dbromhello all... have a quick question. Just learned about the new Java virus and wondering where I can go to read up on new expolites that have been made public00:37
harriswhen i double click a .docx file how do i make it open in my ms office 2007 word running in wine01:03
UberDuperStill can't get this machine to not lock after blanking the screens.01:54
ObsequiousNewtHey, I'm back; remember me?02:53
ObsequiousNewtThe guy who bricked his partition?02:53
ObsequiousNewtWell, gpart finished running, and it came up with nothing.02:53
ObsequiousNewtIt didn't find *any* possible partitions.02:54
hdevalenceI keep crashing X when snapping windows (backtrace at the end of http://paste.kde.org/646160/); should I assume it's just an issue with AMD's drivers?03:32
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nascentmindHi. My fonts don't look that great. I have some different lighter colors at the edge of my fonts. I have turned off sub pixel rendering. Is that the cause.07:49
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Wizardnascentmind: Yes.08:49
nascentmindWizard, After an update even with sub pixel rendering enabled it looked bad.08:53
nascentmindWizard, somehow the fonts look smaller in the browser and sometimes it looks fine.08:53
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ikarhi! can someone help me? i don't see any wireless in the list.11:38
BillyZane|2got a question.... I tried to update my video card drivers on gnome (GTX 660) and it was a huge failure, i had to remove them11:48
BillyZane|2right now i'm on kubuntu and i opened up "additional drivers" utility. it found 3 different types of nvidia drivers for me to install. Now my fear is that if i try installing them, it will cause a system instability like last time. should this happen, how would i remove these drivers using  terminal?11:48
lordievaderBillyZane|2: By using the same jockey, but then the text version: jockey-text -d <DRIVER>, you can find the driver name by running: jockey-text =l11:50
BillyZane|2please forgive me but i am very new11:51
BillyZane|2i don't see anything that says jockey on the additional drivers utility11:52
BillyZane|2however, i could install these drivers using the jockey-text command? what is jockey-text?11:53
BillyZane|2(i try to learn as i go along)11:53
lordievaderBillyZane|2: Ah, jockey-text is the same as the Additional Drivers tool, just that the text-version is made for the terminal.11:58
lordievaderBillyZane|2: So if the driver throws up a black-screen and you need to recover through the terminal you can do so using the same jockey.11:59
BillyZane|2oh, cool12:00
BillyZane|2can you tell me the command for removing the driver, in case i experience a problem?12:00
lordievaderBillyZane|2: It's the "jockey-text -d <DRIVER>" to find the name of the driver use: "jockey-text -l"12:01
BillyZane|2is there a text based driver search feature?12:02
BillyZane|2so i can find the exact name of the driver12:02
lordievaderBillyZane|2: Second command, the "jockey-text -l"12:03
BillyZane|2ohhh right12:03
BillyZane|2so -l searchers, -d downloads12:04
BillyZane|2does -r remove?12:04
lordievaderBillyZane|2: -d12:04
BillyZane|2then how do you install?12:04
lordievaderBillyZane|2: -e, for the full explanation see: "jockey-text --help" or "man jockey-text"12:05
BillyZane|2thank you12:05
lordievaderBillyZane|2: No problem.12:06
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taoufiksalam , je suis taoufik et j'aimerais bien que-si c'est possible- vous m'aidez a trouver une aplication pour aprendre l'allemend sur KDE12:19
lordievader!french | taoufik12:20
ubottutaoufik: Nous sommes désolés, mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.12:20
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BluesKajHiyas all13:22
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BillyZane|2i am very new to kubuntu13:49
BillyZane|2how do i activate resource monitor?13:49
BillyZane|2i know there's a program that does it...13:50
bazhangBillyZane|2, you switched to kde?13:51
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hateballBillyZane|2: do you mean process monitor?13:52
BillyZane|2it was there on gnome13:52
BillyZane|2that's the stuff13:52
hateballBillyZane|2: ctrl+esc13:52
bazhangBillyZane|2, why are you crossposting in #ubuntu13:52
BillyZane|2because i am multiasking13:53
bazhang!crosspost | BillyZane|213:53
ubottuBillyZane|2: Please don't ask the same question in multiple Ubuntu channels at the same time. Many helpers are in more than one channel and it's not fair to them or the other people seeking support.13:53
BillyZane|2is it cross posting if i ask a different question?13:54
BillyZane|2hateball: can i not run process monitor on KDE?13:55
BillyZane|2am i forced to use system activity? because there's no cool graph13:55
hateballI'm not sure what process monitor is13:59
hateballThere's various plasmoids if you want a CPU graph or something on your plasma desktop14:00
BillyZane|2what's a good one?14:01
hateballWhatever you like, I suppose14:02
* hateball does not use such things14:02
BillyZane|2are they called plasmoids?14:03
BillyZane|2i'm going to sleep14:11
BillyZane|2thanks for the info14:11
BillyZane|2sorry for being a crossposting14:11
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hateballBillyZane|2: the "widgets" you can add are plasmoids, yes14:20
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rawonmm hope some of you can help me15:19
rawoni've tried to install kubuntu on my netbook15:20
rawonthe install went well but after restart kubuntu won't starts15:20
