XorAsim590: the SD card slot on tf101 keyboard is just broken in my experience :-(00:18
giNeeRingAnyone use multirom for nexus7?02:26
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giNeeRingAnyone arpund06:11
giNeeRingNeed team mates06:30
muhfiasbincan I install ubuntu for arm in an Android Smartphones like Motorola Defy+??07:28
RussellAlanHey guys, need some help patching a kernel09:48
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RussellAlanHello doko10:10
morphisogra_: do you have an overview which gstreamer components I need for an OMAP4 based device? I am currently trying to head into the state of upstream support for it but information in the various places is a bit confusing10:11
RussellAlanhello janimo10:30
janimoRussellAlan, hello10:58
RussellAlanhow is it going janimo10:59
janimoRussellAlan, fine thanks. You pinged a while ago?11:01
RussellAlanwas just saying hello =D11:01
janimoRussellAlan, fair enough11:03
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wookeycan someone upload https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/util-linux/+bug/1061609 please. It's a trivial patch stopping util-linux from building for arm12:23
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1061609 in util-linux (Ubuntu) "arm64/aarch64 support for util-linux" [Undecided,New]12:23
ogra_morphis, nope, TI used maintain the gstreamer bits in their PPA, not sure what happens to this now that OMAP is dead12:24
hrwwookey: maybe better ask on #ubuntu-devel12:37
xnoxwookey: please stop making patches to update config.guess|sub and always introduce dh_autoreconf helper. On one package already, I got lintian warning that config.guess|sub is too old from one of your "manual" updates =)12:38
xnoxwookey: I am happy to sponsor that, but I will change it to use dh_autoreconf12:38
xnoxwookey: also you should subscribe ubuntu-sponsors team instead of pinging people =)12:39
xnoxthen your patch gets into the queue for sponsorship: http://reqorts.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/sponsoring/12:40
hrwand then you can hope that one day it will land13:05
xnoxhrw: /me is patch-piloting tomorrow and I tend to prefer build/cross-build fixes & core packages =)13:05
ppisatiOMG!?!?! OMAP is dead?!?!?!13:06
hrwxnox: for current dev there is always hope. sru == abandon any hope unless you have cve for it13:06
mint_so whats this ubuntu arm bussiness?13:07
xnoxmint_: it's just a channel specific to armhf port of ubuntu (and armel in the past)13:09
mint_is it going to be like a full linus OS, or more like an anroid thingy13:10
hrwmint_: you ask about 'ubuntu phone' or 'ubuntu on arm'?13:10
mint_isnt arm for the phone13:11
hrwI saw x86 phone last week13:11
hrwand mips phone month earlier13:11
xnoxmint_: no, #ubuntu-arm is for the whole ubuntu: dev boards, servers, desktops, netbooks. E.g. ac100, pandaboard, etc.13:11
hrwmint_: you may want #ubuntu-phone13:11
mint_oh my bad13:11
xnoxmint_: if you want to know about phone see #ubuntu-phone, for ubuntu on android (a separate project) #ubuntu-android, there is also13:12
xnox#ubuntu-nexus for ubuntu core on nexus7 tablet.13:12
mint_k ty13:12
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xnoxogra_: did something change in the image? I am not able to reproduce bug 1093050 with today's daily.13:29
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1093050 in ubuntu-nexus7 "OnBoard doesn't work on text boxes during initial setup" [Medium,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/109305013:29
xnoxOr is it racy?13:29
* xnox goes to find the proper bug.13:30
_DADDYjust asking about different option besides unity, everytime i try to get a gnome shell going, unity bugs it, do i have to completely remove unity first?13:37
lilsteviespeaking of sponsoring and stuff like that, who would be the best person to talk to in regards to getting a kernel sponsored and in universe13:52
ogra_xnox, i think itrs a race, it doesnt show up on subsequent runs13:56
xnoxogra_: clean flash, clean first boot, wait for ubiquity, tap hostname, onboard pops up and I fill in the hostname just fine and finish the configure.13:56
ogra_move on, sometimes it needs until the wlan setup13:57
