bobweaverHello there there is a person on the main channel that is having troubles with things showing up in the login menu like Unity 2d is there something in Ubuntu studio that is hindering that by default ?00:12
zequencebobweaver: nope00:14
bobweaverhuh ubuntu studio uses lightdm ?00:15
bobweaveror gdm00:15
bobweaverI think that he is having this same issue00:16
zequencebobweaver: lightgdm. You can check with: apt-cache show ubuntustudio-desktop00:16
zequenceubuntustudio-desktop is mostly derived from xubuntu00:17
bobweaveryeah that is cool so it is xfce DE with a bunch of cool stuff00:17
bobweaverI also seen at uds that it is on dvd now00:17
zequenceI think the installation ISO for Ubuntu Studio has always been a DVD, because of the amount of packages00:18
bobweavercool , Yeah I do not know much about it I am just a qt developer00:19
bobweaverwell qml mainly00:19
zequenceThe choice of desktop is not the main priority for Ubuntu Studio, as it's based on multimedia. Of course, the desktop needs to be easy to use for multimedia00:19
bobweaverthat is cool yeah I make my own spin off DE00:20
bobweaverspin off of Unity 2d00:20
zequenceYou were at UDS?00:20
zequenceMe too. I did the plenary for Ubuntu Studio00:20
bobweaverI got sponsored for my work in Ubuntu TV00:21
bobweaverahh cool you are the blue shirt dude ?00:21
bobweaverget excited and make something00:21
bobweaveror something like that00:21
bobweaverI was there it was fun I learned alot00:22
zequenceI believe I was wearing a grey sweater00:22
bobweaverI made video about it00:22
bobweaverthat was openshot00:22
zequenceYeah, it was inspirational. Nice to meet lots of people there too00:22
bobweaverhere is the spin off that I have been working on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJUFSgaX5E000:23
bobweavercan run ontop of xfce I do that for my myth setup00:24
bobweaverWell I asked the dude that is having troubles to join this channel after reboot if it is still not working00:24
zequencedoes unity-2d exist for all releases?00:25
bobweaverlibunity and dee and some other libs changed to much00:26
bobweaverafter 12.0400:26
bobweaverbut the Phone is all in qml so I am wondering about all that zequence00:26
whatisubuntustudhey everyone00:27
whatisubuntustudcan ubuntustudio be used to create dubstep?00:28
zequencewhatisubuntustud: Sure. It's not geared towards any specific type of genres00:29
whatisubuntustuddoes it have the ability to automate wobbles?00:29
zequenceSounds like you're looking for software tools/fx00:30
zequenceI don't know what automated wobbles is, but I'm sure you can find a tool, or a combination of tools to suite your needs00:31
whatisubuntustudk thanks00:31
zequenceMany sound fx are done with audio wave editors..00:31
zequencenot with automated tools00:31
zequenceor just mixing instruments with fx00:32
bobweaverSo I am installing ubuntustudio to play around with it and test out some stuff. Id there anything that you all are doing that you are focusing on ?01:16
bobweaverIn development that is01:17
computerHi. Trying to get Unity 2d working. Tried most things. Is this an issue with Ubuntu Studio?01:41
zequencecomputer: no01:43
zequencecomputer: Which release?01:43
zequencebobweaver: Are you interested in helping out, or you're just curious? :)01:44
zequencebobweaver: I'd say our focus is on making multimedia easy for linux users01:44
computer12 Something....I forget....What's the code for terminal to find out?01:44
bobweaveryeah I was looking at the bugs that are on launchpad01:45
zequencecomputer: cat /etc/issue01:45
bobweaverhi computer  still no unity 2d in the logoin menu ?01:45
computerUbuntu 12.04.1 LTS \n \l01:45
zequencecomputer: Sure you installed it?01:45
computerNo. computer crashed so had to remove gnome shell01:46
zequenceIn either way, it's not a problem cause by Ubuntu Studio01:46
bobweavercomputer,  and you can launch unity-2d-shell still just can not see it in lightdm ?01:47
zequenceI've found gnome-shell on 12.04 quite stable myself01:47
bobweaver+1 zequence01:47
computerHad to remove gnome shell using recovery mode :(01:47
bobweavergezz it all sounds so strange computer01:48
