mwhudsonis there some way to get a ppa that builds on armhf yet?00:40
wgrantmwhudson: https://dev.launchpad.net/CommunityARMBuilds00:42
mwhudsonwgrant: https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/21911100:45
wgrantmwhudson: Just armhf, or do you need armel too?00:46
mwhudsonwgrant: armel would be nice00:46
mwhudson... maybe00:46
mwhudsonwgrant: is it a problem to get both?  armhf is definitely more important00:46
wgrantI've enabled both00:47
mwhudsonhuh https://lpstats.canonical.com/graphs/CodeImports/20120116/20130115/ is kinda interesting00:56
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mwhudsonwgrant: can i cancel a build?01:16
mwhudsoni just did a recipe build into the wrong ppa01:16
bigjoolsthere's a cancel link01:16
StevenKI'm not certain if recipe builds can be cancelled, but ppa package builds can be.01:17
bigjoolson the build page01:17
mwhudsoni don't see anything on +recipebuild01:17
bigjoolswhat steve said01:17
mwhudsoni could delete the recipe maybe?01:17
StevenKThat won't rip it off the builder01:18
mwhudsonalthough this is launchpad01:18
mwhudsonit's pending01:18
mwhudsonah no it's not01:18
mwhudsonah well hopefully it will fail :)01:18
* mwhudson cleaned up all the builds with a lot of clicking01:25
mwhudsona LOT of clicking01:30
wgrantDeleting a recipe while its build is pending or building should prevent it from being uploaded, I believe01:37
mwhudsonbaaaah my package doesn't build anyway of course01:44
mwhudsoncan i reupload a source package to be built for a different series?01:56
StevenKYou can copy it01:56
mwhudsonbut you have to copy binaries then?01:56
mwhudsoni uploaded for oneiric so i'm not getting armhf built01:56
StevenKChange the version, re-upload?01:56
mwhudsonyeah i guess01:57
mwhudsonsee if it builds on armel first i gues01:57
wgrantmwhudson: If you copy binaries up it'll rebuild any that are missing (eg. because armhf is new), but that tends to not be a good thing to rely on01:59
wgrantBecause then you have different sets of binaries depending on which series you look at01:59
mwhudsonthat'll do for this case01:59
mwhudsonbut i'll remember that in future01:59
wgrantIf you're careful it's fine01:59
wgrantAnd as long as you're not touching hardy it should be safe02:00
mwhudsoni do not plan to touch hardy, even with an exceedingly long barge pole02:00
wgrantActually, you can get yourself into the same situation now, I guess02:01
wgrantSince we've dropped armel02:01
mwhudsonoh what the heck, this doesn't work with oneiric's autoconf?02:08
mwhudsonwgrant: the error you get when you copy oneiric to precise and quantal and so get two attempts to build the same source for precise is a lot nicer than i expected it to be03:19
mwhudsons/for precise/for armhf/03:19
wgrantHm, the second copy should not complete03:20
wgrantWhat's the error?03:20
mwhudsoni got a nice notification saying there was an error because there was already a build for armhf03:20
mwhudsonand an email saying the same thing03:20
wgrantSo the copy failed, as expected :)03:20
mwhudsoni expected to just fall over in a heap somehow03:21
mwhudsonhome time03:22
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RichardGvHuh, sorry but is this the correct channel to ask a question about issues in using Launchpad PPAs?08:10
wgrantRichardGv: It depends, but probably. What's the issue?08:12
RichardGvwgrant: Oh, I'm working on setting up a PPA for compton, and I'm not sure how to let Launchpad provide a package for each Ubuntu version/.08:13
RichardGvwgrant: (Copying binary over Ubuntu versions could not work, because of soname changes.)08:14
wgrantRichardGv: You'll need to upload a separate source package with a different version for each series.08:14
wgrant(in some cases you can use a bzr-builder recipe to do this automatically within Launchpad)08:14
RichardGvwgrant: I would like to use the recipe feature but my source code is on GitHub and I would prefer not to move the code to Launchpad.08:15
StevenKLaunchpad will import the branch for you08:16
wgrantYeah, that branch is importable08:16
