jibelgood morning07:48
pittibonjour jibel07:48
zygagood morning08:31
jibelrbasak, hey, you might be interested by r142 of auto-package-testing. I extended the option -S to support various schemes to fetch source packages, amongst which loading the source package from a local directory.10:20
rbasakjibel: oooh, thank you!10:21
rbasakjibel: that will also build the source package and test the built package, right?10:22
jibelrbasak, right, it should10:22
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SergioMenesesphillw, around?14:56
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balloonshmm.. autopilot seems to get confused if my app launches a new window18:12
balloonsalesage, you about?18:12
alesagehi balloons18:13
balloonshello.. have you encountered this before? Maybe I should just point you to the test to run18:13
alesageballoons, yes please do18:13
balloonsalesage, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-testcase/ubuntu-autopilot-tests/trunk/view/head:/screenshot/test_screenshot.py18:13
balloonsthat's a little older, but the problem is the same.. after taking the screenshot, the main window is hidden and the "save File" window appears.. this seems to confuse autopilot (or just me :-))18:14
alesageballoons, when you say 'confuse' what do you mean?18:14
balloonsi mean I get BadWindow: <class 'Xlib.error.BadWindow'>: code = 3, resource_id = Xlib.xobject.resource.Resource(0x04e00003), sequence_number = 18, major_opcode = 20, minor_opcode = 018:15
balloonsthings like that :-(18:15
alesageballoons, hmpf18:15
balloonsthis may be a mute point, as if I roll to introspection I won't be using bmaf18:15
alesageballoons, result of this will probably be a bug, willing to fill out?18:15
balloonsalesage, ofc18:16
balloonsautopilot run screenshot.test_screenshot.ScreenshotTests.test_whole_screen18:16
balloonsrun that and you should see the same thing18:16
alesageballoons, need to context-switch :) , might need your help getting set up with your suite18:18
balloonsyou could simply pull the branch18:19
balloonsbzr branch lp:ubuntu-autopilot-tests18:19
alesageok balloons18:19
balloonsso I learned bzr doesn't commit whitespace only changes it seems18:20
alesageok balloons I'm able to reproduce this18:26
alesageballoons, definitely feels like a bamf thing, thomi will want to have a look--I'm not as familiar with this part of the code18:32
balloonsok, anything else you need from me?18:33
alesageno balloons :)18:33
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phillwSergioMeneses: I am now :)19:44
Noskcajis anyone (other than letozaf_) able to work on bug 1087409 while i'm gone? try and get some logs etc. ideally using a slower machine as the problem is more pronounced19:56
ubot5bug 1087409 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "*buntu dailys take 3 minutes to get to the next screen if install mp3 is selected." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/108740919:56
balloonsNoskcaj, do you have a log from this?19:59
balloonsis it still happening?19:59
balloonshave to rule out network lag19:59
balloonsor apt weirdness19:59
Noskcajstill happening, it's been at least 5 mins in this kubuntu install. the bug seems to affect both with and without an iternet connection20:00
letozaf_Noskcaj, maybe I can try to reproduce your bug putting less RAM on my VM, how much RAM do you have ?20:00
Noskcaji will double check if i have time20:00
balloonsok, something funny in apt perhaps20:00
balloonsthe logs would tell us20:00
balloonsget the install log and post20:00
Noskcajletozaf_, 1gb, via testdrive20:00
letozaf_Noskcaj, oh! so makes no sense also my VM has 1GB :(20:01
Noskcajballoons, not going to have time, as soon as my family wakes up (its 7am) i have to go20:01
balloonsI cam test real hw, but tiniest box has 4 gig of ram20:01
balloonsI could go pull sticks I guess, but I'd prefer to see the log first :-)20:01
Noskcajsomething broke in kubuntu because of bug 106622520:06
ubot5bug 1066225 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "encrypt home folder needs to be checkbox not radio button" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/106622520:06
SergioMenesesphillw, solved thanks!20:14
phillwSergioMeneses: okies, sorry, mondays are afk days for me. But I do catch up on pings :)20:15
SergioMenesesok :)20:15
balloonsalesage, thomi ok, so question for you two.. I'd like to package up the tests from the autopilot project we've got going.. what's the best way to do so?21:06
balloonsmy intent for packaging is to have others easily run the tests21:06
alesageballoons, excellent idea21:07
alesageballoons, what part of the packaging are you needing help with?21:07
alesagealso note that thomi is out of the office for a couple of days, I believe21:08
balloonsjust wondering what's the best way to package them up21:08
balloonsI could just go look at autopilot unity I guess21:08
alesageballoons, ya I'm actually quite n00bish with packaging, myself21:09
balloonsalesage, ty.. ok, I'll probably snag a look at unity package21:10
Noskcajshould we add to the classroom session a link to this https://www.linux.com/news/featured-blogs/185-jennifer-cloer/689432-learn-linux-from-the-experts-live-linux-qaa-january-1621:11
balloonsNoskcaj, add to what exactly?21:13
Noskcajidk, just telling people it's happening. found it on twitter21:14
Noskcaj balloons, are there any testcases for xubuntu that need writing (i could make them autotestcases afterwards)? also, should we have a steam for linux testcase?21:20
balloonsNoskcaj, we could21:20
balloonsNoskcaj, xubuntu i would think could use tests for there default apps21:21
balloonsleafpad, xfce panel stuff.. abiword, gnumeric21:21
balloonswhat else do they use?21:21
Noskcaji'm thinking maybe a transmission testcase first, i use it a fair bit. and it's ubuntu as well21:21
Noskcaja quick list: catfish, galculator, gnome mplayer (i think, i installed then partly uninstalled lubuntu-desktop21:23
balloonsNoskcaj, ok, should put those suggestions down21:25
balloonsthen ping the list and see who all is interested21:25
Noskcajok, i have to leave in ~1 hour so i will do that stuff while i'm in brisbane21:25
balloonssounds good!21:32
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