elkingreysw: Well, I just want to know whether or not it was originally enabled before I started tinkering with it 20 minutes ago,00:01
swelkingrey: by default it'll be installed but won't have rules added00:02
elkingreysw: yeah, just curious if it was enabled or not.00:04
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lvmerI've got a crashed ubuntu server because of some file permissions. Is there a good way to boot to the live cd and get a $ dpkg -l    & somehow compile that list so I can install the same programs on the re-install?00:08
lvmerpretend it is a healthy computer - how do I compile a dpkg -list   and install it on a fresh install?00:11
swlvmer: $ dpkg --get-selections > packages.txt and then $ dpkg --set-selections < packages.txt and $ apt-get dselect-upgrade00:15
swor something like that, I'm tired00:15
sw$ man dpkg and look at --get-selections and --set-selections to be sure00:16
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blair_where do i report a bug in https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/ubuntucloud.html and https://help.ubuntu.com/12.10/serverguide/ubuntucloud.html?  these pages seem to document the Essex release and not the Folsom release, specially the format of /etc/nova/nova.conf has changed00:58
TradeFortressI believe my server has being compromised. Apache access.log and error.log is missing Jan 12th01:04
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TradeFortressHow do I see if someone actually logged onto my server? access.log has a lot of disconnects from an IP in china01:07
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ikoniaTradeFortress: then they have not logged in01:12
TradeFortressok, thanks. is there any reason for missing Jan 12th in Apache logs? other than an attacker removed them?01:13
patdk-lapisn't the default only weekly rotates?01:13
PryMar56TradeFortress, see if they are parsing for php* (blogs,wordpress,sql) setup config files... they will try to get credentials01:14
TradeFortressahh, I'm not running a custom script, I'm running a self developed one (which was hacked)01:15
ikoniaTradeFortress: if you have any reason to suspect comrpomise, re-install your whole OS resetting all passwords01:15
TradeFortressikonia: I'll do that, but then I'll get attacked again.. can't see how they did it with the logs.01:16
ikoniaTradeFortress: no,01:16
patdk-lapthe longs won't show much01:16
ikoniaTradeFortress: you seem to know what it was already, your script01:16
patdk-lapand it might show 1 issue, but not all issues you have01:16
patdk-lapexpecially if they used POST requests01:17
TradeFortressokay, but the attacker somehow got root access..01:17
ikoniaTradeFortress: delete your OS - re-install01:18
ikoniaTradeFortress: that is the answer01:18
patdk-lapif they got root access you have many levels of issues to correct01:18
patdk-lapand the logs won't show that01:18
TradeFortressthanks everyone, I'm going to reinstall & look for a pentester01:20
lvmerI just had to reinstall ubuntu-server on the main OS disk. I had 8 other disks in software raid 10 before the re-install. Typing $ mdadm --detail /dev/md0   looks to be perfect.  How do I make sure I remount or re-declare this array the right way?01:25
patdk-lapif you didn't copy over mdadm.conf, then the best shot is mdadm --examine --scan01:27
ikonialvmer: if the array is started....it's there01:27
ikonialvmer: you can also put the sattings back in /etc/mdadm/mdadm.conf01:27
lvmeridk if it is started or not01:27
lvmeror /etc/fstab ?01:27
ikoniaerr no01:27
ikoniathat's a list of mounts01:27
lvmerI don't remember playing with mdadm.conf01:27
ikoniamdadm to query it01:27
ikoniaor use /prod/mdstat01:28
lvmeryou lost me01:29
lvmerit's a fresh install, would it be there normally? ps shows mdadm --monitor01:29
ikoniathat's just mdadm monitoring the arrays status01:30
lvmeras I'd expect01:30
ikoniaso why are you referencing it ?01:30
lvmerI want to know if I have to rebuild something or just remount it01:31
ikoniaI've just told you to check the arrays status01:31
lvmerproc says it's active01:31
ikoniayou said "mdadm --monitoring" is running,01:31
ikoniaI told you that's a monitor program01:31
lvmerit is in ps01:31
ikoniayou said "I know"01:31
ikoniaso I'm waiting to understand why you've just told me that information as it has nothing to do with the conversation01:31
lvmerI'm confused01:31
ikoniawhat is confusing01:32
ikoniaif it's running - you can use it01:32
ikoniacheck the array status01:32
ikoniaif it's not you need to start it01:32
lvmerit is active01:32
ikoniait's useful to create an /etc/mdadm/mdadm.conf file also01:32
lvmerwhat is it used for?01:32
ikoniaa config file for mdadm's array info01:33
lvmernever used it before01:33
lvmerisn't that auto created?01:33
ikonianot always, but it should be01:34
ikoniahence why it's worth checking it / creating it01:34
lvmerit is already created01:35
lvmerI think the must be an auto install thing01:35
ikoniaok....so checking it is worth while01:35
lvmerall the volume groups and logical volumes and pv's look identical01:35
ikoniawhy are you referencing LVM ?01:35
ikoniayou where talking about a raid array a moment ago01:35
lvmercrazy how everythign is the same... I thought id have to redo stuff01:35
ikoniadid you format the raid array ?01:36
lvmerno that could erase info01:36
lvmerI'm recovering a raid1001:36
ikoniathen why are you shocked that the data is there ?01:36
lvmerI'm shocked the vg's are still there01:36
lvmernot the data01:36
lvmerthought that was an OS config01:37
ikoniaok the array data01:37