RichardGvwgrant: Okay, so I have to upload many packages with different versions. Is there's a particular standard naming convention when doing this? Like ~jaunty?08:16
wgrantCreate the project at https://launchpad.net/projects/+new, then you can import the branch from GitHub and use a recipe08:16
wgrantIt'll automatically import new changes as they appear on GitHub08:16
wgrantOr you can upload manually08:16
RichardGvYes, but by importing the code to Launchpad will it force me to use bzr instead of git?08:17
wgrantThe preferred suffix style nowadays is ~12.1008:17
StevenKRichardGv: Any changes you make to the git branch will be mirrored by Launchpad automatically.08:17
wgrantRichardGv: It'll create a continuous import of your git repository into a bzr branch, which you don't have to touch except for referencing it in the recipe08:17
wgrantLaunchpad will automatically mirror new changes from GitHub every few hours08:17
RichardGvwgrant: Oh, I see. Thanks.08:17
RichardGvAh, that looks pretty good. But it mirrors one branch only, right?08:18
wgrantRichardGv: You can ask it to mirror others, though it's not exposed easily in the UI yet08:20
wgrantappend ",branch=WHATEVER" to the URL08:20
RichardGvwgrant: Oh, I see. As I would prefer more control over when a new snapshot will be packaged, I guess I would prefer handling this manually. Thanks. :-)08:22
StevenKRichardGv: You can create the recipe with 'build on demand', rather than daily, and then you tell it when to do so.08:22
RichardGvStevenK: Ah, that's pretty cool! I will look into the feature. Thank you.08:23
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ricotzhello, could some take a look at this recipe build-log https://launchpadlibrarian.net/128440827/buildlog_ubuntu-quantal-i386.libav_6%3A10~~git20130114.r1.60a42ef-1~quantal1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz12:52
ricotzonly happens on the i386 build, amd64 worked12:53
ricotzsame with raring and precise12:53
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wgrantricotz: Yeah, that builder's filesystem is corrupt12:55
wgrantI've prevented builds from being dispatched to it, so you can safely retry the builds now12:55
ricotzwgrant, alright, thanks12:56
ricotzwgrant, do you have an idea what is going wrong here? https://launchpadlibrarian.net/128299014/buildlog.txt.gz13:23
wgrantripps: You need to use recipe format 0.3, not 0.413:37
wgrantLaunchpad doesn't support 0.4 yet13:37
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jamderyck: poke16:14
deryckjam, hi there!16:14
deryckjam, I can chat now or next hour. I had a call drop off today.16:15
deryckif either works for you.16:15
jamderyck: hey, we didn't quite work out when we were doing it, and my son took a bit more to put to sleep, but I think it would be good to get in the habit of now.16:15
deryckjam, sure. Let me fire up a hangout.16:17
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freeehi, I create a src package that builts many binary packages, these have each one a different version that I define in debian/rules with dpkg-deb command.18:00
freeeif I make some changes and reupload the src have this error:18:01
freeeDEBUG Considering changefile 40564/ubuntu/bluediving_0.9-0backbox0.3_amd64.changes18:01
freeeDEBUG Finding fresh policy18:01
freeeINFO Processing upload bluediving_0.9-0backbox0.3_amd64.changes18:01
freeeINFO Rejection during accept. Aborting partial accept.18:01
freeeINFO Upload was rejected:18:01
freeeINFO The following files are already published in Backbox:18:01
freeeINFO Committing the transaction and any mails associated with this upload.18:01
freeeso how can I define the binary packages that launchpad have to upload on repository after building? thanks18:03
dobeyyou can't upload the same version again. you must increment the version in debian/changelog, and probably should add a new entry describing what you changed18:03
dobeyyou also don't upload binary packages. you upload source packages18:04
dobeybinary packages shouldn't have different versions when built from the same source package though18:04
freeeit's my experiment, the upload that virtualmachine done after building, not my upload of source package.18:06
