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skellatBurning Circle Episode 97 is up: http://ohio.ubuntu-us.org/node/13004:50
pleia2anyone have a chance to review that audiocast?06:08
pleia2skellat: thanks :)06:08
pleia2akgraner: stuff has been moved to the wiki and sent to editors for review, I'll do stats tomorrow morning before I head out (11 or so eastern time)06:19
pleia2should be good to publish by late afternoon your time :)06:19
pleia2just let me know if you can't get to it and I'll make sure it gets out tomorrow night06:20
JoseeAntonioRI can do it if not, will be free from 12pm pacific time06:23
akgranerpleia2, thanks!14:13
akgranerpleia2, I have time - blocked out a couple hours so if you need me to do stats I can do those as well14:13
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pleia2akgraner: should just need to add "In This Issue" section :)17:04
akgranerwill do - I'm going to lunch in about 45 mins and I'll knock it out then17:07
akgranerGood Luck today!  So happy for you!17:08
pleia2thanks :)17:09
akgranerphilipballew, I can't this year...I have vacation the last week on this month and my daughter has auditions for Govn. School in Raleigh on Feb 8-9 then I have to be in Hong Kong on March 322:46
akgranerI am hoping some of our guys will make it though22:46
philipballewah I see. I'll have to say hello to your team if anyone of them come on out akgraner22:54
akgranerThank you!22:55
akgranerjeez I should update my laptop more often...:-/23:00
akgranerpleia2, Issue 299 will go out in just a few - waiting for this update to finish23:01
akgranerI just had a hard panic in ftrace so let's see if I still have a usable laptop :-)23:15
akgranerthis is kinda ugly23:19
akgranerAnd now the kernel team gets and email from me *sigh*23:31
philipballewKernel issues are tricky akgraner23:41
akgranerno kidding  -that's why I emailed the experts23:42

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