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mhall119hi mesquka02:30
mhall119\o/ you're still here02:30
mhall119I always see your message right after you've left the channel02:30
qrwteyrutiyouplol :)02:34
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ChaozHenchmangeez, it won't be released until next year if that?08:20
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* Tak blink09:33
mesqukaPreliminary ROM's could be expected in late Febuary09:35
dwatkinsROM's what? ;)09:37
atiti_how about pre-preliminary roms :D09:38
atiti_or a very very short "building from sources"09:39
atiti_or "getting started with porting to your phone"09:39
mesqukapretty much09:40
elkngis ubuntu-phohe will contain regular ARM version of linux where one can get any open source software compilled and run and no need to have market as for android phones ?11:59
hourdno reason why not12:03
damian_^so ubuntu hinted at the 14th? did anything happen?12:38
hourdof Feb?12:43
damian_^ahh nevermind, i was reading a forum last night and people were trying to solve some riddle shuttleworth gave, they had it come down to a date, 14th january. but i have just noticed that 14.14 is the version number of ubuntu-phone so im assuming that has something to do with it12:43
hourdwouldnt it be somethign like 13.04?12:44
damian_^i had read that, but noticed its from 2011. im trying to hunt down the forum post and riddle...12:45
damian_^internets full of rumors and lies anyway12:47
ubuntubhoydamian_^: they dont expect a release of a handset till early next year12:51
ubuntubhoybut the first images and source will fall in Feb12:51
damian_^oh so they will be releasing their own handset or expect other manufacturers to use it next year?12:52
damian_^and yeah, i own the nexus, patiently waiting :)12:52
hourddeals with manufacturers12:52
ubuntubhoyother OEMs12:52
ubuntubhoythat's why they announced now12:52
ubuntubhoyto cast their net at CES12:53
ubuntubhoyand hopefully strike a deal somewhere along the line12:53
hourdi would think they will get a deal pretty quickly12:53
ubuntubhoyso I doubt they will call anything a full release until the handset comes to market12:53
ubuntubhoyhourd: hopefully12:54
damian_^awesome, it really looks like an ios killer, hope it is recieved well :) android is great and all but being a dev myself i know first hand the troubles with using a virtual machine on low powered hardware..12:54
damian_^and ios being so closed... nightmares... i gave up developing for it12:55
WaltherYeah. And one thing particularly important to me: security.12:55
ubuntubhoydev'ing should be a lot easier12:55
ubuntubhoyand you can start now12:55
WaltherI hope the ubuntu phone will have decent security for apps12:55
ubuntubhoytest on your Ubuntu PC OS12:55
WaltherThe android way has its benefits (running each app in a separate sandbox) but the apps tend to ask for ridiculous permissions12:56
ubuntubhoyto be fair, there have not been many stories of large apps abusing their permisions12:57
damian_^tbh deving for me is about money, its my job, and my passion dont get me wrong, but it pays well and ive made a living from it and just dont have the time to support ubuntu until it is financially feasable...12:58
damian_^hehe yeah, live wallpapers requesting to send sms's and make calls,12:58
Waltherubuntubhoy: but why the hell does e.g. angry birds want permissions to read my phone calls and have network access -> potentially sending my phone logs to Rovio for what reason exactly12:59
damian_^(and yes i know im not very open source spirited but i dont have hours to spend coding for free...)12:59
damian_^although given the posix compliances and etc, it seems dead easy to port between ios and ubuntu-phone13:00
damian_^lol, i bet i just pissed off a lot of people13:01
ubuntubhoyWalther: I am not saying it is right, just that of the major apps from trusted backgrounds there has been very little reports of abuse13:03
damian_^i just installed angry birds, all is asks for is access to internet, and i assume thats for ads and purchases. didnt ask to read call logs or anything13:04
ubuntubhoyI think it was a general example rather than exact13:04
Takthere's no such thing as a general example13:05
Takit's either an example or it isn't13:05
damian_^turns out the star wars and seasons versions do want to read my call logs anyway... highly suspicious13:05
ubuntubhoyTak: that's just being anal13:06
Takno, it's not rationalizing being wrong13:06
Waltherdamian_^: yes, it is very weird.13:10
Waltherand those are not the only apps <.<13:10
Waltherotoh, i may have some hope that google some day calls me and hand a job offer, now that they can read not only my search history and email but my notes, calendar, etc as well13:11
Walther:P *13:11
mint_give here13:12
ubuntubhoyWalther: they can only read your info if you use their services13:13
ubuntubhoyit's the choice you make13:14
WaltherYes, yes... But well, point me a single mail and/or calendar app that works on par13:14
WaltherApart from pen and paper, that is :P13:14
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CGI1530has anyone tried ubuntu os on a htc 0ne s yet?17:14
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