SpamapSrhagu: just make it 'runlevel 2'01:04
SpamapSrhagu: and make sure your bond0 is listed in /etc/network/interfaces as 'auto bond0'01:05
SpamapSrhagu: the system will not boot up until bond0 is up as long as it is listed there01:05
rhaguSpamapS this is what /etc/network/interfaces looks like, bond0 is brought up and gets an IP from the dhcp server01:17
SpamapSrhagu: good, then just change mediatomb to 'start on runlevel 2'01:18
rhaguI will try that, but shouldnt it work the other way, too?01:19
rhagudoes it need to look like this: "start on runlevel [2345]"?01:22
SpamapSyes it can look like that01:23
SpamapSbut you don't need the [2345] if you don't use runlevels 3, 4, or 501:23
SpamapSthats just a distro level thing for the very tiny number of people who use runlevels for things01:23
rhaguI dont know if I use them but it wont hurt if I write it with brackets and the other numbers, right?01:26

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