rawonis it possible that kubuntu can't handle my netbook?15:21
DarthFrograwon:  You'll have to give more specific detail than "won't start".15:24
rawonwell it is on terminal mode15:25
rawonno graphics desktop15:25
rawoncan log in15:25
DarthFrogThen read /var/log/Xorg.0.log to see why X isn't starting.  Kubuntu is running, X isn't, by the sounds of things.15:26
rawontried to switch with ctrl+alt+f7 to desktop mode15:26
rawonbut nothing happens15:26
DarthFrogWon't do anything if X isn't running.15:26
DarthFrogThen read /var/log/Xorg.0.log to see why X isn't starting.  Kubuntu is running, X isn't, by the sounds of things.15:26
DarthFrogThere's where your answer is.15:27
rawonoh thank you15:27
rawoncan't understand that the installer works fine15:27
rawonthan it's not boot corrlectly15:28
DarthFrogthe installer was probably using the VESA drivers.15:28
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rawonI see15:29
DarthFrograwon:  Please separate in your mind the graphical desktop (i.e. X) and the operating system itself.15:29
DarthFrogIf you can log in to a virtual terminal, the OS is running fine.15:29
rawonbtw i'm really a beginner...15:29
DarthFrogX is only one process that the OS runs.  A complicated process but only one process.15:29
DarthFrogYes, I can tell that.   Nothing wrong in that.15:30
DarthFrogWhat video card do you have?15:30
rawonwell it's a Intel Grapics Media Accelerator 360015:30
rawonIntel atom cpu15:30
rawon1gb ddr3 ram15:31
DarthFrogOK, I'm of no use to you with that video card, sorry.15:31
rawoni guess my graphics card can15:31
rawonis the problem15:31
rawonyes it's crap15:31
DarthFrogFrom the command line, now that you are logged in, run this command: startx15:31
rawonum i deleted it to try ubuntu 9.04 netbook edition15:33
rawondownloading it at the moment15:34
DarthFrog9.04?  Too old.15:34
rawonshould i reinstall kubuntu 12?15:34
DarthFrogWhich one?  12.04 or 12.10?15:35
DarthFrogthe oldest version you should consider installing is 10.04.15:35
DarthFrogWell, since you had troubles with 12.10, I'd suggest trying 12.04.  It's a LTS release (Long Term Support), which means, amongst other things, that it's a good version for a newbie.15:36
DarthFrogLTS has 3 years support guaranteed on the desktop.15:37
rawonsounds good15:37
DarthFrogNon-LTS versions (such as 12.10) can break things. :-)15:37
DarthFrogLTS versions strive for stability.15:37
rawonnow I know the difference :)15:38
rawonthank you:)15:38
DarthFrogYou're welcome.15:38
bazhang12.04 LTS is five years for both15:38
DarthFrogHave fun!  Linux is great fun.   :-)15:39
rawondownloading the kubuntu-12.04.1-desktop-i386.iso15:39
rawonhope it will boot up15:40
rawonlinux is fun:) I really want to try it15:41
DarthFrogit will boot.  No guarantee that you won't run into the same video problem.  If you do, come back here and ask for help.  Be sure to mention that you can log in at a virtual terminal and that you're not getting a graphical login prompt. that's essential information.15:42
rawonthank you so much for your help!15:43
DarthFrogyou're welcome.15:43
* rawon bow before DarthFrog 15:44
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mr-richAnybody have problems updating Oracle Java 7 on 12.04?15:52
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rawonu rock, it's working16:13
DarthFrograwon:  I'm very glad to hear it.  Good for you.16:14
DarthFrograwon:  Make sure you allow the update tool to update the system.16:15
Torchmr-rich: just ran the updater package from the ppa without trouble, it appears16:19
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newlinuxHi all16:28
newlinuxmay I ask for a help in ubuntu server16:28
shadeslayer#ubuntu-server would be a better place16:28
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theodore_Salut tout le monde !18:10
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vbgunz Anyone know how to permanently accept/deny friend request in Telepathy on KDE 4.9.97?20:09
shadeslayervbgunz: all of them who get accepted don't pop up again20:21
shadeslayerbut 'Deny' doesn't really deny20:21
shadeslayerI have a patch rotting on Review Board for that :P20:22
shadeslayer'Deny' actually triggers what you would call 'Later'20:22
vbgunzshadeslayer so accepting then deleting or something might work?20:24
shadeslayerthat should work20:25
shadeslayerbut, it depends on a couple of other things :P20:25
shadeslayerfor eg how does the IM server handle this?20:25
shadeslayerdoes the roster for the person who sent the request also get updated?20:25
shadeslayerat times servers only implement Blocking and not removing20:26
shadeslayerso it's a hit and miss at times20:26
shadeslayerit's a really really crappy bug .. one which requires some design decisions as well20:27
shadeslayerfor eg. should we show all options? Accept/Block/Later/Deny20:28
shadeslayeror is that just too many options20:28
shadeslayerwhat happens when the server doesn't support one of those?20:28
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vbgunzshadeslayer: thanks for the info, I had to go pick up my son20:45
shadeslayersure np :)20:46
vbgunzsorry about not responding20:46
shadeslayernot an issue :)20:46
vbgunzit is a sucky bug to always see the same contacts... lately, not sure which service it is, but I keep getting contact request from sources which I know for a fact are spam20:46
vbgunzI just accepted a request though that I do indeed wish to keep as a legitimate contact20:47
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