* xnox is testing/uploading udev rules to flash nexus7 without sudo & then usb-creator work.13:57
ogra_xnox, hmm, bug 1099122 smells like it could be related, and carla mentions that it also happened once on amd6414:04
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1099122 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "unable to enter timezone city in input field during install" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/109912214:04
ogra_so i would even go that far to suspect the race is there and not even arch specific14:04
ogra_bug 1099123 too14:05
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1099123 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "keyboard detection does not work during ARM image install" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/109912314:05
wookeyxnox: OK. noted. Packages don't always want to use dh_autoreconf, but I agree it's a better plan.14:08
xnoxwookey: i mean, if debian doesn't accept that change that's fine. But dh_autoreconf is a much simplier "patch" to maintain.14:09
wookeyWill do henceforth14:09
wookeyautoconf patches are an abomination. I've had hours of fun with libffi14:10
hrwand autoreconf does also gnu-configize --force so you have both14:13
uragano2Hello, i am using ubuntu 12.04.1 often via ssh. Few days ago i noticed that on logon it doesn't show anymore last login details. Searching i discover the command "last", but it says that there is no log file.14:22
uragano2...so i created it and after this it worked fine, but after the reboot the file has been deleted....i don'tunderstand because, do u have an explanation?? Thanks14:22
uragano2somebody noticed this problem before?14:24
ogra_uragano2, are you sure its not a diskspce problem ?14:26
uragano2ogra_: 77GB free14:27
ogra_and the rootfs is mounted rw, no errors in dmesg etc ?14:27
uragano2ogra_: dmseg seems clean, should i check for something of particular? rootfs is mounted rw14:31
ogra_no, i was just going through the obvious bits :)14:31
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ogra_sounds like its worth a bug report then14:31
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uragano2i am worried that somebody break my system :S14:34
ogra_checl /var/log/auth.log :)14:34
ogra_*check even14:34
ogra_sshd logs all logins there by default14:34
uragano2it starts from last reboot14:34
uragano2all logs start from last reboot14:34
ogra_not the .0 or .*.gz ones14:35
xnoxogra_: the udev snippet you pasted a while ago w.r.t. setting udev-acl doesn't make the device writtable =(14:40
ogra_xnox, weird, works here14:40
xnoxogra_: do you have it named specially or did you just patch the existing udev-acl rules file?14:41
ogra_i'm actually trying to find it, one sec14:41
ogra_i dont seem to have it anymore14:42
ogra_it should have something like: SUBSYSTEM=="usb", ATTR{idVendor}=="18d1", ATTR{idProduct}=="4e40"14:42
xnoxyeap. and +TAG="udev-acl" or explicit test and call for udev-acl binary.14:43
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ogra_not sure, might need a reboot to make udevbd pick it up14:44
ogra_xnox, is the above a typo ?14:47
ogra_TAG+="udev-acl" would be right14:47
ogra_not +TAG="udev-acl"14:47
xnoxyeah typo on IRC14:47
ogra_very weird14:47
ogra_the acl stuff onyl works under consolekit sessions ... you rant logged in via ssh or some such ?14:48
xnoxogra_: win =)14:49
xnoxogra_: typo s/04e40/4e40/14:50
xnoxon the other hand I learned how to debug udev logs (and realise that nothing is working) and build debug build of android tools =)14:50
uragano2ogra_: are u using Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS (GNU/Linux 3.2.0-1412-omap4 armv7l)?14:54
ogra_uragano2, not arm, no, my pandas are either 12.10 or raring14:55
jpastoreso i have a strange problem. i installed 12.10 on my beaglebone which is powered by a solar panel and battery. i under estimated the needed batteries and the bone shutdown unexpectedly. now via usb all i see is a uboot prompt. is there a way to reload the boot loader without writing a whole new image?14:58
ogra_jpastore, better ask in #beagle, wo dont have any images for the bone in ubuntu15:13