zequencecomputer: Why? Cause I don't think removing it would affect your possibilities to get to the login screen01:48
computerLaunch from where? Terminal? comes up with many issues in terminal...Buttons come to desktop then go after a while?01:49
bobweaverzequence,  I have had him install unity greeter and reinstall unity 2d and lightdm  and still he is not getting options for unity 2d in lightdm01:49
computerWould not even get to the log in screen so had to remove?01:49
zequencegnome-shell doesn't initialize until after you login, so it could not stop you from reaching the login screen01:50
zequenceAnyway, i'm a bit busy. bbl :)01:50
bobweaverme too01:50
computerstrange because after removing it the pc made it to the log in screen?01:51
computerShame because ubuntu studio is a great system for running my electric guitar through but graphics slowing things down tooo much??01:53
computerOk if your busy right now :)01:54
zequencecomputer: I gather you have an older computer with a graphic card that doesn't handle 3D acceleration?01:54
zequenceYou didn't like XFCE?01:55
computerUsing Celeron 2.4 with intergrated extreme graphics.01:56
bobweavercomputer,  all yes's  when running /usr/lib/nux/unity_support_test -p01:57
computerWhich works ok with the audio editing programs but graphics slow things down.01:57
computerI'll have a look.01:57
zequencecomputer: I'd recommend either XFCE or LXDE for low end machines01:58
zequencecomputer: You could install Lubuntu, and add the ubuntustudio-audio meta01:58
zequenceAdd yourself to audio group and install linux-lowlatency01:58
zequenceVoila. You have UBuntu Studio with the LXDE desktop01:59
zequenceOf course, the menu won't be the same (I think)01:59
computerSupport test didn't work? This is a low latency OS. XFCE is the same.02:00
zequencecomputer: What is a low latency OS, and XFCE is the same as what?02:01
computerXFCE runs the same as this shell. Ubuntu studio is a low latency OS.02:02
zequenceUbuntu Studio is an OS. You get low latency from two things. realtime privilege, and a low latency capable kernel02:03
zequencecomputer: I still don't understand what you mean about XFCE. Same as this shell?02:03
computerIt's just the graphics that seem to slow things down? Ubuntu studio has a low latency kernel?02:04
zequencecomputer: Ubuntu Studio uses linux-lowlatency by default, but you can install it onto any Ubuntu flavor02:05
computerOn the drop down menu there is a XFCE option but it has the same issues with graphics?02:05
zequencecomputer: What do you mean exactly, when you say graphics slow things down? What things? If you mean audio, then I can tell you graphics does not slow audio down02:06
zequencecomputer: You should see Ubuntu Studio in the drop down menu. That is XFCE as well. If you find the graphics too heavy, you can turn some FX off (if they are on)02:07
computerYes but as an example if using a graphics heavy program it slows things down?02:08
zequencecomputer: What things?02:08
zequenceslows what down?02:08
computerSay having a few open programs? the sound is ok but every thing takes forever to load?02:09
zequencecomputer: How much RAM do you have?02:09
zequencecomputer: free -m02:09
computerand programs that use more graphics tend to slow things down more.02:09
zequencecomputer: It sounds to me like you have too little RAM, and when the RAM gets used up, the computer becomes very very slow02:10
zequenceSince it starts to put things into SWAP02:10
computerCPU 32% MEM 19% at moment. Have 1gig of mem.02:11
zequence1GB is a bare minimum to have these days. especially with web browsers02:11
zequence2GB is recommended02:11
computerYes but when looking at monitor when programs are running there doesn't seem to be problem?02:12
zequenceflash and java will take up a lot of CPU02:12
computerCPU goes to about 87% and memory stays low...Around 20%02:12
zequenceDoesn't matter what desktop you have02:13
computerSo the obvious thing would be to cut back on graphics....Hence using unity2D02:14
zequenceXFCE is a light weight desktop02:15
zequenceDid you see if any FX were on?02:15
