninstalled.03:13
MaxEliteWell that i dont know k1rk, Ill just stick with 12.04. Wasn't sure if i really needed 12.10 or not.03:14
MaxeliiiteSo what is the differences with 12.04 and 12.10 ?03:15
K1rkMaxeliiite,  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=207382203:15
K1rkMaxeliiite, http://mylinuxexplore.blogspot.com/2012/10/ubuntu-1210-quantal-quetzal-review-is.html03:15
Maxeliiiteill take a look03:16
K1rkThe forum thread agrees with me03:16
K1rk2nd link is a better review03:16
Tex_NickKI4RO : you might have a look at this ... https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Samba/SambaClientGuide ... bazhang can help you a LOT more than i can though :)03:16
KI4ROTex_Nick, Thanks03:16
Tex_NickKI4RO : np :)03:17
jazzkutyabazhang: why did you kickban maxelite?03:19
KI4ROTex_Nick, That URL seems to deal more with file sharing, but it might prove useful still...we'll see LOL03:23
Tex_NickKI4RO : i would really need to have your box in front of me to help ... someone here will be able to solve your issue though ... keep asking every 5 minutes or so :)03:27
jazzkutyaKI4RO: you may find these 2 pages useful: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkPrintingWithUbuntu https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Samba/PrinterSharing buy tou should've found these by simply googling too :)03:30
MultiplyHow do I access a Windows 8 share (Windows Live Account, not regular account) from my ubuntu box? I tried logging in with both my username (what's before my @email), and just the email, but that part goes to the domain name instead. I can access it from Windows 8 to Windows 8, by doing just that (username is the email, but windows translates it to domain name)03:31
=== edbian is now known as deadmund
MultiplyAnd it works perfectly fine from ubuntu to win7, in my old and other setups03:31
Tex_NickKI4RO : also have a peek @ ... https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkPrintingWithUbuntu03:32
jon654How can I add Ubuntu to an Android Generic 2.2 Tablet (EKEN m009s Or WM8650)03:32
Tex_NickKI4RO : sorry ... jazzkutya provided that link :(03:32
jazzkutyaTex_Nick: i don't think this accident deservers a sad smiley :)03:33
Tex_Nickjazzkutya : hey you're FASTER than this old man :-)03:34
threex5Hi, I have a crossover cable between two ubuntu (well, mint) machines and they aren't talking to each other03:34
=== dankest|away is now known as dankest
daftykinsthreex5: statically address them, IP wise03:35
threex5they just keep trying to connect and then disconnect, then try again. Does crossover cable networking generally work out-of-the-box in ubuntu?03:35
solarcloud_3scrnHi there ,Could anyone tell me the command to turn off all WIFI devices within my netbook, please ?03:35
threex5ok daftykins, I can give that a shot03:35
threex5let me open my terminal03:35
jon654Is that an ethernet chord?03:35
daftykinsthreex5: it's not a case of 'ubuntu', it's a case of whether the NICs or the drivers support Auto MDI/X03:35
jon654Ok, what exactly are you trying to do with the ethernet cord?03:36
jon654exchange files?03:36
jon654run the other's desktop?03:36
threex5jon654, transfer files.03:36
jon654threex5, ok, wouldn't it be easier to use bluetooth?03:37
jazzkutyaand slower :)03:37
c2tarunHi friends, I am using Xubuntu right now, I want to migrate to Ubuntu. I have separate home partition so that'll save my files. But about my installed apps, is there any way to retain all my installed apps in Ubuntu?03:37
threex5jon654, I don03:37
threex5don't think I have the hardware on either machine03:37
jon654oh ok03:37
threex5one is a desktop and i'm certain it has no bluetooth capability03:38
bazhangc2tarun, sure. install ubuntu-destkop package03:38
threex5daftykins, when you say to statically address them, do I do that from my router's firmware?03:38
jon654threex5, i know you can share an internet connection through the ethernet port, but i dont know about transfering files03:38
threex5(sorry if that's a dumb question)03:38
jon654threex5, i know you can share an internet connection through the ethernet port, but i dont know about transfering files03:38
daftykinsthreex5: you wouldn't be using a router if you were using a crossover cable...?03:38
c2tarunbazhang, long back when I was using Ubuntu, I tried installing KDE on Ubuntu and it didn't work that well as Kubuntu does :(. Will GNOME will work better?03:38
solarcloud_3scrnjon654 As Far As running Linux on an WM8650 .. I've found this link for you ... ::: http://liliputing.com/2012/06/arch-linux-on-a-66-wm8650-netbook.html03:39
jon654threex5, i know you can share an internet connection through the ethernet port, but i dont know about transfering files03:39
jazzkutyathreex5: you can set up the network interface from the desktop, use the network icon somewhere at the top03:39
jon654thanks so much solarcloud_3scrn!!!!!03:39
bazhangc2tarun, no way of knowing without trying03:39
solarcloud_3scrnHi there ,Could anyone tell me the command to turn off all WIFI devices within my netbook, please ?03:39
c2tarunbazhang, :P Ok I'll try.03:39
threex5ok jazzkutya, I will go to system>administration>network and look there03:39
jon654sorry solarcloud_3scrn, idk03:39
bazhangsolarcloud_3scrn, sudo ifdown device03:40
bazhangsolarcloud_3scrn, wlan0 for example03:40
jazzkutyathreex5: basically you have to manually set up ip network parameters instead of dhcp. set on one machine and on the other, netmask on both, no router and no gateway03:41
c2tarunbazhang, should I install whole Ubuntu-desktop package or just Unity? Installing whole ubuntu-desktop package will install all the default apps of Ubuntu as well right?03:41
=== jon654_ is now known as jon654
jon654Yes c2tarun03:41
bazhangc2tarun, "just Unity" is not some minimal install03:42
solarcloud_3scrnbazhang, It says the inferface is not configured ?03:42
jazzkutyathreex5: i guess you have 2 network interfaces on your current machine, one for the internet and the other for the connection to other machine - be sure to not break your internet connection03:42
jon654c2tarun, it should install all default apps including a microsoft-like office program03:42
bazhangsolarcloud_3scrn, so check in ifconfig what is03:42
jazzkutyathreex5: that is you have to know what network interface to configure03:42
bazhangjon654, called libreoffice03:42
threex5jazzkutya, you're one step ahead of me03:42
threex5i'm trying to determine now which is which03:43
KI4ROTex_Nick, Thanks...been to that one many times LOL03:43
threex5i'm going to assume eth0 is internet and eth1 is the crossover03:43
jon654yes bazhang, they used to use open office, but now libreoffice03:43
threex5although if you know how to quickly tell which is which from the command line that would be helpful03:43
jazzkutyathreex5: ifconfig03:43
KI4ROTex_Nick, My son is using the Windows PC and I seem to be something wrong there which doesn't allow it to connect to the printer03:44
KI4RO*to be doing...03:44
jazzkutyathreex5: with ifconfig you will see that the interface used for internet has an ip address while the other one does not03:44
threex5i see03:45
threex5ok it was the other way around. I'm glad I checked03:45
metap0dWhen I install the additional drivers for my Nvidia card ... how can I "uninstall" them? I tried the experimental, current and current-updates and want to remove the 2 I'm no longer using03:45
nandhuhi i am having a .TTF file which is my local language font which i use in windows to type in word document and how can i install it in ubuntu03:45
metap0dor maybe a better question is ... where do they get stored?03:45
dr_willismetap0d:  you can use that 'disable' option in the addational-drivers tool. or use the package manager tools to uninstall the package03:46
threex5ok so now I need to assign a static ip to each. but which to choose?03:46
jazzkutyathreex5: what is the ip address of your internet-interface?03:46
dr_willisnandhu:  simple way sould be make a .fonts direcory in your HOME and copy the file into the .fonts dir03:47
threex5should I use the same one that my router uses, explicitly use different ones, or does it matter?03:47
jazzkutyathreex5: don't use ... hey why didn't you connect the other machine to the same router? that would be lot easier03:47
nandhumeans i have to create mkdir ~/.fonts03:47
nandhuand copy the TTF font there03:47
threex5well, jazzkutya, one machine is
c2tarunbazhang, I did some research on internet (and everywhere I am getting how to install some other DE on Ubuntu), now I am going to install ubuntu-desktop package, will that do all?03:47
nandhuthen it will automatically show in open office03:48
sylphiethreex5 \ if it's not connected to your router then is should be on a different address range03:48
dr_willisnandhu:  it should i think03:48
threex5jazzkutya, theoretically true, but I'm in a big house with roommates and the router is across the house03:48
Tex_NickKI4RO : if you could explain in detail what you have tried ( including Win & Ubuntu distros ) and what the results are ... it would give people here a better idea of how to help ... wish i had the magic answer for you ... someone will though :)03:48
nandhuthanks let me try03:48
threex5i would prefer to directly chain them03:48
dr_willisunless that office app is weird. ;)03:48
jazzkutyathreex5: what do you mean with "one machine"?03:48
c2tarunbazhang, I actually want to go to Unity for a while.03:48
kostkonnandhu, did you try to double click on it03:49
metap0ddr_willis: Ok I'll try that, thanks. Brb.03:49
jon654does anyone know how to put Windows Ce Or UBUNTU on a Generic Android 2.2 Tablet (it doesnt have sync cable, but does have microsd, and is a tablet, not a netbook AKA Eken m009s or WM8650)?03:49
jazzkutyathreex5: but anyway use for one machine and for the other.03:49
jon654does anyone know how to put Windows Ce Or UBUNTU on a Generic Android 2.2 Tablet (it doesnt have sync cable, but does have microsd, and is a tablet, not a netbook AKA Eken m009s or WM8650)?03:49
dr_willisnandhu:  i thought if you double clicked on a ttf it had a previewer with an install button also03:49
threex5subnet mask? gateway address? does it matter?03:49
dr_willisjon654:  with so many varitry of tablets - theres no way to tell. Unless #ubuntu-arm knows of that device03:50
jon654does anyone know how to put Windows Ce Or UBUNTU on a Generic Android 2.2 Tablet (it doesnt have sync cable, but does have microsd, and is a tablet, not a netbook AKA Eken m009s or WM8650)?03:50
jazzkutyathreex5: subnet:, no gateway, no nameserver03:50
sylphiethreex5 \ if you're doing a direct connect with no router, remember to use crossover cable03:50
kostkondr_willis, it is; it doesn't recognise otf fonts.03:50
threex5sylphie, I got one thanks03:50
threex5ok, the moment of truth...03:50
jon654dr_willis: what is ubuntu arm?03:50
jazzkutyasylphie: nowadays pretty much every ethernet interface autodetects cross or straight cables03:50
dr_willisjon654:  #ubuntu-arm is the irc channel for ubuntu on arm hardware03:51
nandhuso kostkon how do i convert it03:51
jon654what is ARM? Dr_willis03:51
nandhubecause even if i copy in the ./fonts folder it is not working03:51
sylphiethe cheap nics they build into m/b's often don't autodetect03:51
nandhuits not showing in open office03:51
dr_willisjon654  the cpu used by most tablets03:51
jon654ok thanks dr_willis03:51
nandhuno ubuntu03:51
kostkonnandhu, your font is ttf so you should be ok03:51
threex5weird. it seems to have confused both machines03:52
threex5what was reading as 'eth0' is now 'eth1'03:52
nandhukostkon do i need to reboot the machine to make the font to show in open office03:53
nandhuafter copying to ./fonts folder03:53
threex5so i have two 'eth1' connections listed. it switches from that to 'point to point connection'03:53
threex5and both are still trying to connect and then disconnecting, trying to reconnect...03:53
jon654how can I connect to ubuntu ARM?03:53
kostkonnandhu, i assume you want to say ~/fonts, but actually the folder name should be .fonts and not just plain fonts03:54
threex5why can't i just use dhcp?03:54
dr_willisjon654:  #ubuntu-arm is  a channel here on this server. Join it same as you would any other cchannel with your irc client.   /join #channelname03:54
jon654ok thanks dr_willis, this is the first time using this program03:55
jazzkutyathreex5: because you have to connect the other machine to use the router's dhcp03:55
jazzkutyathreex5: and setting up own dhcp is not easy03:55
jazzkutyathreex5: i mean u have to conncet the other machine to the router too03:55
threex5jazzkutya, I think there may be some confusion. both computers are already connected through the router03:56
threex5one wirelessly, one with a wire03:57
jazzkutyathreex5: then you should be able to see each other thru the router03:57
threex5however, the transfer speed isn't as good, and with samba, my file transfers are timing out03:57
solarcloud_3scrnI still have this probem with my Lubuntu/Samsung netbook . Can't turn off WIFI light which is in the middle of the 5 lights at the bottom of the picture ...03:57
threex5it will transfer x number of megabytes and then freeze03:57
threex5that's why I thought I would try a direct connection03:57
jazzkutyais the internet stable on the wireless machine with longer downloads?03:58
threex5jazzkutya, yes03:58
threex5the internet is stable on both machines03:58
=== KindOne- is now known as KindOne
wesam_Hey, can I ask a question about Jolicloud? It's based off of Ubuntu and the IRC is dead.03:58
jazzkutyathreex5: you could try setting up an ftp server on one of the machines03:59
dr_williswesam_:   It has its own (rather poor i found) support forums/channel03:59
jazzkutyathreex5: or you can use scp from commandlive to transfer files03:59
dr_williswesam_:  im not even sure its still being developed03:59
threex5scp huh?03:59
jazzkutyathreex5: command live03:59
jazzkutyathreex5: yup scp -r remote-machine:remotedir .03:59
jon654#Ubuntu-arm doesn reply, please help03:59
jazzkutyathreex5: use ip address for remote-machine04:00
wesam_dr_willis: Yeah, the rather poor part is annoying. It is still being developed but slowly. Can you help, though? Also, is there any better cloud-ubuntu-based distro?04:00
dr_williswesam_:  plus its such a weird disrto in so many ways..   their forums would be best.04:00
threex5well, i could try that but ideally, i'd like to be able to use the file manager to transfer files04:00
dr_williswesam_:  googles chrome os would be a better bet i imagine. Theres a way to install it on top of ubuntu04:00
dr_williswesam_:  i dont really see much reason to use jolicloud these days..04:00
jon654Can someone please explain how to uninstall android to put ubuntu on? #Ubuntu-arm doesnt reply04:01
solarcloud_3scrncan anybody help me with my WIFI light problem, please ???04:01
jazzkutyathreex5: http://www.ubun2.com/question/633/there_scp_gui_tool_or_app_ubuntu04:01
dr_willisjon654:  its not a trivial task.. and may not be doable at all04:01
jazzkutyathreex5: quote: There is!!! of course it's integrated with the "os gui" (gnome). Justo go to Places -> Connect to Server - Select ssh from the menu and provide your login info.04:01
wesam_dr_willis: I actually really like the apt-get repository and the availability to use synaptic. I'm new, so I don't know if that can be used for anything.04:01
dr_willisjon654:  it will be VERY hardware specific04:01
=== blahblah is now known as Raz0r
wesam_dr_willing: And I don't really like chrome OS. Joli is pretty nice.04:02
jon654would debian work? dr_willis ?04:02
dr_williswesam_:  id suggestt checking out that chromeos psakcage (saw it at either webupd8 or omgubuntu) that you can install  and have a chromeos 'session' on a ubuntu install04:02
threex5jazzkutya, do i need to install scp first?04:02
dr_williswesam_:  use the jolicloud extension in chrome  perhaps.04:02
threex5or is it integrated with ubuntu? I already have openssh on both machines04:02
jazzkutyathreex5: it is already installed i think but install openssh-server on one (bettet both) machines04:02
dr_willisjon654:  installing ANY alternative OS on a ARM Tablet will be very very hardware specific04:02
dr_willisjon654:  if its even possible for a given tablet04:03
julian-delphikitheres also SSHFS, where you can just make it look like a folder on your computer.04:03
solarcloud_3scrnI still have this probem with my Lubuntu/Samsung netbook . Can't turn off WIFI light which is in the middle of the 5 lights at the bottom of the picture ...04:03
jon654What is the difference between ubuntu, lubuntu, kubuntu, and xubuntu?04:03
julian-delphikisolarcloud_3scrn: i dont think you can disable that with software04:03
dr_willissolarcloud_3scrn:  so is ther some actual problem other then the light not going off?04:04
solarcloud_3scrnjust might thought i could be hacked with it switched on ... security.04:04
dr_willisso everything is working fine.. theres just an annoying blue led..04:04
wesam_dr_willis: Is chrome OS free?04:04
dr_williswesam_:  yes04:04
jon654wesam_ yes04:04
Tex_Nickjon654 : see if this helps ... https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases04:05
tozenjon654: ubuntu -unity, kubuntu - kde, xubuntu - lxdm04:05
threex5ok jazzkutya, so for server, do i just put in the ip address of each other, based on what it is on the router?04:05
jon654thanks Tex_Nick and tozen04:05
jon654wesam_: http://getchrome.eu/download.php04:05
Tex_Nickjon654 : np :)04:06
sylphiesolarcloud_3scrn \ you could wrap it in tinfoil to be sure04:06
dr_williswesam_:  there was some chrome-installer pakcage out for ubuntu now that lets you try it out (not exactly the same  as a chromeos install)   in a ubuntu session. sort of a good compramize. login to Unity, or whatver for work..  let the kids use chromeos04:06
threex5it actually worked! exciting04:06
jazzkutyathreex5: i'm not sure about what you see on the router but if you check the ip address on both machines with ifconfig then you can use thone on the other one04:06
threex5this is great04:07
threex5samba was such a pain in the butt04:07
threex5and I didn't see the point in it when both my machines are linux04:07
jazzkutyathreex5: i'm glad i could help :)04:08
dr_willisthreex5:  i find sshfs handy on linux to linux network also04:08
Justicewhat command do i need to run to completly update ubuntu from the terminal? "apt-get update && apt-get upgrade"  or "apt-get upgrade -d" or "apt-get dist-upgrade"  does not do it..04:08
threex5thank you so much for your help. I will try to do a file transfer and see it works. I would still like to be able to use my crossover cable but I'll try this first04:08
jazzkutyathreex5: i still hope scp will be better in the long run than samba, samba should have been good already04:08
dr_willisJustasic:  you mean update installed packages? or upgrade to the next release?04:08
=== wesam is now known as Guest9981
con-manwhats the package for install sh files again?04:11
Guest9981Okay, downloading. Now, is there a way on Chrome OS to get normal apps to run? Like GIMP or some other excecutable? Is it all internet?04:11
dr_williscon-man that makes no sence04:11
jon654you can download gime to your computer, there is a linux version... Guest998104:11
threex5jazzkutya, i had been meaning to become proficient in ssh04:11
=== Guest9981 is now known as Wesam098
con-mandr_willis, I have a file ending in .sh, and I wish to run it by typing ./filename.sh, what do I need for that?04:11
threex5my understanding is that it's the most secure protocol04:12
Wesam098jon654: And can I use apt-get and synaptic?04:12
dr_willisWesam098:  for the chromeoos-in-ubuntu you can run chromeos in a window on your ubuntu desktop04:12
threex5also i want to install self-hosted sparkleshare and that requires ssh04:12
Justicecon-man, terminal04:12
jon654I believe so wesam09804:12
dr_williscon-man:  make sure its executable  or do sh whaever.sh04:12
Wesam098jon654: Alright thanks04:12
threex5alright jazzkutya, file transfer froze right away04:13
mikubuntuclearly, i am inadvertently executing some keyboard command often when i am entering text into the chrome search bar, and it prompts a save screen to come up -- is this an ubuntu thing or a chrome thing?04:13
dr_williscon-man:  what are you trying to run exactly?04:13
threex5no it didn't my bad04:13
jon654I have used ggl chrome os before, and I am 80% sure it came with a terminal wesam09804:13
=== root is now known as Guest20945
jon654milkubuntu this is for ubuntu04:13
julian-delphikimikubuntu: sounds like a chrome thing. Ctrl-s?04:14
jazzkutyathreex5: i know it's uncomfortable but give it 1-2 minutes to see if it can continue somehow04:14
threex5it had simply prompted me to overwrite a file, jazzkutya. my mistake04:14
jazzkutyaok :)04:14
threex5so now that i have an ssh connection, i can do cool stuff like remote control programs, right?04:15
dr_willisthreex5:  ssh is the swiss-army-knife of tools.. ;)04:15
threex5i would like to remote into my other machine and change the music that's playing, for instance04:15
jazzkutyathreex5: that depends on what do you mean by remote control04:15
mikubuntujulian-delphiki: don't think i'm hitting ctrl s but the truth is i don't know what it is that i hit when this happens ... drives me nuts tho every time04:15
dr_willisthreex5:  many media players have web based plugins for remote controll also04:15
threex5dr_willis, i know xbmc does04:16
threex5i'm using nightingale right now though and I don't think it does04:16
dr_willisxbmc has several ways  to do it04:16
julian-delphikibut, yes, using screen and ssh you could easily have something that controlled music on anohter computer04:16
mikubuntujulian-delphiki: its possible i'm hitting shift on the left hand04:16
jazzkutyathreex5: you can also login to your other machine with vnc/remote desktop, but i can't help you with this. others may help04:17
con-mandr_willis, sh filename.sh worked. thanks04:17
con-mandr_willis, was used to ./filename.sh04:17
dr_williscon-man:  if you make it EXECUTABLE you can do ./whatever.sh04:17
julian-delphikicon-man: to get that functionality you have to make the script executable04:17
julian-delphikiand if #!/bin/bash is the first line04:18
julian-delphikior #!/bin/sh, whatever04:18
con-manthanks all04:18
MDKwlanJust food for thought but dose sh filename.sh and ./filename do the same thing?04:19
dr_willisif its a 'sh' script and not a 'bash' script04:19
julian-delphikinot necessarily04:19
dr_willisit does 'sh run this script file'04:19
dr_willis ./filename would do whateve rthe first #! line tells it to do04:20
dr_willisusing sh on a bash script - can cause unusual error messages. ;)04:20
MDKwlanAh kk04:21
d0lphin_Hello :)04:25
b1llysomehow my video drivers got fucked up04:26
b1llyand my display is stuck @ smallest res04:26
b1llyand I tried uninstalling/reinstalling my nvidia drivers but nothing works04:26
d0lphin_I`m sorry about the question but i install her the ubuntu 12.10 and when i reboot it dont give me the image of the grub... so i cant chose what operating system i want... and i cant even go to the windows now... any idea about what happend and how can i resolve this... i allready try to select whith gparted the windows partition but it keeps me go to ubuntu whith no image to chose anything04:27
Omen_20Could someone please tell me if there is an equivalent to Ctr+Alt+Delete in Ubuntu because it still locks up for me at times and once it does I'm left holding the power button.04:28
=== Athlon is now known as StormTrooper
xanguaOmen_20: you can enable it on Keyboard preferences04:29
jazzkutyaOmen_20: that should be ctrl-alt-del if i'm not mistaken. you can try swithing to a text console first with ctrl-alt-f1 but if these don't work then the keyboard is not working because of the lockup04:29
threex5Omen_20, there's also a series of key commands that allow you to safely shut down a frozen linux machine04:29
xanguamore precise in Keyboard distribution Omen_2004:30
threex5I can't remember off hand but it's a series of alt+sysreq commands04:30
threex5Omen_20: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key04:31
Omen_20Ok thanks guys. So doing a logout even when everything seems frozen may send me back to an active login screen?04:32
d0lphin_Is there anyone that having problems about give image of the grub to chose the operating system after one clean install?04:33
jon654lilstevie: how did you port it?04:34
Omen_20I remember back a couple of years ago apps would lock for me every now and then but I had that kill applet where I could just click the app and it would close. I was just full screen using a web app and couldn't do anything.04:34
Tex_NickOmen_20 : a useful guide for ubuntu keyboard shortcuts can be found here ... https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KeyboardShortcuts04:35
jazzkutyaif it's only one app you still can switch workspaces04:35
jon654Has anyone else ever ported Ubuntu onto an android tablet? by taking off android and putting on ubuntu?04:35
threex5Omen_20, there's also a key combination that will force you back to the login screen04:36
threex5i can't remember what it is though04:36
Omen_20Looks like my issue came from a background app in Chrome, not even one I was using. 365Scores is doing a popup saying it is crashing and the icon is grayed out on my new tab screen. Had no clue Chrome even had that functionality. Must me a ChromeOS thing.04:36
threex5and then there's alt+ctrl f1 which will put you into command line. from there you can run top to show (and kill) running processe04:36
jazzkutyathreex5: it would be ctrl-alt-backspace but it is disabled by default04:37
savagecrocwhat command can i run to check if a group exists04:37
savagecrocid apps .. does not seem to work for groups04:37
threex5would someone mind telling me how I could remote control a gui using ssh?04:38
julian-delphikisavagecroc, groups are in /etc/groups04:38
savagecrocyeah.. i know.. but i'm looking for a commadn04:38
julian-delphikithreex5, it depends on the program04:38
aeon-ltdthreex5: you mean ssh -x ?04:38
savagecroccommand similiar to id04:38
jon654Has anyone else ever ported Ubuntu onto an android tablet? by taking off android and putting on ubuntu?04:38
threex5example: I have a computer across the room hooked up to speakers and I want to open the media player and change the song04:38
Omen_20yeah theex5 I need to relearn all of this stuff. At one time I knew quite a bit of it but I've forgotten so much of it as I havent had issues in so long.04:38
julian-delphikijon654: i dont think that's possible currently04:38
jon654some other person said hes done it 3 times julian-selphiki04:39
aeon-ltdthreex5: in that particular case i think it'd make sense to use mpd, or anything else capable of streaming04:39
threex5aeon-ltd, I don't know if that's what I mean. I think when I asked this in a different channel that was mentioned04:39
jon654some other person said hes done it 3 times julian-delphiki04:39
threex5aeon-ltd, what's mpd?04:39
julian-delphikijon654: what device do you have04:39
ChronicleXthreex5:  use teamviewer instead of ssh04:39
Tex_Nickjon654 : that would be device specific :)04:39
aeon-ltdthreex5: music player daemon04:39
jon654eken m009s or wm8650 (two names, same product)04:40
julian-delphikioh wow, that's an old tab04:40
Omen_20jon654 Ubuntu has been ported to the Nexus 7. I'm waiting to see if UbuntuPhone will be able to.04:40
threex5mpd looks pretty cool.04:40
d0lphin_Any ideia how to repair the grub? it isnt give me image so i cant chose the operating system...04:40
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)04:40
threex5you know, may be getting carried away, but I had this idea where I wanted to throw a party04:41
threex5and at the party, every room in my house would be playing the same song04:41
d0lphin_aeon-ltd thanks :)04:41
threex5like you would go through the house and different computers would be hooked up to different speaker systems04:41
threex5but they would be playing off one playlist and it would all be perfectly synchronized04:41
threex5i think that would be so awesome04:42
solarcloud_3scrnjon654, U still there ??04:43
d0lphin_aeon-ltd the problem is that the grb it dont give me image lol Mother of God04:43
westwhen I right click on a link and choose, Open Link in Browser, I get an error message that says "Failed to execute default Web Browser..."04:44
julian-delphiki!grub | d0lphin_04:44
ubottud0lphin_: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)04:44
jon654ya solarcloud_3scrn04:45
west" .... Failed to execute child process 'Chromium' (No such file or drectory)."04:45
solarcloud_3scrnjon654, I was wondering if your WM8650 netbook could use this as a H.Disk ???04:45
jon654use what? It's the tablet, not the netbook04:45
d0lphin_julian-delphiki i allready have do what this website say... when i make update-grub it don` t reconize the others operating system04:46
solarcloud_3scrnlooks interesting , hey ??04:46
jon654Well 1) thats probably expensive 2) I Don't know how to open my tablet (There arent screws) 3) It may not be compatible solarcloud_3scrn04:46
threex5ok aeon-ltd, i'm excited about mpd. to start, I probably need to install mpd on both computers, server and client. then i need to install a gui on the client04:47
threex5does that sound right?04:47
aeon-ltdpretty much04:47
th3pun15h3ror you can just use gnu-screen?04:47
westHow do I reset my default web-browser so that I can open one from right clicking and choosing "Open Link in browser".04:47
julian-delphikiyeah, you really dont need a gui04:47
solarcloud_3scrnoh OK .. I was going to try it with the same nettbook that was on the liliputing.com website that I gave you jon654,04:48
threex5julian-delphiki, i'm a gui kinda guy04:48
FloodBot1jon654: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:48
julian-delphikijon654: yeesh04:48
lilsteviesolarcloud_3scrn: I would avoid it tbh04:49
lilsteviesolarcloud_3scrn: the SoC is ARM9, which is really old04:49
solarcloud_3scrnSoC ?04:49
solarcloud_3scrnOh OK, i get it.#04:50
jon654solarcloud_3scrn i have the tablet not the netbook04:50
lilstevieand slow comparative to todays SoCs04:50
lilstevieprobably wouldn't even have SATA support04:50
solarcloud_3scrncheapest netbook on the net though.04:50
solarcloud_3scrnit's just for experimenting with :D04:50
=== jon654 is now known as jon655
lilsteviesolarcloud_3scrn: cheapest in the sense it will make you want to blow your brains out maybe04:50
lilsteviesolarcloud_3scrn: there are far better alternatives if you want to experiment04:51
jon655solarcloud_3scrn i have the tablet not the netbook04:51
lilsteviesolarcloud_3scrn: you will be very limited in what you can run on it04:51
jon655This is the tablet http://logmag.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/Eken.jpg04:51
solarcloud_3scrnnot according to the liliputing web video .. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=FfbnpfMGTAU04:51
jon655there is a tablet, and a netbook04:52
d0lphin_julian-delphiki when i start the grub everything is black then go to ubuntu nathing more... strange04:52
jon655Look up eken m009s04:52
jon655Look up eken m009s solarcloud_3scrn04:52
solarcloud_3scrnif you can find a netbook for $30 and add a option of a 64GB SSD for extra bucks .. you've got a business !!04:53
solarcloud_3scrnwill do04:53
jon655yes, but i don't want to buy anything more04:53
julian-delphikijon655, its probably not possible04:53
julian-delphikito put ubuntu on your tablet04:53
lilsteviesolarcloud_3scrn: I highly doubt you will get a 64GB ssd in that04:53
Tex_Nickwest : see if this helps ... http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=164287504:53
lilsteviejulian-delphiki: s/probably//04:53
jon655lilstevie: how'd you port ubuntu to your tablets?04:54
th3pun15h3rsd card probably04:54
jon655I have tried that th3pun15h3r04:54
th3pun15h3rhave to make sure your chipset on your tablet is supported04:54
lilsteviejon655: well for starters I have Cortex-A8 and Cortex-A9 devices04:54
solarcloud_3scrnjon655, http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/EKEN-M009S-7-Android-2-2-VIA-8650-4GB-Flash-10-1-TABLET-BLACK-/281037658732?pt=AU_Tablets&hash=item416f265a6c this the one ....??04:54
lilsteviejon655: your tablets CPU is not a supported architecture for ubuntu04:54
julian-delphikithose are kinds of CPUs.04:54
th3pun15h3rya the achros are suppose to work i read04:54
jon655thats it solarcloud_3scrn, but mine was 60$04:55
solarcloud_3scrnsound about right..04:55
rodayoWhat's the phone model of the one on the ubuntu website? The one used in all the pictures and videos.04:55
lilstevieyuck AU$99 for an incapable tablet04:55
solarcloud_3scrndid you want a tablet, because you could have gotten a netbook for the same price / prob. cheaper ??04:56
lilstevierodayo: galaxy nexus04:56
