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melodieI have a question about the Ubiquity installer, is there someone available ? It's about how the background is setup (inside the window)17:53
cjwatsonubiquity doesn't care about that itself; it's up to the GTK theme or the window manager or whatever.  I'm afraid I have no idea how it works.  You need somebody who knows about the desktop environment / window manager / toolkit / whatever that you're using.17:54
melodiehi cjwatson17:54
ogra_hwat do you mean by "inside the window"17:55
melodieI have setup an Ubuntu Openbox using the same gtk themes are Lubuntu does, and tried different window themes17:55
cjwatsonI can't help you further.17:55
melodiehi ogra_ I mean inside the ubiquity installer window. I have a pic on the web I show the link17:55
melodieI just updated firefox, it's coming...17:56
cjwatsonAnd from what I remember about the picture you showed before it's not something that any installer code is responsible for.17:56
ogra_the content comes from the $flavour/ubiquity/slideshow packages17:56
cjwatsonNo, this is something different17:56
melodiethis is what I get : http://meets.free.fr/debian/images/ubiquity-frontend-gtk-look.png17:56
cjwatsonogra_: no17:57
cjwatsonthis is not about the slideshow17:57
melodieI had tried to install the lubuntu slideshow, this part was still black17:57
melodieright cjwatson17:57
cjwatsonbut it's also not about any installer code, *unless* people who know about openbox say that ubiquity-dm needs to run some special openbox-specific command to set up an openbox-using session correctly17:58
cjwatsonubiquity-dm sets up a session using entirely its own code, so it's possible it's missing something17:58
ogra_the pic simply looks like a theme or theme engine is missing17:58
cjwatsonit's bin/ubiquity-dm in the ubiquity source package - compare that with the openbox session setup17:58
melodiewhich part of the openbox session setup ?17:59
cjwatsonI have no idea17:59
melodieogra_, I have all the same themes gtk2 gtk3 and engines as Lubuntu does, I a sure because I added some after I compared the filesystem.manifest files17:59
cjwatsonThis is the responsibility of people porting ubiquity-dm to a new desktop environment to figure out - i.e. you :)18:00
cjwatsonBefore you look at ubiquity-dm, though, check that a normal openbox session started from the same live CD (or whatever) works18:00
melodieI will try to look into the openbox configuration files18:00
cjwatsonIf it does then it's reasonable to conclude that ubiquity-dm is missing something18:00
ogra_openbox looks fine in the screenshot though18:01
melodiecjwatson, it does, I have done about 20 isos which I tested at home so far and a few are online for testing18:01
ogra_you have a proper windowframe and theme18:01
melodieogra_, right18:01
ogra_the content is gtk18:01
melodiehere is how the desktop looks18:01
melodieand here is one with htop: http://meets.free.fr/debian/images/BoxBuntu-ressources.png18:02
cjwatsonWe don't run the standard Xsession scripts or anything18:02
cjwatsonhtop> not relevant18:02
melodieit's just a window... the only one online atm18:02
cjwatsonYeah, it just doesn't tell us anything important for this purpose, so skip it :)18:03
ogra_you likely need to have some kind of gtkrc (not sure what gtk3 usues nowadays to do such native stuff)18:03
melodieI have compared ubiquity-dm files from this spin I did with the one from Madbox, also built on Ubuntu, but found no difference18:03
cjwatsonI think you're missing the point18:03
melodiehowever I didn't compare his openbox setup files yet18:03
cjwatsonubiquity-dm reimplements all the xsession (etc.) stuff18:03
cjwatsonif your desktop needs something from that to set up its theme properly, that needs to be reimplemented in ubiquity-dm18:04
melodieogra_, there is a .gtkrc-2.0 file in it18:04
cjwatsonSo you need to understand your desktop environment startup sequence in detail in order to make sure that ubiquity-dm's setup code is sufficient18:04
melodiecjwatson, if you were right then Madbox's ubiquity-dm would be different than mine, but it's not18:04
melodieand Madbox has a normal ubiquity window18:05
cjwatsonWell, that's the only special thing that the installer does for this18:05
melodiecjwatson, ok I'll compare the Openbox setup from Madbox with mine18:05
cjwatsonBut if you're not sure then you should compare all the files from all the ubiquity packages, not just ubiquity-dm18:05
melodiethis is something I have not dug yet, so why not.18:05
melodieI have a buddy who is keen with python who started to dig the ubiquity files so I hope he can do that18:06
melodieok, I'll dig openbox startup files, thanks !18:07
cjwatsonWell, you don't need to dig into them in detail; just get the file lists and diff18:07
melodieyes, sure18:08
melodieI need to look if some are in the home user directory and also the ones at /etc/xdg/openbox, and that should be it. I'll check what is in the login manager too18:09
melodieI have another question, while my vbox machines start and restart : is there somewhere at Ubuntu a doc on how to setup isolinux to tweak the theme for Ubuntu boxes ?18:27
melodieie: I have no idea how to produce the init file which contains code for one part of the appearance18:27
infinitycjwatson: Remind me of the magic required to jam a test kernel into a d-i build?19:07
melodieI'll bbl19:33
melodiethanks for all, will try to solve my issue19:33

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