zequenceAnd if you want really light weight, Lubuntu is the best option02:15
computerMight have tried Xbuntu but that was worse than studio02:15
zequenceDid you try Lubuntu. It's the lightest of them all02:16
computerNot sure but I don't think so.02:17
zequenceTry it02:17
computerI can see me building my own kernel :)02:20
zequencecomputer: the kernel won't change your prospect of less heavy graphics02:21
bobweavercomputer,  maybe you would like to try flux or icewm ?02:26
computerJust seems to me that a lot of people have the same problem with graphics slowing things down? The Linux OS is great until it comes to graphics and having built in ways to cope with graphics? And also seeing as most that use linux will use it on a low spec pc?02:27
zequencecomputer: I'm sorry. I don't have the same experience as you with graphics. It was not long ago when I was using a P3 with a very old graphic card with Ubuntu. One needs to understand that old graphic cards won't handle modern graphics02:28
zequencecomputer: Especially thing like Youtube (flash content)02:28
zequenceI was just recently using a P4 machine with Lubuntu.02:29
computer:) Yes I understand this.02:29
zequencecomputer: And, I don't think you install Linux just because you have old machine. I use the latest stuff with Linux. For me, there's no such thing as Windows or Mac. Only Linux02:30
zequenceMy general experience is that Linux is faster than Windows and Mac02:30
zequenceI installed Debian on  iBook recently02:30
zequenceFaster than OSX02:30
zequenceThis was wheezy. the latest Debian. 10 years more modern than the original OSX02:31
zequenceOf course, the graphic card on that iBook is junk02:31
zequenceSo, no gnome-shell02:31
computerYes but I like the idea of using low cost/spec. An example is the Ubuntu Software Center program....Slows things down.02:32
zequencecomputer: Use the terminal. Or synaptic02:32
zequenceI've hardly ever used Software Center. It's slow even on recent machines02:32
zequenceIt's slow because it's doing a lot of things which you might not be asking for it to do02:33
computerI'm not being argumentative. I really like Linux....I just see issues.02:33
zequencecomputer: Did you try Windows 7 on that machine?02:34
computerNo. It has Windows XP.02:35
zequenceWindows XP is a stone age distro. Very light. I think that if you try Lubuntu, you will find it comparable02:35
zequenceStill, anything 12.04 is quite modern02:36
computerI will give it a go and see....I just liked Studio because it's set up for my needs.02:37
zequencecomputer: Remember, to get good audio performance, just add yourself to audio group and install linux-lowlatency. That's all you need on any flabor02:37
computerAnd even if I got a top spec computer just to get around the graphics it would be cool if that went bang to be able to fall back on to a low spec computer?02:39
computerLike I said studio works fine......Apart from the graphics for some reason. Anyway thanks for your help.02:40
computerBye Bye :)02:43
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LaRueGTis there a linuxable 303 emulator out there somewhere?04:59
LaRueGTnekobee, found it05:02
LaRueGTso many plugins hidden in these menus05:02
janusleebHeyas. Anyone up?05:55
janusleebSubmariner, are you a bubblehead?05:57
holsteinask and we'll see05:57
janusleeblol, kthx. I'm just installing US for the first time, and was just wondering what your impressions were05:58
holsteinjanusleeb: try it live.. and you can see for yourself05:58
janusleebnah, i'm doing an install... haven't used M$ winblows since 2K was up-to-date.05:59
janusleebnah, i'm doing an install... haven't used M$ winblows since 2K was up-to-date. MacBook Pro that broke a while back, and I finally was able to get a new laptop from system76.06:00
holsteinjanusleeb: windows?06:00
janusleebI had to use an old P4 Desktop in the interim. wasn't too bad runing slackware, but I couldn't really do much other than homework and browse teh interwebz06:00
janusleebyes, winblows. I have no respect for the company, so I avoid using it as much as possible.06:01
janusleeboh, time to reboot. hope it all goes well. have a good night guys06:02