lvmerhave you ever recovered an array before?01:37
* patdk-lap would hardly call that recovering a raid1001:37
lvmerwhat do you usually do01:37
ikoniawhat are you talking about01:37
ikoniawhat has happened to the array ?01:37
lvmerrecovering an undamaged array... but thanks for your criticism.01:37
ikoniano-one it criticising you01:38
lvmerI told you already01:38
ikonialvmer: what has happened to the array ?01:38
ikoniano, you've not01:38
ikoniaok - so nothing has happened to the array01:38
patdk-laphe reinstalls the os drive, and is remounting the raid01:38
ikoniayou are not recovering it01:38
lvmer(1/13/2013 8:29:49 PM) lvmer: it's a fresh install,01:38
ikoniayes, but you also said you are recovering a raid array - you are not01:38
ikoniathat is adding confusion01:38
lvmerwhat now01:39
patdk-lapactivate the lvm01:39
ikoniaI don't understand what you are asking01:39
patdk-lapadd your filesystems to fstab01:39
ikoniathere array has no problems01:39
lvmerah thank you pat01:39
ikoniaso what is the problem ?01:39
patdk-lapsounds like, access to his data, but had no idea how mdadm/lvm/... works01:40
ikoniaif it's a clean install though, you do nothing01:40
ikoniathe installer will create fstab/start the volume groups etc01:41
ikoniaI don't see a problem01:41
patdk-lapikonia, existing install of the mdadm raid01:41
ikoniapatdk-lap: yeah, the installer will just see an array01:41
ikoniahe's done an install ontop of that array.....no problem01:41
lvmerI'm still a noob here. I have 3.5.0-17 headers, is it ok to install 3.5.0-21 headers in addition? I had both before. It seems strange to me though. Idk what headers even are.01:48
lvmerI was going to run a dpkg -l   selection file  to get all the old programs/libraries01:49
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lvmeris there any way to $ cp -r /etc/*  to a smb share folder that I can copy to another computer while keeping all the file permissions the same?   Like what if I send /etc/* to a .zip files & change the .zip file permissions, will the inside file permissions still be intact? like 0750 ? etc.02:58
zullifeless:  the testrepository package was missing python-tz so everything is kosher now03:42
lifelesszul:  cool03:42
qman__lvmer, a tar archive will store the unix permissions03:44
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samba35ubuntu server 12.04.2 will be based on which kernel version ?07:26
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smbsamba35, If you install from the 12.04.2 media, you will get a 3.5 kernel. Installing with the release or 12.04.1 image and dist-upgrading keeps you on the 3.2 kernel.08:19
samba35smb, thanks08:27
jamespagezul, Daviey, adam_g_: I just reviewed all of the cloud-archive bugs FYI09:45
Davieyjamespage: woot!09:46
jamespagejodh, thanks for picking up on 'Framebuffers, plymouth, upstart and server installs.'09:46
jamespageDaviey, are we confirmed on the 3.5 kernel for 12.04.2 yet?09:47
jamespageDaviey, just spotted smb's comment above09:47
Davieyjamespage: pretty much looks like it, against my hope.09:47
jamespageDaviey, OK - I need to spend time with openvswitch then09:48
jamespageit won't work with 3.5 kernel at-all with the version we have in 12.04 ATM09:48
jamespagewhich will break quantum badly09:48
Davieyjamespage: Apparently the kernel team are checking it..09:48
jamespageDaviey, I would recommend they backport the version we have in quantal09:49
Davieyjamespage: 12.04.2 has been delayed btw.09:49
jamespageits only minor point release09:49
jamespageDaviey, yeah - I saw09:49
Davieyjamespage: does that work with 3.2 ok?09:49
jamespageDaviey, probably09:49
jamespageI've not tested it - but we can do09:49
* smb had a commend?09:49
jamespagesmb "<smb> samba35, If you install from the 12.04.2 media, you will get a 3.5 kernel. Installing with the release or 12.04.1 image and dist-upgrading keeps you on the 3.2 kernel."09:49
smbOh that one...09:49
* Daviey commends smb for resolving the openvswitch issue09:50
jamespagesmb, yeah - that one :-)09:50
smbDaviey, Not my issue09:50
jamespagesmb, actually I could do with a bit of help with openvswitch in raring as well09:50
Davieysmb: I thought Leanne said that your team was working through the dkms issues?09:50
jamespagesmb, dkms module is broken again - looks like headers in the linux kernel source have jigged around for 3.8?09:50
jamespagesmb, bug 109865009:51
smbjamespage, If it is not about the in-kernel stuff being not fully enabled functionwise, I have no clue about what problems you may have09:51
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1098650 in openvswitch "dkms module fails to build with 3.7/3.8 kernel" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/109865009:51
smbDaviey, Likely those they _know_ about.09:51
smbThere were some wl issues afaik09:51
Davieysmb: Wait, QA or Kernel team hasn't tried installing all dkms modules in th archive and seeing if they go bang?09:52
smbDaviey, Cannot speak for QA but, no09:53
jamespagejibel, who's focussed on 12.04.2 from the QA team?09:54
smbDaviey, We expect at least that people providing the dkms modules to test and come back to us as part of the process.09:54
Davieysmb: OK, I think i need to send a mail.09:55
smbDaviey, Yes, it would at least make things clear. (hoipfully) I mean there is probably a misunderstanding at least what *all* means.09:57
smbAnd there are probably more dkms modules than we realize09:59
DavieyYeah, i am realy quite shocked that either kernel or QA team didn't test this.09:59
jibeljamespage, plars is the QA contact for 12.04.2. For kernel specific issues it is hggdh09:59
