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hazmatfwiw finishing followup gary_poster|away 11:57
* benji reboots after installing updates.13:08
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frankbangood morning gary_poster, do you have a minute for a quick call?13:31
gary_posterfrankban, on call, ping you after?13:31
frankbangary_poster: sure thanks13:31
gary_posterfrankban, when's your lunch?13:31
frankbangary_poster: done13:32
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gary_posterfrankban, juju-ui?14:34
frankbangary_poster: ok14:34
thervehazmat, around?15:15
hazmattherve, yes15:15
hazmattherve, what's up15:15
thervehazmat, do you have some time for questions? there is still one piece of the puzzle I'm missing15:15
hazmattherve, in 1m for 10m yes15:20
therveok :)15:20
hazmattherve, https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/578ca1fef07eca8375038c223c90d5cdb2667c70?authuser=0&hl=en15:22
gary_posterMakyo, on call but could you try tests on trunk, make test-debug?  I think there is a test failure that you could identify quickly15:27
Makyogary_poster, sure thing.15:27
gary_posterty Makyo 15:27
Makyogary_poster, Weird.  Alright, looking into it.15:30
bacgary_poster: hanging out?15:34
gary_posterbac, y15:34
bacgary_poster: are you attempting to join?15:44
hazmatgary_poster, ping hangout15:44
gary_posterbac, hazmat, coming15:44
bacteknico: i've gotten complaints lately that my audio is not understandable due to choppiness so i thought i'd try the low bandwidth for video.  hope it helped.15:53
teknicobac, I noticed no problems with your audio15:54
hazmatbac it did15:54
bacperhaps a static picture might be less annoying than the line drawing.15:54
hazmatbac but i normally don't have issues with your audio15:54
hazmatbac, for me without the low bandwidth, i wouldn't frequently get freeze ups and drops15:54
hazmater.. would15:54
bachazmat: how do you get service?  dsl?15:54
teknicoand I'm always in favor of anything that helps correcting the gross imbalance between video and audio in contemporary media culture!15:55
teknicoI don't find the solarized/line drawing video annoying at all anyway15:55
teknicobac, did you happen to try the low bandwidth option (the one without "ultra") too?15:56
bacteknico: not yet15:56
teknicoand hazmat too ^^15:56
hazmatteknico, not yet15:57
teknicodoes -req lbox option work? on two attempts out of two I got:18:17
teknicoerror: Failed to send patch set to codereview: diff is empty18:17
teknicodoes *the -req...18:17
teknicoand, can the merge proposals for two branches be linked to the same bug, in lbox?18:19
teknicoresubmitted without prerequisite, unfortunately the diff will be much bigger than needed, until the first branch lands18:27
bacbcsaller: it looks like your latest merge broke one test.  have you seen that?19:22
bcsallerbac: no, what are you seeing?19:23
bacgary_poster, benji: could one of you review my branch in secondary?19:23
benjibac: sure19:23
bacbcsaller: must be able to add a relation from the control panel ‣19:24
bacexpected '-58' to not equal '-58'19:24
Makyobac, https://codereview.appspot.com/7102055/19:24
bacbcsaller: i haven't investigated, just noted that reverting to r313 does not show the problem19:24
bacMakyo: is that a review request?  i'd be glad to.19:25
bacMakyo: oh, that's the fix for the problem i just annoyed bcsaller about?19:25
Makyobac, A branch that fixes that test.  If you'd be willing to see if that fixes i--yes :)19:25
gary_posterbac benji and I approved thank you20:59
bacgary_poster: i saw.  thank you and benji20:59
gary_postercool bac20:59
baclbox submitting...20:59
bacfollowed closely by lbox dog -walk21:00
bacgary_poster: i just updated config-prod.js on uistage to have the user/passwd21:05
bacso in ten minutes the login should be disabled21:05
gary_posterthanks bac on call21:05
baccool, uistaging no longer prompts for password21:10
benjigary_poster: (no rush) so, what is the most kanban-y thing to do with the 1090716 card?21:44
gary_posterbenji sorry on call till 521:44
hazmattherve, env uuid branch just about ready for review (though finding a reviewer might be tough)21:47
hazmattwill need a follow up to also make it available off the ws21:48
hazmattherve, if your up for a review its at https://codereview.appspot.com/709205521:56
gary_posterbenji now off call, and rushing to next thing.  um. I think the most accurate/historically informative representation will be to keep it active somehow.  Back to coding would be fine.22:14
benjigary_poster: will do22:36

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