holsteinsure.. just avoid refering to is as such in the official channels06:02
holsteinwe have folks who use it, and its unecessary and not productive or constructive06:02
holsteini dont use it either... nor main ubuntu for that matter.. but its just software06:03
zlatkoI think I have trouble with PA Jack Sink. Yesterday Len helped me with Jack & PA settings, but this morning after a restart, Jack Sink acts weird.11:57
zlatkoe.g. in Jack - Connections shows 8 channels (yesterday when all worked I had just 2 (stereo) channels...12:00
zequencezlatko: Depending on what application you use with pulse, and what the track is you are playing, you may get more than stereo. 5.1, 7.1, 8.1, etc12:18
zlatkozequence: thank you. But I think yesterday I had just stereo and everything worked12:23
zlatkoCan I start QJackCtl now and tell you what I am getting?12:25
zequencezlatko: It's normal to get more than stereo, if the music + application you use has more than stereo12:29
zlatkoOk. I'm now in Volume Control window. In Playback tab I'm listening an mp3 file and it works through UX1 Analog Stereo [my USB sound card].12:31
zlatkoThen when I select Jack Sink from the dropdown on the right side - it gets silent...12:32
zequencezlatko: Sounds like jack is not using your usb card, but your builtin vard12:33
zlatkoCapture 1&2 are linked w PAjack source & PA Jack Sink is linked with 8 playbacks on system12:33
zequencezlatko: Sounds like you have 7.1 on your builtin card12:34
zequencezlatko: Each time you reboot, the order for the cards may change12:34
zequencezlatko: What's the output from: cat /proc/asound/cards12:35
zlatkoyou were right!12:35
zlatkoI checked in Setup12:35
zlatkoand my hw:0 is now my internal card.12:35
zlatkowhile hw:1 is the card I wanna use!12:35
zlatkolet me restart Jack...12:36
zequencezlatko: If you want jack to always use your usb card, you can write the name of it in the "interface" section12:36
zequencemine reads "hw:M66"12:36
zequenceThis is my output from: cat /proc/asound/cards12:36
zequence 0 [SB             ]: HDA-Intel - HDA ATI SB12:36
zequence                      HDA ATI SB at 0xfe300000 irq 1612:36
zequence 1 [NVidia         ]: HDA-Intel - HDA NVidia12:36
zequence                      HDA NVidia at 0xfe080000 irq 2412:36
zequence 2 [M66            ]: ICE1712 - M Audio Delta 6612:36
zequence                      M Audio Delta 66 at 0xd040, irq 2112:36
zequenceAs you see, hw:2 is called "M66"12:37
zequenceSo, I just replace 2 with M66.12:37
zequenceThis way, jack will always start M66, no matter in which order it is12:37
zlatkoand my output is:12:37
zlatko0 [Intel          ]: HDA-Intel - HDA Intel12:37
zlatko                      HDA Intel at 0xe5100000 irq 4412:37
zlatko 1 [PODStudioUX1   ]: line6usb - POD Studio UX112:37
zlatko                      Line6 POD Studio UX1 at USB 6-1:1.012:37
zequencezlatko: So, in "interface", make it read "hw:PODStudioUX1"12:38
zlatkosorry: where is the interface thing?12:38
zequencezlatko: Qjackctl -> Setup -> Interface12:39
zequenceWhere you select the audio device12:39
zlatkooh I see. Well its grayed in my case...12:39
zlatkoI cannot change anything there...12:40
zequencezlatko: I guess you set input and output separately? Why?12:40
zequenceIf you were not having problems, set input and output to "default"12:41
zlatkoYesterday, chatting w Len we setup that way...12:41
zlatkoNow I changed I/O to default and Interface is enabled again12:41
zlatkonow when I select my PODStudioUX1 in interface it changes to hw:112:42
zequencezlatko: Write manually "hw:PODStudioUX1"12:43
zlatkoand not hw:PODStudioUX112:43
zequencedon't forget the "hw" part of the name12:43
zequencezlatko: Make sure nothing is playing through the usb device before you start jack12:44
zequenceI'm getting some food. Good luck12:44
zlatkoOK later...12:45
len-1304studio-user874, works16:04
studio-user874i`m not wery well speak english :(16:05
studio-user874I 3hour install Ubuntu Studio 12.10- its normal?16:07
len-1304I haven't ever measured it16:07
len-1304I just start it and walk away.16:07