smbjamespage, I can have a look at the bug you mentioned in a bit09:59
jamespagesmb, yes please10:02
jamespagesmb, I think the configure check just needs updating but I've not had time to look in full yet10:03
smbjamespage, Yeah, either things like that or adding further ifdefs for a more or less slightly changed api in the kernel...10:04
jamespagesmb, actually looks like this commit will do the trick: http://openvswitch.org/cgi-bin/gitweb.cgi?p=openvswitch;a=commit;h=2520f4528742decf78a8b375f5389b50977f5e4b10:17
smbjamespage, Looks like something I would expect in that kind of situation10:18
Diegosnathi guys11:24
Diegosnat I was wondering if you could tell me a solution to monitor the internet usage of my network?? I want to see what people surf11:25
f2hey folks, new to ubuntu server, On a windows domain, got a dhcp address, but im not getting out on the internet. can anybody help me with that?11:25
f2when running "sudo apt=get install mysql-server-core-5.511:26
f2i get unable to locate package11:26
f2when running "sudo apt=get install mysql-server-core-5.5, i get unable to locate package11:28
Diegosnatf2, ifconfig11:30
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Diegosnatauthenticator ntlm_sasl_server: cannot find authenticator driver "cyrus_sasl"11:38
Diegosnathow can i solve it??11:38
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Diegthitoguys!! help me!! :'''(12:08
jamespagesmb, well that fixes the check; compatibility across the dkms module itself is problematic12:18
jamespagesmb, trunk works OK -  1.4.3 -> 1.9.0~gitXXX it might be12:18
Jeeves_Is there some boot-switch to make sure a box boots, even if some mount cannot be mounted?12:21
Diegthitoauthenticator ntlm_sasl_server: cannot find authenticator driver "cyrus_sasl"  <---------- how can i solve it??? It's when I restart exim412:21
Jeeves_I saw a 'Press S to skip this mount'-warning last week12:21
Jeeves_I pressed S, but this time I was next to to box12:21
Zapp83Diegthito: http://nixforums.org/viewtopic.php?p=440661 may help!12:30
DiegthitoZapp83, already seen unfortunately12:31
Zapp83Diegosnat: ok, Have you looked at  https://github.com/Exim/exim/wiki/AuthenticatedSmtpUsingSaslauthd  ?12:50
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smbjamespage, I can imagine that the network stack is less than ideal for having to cope with in an external module. Also it sounds like you are already on top of it. Not really anything I could or would do differently here than to sync with a recent version. And it pretty much sounds like you are done with it.12:58
jamespagesmb, it looks pretty horrid TBH12:59
jamespagethe 1.4.x branch we currently baseline on only supports to kernel 3.3 I think12:59
jamespageso we already carry patches for 3.5;12:59
jamespageI've emailed upstream to ask for some guidance - we might have to take a preview snapshot of 1.9.x13:00
smbjamespage, Yeah I can imagine. Everytime I look into network it has again changed a lot. :/ So my feeling would be as well to see whether dropping 3.5 patches and just rebase against their tip for raring is way to go. And maybe hope there is a final 1.9.x before entering freeze on our side13:02
jamespagesmb, that will be the trick :-)13:02
smbjamespage, At least we promise not to change our kernel version again before release... ;)13:04
dassoukiwhat are some of the application that can allow me to accessm my email account from terminal if let's say i'm emailing myself a fiel or something (gmail)13:05
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Diegosnathi guys, quick question can I use samba, kerberos and cyrus all together??13:41
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RoyKDiegosnat: don't see why not13:56
DiegosnatRoyK, cool13:56
_rubenglueing 'em all together might be tricky, but might be doable .. if you want that is unclear tho13:57
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andygraybealwas the java vulnerability that is popular right now .. with the exploit for oracle's java, was that vulnerability fixed with openjdk?14:02
jamespageandygraybeal, I believe its in the Oracle Java Web Plugin which is not opensource so is not distributed with openjdk.14:03
andygraybealjamespage, okay, i thought the vulnerability was in both, but only the exploit was for oracle's java.  and thanks for saying it was the 'web plugin' in particular.14:04
jamespageandygraybeal, I'm not 100% sure - but it won't effect server side stuff anyway14:05
jamespageas the exploit is through java in the browser...14:05
andygraybealokay thank you.14:06
andygraybeali use ltsp :)  so i have the client stuff installed on the server14:06
andygraybealbut i understand :)14:06
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Diegosnathi guys, I have got this problem... any idea?? do_auth         : auth failure: [user=] [service=imap] [realm=] [mech=kerberos5] [reason=saslauthd internal error]14:12
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zulDaviey: can you do me a favor and promote testrepository (1096914), python-stevedore (1086958) and alembic (1097706), nova, cinder, and quntum is in dep-wait because they havent been promoted yet14:19
Diegosnathi guys, I have got this problem... any idea?? do_auth         : auth failure: [user=] [service=imap] [realm=] [mech=kerberos5] [reason=saslauthd internal error]14:20
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patdk-wkDiegosnat, fix your sasl14:24
dnat__hi guys, I have got this problem... any idea?? do_auth         : auth failure: [user=] [service=imap] [realm=] [mech=kerberos5] [reason=saslauthd internal error]14:30
