mysteriousdarrenroasted: sorry here is the one I used00:43
roastedmysteriousdarren: thanks. I bookmarked it - I'll give it a shot later!03:11
roastedfarewell friends03:11
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Newksomeone wants to port this http://sourceforge.net/projects/lxmed/ from java to c ?12:08
Newkor python12:14
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frecklehow do I stop the annoying popups every time I connect my iPhone to the computer?14:06
freckleHow do I stop the annoying popups when I plug my iPhone into the computer?14:17
inductiveloadfreckle: do you mean "found a disk, what do you want to do" type popups?15:14
inductiveloadin PCManFM, go to Edit->Preferences->Volume Management, uncheck "show available options for removable media when they are inserted"15:15
freckleinductiveload: "Removable medium is inserted", Two of them popup each time I plug in.15:16
freckleinductiveload: looks like that sorted it... thanks very much15:17
inductiveloadfreckle: np15:34
ben1uhello, how can I unmount USB Logitech Headset in Lubuntu 12.04?18:20
TheLordOfTimemount only applies for filesystems i think18:20
ben1uok, a friend plug out the headset from usb than crashed lubuntu18:23
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JDude_I'm installing lubuntu now after trying it on a live usb. It21:55
JDude_It's amazing how fast it is! :)21:55
David23400Hi , when i want to update or install VLC from software center i get a message just after typing my password which is : "The action would require the installation of packages from not authenticated sources"    any idea?23:54
wxlDavid23400: my guess it that it relates to it being in the "universe" repository which isn't "official" if you will as it's community maintained23:57
David23400wxl: ok lol , is there anything i can do?23:57

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