infinityppisati: Can you make sure someone uploads your ti-omap4 SRUs to the PPA today?  The earlier, the better, so I can promote them when I get up in the morning. :)07:47
ppisatiinfinity: the person who usually deal with omap4 kernels is in Brasil, should be up&running in ~7hrs07:50
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ppisatibuilding another kernl10:00
ppisatiback in a bit10:00
* apw whines about broken internets10:18
smbapw, Mine works10:23
apwsmb, well thats nice for you10:23
apwmine works a bit right now10:23
smbapw, :) I know it doesn't help you much10:23
apwwell you could bring some internet pixy dust with you i suppose10:24
smbapw, More hw going to die ?10:24
apwsmb, no this is a tunnel issue10:24
smbapw, Ah, still not using one of those but I suppose this years resolution should be to start sharing a bit of your pain10:25
apwsmb, not sure how much you can bear, as it is ip address changes which trigger my pain most often10:26
apwand you have a high level of those10:26
apwif weechat wasn't so bust i'd probabally not notice10:26
smbAh yeah, got those, but with ipv4 that kind of thing was more "normal"10:26
smb(not that irc really copes with it)10:27
apwfinally ... all back and working10:31
apwstoopid thing10:31
tjaaltonapw: hey, do you have ideas about what bug 982889 is missing? we have a ton of dupes, and looks like precise will get some of them with the backport stack11:00
ubot2`Launchpad bug 982889 in xorg-server (Ubuntu) "X trying to start before plymouth has finished using the drm driver" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/98288911:00
tjaaltonwell, it's become more common with quantal, this one was reported on precise already11:01
apwtjaalton, the bug seems to imply it is a plymouth X handoff issue, that plymouth has not yet released DRM when X starts11:09
apwtjaalton, which seems like it would be an issue with the way we handle plymouth from the upstart scripting11:10
apwor, plymouth says its exited before it has i suppose11:10
apwtjaalton, could it be as simple as needing to make the /etc/plymouth quit have a --wait ?11:12
apwtjaalton, no probabally not as that is done out of a parallel job plymouth-stop, which is triggered on 'starting lightdm'11:18
apwjodh, if an upstart job is triggered on 'starting', will that have to complete before the 'starting' completes or in parallel with the start11:19
tjaaltonyeah this is hairy..11:19
jodhapw: job completes before the starting event does. This is documented in upstart-events(7) - table 1 shows 'starting' event is of type 'Hook' which blocks.11:20
tjaaltonalso, plymouth in both precise and quantal is quite old11:20
apwno actually that one isn't doing it, cause its not triggered for lightdm ... bah11:20
apwjodh, thanks :)11:20
apwtjaalton, actually lightdm does the plymouth quit itself, and _that_ version may need --wait11:24
tjaaltonthat's for su-mode?11:25
tjaaltonah no11:25
tjaaltonwell, for text and su-mode?11:26
apwtjaalton, no whne handing over to X i think11:37
tjaaltonif [ "$ARG" = "text" ]; then, if [ "$RUNLEVEL" = S -o "$RUNLEVEL" = 1 ]11:38
apwtjaalton, no not in the upstart jobs, in the normal case, builtin to the binary11:38
apwtjaalton, there seems to be some 'start X' and wait for it to send us a SIGUSR111:39
apwwhen we then (in lightdm) do a plymouth quite --retain-splash11:39
xnoxapw: "starting" == in parallel, e.g. just as the other is ready to be started. "started" the other one must finish starting.11:39
tjaaltonapw: oh, nice..11:40
apwtjaalton, and it is not clear to me that that quit incantion should not have a --wait on it11:41
tjaalton"Wait for boot daemon to quit"11:41
tjaaltonwhat does that mean11:42
apwits hard to be 100% sure from the description and plymouth is obtuse in the extreme to read11:49
apwtjaalton, ahh ok, yeah --wait would make the client side wait for the daemon to actually exit, else it is just sending it a message and then assuming it is done12:05
apwthis seems a clear rate without --wait12:05
tjaaltonweird that lightdm does this inside the daemon.. I'd have thought it's upstarts job12:07
apwit is doing some complex dance with the Xserver12:07
apwallowing it to start but not open drm, stopping plymouth and then letting the xserver grab it12:08
apwso that the framebuffer contents can be copied to the root window12:08
apwand us not get that flicker12:08
tjaaltonprobably why I can get my hsw in a state where the mouse cursor is shown on a perfectly functional getty..12:09
apwheh yeah12:09
tjaaltonplymouth never has a chance of actually showing any splash, since X is up and running <2s into the boot12:10