Davieyzul: done, will be active on next publisher run14:31
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frojndHi there :)14:58
frojndI have following task to complete; I have to install web server (I'll do lightppd since it's light and easy) and I have 2 external IP adresses. Now my first external IP address is already assigned to eth0 network card. But I have another gigabit network card and unasigned second IP address. I'll use my first IP address for git commits and second IP address for web server. What would be the safest way14:59
frojndto achieve that?14:59
frojndOh, I have ubuntu server 12.415:00
toabctlis dbconfig-common still the right way to support DB credentials in a package?15:10
toabctlsee http://people.debian.org/~seanius/policy/dbconfig-common.html/15:11
roaksoaxDaviey: ping15:17
roaksoaxDaviey: are you SRU member already?15:18
Davieyroaksoax: no15:26
roaksoaxDaviey: ok :)15:26
frojndHelp please? :)15:27
diego_guys I really need help with Ubuntu, Samba and Kerberos15:33
frojndIs here any bot that helps find documentation? I really need some documentation on how to configure multiple public IP addresses15:36
kodapafrojnd: google ;)15:38
frojndkodapa: hi :)15:38
frojndIn my case what would be better? To configure separately public IP addresses for each NIC or both public IP addresses for one NIC?15:39
frojndand by better I mean more simple15:39
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ckrameranyone know why the Precise virtual kernel doesn't include 9p filesystem support?16:24
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newlinuxHi all16:32
newlinuxI need urgent help16:32
newlinuxcan someone help me out16:32
NaGeL hello. I havea problem with my ubuntu. i installed it on an old computer. andi use ethernet to cnnect it to my router. now my router gives it az IP throught DHCP. a reserved one. this is fine, but wheni start up the PC ubuntu getsa total random IP that doesnt work at all. Butwhen i click on disconect wired network and reconnect it it magically works16:32
zulDaviey: python-flask as well? (1086955)16:34
ckramernewlinux: what is the nature of your issue?16:36
newlinuxI have installed ubuntu 12.10 server with the mail sever16:37
newlinuxcan i know how to create new email accounts and use it as email server16:37
frojndI've set up another external IP addrses for second NIC. I wa s able to ssh from new IP address but ifconfig -a didn't show any TX or RX bytes for this NIC that has this new IP address. Odd isn't it?16:38
ckramernewlinux: here a good link from Ubuntu answers which covers that topic. http://askubuntu.com/questions/54960/how-do-i-set-up-an-email-server16:38
jamespagebug 108695516:38
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1086955 in flask "[MIR] flask" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/108695516:39
Davieyzul: done16:40
newlinuxthanks <ckramer>  I will check it out16:45
RoyKhi all. any idea if hardware raid controllers out there support TRIM these days? I'm planning a Bacula install with PostgreSQL on SSDs, so TRIM would be nice16:53
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frojndI need help with configuring multiple network card with multiple external IPs. I've set up second nic with second external IP address. I can ping second IP address but when I ping from second NIC destinations are unreachable (external)17:04
RoyKpastebin /etc/network/interfaces, please17:05
newlinuxhi all\17:08
frojndRoyK: http://sprunge.us/daeL17:10
frojndRoyK: note I had to mask some ips...17:11
DiegosnatHELP MEE!!! :'''((    Ubuntu + Samba + Kerberos + Cyrus!!17:11
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience17:11
RoyKfrojnd: first of all, just add dns to one interface17:12
Diegosnatguys I cannot use kerberos with cyrus17:12
RoyKotherwise it looks ok17:12
frojndRoyK: ok will try that now17:12
Diegosnatactually my kerberos17:12
Diegosnatseems not to work17:12
newlinuxhow can i create new mailbox's in ubuntu 12.10 server with pi17:13
ikoniawhat a great description of the problem and troubleshooting process you have tried to now17:13
ikonia"it won't work"17:13
ikonianewlinux: with "pi" ?17:13
newlinuxi want to create five email accounts17:13
RoyKwhat mailserver?17:14
newlinuxi have installed ubuntu 12.10 with email17:14
ikoniawhat mail server are you running ?17:14
ikonia"with email".......17:14
frojndRunning /etc/init.d/networking restart is deprecated because it may not enable again some interfaces (this also happened the first time I added eth1)17:14
ikoniaok, so each system user by default will also have a mail account associated with it17:14
ikoniaso create a new user17:14
RoyKnewlinux: you probably want a good poa too, like cyrus or dovecot or something17:14
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newlinuxim new to linux17:15
newlinuxshall i create a normal user accounts?17:15
RoyKnewlinux: postfix is an mtu, it talks smtp, not much else17:15
newlinuxhow to give the email17:15
ubottuUbuntu supports the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) and provides mail server software of many kinds. You can install a basic email handling configuration with the "Mail server" task during installation, or with the "tasksel" command. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MailServer and https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/email-services.html17:15
ikonianewlinux: each "normal" user account will also be associated with a mail account17:15
ikonianewlinux: eg: user@hostname.fqdn17:15
RoyKnewlinux: read that17:16