th3pun15h3rguess the nook color is suppose to be pretty good for it...says people have been able to run ubuntu debian and lubuntu04:56
lilsteviethe nook would be fine04:56
lilstevieit at least has a fairly modern cpu04:56
solarcloud_3scrni've got a ook04:56
jon655solarcloud_3scrn, i got it cuz it was the cheapest tablet at the time, and i thought you could put ubuntu on it, Also, when i bought it, I wouldnt know how slow it was04:57
th3pun15h3runity for me is built for tablets04:57
jazzkutyablargh. don't trust any computer you can lift up :)04:57
rodayolilstevie, great, thanks! Do you know by any chance when the phone os is being released?04:57
jon655Also the tablet is plastic and not glass, so the touchscreen is bad04:57
jon655th3pun15h3r what do you mean?04:58
lilstevierodayo: no idea, I have read somewhere that images for the galaxy nexus should be released sometime around the end of feb04:58
solarcloud_3scrnoh ok .. I use h-node.org quite a lot to see how far we can stretch hardware .. I was just wondeing if the WM*^%) ARM would be a good addition to the site .. maybe ??04:58
solarcloud_3scrn**WM8650 ARM04:58
solarcloud_3scrnwww. too04:59
rodayolilstevie, alright, thank you.04:59
jon655i know that04:59
lilsteviesolarcloud_3scrn: problem is most arm devices do not support upgradeable storage but rather use soldered down NAND or eMMC chips04:59
th3pun15h3ranyone else having the same issue where your wifi adapter is turned off when your screen dims05:00
jon655oh, do you think it will work with my tablet th3pun15h3r?05:00
solarcloud_3scrnlilstevie, OH Ok, I get it now .. would it be hackable though .. by an engineer ?05:00
julian-delphikijon655, UBUNTU WILL NOT WORK ON YOUR TABLET05:00
lilsteviesolarcloud_3scrn: in a lot of cases the best you could do is replace the chip, they do not have SATA interfaces05:01
lilsteviesolarcloud_3scrn: only the very latest chips are starting to bring sata05:01
lilsteviebut OEMs are still sticking with eMMC05:01
solarcloud_3scrnit's not sata...05:01
Richiie_Hi! does anyone here have a raspberry pi ? i know this is not the official support  channel regarding raspberry but im curios about one thing someone may know the answer05:01
lilstevieisn't it?05:01
lilsteviehold on let me look again :p05:01
solarcloud_3scrnits PATA05:01
lilsteviesolarcloud_3scrn: oh, same deal then05:02
Tex_Nickhey guys ... tablets, hardware & non-ubuntu OS'are really off-topic05:02
jon655solarcloud_3scrn: what do you think?05:02
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:02
solarcloud_3scrnjon655, about getting lubuntuon ya tablet, or what ??05:02
lilsteviejon655: your best bet would be to try archlinux or debian05:03
jon655ok thanks!05:03
lilsteviethey still support your arch05:03
jon655where could i find arch05:03
jon655Tex_Nick I was asking how to put ubuntu on my android tablet, That IS ON Topic05:03
solarcloud_3scrnit's possible but if you read the link i gave earlier (bookmark it).. you'd have to hack the kernel , I do have a spare Linus in the toolbox to do that, do you ??05:04
solarcloud_3scrn**I don't have05:04
jon655Idk what that is05:04
lilsteviesolarcloud_3scrn: not really, you would have to recompile the software repository to put ubuntu on his tablet05:04
Tex_Nickjon655 ... well it kinda went wild :)05:04
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solarcloud_3scrnjon655, but seriously, you've got no chance..05:04
solarcloud_3scrnlilstevie, he was talking about arch -linux05:05
d0lphin_Well... thanks for the help anyway :)05:05
* solarcloud_3scrn pets the dolphin, politely. :)05:06
d0lphin_solarcloud_3scrn lol [] :)05:06
d0lphin_Cya stay well05:06
th3pun15h3rdoes ubuntu really support any wireless n adapters? or just g based signals?05:06
jon655solarcloud_3scrn how'd you do that05:06
solarcloud_3scrn  do */me*05:07
solarcloud_3scrnwithout the *'s05:07
jon655"[ERROR]Missing required parameter action."05:07
jon655thats what i got05:07
jon655do /me05:08
th3pun15h3rdang im still trying to remember all the irc command stuff from +10 years ago05:08
jazzkutyajon655: do /me stinks :)05:08
* jon655 stinks05:08
Stephini/me blah05:08
jon655i got it05:09
solarcloud_3scrnthanks - I accept most major credit cards :D05:09
* jon655 finds out his tablet is useless and cannot run ubuntu05:09
Stephinianyway the reason i rejoined. i'm actually getting set to install and i wanted to ask. do i still hafta install windows before linux? or did windows stop stealing the MBR?05:09
blues_for a headless server running latest ubuntu-server, what is the best torrent client? I was using transmission on my centos box, not sure if there's a better option these days though05:09
jon655Stephini: no05:10
Stephinino to which?05:10
jazzkutyaStephini: you don't have to, but it is a lot easier to install windows first05:10
jon655as long as you extract the iso file to a dvd and boot/install through that, you don't need windows05:10
jazzkutyaStephini: it still steals mbr05:10
jon655as long as you extract the iso file to a dvd and boot/install through that, you don't need windows05:11
Stephiniblegh...guess i gotta find that stupid thumbdrive i have win on then...if the computer i was working with had a working disc drive life would be so much easier... >.< could just pop in my dvd..05:11
jon655the dvd will work!05:12
jon655just boot from the dvd05:12
jon655stephini, just boot from the dvd05:12
Stephinijon read what i said would make life easier05:12
paul__I'm using Ubuntu desktop (I think 11.5)  and it keeps freezing completely!  Only my mouse moves.  I think it maybe only while playing a flash game on facebook, but not sure.05:12
Stephinimy craptop is a dieing POS...nothing compared to the glory of my gaming box...dvd drive was just the first thing to die.05:13
jazzkutyawho needs dvd anyway05:13
Tex_Nickth3pun15h3r : ubuntu will support 802.11n, however it is adapter specific ... also some wf-fi ap's advertise n capability when they are only n capable through the hard ports ... provide more sepcifics05:13
jon655well usb will work, or an external dvd drive05:13
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=== dankest|away is now known as dankest
Stephiniyeah usb will work once i find my drive...i haven't installed win in about a year...so i'm not sure where i put it...heh05:14
th3pun15h3ryou really dont05:14
* th3pun15h3r wants lan05:14
jon655You just need the ubuntu iso extracted to a usb!05:14
threex5OK so I installed mpd on both machines. on the server i ran sudo mpd and got 'Failed to bind to '[::]:6600': Address already in use05:15
Stephini-th3pun15h3r- it doesn't seem to talk over the MPATA/MSATA whichever it is properly...the os can ID it, and it will spin up..but it wont send the disc info over and the open command doesn't get through.05:15
Stephinijon i have my ubuntu drive good to go...just not my win drive...since i hafta install win first to have both without alot of hassle it's best to wait to find the win drive.05:15
jazzkutyajon655: his question implies he wants a dual boot system. let's not question what he thinks about needing windows05:16
jon655u just need the usb, not the win stephini05:16
threex5aeon-ltd, are you still around?05:16
Stephinias jazz pointed otu i'm trying to get dual boot...as a gamer and game dev i need both OSes... :P05:16
jazzkutyaStephini: don't forget to install steam on linux :)05:17
Stephinilolz i already did on my live run through just to try it out...was disapointed to find out only 2 of my games have linux without having to go to the humble bundle site... :(05:17
jon655jazzkutya what is steam05:18
Stephinijon steam is a DRM service for video games05:18
jazzkutyajon655: it's an online game distribution platform (shop) for games05:18
Stephiniehh it's really more DRM than store...they take way less cut than a real store would.05:18
jazzkutyawith drm included of course05:18
jazzkutyastill better than some other  drms05:18
jazzkutyabut this is offtopic05:19
Stephinidont see it being much different than EA DRM tho...origin is pretty nice...just lacking linux support...heh05:19
marz_How  do i extract .rar files?05:19
Stephini7zip works nicely05:19
Stephinimarz_ your who i was talking to with that last one05:19
Stephiniyou're* perhaps. sorry i suck at grammar.05:20
jon655free frog rar extractor05:20
Stephinifree frog? never heard of that. is it better than 7zip somehow/05:20
marz_Stephini, I already installed something using "sudo apt-get install unrar05:20
jazzkutyamarz_: unrar x something.rar05:20
Tex_Nickth3pun15h3r : there is a lot of chatter on the web about that ... have a look at this, see if it helps ... if not there are other resourses :)05:20
* th3pun15h3r sticking with ubuntu 12.04 lts has been able to run every game i want to play other than battlefield since it requires at least directx10 which playonlinux/wine cant handl05:21
marz_what is x for? does it refer to where i want it to be extracted?05:21
Tex_Nickth3pun15h3r : sorry ... here is the link ... http://askubuntu.com/questions/168627/connecting-asus-usb-n13-wireless-adapter05:21
Stephinith3pun15h3r, does cedega or crossover maybe run that one better?05:21
jazzkutyamarz_: it tells unrar that the operation to perform is eXtract. it extracts to currend directory05:21
marz_jazzkutya: does x refers to the location where i want it to be extracted?05:22
Stephinilolz marz is playing jeopordy05:22
th3pun15h3rI know a paid service went free all of a sudden05:23
marz_Stephini, I'm sorry I'm new to linux I'm quite confused05:23
marz_jazzkutya: Can I extract it to a certain directory?05:24
Stephinimarz i was teasing you about asking like RIGHT ater the answer was given. ignore me i tease everything/everyone05:24
agoebelI just tried to install ubuntu on a friends machine, and it refuses to boot05:24
marz_Stephini, hehehe it's okay. :D05:25
Stephini-th3pun15h3r- because of holes in support i am planning to run cedega, pol, and crossover in parralel... :P05:25
jazzkutyamarz_: probably you can handle the rar file with the desktop file manager after installing unrar, look around in right click context menu05:26
Tex_Nickagoebel : please be more specific ... what ubuntu distro and what hardware05:26
Stephinijust call me paranoidly over cautious tho i guess.05:26
marz_jazzkutya: okay thanks. I just wanted to play around with the CLI hehehe05:26
BillyZanehow do i access "my computer" on ubuntu? serious question05:26
BillyZanei mean, how do i access the file system05:26
jazzkutyamarz_: well then first cd to directory where you want to extract and then unrar x /path/to/something.rar05:26
Stephini-th3pun15h3r- can pol be used to launch win-steam and then use that in pol to launch your DRMed games?05:27
Tex_NickBillyZane ... what ubuntu distro ?05:27
jazzkutyamarz_: also see man unrar05:28
jazzkutyamarz_: reading man pages is good for playing around and learning CLI05:28
Stephini-th3pun15h3r- sure would be handy. but would the wine guys go for that? since steam is a closed binary and wine is built on OS wouldn't there be some conflict?05:30
jon655What is good about ubuntu server?05:31
jazzkutyathe textmode installer is worth everything unless it's buggy :)05:31
BillyZaneTex_Nick: i'm running 12.1005:31
BillyZaneTex_Nick, i just want to be able to navigate the file system using a GUI05:32
Stephini-th3pun15h3r- that's what i meant by OS...05:32
Stephiniisn't most OS software licensed in a way that forbids it being bundled with closed binary apps?05:32
jon655I don't think so05:32
jon655Ok... If I have Ubuntu Server on one computer, can I network boot from another and run ubuntu as the os?05:33
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=== dankest|away is now known as dankest
jazzkutyajon655: can do that, but it's very complex05:34
dgreeleyjon655: as in pxe booting from a server?05:34
jon655i think... like schools and businesses do with windows05:35
Tex_NickBillyZane : if you're using unity ... click the home icon in the launcher05:35
dgreeleyyes, it can be done, but as jasskutya said, it's complex05:35
jon655where each person has user and they can use it on any computer as long as it network boots to the computer.... jazzkutya ... dgreeley05:35
jon655*as it network boots to the server05:36
Stephiniisn't that "workstation access" structure?05:36
jon655I dont know what that is, but i think05:36
jon655(its like schools and businesses, they give each employee a username and password, and they can use it on any computer and it will load their desktop) *Many businesses use windows05:37
Stephiniall the schools i went to didn't so much network boot as have a simplified OS on each client with workstation rights that would map a directory on the server as a local folder.05:37
Stephiniand that could be acheived by having the server have workgroup access limits on a folder for each unit then have a bash script on the client that runs on login connecting to the workgroup folder and mapping/mounting it. no?05:39
jon655oh, well by what i've seen, an employee turns on the computer and they type in a specific username and password, and it logsthem into their desktop, and they could use this desktop on any computer connected to the server05:39
dr_willisunix/linux has been able to do that for years :)05:40
dgreeleysounds like a roaming profile05:40
dr_willisor homes mounted over nfs with some other things setup05:40
jon655Wow. I need to try that!05:41
Stephinijon the school i worked at you could customize your desktop and folders till the cows came home and it was persistant across machines even tho they each had an actual OS on them just because it mapped their user directory in place of the system's local user directory.05:41
dr_willisor you just use the xdmcp feature of X/ligdm/gdm/whatever and have an actual session running on a main server. using the localbox as a X server05:41
threex5is anyone still around who could help me with mpd?05:42
jazzkutyadr_willis: indeed. bat that is a different approach05:42
jon655one more thing. Can you use Ubuntu server as a login in order to connect to the internet? Like in schools and business where when you connect to the router, it brings them to an html webpage to sign in05:42
jazzkutyabtw does lightdm (or gdm) support xdmcp in current ubuntu?05:43
Stephinii think that is done by having the server do the routing05:43
dr_willisjazzkutya:  yes. but its disable by default05:43
jazzkutyawill check and play with it later05:43
dr_willisim pretty sure lightdm now has xdmcp05:43
Stephinihey guys how much would it cost to build a home router running on ubuntu? would it be cheaper to just stick with sysco routing? i'm hoping to have gigabit wired and a/b/g/n wireless...i figure i'll use a switch or hub for wired so the main unit would only need 2 eithernet ports...am i understanding that much right?05:45
dr_willisStephini:  you can buy decent routers for $50 these days05:46
jazzkutyabut do they crunch gigabit well? :)05:47
Stephiniso: stick with sisco/linksys, then... figured. but also figured it doesn't hurt to ask.05:47
dr_williswho knows.. i spurged05:47
devvrat_stephini: see raspberrt pi05:47
dr_willisraspberry Pi dosent make a very good router05:47
dr_willisits a ok zncserver or other server on the lan however05:48
Stephinii'm so tired of my routers dieing every 3 years and having to remove 2 computers from the router to link them with gigabit...heh05:48
jazzkutyaStephini: many buy a router (usually linksys) that can accept linux firmware05:48
dr_willisI tend to replace routers every 3 yr or so anyway. for the newer featuresets05:48
jazzkutyaStephini: and customize them to their liking that way05:48
Stephinii did that...but something about ddwrt caused my computers to be unable to access half the pages on the net.05:49
Stephiniso i had to revert to linksys firmware05:49
Stephinigerr..my win disc is nowhere on my desk... >.<05:50
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jon655cant you use a network card and ubuntu server as a router?05:52
jon655bridge the ethernet and the Wifi together?05:52
dr_willis       you would most likely want more then 1 network card. :)05:52
Stephini1 for up and 1 for down. then 1 going to your switch which also has a connection to your wireless adapter.05:52
dr_willistheres linux router disrtos that can turn a spare pc into a router05:52
jazzkutya99.99% of linux kernels in use are already a router just the user does not know :)05:53
jon655is there a webpage telling you how to enable it?05:54
jazzkutyawell i guess there are a ton05:54
devvrat_does linexcnc is better to use??05:54
dr_willisthe features of a router are allready there and going jon65505:54
jazzkutyabut there's a difference between that you think a router is and what i think a router is :)05:54
dr_willisjust getting it set how you want is the laststep05:54
ubottuIf you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing05:55
jon655oh thats right!05:55
jon655i have bridged a windows laptop with the ethernet modem, and made it a router, but not with ubuntu05:55
Stephinijazzkutya, isn't a router defined as a service or device that controlls the path networked information moves along?05:56
jon655i thought a router is anything that can share a wifi connection through A/G/B/or N Networking05:57
jazzkutyaStephini: approximately i think, and this is more like my picture of a router. but to most ppl a router is a box sharing internet that may be configured with a website :)05:57
jazzkutyaStephini: see? :)05:57
Stephinijon that is a wireless accesspoint05:57
dr_willisrouters dont need wifi at all jon65505:57
dr_willisI have several old routers with no wifi05:58
Stephiniif it's internet sharing you are looking at it's an accesspoint... a router is smarter... controlling the flow of information.05:58
Stephinii still dont quite get the difference between a hub and switch however... :P05:58
jazzkutyaStephini: basically a router is a network device that transfers IP packets between IP segments05:59
Stephinihub and switch are both intermediaries between the computer and the routing device both act basically as an access point for all computers down range to talk to the computer up range and then back down as necissary. so i just dont get how they aren't the same thing... heh06:00
jazzkutyaStephini: an 8 port hub when receives something on one port it relays to every other port, while an 8 port switch knows what mac address is on what port and only relays to the correct port06:01
Stephiniahh so a switch is a much smarter hub...my teacher prolly tried to explain that...but when he was telling me that i was still self teaching basic on a vtech laptop.06:01
jazzkutyaStephini: in the old days switches were more expensive because of this intelligence, nowdays i don't think you see a hub anywhere06:02
Stephinilolz jazz i wouldn't be so sure... i work IT in south dakota...this place is so back water i wouldn't be surprised to still find hubs in places that really should advance further...06:03
Stephiniwe still cant use a credit card for boarding the bus or reactivating our bus pass.06:03
jazzkutyawe neiither...06:03
jazzkutyabut we are in central europe06:04
Stephinithey only recently upgraded to mag strip bus passes which they OHH SO CLEVERLY *is that enough sarcasm?* call "flash cards"06:04
jazzkutyaoh &*&@*$*%06:04
Stephinidoesn't europe have a continental transit system atleast?06:04
jazzkutyathey are ahead of us! :(06:04
Stephiniwow i've seen euro bus passes that had RFID where do you live that they dont even have mag strip?06:05
jazzkutyaright here in the capital city of Hungary, Budapest local public transportation still uses paper tickets and paper passes06:05
* Stephini quickly strikes hungary off of her dream "travel eurasia" map.06:06
westhow to I reset my default browser06:06
Tex_NickStephini : about the only advantage for using a hub nowdays is if you want to monitor ALL network traffic with a packet sniffer such as wireshark06:06
Stephiniwest most browsers (if you mean internet browsers anyway) have that in their options.06:06
StephiniTex_Nick, so like if you are the head IT guy at a school or government agency and want to be sure your students/employees/clients aren't being naughty?06:07
jazzkutyaStephini: that's one example. you can use sniffing for debugging too :)06:09
Stephinialtho in those cases it seems you could just have your server running a traffic log really.06:09
Tex_NickStephini : yeah or to see if you have virus traffic on the net or to deiagnose network problems06:09
* Stephini bites jazzkutya for reminding her that even using UE3 she'll prolly hafta do network programming.06:10
mojtabaHi, Does anybody know how can I change my gmail password in Thunderbird?06:10
archigosAnybody mind taking a look to see what stupid thing I'm doing wrong trying to bring up an IPv6 Lo interface?  3 line paste here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1526523/06:10
mojtabaI am pretty new to ubuntu and Thunderbird06:10
jazzkutyanetwork programming is fun06:10
archigosand fyi, no, I'm not really trying to put x's in an IPv6 address.06:10
* Stephini bites jazzkutya for being nutters.06:10
mojtabaHi, Does anybody know how can I change my gmail password in Thunderbird?06:10
Stephinii loath databasing and networking.06:10
paul__I'm using Ubuntu desktop (I think 11.5)  and it keeps freezing completely!  Only my mouse moves.  I think it maybe only while playing a flash game on facebook, but not sure.06:11
Stephinigive me good old fashioned logic anyday.06:11
mojtabaI could not find the answer from googling06:11
jazzkutyaat  least on linux it is fun, on windows i don't know but i guess NOT :)06:11
mojtabaplease help06:11
keplermojtaba, open thunderbird, go to tools > accounts > find yours > edit or modify06:11
Stephinimojtaba you mean change the actual password on the account? if so i think you hafta do it on the site. if you mean just hte password that thunderbird knows then you want to right click on the account in the account browser and edit it... a password feild will be there.06:12
dr_willispaul__:  theres no 11.5, you can determina youf version via the following06:12
dr_willis!version | paul06:12
ubottupaul: To find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »06:12
Seven_Six_Twomojtaba, I believe just sending and receiving should do it. When it finds that it has an incorrect one stored, it should prompt.06:12
mojtabaThere is no accounts under tools in Thunderbird06:12
mojtabaIt did not promote06:13
keplercheck under edit > settings. it is somewhere06:13
Seven_Six_Twomojtaba, is it a gmail account?06:13
Seven_Six_Twomojtaba, what happens when you try to send a mail?06:14
kepleri assume you changed your password on gmail.com and need to fix it in thunderbird06:14
mojtabaHow is it possible, I have changed the password from gmail. but thunderbird does have the old password, but still working?????06:14
jon655you have to log out all other sessions06:15
mojtababut my mobile asked me for a new password06:15
jon655if you wait 24 and click refresh, it will stop getting emails06:15
keplerlog into gmail.com with your old password, i think it will say "hey, you changed your password from this. try a new one" -- may give some leeway like that for pop3/imap clients06:16
mojtababut thunderbird did not ask?06:16
mojtabaI can not log-in in gmail with my old password06:16
Seven_Six_Twomojtaba, if you close thunderbird and reopen it?06:17
mojtabaand also can not receive emails with my phone with old passwords.06:17
kepleri dunno. looks like you put your new password in06:17
mojtabaI will try it, but actually I am using thunderbird to chat with you06:17
mojtabaI did not put my new password in thunderbird06:17
mojtababut it is stil receiving my emails06:17
mojtabaI send an email with my another account and it just received it!!!06:18
Seven_Six_Twomojtaba, you can switch to another client, or the webclient?06:18
mojtabawhat do you mean by client?06:18
jon655log out all other sessions06:18
xibalbahello, does anyone know if i can deploy the ubuntuCloud under vmware for testing? i wanted to follow this document : https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/ubuntucloud.html06:18
mojtabayou mean gmail sessions?06:18
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Seven_Six_Twomojtaba, a program that will connect you to irc, like Xchat or irssi.06:19
mojtababut how it is possible to receive new mails, because actually it has in its catch the old password!06:19
Seven_Six_Twomojtaba, yes, you should restart thunderbird, because it holds the authentication for the session06:20
kepleryou may have a session opened already06:20
mojtabaI will exit thunderbird, and I will come back06:20
mojtabaI may be disconnected from this conversation06:20
mojtababut I will come back06:20
mojtabathanks for the moment06:20
mojtabaHi guys06:21
mojtabaIt worked.06:21
mojtabaYou were right06:22
naftilos76hi everyone, does printing a lot of pages save temp file anywhere in /var or anyplace else? I have been printing all day yesterday and probably today too and i got a message that "the Root filesystem is running low on free space" or something like that.06:22
mojtabaIt just asked about the new password.06:22
mojtabaThank you very much for your support.06:22
mojtabahave a good time.06:22
=== amoxibos is now known as reuf
xibalbaanyone have any input on ubuntu cloud under vmware?06:23
Stephinihey less newby people: is there any way once i have my OSes installed to rig wine and play on linux to read the programs i have installed on my windows partition instead of having to install them anew?06:24
b1llyI somehow uninstalled all the core applications with ubuntu 12.04lts06:24
b1llyanyway to reinstall them quickly06:25
xibalbahello, does anyone know if i can deploy the ubuntuCloud under vmware for testing? i wanted to follow this document : https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/ubuntucloud.html06:25
Seven_Six_TwoStephini, unlikely, but that's just a gut feeling.06:25
PatrickDickeyb1lly: by core applications, do you mean things like libreoffice, thunderbird, etc, or the ubuntu desktop itself?06:26
b1llyi think its the ubuntu desktop06:26
b1llylike everything in my  /Applications/ folder06:26
defektStephini: edit fstab to automount your fat/ntfs drive then with wine navigate to the file you wish to run06:26
=== john__ is now known as __j0hn__
b1llyis missing06:26
jazzkutyaStephini: i don't recommend that, it may cause problems in your windows06:27
PatrickDickeyb1lly: you could try sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop.06:27
marz_How can I determine if Ubuntu is recognizing my Video Card?06:28
PatrickDickeyb1lly: do you remember what you did before they disappeared though?06:28
b1llynot really i was trying to fix my video card06:28
PatrickDickeymarz, what kind of video card is it?06:28
b1llyso i was doing a bunch of stuff06:28
b1llyi think i uninstalled unity and compiz and some other stuff06:28
Seven_Six_Twob1lly, did you rm -rf?06:28
b1llydefinitly not06:28
Stephinii was plannign on having 3 partitions... 1 for each OS then a third for storing all the stuff they both will need to access...hopefully tha twont cause a problem...i'm working with a tiny little 120GB06:29
defektmarz_: lspci |grep -i vga06:29
PatrickDickeyI'd say try reinstalling ubuntu-desktop (the command I gave earlier).06:29
Seven_Six_Twob1lly, +1 on PatrickDickey06:29
marz_defekt: I think it is since it is listing my 2 video cards. Is that right?06:29
b1llyi just did and no dice06:30
b1llydo i need to reboot?06:30
PatrickDickeylog out and log back in b1lly.06:30
jazzkutyaStephini: that seems a good approach. don't forget you need a separate swap partition for linux06:30
jazzkutyaStephini: and unfortunately there is no good solution to access a filesystem from both systems.06:30
Stephiniswap partiotion...that's sorta like window's cache file...no?06:30
PatrickDickeyLike the page file yes.06:31
jazzkutyaStephini: not cache, pagefile.sys06:31
Seven_Six_TwoStephini, how much memory?06:31
Stephiniyeah thta's what i was thinking...i'm a git remember.06:31
defektmarz_: I guess so you you have 2 video cards? one might ge an igpu06:31
Stephinierm...on the craptop...maybe 1 or 2 GB06:31
b1llyso that didnt work06:31
b1llywhat is ubuntu-desktop btw06:32
PatrickDickeyTry rebooting then b1lly. Ubuntu-desktop is Unity.06:32
xibalbakvm-ok ?06:32
marz_defekt: I think my laptop is using the optimus technology something. I already installed the bumblebee project for it. :D06:32
xibalbanot found06:32
jon655its the normal Ubuntu Download b1lly06:32
b1llyand what is unity06:32
Seven_Six_Twob1lly, it's a metapackage, but you might need to purge it first?06:32
b1llyjust so i understand06:32
Tex_NickStephini : have you asked in #winehq ... that channel is usually not very active, but sometimes you find a guru there06:32
b1llyok ill try to restart06:33
b1llyshud i purge first?06:33
Seven_Six_Tworemoving (or reinstalling) metapackages doesn't remove all of the packages that it depends on06:33
StephiniTex_Nick, no i haven't the question was mainly just a spur of the moment thought06:33
defektmarz_: well the video card has been picked up as it is showing in lspci, if you want to go further you can check to make sure the module is loaded by typing lsmod06:33
PatrickDickeyTry restarting, and if that doesn't work, then try purge.  It'll be sudo apt-get purge ubuntu-desktop.06:33
Seven_Six_Twodeleting the files doesn't uninstall it according to dpkg06:33
jazzkutyaStephini: i went for 2 big storage partitions btw, one ntfs and one ext3 but I have a 2T hdd :)06:33
Tex_NickStephini : yeah i have those all the time ;-)06:33
b1llywhat does purging do06:33
b1llyim assuming removes all traces of it06:34
PatrickDickeyb1lly: purge removes everything, including any configuration files.06:34
BillyZaneso many questions floating around all at once, i guess i'll wait06:34
Seven_Six_Twob1lly, removes config files...hang on a sec..06:34
defektBillyZane: correct06:34
defektsry i meant b1lly06:34
b1llyso is unity just a bundle of applications for ubuntu?06:34
Seven_Six_Twobut you need to remove the metapackage's dependencies and reinstall them.06:34
marz_defekt: I got the results from lsmod, what am I supposed to do after?06:35
Seven_Six_Twob1lly, unity is an interface06:35
b1llyi see, the interface is working fine tho?06:35
b1llyi just dont have anything in my /Applications/ folder06:35
jazzkutyab1lly: ubuntu-desktop is a bundle of applications for ubuntu (including the unity desktop too)06:35
BillyZanehi Defaultti06:35
defektmarz_: that's just to see what modules are loaded. Are you having a problem with loading xwindows?06:35
BillyZaneerrr defekt06:35
Stephinilolz jazz. wanna buy me a 2TB? :P06:36
Seven_Six_Twob1lly, what is the full path of your applications folder?06:36
b1llyI was also06:36
jazzkutyaStephini: sorry, I'm poor since the hdd :)06:36
Stephinilolz i can imagine why06:36
b1llyi think06:36
Seven_Six_Twob1lly, and what is normally there?06:36
marz_defekt: Guess I better read a book about linux, I'm not following you. I'm sorry. Hehehe06:36
b1llya bunch of stuff06:36
defektBillyZane: sorry tabbed the wrong name earlier06:36
b1llycustom apps (like eclipse)06:36
b1llyand other things06:37
BillyZanedefekt: no problem06:37
hmsckhello,  how can i change my wireless from *G mode to *B mode please?06:37
Seven_Six_Twob1lly, aah. my mistake for misunderstanding. I thought you were talking about stuff installed with package manager.06:37
b1llythere were a bunch of default apps there06:38
paul__I'm using Ubuntu desktop 12.04  and it keeps freezing completely!  Only my mouse moves.  I think it maybe only while playing a flash game on facebook, but not sure.06:38
b1llywhen i first installed ubuntu06:38
defektmarz_: lol it's all good :) We will try to help where we can :)06:38
marz_defekt: I'm glad to know that. :D06:38
Seven_Six_Twob1lly, I've had Ubuntu since Feisty, and I don't think I've ever had an applications folder in my home folder. I'm assuming that you mean /home/b1lly/Applications06:39
marz_defekt: Just to clarify, x windows system is different from kde and gnome right? If it is then I'm using the gnome , the default desktop og Ubuntu 12.10 :D06:39
Seven_Six_Twomarz_, no, they are different things.06:39
jon655Seven_Six_Two: I think the one before Natty narwhal had it06:40
defektmarz_: xwindows/xorg is what the desktop managers sit on/use. such as unity gnome kde xfce openbox etc06:40
marz_Seven_Six_Two: Oh Okay.06:40
FloodBot1b1lly: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:40
marz_defekt: I really should grab a book about linux. Hahahaha06:40
Seven_Six_TwoMaverick? I had that, but maybe it was only on new installs?06:41
Seven_Six_Twomarz_, if you buy 1, I recommend the one with a pink cover (and cartoons)06:41
b1llythanks for help06:42
b1llygoin to bed06:42
Seven_Six_Twob1lly, have you  checked the trash?06:42