apwtjaalton, nice i am sure,12:13
* henrix -> lunch12:44
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* henrix reboots...13:19
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sforsheestgraber, can you give me the output of 'dmidecode -s system-manufacturer' and 'dmidecode -s system-version' for your x230?14:35
stgraberroot@castiana:~# dmidecode -s system-manufacturer14:37
stgraberroot@castiana:~# dmidecode -s system-version14:37
stgraberThinkPad X23014:37
sforsheestgraber, ta14:38
* ogasawara back in 2015:51
sforsheestgraber, I have a patch for your backlight issue. Do you want me to make a build for you or just give you the patch?16:07
stgrabersforshee: if you have something more powerful than a quadcore i7 to build that kernel, go ahead, otherwise I'll build it here16:08
sforsheestgraber, I've definitely got something more powerful than that at my disposal ;-)16:09
sforsheeI'll post to the bug when I've got a build for you then16:09
stgrabercool, thanks ;)16:09
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wookeythe linux package build-deps on libelf-dev, libunwind8-dev, libdw-dev, libnewt-dev.16:35
wookeywhich are those are for build arch and which for host arch?16:36
wookeyor both16:36
wookeylobunwind looks to be for host arch for perf. maybe libelf too.16:36
wookeyoh and libaudit. And there is a flex dependency - should that actually be libfl-dev now?16:37
wookeywho knows about this stuff?16:37
apwthey are for perf mostly indeed 16:38
apwobviously for the lib* ones those are for the 'arch we are making packages for'16:39
apwflex would be used for the 'arch we are building the package on'16:39
apwflex and bison are both used in perf, and both 'arch we are building on'16:41
apwwookey, any others you care about ?16:42
apwwookey, not that cross compiling the upstream kernel works so very well of course16:45
apwas the headers assemblages have some of the tools in them, and in a cross environment that makes them usless16:46
wookeywhat about libnewt - isn;t that for make menuconfig curses stuff, and thus for build arch? Or are we actually makiing a tool to run on the host arch later still?16:51
wookeyYes I see that the kernel tools stuff is not multiarch -ready. You can specify a dir for libunwind for example, but it assume that inlcude and lib dangle from that, which is wrong for multiarch.16:52
wookeymy understanding is that the kernel crossbuild works OK. it's the tools stuff which is a problem. Am I wrong about that?16:53
wookeyapw: what exactly do you mean by "as the headers assemblages have some of the tools in them, and in a cross environment that makes them usless"?16:54
wookeyThe kernel seems to understnad that it has a build arch (called 'ARCH@ it seems) and a host arch (called 'CROSS-COMPILE'). And that host-arch libs might be in funny directories16:55
wookeyWhich should be suffient to make it all cross properly without major surgery16:55
wookeyAnd people cross-build their kernels all the time so one can reasonably expect thing to be set up sensibly16:56
apwit builds ok, using BUILD binaries, the problem is you also need those same binaries for the target as well to allow extern .ko's to b16:59
apwbe built, and there is no concept of building them both ways in there16:59
wookeyOK, so there are some things that we need to build for both build and host arch. ONe for use during the build and one for packaging?17:00
* ppisati -> gym17:00
wookeys/for packaging/to get put in packages/17:00
apwwookey, yeah things like the config binary and related things which are used during the build, and from the headers package when installed17:01
wookeycould we fix this by making the kernel build depend on the kernel-tools package so one of the correct (build) arch is installed, and then it makes them for the host arch in the build for packaging, presumably as now?17:02
wookeythe config binary ends up in the headers package? Is that what you said?17:03
wookeyI guess I should look at what's in which packages...17:04
ckingbjf, can you pull in the latest ecryptfs into the autotest tests to pick up the latest fixes and goodness?17:14
bjfcking, will do17:14
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wookeythere are about a billion packages ther kernel makes - which one(s) do the tools end up in?17:19
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argeswookey: do you mean linux-tools?17:38
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wookeyarges: probably, but the control file I have in front of me doesn;t contain that, which is why I didn't find it.17:43