frojndRoyK: I still get: From 95.x.y.46 icmp_seq=3 Destination Host Unreachable when trying to ping like this: ping -I eth1 any other ideas?17:16
newlinuxok, during the installation of ubuntu i selected to install mail server is that enough?17:16
ikonianot really17:17
RoyKfrojnd: not really, but is the address available from the internet? if you post the address (or pm me) we/I can try17:17
ikonianewlinux: have you any understanding of how to run a mail server ?17:17
frojndRoyK: yes incoming connections are allowed, I can ssh and ping from my home IP address to this newly created IP on eth117:17
RoyKfrojnd: then what's the problem?17:18
newlinuxyes still im confused17:18
RoyKnewlinux: did you read that article from the guide?17:18
frojndwhen pinging from this newly created IP address (external ofcourse)on eth1 host is unreachable17:19
frojndRoyK: I must setup lighttpd for this newly created IP addrss :)17:19
RoyKI guess just tell lighty to listen to that address17:19
newlinuxyou mean this one https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/postfix.html?17:19
RoyK!mailserver | newlinux17:20
ubottunewlinux: Ubuntu supports the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) and provides mail server software of many kinds. You can install a basic email handling configuration with the "Mail server" task during installation, or with the "tasksel" command. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MailServer and https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/email-services.html17:20
newlinuxi have done that17:22
newlinuxbut how to create new accounts?17:22
frojndRoyK: when I do ifconfig under eth1 I see: RX bytes:0 (0.0 B)  TX bytes:0 (0.0 B)17:23
frojndI'll first try to set up lighttpd17:24
RoyKstrict firewall somewhere?17:24
frojndno pysical firewall anywhere17:25
frojndonly apparmomr17:25
RoyKi'd recommend using ufw to limit access to those services you want to expose17:25
RoyKbut never mind that now17:26
RoyKI guess these are two physical NICs?17:26
frojndwell at least lspci | grep ethrnet says :p17:27
frojndlet me setup lighttpd first17:28
newlinuxRoyK> can you advise how to create a new email user from web17:32
RoyKnewlinux: you need an email server that has a web ui. only thing I know that is very userfriendly in that, is zimbra, but it'll require a dedicated setup, usually a VM17:34
newlinuxI have ubuntu 12.1017:35
newlinuxI just want to create two users, user1@domain.com, user2@domain.com17:35
RoyKwell, either you read the ubuntu docs on setting up a mailserver, or you setup a dedicated VM on ubuntu 12.04 and download zimbra - it's easy to manage, good for newbies, but rather heavy cpu and memory wise17:36
ikonianewlinux: this is a waste of time17:36
RoyKnewlinux: just read the docs on cyrus imap or dovecot - it's not hard, but you have to study a bit17:36
ikonianewlinux: you appear to have no basic understanding of how a mail instance works and you don't seem to be reading any of the documentation provided17:36
ikoniajust repeating the same question over and over is not acceptable17:36
newlinuxok I will try again, im new to linux thats why :)17:40
LuizAngiolettiHello there! I want to adjust the terminal resolution... where should I poke?17:41
ikonianewlinux: if you are new to linux, setting up a mail server is not a good introduction17:41
RoyKnewlinux: learning linux or other unices takes time - just sit back and read for a while...17:41
RoyKikonia: it can be a good start - don't scare people ;)17:41
ikonianewlinux: plus being new to linux does not mean you should bypass having an understanding of how a mail serverup works17:41
RoyKit just require patience17:41
RoyKit's too cold in this country!17:42
ogra_move then :)17:43
* patdk-wk moves the sun, to make royk happy17:44
* RoyK sends patdk-wk some akvavit in return17:44
patdk-wkthat reminds me, but alittle depressing17:48
patdk-wkdamn, it's 1pm all ready, thought it might be 11am17:49
LuizAngiolettiDoes anyone knows how to adjust the terminal resolution? I've tried a code in kernel boot-up: vga=xxxb, but it didn't work.17:52
patdk-wkhmm, pure sugar, no wonder I love them17:52
patdk-wkLuizAngioletti, what version?17:52
LuizAngiolettiI followed some instructions in a link I lost... so.. =) Came to you guys.17:53
LuizAngiolettipatdk-wk: Ubuntu 12.0417:53
patdk-wkmost likely you have to adjust it in grub17:53
RoyKdoesn't 12.04 use pretty high resolution already, if the GPU is supported?17:54
RoyKit does for me17:54
LuizAngiolettiRoyK: It does for my netbook, but not for my desktop (with a GeForce GT440)17:55
ZappLuizAngioletti, Check out   http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-desktop-74/ubuntu-console-resolution-947005/17:56
LuizAngiolettipatdk-wk: I tried that.. do you know how to find the supported resolutions?17:56
LuizAngiolettiZapp: cheking it.17:57
patdk-wkthat is very old intel specific zapp17:58
LuizAngiolettinot cheking it then. =P18:01
patdk-wkit might be relevent, but no idea what video chipset you have18:02
Zapppatdk-lap, i'm assuming you know better!  But i can not find anyware where it says that its only for intel.18:03
patdk-wkwell, the 915 is a older intel video chipset18:06
patdk-wkthe nomodeset is normally only required when grub has an issue iwth a video card, for me, older intel chipsets18:07
LuizAngiolettiI checked it and would really ask about what is between the quotes. But patdk-wk has already explained it.18:08
LuizAngiolettiI run a system with a GeForce video card, I don't think the intel thingy is suitable.18:09
patdk-wkusing the offical nvidia drivers?18:09