Seven_Six_Twob1lly, do you need directions?06:43
BillyZaneis his bed in the trash?06:43
marz_Seven_Six_Two: I didn't understand that, but I'm guessing that it is a joke. Is that right?06:43
Seven_Six_Twob1lly, nautilus or thunar should have a link to it.06:43
b1llybut I did find eclipse in there :P06:43
Seven_Six_Twomarz_, about the book? no, it's not a joke.06:43
BillyZanelol b1lly06:44
marz_Seven_Six_Two: the one with a pink cover (and cartoons)? What's the name of the book?06:44
Seven_Six_Twomarz_, I'm not affiliated in any way, but there is a very well known linux book that has a pink cover.06:44
BillyZaneb1lly, what do you prefer over eclipse?06:44
BillyZanei just installed codeblocks, i like06:44
BillyZanei haven't tried eclipse though06:44
BillyZanei find java to be repugnant06:44
Seven_Six_Twomarz_, Linux Administration Handbook06:44
b1llyI don't atm, have a preference over eclipse06:45
b1llyI use the aptana extension for eclipse06:45
b1llyI do use emacs a bunch but06:45
b1llyeclipse is a pretty powerful ide06:45
BillyZanei'm super n00b06:45
BillyZanei hear it is good06:45
marz_Seven_Six_Two: Okay, I'll try to look into it. I was looking forward to the "Running Linux (5th Edition) book by O'Reilly06:45
BillyZanemy friend who is a CS major recommended eclipse06:46
b1llyyeah, we all use it at work06:46
MikelHello all06:46
b1llyour software is java based06:46
Seven_Six_Twomarz_, hopefully you get to see them before you buy!06:46
b1llybut also, it's got some great utility06:46
BillyZaneb1lly, in what way06:46
BillyZanewell, i presume you can code in java in clipse06:47
Seven_Six_Twoyou verily can06:47
Seven_Six_TwoC as well06:47
b1llyyeah, it has built in compilers06:47
b1llyyou can jump through functions and classes and data types very easily06:47
BillyZanei see how that could be desireable06:47
b1llynavigate through code easily06:47
BillyZanethat makes me squirm with desire06:47
MikelPlease I've upgraded to ubuntu 12.10 and since then, my eclipse is now displaying only CVS and General in wizard.   PLZ  HELP06:48
Seven_Six_Twoit's a demanding ide though..06:48
b1llyyou can simply ctrl+click a function();06:48
b1llyand it will take you to the declaration06:48
b1llysame for classs or data types06:48
marz_Seven_Six_Two: Thanks for suggesting a book. :D06:48
BillyZaneb1lly, that sounds useful06:48
b1llyyeah, theres a bunch of cool stuff06:48
BillyZaneb1lly, i just installed my first C editor06:48
BillyZaneso i don't know06:48
Seven_Six_Twolots of menus and things. There's something to be said about being able to do it by hand first!06:48
BillyZaneyou remember that simpson's episode where homer falls asleep at the truck, and the truck drives itself? does eclipse code itself?06:49
Tex_Nick12.10 gnome classic ... right click on desktop & check "Keep Aligned" ... icons are aligned horizontally but not vertically ... can i align them all in a grid fashion ?06:49
b1llyeclipse will06:49
hmsckhow can i change my wireless from *G mode to *B mode please?06:49
b1llyauto complete06:49
b1llyand can help auto import classes and such06:49
Seven_Six_Twob1lly, autocomplete is the devil.06:50
BillyZaneright now it is Seven_Six_Two06:50
b1llyit doesnt auto complete the way you think, but recommends with a select box06:50
BillyZanebut imagine auto complete in 30 years06:50
b1llyso you can continue to type06:50
b1llyits great when you06:50
b1llywanna see what methods blah.object.06:50
b1llyaccess too06:50
b1llyit will show you all the functions you can call06:50
Seven_Six_Twothat's true. It's easier than using a book or website06:51
b1llyim saying if you create a class with a bunch of methods -- and then instantiate and object, you can see what methods you can invoke on that object by just typing "object."      and it will list all the methods06:52
b1llywhen you work with big software and lots of code06:52
b1llyespecially code you didnt right06:52
b1llyits really helpful06:52
b1llydidnt write*06:53
b1llyanyway im to sleepy im making alot of typos06:53
b1llythanks for the help guys06:53
b1llyill be back tmrw06:53
BillyZaneyou're welcome b1lly, it's so great when people appreciate my help06:54
BillyZaneam i next on the endless queue?06:54
BillyZanereal simple, this is 2+2 stuff for you guys06:55
=== ubuntu__ is now known as Guest73055
BillyZanelets say i want to access my home ubuntu computer06:55
BillyZanefrom school06:55
Guest73055what r u ssaying06:55
BillyZanedoes ubuntu come with telnet, ssh services06:55
BillyZanelike... can i log on to ubuntu from school through ssh06:56
BillyZane1) does that functionality come natively or do i have to install a program06:56
BillyZane2) can i open up a GUI interface through SSH/telnet , such as eclipse06:56
Guest73055how can i record sound06:56
BillyZaneso, it will have some internet lag, but it would be just like being at home?06:57
SolarisBoyBillyZane: maybe - you need to be sure your host is accessible externally06:57
BillyZanehow do i do that?06:57
SolarisBoyfor ssh client and server you can install "ssh"06:57
BillyZaneoh i see06:57
BillyZaneso it doesn't come with those features06:58
BillyZanei have to install ssh, and then configure ssh06:58
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
SolarisBoyif your behind a router or something your host will need to have ports forwarded through NAT so the internal IP and it's resource(s) are available to the internet.06:58
BillyZanehmm ok06:58
BillyZanei suppose those ports would be specified in the ssh client program06:58
SolarisBoyyou don't really need to configure ssh unless you plan on doing something other than standard auth like using keys and such06:58
BillyZaneerr server that is06:59
SolarisBoyBillyZane: by default ssh listens on port 22 - you can change it in the sshd_config file06:59
BillyZanei just want to be able to access a programming environment06:59
SolarisBoyyou would probably want to put it on a non standard port if it's just for you to access and you want to be a little safer06:59
BillyZanethat's a good point06:59
BillyZaneit would be just for me or a few other people ( doubt it, but it's possible )07:00
BillyZaneproblem is, at this moment i have ubuntu on a virtualbo07:00
BillyZanei want to transition to full time linux user07:01
BillyZanethat's another big question i have07:01
SolarisBoyyou could still do it technically. assuming said virtual box guest instance was using bridged networking and assigned a working IP from your router or whatever is doing DHCP on your LAN07:01
jazzkutyaBillyZane: you can start gui programs with ssh but it will be awfully slow. if you really need that you should learn and tweak a textmode editor like vim or emacs07:01
BillyZanemy router might detect it then07:01
BillyZanejazzkutya, that's good to know. damn it, school starts thursday07:02
BillyZanei need to get everything up and running by then07:02
SolarisBoyyou can also use compression and different encryption/hash algo's to make ssh faster07:02
BillyZane1 hour ago, i did not know what ssh was, is this something that is easy to do07:03
SolarisBoyand do other things like disable reverse lookups - as long as the it's not a huge app it works fine - but yes there can/may be latency going over the inet07:03
=== asd is now known as Guest37273
SolarisBoyBillyZane: sudo apt-get install ssh .. after that it works07:03
jazzkutyaBillyZane: depending on net connection maybe it won't be that slow, you have to test. and using vnc can be better than ssh07:03
BillyZanelet me check the router to see if the virtualbox has its own IP07:03
jazzkutyaregarding speed and responsiveness07:03
jazzkutyasecurity is a different point :)07:03
SolarisBoyi make sure anything going into my network through my router is in a tunnel07:04
jazzkutyayes vnc with an ssh or other secure tunnel is good07:04
BillyZaneone sec, let me process everyone's words07:04
BillyZanei can use compression to increase speed, i have pretty good upload speeds though, maybe 200-250 kb/sec07:05
SolarisBoyssh -c07:05
BillyZanei can use a text based system also, that is very viable, but i feel it might make things slower07:05
BillyZanehmm..... let m write that down07:06
SolarisBoynot if you use vim =)07:06
BillyZanedoes vim use a mouse?07:06
BillyZaneis it a GUI?07:06
SolarisBoyBillyZane: it can07:06
SolarisBoyBillyZane: it does have a gui fork called gvim07:06
jazzkutyaBillyZane: easy with that statement, vim and emacs are hell to learn :) and with vim i don't know autocomplete solutions07:06
SolarisBoyor maybe it's not a fork i guess it's just a part of the vim app07:07
BillyZanevim is the famous vi editor?07:07
Tex_NickBillyZane : jazzkutya has a good point there ... i've used VNC for years for many things such as monitoring security cams ... it's pretty fast and has good encryption ... worth looking ... easy to setup also07:07
SolarisBoyvim = VI improved07:07
jazzkutyawith gvim you are back to the problem of a gui program being slow with ssh (if it is slow, test needed)07:07
BillyZanehmm, nice07:07
SolarisBoyso yes in general BillyZane07:07
SolarisBoyi don't think gvim would be that slow but yea you would definately gain speed by sticking to console apps over ssh07:08
SolarisBoyrememeber tunnels are going to slow things down as well - with encryption and all07:08
BillyZanea VNC is a good option, but the problem is that my school computers don't allow you to install software, and i doubt they have a VNC installed. but given that they hav efedora, i guess there's probably an SSH or a terminal program on there i could use. i can't guarantee their computers have the software i want installed07:08
=== sgerbino is now known as p1und3r
=== nick is now known as Guest43354
BillyZanei can see if they could unlock the computers07:09
SolarisBoyBillyZane: you may want to check on the droid market if it's applicable to you07:09
SolarisBoyim sure they have some vnc and ssh clients there as well07:10
BillyZanei would be using my phone though right?07:10
BillyZanei'd prefer to work on a desktop07:10
SolarisBoyor tablet maybe07:10
SolarisBoysure - understandable07:10
BillyZanei have apple stuff07:10
BillyZanethey have free telnet apps that are decent07:11
SolarisBoyBillyZane: you can also try to see if they have statically compiled binaries of vnc clients07:11
SolarisBoydrop it on a thumbdrive if they do and run it from there07:11
BillyZanehmm... can i run it from a thumb drive?07:11
BillyZaneso, can i run apps from a USB drive?07:11
SolarisBoysure - assuming the app is not dependant on things on the system07:12
BillyZanei don't really know why i want to connect to my home computer07:12
jazzkutyabtw interesting alternative to vnc is teamviewer, a proprietary app that sells for money but afaik free for personal noncommercial use with it it is even possible (technically) to play games remotely on a windows machine. framerate is pretty unplayable but still surprisingly fast07:12
BillyZanemaybe i could just load the apps i want to use on the thumb drive07:12
SolarisBoyyea i heard of a few people using teamviewer also seems pretty cool07:13
Tex_NickBillyZane : with VNC for a client ... you might look at TeamViewer ... http://www.teamviewer.com/en/index.aspx?pid=google.r.us.s.desk.vnc&gclid=CISgkczj5LQCFS-RPAodMlwA9g07:13
BillyZaneif it can work with games, that's pretty impressive07:13
SolarisBoyor atleast am option07:13
BillyZaneTex_Nick, i'm checking it out. right now i use tightVNC07:13
dfgmmewhy can't i find a data usage app for ubuntu ?07:13
jazzkutyaand teamviewer installation is not required07:13
SolarisBoydata usage app?07:13
dfgmmedata usage monitor07:13
BillyZanecan i ask 1 more question?07:14
SolarisBoylike a system monitor or data on drives?07:14
BillyZanei'll wait till dfgmme has his answered...07:14
jazzkutyameaning it can be started from anywhere (home directory), at least on windows, never tested it on linux without installation07:14
skp1can someone help me? when i select ubuntu from the grub menu i get a blank screen and i have to switch to tty1 and do startx, and when i do that i just get a wallpaper with no launcher or panel07:14
dfgmmedata usage monitor means internet07:15
doctorlyis there an easy way to write and test python in tty? (somethine like a python shell?)07:15
SolarisBoydfgmme: really? new to me..07:15
dfgmmeinternet data usage monitor07:15
jazzkutyastartx! never heard this since a lot of years :)07:16
SolarisBoydfgmme: they have a few "data monitors" iftop is ok07:16
SolarisBoydepends on the data your interested in -07:16
Tex_Nickskp1 : what distro are you using07:16
skp1Tex_Nick: ubuntu 12.1007:16
xibalbahello, does anyone know if i can deploy the ubuntuCloud under vmware for testing? i wanted to follow this document : https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/ubuntucloud.html07:17
SolarisBoyin fact dfgmme if you open the dash and type "monitor" the default ubuntu install provides "System Monitor" which on the lower most portion has Network History with a graph of up/down by MiB/s07:17
Tex_Nickskp1 : what graphics are you using07:18
skp1Tex_Nick: amd radeon 630007:18
dfgmmeSolari i want the want to can record monthly data usage07:19
SolarisBoydfgmme: look into sar07:19
BillyZaneyou guys...... big big question...07:19
=== mike_ is now known as Guest11863
Tex_Nickskp1 : is this a new install ... or were you able to boot at one time07:19
BillyZanei got ubuntu on a virtualbox, i like it a lot. it's utopia07:19
BillyZanenow i want it on its own partition so i can fully experience it07:20
skp1Tex_Nick: i was able to boot at one time07:20
BillyZanei've been told i can have it on NTFS, i could have it on its own partition, or i could give it several partitions, such as root, home, swap, and possibly 1 more07:20
BillyZanewhat do i do07:21
BillyZanethis is confusing me to death07:21
=== mike___ is now known as _mikem_
BillyZanei don't want 3 or 4 partitions for this OS, that's ridiculous07:21
dgreeleyyou can leave it in it's VM, no different than having it on its own really07:21
BillyZanei would prefer it all on one, why would i want more07:21
SolarisBoyBillyZane: is there an existing OS on the system you want it installed on?07:21
=== mike___ is now known as mikem_87
BillyZaneSolarisBoy, yes windows 7 is on C drive07:22
SolarisBoyBillyZane: OK07:22
dfgmmewhy there isn't any standalone app that record data usage ? windows have tons of that07:22
SolarisBoydfgmme: there are tons07:22
nightflyBillyZane: you can always put it on one partition, it wont care07:22
=== mike___ is now known as mikem_87
SolarisBoydfgmme: sar is probably one of the most widely used on a linux system07:22
SolarisBoyBillyZane: yea your best bet would be to run the ubuntu installer and allow it to resize the windows partition and install ubuntu to the new space on a one partition setup07:23
BillyZanei was told that i should have them separated because it makes it easier to update the OS07:23
PatrickDickeyBillyZane: along with what nightfly said, you'll most likely have two partitions. / (which is root) and /swap (which is like pagefile.sys on Windows). You'll only *use* the / partition though. the swap will be handled by the system.07:23
SolarisBoyBillyZane: you should also ensure to backup your stuff first07:23
dfgmmei don't see sar on sfotware center07:23
jazzkutyaBillyZane: you can forget the several partitions, except maybe the swap but even that can be solvable. I wouldn't put it on ntfs07:24
BillyZaneSolarisBoy, there's nothing important on this computer, i have a second that has all my files on a network07:24
Tex_Nick!nomodeset | skp107:24
ubottuskp1: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter07:24
SolarisBoyin that case acquire the boot media load it up and follow the prompts BillyZane07:24
PatrickDickeyBillyZane: That's only if you do clean installs for every upgrade. And in that case, you'd probably only want /home on a separate partition, as that's where your documents and stuff will be. (just my .02 worth).07:24
BillyZanejazzkutya, i have a gargantuan amount of hard disk space that i can dedicate to this effort. how much space should i give this partition such that no swap would be needed?07:24
SolarisBoythe default install will ask you clearly if you want to side by side install and then it will clearly allow you to choose the size you want windows reduced to - so it's not to hard and it's a good task for learning in your case07:25
BillyZanePatrickDickey, i think that is a valuable 2 cents07:25
jazzkutyaBillyZane: no, that depends on the ammount of ram you have in your machine07:25
donttrustemI am using this syntax https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AspireOne/AO751h which worked when I used the e command in the grub menu.  I then added it to the  /etc/default/grub and updated but  it does not work I still get a black screen. At bootup.   I have check the config  using the e command and it  has been added but will not. Work?07:25
BillyZanei have 16gb of ram07:25
BillyZanewhich i plan to upgrade to 3207:25
dfgmmei can't find one ...........................................................07:25
dfgmmefor weeeeeks07:25
PatrickDickeyBillyZane: swap is depending on memory. In that case, you probably don't need swap. Unless you're running a crapload of memory intensive applications.07:25
SolarisBoydfgmme: sar is one07:25
skp1Tex_Nick: i edited /etc/default/grub07:26
jazzkutyaBillyZane: you don't need a different swap partition. anyway linux can use a file as swap also if needed later07:26
SolarisBoyswap used to be dependant on memory like 2x or something but it would be ridiculous to have a 64GB swap file because you had 32GB nowadays07:26
SolarisBoyjazzkutya: right on07:26
SyriaHello! I want to search for the location of the virtual machine file using the terminal !07:27
BillyZanejazzkutya, so can i have the swap file in the /home folder?07:27
dfgmmesolarisboy i can't find it on the software center07:27
SolarisBoySyria: what are you using for virtualization?07:27
* donttrustem is struggling to get this working .... And it's the wife netbook :(07:27
PatrickDickeySyria, do you know the name of the virtual machine? If so, you can try sudo updatedb && locate <name> This is assuming of course, that you're looking for the actual file on a physical hard drive.07:28
BillyZaneSolarisBoy: i can resize C drive? can i make it larger? and also, can i remove the NTFS partition i have on my second partition?07:28
jazzkutyabtw how does ubuntu resize the windows partition when around mid-last year the then-latest ntfs-3d choked on an ntfs for me that had no errors according to windows checkdisk?07:28
subcoolhey- how do i resize NTFS with gparted?07:28
subcooli installed gparted, im supposed to also install something else right?07:29
SyriaPatrickDickey:  yes i know the name of it and the problem has been solved :) I have used sudo find / -name 'name of the machine'07:29
subcooli cant find a guide that says it-.07:29
jazzkutyaBillyZane: you can have the swap file anywhere, but i think you won't need any at all with 16/32g ram07:29
BillyZaneSolarisBoy: what i want to do is add more space to C drive and then canibalize space that I have on my second partition. however, will this effect the data that is on C drive?07:29
SolarisBoyBillyZane: from the standard installer no but from possibly the alternative or using a gparted CD first to do the heavy stuff and then allowing the ubuntu installer to pick up the partitions/disks07:29
SolarisBoyBillyZane: not sure about NTFS drives like that - =)07:29
PatrickDickeyBillyZane: you might want to resize the partition in Windows. Just to be safe.07:29
BillyZanejazzkutya: i was planning on eventually running molecular dynamics applications though, so it might end up needing it07:29
SolarisBoydfgmme: patience is a virtue07:30
SyriaPatrickDickey:  Thank you.07:30
PatrickDickeyNo problem Syria. Glad I was able to help. :)07:30
PatrickDickeyAnd glad you were able to get the name.07:30
jazzkutyawell then right after installing you should make a 32gigs swapfile, I'd recomment at the root directory07:30
BillyZaneSolarisBoy, i agree, patience is undervalued07:31
BillyZaneSolarisBoy, so if i use gparted from perhaps a USB drive, i can resize C drive?07:31
skp1can someone help me? when i select ubuntu from the grub menu i get a blank screen and i have to switch to tty1 and do startx, and when i do that i just get a wallpaper with no launcher or panel07:31
BillyZanewithout damaging the files on C drive that is07:31
SolarisBoydfgmme: the sar utility is part of the "sysstat" package if you were interested in using it07:31
jazzkutyadd if=/dev/null of=/swapfile bs=1024k count=3276807:31
BillyZanejazzkutya: ok, so i place it on the root directory, and if i do that, can i enlarge the size of the swapfile later?07:31
nightflyBillyZane: Some modern Windows will let you resize the C drive from the "disk management" utility directly07:32
PatrickDickeydonttrustem: you put all of that as one line in /etc/default/grub, correct?07:32
jazzkutyai said right after installation only because it may help if the swapfile is not fragmented07:32
SolarisBoydfgmme after your done installing it - take a look at the /etc/default/sysstat and the retentions for data and what type of extra data you can enable07:32
BillyZanenightfly, good thinking, let me see if i can do that07:32
jazzkutyabut now I'm not sure07:32
BlackDalekAre there any Q*bert clones for linux? Can anyone give me a name of one so I can look for it?07:32
donttrustemPatrickDickey: Yeah07:32
PatrickDickeyskp1: out of curiosity what graphics card do you have?07:32
jazzkutyaany file will work as swap whenever you created, just creating it later _may_ decrease performance07:33
BillyZaneholy crap07:33
PatrickDickeydonttrustem: can you copy/paste the /etc/default/grub into a pastebin by chance? Just so we can make sure it's right?07:33
subcoolanyone- please?07:33
BillyZanenightfly, you're right, i can shrink the volume, but i suppose i could expand the volume also if there was a partition that allowed that, all i gotta do is shrink the second volume then expand the other one07:33
PatrickDickeyOne moment subcool. I'm not sure if you can resize it with gparted or not. I'll check.07:34
dfgmmeso it's not a gui app ?07:34
subcoolPatrickDickey, i thought i could install a ntfs add on or something07:34
donttrustemPatrickDickey: I am have just dropped into root mode and vi the file and it is correct ..  Cant paste it as the netbook does boot in to  a state where I can use it07:34
Ben64gparted can resize ntfs07:34
subcoolim on a liveusb - so i dont remember.07:34
subcoolBen64,  i have an explanation point on the parittion. I know i have to install something.. but i forget07:35
SolarisBoyis the liveusb plugged into the netbook?07:35
subcoolsome ntfs thing07:35
subcoolnah laptop07:35
Ben64subcool: maybe its mounted?07:35
BillyZanenightfly, i just shrink the D drive's volume, but i can't expand C drive, i think i might have to do it in safe mode or something07:35
subcoolBen64, nah..07:35
Tex_Nickskp1 : sorry i'm working kinda late ... have a look at this & se if it is similar to what you are experiencing07:35
Tex_Nickskp1 : sorry, here is link ... http://askubuntu.com/questions/207175/what-does-nomodeset-do07:35
PatrickDickeysubcool this might help you http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/windows-vista/using-gparted-to-resize-your-windows-vista-partition/07:36
Ben64subcool: then find out what the exclamation is for, it will tell you.07:36
subcoolBen64, ah- ops. i thought it was because i didnt isntall sometihng. There is a disk error.07:37
BillyZanenightfly, i think i know how to do it, i gotta delete D drive07:37
subcoolStupid me- thanks.07:37
subcoolill be back. .i have to reboot this thing.07:38
BillyZanewhich is fine cause D drive is empty07:38
jazzkutyaan empty drive is a  happy drive lol07:38
BillyZaneok, so... i'm expanding C drive07:38
BillyZanefor this ubuntu install, should I keep the space that has no file system the way it is07:39
BillyZanelike... i'll have C drive, then the second drive will not exist07:39
BillyZanethat is, it won't have a file system07:39
BillyZanethen, when i go in to ubuntu installer, i create 2 partitions07:39
BillyZanea root partition and a home partition07:39
jazzkutyaubuntu will create a new partition for itself07:40
dfgmmesolari , awesome IT DOESN'T WORK07:40
BillyZaneyou said i should put the swap file in the root partition right07:40
jazzkutyaBillyZane: wait, why 2 partition? you said you don't want lots of partitions :)07:40
donttrustemPatrickDickey: Strange I ran update-grub in recovery mode and it has worked07:40
Ben64dfgmme: chillax?07:40
dfgmmedamn it is hard man07:40
bazhangdfgmme, lose caps now07:40
PatrickDickeydonttrustem: So now it's booting correctly?07:40
dfgmmebazhang pls go away i hate you07:40
bazhangdfgmme, stay on topic here.07:41
BillyZanejazzkutya, i didn't, but i also would like the most up to date version of ubuntu. a clean install is something i always did when i installed windows and i feel i shouldn't stop what works now07:41
donttrustemPatrickDickey: Just testing again07:41
SolarisBoyhow does sysstat not work?07:41
PatrickDickeydfgmme: could you refresh my memory, what's the issue that you're having exactly?07:41
donttrustemIt has booted ok but doing a restart07:41
* SolarisBoy doesn't believe that for 1 second07:41
bazhanghe wants to monitor data usage07:41
malkaunsin xpra how do i specify an ssh port?07:41
jazzkutyaBillyZane: i don't understand. I've asked why will you create 2 linux partitions, root and home?07:42
SolarisBoywell "monitoring data usage" is rather general07:42
PatrickDickeyBillyZane: then I'd "do something else" when you go into the installer. Create a partition and format it ext4 and mount it as /. then create a second partition with the same format, and mount it as /home.07:42
BillyZanejazzkutya, i was told earlier that if you want to do a clean install, a la formatting, it's good to have 2 partitions07:42
Ben64from sysstat's web page - Extensive network statistics: network interface activity (number of packets and kB received and transmitted per second, etc.) including failures from network devices; network traffic statistics for IP, TCP, ICMP and UDP protocols based on SNMPv2 standards; support for IPv6-related protocols.07:42
bazhangas is "don't work"07:42
mangdoodHi, I want to backup my ubuntu partition to try another distro. What's the preferred way for doing this?07:42
BillyZanePatrickDickey, mount it as / ? by that is it / drive?07:43
jazzkutyaBillyZane: how much space will you give to linux total?07:43
PatrickDickeydfgmme: What data usage do you want to monitor?07:43
BillyZanejazzkutya, that is to be decided but as much as it requires07:43
SolarisBoybazhang: good point07:43
BillyZanejazzkutya, up to 400 gb07:43
PatrickDickeyYes. It will ask you for a "mount point". the first one will be / (as in root), the second will be /home.07:43
donttrustemPatrickDickey: Nope still not working... Still get a black screen07:43
SolarisBoyi'd just like to say i did mention for him to check /etc/default/sysstat im sure he still has ENABLED="false" and such07:43
PatrickDickeydonttrustem: try removing the changes that you made in /etc/default/grub, running update-grub again. Then put them back in the command line (using e). See if it boots that way.07:44
BillyZanePatrickDickey, how will these drives show up on "my computer" (sorry i am very new)07:44
XMLnewbiwhats the best way to copy paste into a ubuntu server on VMware? On ssh putty id use right click but thats not working, ctr v doesnt work either07:44
dfgmmePatrickDickey , i want a gui app for internet data usage monitor that i can check my monthly data usage07:44
donttrustemPatrickDickey: Ok07:44
BillyZanehmm.. starting to get hungry07:45
mangdoodXMLnewbi: Maybe middle click works?07:45
Nordomcan someone help me out, just installed ubuntu, and it worked fine used skype, and now I dont have sound anymore07:45
PatrickDickeyBillyZane: From linux, /home/username will show up as your username. / will show up as File System, and /home will be a subdirectory below that.07:45
BillyZanePatrickDickey, i think that is a good way to do it. / and /home partitions it is.07:46
skp1Tex_Nick: thank you for your help, i managed to fix it with a sudo update-grub07:46
skp1Tex_Nick: even though i got some graphic corruption on my first login i logged out and back in and everything was fine07:46
PatrickDickeydfgmme: http://www.iloveubuntu.net/easily-monitor-your-data-download-monitor-ubuntu-software-center might be an idea?07:47
SolarisBoydfgmme: im guessing ksar isn't up your alley?07:47
donttrustemPatrickDickey: Can I use vim from the shell as root07:47
Tex_Nickskp1 : lol ... how easy could that be ... hey ^5 ;-)07:47
SolarisBoyhttp://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/identifying-linux-bottlenecks-sar-graphs-with-ksar.html | you run the app and load the sar files and it makes graphs07:47
PatrickDickeydonttrustem: I think so. I'm not sure though.07:48
jazzkutyadonttrustem: you can but being root is officially not recommended (i do it anyway)07:48
PatrickDickeydonttrustem: Actually I'm pretty sure you can, otherwise you wouldn't be able to fix things. ;)07:48
=== ericab is now known as ericab_away
skp1Tex_Nick: danke07:48
PatrickDickeyNordom: When you go into Sound Settings, and test your speakers, do you hear any sounds?07:48
donttrustemjazzkutya: I am trying to fix a boot loader issue so I need to be in recovery mode07:49
BillyZaneopen question. how big should / drive be and how big should /home drive be. swap size: 16gb ram with the possibility of a 32gb total ram in the future07:49
NordomPatrickDickey: I am getting 0 sounds07:49
PatrickDickeyNordom: Does your sound card show up in sound settings?07:49
mangdoodSkype can do some pretty weird things to your sound07:49
Nordomwait I managed to do it07:49
jazzkutyadonttrustem: oic, full right to be root then :) i guess probably will work but i am not sure as a recovery mode may miss something needed by vim07:50
BillyZanejazzkutya, i can live with 2 partitions if it means i can do clean installs, i think if i make the /home partition large enough, i won't have to worry about needing additional partitions07:50
NordomPatrickDickey: I clicked analog output from the sound settings07:50
Nordomgeting sounds now07:50
PatrickDickeyDid you change that in the Skype settings, by chance?07:50
dfgmmePatrickDickey .............. can't find download manager in software center ................07:50
donttrustemjazzkutya: It is I need to use vi :( and cannot remember the commands07:50
NordomPatrickDickey: it works, but its a little choppy07:50
jazzkutyaBillyZane: okay do as others suggested i think they know this better than me07:50
SolarisBoyBillyZane: / doesn't have to be large but you should keep in mind that space will be used there as you update/upgrade and install new things - i create VM's with 10GB hdd's which ubuntu installs fine on - however thats probably smaller than you would want to run a system comfortably07:51
BillyZanejazz, for sure07:51
PatrickDickeydfgmme: Download monitor?07:51
BillyZaneSolarisBoy: i might be interested in running a windows7 virtualbox in the future. flipping my current configuration07:51
SolarisBoyBillyZane: /home can be as big you'd like - however remember here that a lot of programs are going to put files under your home folder - and that by default this is where things like your music and movies etc go - so you would want to make sure that's big enough to keep all your stuff07:52
jazzkutyadonttrustem: do you  mean vi commands? what command do you need?07:52
dfgmmethe app name is download manager right07:52
donttrustemjazzkutya: Yeah07:52
PatrickDickeydfgmme: Download Monitor07:52
donttrustemNeed to insert and save07:52
SolarisBoyBillyZane: you can make a 2GB swap file and see how that works for you -with that much memory i dought you'll be hitting swap unless your running production databases from your system07:52
jazzkutyapress i for insert mode07:52
jazzkutyapress esc to go out of insert mode07:52
SolarisBoyBillyZane: thats how i run windows =)07:52
jazzkutyasave is :w outside of insert mode07:52
donttrustemBut using a UK keyboard ..07:53
jazzkutyasave and quit is :wq outside of insert mode07:53
BillyZaneSolarisBoy: nice :), i still need a crutch though07:53
PatrickDickeydfgmme: apt://download-monitor might get you there (not sure if the chat client will make it a clickable link07:53
BillyZaneSolarisBoy: i don't think i can ditch windows that fast07:53
SolarisBoyBillyZane: understandable i guess07:53
BillyZaneSolarisBoy: in due time, i can remove the training wheels07:53
donttrustemIt says changing a read only file LOL ....how can this be when I am in root07:53
x[i]banyone know how would i setup bind/named to run it's DNS requests through TOR?07:54
