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infinitycjwatson: Oh, to be clear on the d-i versus omap4 kernels thing, the ABI referenced in that upload *does* exist in -proposed, but it's currently buggy, so waiting on today's PPA upload to land would be good before we accept it (but please do review).07:45
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Davieyugh, we don't get a useful c-m anymore due to using -proposed?14:23
tseliotcjwatson: can you promote these sources from NEW and move them to main (in raring), please? nvidia-settings-304 nvidia-settings-304-updates nvidia-settings-310 nvidia-settings-310-updates14:29
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cjwatsonDaviey: It's on Ursinha's to-do list14:35
Ursinhahello Daviey :) yes, it is14:35
cjwatsontseliot: Looking14:35
cjwatsontseliot: What's going to deal with installing all these differently-versioned tools packages?14:38
tseliotcjwatson: there are packages which recommend them: e.g. nvidia-310 recommends nvidia-settings-31014:39
cjwatsonWhat's going to deal with installing those? :-)14:39
cjwatsonI guess I don't care that much; it just seems like a step backwards to have to have multiple different versions of userspace tools, rather than a single master thing that can configure any of the possibilities14:40
tseliotcjwatson: the main problem is that drivers can break the interface nvidia-settings deals with14:41
cjwatsonAh.  Sucky14:41
cjwatsonWell, not my problem I guess14:41
cjwatsonAccepted - they'll probably fall back into multiverse or something after moving out of -proposed and have to be fixed up due to that known bug, so remind me if I forget14:41
tseliotcjwatson: ok, I will, thanks14:42
DavieyUrsinha: Great :)14:43
cjwatsonHmm.  Looking at oversizedness.  Would it make sense to switch ubuntu-desktop in precise-proposed to Recommends: linux-headers-generic-lts-quantal rather than linux-headers-generic [amd64], linux-headers-generic-pae [i386]?15:54
cjwatsonIt would have the effect of installing linux-headers-generic-lts-quantal for upgraders, but would (I think) drop linux-headers-generic{,-pae} and dependencies off images.15:55
tseliotcjwatson: can you please reject the following sources from precise-proposed (I need to commit one more change)?: fglrx-installer-experimental-9 (2:9.010-0ubuntu0.3 and 2:9.010-0ubuntu0.4), fglrx-installer-updates (2:9.000-0ubuntu0.3 and 2:9.000-0ubuntu0.4), nvidia-graphics-drivers-experimental-310 (310.14-0ubuntu0.3)15:56
cjwatsontseliot: Done16:00
tseliotcjwatson: thanks again16:00
cjwatsondoko: Is that ready yet?  Neil's latest blog post suggested that he was part-way through a refactor that would make it all a lot saner16:11
dokowell, I was hoping to use it for the cross build just for perl for now16:12
dokobut I can use a local copy too16:12
cjwatsonIt just seems to me that we could easily end up doing chunks of work several times.16:12
cjwatsonBut whatever ...16:13
dokoso feel free to reject it16:13
dokohowever he seems to build his own arm64 toolchain first16:14
cjwatsonmeh, you can have it, I'm not that worried :)16:16
cjwatsonHmm, not clear that the new livecd-rootfs is doing a stellar job of resolving things properly16:21
cjwatsoncmap-adobe-japan1 shouldn't be here16:21
cjwatsonHmm, I think that Recommends: cmap-adobe-japan2 is insufficient to resolve an alternative Depends16:24
cjwatsonWhen using only metapackages, anyway16:24
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cjwatsonAnd I'm not sure it's possible to get rid of notification-daemon again without SRUing some other things to add notify-osd as a preferred alternative16:30
cjwatsonTasks definitely have their advantages16:31
infinitycjwatson: In raring, I dropped linux-headers recommends entirely from the desktop metapackage, since they're pulled in by installing linux-$(flavour) anyway.17:04
infinitycjwatson: Not sure if you feel we can get away with that in precise, but if the installer DTRT, I don't see why not.17:04
ogra_is that true for arm as well ?17:07
infinityogra_: Yes.  It fixed the silly situation where the nexus7 images had omap4 headers. :P17:07
ogra_well, not only nexus7 ... the omap4 ones were seeded in -desktop iirc17:08
infinityThat was just an example.  ac100 had the same problem.17:08
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ogra_oh, even on chromebook !17:42
ogra_update-manager just removed the omap4 headers with this upgrade17:42
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cjwatsonMoving cmap-adobe-japan2 to ubuntu-desktop's Depends causes cmap-adobe-japan1 not to be installed.  OTOH moving libqt4-sql-sqlite similarly makes no difference to libqt4-sql-mysql.18:32
infinitycjwatson: I'm working with apw right now to fix the linux-generic deps.  Do we really need to switch the -desktop recommends, rather than just dropping it?19:09
infinitycjwatson: (It'll bring in the wrong headers on upgrade for people still using the 3.2.0 kernel, will it not?)19:09
apwinfinity, ack, am going to do the 4 you mentioned for me19:15
infinityapw: My hero. :)19:15
infinityARGH, WHY DHCLIENT, WHY?!19:16
* infinity changes his IP on his PPC machine to static, so dhclient stops complaining about it being 1930.19:17
infinityOh, or maybe I can use the fixrtc hack.19:18
infinity# It will probably fail, but we won't have made the situation any worse.19:22
infinity^-- Best comment I've read all week.19:22
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