patdk-wkusing the opensource driver, it should just work18:10
patdk-wkusing nvidia, I have done it before, but can't remember how18:10
LuizAngiolettiI'll look a bit harder.18:10
RoyKI somewhat think that using non-gpl graphics drivers on a server is a bit dodgy18:11
* patdk-wk things having a graphics card at all, is kind of silly :)18:11
ZappLuizAngioletti, This might be relevant? http://wiki.debian.org/GrubTransition#Grub2andtheVGAparameter Or what do you think patdk-lap ? Am i way off again? :)18:20
LuizAngiolettiZapp: Thank you. I'll try that and report back18:25
patdk-wkzapp, that is the normal way yes18:26
patdk-wkbut I don't believe it worked for the official nvidia drivers18:26
frojndIs this old? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/lighttpd18:28
patdk-wkdefine, old18:29
frojndup to date for corresponding packages (up to date)18:29
patdk-wkyes, it's current infomation18:29
frojndthank you18:29
RoyKfrojnd: why lighty?18:30
frojndRoyK: no need for apache218:30
patdk-wkwhy not?18:30
frojndit ueses much less resources than apache218:30
frojndand above all php is fast on it18:30
RoyKwhy not nginx?18:30
patdk-wkall that could be done with apache too, just annoying to configure18:31
* patdk-wk supports lighttpd :)18:31
frojndRoyK: I recently installed lighttpd on raspberrypi and I liked it so far18:31
patdk-wkwhy not thttp?18:31
frojndI'm more familiar with it then with nginx18:31
frojndRoyK: btw, now I can't even ssh or ping on that second address18:32
* RoyK sticks to apache on larger things like servers18:32
RoyKfrojnd: same switch?18:32
LuizAngiolettiBy the way... I'm not a native Engish speaker (in case you didn't notice =P) and I get confused with the names people give to the terminal console...18:32
frojndI have this server at leaseweb btw..18:32
RoyKfrojnd: does arp -an show any entries on eth1?18:32
LuizAngiolettiWhat is what? Console, terminal, Virtual Terminal (VT)...18:33
frojndRoyK: no nothing18:33
frojndRoyK: only for eth018:33
RoyKwierd - this is hosted?18:33
frojnddedicated server18:33
frojndRoyK: can I pm you with more details? :)18:34
patdk-wklikely they disabled it all18:34
RoyKfrojnd: then ask the isp18:34
RoyKfrojnd: you may want to go through dmesg to check if eth1 shows any "up"18:34
RoyKeth0 should18:34
RoyKdepending on hardware/driver18:34
frojndyeah it shows like this: link is not ready18:35
RoyKfrojnd: dmesg | grep eth[0-9]18:35
RoyKmeaning it's probably unplugged18:35
frojndRoyK: can't be18:35
frojndI was able to ssh just a few minutes ago18:36
RoyKor the switchport is disabled18:36
RoyKor something fishy is going on18:36
frojndI'll restart networking and see what dmesg has to say18:37
RoyKfrojnd: was that 'link is not ready' message old?18:37
frojndRoyK: [Fri Oct  5 19:01:25 2012] ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): eth1: link is not ready AND [Mon Jan 14 17:30:16 2013] ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): eth1: link is not ready (which is today) when I started to assign publi IP addresses18:37
frojnd * Running /etc/init.d/networking restart is deprecated because it may not enable again some interfaces18:39
frojnd * Reconfiguring network interfaces...18:39
frojndANd dmesg says only about eth0 [Mon Jan 14 19:38:27 2013] ADDRCONF(NETDEV_CHANGE): eth0: link becomes ready18:39
frojndjust like eth1 would be ignored18:39
RoyKit isn't ignored, dmesg only reports if interfaces change state to 'up'18:40
RoyKpastebin interfaces again18:40
frojnd# ifdown eth1 && ifup eth118:40
frojndifdown: interface eth1 not configured RTNETLINK answers: File exists Failed to bring up eth1.18:40
RoyKfrojnd: ifconfig eth1 down # and then up18:41
RoyKno 'auto' set for eth118:41
frojndaha so I should set it to auto I guees?18:41
RoyKand remove dns settings on one of them18:41
patdk-wkauto is only need to do an ifup on boot18:41
RoyKthat's what he's trying to do18:42
patdk-wkthought he just typed ifup, and it failed18:42
patdk-wkya, dns/gateway should only be set on one18:42
frojnd[Mon Jan 14 19:42:16 2013] ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): eth1: link is not ready after ifconfig eth1 down && ifconfig eth1 up18:42
patdk-wkno idea what happens if it is on both18:42
patdk-wkare you sure both of those are suppost to be on different nic's?18:43
RoyKpatdk-wk: usually you get an EEXISTS18:43
RoyKfor the gateway18:43
patdk-wknormally linux really hates it, if multible nics are on the same subnet18:43
RoyKnot really18:43
sarnoldpatdk-wk: it does?18:43
frojndeth0 was already configured... I just used that pattern to configure eth118:44
patdk-wkwell, it will fill dmesg/logs, with, duplicate packet already received on x18:44
patdk-wkfrojnd, maybe you whree suppost to configure it as an alias?18:44
RoyKfrojnd: ip addr add x.y.z.123/24 dev eth018:45
frojndI only know that I have to configure second public IP addresss for web server and First public addrss for git commits (and since I have two NICS) I tried to configure it with both nics18:45
RoyKfrojnd: but it seems eth1 isn't connected18:45
frojndRoyK: eth0 is fine, eth1 is not18:46
patdk-wkunless they TOLD you to use the second nic, I would assume they set it up on nic1, and not nic218:46
RoyKfrojnd: that's what I'm saying - you can add a secondary ip address to eth018:46
frojndRoyK: after bringing it down and up I'm again able to ping second IP addrss18:46
RoyKok, add 'auto eth1' and try to reboot18:46
RoyKand remove the dns/gateway things from eth118:47
frojndanyway is this practical?18:48
frojndTo use second NIC just for one public IP address?18:48