jpastoreogra_, is my only own option writing a whole new disk image? i mounted the sd card in my laptop and it is accessible. i'm backing up my work...can i get a list of installed packages from the file system?15:14
ogra_sorry, no idea, i have never seen or touched a beaglebone15:15
uragano2ogra_: i think that the bug is this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/101933815:15
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1019338 in Ubuntu "ami-4438b474 lacks /var/log/{btmp,wtmp,lastlog}" [Low,Fix released]15:15
ogra_unlikely, it is about cloud images15:16
ogra_(which uses a completely own build and boot infrastructure)15:16
jpastoreogra_, not needed. i am not interested in cloud9 right now. i installed ubuntu-arm 12.10 on the beaglebone and everything was fine until this happened. is there a way extrapolate a list of installed packages by looking at the filesystem? cache of debs or something?15:17
uragano2uff...i have no idea why i lost my logs, i'll make a new installation. Thanks anyway for your help!15:18
ogra_jpastore, what os is your host machine running ?15:18
jpastoreogra_, also ubuntu15:19
ogra_(where you mount the SD)15:19
ogra_install quemu-user-static15:19
ogra_then copy the qemu-arm-static from /usr/bin to /usr/bin on the SD15:19
jpastorejust updated this laptop to 12.10 and as always it's a process that requires punishment.15:19
ogra_when you now *manually* mount the SD, you can chroot into the filesystem15:19
ogra_(and do all operations as if you were under an arm system)15:20
jpastoreok let me look up what quemu is =)15:21
ogra_qemu (sorry, typo)15:21
ogra_qemu ususally is used for VMs ... but the -user variant, together with a setup for the binfmt modules can give you native arm support on x86 without a VM15:22
ogra_ubuntu has that setup by default with the qemu-user-static package so you can chroot into any arm filesystem and just use it15:23
jpastorenp. still trying to figure it out =) so i can run this and emulate the arm chip and access the file system as if it was booted and use apt-get to get a list of packages?15:23
jpastoreok package installed. since I've copied this over, i'm running from /usr/bin initially, it just needs access to the bin after i chroot?15:24
czajkowskimarvin24: ping15:26
ogra_the kernel recognizes the binaries you execute as arm ones and wraps them in qemu execution calls15:26
czajkowskimarvin24: which ppa are you referring to https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/21908815:26
jpastoreogra_, thanks got local apt-get running...this is pretty kewl. i didn't know you could do this.15:40
ogra_note that if you actually install or remove packages you should make soure to have /proc mounted inside the chroot (and dont forget to unmount it when laving it)15:41
marvin24czajkowski: sorry, I meant all packages for this team15:47
xnoxogra_: android-tools with udev rules uploaded.15:47
marvin24czajkowski: and I need to create a kernel ppa also15:47
* ogra_ hugs xnox 15:47
ogra_marvin24, why do you want one PPA per package ?15:48
xnoxogra_: well =) now I can do usb-creator bits with format v1.015:48
ogra_marvin24, just take over the ac100 enablement one asnd delete the others15:48
marvin24ogra_: yes, is this wrong?15:48
jpastoreogra_, dude. this is the second time you've help. can i send you a cup of coffee or something. i really appreciate you taking the time to help me. good people on IRC are way to under appreciated15:48
ogra_many sources.list entries to add for testers15:48
ogra_jpastore, if we have an UDS near your place you can pay me a beer, beyond that my support is for free ;)15:49
ogra_marvin24, i would just go with one PPA15:49
marvin24ah, ok15:49
czajkowskimarvin24: done for that one, if you create another ppa can you please jsut open a new question15:50
ogra_jpastore, http://summit.ubuntu.com/ ... where we all meet in person15:50
jpastoreI'm in Lima Peru. =)15:50
marvin24czajkowski: https://launchpad.net/~ac100/+archive/ppa15:50
jpastoreoh that would rock if they have one here15:50
marvin24I'm going to delete the other ones as ogra suggested15:50
ogra_oh, we havent had any UDSes in south america yet15:50
czajkowskimarvin24: done15:50
marvin24czajkowski: thanks a lot!15:51
ogra_(next one is near san francisco i heard)15:51