len-1304I depends on the machine it is installed on and network speed.16:08
len-1304An install with no network connected is faster. I sometimes use that when testing an ISO16:09
studio-user874Iso - normal, i choose download update, it`s mistake?16:11
len-1304Just takes longer, you would update after install anyway.16:12
len-1304There is a new kernel in there which takes some time to download For example.16:12
studio-user874well be start away16:13
lucas_how can I convert monophonic audio (singing, whistling, spanish guitar) to midi?17:41
lucas_(could be poliphonic too, of course -- but monophonic would be enough)17:43
JanusLihey all17:48
lucas_I'm using 12.0417:48
lucas_I can also use 12.10 in dvd17:49
len-1304lucas_, zequence made up a PD script to do that. If you wait on line long enough till he is around, he would probably share it with you17:50
JanusLilucas: what are you trying to do?17:50
len-1304Or you could go through the IRC logs for this channel and see if it is still in the drop box17:50
lucas_great, thanks! would i have to tell him or does this get logged so he'll just see it? I wouldn't want to spam the others.17:51
len-1304He posted it just a few days ago17:51
lucas_ah, the logs - will do that, thanks.17:51
JanusLii'm okay with linux, though i haven't been able to mess around with much of the AV side of it yet. just installed US12.10 yesterday17:51
lucas_JanusLi, I'm trying to input my own music as midi. I'm much better at guitar than at keyboard, but still not good enough so I'll have to correct. Then add second voices, cut and paste, etc.17:54
JanusLiah, okay. GL... I haven't touched MIDI since around 2002. But I do have a Strat MIDI pickup I'd be willing to sell you, lol.17:56
JanusLiwhat MIDI recorder/sequencer are you using?17:57
lucas_no idea about that yet. once i can input my guitar monophonic melodies, i'll find out.17:58
JanusLigotcha. I was using OSX since 2005-2006, so I've been on ProTools & Reason for stuff like that, but my MBP broke awhile back, and stuck me with an old P$ Desktop. It ran slackware fairly well, but I just got a new laptop, and I've really been wanting to seee what an open-source studio can do. I'm curious what the more experienced users in here think of the nix apps, and wondering if there's anything I need to get/tweak right off the bat with a fresh US18:03
JanusLi12.10 install.18:03
JanusLilucas_: what hardware do you have interfacing with your machine?18:04
holsteinlucas_: professional stand-alone unitasking appliances designed to do that, dont do it all that well18:05
JanusLiwhat, like an M_Audio something?18:07
holsteinJanusLi: kind of.. though no studio i know of uses anything from maudio18:07
JanusLior something like a DigiDesign IO18:08
holsteini think maudio is a good value brand though18:08
holsteinrackarrack has midi out18:08
JanusLilol, inorite. But I live in Houston, and I've had guys in GC suggest some of the most ghetto-rigged stuff you've probably ever heard of18:08
holsteinJanusLi: its probably the best they have found.. its not trivial, and nothing does it perfectly18:09
holsteindepends so much on the source18:09
holsteinJanusLi: what instrument?18:09
JanusLiMAudio is good if you're in HS or college, or that poor, and you're just doing something by yourself for fun.18:09
holsteinsome intruments have specific ways of dealing with midi translation18:09
holsteinJanusLi: "good" is a matter of opinion18:09
holsteini wont argue maudio is a good value.. and we can leave it at that.. i own maudio gear18:10
JanusLihey, i'm not knocking it at all, please forgive me if I sounded like it. MAudio is what it is.18:11
JanusLiI've got an MAudio interface lying around somewhere.18:11
lucas_JanusLi: ua1ex and ua25ex18:11
holsteinto be clear, im knocking it.. but im also sugesting you wont install a piece of software that will get what you want done flawlessly18:11
JanusLiThat's absolutely correct.18:12
holsteinwhat lucas_ wants.. the translation to midi18:12
JanusLiso an analogue to midi translation?18:12
holsteinbut, there are instrument specific solutions that would work great18:12
lucas_i've been able to record a few audio tracks from guitar into ardour through jack in 12.0418:13