SolarisBoydonttrustem: vim says that when you have the file open elsewhere also07:54
SolarisBoydonttrustem: or if it shutdown uncleanly and left a .swp file07:54
* PatrickDickey is about 98% Windows free. I still have it, and use it occasionally, but not much. And only because the computer I bought had it installed. I added my drives to the computer.07:54
BillyZaneSolarisBoy: 2 gig swap file, 10 gigs for a windows virtualbox <-- seems kinda small tbh07:54
tasslehoffIs ecryptfs the way to go if I want to encrypt a single folder?07:54
SolarisBoywindows and linux are 2 different beasts07:54
jazzkutyadonttrustem: it is possible that the root filesystem is mounted read-only07:55
BillyZaneSolarisBoy, i have 16gigs of ram, by having a 2 gig swap file, does that mean i won't be using it so it can remain small?07:55
jazzkutyadonttrustem: did you get the recovery shell because of an fsck error?07:55
donttrustemThis is driving me crazy.  No I used the install cd and recovery mode07:56
BlackDalekIs the linux game tome site permanently down now?07:56
SolarisBoyBillyZane: the relation of swap to memory needs to be rethought the 2x - 2.5x size of memory idealogy should be thrown out - with modern systems you dont need that much swap unless ofcourse some application specifically looks for that -07:56
BillyZaneby the way, i appreciate all the help everyone has been giving me. i've learned a lot the last 2 few days07:56
donttrustemSelected from the grub menu07:56
SolarisBoyBillyZane: 2GB is fine with 16GB of memory07:56
jazzkutyadonttrustem: well i think i know what's going on07:56
BillyZaneSolarisBoy, can swap files be enlarged in the future?07:56
donttrustemjazzkutya: Tell me07:56
SolarisBoyBillyZane: it depends on how you make them07:57
BillyZanehmm.. what does it depend on?07:57
SolarisBoyBillyZane: if the swap file is on LVM yes - if not no - but you can add more swap files easily and swapon07:57
jazzkutyadonttrustem: you are not editing the file you wanted to edit. you are editing the recovery system's version of the file. you have to mount your root filesystem manually, edit there then don't forget to unmount before rebooting07:57
BillyZaneSolarisBoy, what's an LVM?07:57
jazzkutyaplase someone tell if I'm wrong07:57
aeon-ltdSolarisBoy: It's still there because a lot of people thought of linux as a migration OS when windows just wasn't cutting it anymore. back then high end was anything over 1gb of ram.07:58
Tex_NickBillyZane : i salute you ^5 ... looks to me like you've come a long way just tonight ;-)07:58
PatrickDickeyjazzkutya: You're pretty close. It's because the filesystem is mounted read-only. But everything else you said is right.07:58
BillyZaneTex_Nick: thank you, i compiled and ran hello world! LOL07:58
SolarisBoyBillyZane: it stands for logical volume manager - it's pretty cool if your into learning you should check it out07:58
PatrickDickeyBillyZane: LVM (Logical Volume Manager) is a way of managing your partitions.07:58
donttrustemjazzkutya: Do you think the lastest version has fixed this boot problem07:59
dfgmmeUnable to locate package download-monitor07:59
dfgmmeso sad07:59
jazzkutyaPatrickDickey: he is using the install cd's recovery mode. does that mount the installed filesystem?07:59
XMLnewbiman still cant figure out how to copy and paste into vmware07:59
Ben64dfgmme: you don't need to announce how sad you are07:59
BillyZaneahh... i'll do a little background reading real fast, brb07:59
SolarisBoyBillyZane: it's virtualized storage - allowing you to expand it on a physical level (adding disks to expand size) and also on the software level by expanding the FS to the extents of the logical volume live while things are running07:59
dfgmmewhy it is so damn hard to even install one simple app ?07:59
PatrickDickeyjazzkutya: nope. I missed that part.07:59
aeon-ltdXMLnewbi: i think you need guest additions to sync clipboards07:59
SolarisBoydfgmme: maybe because you can't describe properly what your looking for08:00
Tex_NickBillyZane : that's the first step to c and your learned knowledge for connecting to a ubuntu box remotely is impressive also :)08:00
BillyZaneSolarisBoy: i was hearing about that the other day08:00
dfgmmeit can't be installed08:00
Ben64can't be installed or can't find?08:00
PatrickDickeydfgmme: are you on 12.04 or 12.10?08:00
dfgmmethe app seems non existen08:00
BillyZaneTex_Nick, thank you, i am a huge n00b though. but i'm learning as fast as i can. i have the drive, the patience, i just don't want to wear out the people in here, but so far, they can match me and handle 10 times more08:00
BillyZanei am very grateful for everyone's help by the way08:01
Ben64dfgmme: what does "lsb_release -r" say08:01
BillyZanei wish i could return the favor08:01
BillyZaneanyone here need help with math? that's about all i'm good at08:01
Ben64BillyZane: in a while you will be a pro08:01
SolarisBoyi agree with an attitude like that you don't have long at all08:02
BillyZanei hope to be able to schedule programs on a batch TORQUE scheduler on my school's cluster by the end of this coming semester, at least that's the goal08:02
jazzkutyadonttrustem: sorry I've only dealt with the problem of you can't save in vim in recovery mode, I don't know about your original problem08:02
SolarisBoyahh ro fs in recovery mode mount -o remount,rw08:03
BillyZanei need to install torque!08:03
SolarisBoyim guessing there was no swp file there08:03
PatrickDickeydfgmme: It's not a part of the ubuntu repositories. Here's more information on how to install it http://www.ubuntugeek.com/download-monitor-monitors-the-amount-of-data-uploaded-and-downloaded-over-a-network.html08:03
Ben64PatrickDickey: its part of my repositories08:04
dfgmmei give up08:04
evilbuganyone know if ubuntu for android will be available for download from the site?08:04
SolarisBoysar does exactly that and you have it installed ...08:04
* SolarisBoy just saying08:04
Ben64SolarisBoy: he's gone08:04
SolarisBoyoh i block those - my bad lol08:04
donttrustemPatrickDickey: Man this is so inconsistent.  It has loaded ok now without me changing anything08:04
PatrickDickeyevilbug: i'm guessing it's only going to be available if you're a manufacturer. But, I don't know.08:04
BillyZanebrb, i'm going to read up on LVM online08:05
PatrickDickeydonttrustem: that's without the recovery cd in the drive?08:05
evilbugPatrickDickey: yeah, that's what i thought. unfortunate, it looks way cool and i can't wait to try it on my s2.08:05
donttrustemIt has the dvd in but I just let it load normally08:05
PatrickDickeyevilbug: It's not expected out until later this year. So you never know.08:06
PatrickDickeydonttrustem: try taking the dvd out, just to be sure.08:06
evilbugPatrickDickey: i knoooow but i can't wait! :)08:06
donttrustemI am just going to install an irc clieny on the latop so I can past what I have08:06
evilbugPatrickDickey: actually i haven't been this excited about an os since mac os 10.6 was released.08:06
subcoolhey- im back.08:06
subcoolk- that didnt really work08:07
PatrickDickeywb subcool.08:07
jazzkutyaBillyZane: tranfer all you knowledge about the nabla operator and vector spaces telepathically to me, please :)08:07
donttrustemPatrickDickey: Any idea what one to install08:07
PatrickDickeysubcool: what error is it showing now?08:07
subcoolum.. according to gparted, i have a error with clusters. i ran chkdsk on windows... atleast i told it to.. i dont think it did08:07
PatrickDickeydonttrustem: I use quassel, but xchat is alright too.08:07
subcoolcan i do a chkdisk from ubuntu?08:07
subcoolPatrickDickey, its the same error from before..08:08
PatrickDickeysubcool: fsck is checkdisk for linux.08:08
BillyZanejazzkutya: i'm pretty good with vector spaces, but i kinda suck at nabla. i should have studied that more08:08
BillyZaneregarding nabla, do you mean dot products, cross products, gradients?08:09
PatrickDickeyevilbug: I know the feeling. Of course my phone is so old, it was obsolete before I bought it. It's running Android
evilbugPatrickDickey: i'm still runnign that on my s2.08:09
subcoolfsck: fsck.ntfs: not found08:09
PatrickDickeyWhich S2 do you have evilbug?08:10
evilbugPatrickDickey: gingerbread is so stable and efficient.08:10
evilbugPatrickDickey: sprint epic 4g touch.08:10
PatrickDickeyAhh ok.08:10
Ben64subcool: you should run chkdsk twice on windows08:10
BlackDalekare there any Q*bert clones for ubuntu/linux?08:10
=== jacob_ is now known as Guest3960
subcoolBen64, i've tried08:11
subcoolBen64, it says it will do it on reboot- but i dont see it do shit08:11
webyand today08:11
``qsubcool: apt-get install ntfsprogs      see http://askubuntu.com/questions/86086/fsck-cant-find-fsck-ntfs08:11
webyis the day08:11
webyweby became a father08:11
Guest3960hey I have tryed installing the nvidia accelerated graphics driver in jockey and when I reboot I get blank screen I have a GTX660ti08:11
subcooli already have it08:11
Guest3960please help08:12
subcool``q, i already have it08:12
evilbugPatrickDickey: at least the official sprint android 4.0 release has been utter sht. uses battery like crazy, overheats for no reason, etc.08:12
Ben64subcool: but you have to do it in windows08:12
subcoolBen64, it errors and tells me it will do it upon reboot08:12
we6jboAnyone know about extending battery life on a netbook?08:12
``qand what kind of errors?08:12
Ben64or from a windows boot cd, but linux stuff isn't as good for fixing ntfs08:13
PatrickDickeysubcool: when you reboot, does it boot into Windows or linux?08:13
Guest3960hello please help08:13
subcoolPatrickDickey, windows08:13
evilbugPatrickDickey: i love how the keynote for ubuntu phone is so apple :)08:13
subcoolsck: Error 2 while executing fsck.ntfs for /dev/sda208:13
Guest3960hey I have tryed installing the nvidia accelerated graphics driver in jockey and when I reboot I get blank screen I have a GTX660ti08:14
subcoolim going to movem y chat to another computer..08:14
Guest3960come on I need help please!08:14
subcoolATI boy here ;)08:15
subcool_k- im here08:15
``qsubcool: ntfsfix is not linked by default to fsck.ntfs, and it only provides limited check capabilities, as explained in the man page:08:15
PatrickDickeyGuest3960: I'm trying to remember what others have said in reference to nvidia issues.08:15
``qplease check the URL i gave ya, and assign the proper symlinks08:15
subcool_``q, can u give it to me again.08:16
subcool_im on a different computer08:16
``qsubcool: apt-get install ntfsprogs      see http://askubuntu.com/questions/86086/fsck-cant-find-fsck-ntfs08:16
Guest3960I have had this issue multiple times and have failed to correctly install the nvidia driver08:16
``qread the part which is marked green08:16
PatrickDickeyGuest3960: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia might get you a good start.08:17
Guest3960If you look under hear Screen Blanks/Monitor Turns Off08:17
phaxHi guys, how do I reset the keyring password for an account from the console I am on 12.10 version..I used unlock and reset the password from a different user's X session which has admin but I can still not login to the account with the paswwort from X..I can login form console for that account08:18
Guest3960Ok I will give this a try08:18
donttrustem_PatrickDickey: Ok .... installed08:20
asilhouettehi everyone, can someone recommend me a real time wireless network signal and quality monitor app for 12.10. rutilT used to work, but now it doesn't08:20
donttrustem_PatrickDickey: now I need to past the config in pastebin08:20
PatrickDickeydonttrustem: if it's booting correctly, you probably don't. But, if you still need help with it, then yes.08:21
subcool_``q, well that helped.. but- didnt. i ran fsk and same error08:21
subcool_imma reboot into windows again. :/08:22
donttrustem_PatrickDickey: http://pastebin.com/a9YeJ49G08:22
subcool_finally got an error during boot- some new softweare is preventing a chkdisk from running08:24
PatrickDickeydonttrustem: did you copy and paste it directly from the webpage to the /etc/default/grub?08:24
subcool_too funny08:24
PatrickDickeydoes it say what software subcool_?08:25
subcool_PatrickDickey, nah- only to do a system restore08:25
PatrickDickeyThat would be your best bet, if you haven't done it already.08:26
PatrickDickeyOnce you get it working, what do you want to do?08:26
donttrustem_PatrickDickey: NO  i typed manually08:26
PatrickDickeydonttrustem: try copy and paste, if you can. Just to see if that fixes the problem. I'm thinking it might be something simple like the ""'s.08:27
subcool_PatrickDickey, im tryhing to resize it so i can install win808:27
subcool_win7 is hosed... malware- etc. so im just installing a fresh copy of win8 for my girl. but ugh. what a mess08:27
subcool_there is no restoring this mess08:27
donttrustem_PatrickDickey: but the strange thing is it works sometimes08:27
PatrickDickeysubcool_: is it a dual-boot?08:28
subcool_PatrickDickey, not yet08:28
``qsubcool_: if gparted doesn't do the trick, try some proprietary software  e.g.  partition magic  etc08:28
PatrickDickeyWhy do you want to keep Windows 7, if it's hosed?08:28
BillyZaneSolarisBoy: hello08:28
``qsometimes it outperforms the error rate of opensource filesystem apps08:28
PatrickDickeydonttrustem: I'm not sure what to tell you then. :S08:28
subcool_PatrickDickey, system settings and shit..08:28
berderquentinHi, I have a question. I want an app to auto launch (XBMC) with various other (Transmission), it is working, as I have it in the Sartup Applications list. But it is not "focus". Is there any command I can add to the launch command to have it on top of everything in fullscreen.08:28
SolarisBoyBillyZane: hey08:29
``qor what was it called,  disk director  (see hiren boot cd e.g. ?)08:29
BillyZaneSolarisBoy, i was reading up on LVM online08:29
PatrickDickeysubcool_: Easy Transfer, and then reinstall Windows 7. Resize the partition at that point.08:29
subcool_easy transfer?08:29
BillyZanesolarisboy: so... it's incredibly awesome, but how would i use it in practice? would it control 1 partion on a drive or the entire physical hard drive?08:29
PatrickDickeyIt should be an option in All PRograms Accessories somewhere. Easy Transfer Wizard, or something like that.08:30
PatrickDickeyTransfer the data to another drive, and then reinstall.08:30
subcool_PatrickDickey, yea- i told her to do that08:30
SolarisBoyBillyZane: it can control partitions or drives it starts by marking a drive or partition as a physical volume08:30
subcool_PatrickDickey, at this point i might just do just that- Format fresh. She was prepared for it- but.. :/ you always forget something.08:31
subcool_ya knokw?08:31
PatrickDickeysubcool_: So, ultimately you're going to have Windows 7 on one partition, and Windows 8 on another, right?08:31
BillyZaneSolarisBoy: i see, so i can have my C drive as an NTFS partition, then i can great a "linux" LVM partition that would have sub partitions within that partition. these sub partitions would be / and /home , is this correct or no?08:31
SolarisBoyonce thats done you add physical volumes to volume groups which are like virtual disks made from many physical disks - finally you create a logical volume on top of the volume groups - and make a filesystem on that08:31
PatrickDickeysubcool_:  that's why I'm saying use the Easy Transfer wizard. It gets all of the documents and stuff.08:31
SolarisBoyBillyZane: yes but in your case you wouldn't benefit any from that08:31
SolarisBoyit would be better to have multiple drives or expect to have multiple drives with lvm08:32
subcool_PatrickDickey, if i end up formatting it- it will only be win808:32
SolarisBoyadditionally you'll need a standard partition available for /boot08:32
xmlnewbiwhat the dir for ubuntu server to view a disk drive?08:32
subcool_PatrickDickey, im just dualbooting it so she has access to everything until she is happy08:32
PatrickDickeysubcool_: I'm not sure about this, but it could be used to bring all of her stuff over to Win 8 also.08:33
subcool_PatrickDickey, but i just cant seem to get past this disk error shit.08:33
PatrickDickeysubcool_: try the system restore.08:33
SolarisBoyso if your looking to dual boot just use simple partitioning but if you ever get a system running only linux you may want to play around with it BillyZane08:33
subcool_i could just "upgrade" it - but like linxu, that never works out weel08:33
donttrustem_PatrickDickey: I get this now when trying to update grub /usr/sbin/grub-mkconfig: 11: /etc/default/grub: splash: not found08:33
BillyZaneSolarisBoy: so say i have windows on C drive, i can have 2 partitions, a / and a /home partition. each of these partitions would each have LVM on them, then on top of that ext3/4 would be installed on them.08:33
subcool_PatrickDickey, nah. she doesnt have a safe restore point08:33
SolarisBoyBillyZane: you wouldn't want to do that08:33
subcool_i need to somehow force a chck disk08:33
BillyZaneSolarisBoy, so maybe i shouldn't use LVM then?08:34
PatrickDickeydonttrustem: did you do the splash portion on the webpage? if so, I'd undo that.08:34
subcool_i just dont get why linux wont do it properly08:34
``qsubcool_:  chkdsk /f08:34
subcool_``q,  ya- its sets up for a reboot scan08:34
subcool_then complains about some stupid software being in the way08:34
BillyZaneSolarisBoy: i don't mind using a simple partition08:34
subcool_it has to have a virus08:34
SolarisBoyin your case with wanting to keep another OS and mix FS types - no08:34
PatrickDickeyBillyZane: I'd just do a straight partitioning. Keep it simple, I always say. ;)08:35
Tex_NickSORRY FOR CAPS :(08:35
donttrustem_PatrickDickey: what spalsh portion?08:35
SolarisBoyBillyZane: in your case just resize the C drive and allow ubuntu to install on the new space all on one new partition08:35
PatrickDickeysubcool_: do you have a Windows 7 installation disk?08:35
donttrustem_PatrickDickey: I am running 12.0408:35
Spudagehi all, I'm looking for a couple of quick pointers. I've installed Ubuntu 12.10 server and have found that my static IP configuration in /etc/network/interfaces works fine for some time (e.g., hours) and then at some point in time Ubuntu decides to switch back to DHCP08:35
subcool_PatrickDickey, no08:35
dr_willisan easy wizard... as opposed to a difficult wizard. ;)08:35
BillyZaneSolarisBoy: ok, so lets say i don't do it that way. i'll create 2 additional partitions, / and /home , each being either ext3/4. i should keep swap on the / drive right? if i were to run a virtualbox, would it install on the / drive? if so, windows 7 is somewhat large, i would think i should install a lot of space for this drive08:36
Spudagemy /etc/network/interfaces file is still as i configured it. restarting network services makes it work with my static again. Any ideas?08:36
SolarisBoyBillyZane: you should have one partition for linux when you resize08:36
Spudagedone lots of searching and found plenty of ppl with the same problem but no real fixes08:36
SolarisBoylinux can run from one partition fine - it would just put everything under "/" (root)08:36
PatrickDickeysubcool_: Reboot it, and start hitting F8 until you get a menu. Try safe mode Or startup repair, if that's an option. Then you might be able to checkdisk it.08:36
PatrickDickeydonttrustem: can you paste your new grub config please?08:37
subcool_PatrickDickey, good idea08:38
BillyZaneSolarisBoy: i don't mind doing that, but i've heard that if you want to reinstall ubuntu on a clean drive, it makes it difficult. having 2 is something i usually do with windows, so it seems logical to me to have 2 partitions for linux08:38
BillyZaneby the way, i just added 100gigs to C drive! yay!08:38
SolarisBoyBillyZane: if you need it and have the space sure08:38
dr_willisreinstall to a clean drive?  if the drive is clean its a new install? :)  I normally have a / and /home and swap parttuons on my installs08:38
BillyZaneSolarisBoy, i got an empty 1 tb hard drive, space i have, headaches i can do without08:38
dr_willisusing a whole 2nd drive on a system just for linux can save a lot of headaches08:39
SolarisBoyright a seperate /home allows you to choose to use that existing partition as /home when running a new instance of the installer08:39
SolarisBoydr_willis: yeps =)08:39
BillyZanedr_willis: someday, i will08:39
donttrustem_PatrickDickey: http://pastebin.com/HRwxUegS08:40
BillyZanei'm too new at this to ditch windows completely, but i might be able to delete C drive one day and go completely linux08:40
subcool_i hate windows08:40
dr_willisdrives ae deccently cheap these days. ;) just swap out your C:  with a nice SSD and keep it on a shelf in case you ever need it.08:40
donttrustem_PatrickDickey: it is the " that is wrong08:40
BillyZaneSolarisBoy: how much should i give to / and /home ? - considering i will keep 2gb swap in / and possibly run a virtual machine for windows 708:41
subcool_im in sysmter repair with cmd. and now the f' drive is write protected.08:41
dr_willisBillyZane:  ive filled up 10gb of / befor.. so i go for at least 30gb for / these days. ;) rest for home and swap08:41
BillyZanedr_willis, i'd like to do that, but i'm an undergraduate student, lol08:41
SolarisBoyBillyZane: like i said it depends on your usage of the system my storage server runs ubuntu and the root partition is about 60GB - and i've installed ubuntu on smaller partitions - but again - if you plan on installing things take care to make it large enough08:42
donttrustem_PatrickDickey: changed then and it is working now08:42
PatrickDickeydonttrustem_: go into the /etc/default/grub, and change the "'s. Just delete the ones that are there, and put them back in.08:42
PatrickDickeydonttrustem_: :D You're quicker than I am. LOL08:42
BillyZaneSolarisBoy, i plan on installing things. like.. i want to test out stuff08:42
PatrickDickeydonttrustem_: and it reboots normally over and over?08:42
SolarisBoythen it really depends on what you want to test08:42
dr_willisBillyZane:  installing stuff takes amazing little spacve comapred to windows. ;)08:43
SolarisBoyjust treat it like you would windows on that front08:43
donttrustem_PatrickDickey: dunno yet08:43
BillyZaneSolarisBoy, i want to run apps for molecular dynamics which take up a huge amount of ram if you run a lot of atoms08:43
SolarisBoytrue but stuff adds up - dont try to do a super tiny root drive and then run out of space..08:43
BillyZanei'm considering the possibility that i might get 32gb of ram and might need a 64gb swap file some day08:44
SolarisBoyyou dont..08:44
donttrustem_PatrickDickey: OK trying again08:44
SolarisBoyas stated 2GB will be fine for you08:44
BillyZanewhere does the swap file reside?08:44
dr_willisreally have to wonder at an app that uses 90+gb of ram and swap08:44
dr_willisswap is a partion08:44
SolarisBoyBillyZane: wherever you want it08:44
SolarisBoyswap can be a file or partition08:44
BillyZanei'd like it as a file08:45
dr_willisof the type swap. Or it can be a file.. OR it can be combonations of files and partitions08:45
dr_willisBillyZane:  why08:45
BillyZanecan i keep it on / ?08:45
PatrickDickeyBillyZane: How big of a partition are you working with overall?08:45
dr_willisits best to have swap on a partition08:45
ist162548join #android08:45
PatrickDickeyist162548: you forgot the / ;)08:45
dr_willisif you want to use the hibernate then i belive swap MUST be on a partition08:45
BillyZanedr_willis: i'm asking these questions because very soon i intend on installing ubuntu for the first time. i a 3 day old penguine, i know nothing outside of the ls command that i didn't learn in the last few days, i want to be absolutely certain about what to do before i start this, it's scary but i'll give it a go08:46
BillyZanewhat is the hibernate?08:46
donttrustemPatrickDickey: Nope same friggin problem08:46
dr_willisstick to the defaults..08:46
PatrickDickeysuspend to disk (hibernate on windows)08:46
dr_willis;) then you can change things later08:46
BillyZanePatrickDickey: i have about 250gb on C drive, and the rest of the 1tb hard drive is unallocated08:46
SolarisBoypersisting memory to hard drive so you can wake up where you left off BillyZane08:46
subcool_there has to be some linux disk checker that will work08:46
subcool_maybe fsck is just not setup right.08:47
BillyZanePatrickDickey, i can give these drives as much space as they need, but i would like to keep things less than what is necessary08:47
PatrickDickeyBillyZane: If you were just going to create one giant partition, how big would you make it?08:47
Tex_NickBillyZane : segregating home is really a good thing to do for backup & fresh installs ... fro performance you might also think about shoving your web cache in tempfs for speed :-). Its good for SSDs too, fewer writes with worthless data08:47
SolarisBoyTex_Nick: +108:47
BillyZanePatrickDickey, i could give it as much as it needs, i could probably go with 300 without feeling too bad08:47
dr_willisI got my / on a 128gb ssd, then a bigger hd for home08:47
SolarisBoyand on my storage box i have 2 bigger drives in a lvm shared out the network08:48
BillyZaneTex_Nick: precisely why i want to segregate / , i think it's awesome. but the question is, how big do i make home? consider that i would like to maybe get a large swap file on this drive (no swap partition), and i would likely run a windows 7 virtual box... hmm.. perhaps that coul be on /home if possible08:48
dr_willisBillyZane:  why do you think its better to do a swap file if you have never used linux befor?08:49
donttrustemPatrickDickey: Wtf now it doesn't even boot.  Man I thought ubuntu was supposed to be the best ever:(08:49
BillyZanedr_willis: that is an epic setup08:49
SolarisBoythe vbox can by of dynamic disk type so doesn't neccesarily need to take up that much disk space08:49
PatrickDickeyBillyZane: Since you've got free space, I'd say something like 50GB for /, 300 GB for /home. You can always resize them if you need more.  Well, with the /, it'll be a reformat and reinstallation.08:49
dr_willisBillyZane:  whats epic setup?  A fairly standard setup would be abouit 20-30gb for / a few gb for swap, and rest for home08:49
* PatrickDickey is just throwing numbers out as an example.08:50
BillyZanedr_willis: because people tell me i don't need a swap file, and my guess is that the only advantage is that there's always physical space avaiable for the swap file to expand if it's needed08:50
dr_willisby default the installer wont let you use a swap file08:50
BillyZaneerr.. sorry08:50
BillyZanethat i don't need a swap partition08:50
dr_willisI dont have a swap parition on my 8gb setup. because i frogot to add one. ;)08:51
PatrickDickeydonttrustem: did you edit the /etc/default/grub and remove everything but quiet splash, and then reboot? Or did it work before, so you never tried that?08:51
SolarisBoyyou would just choose no swap on the installer - and then add the swap file later if thats what you really wanted08:51
dr_willisand when i moved my home . i deleted it. ;)08:51
BillyZanePatrickDickey: that sounds reasonable08:51
dr_willisI could have had the system allready installed in the time its been taking you to worry about a trivial 2gb of swap  on a partition. ;;)08:51
SolarisBoyalso true08:52
dr_willisone nice thing about a swap partion. is that many live cds' will see and use it.. if its there08:52
BillyZanei have a related question to ask that might solve this problem... this question is stemmed from my lack of understanding. what is installed on / and what is installed on /home ? is / just the kernel? is /home the applications?08:52
dr_willis / is the root of the whole filesystem... /home is all the users home directories08:52
donttrustemPatrickDickey: It works if I go into recovery mode and run update grub then resume reboot normally08:52
Tex_NickBillyZane : 1.1 X RAM is usually a good factor fot swap08:52
dr_willis /home is mounted into the home direccory on /08:52
BillyZaneTex_Nick: i will go with that then.08:53
dr_willisthats why its /home  ;)  thats the full path to it08:53
SolarisBoyhow much memory do you have?08:53
BillyZaneaccording to dr_willis however, the installer does not give me the option to not have a swap partition, how can i not have one then?08:53
BillyZanei have 16gb08:53
Tex_NickBillyZane : that would give you a safe margin if you want to suspend/hibernate system08:54
SolarisBoyyou just choose no swap it asks if your sure you say yea08:54
PatrickDickeydonttrustem: I'm at a loss. If it updates in the recovery, then it should boot normally after that.08:54
SolarisBoyyou really don't need a 16GBish swap file...08:54
SolarisBoywaste of hdd space08:54
SolarisBoyunless your computer is from like 9508:54
BillyZaneTex_Nick, what does that mean? you mean like sleep mode? why would it not be safe if you didn't have one? is it saving all the ram to the swap file when going in to hybernation mode so it can be reloaded?08:54
PatrickDickeyBillyZane: when you're at the disk partitioning stage, choose the option to "Do Something else".08:54
BillyZanePatrickDickey: is that an actual option?08:55
BillyZaneSolarisBoy: is it a waste if i go beyond 16gb of ram for some reason08:55
dr_willisit does not thve the option to make a swap FILE08:55
PatrickDickeyYes. You should have a screen that says something like "Ubuntu detected another operating system..." And it should be the bottom option.08:55
dr_willisit will want to make a swap partiion08:56
SolarisBoyto me it is - but im not taking hibernation into consideration08:56
subcool_why wont fsck scan the drive properly? i dont get it. it even sasys it has a cluster error.08:56
SolarisBoylol i dont even use swap08:56
PatrickDickeysubcool_: do you have gparted open by chance?08:56
Flynsarmyhow do i get out of gnome shell lock screen without a mouse? i see an arrow flashing upwards every now and then but no keyboard combo seems to do anything08:56
subcool_not yet08:56
subcool_PatrickDickey, not yet08:56
PatrickDickeyBillyZane: are you planning on using hibernation? If I remember right, it's not enabled by default in Ubuntu.08:56
subcool_im booting into linux now08:56
BillyZaneSolarisBoy: i'm not sure what hybernation is, so i can't say if i would need it08:56
PatrickDickeysubcool_: Open Gparted, and click on the drive. Then do the test on it. Let it run (the SMART test).08:57
BillyZaneis hybernation the storing of ram in to the hard disk for later reloading?08:57
SolarisBoyBillyZane: its when the computer is using minimal power and things in memory are persisted to disk to be recovered when you wake the computer up08:57
BillyZaneif so, it makes sense that it would need a 1:1 allocation08:57
subcool_PatrickDickey, k08:57
donttrustemPatrickDickey: Ok ... I just ran update grub from recovery mode and resumed reboot.  I get half the screen in colour  and the rest is black.  I then reboot normally and get a  complete  black screen08:57
PatrickDickeyBillyZane: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PowerManagement/Hibernate08:58
BillyZanety for the link08:58
Tex_NickBillyZane : sorry i didn't know you had taht much RAM ... SolarisBoy is right ... you don't need that much swap then ... when a system hibernates though ... any active process' are stored to swap for restart08:58
PatrickDickeydonttrustem: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsVideoCardsPoulsbo this might help you too.08:58
auronandace!nomodeset | donttrustem08:59
ubottudonttrustem: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter08:59
BillyZaneok, we have a non anomalous result here. the swap file will be left at 2 gb. can i increase this at a later time?09:00
SolarisBoyBillyZane: sure09:00
SolarisBoyBillyZane: you can remove the swap file and add a new one - or add more and swapon them to enable them09:00
BillyZaneand will this reside in / or /home09:00
SolarisBoyeither or -09:00
SolarisBoyBillyZane: doesn't matter - don't put them someplace that will get wiped i'd say..09:00
PatrickDickeyBillyZane: Technically, it will reside in it's own space.09:00
Tex_NickSolarisBoy : ^509:00
BillyZaneif i run a virtual box for windows 7, and allocate say 20gb to this, would it reside on / or /home ?09:01
BillyZanewhat resides in /09:01
BillyZaneis it just the kernel?09:01
BillyZanei'd like to keep it to the kernal and swap09:01
SolarisBoythe system/programs etc09:01
BillyZaneso what goes in /home ?09:01
SolarisBoyTex_Nick: =)09:01
PatrickDickeyBillyZane: Think of it like this: Take a pie and cut it into three pieces. They're all part of the same pie, but each is separate, right?09:01
BillyZaneis home the stuff like files and media, pictures, etc09:01
BillyZanePatrickDickey, i follow09:02
SolarisBoyBillyZane: technically no09:02
bekksBillyZane: home holds user settings, etc.09:02
SolarisBoyBillyZane: /home is location for users folders and under the user folder is location for media and etc09:02