jpastoreoh i have family there. give me a good reason to fly up.15:56
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RjsI talked about usb-ethernet on the nexus7 here a day or so ago... I now tried it and got it to work very easily: I recompiled the ubuntu kernel with CONFIG_USB_CDC_COMPOSITE and without CONFIG_USB_G_SERIAL, added a couple of lines to /etc/network/interfaces (I guess using NetworkManager would work too) and apt-get install openssh-server and that was it22:11
Rjsnow the usb-serial console works just as before and I have an additional usb0 Ethernet device so I can ssh to the nexus7 through usb (and do package installs through usb etc.) :)22:11
Rjs(I used a static IP address without a default route, so I can leave it up all the time, as I'm used to doing on my openmoko gta02, but I guess you could use dhcp etc. via the networkmanager ui just as well... I think it's just a normal wired interface as far as NM is concerned)22:13
Rjskulve: thanks for the info you gave me a day or so ago, read the above ^^^ if you're interested...22:17
Rjshmm, maybe you folks at ubuntu could consider making CONFIG_USB_CDC_COMPOSITE the default for the nexus7 kernel, since it only adds features to CONFIG_USB_G_SERIAL? or maybe compile all of the usb gadget drivers as modules and load g_serial on boot, so the users could switch gadgets without a kernel recompile?22:22
AmEvOK, back for some grueling... No luck so far getting Ubuntu native on the Toshiba Thrive.22:37
AmEvTried AC100, Asus Transformer, Advent Vega, Motorola Xoom, even modified Thrive source; either my display shuts off, or it gets stuck at the Fastboot "Loading" screen.22:39
AmEvI did try to do the chroot method, but still ended up with no display :(22:41
lilstevieAmEv: what version of the kernel is that22:46
lilstevieok hmm22:46
lilsteviethrive is tegra 2 yeah?22:46
lilsteviealthough 2.6.39 AFAIK wasn't affected by the issue I am thinking of22:47
AmEvI know someone was trying to port a 3.* kernel over, but had to leave.22:48
AmEvWhoops, wrong button...22:49
AmEvI know I do have a working rootfs on an SD card...22:50
AmEvAnyway, lilstevie, thanks for coming back again. I remember you giving advice a few days ago.22:54
AmEvI'll be here with my Thrive, trying things out.22:54
lilsteviewell I don't know, you could maybe check your .config22:54
AmEvYeah, the first thing I did was enable Framebuffer Console and VT. Nope...22:55
wbfGuess what I did?23:40
wbfI put ubuntu on a UG80223:41
wbflike this : http://tinypic.com/r/34pj47d/623:41
wbfit's a video of it booting23:41
wbfsorry if you cannot see it, it's that fast23:42
AmEv_Ehh, I got disconnected for a sec...23:42
AmEv_Anyway, any thoughts as to bootup problems?23:45
wbfAmEv_, One. as in I cannot install OPENGL and I need it23:45
wbfwell I can installit*23:45
wbfit's just I cannot find it23:45
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lilsteviewbf: 1) ARM devices do not have OpenGL we have OpenGLES23:46
AmEvWell, I'm having bootup problems on my Thrive...23:46
lilsteviesecond of all you need to see if there are drivers for the GPU23:46
AmEvWhen I made my own initfs, I didn't have any errors on the final one...23:46
wbflilstevie, I already installed the driver, but do you know of any good linux games for ARM?23:47
AmEvShould I create a Launchpad bug?23:47
lilstevieAmEv: only if you can determine that ubuntu is the problem :p23:48
lilsteviecause it is more than likely your kernel23:48
lilsteviewbf: you are kidding right?23:48
wbflilstevie, Okay sorry about that, I guess I need to go to offtopic..23:49
lilsteviewbf: not my point23:49
AmEvStrange that known-working Tegra 2 kernels aren't working on my device....23:49
wbflilstevie, so there's no games for arm linux?23:49
lilsteviewbf: there are not many games available really, and even less support openGLES23:49
lilstevieAmEv: what did you expect, you cannot just take another devices kernel and expect it to work23:50
AmEvDidn't think so. Not like x86 where there's a universal boot disk....23:50
wbflilstevie, well what BETA games are there?23:51
AmEvI wonder: What's the best kernel (cross-)compiler for the Tegra 2 devices?23:52
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