ubusorry my internet connection cuts in and out: did my question go through00:51
meh_Does anyone have any suggestions for improving boot times? Mine is between 1 and 2 minutes. I tried downloading bootchart, I tried the grub and concurrency shell alterations...01:18
heoyeadisable some startup junk01:36
Pezikrypt1000 Mb/s <-- Is that right with my Networking?03:05
Pezikrypt(That's for Speed, by the way.)03:05
cje_Hi, I would like to install Xubuntu to a CD, but my CDs are only 700 MB, and Xubuntu is 715 MB of ISO.  What should I do?05:45
holsteincje_: USB stick, or dvd05:54
cje_holstein, thx, no DVD on the machine, and I tried USB, but my Dell Dimension 4400 wouldn't boot from USB05:56
holsteincje_: i use plop to boot USB sticks on legacy gear05:57
cje_holstein, I set up the BIOS to boot from 5 different sources, with the hard drive being the last, and the "removable dev" being the first05:59
holsteincje_: you can make a bootable cd with plop that boots and allows you to boot the USB stick.. or you can use the minimal iso's to install minimal ubuntu and add what you like05:59
cje_holstein, Wow, thanks.06:00
holsteincje_: you have to create the plop iso.. here is mine https://dl.dropbox.com/u/1172535/temp/plopboot.iso ,not that i would trust every iso that is linked on the IRC06:02
cje_holstein, thx for that ISO.06:03
cje_holstein, how does the ISO work?   Does it bring up a GUI, or is it all terminal stuff?06:04
holsteincje_: a text screen *is* a GUI06:04
holsteincje_: its has some animations though.. its slick, and does what you want06:04
holsteincje_: it looks like this... it'll fit on a CD and boot a USB stick on your hardware06:04
holsteincje_: try it, and if you dont like it, i'll give you a refund06:05
cje_lol !06:05
cje_holstein, I am going to bring up xchat on my notebook now so I can chat with you while I do it.06:06
cje_holstein, I ran out of CDs.  Is it possible to put that plop iso on a 3.5 floppy disk?06:31
hmsckhello,  how can i change my wireless from *G mode to *B mode please?06:41
cje__holstein, I tried rebooting with that plop iso CD in my CD ROM, didn't boot06:57
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Guest3960hey I have tryed installing the nvidia accelerated graphics driver in jockey and when I reboot I get blank screen I have a GTX660ti08:15
bazhang!crosspost | Guest396008:16
ubottuGuest3960: Please don't ask the same question in multiple Ubuntu channels at the same time. Many helpers are in more than one channel and it's not fair to them or the other people seeking support.08:16
S0210Hi! I've just started the system upgrade to 12.04. After the first reboot I get the following message keys: keep on waitng S = skip M = manually fix. What do I need to do to go ?!? (Skip simply switches off my monitor and nothing happens.)09:47
S0210Any idea? Any suggestion?10:23
alegenhello. is there a way to limit the number of displayed tray icons in xfce?11:05
ochosialegen: the size of your monitor is the limit11:20
SapphireDensetsuI'm going to be meeting with my school 2 days from now.  In addition to the IEP I'm having, they wanted a private demonstration of Linux, and it's advantages over Windows, and rationale to migrate their 5,000+ computers to the system.  What should I show them, and what should I pitch as my argument.13:12
nantouI need a log to read all print output of the terminal17:05
nantouis there any command for that?17:05
xubuntu918ubuntu x is the same than x ubuntu or not17:07
baizonxubuntu918: there only exist a xubuntu distribution17:08
baizonubuntux is a webiste17:08
xubuntu918thanks a lot17:08
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zsolti_hungaryHello everybody I17:56
jeojshouldn't the adobe flash plugin installed from the software center work?18:29
jeojit works on my laptop, but on my other computer e.g. youtube videos load, but don't play18:29
zsolti_hungarynow I'm installed xubuntu18:38
zsolti_hungaryplease help me what I should do after install18:38
zsolti_hungarywhat is the basic steps to make my system secure18:38
zsolti_hungaryiptables etc18:38
zsolti_hungaryfirst of all where can i off automatic update18:39
baizonyou want to configure iptables? you dont even know how to do basic stuff18:39
baizonstart with that18:39
baizonbtw. you can use gufw, its an easy to use frontend for iptables18:40
zsolti_hungarythanks i try it18:40
zsolti_hungarywhere can i off automatic update?18:41
baizonOpen the Ubuntu Software Center then go to Edit -> Software Sources… and be sure to select to Never the option Automatically check for updates:. See screenshot: http://www.garron.me/images/2012-02/ubuntu-update-manager.png18:42
baizonbut you can google it by yourself ;)18:42
baizonits not that hard :)18:42
baizonjust type what you need and google will find it (in most cases)18:42
zsolti_hungarythanks but i would like to make everything in professinal from masters / of course i can use google but google give sometimes not the best answer18:45
zsolti_hungaryI won't ask basic questions .18:46
zsolti_hungaryBut sometimes basic questions are important to do sg.18:47
zsolti_hungaryThanks a lot I make now program installs.18:47
Catbuntuzsolti_hungary, greetings to Hungary btw :P18:49
CatbuntuDo you mean how to install new programs?18:50
zsolti_hungaryI hope that I can make an install.sh18:52
baizonzsolti_hungary: no problem then18:52
zsolti_hungaryyes no problem18:52
zsolti_hungarythan i make  a backup18:52
zsolti_hungaryafter that I should make a 3G connection18:53
zsolti_hungaryperhaps i will ask you18:53
zsolti_hungaryif my process will arrive the 3G connection setup18:54
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devnillhow can I change my login screen image?19:59
mdq636question... i tried to make a clean install of xubuntu 12.10 and after selecting the city and copying files it is stays there....20:03
mdq636any reason why????20:03
MoL0ToVhi to all! howto record system sounds in linux? i want to register the waveout (mixed audio generated by all applications)20:28
arkanabarHow can I choose the window decorations that I used to love in XFCE?  I'm on 12.0421:59
TheSheeparkanabar: settings manager -> window manager settings22:04
arkanabarwoot, just what I was looking for.  Now all I need to do is find my old favorite window decorations.22:06

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