SolarisBoyBillyZane: so you music is like /home/user/Music - etc.09:02
BillyZanei see09:02
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BillyZanebig question, if i have an NTFS partition09:02
bekksYou cant use it for /home09:03
BillyZanesay, D drive, separate from / and /home, can i access the media on that drive09:03
PatrickDickeyOk, that's essentially what you're doing with the partitioning. You're cutting the drive into three pieces. When you ask about /, it's the filesystem. But, if you look at it using ls or a file manager, you'll see /home also. It's a link to the partition that has /home on it.09:03
PatrickDickeyYou won't see /swap, but it's linked off of / also.09:04
SolarisBoyif it's a partition09:04
BillyZaneby the way, i really appreciate everyone's help09:04
PatrickDickeyIn other words, when you look at the "pie" you'll see one giant piece. But, in reality, it's cut up into three.09:04
PatrickDickey^ SolarisBoy. (What he said is right).09:04
BillyZanethis is what i gather from what everyone is saying, due to the fact that all the programs and kernel and swap is stored on / , i should allocate the most space for / , because i plan on keeping most of my media outside on an NTFS drive, i should probably not give /home as much space , would this be a wise decision?09:05
SolarisBoybut in general right on - like cutting up a pie09:05
BillyZanei'm considering about 60 gb for / and about 20 gb for /home , is that ok?09:05
SolarisBoyBillyZane: heh - seems like your selling home short09:05
dr_willisi must have 10+gb of wallpaper in my /home/username   ;)09:05
PatrickDickeyBillyZane: I'd go the other way around. Unless you don't plan on storing any documents on the drive.09:06
SolarisBoythink of it like this - by default - your virtual machines will be in your home folder..09:06
subcool_PatrickDickey, it says deamn is inhibited09:06
SolarisBoyif your using VirtualBox or VMware09:06
bekksIn vbox, you can easily change the path where vms will be stored.09:06
SolarisBoyso if you make a 10GB VM then you easily killed half your space09:06
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SolarisBoysure bekks but just saying =)09:06
SolarisBoy20GB seems small for home09:06
BillyZaneSolarisBoy, i don't mind increasing /home, but i feel like nothing will be stored on it of any really critical value, i understand though that /user/ will be on it, thus a lot of files will be there, such as installation files and tar files and such, so i should give it an adequate space, which you have just convinced me to do09:06
dr_willisBillyZane:  /user/ ? theres no /user/  ;)  theres /home/YOURUSERNAMES09:07
bekksMy /home's are never bigger than 4GB.09:07
SolarisBoyyou could also make .VirtualBox a soft link from another drive09:07
skp1_does anyone know how to add a .desktop file to the launcher from the command line?09:07
SolarisBoybut meh09:07
dr_willisi got my /home on its own 3TB HD.09:07
BillyZanedr_willis: is what i meant ;)09:07
bekksEverything else like vms, files, etc. are not userrelated and thus not stored in /home - but in /data09:07
PatrickDickeyBillyZane: if you're going to use a 300GB drive, I'd go 60 for / and the rest for /home (minus a swap, if you want one).09:07
BillyZanedr_willis, that's because you're a baller09:07
SolarisBoy=( mine is like 1TB my storage has like 1.7TB together in an LVM but they both have seperate 128GB ssd's for /09:08
ubotturino: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».09:08
dr_willisrino:  do you list every channel you join? o09:08
SolarisBoygotta 3tb usb though ;>09:08
Tex_Nickfor me, 20gb / ext4. 1.1xRAM for swap ( I assume 2gb RAM or greater) and the rest s ext4 for /home09:09
dr_willisa ssd for / is a good investment09:09
SolarisBoynot really sure why.. but it feels good to have a lot of space09:09
bekksSolarisBoy: Thats why I have several TB for /data :P09:09
BillyZanedr_willis: sigh, one day. one day. i work at a shoe store09:09
SolarisBoybekks: ;> i love /data mounts - always interesting09:09
dr_willis /media/vacationvideos09:09
SolarisBoy/media/virtual /media/media /media/utility -> expandable iscsi mounts ;> wootwoot09:10
subcool_PatrickDickey, nvm- it was because ih ad gparted running09:10
SolarisBoy/media/media/ confuses me sometimes though09:10
dr_willis  /media/aidem09:11
bekksSolarisBoy: /data is a shared ZFS :P09:11
BillyZanethank you solarcloud_3scrn, Tex_Nick, dr_willis, PatrickDickey, bekks09:11
SolarisBoybekks: =009:11
BillyZaneerr SolarisBoy09:11
SolarisBoybekks: noice ;>09:11
BillyZanelol, he gave me a little help earlier09:11
Tex_Nicklol ... BillyZane, dr_willis has a good point about ssd's ... linus torvalds recently compared hard drives to satan ;-)09:12
BillyZaneis it because they crash?09:12
PatrickDickeyNo problem BillyZane.09:12
BillyZaneohh.. i've heard that ext4 is not compatible with windows09:12
Tex_NickBillyZane : yes09:12
SolarisBoyits not09:12
bekksBillyZane: Thats true.09:13
BillyZaneby incompatible, does that mean i would not be able to access media on an ntfs drive?09:13
PatrickDickeyBillyZane: no linux partition is.  Well, there's an application ext2dos or something like that, but I wouldn't trust it.09:13
bekksBillyZane: No. ext4 cannot be mounted from windows.09:13
BillyZaneor does it mean that windows can not access ext409:13
SolarisBoycorrect - or better put can't access that data from a windows installation using it's native utilities09:13
bekksBillyZane: Linux coun mount NTFS.09:13
SolarisBoybekks: the latter09:13
auronandaceBillyZane: it means if you are using windows you won't access ext4 partitions09:13
SolarisBoywoops *BillyZane - not bekks09:13
subcool_Hey, im getting tired. gnite all09:14
ubottuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE09:14
subcool_PatrickDickey, ``q  and everyone else.. thanks for the help.09:14
BillyZaneso.. in practice, i could be in linux and i would have a mounted NTFS drive that i could browse, but in windows, i would not be able to browse linux partitions09:14
PatrickDickeyno problem subcool_.09:14
bekksBillyZane: Correct.09:14
PatrickDickeyBillyZane: Right.09:14
BillyZaneif i use ext3, is that problem resolved for accessing linux drives on windows?09:15
dr_williswindows is limited09:15
SolarisBoywindows is non tolerant to open source09:15
PatrickDickeyBillyZane: If you know that you're going to need to access files from both, then create a partition that's formatted ntfs and copy the files there.09:15
BillyZanei suppose it won't really matter going backwards09:15
jorickhey can i have my photos  "protected" when they import so that i don't accidentally lose them when i drag them to my dropbox? like put mode ticky on the directory or something?09:15
BillyZanePatrickDickey, good idea09:15
bekksjorick: Create a backup then.09:15
dr_willisdont trust windows tools that access ext# filesystems09:15
BillyZaneso, worse case scenario, i copy files to NTFS from linux09:15
SolarisBoymicrosoft would keel over and convulse if they had to put some open source FS drivers in their OS stack09:15
PatrickDickeyBillyZane: You won't make it your /home or anything like that though. it'll be a separate partition altogether.09:16
BillyZanePatrickDickey: what do you mean?09:16
kepleri just use a nas that i mount as nfs on linux, and have shared with cifs for windows09:16
jorickbekks, i use dropbox as an online backup for my most precious pictures09:16
BillyZanePatrickDickey: can't i just transfer a file, say homework.c to a C drive while i'm in linux?09:16
SolarisBoyBillyZane: yes09:16
PatrickDickeyI mean, all of your linux partitions (/, /home) will be formatted as ext4. You'll need one more partition if you want to copy between windows and linux.09:16
bekksjorick: Then your question is pointless :)09:17
PatrickDickeyBillyZane: Yes, you can do that. I wasn't sure how much data you'd want to share.09:17
bekksjorick: Either you rely on your backup, or you dont rely on it and you create a local backup.09:17
BillyZanePatrickDickey: hmm.... i probably won't share anything too large09:17
BillyZanethank you everyone once again09:17
PatrickDickeyBillyZane: If you find that you need the space, you can always create another partition in whatever you have unallocated.09:18
SolarisBoyi saw this shirt with a usb stick on it that said "back that thing up"09:18
Tex_NickBillyZane : on dual boot ( windoze & linux ) i always disable windows file indexing ... it's crashed ubuntu files in the distant past09:18
BillyZanewhen i install ubuntu... i'm presuming i'll have to select windows or ubuntu when the system starts, is that boot up feature come default after an instillation, or should be be aware of any sort of boot up software i should install09:18
jorickbekks: ok got it, there's no way for linux to say: "don't allow modifications on files created in this dir, but allow new files anyways". sorry for asking09:18
BillyZaneTex_Nick: that crashing is not a problem now though?09:19
PatrickDickeyBillyZane: You'll get a GRUB menu that gives you the options of Ubuntu, Advanced Settings for Ubuntu, or Windows.09:19
PatrickDickeyIt's default, if you install any linux distribution AFTER you install Windows.09:19
ubottuThe Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/09:19
bekksjorick: Thats something different than what you asked, I guess. And yes, you could set that up using ACL.09:19
BillyZanePatrickDickey, to get this grub window, i'll have to do something during the boot sequence in my bios to make this work?09:19
Tex_NickBillyZane : install windoze first then ubuntu for ease :)09:20
BillyZanei have windows installed first :D09:20
SolarisBoyit will be easy then BillyZane09:20
PatrickDickeyBillyZane: Nope. If you install Ubuntu after Windows, Ubuntu handles that for you. If you install Windows after Ubuntu, you have to fix it.09:20
BillyZanei <3 u guys09:20
* PatrickDickey is glad to see the Ubuntu Manual is an option in the bot... Since I've helped as an author on it. :)09:21
jorickbekks, ok i'll check that out. any ubuntu specific terms i could include in my search?09:21
BillyZaneis the manual on the topic? i really need to see this manual09:21
SolarisBoyPatrickDickey: thats cool09:21
BillyZanethe problem is, the manual is very confusing for me09:21
PatrickDickey!manual BillyZane09:21
BillyZaneshould i receieve a download?09:22
* PatrickDickey um ok.. That didn't work the way it's supposed to.09:22
jorickwhoops nvmd got it this is excactly what i needed09:22
SolarisBoynah its online im sure you can DL as an option somewhere09:22
ubottuThe Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/09:22
BillyZaneis there an online manual?09:22
auronandace!manual | BillyZane09:22
ubottuBillyZane: please see above09:22
PatrickDickeyIt's also available in the Software Center.09:22
BillyZaneohhh thank you09:22
SolarisBoyBillyZane: that is the manual online =)09:22
SolarisBoyBillyZane: http://ubuntu-manual.org/09:22
BillyZaneyou are all too kind09:22
BillyZanei'm checking it out right now09:22
Tex_NickBillyZane : when you boot ... grub will give you a nice text menu to choose startup options09:22
* PatrickDickey needs to eat something and do laundry...09:23
BillyZaneTex_Nick, cool09:23
BillyZanePatrickDickey, eat well09:23
BillyZanei have a question....09:23
Spudagecan anyone offer some suggestions as to why my /etc/network/interfaces static IP works fine for a number of hours and then suddenly Ubuntu switches back to DHCP? (12.10 Server)09:23
BillyZanewill this manual help me do an installation step by step?09:23
SolarisBoySpudage: your probably running the dhclient09:24
BillyZanesay i'm a complete novice, will it show me exactly what to install?09:24
BillyZanesay i install ubuntu... after that, i have to get KDE installed (my preferred GUI)09:24
BillyZanesomeone was guiding me through this installation09:24
SpudageSolarisBoy, whats the easiest way to check? is it installed by default? And I'm assuming if it is it must take priority over a static setting09:24
auronandace!kubuntu | BillyZane09:24
ubottuBillyZane: Kubuntu is the Ubuntu flavour using KDE Software and the KDE Plasma Workspaces.  See http://kubuntu.org for more information - For support join  #kubuntu - See also !kde09:24
SolarisBoyBillyZane: it should walk you through more general things - so you dont have to worry about those details and it will help you find info quickly09:25
BillyZanefor the virtualbox, and honestly... i can't remember all the commands i had to write09:25
Tex_NickBillyZane : this might seem lame ... but YouTube has great vids on all things linux, bash, c & c++, ubuntu ... etc :)09:25
BillyZaneTex_Nick, no it's not lame at all09:25
SolarisBoySpudage: you can check the process table "ps auxwww|grep dhc" or maybe look for NetworkManager or networkmanager whatever they call it these days - although networkmanager generally ignores anything in /etc/network/interfaces so i would suspect dhclient -09:25
Spudagethanks mate, i'll check it out09:26
SolarisBoySpudage: another clue may be looking at the /etc/resolv.conf file at the type it generally leaves a note if dhcp wrote things to networking config09:26
BillyZanei'm currently reading the manual for installation09:26
SolarisBoySpudage: sure =)09:26
donttrustemPatrickDickey: I think I will go back to windows :( I am not getting anywhere with this09:27
SpudageSolarisBoy, I'll check that out too. Thanks09:27
BillyZanedonttrustem: defeatist!09:27
SolarisBoyif it is there and your sure your sticking with static its safe to remove the package - you can reinstall it if needed later - that will stop it from starting up and being around if not needed09:28
donttrustemBillyZane: Hey man I have been working on this for 10 hours now09:28
BillyZanedonttrustem, what are you trying to do?09:29
PatrickDickeydonttrustem: did you try putting nomodset into the command line?09:29
PatrickDickeyHe's trying to get Ubuntu working on an Aspire EEPC (if I understand right).09:29
JesusAlos_Hi. I've aproblem execution program09:30
donttrustemPatrickDickey: Trying now09:30
JesusAlos_in ubuntu 10.0409:30
JesusAlos_when execute in command console: heekscnc09:30
JesusAlos_appears: error while loading shared libraries: libTKernel-6.3.0.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory09:30
Tex_NickBillyZane : have a look at this :)09:31
SolarisBoyJesusAlos_: the application your trying to run is looking for a library it can't find - you can try looking for the package that provides that library file and rerunning the application again09:31
donttrustemPatrickDickey: Same problem but I am doing this using the e command because I cannot get to the desktop09:31
Tex_NickBillyZane : jeeze forgot link http://ubuntuxtreme.com/howto/how-to-change-desktop-environment-in-ubuntu-12-10/09:32
petergkhey all09:32
petergkI just discovered the zeitgest system in ubuntu09:33
petergkscary stuff09:33
JesusAlos_solarisBoy: how do it?09:33
SolarisBoyJesusAlos_: atleast in 12.04 the packages which provide that file are libopencascade-foundation-6.5.0 but that provides the 6.5.0 libs as you see - so you probably want to look for something like that as a start09:33
SolarisBoyJesusAlos_: i used apt-file search libTKernel on my system - you can install apt-file if it's available for 10.04 and search for files in external packages like that easily09:34
petergkhow is connected the zeitgeist system to the gps data sender?09:34
PatrickDickeydonttrustem: remove everything after the console=tty1 in the command line (everything you added after that)09:34
PatrickDickeyIt should look like quiet splash console=tty1 or "quiet splash console=tty1" when you hit e.09:35
skp1does anyone know how i can set ubuntu to show all messages during boot, instead of the plymouth splash screen?09:35
bazhang!nox | skp109:35
ubottuskp1: To start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode09:35
* PatrickDickey is actually thinking donttrustem should try 12.10 instead of 12.04.09:36
donttrustemOk. Will download it09:36
PatrickDickeyI'm going on the idea that they probably fixed the issues in 12.10, since the wiki page about the graphics card says that no workarounds are needed.09:39
Ben64whats the issue?09:39
donttrustemPatrickDickey: Ok coming down now .... I hope it works.  I really want to put all the machine here on ubuntu09:40
PatrickDickeyHe installed Ubuntu 12.04 on an AspireOne, and when he boots, it gives him a black screen. Everything he's tried from the wiki page has failed.09:40
PatrickDickeydonttrustem: when you boot to it, do the "Try Ubuntu" option first. Just to make sure it works.09:41
PatrickDickeyAnd you don't want to upgrade. You want a clean installation (wipe everything and install).09:41
donttrustemI understand09:41
PatrickDickeyI'm going off of what the wiki page for the graphics card suggests, just to be clear.09:41
Tex_Nickquantal ... anyone know how i can get my desktop icons to automatically align vertically ... "keep aligned" works great horizontally but not vertically09:44
donttrustemPatrick lol ....just removed everything and it has worked ...wtf09:45
dr_willisive rarely had issues with  my 2 netbooks ;)09:46
lcabreza1hi, how do i do an ldap search using terminal ?09:46
SpudageSolarisBoy, i did some hunting around. i don't have network manager on here. dhclient is running and i can see in /var/lib.dhcp/dhclient.eth0.leases the address that is being assigned. I would have thought that my static settings should just take priority over this lease by default09:46
PatrickDickeydonttrustem: try rebooting a few times. if it works, then don't change anything.09:47
bekksSpudage: Look at ifconfig -ainstead.09:47
bekksSpudage: Look at ifconfig -a instead.09:47
PatrickDickeypetergk: hello09:47
Spudagei wouldn't have to kill (and remove from startup) the dhclient process would i? because then if i ever did remove the static IP i'd have to reenable it09:47
skp1dr_willis: i was in here a minute ago asking how to see boot messages when i start my computer, appending text to the kernel line just gave me a command prompt instead of lightdm, i did not see any messages while it was booting09:47
dr_willisskp1:  try 'noquiet nosplash verbose'09:48
skp1ok thank you09:48
Spudagebekks, its still showing the correct IP since I restarted 'networking'. My problem is that after a number of hours it automatically starts using a DHCP lease again (even though my manual settings still exist in /etc/network/interfaces)09:48
dr_willisskp1:  text will keep lightdm from starting..  it boots to the text console09:48
dr_willisverbose will show a LOt of messages09:49
Spudagemy concern is that dhclient will take priority again at some point09:49
petergkin ubuntu the zeitgeist system is connected to the gps system09:50
petergkstill scary09:51
PatrickDickeyWhy's it scary?09:51
* dr_willis wonders what gps system he has on his pc.09:52
petergkPatrickDickey, I can't see the direction of communication, so I need to audit09:53
PatrickDickeyme wonders if that's why he keeps getting the message "in 100 feet make the first legal u-turn"09:53
PatrickDickeydarn / anyhow. :P09:53
* PatrickDickey wonders if that's why he keeps getting the message "in 100 feet make the first legal u-turn"09:54
petergkPatrickDickey, it's can be a good feature, but with an app which sends back data to somewhere09:54
PatrickDickeyIt's only accurate though, if your computer actually has a GPS capability.09:55
* dr_willis hears "The nearest donut shop is 400 ft ahead"09:55
BillyZanei got a situation09:57
donttrustemPatrickDickey: Strange it did not work ... So I used the e command again and remove the $vt_handoff form the  end of the line and it worked.   The problem I have is finding where to remove  it  permanently09:57
PatrickDickeyWhat's up BillyZane?09:57
=== ryanclancy000 is now known as Guest69144
BillyZanei want to install ubuntu, but i feel like i will need assistance during installation09:57
PatrickDickeydonttrustem: can you paste your grub config again?09:57
petergkif one app sends back my activity, I am not happy09:58
PatrickDickeyBillyZane: Are you on the computer that you're going to install it on?09:58
BillyZanePatrickDickey, yes09:58
BillyZanePatrickDickey, i have a second computer, 1 monitor, 1 kb/m , no KVM switch09:58
BillyZanei suppose i could unplug and replug stuff during install09:58
BillyZanethe question is, how can i get help and still be lazy09:58
PatrickDickeyBillyZane: Are you on Ubuntu right now? Live CD?09:59
BillyZanewindows 709:59
BillyZanei have ubuntu on a virtual machine that has convinced me i need MOAR09:59
PatrickDickeyBoot to the Live CD, and choose the Option Try Ubuntu.09:59
PatrickDickeyThen come back in here, and we'll walk you through it if you need us to.09:59
BillyZanei can install it while i'm on here?09:59
BillyZanethat is really cool...10:00
BillyZanei guess i should burn a live CD then10:00
PatrickDickeyI believe so. It's an application that will be running, and at some point, you can navigate the web. So I'd guess that you can.10:00
PatrickDickeyBillyZane: are you still looking at the Ubuntu manual?10:01
BillyZanei'll download the live CD now patrick10:01
SpudageSolarisBoy, FYI incase you are curious: after a bit more reading it seems that after editing my /etc/network/interfaces file and restarting networking that i should have manually killed the dhclient process (as this doesn't seem to happen automatically when disabling DHCP). now that i've killed the process it hasn't come back after a restart (so should be all good now)10:02
Spudagenot sure if its a bug that dhclient stays running once the only interface on the machine has been made static though!10:02
BillyZanePatrickDickey, it says the 32bit is the recommended download, i have a 64bit chip. why is 32bit recommended? is it to ensure backward compatibility on all devices?10:03
BillyZanedoes the 64bit have any disadvantage?10:03
dr_willisBillyZane:  you got it..10:03
PatrickDickeyBillyZane: They don't know which you have. So you can choose the 64 bit.10:03
dr_willisif you got 64bit hardware. use 64bit10:03
[DeVil-BoY]i'm using 6410:03
[DeVil-BoY]so far so good10:03
BillyZanety, i'm downloading now10:04
PatrickDickeyBillyZane: Did you download the Ubuntu Manual earlier?10:04
BillyZanei should contribute10:04
BillyZanepatrick, yes, i was reading the installation portion10:05
PatrickDickeyOn Page 13, is the screen that we were talking about earlier, where you choose "Something else" and then manually set up your paritions.10:05
* BillyZane looks for that page10:05
dr_willisThey really really need to use a better term then 'Somthing else'10:06
PatrickDickeyThe section heading is "Install ubuntu alongside another Operating System."10:06
BillyZaneyes, i see the something else option10:06
ClientAlivecan someone remind me the command to find all unused packages? I thought it was sudo apt-get clean or *autoclean but after reading about them I'm not so sure that's what I'm looking for.10:06
PatrickDickeyTrue dr_willis. I think it used to be "manually partition" or something like that.10:06
BillyZaneoh yes10:06
PatrickDickeysudo apt-get autoremove will remove unneeded packages.10:06
BillyZanewhat is apt-get10:07
dr_willisIt jus sounds weird to say to some one   'use the somthing else button'10:07
BillyZaneactually.. what is apt10:07
PatrickDickeyIt's how you install software (via the command line).10:07
ubottuAPT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome), !Muon (KDE) or !Apper (KDE)10:07
dr_willisYou got a lot of reading to do. ;)10:08
BillyZaneohhh i see, i installed synaptic on this virtualbox, it's like an app store10:08
PatrickDickeyLOL And plenty of time to do it in.10:08
PatrickDickeySynaptic is a graphical frontend for apt/dpkg.10:08
dr_willisBillyZane:  the whold idea of a 'store' is a bit.. well.. demeaning ::) for what apt can do.. heh10:08
BillyZaneit was an analogy, but you're right10:08
BillyZaneit's an app repository for mankind10:08
dr_willisApt/synaptic has been around LONG LONG befor there was even the term  'app store'10:09
ClientAlivePatrickDickey: thanks10:09
PatrickDickeyNo problem ClientAlive.10:09
dr_willisBillyZane:  we keep out packages in a 'repository' not a store. ;)10:09
BillyZanedr_willis, true that. i have offended linux, for that i am sorry10:09
BillyZaneactually, linux is the GNU OS right?10:09
dr_willisIts amazeing how useless some of these 'other' app stores are becoming with flood of junk10:10
ubottuThe GNU Hurd is the GNU project's replacement for the Unix kernel. It is not ready for production use, as there are still many bugs and missing features. http://www.gnu.org/software/hurd/hurd.html10:10
BillyZanei was reading linux got picked up cause GNU was looking for an OS and BSD was in some legal dispute at the time, so they settled with linux10:10
PatrickDickeyLinux is the kernel basically.10:10
BillyZanei'ma check out hurd10:10
dr_willisLinux uses the HURD stuff for its skelton. i gues syou can say10:10
dr_willisits analogy day10:11
BillyZaneerrrr .. sorry, not GNU, BSD10:11
BillyZanei am currently still downloading linux installer10:11
donttrustem_PatrickDickey: http://pastebin.com/vJpmXDCw10:11
Tex_NickBillyZane : GNU came from Richard Stallman ... father of open source so to speak10:12
BillyZanewhat's this?10:12
BillyZaneit says grub a bunch of times10:12
BillyZaneguessing it's a grub thingy10:12
BillyZanehow do i use that?10:12
BillyZanei have to run kate or nano10:13
BillyZanecopy it in to the window10:13
BillyZanesave it10:13
ubuntun00bhi all .. i just started playing with ubuntu server .. .   my problem is .. on eth0, if I use ipv6 it works fine .. but as soon as I change it to br0, it stops to work .. is there any special setting to make ipv6 work in br010:13
BillyZanethen what10:13
dr_williswe are not sure what you are talking about BillyZane10:13
PatrickDickeydonttrustem: remove splash from the /etc/default/grub file.10:13
BillyZanedonttrustem pasted something, i thought it was intended for me10:13
PatrickDickeyNope, it was his GRUB config. He's having boot issues.10:14
BillyZanemakes sense10:14
PatrickDickeydonttrustem: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1768725 the last comment mentions removing splash, and that removes the vt.handoff portion.10:15
=== Granis` is now known as Granis
BillyZaneif i won that ridiculous powerball lottery, everyone of you that helped me would be getting jet ski10:17
donttrustem_PatrickDickey: so just remove the spalsh10:18
BillyZaneactually, i would just hire you as over paid consultants10:18
PatrickDickeydonttrustem: Try that first. If it doesn't work, then there's another comment with a more intensive fix.10:18
PatrickDickeyHi rigo10:18
rigoi download the 12.10 x64 full 763mib cd, try to install it with cli or cli-expert, but it sais: no kernel image: cli found10:19
donttrustem_PatrickDickey: one question is 12.10 better?10:19
rigolike the netinst version i only would like to ignore downloading the packages each time..10:20
PatrickDickeydonttrustem: It's a matter of opinion. I think so. Although I went to Lubuntu, instead of Ubuntu.10:20
rigosimply because it is slow...10:20
donttrustem_PatrickDickey: also do I remove the quiet10:20
* PatrickDickey wonders if his iPad thought he wanted to quit10:21
donttrustem_I  am on the acer at the moment10:22
* rigo confused10:22
PatrickDickeyLOL I saw that you were in here twice, right after I typed that. And no, I don't think you need to remove the quiet.10:22
donttrustem_OK ... lets try this now10:22
JesusAlos_hi. What is the appropiate hardware configuration for ubuntu server 12.04?10:23
JesusAlos_a goog hardware configuration10:23
JesusAlos_I buy a PC an want to know this10:24
PatrickDickeyJesusAlos_: do you mean the system requirements?10:24
JesusAlos_yes. But not basic requeriments10:24
JesusAlos_good requeriments10:24
donttrustemPatrickDickey: yoooo!!   all working and much faster as well10:24
nuftauI think you don't need az very good hardward configuration, because i'm on a very very old computer (2002)10:24
PatrickDickeyWhat do you plan to do with it JesusAlos_?10:24
PatrickDickeyAwesome donttrustem. :D10:25
JesusAlos_for office server10:25
donttrustemPatrickDickey: Thanks for all your help...10:25
JesusAlos_4 computers10:25
PatrickDickeydonttrustem: No problem. I'm glad you got it figured out. :D10:25
JesusAlos_files server, web server, ssh server, LAMP10:25
donttrustemnow I just need to install skype and restore the email10:25
PatrickDickeyJesusAlos_: Well to give you an idea, I'm running a home server, which has the file, web, dhcp, dns, etc on an older computer.10:26
nuftauI have just a question10:26
PatrickDickeyask away.10:27
nuftauwhat is the best app for emails10:27
Ben64!best | nuftau10:27
ubottunuftau: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.10:27
donttrustemwhere is the network browser in ubuntu10:27
Ben64donttrustem: menu -> places -> network10:28
PatrickDickeydonttrustem: Nautilus (the folder on the left hand side). It'll be an entry there.10:28
PatrickDickey"Browse network"10:28
JesusAlos_I want to know details like the moderboard better with RAID10:28
PatrickDickeynuftau: another answer to your question, although the bot has the better one, is it depends on what you're doing. And what capabilities your email account has.10:29
JesusAlos_for example10:29
savrI've got a botched ubuntu install. I don't really have time to debug it. I've got a free partition. I don't have any install media ready. Is there an easy way to install ubuntu on a new partition from a ubuntu install? I'm really only interested if it is simpler than going to the corner store and buying a blank DVD. The way I know how to do this isn't so simple and requires using grub to boot the install media off the hdd. I don't have the time for this me10:29
Ben64savr: flash drive?10:30
savrdon't have an empty one10:30
Ben64doesn't have to be empty10:30
PatrickDickeysavr: How did you install Ubuntu originally?10:30
savrand buying a DVD is quicker for me10:30
Ben64if you're too lazy to do anything, then why ask10:30
PatrickDickeyDo you still have that stick?10:30
savrreally I don't have time... I have no media ready10:31
savrit is quicker to go buy a DVD10:31
keplerthen you answered your own question10:31
donttrustemhmm! ... keep getting invalid argument when trying to copy files from my mac to ubunutu10:31
PatrickDickeysavr: That's your best option then. Otherwise, debugging the botched install is good too.10:31
keplerdonttrustem, first problem, you have a mac!10:31
savrBen64: I'm not lazy I don't have time. I could boot it off grub...10:31
PatrickDickeysavr: Do me a favor, please. Define botched.10:32
keplerdonttrustem, how are you copying?10:32
donttrustemdrag and drop10:32
donttrustemeven tried copy10:33
savrPatrickDickey: super fucked up... something like 15 boot/path errors10:33
savrprobably a sign of a failing hard drive to be honest10:33
keplercan you ssh to your ubuntu machine?10:33
donttrustemlet me try to ssh from ubuntu10:34
kepleron the mac, i would scp the files over, provided ssh is running on your ubuntu machine10:34
PatrickDickeyJesusAlos_: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/installation-guide/amd64/minimum-hardware-reqts.html is the best that I can get you about system requirements. Basically pick something better than those.10:34
rigoso is there a way to install a minimal system with the standard ubuntu install disk?10:35
PatrickDickeysavr: if it's probably a failing hard drive, then it wouldn't help to install on another partition (unless that's on another drive).10:35
savrPatrickDickey: I got work to do... I know...10:35
PatrickDickeyrigo: http://askubuntu.com/questions/203122/how-do-i-do-a-minimal-install-without-an-internet-connection10:36
savryou know what I should just buy a new laptop10:36
savrI already got someone who wants to take this one off me10:36
PatrickDickeysavr: Probably, if the drive is failing. But, you'll either want to fix this one for them, or restore whatever was on it originally.10:36
ioriarigo: you can download the mini iso10:36
PatrickDickeyUnless they know it's borked.10:36
savrpatholio: they can fix it themselves...10:36
savrit's family...10:37
savrI was meant to give this laptop to them in a month10:37
rigocheckin. i download the mini iso and i have to download all the neccesary packages. which i dont want to. cause its slow.10:37
* PatrickDickey checks to see if he's related to savr. :P10:37
=== Albastos is now known as Albastos|off
savrok what laptop to get?10:37
PatrickDickeysavr: do they know that it's messed up?10:37
savrthe thinkpad helix interested me10:37
savranyone know if it is available?10:38
PatrickDickeysavr: as for what laptop to get, how much do you want to spend on it? I can recommend a couple that have Ubuntu installed (and working).10:38
savrPatrickDickey: their problem really...10:38
BenxyzzyWhat's the highest Xorg log level? If I just put -logverbose 999 will that work?10:38