wookeyright I see it in the distro. and linux-tools-common and linux-tools-<board> 17:44
wookeywill investigatte17:44
apwwookey, yeah kernel-wedge is a menace, you get a more comprehensive control when you clean the package17:49
apwbut even then it is arch specific17:50
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wookeycurrently haveing fun decoding the logic in debian/rules.d/0-common-vars.mk which is full of Make double-negatives17:51
wookeythis is confusing: 17:52
wookey# linux-libc-dev may not be needed, default to building it.17:52
wookeydoes setting do_foo to false really mean its gets built or is that comment out of date?17:53
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rtgwookey, what branch or repository do you have ? do_libc_dev_package in only true for the master kernel branch.17:56
wookeyI'm looking at linux-linaro-origen-3.717:56
apwwookey, i suspect that the comment is crook, this is probabally a derivative with the opposite default to the master default17:56
wookeywhich is simply the one someone complained didn't corss-build17:56
apwyeah then it ouwld be 17:56
apwso that comment is from master, where it is =true17:57
apwbut the only place it is true17:57
wookeyaha. OK. just checking I wasn;t too confused17:57
wookeyIs there a blessed way to set env vars for the build - e.g if I wanted to set do_tools=false or the V=1 verbose builds.18:05
apwwookey, i tend to just set those by hand in the environment or directly on my debian/rules incantation18:05
wookeyI tried do_tools=false dpkg-buildpackage -aarmhf -d -nc  and export do_tools=false but no joy. I think dpkg-buildpackage clears anything not starting with DEB_ IIRC18:05
wookeyAh call rules diretyl, not via dpkg-buildpackage. OK18:06
apwyeah i tend to do that kind of thing for my messy builds18:06
wookeycheers. sorry for all the dumb questions. I have a vague idea how it works now - will have a poke. 18:10
apw  HOSTCC  scripts/mod/modpost.o18:11
apwwookey, i think that is one of the ones which ends up wrong in teh final pacakges18:11
apwin a cross environment18:11
apwand we are of course interested in any insight you have to making it not broke :)18:12
wookeyOK, great. I'll try and serve up some insight this week :-)18:15
apwwookey, as we do cross compile routinly for the main package to confirm they build, which works18:16
apwbut they arn't quite the same, this issue for one18:16
wookeynobbling with do_tools=false gets me to a wrong-arch objcopy in " Add .gnu_debuglink sections to each stripped .ko"18:17
wookeyI guess there are both issues in the main package and the question of why variants don't built (which is what linaro cares about right now)18:18
wookeyI'll look at both. 18:19
ogra_linaro uses /debian.$subarch dirs which override the /debian stuff18:22
ogra_(at least i always have to do the do_tools disabling in /debian.$subarch when using linaro based kernels)18:22
* rtg -> lunch18:26
* smb walks away18:31
* cking shuffles off18:52
stgrabersforshee: new kernel doesn't seem to work here19:43
stgrabersforshee: or I didn't boot the right one, stupid secureboot... will be back in a sec :)19:44
sforsheestgraber, yeah my build obviously won't boot with secureboot enabled19:45
sforsheeunless you allow grub to boot unsigned kernels I guess19:46
stgrabersforshee: alright, works fine now ;)19:46
sforsheestgraber, good :)19:47
stgrabersforshee: yeah, an archive kernel wouldn't boot on my laptop either as I have a custom secureboot PKI in that machine (to test experimental self-signed shim)19:47
stgraberso I need to remember to manually sign vmlinuz before I can actually boot it :)19:47
sforsheesounds like fun19:47
stgraberit's easy once you have that whole mess setup, it's just that you need to remember that installing a kernel isn't actually enough to make it bootable :)19:48
sforsheestgraber, I'm hoping to get some testing with the T430s too on the upstream bug, so I'm gonna sit on the patch a day or two to see if anyone tries it19:48
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* rtg -> EOD20:39
hggdhherton: there?23:41
hggdhbjf: I was working on bug 1097914 -- it states the kernel should be, but the kernel installed is 3.5.0-1607-11. Which version is the target here?23:46
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1097914 in linux-armadaxp (Ubuntu) "linux-armadaxp: 3.5.0-1607.9 -proposed tracker" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/109791423:46
hggdhbjf: bah, forget23:54

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