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jonohey all18:56
Cormac-W8KWAafternoon jono18:56
jonohey Cormac-W8KWA18:57
Cormac-W8KWATora-Jono gives a meow hi (the kitten you got named after :))18:58
jonoCormac-W8KWA, hehe18:58
Cormac-W8KWAwell named after ya :)18:58
leousaQUESTION: How will the updates be managed on the Ubuntu phone OS? Same as the desktop or controlled by carriers as in Android right now (e.g. AT&T not rolling out Jelly Bean on USA same as in EU)18:59
JoseeAntonioRWe're live now!19:00
netcurliyes. we can see you19:00
jonoreload the page to see the stream19:00
ubunturkhi jono19:01
Cormac-W8KWAok watching19:01
Amir__Hi there!19:02
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Cormac-W8KWAeww webchat ;)19:03
leousaQUESTION: How will the updates be handled on the phone OS? same model as in the desktop or will  rolling updates be controlled by phone carriers like android?19:03
noneofthemHello everybody!19:03
snwhQUESTION: how's fatherhood? :)19:03
Cormac-W8KWAQUESTION: will the phones have same same release sechedual as the Desktop version?19:04
alpc360hello ! ;)19:04
noneofthemQUESTION: Will users be able to upgrade their Ubuntu phones the same way as their desktops or will we be stuck with the hardware manufacturers like on Android?19:05
netcurliQUESTION: Will there be some kind of app reviewing process for Ubuntu for Phones? Or will there be other means of providing security, so that there are no malicious apps.19:05
noneofthemI envy you for that phone right even though I own a Nexus 4.19:06
stavrosLinuxWayland/Weston. Do you have plans for the future ?19:07
* Cormac-W8KWA is waiting for the production of Ubuntu Phone before I 'upgrade' to Smart/super phone19:07
benkaiserQUESTION: How is landscape currently? (have not seen it anywhere yet) :)19:07
noneofthemQUESTION regarding DOCK: Will there be a standardized docking mechanism or will this be up to the hardware manufacturers?19:08
stavrosLinuxQUESTION: Wayland/Weston. Do you have plans for the future ?19:08
sarcasmrulesQUESTION: What other phones are you considering porting Ubuntu to?19:08
vihrynWhat about apps store ?19:09
quack1QUESTION : Does Canonical is working on a "MacBookPro"-like machine running Ubuntu ? A high-quality, well-designed and powerfull laptop made by and for Ubuntu (and, more generally, for any GNU/Linux distro) ?19:09
DaveAllenQUESTION how come Ubuntu doesn't have a native (developed from scratch by its devs) Media Player?19:10
neuroQUESTION: Jono, why are your glasses on a bit squinty? (your right lens is higher than the left one)19:10
Cormac-W8KWAQUESTION: When are we going to see Ubuntu on a 4K screen?19:10
mathomastechQuestion: Will developers be able to use the language of their choice for development. i.e. Python, C, Java?19:10
sarcasmrulesquack1 have you seen System76? they do something similar19:10
jimmy_QUESTION: Ubuntu Software Center in its current form is laggy and unstable. Is there any plan to change it? Maybe move away from python?19:10
jarlathQUESTION: Have the Raring skunkworks goodies been revealed yet or do we have to wait till release for the surprise?19:11
zebaszpdoes Ubuntu Phone OS use´╗┐ Wayland?19:11
apacheyouhello John19:11
Cormac-W8KWAzebaszp, it usex x.org19:11
tinyTimQUESTION: Will we see some features of Ubuntu Phone OS on the Desktop? I for example really like the notifications that have been shown on CES where one can directly respond without opening any app.19:12
apacheyouwhy cannot "Canocial" come up with a "Laptop" like Mac Book pro.. which uses ubuntu ?19:12
zebaszpreally? well, that's a shame, but I was stranged by the libwayland0 dependency in the phone os toolkit19:12
apacheyouwhy cannot "Canocial" come up with a "Laptop" like Mac Book pro.. which uses ubuntu ?19:12
GabMus_ Question (maybe you already answered to this, but I'm coming here now): When will Ubuntu for android be released?19:12
jarlathQUESTION: How can you prevent my local carrier from turning the Ubuntu Phone from something beautiful into something horrible?19:12