ioriarigo: you can try the command line installation ...10:38
keplerPatrickDickey, any of them ultrabooks with a gigabit NIC on board?10:38
savrPatrickDickey: at this point it doesn't matter not being able to work is costing me more money than $1k+- for a laptop10:38
keplerand better than 1366x768 res10:39
rigoyep. i burn the standard disk, run it press esc, and type in cli but than i receive an EM10:39
PatrickDickeyDell has one, System 76 is a manufacturer of Linux Laptops.10:39
jakepianohi how would i connect to an ethernet connection?10:39
keplerjakepiano, plug it in?10:39
jakepianoyup i did but its not connecting10:40
PatrickDickeyjakepiano: it should connect automatically, if you have a dhcp server somewhere (router, modem, server).10:40
savrPlease wait 58 minutes for test to complete.10:40
kepleropen up a terminal and ifconfig -a10:40
savrok... smart is testing the drive...10:40
keplersee if eth0 shows up10:40
donttrustemhow do you add apps to the launcher10:40
ioriarigo: you should have at start a menu  - installation- -command line installation -memory test - etc etc ...10:40
SgeoYoltA private messaged me with some nonsense about wanting to talk about our origins10:40
jakepianoeth0 does not show up10:40
keplerwhat is in there?10:40
keplerwlan0 and lo?10:41
jakepianokepler lo and wlan010:41
keplerdont think you have the drivers for your card then10:41
rigoif i download the standard 12.10 x64 installation disk from the downloads site?10:41
savrPatrickDickey: this is a dell. I am really pissed off at how they handle onsite warrenties. they treat me like an idiot. I had problems with this laptop a while back and it was a pain in the arse to get them to send someone to fix it.10:41
jakepianowell i recently switched from windows 8 to ubuntu and its a fairly new computer. why wouldn't it work?10:42
PatrickDickeysavr: I feel the pain. A friend of mine went through a bunch of hassle with Dell. I'd look at System 76 then. There's one more, but I can't think of it offhand.10:42
keplerwhat kind of ethernet card is it?10:42
PatrickDickeyjakepiano: Do you have a wireless router?10:42
savrthe bluetooth chip failed and they just were wasting endless time. it took like an hour to explain to them that I'm not using windows and it isn't a fucking driver problem and I can't download their driver upload and install it because I'm not on windows.10:43
ioriarigo: the mini installation it's not so slow .... maybe faster then download the complete iso ... and on the website you have all the instructions10:43
jakepianoi'm kind of new to this too.10:43
jakepianoand i'm not sure10:43
savrit was a fried chip and their morons have to follow this idiotic script before they can send someone to fix it10:43
rigoim messing up the system in every 2 hours until i get the realy GOOD installation :) im a noob. thatswhy i would need the offline installation method.10:44
savrI don't even know why I paid for onsite warranty... with the same money I could have replaced the bluetooth chip myself faster and cheaper10:44
rigoso i install the ubuntu today10:44
jakepianokepler how would i get the drivers?10:44
rigoso i'll install the ubuntu about 30x today :D10:44
keplerjakepiano, try: lspci | grep -i eth10:44
keplerin your terminal10:44
nuftauHi. I have a little problem when I download a package; i download about 10 kB/s on the middle of the day, and 250kB/s on night... Is it because of Ubuntu's servers, or because of my connection?10:44
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
keplernuftau, i get 3/4MBps down, so not sure if it is ubuntu, maybe whichever mirror you're hitting10:45
rigonuftau you should select the nearest server. so choose your country for the fastest method10:45
jakepianook i did that i think except i'm not sure how to do the vertical bar. or does it matter. it gave me something weird10:46
PatrickDickeysavr: System 76 and ZaReason both offer Linux laptops.10:46
keplerit is shift \10:46
keplershould be under your backspace10:46
kepleror you can copy and paste that10:46
savrPatrickDickey: I can't pick those up in a store10:46
jakepianocopy and paste works too. :p10:46
savrplus I want an ultrabook with a touch screen10:46
PatrickDickeysavr: Then you'll have to install it manually.10:47
savrI can do that easily10:47
savrI've been using linux for over a decade exclusively10:47
savrI'm no noob10:47
jakepianokepler it gave me this. 01:00.0 Ethernet controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR8162 Fast Ethernet (rev 08)10:47
rigoand... i downloaded the minimal cd from the site, and i havent got the tasksel window: http://i.stack.imgur.com/8yDRm.png10:47
rigoof corse not the server version but the one before by the 12.0410:47
savrok... I think I'm just going to store and picking up whatever I can10:47
keplerok, so it sees something there10:47
rigoso to have the minimal system opportunity i had to download the server version i see10:48
savrok I'm off...10:48
PatrickDickeysavr: You want to do some research first. Find out how to install it on one before you buy one.10:48
jakepianoyeah i know it works. i just have no clue how to do it on ubuntu10:49
keplerjakepiano, check out http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=205012610:49
ioriarigo: downloadf from here http://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD10:51
BillyZanewell, my second computer crashed10:51
rigo:) i know this way. again: i need an offline way.10:52
BillyZanetrying to get the ubuntu 12.10 live CD burnt10:52
Tex_Nickjakepiano : have you clicked on the networking icon in indicator to see if networking is enabled10:52
imazinedleave #marionette10:52
jakepianoTex_Nick yes10:52
jakepianokepler and yes thats helpful. i'll just need some help making sure i do the coding correctly here10:53
jakepianofor instance post number 4 on the last set of code10:54
=== viktor is now known as Guest37030
jakepianowhich goes in as one line?10:54
keplermodprobe alx ?10:54
PatrickDickeyjakepiano: Are you on the computer now?10:54
Guest37030compiz trouble!!!10:55
keplerassuming you're on that machine connected to wireless, start at the sudo apt-get thing10:55
PatrickDickeyCopy and paste is your friend. ;)10:55
keplerthat last block of code10:55
keplerc/p one at a time, should be ok10:55
jakepianoso in other words this...sudo apt-get install linux-headers-generic build-essential...is one line of code and so on and so forth. not all this...sudo apt-get install linux-headers-generic build-essential wget http://www.orbit-lab.org/kernel/compat-wireless-3-stable/v3.5/compat-wireless-3.5.1-1-snpc.tar.bz2 tar -xf compat-wireless-3.5.1-1-snpc.tar.bz2 cd compat-wireless-3.5.1-1-snpc ./scripts/driver-select alx...is one line. corre10:56
PatrickDickeyjakepiano: each line that you see in there, is one line. Nothing wraps inside of the code block.10:57
jakepianook excellent thats what i was wondering. thanks10:57
PatrickDickeyAnd you want to do them one at a time, because after you do the sudo apt-get line, it prompts you for your password. If you copy all of them at once, you'll enter the second line as your password.10:58
keplerand i really doubt that is your password10:58
* PatrickDickey would hate to type wget............. for a password. I have enough trouble with my current one.10:58
Guest37030compiz freezed my system many times,all i can do was poweroff my computer,shit!!!!10:59
PatrickDickeyGuest37030: was it working at any point in time?10:59
enzotibhi, to make a textual installation (alternate is no more available) it is ok to use 12.10 server, then install ubuntu-desktop?10:59
BillyZaneok i'm back. i replaced the power supply of my PC11:00
BillyZanei'll be right back11:00
BillyZaneswitching computers11:00
PatrickDickeyenzotib: you have to use server to do a minimal install, yes.11:00
enzotibthank you PatrickDickey11:00
dr_willisenzotib:  you can just use the text mode option to a desktop install to not load the login manager11:01
dr_willisenzotib:  ive found it easier to install services on a desktop instll. then convert a server install into a desktop11:01
PatrickDickeyenzotib: Actually, ioria suggested http://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD for a minimal cd.11:01
Tex_NickGuest37030 : what distro11:01
lester_#join toonloop11:01
tocacarI've tried several times to install Ubuntu desktop (12.10 and 12.04 versions) in Oracle VirtualBox on Windows 8 - I get a weird bus error when the vobx first opens then the installer runs fine but when I restart, I'm prompted to install Ubuntu all over again :(  Any ideas?11:01
lester_join #toonloop11:02
keplertocacar, run win8 in the vm, ubuntu as the host :D:D11:02
dr_willistocacar:  Hmm. ive installed ubuntu dozens of times in vbox on windows 7.11:02
PatrickDickeylester, you need to type /join #toonloop11:02
tocacardr_willis: this is windows 811:02
enzotibPatrickDickey, i'm not looking for a minimal install, but for how to do what in 12.04 was the alternate cd, how to do in 12.10 something more or less equivalent11:02
dr_willistocacar:   i dont see how that would really matter.11:02
BillyZanewhat is the preferred way to install ubuntu, CD or USB?11:03
lester_thanks PatrickDickey11:03
dr_willistocacar:  and i cant imagine what would say to install it over again. unless you left the install cd in the vortial disk drive11:03
PatrickDickeyenzotib: Then my understanding is the server CD is what you want.11:03
tocacarkepler: haha - I even tried installing it as dual boot, but it gave me a scary 'windows failed to boot' black screen so I uninstalled that11:03
enzotibdr_willis, where is the text mode option?11:03
BillyZanei think i'll go with CD11:03
dr_willisBillyZane:  DVD for 12.10 or usb11:03
dr_willis!text | enzotib11:03
ubottuenzotib: To start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode11:03
MonkeyDu1ttocacar  in the vbox settings, remove the iso from Storage11:03
BillyZanedr_willis, would a CD-R not suffice?11:03
dr_willisBillyZane:  DVD <<<<<    for 12.10 or usb11:03
=== MonkeyDu1t is now known as MonkeyDust
dr_willis;) no11:03
tocacarMonkeyDu1t: aah! ok, let me try that :)11:03
keplerwin8 is the problem here, eliminate that and everything should work fine!11:03
rigoso. i put in the disk, start the system from dvd, press esc i get the "boot:" with prompt11:03
=== mv is now known as Guest54264
BillyZanedr_willis: it's just i'd rather not have to burn a DVD if i didn't have to11:04
BillyZanei think it will fit on a CD-R11:04
rigoi type in help -> F3 it sais: cli or expert for expert command line installation. i go out to the boot: prompt type in cli and it sais:11:04
dr_willisBillyZane:  then use USB - 12.10 will Not fit on a normal cd11:04
PatrickDickeyBillyZane: then USB is your only option. it's too big for a CD.11:04
rigono kernel image: cli found.11:04
BillyZaneit's 763mb ... i guess it's too big11:04
* tocacar has to reinstall all over again first because I deleted my vm in a fit of peak :)11:05
enzotibdr_willis, but it will gives the command line only? how to start installation then?11:05
BillyZaneumm.. i might have DVDs11:05
SietsemOr you install 12.04 and then update to 12.1011:05
=== Albastos|off is now known as Albastos
BillyZaneyou guys win, i'm pulling out a DVD :(11:06
dr_willisenzotib:  you use the GUI installer.. then have the actual install use text mode11:06
dr_willisBillyZane:  usb is the normal way and i find it a lot faster11:06
PatrickDickeyrigo, it just boots to a boot: menu regardless of what you do, right?11:06
dr_willisOptical media - how old skool. :P11:06
MonkeyDustBillyZane  USB is 'the new normal'11:07
PatrickDickeySpeaking of which, I need to update my Backtrack USB.11:07
BillyZanedr_willis: yeah but i have a really cheap USB drive, it's a transforming USB drive. however, i feel if i put it through too much "stress", it might fail on me11:07
BillyZaneparanoia based on technological ignorance11:08
* tocacar goes to clean the bathroom while the installer is running11:08
rigoi take pictures... please wait11:08
BillyZanesecondly, i just like the idea of having an Ubuntu boot up disk11:08
Ben64rigo: you can't just type random things on a ubuntu disc and have it work11:09
rigoi know. thatswhy i type in what the HELP page sais.11:09
rigoit saied cli for command line install11:09
Ben64what help page11:09
rigoi show it please wait. i take some pics11:09
Ben64no, which help page11:09
savrPatrickDickey: I really experienced in this... don't worry. I have purchased about a dozen laptops to install linux on in my lifetime...11:10
dr_willisUSB flash drives are dirt cheap... ive never had one die on me yet either..11:11
dr_willisIve defainatly had issues burning disks and  them getting damaged11:11
WXZis there anything besides gnome 2 which has panel apps?11:11
dr_willisWXZ:  windowmaker has a huge amount of 'warf' applets/ ;)11:12
PatrickDickeysavr: I'm not doubting you. The first link I found researching it sounded like it's not working. I just don't want you to buy an ultrabook, and find out that it won't work.11:12
Ben64dr_willis: i've had a flash drive die, 512MB :(11:12
dr_williswxz or just use a dock11:12
butviktorUEFI  better or not?11:12
dr_willisBen64:  when was this? 1812? ;)11:12
WXZdr_willis: ok11:12
savrok bye...11:12
* PatrickDickey had a couple of thumb drives die also a few years ago. San Disk cheap ones11:13
keplerthat dude was pretty abrasive.11:13
butviktorany point?11:13
PatrickDickeyHe'll be back.11:13
skp1my dog chewed up a flash drive11:13
PatrickDickeybutviktor: It's more updated and modern than BIOS. But whether it's better or not is a matter of opinion.11:14
keplerjakepiano_, any luck with that ethernet?11:14
Tex_NickBillyZane : 12.10 has grown out of it's diapers and is now just barely larger than a CD ... in the future you might want to use DVD-RW's ... although they are a little more expensive11:14
dr_willisskp1 i had a grandson chew through a Cat5 Cable. ;)11:14
butviktorcan ubuntu installable with UEFI?11:14
ni291187this is billy zany typing from my ipad11:14
jakepiano_i was just about to report on that actually. yes as soon as i hit the last command it connected. thanks!11:15
ctsckhi guys11:15
dr_willisbutviktor:  yes - it should be11:15
PatrickDickeybutviktor: Unless it's an ARM (Secure Boot) tablet. Then, thank Microsoft for it not working.11:15
ctscki want make a friend11:15
ni291187errr... yeah. billyzane is me. I will attempt an install soon11:15
BillyZanehi, i gotta restart for this11:15
MonkeyDustctsck  type /join #ubuntu-offtopic for social chat11:16
Tex_Nickdr_willis : lol the neighbor's dog chewed through xmas tree light cord ... they buried him :(11:16
BillyZanePatrickDickey and or dr_willis, i'm about to restart so the only way i can contact you guys is through the install CD or the ipad as a backup11:16
BillyZaneare you guys going to be up ?11:16
BillyZanei can't sleep, i'm cracking out on this11:16
dr_willistheres dozens here to help install. and it shouldent be that hard.11:16
PatrickDickeyBillyZane: I'll be up for another hour or two. I work nights, and it's only 5:16 am here.11:16
dr_willisyou could een do a test install in virtualbox if you wanted11:17
BillyZaneok, ty11:17
BillyZanedr_willis, i have11:17
BillyZanenow i want MOAR11:17
MonkeyDustBillyZane  due to different time zones, this channel never sleeps11:17
BillyZaneI NEED MORE!11:17
BillyZanethat's true11:17
BillyZanesigh.. is this goodbye to windows?11:17
BillyZanei really like windows tbh11:17
dr_willisI could have had Ubuntu isntalled about 8 times by now BillyZane .....11:18
rigoi can explain it better now.11:18
dr_williswindows would take me 3 days to get set up right11:18
BillyZaneok guys, i'm closing out everything11:19
butviktori have meet some kind of laptops can only boot with ubuntu? can not even install windows 8.why?cdrom usb just can't install other os? what the....11:19
dr_willisand you can IRC from the installer's live dvd desktop BillyZane11:19
dr_willisIve never seen or heard of a laptop that can only boot with ubuntu.11:19
dr_willisi would be doubtfull if anyone makes such a thing11:20
PatrickDickeyMight have been an older laptop.11:20
BillyZanei'll still be here by virtue of the VNC11:20
BillyZanei'll be talking throuhg...11:20
BillyZanethat dude11:20
BillyZaneok, brb11:20
=== rusty is now known as Guest58853
butviktorno, all new with UEFI.11:21
genteorhello fellas!on my ubuntu 12.04 seems that some applets don't run due to missin' java plugin. what packages should I install please?11:22
PatrickDickeybutviktor: Then it probably didn't have secureboot enabled or something like that. Otherwise it should have installed Windows 8. The only issues that I've heard of are ARM tablets, because you're not supposed to be able to bypass SecureBoot.11:22
butviktorany one know that?11:22
dr_willis!java | genteor11:22
ubottugenteor: To just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.11:22
butviktorx86 intel only boot ubuntu.yeah only!11:23
butviktorthere is no opinions for other os to boot!11:24
dr_willisbutviktor:  i would have to see such a thing to belive it.. its not really an Ubuntu related support question either. ;)11:24
rigoat this point i press escape: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/59/dscf6646q.jpg/11:24
rigodont look at the homer simpson bed :D11:25
butviktori am using one of them now!11:25
rigoi get this: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/21/dscf6647e.jpg/11:25
rigothan i type help at the boot: prompt. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/27/dscf6651e.jpg/11:25
* tocacar restarts and hopes to get it working this time...11:25
rigoi get this http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/717/dscf6652.jpg/11:25
rigopress f3 http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/17/dscf6653x.jpg/11:26
rigoenter cli and i get http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/856/dscf6654ed.jpg/11:26
bebojcan anyone help me to solve that issue - http://askubuntu.com/questions/235859/running-sierra-wireless-gobi-2000-under-ubuntu11:26
rigogot the point?11:26
Ben64rigo: like i asked you twice, which help page11:27
rigolike i show it on the picture thisone: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/717/dscf6652.jpg/11:27
MonkeyDustrigo  havent followed - what were you doing prior to that page?11:28
butviktori know it not normal ,you don't even believe it,but can any one can help me install other os on it ? thanks.11:29
tocacarOK, how do I remove the .iso file from storage in Oracle VBox? I see it under 'Controller:IDE' in Settings/Storage, but not how to remove it11:29
ShapeShifter499I have a powerbook g4 running Ubuntu 12.04 and I'm wondering if I can have my system boot straight to xbmc and not load the desktop for optimal ram11:29
rigoat the startup i press esc, go out to a command line mode where i can see only a prompt: boot: where i type help11:29
ShapeShifter499And if so, how would I do that?11:29
PatrickDickeybutviktor: You have Ubuntu installed, and are trying to install Windows 8. What errors do you get when you boot to the LiveCD/USB?11:29
PatrickDickeyrigo, why are you pressing escape?11:30
ni291187are you guys aware of the intel 3770k fan problem? I'm fingering my CPU fan in an attempt to get it to spin11:30
tocacarok, right clicking and removing attachment seems to have removed it.. I am now starting my Ubuntu vbox.. fingers crossed11:30
rigocause i only want to install a small command line system11:30
butviktorno boot opinions show, UEFI only have one boot: ubuntu .nothing else!11:31
tocacar..and its looking good..  WOOHOO! It's working11:31
PatrickDickeyHit Enter, and at the first screen, hit F4. That should bring up the option to do a minimal install.11:31
rigoit doesnt. wait i take a picture :D11:31
MonkeyDust!yay| tocacar11:31
ubottutocacar: Glad you made it! :-)11:31
tocacarHUGE thanks to everyone who helped me! :)11:31
dr_willistocacar:  might be worth the time reading the vbox manual also. ;)11:31
PatrickDickeyrigo, you downloaded the Minimal installation one, or the Server one?11:31
tocacarNow off to install Apache, PHP and MySQL - have a great day guys11:31
ni291187ok, I should be booting up soon11:31
butviktori am not joke,it is ture!11:32
PatrickDickeyni291187: Let us know when you get to the screen that I showed you (where it finds your other operating system).11:32
PatrickDickeybutviktor: does it say GRUB at the top, by chance?11:32
CrByteI am thinking about installing ubuntu on my macbook air as the only OS if its supported does anyone know if it runs well on Ubuntu 12.10? if so is there post install software that needs to be installed?11:32
iceroot!mac | CrByte11:33
ubottuCrByte: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages11:33
Ben64rigo: you can't do that on desktop disc11:33
azrael_Hi everyone, I've a problem with the ath9k driver for my Atheros AR9285 controller. The signal is very very low even if I'm near the AP and the connection is very unstable. Any idea?11:33
rigooh. i c.11:33
butviktorno grub shows,it is i never seen before11:33
PatrickDickeyrigo:  you need to download the server installation disc. The "minimal Install" one will install a desktop.11:33
rigothan i download the server version. is there any difference between the server and the desktop version?11:33
ni291187Patrick, should I click try Ubuntu in order to get irc working, or will I be able to access irc during installation regardless?11:34
killer i am unable to connect to adhoc created by my  frnd ...i m using b43 and i can connect to ad hoc using windows on same machine11:34
PatrickDickeyThe server is more geared for a minimal installation, because typically servers aren't used as desktops.... Except for mine. :P11:34
icerootrigo: the server does not have a gui by default11:34
icerootrigo: rest is the same11:34
rigothats my stuff! thanks :)11:34
rigogosh.. it was a bit hard because of my poor english. sorry. and thanks for the help again.11:35
PatrickDickeyni291187: I'd do the Try Ubuntu, then come in here. Then open the installer on the desktop.11:35
rigonow i can mess up the system in every 10 minutes and reinstall it :))11:35
PatrickDickeyNo problem rigo.11:35
PatrickDickeywhat's your first language, out of curiosity?11:35
rigohungarian. than german and english. a bit spanish dutch and french.11:36
ni291187I'm at the something else screen!11:36
Assurbanipalhi guys,is there a trusted ppa for latest chromium?I look around in internet and find some repos from unknown maintaners that i do not know and trust.What's the best way to have a latest stable chromium in ubuntu?11:36
PatrickDickeyok ni291187. Choose Something else, and click Next.11:36
yaquyajust finished installing ubuntu 12.10 to MB Air, everything works, no need to tweak anything after install :)11:37
rigoC, C++, C#, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, all the HTML shit, and a Java beginner :D11:37
dr_willisppa's are sort of untrusted by default. ;)11:37
PatrickDickeyAssurbanipal: chromium is in the ubuntu repositories. Or you can download Google Chrome.11:37
rigoand i cant deal with ubuntu... just great. :D11:37
ni291187I see 2 ntdf drives, which is good, I see a free unmessed with segment11:37
AssurbanipalPatrickDickey: is the one in ubuntu repos the latest stable?11:37
butviktoranyone can help me?please11:37
CrByteiceroot: looking at that wiki page it does not list any of the 2012 models under the supported list so would that mean its not going to work very well?11:37
PatrickDickeyI'll let you know in a minute Assurbanipal.11:38
ni291187I will be typing weird stuff due to ipad nonsense11:38
PatrickDickeyhungarian | rigo11:38
xiaoybutviktor, what's the problem?11:38
icerootCrByte: i dont know, luckily i dont own this strange apple-stuff11:38
butviktorcan only boot ubuntu no boot can other os!!!11:38
PatrickDickeyAssurbanipal: Version 22.0.1229.94 Ubuntu 12.10 (161065)11:39
dr_willisbutviktor:  booting is differnt than 'installing'   so clarify what you mean11:39
PatrickDickeyni291187: click on the free unallocated space, and create your partitions there.11:39
rigosadly im not an englishman or american or german. i wouldnt sit here for 1700 monthly. :)11:39
butviktorno opitions to boot from cdrom and usb,what should i do?11:39
coder2hey guys on decreasing screen brightness my dell studio laptop shows random bars, can anyone help?11:40
ni291187I see a + button on the left side, should I click that?11:40
PatrickDickeyrigo, there is a hungarian language room also. Just in case you need help that we can't provide.11:40
Assurbanipalbutviktor: for that you have to check the settings in your bios menu11:40
PatrickDickeyni291187: yes.11:40
PatrickDickeyni291187: Make sure you've clicked on the unallocated space first though.11:40
butviktorit is UEFI!!ok?11:40
sondai know C,C++.  I want to write my own application in ubuntu11:41
=== uni4dfx is now known as zz_uni4dfx
sondacan someone help me get started with ubuntu11:41
butviktori checked but still no11:41
rigogr8 thanks. my experience is that i get help faster in english the common language :)11:41
PatrickDickeybutviktor: what kind of computer is it? Make and model.11:41
PatrickDickeymanual | sonda11:41
coder2sonda, google ubuntu quickly11:41
ni291187interesting, I can place the partition at the end of the space, being able to locate the space is useful when resizing11:41
PatrickDickey!manual | sonda11:41
ubottusonda: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/11:41
ioriasonda : install gcc g++11:41
ioriasonda : then geany or code blocks or anjuta11:42
MonkeyDustsonda  ##c++ and #ubuntu-app-devel11:42
ni291187Patrick, should it be logical or primary11:42
butviktori buy it last month11:42
PatrickDickeyni291187: Try primary for /. It depends on how many "Primary partitions" you have right now though.11:42
butviktorbefore this month11:42
ni291187I think primary is best too...11:43
PatrickDickeybutviktor: The reason I'm asking for the brand and model, is so I can make sure of how to boot to the DVD.11:43
sondathanks guys. I'll go through the manual11:43
PatrickDickeyNo problem Sonda.11:43
ni291187I'll give / and /home 200 gb each?11:44
MonkeyDustni291187  15 for / is enough (unless you're a gamer)11:45
sondais it user's manual?11:45
sondai want developer's manual11:45
ni291187I want to install a bunch of apps though11:45
PatrickDickeyni291187: That'll work. You probably won't ever use that much for /. Maybe go 50G for / since you don't know how much you'll need for your projects.11:45
ni291187ok, I give 60 :)11:45
PatrickDickeysonda, it's a user manual. If you want a developer's, I'd say go to #ubuntu-app-devel like MonkeyDust suggested.11:46
sondaoh ok11:46
srhbxdg-open on a magnet links seems to just open a new chromium window for me. What might be the cause?11:46
gregHi guys, I wan to access /var/www via FTP and SMB, any suggests for rights/configuration of vsftp/samba?11:46
butviktorsorry, it is not safe here, so i just want to ask have anyone meet this situation before?11:46
MonkeyDustgreg  ubuntu server?11:46
PatrickDickeysrhb: do you have a client installed for magnet links?11:47
gregMonkeyDust: yeah, lts version11:47
srhbPatrickDickey: Yes, Deluge.11:47
MonkeyDustgreg  they have their own channel    #ubuntu-server11:47
gregMonkeyDust: ty11:47
ni291187how much for home?11:47
PatrickDickeybutviktor: no, I've never had that situation. My suggestion is google something like booting (brand and model of computer) from DVD.11:48
ni291187I feel like a billionaire11:48
dr_willisdient we have a huge disussion about the partion sizes earlier? ;)11:48
ni291187100 billion bytes!11:48
PatrickDickeyni291187: I'd say at least 200.11:48
MonkeyDustni291187  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PartitioningSchemes11:48
ni291187primary as well11:48
PatrickDickeyni291187: logical11:48
ni291187ext4 right?11:48
PatrickDickeyni291187: You're only allowed four primary partitions, so you don't want to waste them.11:49
PatrickDickeyni291187: yes ext4.11:49
dr_willisYou can have up to 4 primary partitions. One of those can be a Extended that can hold a great many logicals.11:49
ni291187good point11:49
butviktorwill thank you friend,iwill try11:49
dr_willisof course with GPT this dosent apply i belive. ;)11:49
PatrickDickeybutviktor: you said you speak chinese normally, right?11:49
ni291187done and done11:49
ni291187should I click install no?11:50
butviktoryes i am chinses11:50
PatrickDickey!chinese | butviktor11:50
ubottubutviktor: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw11:50
PatrickDickeyMight be more helpful for you.11:50
srhbHow do I probe xdg for which application it wants to pick in order to open a given link?11:50
PatrickDickeyni291187: Yes.11:50
dr_willisni291187:  go for it.. its the only way you will learn. ;)11:50
PatrickDickeyAnd you're off to the races. ;)11:50
ubottuThe Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/11:51
ni291187it's now complaining about swap11:51
dr_willisYou gaveit a swap partion of type swap?11:51
PatrickDickeyI see you woke up Carsten. :D11:51
qqqqqAre there any TSL/SSL/https experts here?11:51
butviktorsorry for my english11:51
PatrickDickeybutviktor: Not a problem.11:51
ni291187it's installing!!,!, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!,11:51
PatrickDickeyqqqqq: It probably depends on what you need.11:52
qqqqqI would like to know what an observer can see when one uses an https connection in the browser.11:52
PatrickDickeyqqqqq: in theory, a bunch of gibberish.11:52
butviktorsee you nest time bye!11:52
alimjqqqqq: IP of user, IP of server11:52
qqqqqCan he see what file is being accessed in a domain?11:52
alimjqqqq: some garbage11:52
zlatkoI have problem with PA Jack Sink. Can anyone help?11:52
srhbAlright, figured it out. xdg-mime query default "x-scheme-handler/magnet" does indeed say deluge.desktop, but it still doesn't work.11:52
alimjqqqqq: They can not even see URL11:52
ni291187should I encrypt home folder?11:52
qqqqqalimj, why not?11:52
dr_willisni291187:  i wouldent. unless its a laptop you are afraid might stolen11:53
PatrickDickeyni291187: I normally don't. I'd say until you've played around, no.11:53
dr_willisand you have state secrets on it11:53
ni291187ok, Ty11:53
alimjqqqqqqq: Because even the HTTPS header that contains URL is encrypted11:53
* PatrickDickey keeps all of the State Secrets on my server11:53
dr_willisI used to keep them on that server the gov shutdown. ;)11:54
dr_willisso now the gov cant get their own secrets.11:54
qqqqqFor example can my Internet provider see that I access the file niceinfo.html on https://www.newssite.somedomain/somepath/niceinfo.html ?11:54
alimjq^5: No11:54
alimjq^5: But if you want to have the maximum security and privacy, use Onion routing11:55
qqqqqalimj, so the Internet provider can only see that I access the IP but not the path?11:55
PatrickDickeyqqqqq: The only people who should be able to see what page/file you accessed are you, and maybe the server that hosts the page/file. But, I don't even think the server would keep track of that, since it's a SECURED connection.11:55
kmicuSome disk usage indicator exists? Short visual feedback that I can put on top panel or desktop instead of typing df in terminal? ;)11:56
ni291187are drivers going to be an issue for me? I have new hardware11:56
dr_williskmicu:  a lot of people use conky for that. its on the desktop however.11:56
PatrickDickeyni291187: They might. But most of the newer hardware is supported.11:56
dr_williskmicu:  or use 'watch df -h' in a terminal   ;P11:56
kmicuconky is an overkill for visual df11:57
* PatrickDickey uses conky for it11:57
alimjq^5: Yes, they can see that you are communicating with that server, but they will have no idea about the content11:57
qqqqqBut when I access https://www.newssite.somedomain/somepath/niceinfo.html directly this request goes through DNS first.11:57
dr_willisyou can use conky to run  df and have it on the desktop in big Pink fonts!11:57
riddleboxwhat is the bug in 12.10 that stops the broadcom-sta driver from installing correctly? It works from the live cd but after you install it quits and you cannot install it?11:57
alimjq^5: Only www.newssite.somedomain goes through DNS11:58
alimjq^5: /somepath/niceinfo.html goes through HTTPS header11:58
alimjq^5: and even DNS request goes only once (They it will be cached)11:59
ni291187can I view drives on the local home group easily?11:59
dr_willisni291187:  you can assess windows shares.11:59
PatrickDickeykmicu: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1527171/ is an example of my conky configuration. It shows disk usage along with top processes.11:59
kmicuThen some system-monitor-indicator for disk usage doesn't exist :/11:59
ni291187it's restarting ATM11:59
dr_williskmicu:  more likely theres dozens of them.. it depends on the details. thers loads of unofficial/not in the repo indicator-applets12:00