RoyKwell, why wouldn't it be?18:48
RoyKnot reall18:48
RoyKnot really18:48
RoyKthat is, if you want multipath, it is18:48
RoyKif you need the extra bandwidth, it is18:49
patdk-wkif you can max out the nic with that one ip, sure18:49
RoyKif you just want a secondary ip address, it's not18:49
frojndRoyK: I want secondary ip addrss to be for web server and primary only for git commits, for sshfs and stuff18:49
RoyKfrojnd: if it's not a bandwith or multipath issue, better stick to a single nic18:50
frojndRoyK: aha ok18:50
frojnd:\ balls won't boot up18:53
RoyKdon't you have console access?18:53
frojndI have a rescue mode18:54
RoyKyou sure that's not a VM?18:55
frojndIt says it's dedicated :D18:55
RoyKwell, if you get in contact with it, pastebin lshw18:56
adam_g_zul: http://people.canonical.com/~agandelman/folsom/python-eventlet/ needed for UCA precise-folsom. ready to upload with a +118:58
adam_g_jamespage: ^18:58
zullooks good to me18:59
jamespageadam_g_, +!19:23
jamespage+1 even19:23
=== Ursinha is now known as Ursinha-afk
frojndomg this rescue mode is so sloooooooooooooow19:32
frojndit needs like 10minutes to initialize19:32
=== mike_ is now known as Guest75142
adam_g_jamespage: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1531781/ is this something you've seen before? from glance-api.log (raring/grizzly + RBD)19:33
=== Ursinha-afk is now known as Ursinha
nxvlDaviey: ping19:39
Davieynxvl: yo'll19:40
nxvlDaviey: i'm bored, where do you need some hands on the server land?19:40
nxvli feel cloudy today :D19:41
adam_g_jamespage: actually i lied, precise/grizzly + RBD19:42
Davieynxvl: current vital things are: http://reqorts.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/rls-mgr/rls-r-tracking-bug-tasks.html19:43
Davieysee the 'server' section19:43
frojndRoyK: still here?19:47
frojndshould I entirely remove eth1 section from interfaces?19:48
frojndRoyK: I made a mistake somehwere because I wasn't able to boot again19:48
frojndmaybe it's better I only configure one NIC with 2 public ip addresses19:48
RoyKfrojnd: well, if you add "up ip addr add x.x.x.x/x dev eth0" to the eth0 section, it'll probably work well19:48
frojndRoyK: that's the only thing?19:49
frojndbeside auto eth1?19:49
RoyKyes, it'll add a secondary ip address to eth019:49
RoyKjust comment out eth119:49
RoyKall of it19:49
frojndah nope19:49
frojndno, ignore :)19:50
frojndwhere do I put this?19:50
RoyKjust after the dns things19:50
RoyKwhat was your netmask again?
RoyKif so, up ip addr add x.x.x.x/26 dev eth019:51
frojndRoyK: I should put this in a line with auto eth0 or just after dns-search in the same tab?19:52
RoyKafter iface ...19:53
RoyKafter dns-search will do19:53
frojndI mean like this: http://sprunge.us/cUMC19:54
frojndor like this: http://sprunge.us/fVaA19:54
RoyKI'd write it like http://paste.ubuntu.com/1531927/19:55
RoyKsince it belongs to eth019:55
frojndthank you19:55
frojndNow I have to wait another 10minutes for server to boot up from rescue mode to normal mode19:57
frojndwell at least I have a rescue mode :P19:57
Jaden_KorrGood evening, i am trying to setup IPv6 connectivity on my server. Its all working except resolvconf does not seem to pickup the secondary DNS server from the dns-nameservers line20:03
frojndRoyK: ifconfig is strange now20:07
RoyKfrojnd: try ip addr list20:08
frojndsecond IP is at brd20:08
frojndRoyK: yes just a second I'll paste both ifconfig and ipa addr list20:09
RoyKfrojnd: btw, it's not very dangerous to post your official ip on irc - it'll be exposed once you setup a webserver :P20:09
RoyKand unless you've done something sincerily stupid, your server should be safe anyway20:10
frojndno.. broadcast is ok20:11
frojndI just can't see second IP address20:11
RoyKfrojnd: ifconfig won't show it20:11
RoyKcan you pastebin the interfaces file?20:12
RoyKbtw, if on ipv6, like you look to be, better ask for a static ip20:12
frojndRoyK: it's a static ip20:13
LuizAngiolettiHave you played with tcpserver?20:13
frojndRoyK: http://sprunge.us/JOLC20:13
RoyKno, two dynamic ipv6 ips20:13
RoyK"dev eth0"20:13
RoyKnot just eth020:14
frojndah :)20:14
RoyKand ask for a static ip20:14
RoyKworks better in the long term20:14
frojndRoyK: but those two ips are always the same20:14
RoyKjust ask for a static20:14
LuizAngiolettiI have an Ubuntu 12.04 with Qmail as MTA, and I'm getting an error message that I can't figure out what it means.20:15
RoyKLuizAngioletti: erm, why qmail?20:15
LuizAngiolettiRoyK: I really can't say... It isn't mine. =)20:15
RoyKafaik qmail isn't very well supported20:16
RoyKpostfix being the preferred mta20:16
LuizAngiolettiI'm suppose to fix it, but I can't figure out what a specific error code from tcpserver means...20:16
sarnoldon the one hand, the author hasn't touched it in nearly a decade. on the other hand, I don't think it's gotten many bug reports in that time. :) hehe.20:16
frojndRoyK: RTNETLINK answers: File exists Failed to bring up eth0 ...done.20:16
frojndwhat is a proper way to restart networking on ubuntu 12.4 server anyway?20:17
frojndso I don't lock myself out20:17
RoyKrestart networking20:17
RoyKor just reboot the box20:17
frojndI did: # /etc/init.d/networking restart20:18
frojndand that's what I got20:18
frojnd* Running /etc/init.d/networking restart is deprecated because it may not enable again some interfaces20:18
frojnd* Reconfiguring network interfaces...20:18
RoyK# restart networking20:18
frojndand those lines above I already pasted20:18
frojndrestart: Unknown instance:20:19
nxvlDaviey: thanks20:19
RoyKfrojnd: try rebooting20:19
frojndok booted on20:25
frojndI can ping it :)20:26
