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newEdubuntugood after noon17:46
patClassroomhello i am looking for a remote  team brower app...for dictation writing project17:56
alkisgWhat does "remote team browser" mean? More details?17:58
patClassroomalkisg : to share brownser for a remote classroom project the teacher will dictate , the student will type ; the teacher will be able to see what they type ...18:25
alkisgpatClassroom: so, "share browser" isn't related to a shared web browser, it's a student screen monitoring tool?18:26
alkisgLike epoptes.org or italc.sf.net?18:26
patClassrooma audio chat not video conferencing by a browser ...i want to stay lite not a vnc, teamviewer remote desktop18:29
alkisgWell for audio chatting there's egika, but many prefer skype instead, and for sharing/typing together with others there's gobby18:33
alkisgSo you could e.g. have 10 gobby windows open, one for each student, to see what they type in real time18:34
alkisgYou could even setup a streaming audio server with vlc18:36
patClassroomaudio chat with skype could go up to 10 receiver ?18:36
alkisgI'm not sure about the skype limits, with egika there are not hard limits18:36
patClassroomfor the writing conference i am testing google document or drive  i can share a file with every student ...i just need the audio solution , need to dictate once for 10 terminal receiver18:41
alkisgegika, amsn, all those should work fine, just declare 10 contacts there and you're done18:43
patClassroomso every one should install egika and start the server ?   ok alkisg i shall take look thank you ...those student are nepali children , the teacher are french locate in France18:48
alkisgWell if their bandwidth is too low, you might want to look to some proxy solution, i.e. to have your mic transferred only once, and then multicasted "locally" in nepal19:20

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