dobeywhy not just paste the link to the buildlog or uploadlog then?18:06
dobeywhy are you building them with different versions like that, in the first place?18:09
freeewhere can I define version?18:10
dobeyand the problem is that your hstest doesn't have the 0backbox0 appended to the version in the built package i guess18:10
dobeythe package versions should match the upstream source version18:11
freeeI know it is an old version of package18:11
dobeyif you want different things to have different versions then they should be released as different upstream sources with different versions18:11
freeecan launchpad accept partial upload of deb...it's possibile?18:13
freeeno I believe :(18:16
freee@dobey ok thanks for you time18:17
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shadeslayerany ideas if Launchpad produces ddebs for PPA's?20:46
shadeslayerwgrant: it seems you might have the powah to do this :D20:47
shadeslayerthough I'm still evaluating if it's worth it20:48
dobeyit does if enabled for the PPA :)20:48
shadeslayerright :)20:48
wgrantshadeslayer: yes, we can enable that. Be warned that you can't then copy binaries from that PPA into the primary archive, though22:25
shadeslayerwe can copy binaries from PPA's into the archive ? :O22:25
wgrantOnly in some situations, so not really.22:29
shadeslayerah :)22:31
shadeslayerwgrant: oh since you're here, I see that some teams have access to armhf builders as well22:38
shadeslayerlike the Elementary OS team22:38
shadeslayerwould it be possible for the Kubuntu team to get a PPA with armhf access as well?22:39
wgrantshadeslayer: https://dev.launchpad.net/CommunityARMBuilds22:39
shadeslayerthis is the first time I'm seeing this, thx22:39
wgrantIt's only a couple of weeks old22:39
shadeslayerI was told at UDS R that it's impossible to get ARM builders22:40
shadeslayerso was a bit surprised to see that the elementary team had access for one of their PPA's ;)22:40
wgrantIt was true then :)22:41
czajkowskias long as it's no more than 10 builds a week22:41
czajkowskiit's fine22:41
lifelessczajkowski: thats all ARM can do, right ? :>22:45
lifelessczajkowski: teasnig22:49
lifelessczajkowski: about arm performance22:49
czajkowskilifeless: ahhh22:49
czajkowskiit's been a very long day22:49
* lifeless is rarely serious22:49
lifelessczajkowski: go sleep!22:49
czajkowskiexcept when I triage bugs :p22:49
czajkowskilifeless: there is a sleeping walrus upstairs22:50
czajkowskiam waiting to not strangle him in the hopes he starts sleeping more normally22:50
lifelessczajkowski: walrus!22:50
shadeslayerwgrant: I was also told that the arm builders run the build as root, is that still true?22:50
wgrantshadeslayer: Hm, who told you that?22:50
wgrantThat's never been accurate AFAIK22:50
shadeslayerI don't recall who22:50
czajkowskilifeless: other half has a cold so making noises. may in fact strangle him, so work is a distraction22:51
shadeslayeroh, so it's in a VM like everything else22:51
wgrantVMness and rootness are unrelated :)22:51
wgrantBuilds have never run as root22:52
wgrantBut until recently the ARM PPA builders were real hardware22:52
mwhudsonbuilds don22:52
mwhudsonbuilds don't run as root, but as you get to specify build depends and where to install them from, getting root in the build environment has always been trivial22:53
wgrantBut that's the same on every builder22:53
shadeslayerfrom what I recall the reason was given as "The builds are run as root on real hardware, so it's entirely possible for people to exploit stuff which is why we can't enable arm builders for ppa's"22:53
mwhudsonshadeslayer: so that's nearly right :)22:53
wgrantThe key is "real hardware"22:54
shadeslayerI see, and now the arm builders are just VM's running ontop of x86 hardware?22:54
shadeslayeror something more magical?22:55
czajkowskihttps://twitter.com/launchpad_net/status/278160578474803200  changed in december22:55
wgrantRight, it's using qemu-user on x8622:55
shadeslayercool, was just curious about the setup because I tried setting up qemu + pbuilder about a year ago22:56
shadeslayermanaged to do it, but it's fiddly to setup22:56

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