JoseeAntonioRQUESTION: Want some pisco? :)19:12
benkaiserQUESTION: will there be an option to enable all updates for people with unlimited data plans?19:13
Steam4LinuxHow big will ubuntu 1 be with the phone?19:13
apacheyouwhy cannot "Canocial" come up with a "Laptop" like Mac Book pro.. which uses ubuntu ?19:13
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Cry_anyone knows when will bumblee work with ubuntu 13.04 ?19:13
apacheyouwhy cannot "Canocial" come up with a "Laptop" like Mac Book pro.. which uses ubuntu ?19:13
stavrosLinuxQUESTION: Your Goatee is terrible. Are you going to shave it?19:14
apacheyouQUESTION : why cannot "Canocial" come up with a "Laptop" like Mac Book pro.. which uses ubuntu ?19:14
apacheyouQUESTION : why cannot "Canocial" come up with a "Laptop" like Mac Book pro.. which uses ubuntu ?19:15
sarcasmruleswhois apacheyou19:15
cgu1404QUESTION Will the phone have a lock screen for security reasons. What will stop someone from stealing my phone, and then messing with it.19:15
neuroapacheyou: because Canonical don't build hardware?19:15
sarcasmrulescanonical's not the richest yet, is it?19:16
neuroapacheyou: and if you want a laptop like a Macbook Pro, just buy a Macbook Pro, and either run Ubuntu in a VM (on Parallels, VMware Fusion, VirtualBox, etc) or install it natively19:16
* neuro does the former19:16
neurombp ftw19:16
neurommm, coffee19:17
sarcasmrulesubuntu on mac is always a headache thanks to uefi19:17
neuroso VM it19:18
varunpriolkarlive atm?19:18
sarcasmrulesvirtualbox <319:18
neuroIME, virtualbox sucks (sorry!)19:18
* neuro ponied up for Parallels19:18
Cry_anyone knows about bumblee working on 13.04 ?19:18
neuroworks a treat19:18
neurostavrosLinux: why hate on jono's beard?19:19
neurojono's beard is legend!19:19
neuroshaving off jono's beard would be like cutting samson's hair19:19
sarcasmruleswhat's Boxes like on gnome 3.419:20
cgu1404QUESTION Will the phone have a lock screen for security reasons. What will stop someone from stealing my phone, and then messing with it.19:20
varunpriolkarCry_: try that: http://www.webupd8.org/2012/12/use-nvidia-experimental-drivers-310.html19:20
bootkigftrgdsQuestion:: Do you think Ubuntu will do it's own kickstarter/crowdfunding App. mechanism ??19:20
Cry_oh, so thats why bumblebee didnt work ? cause i was using 310 nvidia driver?19:21
jimmy_QUESTION: not all apps will be able tu run in sandbox (e.g. some apps that require root access using device files etc.). Will it be possible to submit an app for manual review process?19:21
neurojono_: if you define a standard for the UI ...19:21
cgu1404QUESTION Will the phone have a lock screen for security reasons. What will stop someone from stealing my phone, and then messing with it.19:22
neurohttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wayland_(display_server_protocol) if anyone Would Like to Know More19:24
sarcasmrulesyay! :319:25
neuroyou're welcome ;)19:28
nxvlQUESTION: When are you shaving that beard?19:28
jomurgelI'm sure it's been asked, but any other phones slated for dev builds other than the Galaxy Nexus?  (ie Nexus 4) :)19:29
Hector_AguilarQUESTION:What do you think of unity beign port to another distros?, I have Arch and i love unity19:29
sharifwill ubuntu work with the big companies like AUTOCAD and so?19:29
Nikki1993Jono, when we will see more Python tutorials?19:29
TuxkalleIs there a place to downloud Severed Fifth songs?19:29
edjcaWhat's going on with Ubuntu for Nexus 7? Anything coming soon?19:31
Steam4LinuxHow much attention will Ubuntu One get for the phone?19:31
rrnwexecQUESTION: What is your best "elevator pitch" for the Ubuntu Phone that Ubuntu Evangelists/Advocates can use when trying to get (non-Ubuntu) people excited about it?19:32
bootkigftrgdsQUESTION::How do I et the Ubuntu Advocate Kit into my Lubuntu netbook using the Command Line ?19:33
edjcaQUESTION: What (if any) integration will there be between Ubuntu Phone and Ubuntu Desktop?19:33