qqqqqalimj, so lets says I am in China, Burma, etc. and want to access a wordpress blog. Each blog is basically a separate "project", they wouldn't know what blog I access if wordpress uses https?12:00
kmicuI can't find any panel indicator for disk usage :)12:00
PatrickDickeyqqqqq: when you access the site, your computer asks the dns server for the ip address of the domain (www.newsite.com). After that, everything is IP based.12:00
dr_willismany docks have the disk ussage monitors also.12:00
alimjq^5: The answer is yes. The would not know12:00
Elvinzqqqqq, I guess they will, as the adress is in the clear12:00
ni291187I'm in grub, loading Ubuntu12:00
dr_williskmicu:  you mean for the gnome-classic type panels? or the unity panel?12:00
kmicuunity panel12:01
Elvinzqqqqq, you might be better of encrypting everything via a proxy12:01
dr_williskmicu:  search for 'indicator applets' that may have what you want. theres dozens of them mentioned at askubuntu.com thats not in the repos12:01
alimjq^5: However, if you want to have maximum anonymity, use onion routing/ TOR proxy12:01
ni291187ok, I'm logged in12:01
PatrickDickeyqqqqq: I second alimj's idea. Use The Onion Router, if you're that worried.12:01
kmicuI'll try cron job with lib-notify, but it will be ugly solution :)12:01
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest57473
kmicudr_willis: no indicator applets for disk usage :)12:02
dr_williskmicu:  I would think  you should look harder. i seem to recall some. but im on a console only system. so cant look12:03
PatrickDickeyni291187: WOOOHOOOO :D12:03
MonkeyDust!tor | qqqqq alimj12:03
ubottuqqqqq alimj: Tor is a program to route connections through several servers for anonymity. It is in Ubuntu's repositories, but the Tor Project recommends using their Tor packages due to past issues with Ubuntu's. For setup info, see option (2) of https://www.torproject.org/docs/debian.html.en | To use Tor on freenode, see !tor-sasl12:03
PatrickDickeyni291187: Does everything seem to be working?12:03
dr_willisthere are generic indicator-applet examples in python you could make show whatever info you wanted12:03
qqqqqPatrickDickey, I already use Tor but for some applications Tor is too slow.12:03
kmicuOr I can gparted my disk and give more space for my partition... nvm12:04
PatrickDickeykmicu: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/tag/indicator-applets12:04
coder2how to set the boot option in ubuntu 11.10 "acpi_backlight=vendor"12:04
MonkeyDustcoder2  11.10 is no longer supported12:04
ni291187I'm in Ubuntu and I can access the network12:04
alimjq^5: Use the Obscuring version. Please note that it is beta12:04
qqqqqPatrickDickey, I am not THAT worried but it is none of my ISP damn business what I look at. I pay for the access to the Internet.12:04
dr_williscoder2:  grub2 = /etc/default/grub   No idea what 11.10 uses12:04
coder2MonkeyDust, tell me for 12.10 then :)12:05
kmicuPatrickDickey: And where is disk usage one? :)12:05
qqqqqMonkeyDust, I have been using Tor for many years.12:05
coder2dr_willis, thanks buddy as always :)12:05
ni291187thank you patrocldickey, dr_willis12:06
qqqqqIt was rather a technical question so I know what is going on when I don't use Tor or someone else doesn't.12:06
PatrickDickeyNo problem ni291187. Glad you got it going.12:06
alimjq^5: We hope that it is clear for you now...12:07
hansolim searching a website from where can i extract emails (free)12:07
qqqqqalimj, what obscuring versoin?12:07
ni291187I like it, but.. this install is not like the one I had for the virtualbox, much easier, but... I don't have kde. can is there a way I can select the GUI on boot up?12:08
alimjq^5: Let me send you the URL12:08
qqqqqalimj, yes thx for the help.12:08
dr_willisni291187:  install the desktop you want ise the menus on the login screen12:08
dr_willisthis may be mentioned in that ubuntu manual12:08
angswhat is the command to search a directory name to locate?12:09
alimjq^5: https://www.torproject.org/projects/obfsproxy.html.en12:09
ni291187oooo... should have read it more :x12:09
ni291187I'm updating ATM so I can't do anything12:09
riddleboxwhy does normal unity drain my battery on my laptop so fast? If I use 2D mode I get way more battery life and unity seems to respond better12:09
PatrickDickeykmicu: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2012/10/easily-monitor-system-usage-in-ubuntu-12-10-with-syspeek or http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2012/02/easily-monitor-system-resources-in-ubuntu-with-indicator-multiload or http://askubuntu.com/questions/30334/what-application-indicators-are-available should get you started.12:09
=== linuxthefish` is now known as linuxthefish
MonkeyDustangs  there's find and locate12:10
PatrickDickeyni291187: install kubuntu-desktop and then you'll click the little circle by your name on the login screen.12:10
qqqqqalimj, thx12:10
=== zz_uni4dfx is now known as uni4dfx
angsthank you MonkeyDust12:10
dr_willisThey really need to make that Circle menu button Much more obvious.12:10
ni291187Patrick, soon as this update finishes, I'll do just that12:10
dr_willisyou may want to use unity for a while.. since all the docs basically assume you are using unity. ;)12:11
alimjq^5: You are welcome. Or you can use some fast L2TP/IPSec and/or OpenVPN from some providers that honor customer privacy12:11
PatrickDickeydr_willis: I agree. Too bad some of the people in charge aren't in here.12:11
dr_willisI still dont know whats up with the little grid of dots on the login screen12:11
kmicuPatrickDickey: I have tried them all, but no prefs for disk usage in all of them ;] Anyway thx.12:11
damian__^hi, i have overclocked my GMA 950 using setpci, specifically:  sudo setpci -s 02.0 f0.b=00,60  | sudo setpci -s 02.0 f0.b=33,05, how can i check its clock speed. the fan is definately running faster and it is a little hotter but can i print the current clock speed somehow?12:11
alimjq^5: Since ISPs are controlling torrent traffic in some countries, many are using such services12:11
PatrickDickeykmicu: Did you google disk usage indicator applets ubuntu 12.10? You might find the one you want there.12:12
PatrickDickeyOr just use a conky script like the OMG!Ubuntu site discusses.12:12
kmicuYes. ;]12:12
PatrickDickeyI don't remember the grid of dots.. Are they near the top right, or where?12:13
PatrickDickeyUnless it's the accessibility one (virtual keyboard and such).12:13
tocacarGrrr.. I'm just getting a blank (purple) screen when I log into my Ubuntu 12.10 vbox - how can I fix it?12:13
dr_willisPatrickDickey:  across the whole screen last time i looked. i always used some tweak to remove them actually im using GDM now...12:13
ni291187omg ,I just discovered the workspace switcher12:13
hansolim searching one website (big database for registrations, e-mails) from whre i can search some emails it was with white background, anyone can help me ???12:13
qqqqqDoes anybody know whether the Firefox plugin https everywhere requires Tor to be installed?12:14
PatrickDickeyAhhh ok. I think I know what you're talking about. When it first boots up? Or maybe I don't.12:14
dr_willishansol:  thats not very clear what you need help with12:14
PatrickDickeyni291187: Just think of the possibilities you can do with that. :D12:14
dr_willisPatrickDickey:  the lightdm wallpaper used to have some overlay of white dots.12:14
rigoone more thing.. does it makes any sence to upgrade the system to the latest v3.7.2-raring ?12:14
PatrickDickeyNot sure then. The only dots I remember are when it boots up, and it's a progress bar. Of course, I don't use the lightdm wallpaper.12:15
tocacarwhy do I have no dock, no icons, no menus?12:15
dr_willisring0:  only if you want to be a beta tester and submit bugs.. and expect lots of weirdness12:15
angshow can I see hidden files on nautilus?12:15
alimjq^5: No. It does not require TOR12:15
dr_willistocacar:  3d support is lacking. and unity/compiz is not fully loading12:15
ni291187Patrick, I could reduce my need to drag windows around! which I constantly do on windows12:15
MonkeyDustangs  vtrl-h12:15
MonkeyDustangs  ctrl-h12:15
PatrickDickeyVIew > SHow Hidden Files12:15
ni291187they should call windows 7, drag windows12:15
angsthank you MonkeyDust12:15
tocacardr_willis: is it hard to fix? I have no idea what to do12:15
angsand PatrickDickey12:15
apm1is there a way i can put the unity-launcher bar in horizontal mode12:16
apm1kinda like a dock12:16
dr_willistocacar:  i tend to run lubuntu in vbox. since 3d eyecandy would slow down  the vm a lot.12:16
kmicuPatrickDickey: Is conky still a cpu hog?12:16
dr_willisapm1:  not really. You can just install a dock.12:16
PatrickDickeyni291187: I was thinking more about your projects that you mentioned earlier. YOu could set up an entire workspace for each one.12:16
qqqqqI think https everywhere is the best Firefox extension ever. Then again I read that SSL is broken.12:16
tocacardr_willis: lubuntu...never heard of that. I'll google it12:16
tocacardr_willis: is it just going to install and run? I'm sick of faffing around12:16
dr_willistocacar:  sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop ;) its the lightest full featured desktop/variant of ubuntu12:16
skp1apm1: google unity bottom launcher12:16
dr_willisany unity hacks to move it to the bottom are basically not supported here.. and last i looked at them.. were very flakey12:17
ioriatocarar: it's with the LXDE de very light...12:17
PatrickDickeyNot really kmicu. I've got conky, skype, terminal, google chrome, quassel, and thunderbird open. And my cpu is only using around 35%.12:17
PatrickDickeytocacar: I'm using lubuntu right now.12:17
dr_willistocacar:  you could just use a window manager if you wanted like openbox.. it will take about 90 sec i imagine to get openbox installed. ;)12:18
ioriatocarar: i'm running lubuntu on a pentium 3 with 500mb  pc133 ram12:18
PatrickDickeyapm1: Check the settings. There used to be an option for where the launcher was.12:18
apm1PatrickDickey, i checked nothing there to move it12:18
kmicuBut i have weak laptop and my /usr/bin/X takes 20% CPU :P12:18
tocacardr_willis: PatrickDickey: I'm just running that lubuntu-desktop installer now (I'm totally new to Ubuntu...does it show? heh)12:18
PatrickDickeytocacar: we all were, at one point or another.12:19
dr_willistocacar:  luubntu in vbox on a windows system .. is a handy tool.12:19
apm1any way i can remove the launcher all together ?12:19
MonkeyDusttocacar  we're always glad to welcome new users12:19
rigonevermind i install it :D12:19
dr_willisapm1:  use a differnt desktop if you dont want unity12:19
tocacarI'm so glad you guys are here and online - I appreciate your help12:19
apm1dr_willis, i like it except for the launcher :p12:20
dr_willisapm1:  customize and make your own desktop if you want to go  fancy12:20
PatrickDickeylubuntu actually comes with the OpenBox Configuration Manager.12:20
dr_willisapm1:  the launcher basically is  the desktop in unity... its the core of the whole thing12:20
PatrickDickeyapm1: When you login, you can use Gnome Classic. Or install Gnome-desktop.12:20
dr_willisso im not sure what else ther is to like/dislike12:20
PatrickDickeyrigo, what are you installing?12:21
rigothe latest v3.7.2-raring ?12:21
dr_willisYou can install some fancy dock and have it at the bottom of the unity desktop. and set the unity panel to auto hide12:21
rigoshit. i got dpkg: error processing linux-headers-3.7.2-030702-generic (--install):  dependency problems - leaving unconfigured12:22
ni291187you know?i feel it's running kinda slow. is there a system performance... like things are slow. compiz crashes. sometimes the system freezes for a few seconds12:22
PatrickDickeydr_willis replied to you earlier. only if you want to be a beta tester, report bugs, and experience weirdness.12:22
dr_willisni291187:  and your video card is?12:22
apm1dr_willis, the top panel12:22
apm1ok since without the launcher unity is crippled then xfce is my last resort12:22
MonkeyDustapm1  try docky, if you like fancy eyecandy12:22
dr_willisapm1:  theres many other desktops out..12:22
dr_willisapm1:  go experiment.12:22
ni291187dr_willis, gtx 66012:23
PatrickDickeyapm1: Try kde. The launcher is on the bottom.12:23
dr_willisni291187:  you have installed the nvidia drivers yet? there should have been a pop up window prompting you.12:23
dr_willisthere ya go. ;)12:23
ni291187if I install them, would they work with kde as well?12:23
PatrickDickeyI think you can find it in Software Sources on the last tab (Additional Drivers) ni291187.12:23
dr_willisI normally install the 'nvidia-current' package for my nvidia cards..not sure what a gtx660 uses12:24
PatrickDickeyni291187: drivers are hardware. They work with the kernel.12:24
ni291187I mean, it's sooo slow... I can't believe how long Kvirc is taking12:24
dr_willisni291187:  the desktop runs on tops of the linux OS.. so they all use the same core.12:24
tocacarhmm, as this installs I'm seeing a lot of 'package not found's hope its going to work out :S12:24
PatrickDickeywell, technically they're software. but they work with the kernel. So, they'll work with whatever desktop you have.12:24
dr_willisni291187:  You allready have kubuntu-desktop installed?12:24
ni291187how do I install the Linux drivers?12:24
ni291187not yet12:25
dr_willisso how can kvirc be slow if its not installed yet?12:25
ni291187I mean the installation12:25
ni291187should I install the drivers first?12:25
dr_willisni291187:  that would be your download speed then... that has nothign to do with video drivers12:25
* tocacar restarts the vb12:25
PatrickDickeyni291187: You can do it one of a few ways. Look in Software Sources, on the Additional Drivers tab. It'll tell you if there are drivers available. Or, if you know which nvidia driver you need, you can use sudo apt-get install nvidia- (like sudo apt-get install nvidia-current) in a terminal.12:26
dr_willisnight all...12:27
PatrickDickeyNight dr_willis.12:27
tocacarblank purple screen12:27
rigoso what about raring 3.7.2 kernel? does it make any sence to install it?12:27
tocacara very quick flash of blue 'lubuntu' screen on login, then purple12:27
BillyZane|2finally, i'm legit12:27
PatrickDickeywb BillyZane|2.12:27
BillyZane|2ty :)12:27
tocacarbah, I give up.12:27
BillyZane|2so, next phase, getting the drivers. should i do this through the nvidia website, or is available on the installer12:28
BillyZane|2soooo hungry12:28
BillyZane|2i ate once today12:28
PatrickDickeytocacar: you can download the lubuntu disc, and mount it in the virtual machine. Then install it.12:28
BillyZane|2i can't stop12:28
PatrickDickeyGo eat. LOL12:28
BillyZane|2i'm on a mission12:28
MonkeyDustBillyZane|2  not too many random remarks, please12:28
PatrickDickeyBillyZane|2: get them from the repositories.12:28
tocacarPatrickDickey: OK, I'll try that. Another time though, as I'm hopping mad now12:29
tocacarthanks for your help today12:29
BillyZane|2is the repositories the name of the "app store"12:29
PatrickDickeytocacar: I've been there. No problem.12:29
PatrickDickeyBillyZane|2: yes.12:29
PatrickDickeyrepositories are the download sites.12:29
BillyZane|2it's not on the repository12:30
PatrickDickeywhich one are you looking for?12:31
PatrickDickeyrepositories | BillyZane|212:31
PatrickDickey!repositories | BillyZane|212:31
ubottuBillyZane|2: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories12:31
BillyZane|2MSI nvidia twin frozer III GTX 66012:31
MrokiiHello. Can somebody tell me where bash saves its preferences, regarding colour profiles?12:31
PatrickDickeyBillyZane|2: you're looking for something like nvidia-current or nvidia-updates (most likely current12:32
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto12:32
damian__^anyone know how to overclock a GMA 950 i can set registers using setpci but intel_gpu_top reports 200mhz when im doing the command that from my understanding sets the clock to 400mhz12:32
PatrickDickeyThat should help you out BillyZane|2 ^^12:32
BillyZane|2ty patrick, i'm reading that website12:32
rigoi get dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of linux-headers-3.7.2-030702-generic:  linux-headers-3.7.2-030702-generic depends on linux-headers-3.7.2-030702; however:   Package linux-headers-3.7.2-030702 is not installed.12:33
PatrickDickeyrigo: How are you doing the upgrade?12:33
=== ``q is now known as blackthor
rigodownload the 3 deb files from here http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v3.7.2-raring/12:34
rigoand dpkg -i *.deb12:34
MonkeyDustrigo  raring support in #ubuntu+112:34
rigooh. thanks.12:34
PatrickDickeyrigo: you want to use the upgrade manager to do it. At least that's the easy way.12:35
rigoi have only command line.12:35
PatrickDickeyrigo: http://lawrit.lawr.ucdavis.edu/it-help-center/how-to/upgrading-ubuntu-via-command-line might be a good start12:36
BillyZane|2hmm? netsplit12:49
damian__^whats the best looking distro?12:50
PatrickDickeyOoops. I fell out.12:50
MonkeyDustdamian__^  pinguy OS is overkill eyecandy12:51
BillyZane|2patrick, i couldn't find it on the repository, so i was going to just download them from the nvidia website12:51
PatrickDickeyBillyZane|2: did you try sudo apt-get install nvidia-current12:51
=== linuxthefish is now known as linuxthefish`
PatrickDickeyThat's most lilkely what you need.12:52
BillyZane|2i haven't, to be honest, i don't know how to enter konsole from this GUI12:52
BillyZane|2is there a run .. oh wait12:52
BillyZane|2i know where it is, under apps12:52
PatrickDickeyCTRL+Alt+T keys12:52
PatrickDickeyOr, click the launcher and type Terminal12:52
damian__^thanks monkeydust, ill check it out12:52
BillyZane|2ooo... nice12:52
MonkeyDustdamian__^  mind: not supported here12:52
damian__^of course :)12:53
BillyZane|2umm... you know, i'm losing things that i opened12:53
BillyZane|2should they all be on the left side if opened?12:53
EaglemanHow do i allow the user jrpoot to login on jrpoot@jrpoot.eu and deny login on jrpoot@eagleman.net in dovecot ?12:53
BillyZane|2oh i found it12:53
PatrickDickeyBillyZane|2: move your cursor to the left side and the launcher should open. They'll have a little arrow next to them.12:53
PatrickDickeyEagleman: you'll have more luck in #dovecot than here.12:54
BillyZane|2patrickdickey apt-get does what again? does it just download the application? i was using something called aptitude on KDE before12:55
damian__^btw, does someone know, will ubuntu mobile eventually be merged into ubuntu? so they are the same os? i have seen the galaxy nexus build and heard that you can simply bring it home, plug in a keyboard mouse and monitor and have a fill ubuntu desktop..?12:55
PatrickDickeyapt-get is a variation of aptitude.12:55
PatrickDickeyIt does the same thing, with some minor limitations.12:55
damian__^or will ubuntu mobile be a different product that offers a full desktop too?12:55
BillyZane|2what is the variation? how can i learn of these variations like you know12:56
MonkeyDustdamian__^  better ask in #ubuntu-phone12:56
BillyZane|2how can i learn all the little details, is there a good book for learning this12:56
PatrickDickeyIt's just another backend for dpkg.  dpkg is the actual installer, apt (apt-get) and aptitude are the backends that you use.12:56
PatrickDickeyBillyZane|2: how familiar are you with aptitude?12:57
damian__^oh, hehe, thanks again monkeydust12:57
BillyZane|2i know how to use the command  sudo aptitude install program12:57
ioriathere is olsa Gdebi12:57
ubottuaptitude is another terminal-based front-end to APT. You may encounter problems on multiarch installs (11.10 and higher) as aptitude cannot currently handle the same package with different architectures being installed at the same time. See http://pad.lv/831768 for more information.12:57
PatrickDickeyit's the same thing with apt. Except you'll say apt-get.12:57
BillyZane|2why are there two versions, why not just use apt-get12:58
PatrickDickeyThere's more than one way to skin a cat.12:58
ioriai love cats12:58
icerootBillyZane|2: please dont use aptitude when you are using amd64 (64bit)12:58
BillyZane|2i am currently using the amd64 version12:59
PatrickDickeyIt's all about preference. Some like aptitude, some like apt-get, some like compiling from source, and some refuse to use a command line at all.12:59
icerootBillyZane|2: then please dont use aptitude, use apt-get or the software-center12:59
BillyZane|2hmm... so using apt-get only downloads the source?12:59
BillyZane|2oh n/m12:59
ActionParsnipPatrickdickey: how is apt-get 'with minor limitations'?12:59
PatrickDickeyBillyZane|2: no. apt-get does the complete installation.12:59
ioriano it looks for dependencies and install the program13:00
BillyZane|2iceroot, why shouldn't i use aptitude with amd64?13:00
llutzBillyZane|2:  See http://pad.lv/831768 for more information.13:00
icerootBillyZane|2: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/aptitude/+bug/83176813:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 831768 in aptitude (Ubuntu Precise) "aptitude cannot handle conflicts with multiarch enabled" [High,Confirmed]13:00
PatrickDickeyActionParsnip: I was going from a bad memory. Since aptitude seems to have different features.13:00
MonkeyDustBillyZane|2  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGet/Howto?action=show&redirect=AptGetHowto13:00
ActionParsnipBillyzane|2: stick to apt-get, it handles multi-arch wheras aptitude does not. Patrickdickey you should also know this13:01
BillyZane|2i have no idea what that means13:01
BillyZane|2but i'll stick to apt-get13:01
BillyZane|2evidently it's the same thing13:01
icerootBillyZane|2: its just means "dont use aptitude" :)13:01
icerootBillyZane|2: apt-get is not the same thing as aptitude but its doing what you want, installing software13:01
ActionParsnipBillyzane|2: its similar,  but you have 64bit and the dual arch needs appreciating13:02
BillyZane|2i stand corrected13:02
icerootBillyZane|2: there are things which can be done with aptitude better then with apt-get and there are things which can be done better with apt-get. for normal software-installations apt-get is the recommend way on ubuntu when you want to use the command lione13:02
ubottuaptitude is another terminal-based front-end to APT. You may encounter problems on multiarch installs (11.10 and higher) as aptitude cannot currently handle the same package with different architectures being installed at the same time. See http://pad.lv/831768 for more information.13:03
srhbI really don't understand the xdg-open script. Given a magnet link, the execution path tries to see if it's a file (fails) and otherwise just calls the browser with the link. This doesn't make sense at all to me.13:03
PatrickDickeysrhb: http://askubuntu.com/questions/108925/how-to-tell-chrome-what-to-do-with-a-magnet-link13:04
njd001i have a stupid user question (yanno i am full of em...)13:05
njd001but does Canonical teach ubuntu is there an online class somewhere?13:05
BluesKajhowdy all13:06
ActionParsnipNjd001: you can become Ubuntu certified. You need LPI101 and LPI102 first13:06
cfhowlettBluesKaj, greetings!13:06
kris_therrienCan anyone help me setup ircd hybrid?13:06
BluesKajhey cfhowlett13:07
ActionParsnip!manual | Njd001 may also help13:07
ubottuNjd001 may also help: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/13:07
PatrickDickeynjd001: #ubuntu-classroom is where they do most of the educational things.13:07
srhbPatrickDickey: Thank you, the fact that it just does not handle magnet links in a generic environment was the issue.13:08
ActionParsnipNjd001: I find just using the OS teaches more than any book or lesson. Just like you probably learned Windows.......13:09
PatrickDickeysrhb: Glad you found the answer. :)13:09
srhbThe behaviour does seem buggy though, simply not handling them in the generic case, but I may miss a crucial point. Ah well, works now.13:09
PatrickDickeysrhb: I'd bookmark that page, in case it breaks again.13:10
srhbPatrickDickey: Looks like it will for sure. Thanks. :-)13:11
PatrickDickeyNo problem. I'm thinking I need to do that too. Although I always use the .torrent file.13:11
halideshaving troubles with my synaptics13:11
ActionParsnipHalides: what issue13:11
PatrickDickeyhalides: what types of troubles?13:12
halidesi have a touchpad with two buttons, such that the are where the buttons reside are also a part of the touchpad13:12
halidesnow, if i right-click with one finger and drag with another, i don't get f.ex. boxes on the desktop, but rather a two-finger scroll13:12
halidesi tried disabling two-finger scroll with synclient, it still doesn't make the drag after the click, rather just discards the events13:13
halidesthis is on 12.0413:13
halides.1 LTS13:13
halidesi also have limited the area with AreaBottomEdge, but it still understands the click also as a touch13:14
ActionParsnipHalides: does the system have a make and model?13:14
halidesit's a dell inspiron mini 101213:15
halideshttp://patchwork.freedesktop.org/patch/9477/ this patch seems to be relevant, but pfffff i don't really want to go through all that hassle13:16
halidesand then find out "oh, didn't work"13:16
ushillsAny ideas how to sync an iPod touch with banshee13:16
ubottuFor information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod13:16
BillyZane|2PatrickDickey: hey man, are you still around?13:18
PatrickDickeyBillyZane|2: Yep.13:18
BillyZane|2i downloaded the linux drivers from the nvidia website, the file is a .run file, when i go to open it, it does it in the text editor13:19
ushillsDoesn't seem to work with the latest firmwares, shows as a device but will not mount13:19
ActionParsnipHalides: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=144353513:19
PatrickDickeyBillyZane|2: in the command line, you need to type chmod +x filename (where filename is what you downloaded).13:19
BillyZane|2what does that command do?13:20
BillyZane|2how does it work?13:20
BillyZane|2what is chmod , what is the +x for13:20
PatrickDickeychmod is change mode. +x is make it executable.13:20
PatrickDickeyif you type ls -l with the filename, you'll probably see something like -rw-rw-rw- username username size date filename.run13:21
BillyZane|2so it's sorta like the equivilant of changing the file  extension on windows?13:21
halidesActionParsnip: yeah, that was i think the first page which i ran into when i started debugging this :-)13:21
halidesbut thanks for the effort :-)13:21
PatrickDickeyWell it's more like telling windows that the extension is an executable file.13:22
auronandaceBillyZane|2: why aren't you using the drivers in the repos?13:22
BluesKajBillyZane|2, open a terminal and do ./nameofnvidiafile.run13:22
PatrickDickeyauronandace: I'll take a crack at why not. I don't think he knows which driver he should use. He has a GTX 660, if I remember right.13:23
ActionParsnipBillyzane|2:  why not just run:  sudo apt-get install nvidia-current13:23
BillyZane|2i tried running it...13:23
BillyZane|2i did that also13:23
BillyZane|2but lets try it again13:23
PatrickDickeyWhat happened?13:23
BillyZane|2i did it through the GUI13:23
BillyZane|2it downloaded, it installed13:24
PatrickDickeyBillyZane|2: then you need to reboot, so it will use those drivers.13:24
ActionParsnipBillyzane|2: the proposed repo has the 310 driver13:24
BillyZane|2a physical reboot?13:24
PatrickDickeyBillyZane: is it rebooting ok?13:27
PatrickDickeywhois BillyZane13:27
PatrickDickeydarn /'s. :S13:27
ni291187it's bad13:28
BluesKajskp1, don't just post a url and expect responses ...describe your issue first13:28
PatrickDickeyni291187: What's the problem?13:28
ActionParsnipNi291187: what is the issue13:28
skp1i have no issue, it;s a recommendation. great program.13:28
ni291187I see background, no side bar, I see a file on desktop kvirc.desktop, guessing its a shortcut13:28
ni291187it's not loading13:29
BluesKajskp1, then say so13:29
skp1i just did.13:29
PatrickDickeyskp1: I think he meant when you put the link up. ;)13:29
skp1oh, ok. sorry. hehe.13:29
BluesKajhe knows13:29
PatrickDickeyActionParsnip: you mentioned that the proposed has a driver that he might need, right? the 310 driver?13:30
ActionParsnipN1291187: if you press ctrl + alt + t    do you get a terminal?13:30
ActionParsnipPatrickdickey: I believe so13:30
RajuCan somebody tell me how to connect to internet using PPP prototocol and ADSL modem with userid and password given by ISP13:30
auronandace!ppp | Raju13:31
ubottuRaju: You want to connect via dial-up? Read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DialupModemHowto - Also try disabling/removing KNetworkManager if KDE applications cannot connect using dial-up13:31
ActionParsnipPatrickdickey: or you can add the xorg update ppa (not the edgers)13:31
samadhanhi all13:31
Rajuppp didn't work, I am using Bodhi linux13:31
ni291187I think it is a problem with the display size, I can get in to terminal with Carl alt t13:31
MonkeyDustRaju  #bodhilinux13:32
auronandaceRaju: bodhi isn't supported here13:32
ActionParsnipRaju: bodhi isn't supported here13:32
samadhani m trying to install ubuntu 12.04 on my windows.but installer do not start13:32
PatrickDickeyActionParsnip: I'll let you help ni291187, as I use an ATI card. nvidia-current is about all I know for nvidia drivers.13:32
ActionParsnipNi291187: if you run: sudo apt-get update    do you hit servers ok?13:32
MonkeyDustsamadhan  wubi?13:32
ni291187yes sudo apt-get update now asks for a password13:33
MonkeyDustsamadhan  don't use ir, you'll get frustrated, like this other user, just yesterday13:33
PatrickDickeyni291187: it's the same password you logged in with.13:33
ActionParsnipNi291187: type your login password and hit enter13:33
ni291187I believe it is a display resolution problem. however, I can't get in to the display settings menu via right clicking without causing that settings section to crash13:33
* PatrickDickey steps back13:34
samadhani have downloaded iso file too.but nothing works13:34
ni291187I'm updating now13:34
=== linuxthefish` is now known as linuxthefish
ActionParsnipSamadhan: did you MD5 test the ISO?13:34
MonkeyDustsamadhan  see? better install ubuntu on its own partition, not inside windows13:34
ni291187update is done, reboot?13:34
samadhanhow to test md5?13:35
PatrickDickeysamadhan: You'll want to burn the iso to a DVD after testing it. Then install it alongside Windows, by booting up to the DVD.13:35
ActionParsnipNi291187: that didn't change the OS13:35
samadhani have done it on usb13:35
ni291187what should I do13:35
ActionParsnipNi291187: sudo apt-get upgrade; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade13:35
samadhanbut usb boot doesnt work13:35
ActionParsnip! Md5 @| samadhan13:36
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows13:36
PatrickDickeysamadhan: do you have any dvd's?13:36
ni291187ok I did that13:36
ActionParsnipSamadhan: if you didn't MD5 test the ISO, how did you know it was complete and error free?13:37
ni291187should I reboot? should I install kubuntu?13:37
Rajuhow to connect to internet using ppp protocol\13:37
samadhani have made bootable usb and checked integrity13:37
MonkeyDustRaju  aks in #bodhilinux13:37
ActionParsnipNi291187: once it completes, reboot13:37
auronandaceRaju: bodhi isn't supported here13:37
_helios_samadhan, more than likely your computer doesn't support booting from usb,.13:38
ActionParsnipRaju: bodhi stil isn't supported here, you aren't using Ubuntu13:38
ni291187gnome is totally F'ed.13:39
ni291187can I uninstall the display drivers?13:39
ActionParsnipRaju: your distribution has its own support network which is separate to Ubuntu's. This channel only supports official releases,  nit hack spinoffs like bodhi13:39
SapphireDensetsuIn 2 days, I'm going to have an IEP, where, among other things, the school wants a demonstration of Linux, and it's advantages over Windows.  What should I do?13:40
auronandaceActionParsnip: he left13:40
ActionParsnipNi291187: sure, itsva package like any other, did you run the --initial command like on the binary driver how to13:40
PatrickDickeySapphireDensetsu: Do you have a linux computer set up for the demonstration?13:40
ActionParsnipAurondance: thanks13:40
WXZI'm having a bit of a problem understanding the difference between a window manager and a desktop environment13:40
SapphireDensetsuAs a matter of fact, it's the computer I'm messaging from right now.13:41
auronandaceSapphireDensetsu: what advantages can you think of?13:41
PatrickDickeySapphireDensetsu: what research have you done on advantages of linux vs windows?13:41
MonkeyDustWXZ  window manager is what makes your windows move on the screen, DE is what your desktop looks like, the bars and menus etc13:42