lucas_and it doesn't have to be real time -- i can create an audio file and then convert to midi later18:13
holsteinlucas_: i would expect mixed results18:14
JanusLiI know it's possible, but that's about it. As an engineer, my suggestion would usually be to just record a direct MIDI track, but that's cause it would pad my bill, and maybe get someone else around the studio paid, too.18:14
holsteinlucas_: someone came here looking, and found something for that, i forget what it was, but they didnt report as to if it worked or not18:14
holsteinlucas_: rakarrack has midi out18:15
lucas_will try rakarrack18:15
JanusLilol, if they came looking, and didn't come back, then it probablby either worked very well, or was so bad they came up with a different idea18:15
JanusLirakarrak is similar to a line6 virtual rig, if I remember right18:16
holsteinlucas_: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5852102/software-to-convert-audio-to-midi http://sox.sourceforge.net/ http://www.thegeekstuff.com/2009/05/sound-exchange-sox-15-examples-to-manipulate-audio-files/18:16
holsteinlucas_: you can also ask in #opensourcemusicians18:17
lucas_Thanks, holstein  I had seen sox (I don't think it works). I looks like either a trivial problem or a hard problem.18:19
holsteinlucas_: i dont think it works either.. its quite challenging to convert audio to midi properly18:19
holsteinlucas_: what instrument?18:19
lucas_holstein, thing is, a few weeks ago i downloaded an app for my android phone, and it _kinda_ converted a whistle into midi18:20
JanusLilucas_: what are you trying to ultimately do with the MIDI file?18:20
JanusLiSpecifically, why are you trying to take a live track to a MIDI one?18:20
lucas_JanusLi, I want to, erm, compose. You know, copy-paste-modify. Slowly move things around.18:21
holsteindoenst have to be live18:21
lucas_doesn't have to be live, correct18:21
holsteinlucas_: ^^ something like that might be cheap enough to try, and would allow you to enter notes as a guitar player18:21
lucas_hah, holstein, i have a yrg but my fingering doesn't work too well18:22
JanusLiI meant live as in using an analog recording rather than a sequenced track18:22
lucas_will have to try the yrg again18:22
holsteinlucas_: *anything* in the realm is going to be a compromise18:22
lucas_JanusLi, I can't create a sequenced track to start with, that's why! I can't play keyboards well enough at all.18:23
holsteinhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guitar_synthesizer the roland GK18:23
holsteinlucas_: you dont have to play it in realtime18:23
holsteinyou can use a piano roll editor...18:23
holsteingotta run... cheers!18:24
JanusLilol, do you have one? I've got a start MIDI pickup from ~2003 if you'd wanna figure something out to get it to you. would require two screws about .5 cm outside the 'E/e" strings to be mounted, and the box fits under your strap button w/ some felt to pad the surface18:24
lucas_good find, that guitar synthesizer wikipage holstein thanks!18:25
lucas_yes, that's my idea: yse a piano roll editor -- once i have something to edit18:25
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lucas_hi zequence_ . len-1304 said you had written a PD script to convert monophonic audio (singing, whistling, spanish guitar) to midi. I've searched the irclogs but can't find it. Help?19:13
lucas_len-1304, zequence_ http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2013/01/06/%23ubuntustudio.html has the .pd file - will try that soon! and rakarrack -- thanks len-1304 & holstein !!! this kind of help should be flatr.com'able19:25
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MoL0ToVhi to all! howto record all the sounds reproduced by the sound card?20:30
LaRueGTis there a simple host for native vst's without having to fire up a full featured DAW?22:13
zequenceLaRueGT: Checkw with falktx at #kxstudio. I think if anyone should know, he would22:38
zequenceLaRueGT: Or at #opensourcemusicians22:39
LaRueGTworth a try, it'd be a real handy thing to have22:40

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