Cry_you are a nice guy :d, how are the other ones behind Ubuntu ? now i know why ubuntu is that good :D19:34
nxvljono_: nothing like in UDS-google19:34
jomurgelQUESTION: (my bad) I'm sure it's been asked, but any other phones slated for dev builds other than the Galaxy Nexus?  (ie Nexus 4) :)19:34
TuxkalleQUESTION will ubuntu work with the big companies like AUTOCAD and so?19:34
Steam4LinuxQUESTION How much attention will Ubuntu One get for the phone?19:34
neurotold you the goatee would not be shaved19:34
edjcaQUESTION: What's been going on with Ubuntu for Nexus 7? Was it just a fun project or will more be coming out of it?19:34
Nikki1993QUESTION: Jono, when we will see more Python tutorials?19:35
sarcasmrulesjomurgel it's depending on which vendors make a deal with Ubuntu19:35
benkaiserHow is landscape orientation on the phone? I have not seen it in any of the demo's19:36
benkaiserQUESTION: How is landscape orientation on the phone? I have not seen it in any of the demo's19:36
DaveAllen^About my previous question regarding a Media Player, I understand what you said, but if you take a look at the OS market, both your competitors have native-looking Media Players. MacOSX-Itunes and MS Windows-Windows Media Player. Rhythmbox is no match for those two right now, neither in the looks nor in the usability department...19:37
cmyrlandQUESTION: Will the Galaxy SII be supported when Ubuntu for phones is made public? That phone is cheap and very widespread now.. and the specs should be plenty for Ubuntu?19:37
bootkigftrgdsthanks jono.19:37
TuxkalleQUESTION Are the Severed Fifth still making songs :-)19:37
nxvlapparmor ftw!19:37
StuieTQUESTION: What integration will there be between an Ubuntu phone and an existing Ubuntu desktop19:37
nik90QUESTION: If I root my phone with uncustomized ubuntu phone images rather than using a carrier, would I then get the updates to my phone directly from canonical instead of having to wait for them to release it?19:38
zebaszpQUESTION: how will phone apps work in desktop mode (in superphones)? I've seen how Android apps work with Ubuntu for Android, and it was dreadful. Does the SDK include something related to phone/desktop mode?19:38
yipperSounds like some folks just can't manage to grow there own beard *smile*19:38
Tuxkalleyipper looks like that :-)19:39
jarlathQUESTION: Does your Nexus actually make calls or is it just a test device?19:40
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davmor2jono_: QUESTION: is the peoples lens from U4A and Phone Coming to the Desktop and is it going to be in sync with U1?19:41
leousaQUESTION: What does canonical think of the media/press reception of ubuntu phone OS?19:41
brunogirinQUESTION: will PIM and location be integrated like messages too so that all phone apps can use them?19:41
Cry_iphone isnt beautiful at all :))19:41
Cormac-W8KWAQUESTION: Is there plans for a kind of Standardized Video Chat protocal/program to be baked into the Phone OS?19:41
snwhQUESTION: what does your wife think about ubuntu?19:41
Sid__QUESTION: Are there any plans on integrating Ubuntu-Tweak-Tool (Mechaning) into Ubuntu by default? There are alot of people (myself incl) that want more customisation by default.19:42
FlyingPigQUESTION: Any plans for a unified and consistent Ubuntu SDK, which works across all Ubuntu Platforms (Desktop, Phone, TV) like Apple has with Cocoa or Microsoft with .NET?19:47
bootkigftrgdsQUESTION :: What cafe was your Ubuntu release day at in the US ?? & Are you going to-do again ??19:50
yipperQuestion - any idea how or if Ubuntu will integrate mapping features, or will it simply be via a browser?19:50
ivan_01question : is ubuntu working on speech recognition and language software. very much as google translate.19:50
Cormac-W8KWAQUESTION: Sevard Fifth, any plans on an Ubuntu/software album? if not why not?19:51
JoseeAntonioRok guys, last questions over here, Jono will try to go through all of them19:52