SapphireDensetsuIn an educational setting, pretty much that it would be secure, it would be fast, they wouldn't have to be overburdened with new hardware, and that the students would like it.13:42
PatrickDickey1. Fewer (read as very rare) viruses and malware. 2. Works on older hardware. 3. Less upfront cost (no license fees). There are a ton more.13:42
SapphireDensetsuBesides that?  I don't know.13:42
WXZMonkeyDust: well that's where I have the problem, the awesome window manager for instance, it has it's own bars and menus, but it's a window manager13:42
ioriaSapphireDensetsu: do you know how may errores the windows registry produces ? and at last the system is unrecoverable13:43
MonkeyDustWXZ  awesome is not for beginners, IMO13:43
SapphireDensetsuIt's a red-flag Microsoft district, that's for certain.  But the teachers are frustrated with their inadequate hardware, and the demands of Windows.13:43
WXZMonkeyDust: it's mandatory for me kind of13:43
ActionParsnipNi291187: I assume you ran: sudo aticonfig --initial13:43
_helios_You guys might already be aware of this, but I got rid of Windows 7 completaly becaues I was browsing through the windows partition using linux and found some log files.  Them aholes at microsoft were logging every mouse movement I made.  Now if that isn't a privacy violation I dunno what is.13:43
BRKsayshey can anybody tell me whether openjdk is actively maintained or not?13:44
SapphireDensetsuAs for working with Windows, I've used and converted dozens of systems, but this will be my first group repair.13:44
PatrickDickeyActionParsnip: he has a nvidia card. would he still run aticonfig?13:44
MonkeyDustWXZ  how so? low specs? maybe we can find a different solution13:44
ActionParsnipPatrickdickey: thought it was a ati13:44
PatrickDickeyBRKsays: yes it is. Oracle doesn't officially support java on Linux anymore because OpenJDK is supposed to be up to par.13:44
PatrickDickey!java | BRKsays13:45
ubottuBRKsays: To just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.13:45
WXZMonkeyDust: I need to be able to switch between workspaces on different monitors13:45
PatrickDickeyni291187: How're you doing there?13:46
SapphireDensetsuBut anyways, I need the demonstration to be flawless, so that the teachers demand Linux in their classrooms.  Anyways, at least Ms. Orpurt already wants it.  On a somewhat unrelated side note, how does Xubuntu or Lubuntu do on a Wilamette Pentium 4?13:46
_helios_SapphireDensetsu, that is something you can add to your list Microsoft spys on its customers constantly they have hidden keyloggers pre-installed.13:46
MonkeyDustWXZ  not sure what you mean or where the problem lies13:46
oliver__hi there, I set chmod 2775 on a directory and now I cant remove it, I tried both chmod 775 and 0775 but the permissions stays the same13:47
oliver__i wont13:47
PatrickDickeySapphireDensetsu: Probably better than Ubuntu, as they use a lightweight desktop manager.13:47
WXZMonkeyDust: basically, I need a sort of zaphod-mode setup where I can move windows across desktops13:47
somsipoliver__: chmod g-s13:47
ni291187ummm... disaster13:47
PatrickDickeyBut SapphireDensetsu, you'll probably want something more like Edubuntu13:47
SapphireDensetsuHelios:  If I said that, they would say I'm out of my mind.  And yes, I've seen the NSAKEY symbol on debug/checked NT, so I know what you're talking about.13:47
oliver__somsip: thanks, worked!13:47
WXZMonkeyDust: awesome provides a similar functionality where I can have 2 monitors, but set different workspaces on each monitor (monitor 1 = workspace 1, monitor 2 = workspace 2)13:47
BRKsaysI have openjdk 7 installed. I asked because when I try to vrify my java version it says java 7 version 9. but it is outdated. there is a version 7.10. I'm not a developer. I just java for browsing. So should I install oracle too? I have heard oracle java is actively maintained and updates and fixes are provided?13:48
techousepostfix is bouncing all my mail :P13:48
techouseJan 13 14:45:13 Mk5 postfix/error[8433]: 3EEF0680F5: to=<myemail@live.com>, relay=none, delay=0.23, delays=0.16/0/0/0.07, dsn=5.0.0, status=bounced (live.com)13:48
techousedahell :P13:48
ActionParsnipBrksays: how did you install java?13:48
PatrickDickeyBRKsays: technically right now, you shouldn't run Java at all. There's a security vulnerability for Java 7 Update 10 that affects everyone.13:48
SapphireDensetsuYes, I probably would, but it would bring the poor old Wilamettes down to their knees, not to mention Unity.  I'd install Xubuntu, and then the Edubuntu packages for the best of both worlds.13:48
_helios_SapphireDensetsu, that's the problem these days and Windows 8 is even worse than Windows 7,  But nobody will believe you they spy even if you put the logs in there face...lol13:48
disharmonic Would you recommend mtpfs or simple-mtpfs for Android phones?13:49
PatrickDickeySapphireDensetsu: I'd say install it on one of the Wilamettes and use that for the demonstration. That way they can see it working in their real-time environment. You'll want to show them that they can still do whatever they need to do.13:50
_helios_I wouldn't recommend mtpfs at all lol13:50
PatrickDickeydisharmonic: #ubuntu-phone13:50
PatrickDickeyWell maybe not. Maybe #android instead.13:50
disharmonicPatrickDickey, this has nothing to do with Ubuntu for Phones13:50
SapphireDensetsuThey wouldn't let me do that in a million years, especially considering my past history, and that I'm not technically enrolled.  But I can show them my Core 2 Duo laptop, which is the next best thing.13:51
MonkeyDustWXZ  ok, get it, but got to go - put that information in one line and repeat it from time to time - good luck!13:51
ni291187Patrick... Ubuntu won't work! the display drivers messed it up13:52
PatrickDickeySapphireDensetsu: Do you have access to a computer that has similar hardware specs to the Wilamettes?13:52
disharmonicPatrickDickey, both of those are FUSE implementations of MTP for linux.13:52
WXZMonkeyDust: ok13:52
PatrickDickeyni291187: One second.13:52
BRKsaysActionParsnip: In firefox I recieved missing plugin. I tried to install. there were two options. Icedtea 6 and Icedtea 7. when I installed the whole openjdk was installed. I cheked USC and saw openjdk 7, icedtea 7 and web control panel are installed. What I am asking is for normal browsing and gaming stuff is openjdk 7 enough? and do I have to worry abou fixes and updates?13:52
SapphireDensetsuThe closest I have is a big brute of a Northwood sitting around at my house.  Nothing to compare to the Wilamettes though, and certainly nothing I can pack up to the school and demonstrate.13:52
_helios_SapphireDensetsu, Are you doing this for a college?13:54
_helios_SapphireDensetsu, Just the fact that Ubuntu is free should get there attention lol13:54
PatrickDickeyni291187: which nvidia card is it again? So I can check to see which one it's supported by.13:55
ni291187gtx 66013:55
SapphireDensetsuNo, I'm doing it for the Edwardsburg School District as a whole, a K-12 institution.  And that might get the teachers attention, but the adminstrators wouldn't budge.  I've actually contemplated compromising their servers to teach them a lesson in insecurity, but I've somehow restrained myself.13:55
ni291187all I see is my desktop background13:55
disharmonic_helios_, you meant i shouldn't use MTP at all? It's not really an option in my case13:55
ni291187ip can enter terminal13:55
_helios_SapphireDensetsu, I goto college and I have shown some people and my professor Ubuntu and they just can't believe its free.13:55
ActionParsnipBrksays: try: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/java ; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install oracle-java7-installer13:55
ActionParsnipBrksays: it also has oracle-java8-installer13:56
_helios_disharmonic, I've just had bad experiences with mtp with a mp3 player I fixed for a friend.  Its a picky lil filesystem.13:56
SapphireDensetsuYes, and Ms. Orpurt doesn't believe Linux is free even when I insist with my two own puppy-dog eyes.  But like I said, the teachers are no problem, and neither are the students, it's the adminstration.13:57
BluesKajBRKsays, stick around and wait for a response , don't just repeat your question13:57
BRKsaysActionParsnip: okay. I'm gonna try that. thanks:-)13:57
ActionParsnipBrksays: easier to use a PPA13:58
BRKsaysBluesKaj: I wasn't repeating. I was talking to ActionParsnip. Sorry if that was out of line.13:59
BluesKajbrs np, you finally did13:59
njd001srhb im not an all windows guy theres just differences between RHEL, bsd, Solaris besides im not paying for it.14:00
SapphireDensetsuAnd even then, the admins will object by saying that Linux doesn't teach children about the real world.  Okay then.  Amazon, Google, Facebook, DoD, are you listening?14:00
njd001SapphireDensetsu is that to me or ?14:01
* njd001 has to spend his training budget14:01
SapphireDensetsuTo no one, really.14:01
njd001use it or lose it :(14:01
njd001thank god they dont do that with PTO yet14:02
BluesKajSapphireDensetsu, neither does Windows teach about the real world because they think they owm it14:03
PatrickDickeyni291187: yes you can remove the drivers. sudo apt-get remove nvidia-current will do it.14:03
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!14:03
ni291187Ty Patrick!14:03
SapphireDensetsuOf course I use it, I haven't touched Windows in over 3 hours.  But I might as well just demonstrate and hope for the best.  Especially regarding my enrollment.14:03
ni291187I will try that14:03
PatrickDickeySapphireDensetsu: are you a student or faculty there?14:03
njd001also you guys recommend an AWESOME app called pastebin but it doesnt seem apt-get install knows about it perhaps im doing it wrong ? apt-get install pastebin?14:03
bazhangnjd001, pastebinit14:03
ubottupastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com14:04
njd001btw who does the ubuntu classes ?14:04
bazhangPatrickDickey, SapphireDensetsu chat to #ubuntu-offtopic14:04
SapphireDensetsuNeither at the moment, just a 14-year-old homeschooler they're trying to ensnare with every trap in the book.14:04
njd001canonical ?14:04
PatrickDickeyni291187: when it's finished, reboot. We'll work through getting you the right drivers after that.14:04
* njd001 likes this place its a lot like #help on efnet14:04
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
ni291187it is rebooting, :) you are too kind sir14:05
PatrickDickeynjd001: http://www.ubuntu.com/classroom14:05
sohail_hi, anyone know why I cannot do this: apt-get install libssl-dev libssl-dev:i386 on 12.04?14:05
sohail_I need both because I need to build against 32 and 64-bit14:05
PatrickDickeysohail_: what error do you get when you try to install it?14:05
ni291187the desktop has been restored14:05
SapphireDensetsuShall we agree to move the discussion then?  I want all our previous posts moved though, so I don't have headaches when copying the logs.14:05
njd001bazhang can i message you my error installing pastebin i dont want to exceed the flood cap its 6 lines ?14:06
njd001err my error is 6 lines anyway14:06
PatrickDickeyWell, I'll be heading off to bed shortly, but I'm sure there are people in there who can help you with the IEP.14:06
sohail_PatrickDickey, http://paste.lisp.org/display/13460814:06
bazhangnjd001, its pastebinit   not pastebin14:06
* njd001 will try again... kicks AWS14:06
bazhang!info pastebinit14:06
ubottupastebinit (source: pastebinit): command-line pastebin client. In component main, is optional. Version 1.3-2ubuntu3 (quantal), package size 15 kB, installed size 172 kB14:07
PatrickDickeysohail_: are you running a 64-bit version of Ubuntu?14:07
njd001ah phooey14:07
njd001i see what i did14:07
bazhangnjd001, does apt-cache search pastebinit   show it a s a result14:07
sohail_PatrickDickey, yes14:07
sohail_Linux ubuntu-lts-build 3.2.0-35-generic #55-Ubuntu SMP Wed Dec 5 17:42:16 UTC 2012 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux14:07
* njd001 typed pastebininit not paste-bin-it14:07
njd001without the -'s14:08
bazhang!1984 | SapphireDensetsu the logs are here14:08
ubottuSapphireDensetsu the logs are here: Official channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too; for older LoCo channel logs, see http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/14:08
PatrickDickeyYou might want to ask in #ubuntu-app-devel then sohail_. they're the ones that would know what to do to get you set up.14:08
sohail_ok thanks14:08
ni291187Patrick, if you are busy, it can wait till later, you have done so much already. I appreciate everything you have done, I will repay you by sticking to and learning more about Ubuntu14:08
njd001bazhang i had pastebininit (as in init) I see now its more paste bin it  :)14:09
njd001that worked14:09
njd001bazhang Thanks!14:09
bazhangone too many init then njd00114:09
* njd001 :)14:09
PatrickDickeyni291187: Not a problem. I'll say this. If everything is working, don't worry about the video drivers yet.14:09
lcabreza1how do i search specific email address using ldapsearch command ?14:09
ni291187thanks again, good night :)14:09
bazhangni291187, you can contribute by helping answer questions here, on launchpad answers site and askubuntu.com14:09
PatrickDickeyni291187: Not a problem. have a good day.14:10
njd001indeed. perhaps that ! thingy can be updated to example pastebinit instead ? that or its because i just woke up and cannot read lol14:10
njd001anywho back to my shell14:10
ni291187baz, I'm too new to Dothan,lol14:10
ni291187errr.. to do that14:10
ni291187but I can later on14:10
bazhangni291187, you never know, always worth a look at any rate14:10
njd001bazhang one last question about pastebin how long does it sit on the web before it expires14:10
ni291187I can try14:11
bazhangnjd001, you can suggest an update to the factoids /msg ubottu usage14:11
PatrickDickeyni291187: I'll give you a hint. Google and the Ubuntu Documentation are your friends. That's how most of us (at least those of us who haven't learned a lot) find the information.14:12
ni291187Patrick, I'll give it a try. I'm installing kubuntu desktop ATM14:15
XATRIXHi guys, how can i tell apt-get to remove *linux-image* (but exclude linux-image-3.6.8-pf-686) ?14:15
XATRIXIs there any --exclude ?14:15
yeatsXATRIX: no there's no14:19
yeatsXATRIX: you could try something like sudo apt-get -s remove `dpkg --get-selections | grep linux-image | grep -v 'linux-image-3.6.8-pf-686' | awk '{print $1}'` (note that 'apt-get -s' means 'simulate' - you would need to remove that when you run it for real)14:24
yeatsXATRIX: I recommend caution both with globbing (using *) and with scripts/chained bash commands like this since you could end up removing something important.  If there's not a need to remove the other kernels, I would let them remain.14:26
fegofellow ubuites, any idea how "HP Pavilion DV4-5009TX" fares in ubuntu?14:33
BillyZane|2is that what i am now?14:33
fegoBillyZane|2: are you using the above model?14:34
BillyZane|2gotta sleep!14:34
yeatsfego: best way to know is to try it out with a live dvd/usb14:35
fegoyeats: but i cannot try it out until i buy it. :)14:36
ActionParsnipFego: give it a try, its free14:36
ActionParsnipFego: ah14:36
slappasaurusXXX acounts anyone?14:37
k1lslappasaurus: see !guidelines please.14:37
FlowRiserk1l, he meant well14:38
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines14:39
xsumi5Has anyone had the keyboard / gnome issues after pluggin in a headset?14:39
ActionParsnipFego: spec seems pretty generic, you may need a bit of config  for audio14:40
XATRIXyeats: sounds if you're right14:40
XATRIXit works14:40
xsumi5I am sitting here, trying to listen to Internet music and Gnome or Compiz...not sure becomes unstable and I have to reboot14:41
yeatsXATRIX: great - glad it helped14:41
=== obli-AWAY is now known as JelleB
XATRIXYes, you did great !14:41
ActionParsnipFego: seems to be a switchable video chip but bumblebee may support it14:41
ActionParsnipFego: personally I avoid that whole optimus mess14:41
fegoActionParsnip: thanks, i was worried about the graphic chip. I hope nvidia does better in linux.14:42
ActionParsnipFego: switchable video can be a headache14:43
XATRIXyeats: Any idea how to install .deb package from the web/url ?14:45
XATRIXIs it ok ? ap-get install http://pf.natalenko.name/binaries/ubuntu/3.7.2/linux-image-3.7.2-pf_1_amd64.deb14:45
ActionParsnipXatrix: you'll need more than just that one deb. Also, we cannot support the kernel here if you get issues14:46
ActionParsnipXatrix: you will need to use wget to download the file first14:47
XATRIXActionParsnip: yes, i know the risks... Just need to figure out how to install this .deb-s without downloading into the box14:47
XATRIXAs far as i know, i can install something like #yum install http://someurl.com/.../.../software.rpm14:47
ActionParsnipXatrix: you'll need to download it14:48
XATRIXIt will autodownload and install the sutff14:48
XATRIXOk, i'll try to14:48
XATRIXHow can i install downloaded .deb file with apt-get ?14:53
joaodoes anyone know the location of chrome files in ubuntu?14:53
XATRIXI just tried to : http://pf.natalenko.name/binaries/ubuntu/3.7.2/linux-headers-3.7.2-pf_1_i386.deb14:53
yeatsXATRIX: 'sudo dpkg -i [debfile]'14:53
XATRIXroot@HP-Compaq-nc4010:/tmp# apt-get install linux-image-3.7.2-pf_1_i386.deb - this doesn't work14:54
XATRIXyeats: but your way seems to be proper14:54
XATRIXyeats: Can you explain me what the hell was it ? :) http://hastebin.com/feqoledife.avrasm14:57
biopytehi. running 12.04 and gnome classic here. when i open the ubuntu menu in the gnome bar and click a folder in the "places" submenu, that starts the vlc player instead of the file browser. this never happened to me before. probably i accidentally changed a setting but i have no ides which one. any idea?14:58
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=== obli-AWAY is now known as JelleB
yeatsXATRIX: I'm not sure we can continue to support what you're doing, as it's not an Ubuntu kernel15:00
yeatsXATRIX: I would recommend sticking to ubuntu-provided kernels15:00
XATRIXNo no , i was just asking about was there any idea... ? no worries. i'm just testing tho15:00
bazhangXATRIX, try ##linux for support15:01
yeatsXATRIX: errors like 'corrupted filesystem tarfile - corrupted package archive' are exactly why what you're doing isn't supported :-/15:01
ActionParsnipXatrix: if you want the 3.7 kernel then install Raring15:02
XATRIXActionParsnip: actually i'm gonna test a latest pf-kernel15:02
XATRIXWith a few patches15:03
dakotawulfybiopyte u could try install alacarte see if u can fix it with that15:04
XATRIXalright , let's boot up this new one crap15:05
iLogicalI am getting this error and it's stopping from installing some stuff: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1527654/15:06
iLogicalcan I fix it?15:06
iLogicalstopping me*15:06
jribiLogical: look at line 915:08
XATRIXSounds if if i'm still with you guys ;)15:08
biopytedakota, "places" is not an item in alacarte.15:09
iLogicaljrib, is it on /boot ?15:09
jribiLogical: presumably, yes15:09
dakotawulfyok sorry15:09
iLogicaljrib, i use encryption but /boot isnt encrypted15:09
jribiLogical: do you have it on a separate partition?15:09
iLogicalcan i resize it?15:09
iLogicalsystem encryptiom15:10
jribiLogical: you probably just have a bunch of old kernels installed.  You should uninstall some15:10
yeatsiLogical: can you pastebin the output of 'df -h'?15:10
jribiLogical: dpkg -l 'linux-image*' | grep '^ii'     will show you which you have installed15:11
iLogicalYeahRight, sure there you go http://paste.ubuntu.com/1527671/15:11
dakotawulfybiopyte check under /etc/xdg/menus/15:11
biopyteok, one moment15:11
dakotawulfyfor the gnome menu see if u can maybe fin info15:12
yeatsiLogical: yeah /boot is nearly full15:12
dakotawulfybiopyte might find something there to help u15:12
iLogicalshould I resize it:15:13
iLogicaljrib, how do I choose any to delete?15:13
iLogicaland do it15:13
=== captain_ is now known as captainfixerpc14
jribiLogical: what was the output?15:13
jribiLogical: what kernel are you running now? (uname -r)15:14
iLogicaljrib, 3.5.0-21-generic15:14
jribiLogical: you can remove the linux-image-3.5.0-17-generic and linux-image-extra-3.5.0-17-generic packages then15:15
iLogicaljrib, it worked, thanks!15:17
biopytedakota, can't find anything related to "places". clicking a folder on the desktop runs the file browser as it should. maybe the problem is gone after reboot? thx, anyway15:17
wrreztI have installed the git package of Ubuntu 12.04. But I can't find the git-completion.bash file from https://github.com/git/git/tree/v1.7.9.5/contrib/completion15:18
dakotawulfybiopyte may be u could reinstall the gnome classic menu15:18
biopyteok, thats another option15:19
wrreztAnd "apt-file search git-completion.bash" doesn't find it.15:19
dakotawulfybiopyte might fix the links just ideal might work15:19
lastleo85guys, i have a i3 dell inspiron n1050    needs  to be installed ubuntu 64bit which iso???? please need the url of the torrent15:20
lastleo85website has listed ubuntu for amd 64 bit, confused:(15:22
jrib!amd64 | lastleo8515:22
ubottulastleo85: AMD64 and Intel 64 are fully supported architectures on Ubuntu. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CommonQuestions#AMD64_Processors and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amd64 for more information.15:22
jriblastleo85: amd64 is just the name for 64bit15:22
ActionParsnip!find git-completion-bash15:22
ubottuPackage/file git-completion-bash does not exist in quantal15:23
lastleo85great solved cheers15:23
wrrezt!find git-completion.bash15:23
ubottuFile git-completion.bash found in stgit15:23
ubottuSome torrent clients: Transmission (GTK and terminal-based), Deluge-Torrent, Freeloader, BitStormLite, BitTornado-GUI (GTK), KTorrent (KDE), QTorrent (Qt), Azureus/Vuse (Java), !Frostwire (Java), TorrentFlux (web-based), bittornado, rTorrent, cTorrent, bittorrent, aria2 (terminal-based) - FAQ: http://www.bittorrent.com/help/faq - See also !P2P15:24
ubottuQuantal can be torrented from http://torrent.ubuntu.com/simple/quantal/desktop/ubuntu-12.10-desktop-i386.iso.torrent or http://torrent.ubuntu.com/simple/quantal/server/ubuntu-12.10-server-amd64.iso.torrent depending on your needs. Other flavors can be found at http://torrent.ubuntu.com:696915:24
wrreztstgit contains /usr/share/stgit/completion/stgit-completion.bash and that is not git-completion.bash.15:24
wrrezt!find "^git-completion.bash$"15:24
ubottuFile git-completion.bash found in stgit15:24
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience15:25
ActionParsnipWrrezt: nice15:25
wrreztActionParsnip: What do you mean?15:25
ActionParsnipWrrezt: using regex with ubottu15:26
wrreztActionParsnip: Bit it's not working.15:26
wrreztSo git-completion.bash is not part of Ubuntu 12.04?15:29
acovrigI have an ubuntu 12.10 64bit system installed on an 80G SATA, can I do a software raid 1 (mirror) without having to format my hdd?15:29
=== gogogo__ is now known as gogogo_
yeatswrrezt: see the links on this page to file a bug or contact the maintainers: http://packages.ubuntu.com/quantal/git15:31
oalI have an i7 CPU with Intel HD 4000, but it shows up as indirect rendering, What do I need to do to enable the GPU?15:31
=== SAF is now known as Guest17333
wrreztyeats: Thank you.15:32
biopytedakota, i fixed the problem inspired by this info ... http://platonic.techfiz.info/2008/10/places-menu-broken-ubuntu-intrepid-upgrade/15:33
dakotawulfybiopyte cool so u got it working???15:34
biopytefor some reason i had a "vlc.desktop" entry in the inode/directory line15:34
biopyteyes, back to normal15:34
wrreztyeats: I found it. The git-completion.bash is part of bash-completion and only called git: /etc/bash_completion.d/git.15:34
biopytejust deleted the "vlc.desktop" entry, that was it15:34
yeatswrrezt: ah15:34
yeatsI wondered about that because git bash completion has always worked for me out of the box15:35
wrreztyeats: Sorry, I am wrong. $ dpkg --search /etc/bash_completion.d/git15:35
wrreztgit: /etc/bash_completion.d/git15:35
dakotawulfybiopyte cool always good when u get it fixed15:35
ActionParsnipAcovrig: if you dd the drive to another drive, in theory it should work15:35
escottoal, do you have any other GPUs what version of ubuntu are you running?15:35
oalescott, no other GPUs. Ubuntu 12.1015:35
biopytedakota, i didnt expect to work it out that fast ... i was lucky this time15:36
oalescott, I found this, might give it a shot: https://launchpad.net/~xorg-edgers/+archive/ppa15:36
escottoal, 12.10 should support sandys not sure why it would not work15:36
threex5could someone help me with an mpd-related problem? I can't get gmpc to connect. i just get error 13: 'operation already in progress'/15:37
ActionParsnipOal: can you pastebin the output of: sudo lshw -C display;  lsb_release -a; uname -a15:38
edgyhi, how can I restart iptables in ubuntu? already tried: $ sudo service iptables restart15:38
edgyiptables: unrecognized service15:38
oalActionParsnip, http://hastebin.com/vuxunicebo15:39
escottedgy, iptables is not a service that runs in the background. the tables are loaded at the beginning and just sit in kernel. check if they are loaded with sudo iptables -L15:39
yeatsedgy: with iptables you just issue commands (usually via a script) and it will retain that state until you log out15:39
yeatss/log out/reboot/15:40
edgyescott, yeats: but it used to be a service that we can stop and start, are you saying this is not true, or things has changed?15:40
yeatsedgy: it's not a service15:40
escottedgy, there might have been an init script in the past to load iptables rules from a file, but its never been a proper "service" because it has no daemon15:42
oalActionParsnip, did you find anything useful there?15:42
ActionParsnip!bug 1066228 | oal15:42
ubottubug 1066228 in linux (Ubuntu) "8086:0162 After updates quantal doesn't boot into graphics mode on my ivybridge system" [Medium,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/106622815:42
edgyyeats, escott: ok, now iptables -L showed some default rules, I did iptables -F to flush them temporarily and want to apply the defaults back, whatever this is called how can I do it?15:43
escottedgy, can't say whee you got your rules from. many people get rules from ufw15:44
escott!ufw | edgy15:44
ubottuedgy: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Gufw (GNOME) and Guarddog (KDE from Lucid onwards) also exist.15:44
harushimohow do I get pygame for python3 in ubuntu15:45
harushimoI've been trying to get it15:45
jimi_how can I configure my laptop so that when I shut th elid, anything playing on HDMI out doesn't go blank?15:45
edgyescott: I didn't install ufw, so by default if i just install ubuntu desktop, iptables -L tables would be empty?15:45
oalActionParsnip, I'm able to use my system, but it doesn't use the builtin GPU, so it's software rendering only (indirect)15:45
escottjimi_, (a) is your laptop designed for use with the lid closed. many laptops cannot be used in such a fashion15:46
escottedgy, i believe so15:46
edgyescott: ok, thanks, I will try to figure out where it's coming from then15:46
ActionParsnipOal: tried: sudo modprobe i915; killall -u $USER15:47
yeatsedgy: ufw is installed by default, I believe15:47
saprohello. i need some help15:47
ActionParsnipAsk away sapro15:48
oalActionParsnip, how long should that take to run?15:48
escott!info ufw | yeats, edgy i think its optional15:49
ubottuyeats, edgy i think its optional: ufw (source: ufw): program for managing a Netfilter firewall. In component main, is standard. Version 0.33-0ubuntu2.1 (quantal), package size 156 kB, installed size 714 kB15:49
escottyeats, guess you are correct15:49
ActionParsnipOal: instantaneous,  it will also kill Xorg, yoy15:49
saproi;m trying to install ubuntu from usb and i get "no child node. aborting... Error: no configuration file found. No DEFAULT or UE configuration directive found!"15:49
ActionParsnipYour apps and lig you off15:49
saproany tips?15:49
oalAll right, let me try. brb15:49
ActionParsnipSapro: did you MD5 test the ISO you downloaded?15:49
=== Vampire0_ is now known as Vampire0
edgyescott: $ apt-cache show ufw |grep Task15:50
edgyTask: standard, kubuntu-active15:50
edgyescott: what standard here implies then?15:50
saproi downloaded 5 times the iso.15:50
saprofrom different sources.15:50
ActionParsnipSapro: doesn't matter, you could (statistically) download a million and never get a good one15:51
escottedgy, it would be installed by default with ubuntu-desktop. perhaps it isn't activated b/c ive seen empty rules before15:51
ActionParsnip!md5 | Sapro15:51
ubottuSapro: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows15:51
edgyescott: for me it's not installed, though ubuntu-desktop is installed15:51
saproi will try.15:52
saproi'm downloading now another iso and i'll check.15:52
saprothank you for the info.15:53
LiquidDemocracyI want to switch from Ubuntu to Kubuntu. All my emails are in Evolution, though. How can I migrate them?15:54
iceroothow to stream music from PulseAudio to PulseAudio with 12.04 as client? padevchooser is not available anymore for newer releases15:54
icerootLiquidDemocracy: you can still use evolution on kubuntu15:55
LiquidDemocracyBut evolution is a Gnome GUI application.15:56
icerootLiquidDemocracy: and?15:56
LiquidDemocracyI want a clean KDE.15:56
LiquidDemocracyAnd not copy all the required libraries over.15:56
icerootLiquidDemocracy: i dont think you want something aewfull like kontakt/kmail15:56
icerootLiquidDemocracy: but when you are using imap for example you dont have to migrate, just sync the mails with the new client15:57
LiquidDemocracyNo they don't exist on the server anymore.15:58
solidoodlesupporHere's a weird one: Ubuntu loads into my VM without loading the dock. Just the desktop background, nothing else15:58
icerootsolidoodlesuppor: sounds like "3d support is missing"16:00
yeatssolidoodlesuppor: take a look at your VM's graphics/display settings and make sure they are maxxed out16:00
North1Hello all.  I am having problem working with the dd command...16:00
North1am trying to write an .img file to my SD card and all I get is16:00
North1dd: unrecognised operand '/dev/sdb'16:00
yeatsNorth1: can you pastebin the full command you're using?16:01
escottNorth1, dd if=/path/to/file.img of=/dev/sdb16:01
jonnybalHow can I force a guest session to close? I just switched users to guest and I now have a black screen with a mouse Pinter and nothing else16:02
acovrigActionParsnip: I have 3(ish) partitions, 1=boot, 2=extended, 5=lvm, would I dd if=/dev/sda1 >1.dd; dd if=/dev/sda2 >2.dd then setup raid, partition table, dd if=1.dd >/dev/sda1; dd if=2.dd >/dev/sda2 ?16:02
ActionParsnipJonnybal: in a tty, run:     sudo killall -u guest16:02
ubuntuaddictedhow do I remove a steam game?16:03
North1sudo dd bs=1M if= ~/2012-12-16-wheezy-raspbian.img of= /dev/sdb16:03
bekksWithout the " "16:03
North1escott I gave the full path16:03
escottacovrig, don't use redirection with dd16:03
jonnybalI don't want to force a reboot as I think a long file operation may still be going on16:03
escottNorth1, no spaces16:03
North1sorry ? No spaces between ?16:04
ActionParsnipAcovrig: the second drive will be /dev/sdb    sda2 is the secind paetition in the first drive16:04
acovrigescott: is the general idea correct? (I was however planning on dd if=dev | pv -pterbs <size>M >file)16:04
escottNorth1, between of= and the argument same for if=16:04
North1okay lemme try.16:05
North1I will get back to u with the result16:05
escottacovrig, not sure what you are trying to do. just the dd if=something > something.else is silly16:05
North1Yes Escott... its working now... Silly me not to check16:05
ActionParsnipSolidoodlesuppor: not really,  it needs 3D acceleration.  If its not around then it won't load. If the system is a VM then I recommend you use XFCE or LXDE to give a more responsive OS16:06
ubuntuaddicteddoes anyone know how to uninstall a game from steam client?16:06
eristikophilesanyone ever have problems with 'too many files open'? i can't seem to find a cause for it / what program might be doing it. i can't run anything to check stuff like with ps to see what's running, and i got more ram put in the box but it hasn't solved it (though it does run faster).16:06
atlef!grub > atlef16:06
ubottuatlef, please see my private message16:06
acovrigescott: thats the only way I know how to do it (running through pv)16:07
jonnybalActionparsnip: I can't get to a terminal as I just have a black screen16:07
ActionParsnipEristikophiles: try     lsof    to see the open files16:07
eristikophilesulimit is unlimited and file max is at like 333k-something16:07
eristikophilesi can't run anything16:07
escottacovrig, pipe is sensible. redirection is silly16:07
ActionParsnipJonnybal:   so pressing:  ctrl + alt + f1     doesn't get a terminal?16:07