Sid__QUESTION: I saw a music player app on the phone, which I believe was just a picture. Are you guys working on a music player or webbrowser app?19:53
zebaszpJono, I know android apps aren't designed for ubuntu, and that's why they're windowed, but that to me is a tad too ugly. Really happy the Ubuntu SDK does include it, though! And tablets, too!19:55
AndkeQ: is there any method, that will bring attention to serous bugs like gvfs-smb, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gvfs/+bug/1075923  ?  Such bugs are a show-stopper to any professional use/corporate use of Ubuntu, and does not seem to get any attention.19:55
Sid__QUESTION: Where will the next UDS be? Berlin is a perfect city for it ;-)19:56
AndkeExtra info: The SAMBA problem is also a showstopper for anyone with a home server, can't index music fomr a CIFS server, can't relaibly copy photo collection, or play movies.19:57
zebaszpQUESTION: what browser/rendering engine does the Ubuntu Phone OS use?19:57
noneofthemQUESTION: Any news on Nautilus? Will Canonical fork it? The official version seems to go in weird direction by removing more and more features.19:57
Cormac-W8KWAno songs about free software and ubuntu19:58
bootkigftrgdsQUESTION : Will there be a separate 'Manual' for Ubuntu-Phone ?? and will this .PDF be included in the default release ???19:58
Cormac-W8KWAIe an album full of songs about free software and ubuntu19:59
sarcasmrulesQuestion: are you providing the OS for the Steam Box?19:59
OpenTangentQUESTION: Have Google expressed any interest in releasing native apps? Google Maps for example.19:59
noneofthemWill the calender on the desktop get some new features like Google integration? Right now there is not much one can do with it. It would be great to get notifications for events etc.20:00
zebaszpQUESTION: You are awesome! Wait...nevermind...20:01
sarcasmrulesthanks dude!20:01
noneofthemThanks a lot for answering all questions!20:01
benkaiserThank you :D20:01
netcurlithank you20:01
jarlathThanks so much!20:01
TuxkalleThanks you for taking the time20:01
PotetQUESTION: Is there any chance of getting apps from companies like Google on Ubuntu Phone (not web apps), like Google Music and Google Maps?20:01
neurojono_: RESPECT THE BEARD!20:01
zebaszpThanks a lot!20:02
bootkigftrgdsWelldone Jono .. great to hear another ubuntuist from blighty !!20:02
Cormac-W8KWAI guess jono_  doesnt want to do a "Free software" album ;(20:02
jono_Cormac-W8KWA, all my music is Creative Commons licensed20:02
Cormac-W8KWAI mean songs about "Free software" an albums worth20:03
Cormac-W8KWAWasnt talking about licencing20:03
AndkeQuestion:  any pland for a fully encrypted Ubuntu One drive ? - Today I only use SpicerOak, the only way to go, is zero-knowledge, real privacy service.20:03
zebaszpjono_: just for the record, my name is sebastian, and you pronounced my username funny :P20:03
zebaszplooking forward to the next QA!20:03
zebaszplove your beard!20:03
jono_Cormac-W8KWA, oh, might do that in the future20:04
jono_zebaszp, ahha!20:04
jono_thanks for letting me know20:04
jono_and now...lunch!20:04
bootkigftrgdsGreat job , Jono, you were brilliant as per usual [!!]20:04
Cormac-W8KWACool love the "Free the software" and Unite songs20:04
Cormac-W8KWAsee ya jono_20:04
jono_thanks bootkigftrgds!20:04
DalkQ: when will Canonical respond about shopping lens concerns?20:07
DalkQ: when Canonical address privacy concerns of shopping lens?20:09
Deluxo                    QUESTION:  Phoronix did a benchmark for kernels from 3.4 to 3.8 and 3.5 seemed to work the best, and even much better than 3.8. That is current 12.10 kernel is better than 3.820:16
neuroDeluxo: Q&A finished 19 minutes ago20:19
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nuovodnaany news on compatibility with RIM-BB10 apps with UbuntuPhoneOS System?21:22
burnerjono_: so where can i get my .zip to flash on my galaxy nexus?  I use clockworkmod.  that work?  :)21:43
knokerHi there23:03
knokerCan see you in portugal23:03

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