frojndfrom outside20:26
frojndsecond IP addr20:26
frojndhow do I test it from inside?20:26
RoyKwell, you can't20:26
RoyKor just ping that ip20:26
RoyKbest thing is to test from the outside20:27
RoyKdoesn't matter if it works from the inside, really20:27
RoyKwhy do you need a separate ip for the webserver, btw?20:28
frojndwell.. because I don't want people who commit to a first IP know about what other stuff I have on the sever20:30
frojndin this case web server20:30
RoyKfrojnd: just secure your server, and you can use a single IP for all of ut20:31
RoyKall of it20:31
frojndcan you suggest me any newbie firewall? The thruth is I never usesd a fw on a computers, I allways had router but since now this is my first remote server I need to learn about firewalling in linux20:32
ubottuUbuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Gufw (GNOME) and Guarddog (KDE from Lucid onwards) also exist.20:32
RoyKstart out with "ufw allow ssh" and "ufw enable"20:33
RoyKand take it from there20:33
frojndRoyK: I don't have standard port for ssh20:33
frojndcan I still start witz ufw allow ssh?20:33
RoyKthen ufw allow 1234/tcp20:33
RoyKreplace 1234 with your ssh port20:33
frojndRoyK: when I instal ufw by default everything is blocked?20:34
RoyKif you *enable* it, it blocks everything by default, yes20:34
RoyKtherefore, allow ssh first20:34
frojndyeah while I'm still logged in :)20:34
RoyKso ufw allow yoursshport/tcp20:35
RoyKthen enable it20:35
frojndmmm *app armor* was installed by default on the sever I got hands on, so first I have to uninstall that20:35
RoyKapparmor is ok20:35
escottfrojnd, apparmor shouldn't be preventing you from doing anything20:35
RoyKnot the nazi stuff like with selinux20:35
frojndapparmor in compare to ufw?20:35
RoyKno, it's local20:36
RoyKufw/iptables is for remote access20:36
frojndso I don't need actually ro remove apparmor20:36
RoyKso is selinux, btw, but a bit harder to learn20:36
RoyKfrojnd: just don't remove it20:36
frojndok ufw then20:36
frojndufw is installed I guess :D20:37
RoyKfrojnd: btw, can you pastebin lshw?20:37
frojndRoyK: yeah20:37
RoyKlshw | pastebinit20:37
RoyKnot strange eth1 didn't work - it shows up as disabled20:40
frojndwhat does that mean?20:40
frojndthat cable is unplugged?20:40
RoyKno, seems disabled in bios20:40
frojnda call to leaseweb then20:40
RoyKbut never mind that if eth0 works well with two ip addresses20:41
RoyKless hassle20:41
RoyKlinux can be a bit tricky with two nics on the same subnet20:41
frojndbetter use different subnets and bridge them?20:42
RoyKor just use two ips on the same nic20:42
RoyKif bandwidth isn't a problem20:42
frojndit really isn't20:42
frojndfor now I hope20:42
RoyKthen don't bother20:42
RoyKseems eth0 is at 100Mbps20:43
frojndI've added 10010/tcp in ufw but what I miss is to add somekind of comment beside it20:43
RoyKif that suffices for your work, well, ok20:43
RoyKfrojnd: dunno if ufw allows for comments - don't think so20:43
jdstrand(it doesn't)20:43
frojndRoyK: it should be 1000Mbps20:43
RoyK                size: 100Mbit/s20:44
frojndEthernet controller: Intel Corporation 82572EI Gigabit Ethernet Controller (Copper) (rev 06)20:44
RoyK                capacity: 1Gbit/s20:44
RoyKmeaning it's a gigabit adapter, but the switch it's connected to, only serves 100Mbps20:44
frojndaha that makes sense20:44
qhartmanYou could also bond the interfaces together and use just the virtual interface that provides. That way if one gets unplugged you won't lose connectivity. But generally, having two NICs on the same network that aren't bonded somehow isn't worth the possible hassle.20:45
frojndRoyK: I've enabled that ssh port but where do I see the rules?20:45
frojndqhartman: thanx20:45
RoyKufw status - but that only works once it's enabled :P20:45
frojndyeah :)20:45
frojndthat's the problem :D20:45
frojndwell better I didn't make a typo then :P20:46
qhartmanIf you define an application for the ports you want to use in UFW. Then you have comments and whatnot in that app definition20:46
frojndqhartman: that's handy20:46
RoyKqhartman: where can you define that?20:46
qhartmanheh, Google came up with the Arch docs first, but they look right: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Uncomplicated_Firewall20:46
RoyKdidn't know arch used ufw20:48
qhartmanMe neither20:48
frojndit doesn't anything  by default :)20:48
frojndit's a matter of choice, I don't prefer arch for server20:48
RoyKI've only tested it on ARM20:48
frojndI use it on main computer station, laptop, and arm - raspberrypi but for servers (I prefer anything debian/debian - based)20:49
frojndOk neat, now only ssh non standard port is supported20:52
frojndwhat if I fuck it up, how do I disable ufw in rescue mode?20:53
RoyKfrojnd: try to ssh into that port20:53
IdleOneNo swearing in here please20:53
frojndSorry, I'm used to swear  from other chans, won't happen again.20:54
escottfrojnd, iptables shouldn't be loaded in rescue mode20:54
frojndescott: no, but since I've enabled ufw20:54
escottfrojnd, again, i dont think iptables will be loaded in rescue, if they were you would have to login at the console and drop the rules20:55
RoyKfrojnd: ufw is an iptables wrapper20:55
jamespageadam_g_, I think that happens when  glance is using python-ceph < 0.4820:55
frojndescott: yeah that's true, I mean when I'm not in rescue mode and I have to disable or modfy ufw rules for normal boot20:55
RoyKfrojnd: any luck?21:02
frojndRoyK: yes :)21:03
frojndRoyK: I was able to allow 80/tcp to test php21:03
frojndfor web service21:03
frojndOk, so I've configured lightppd and php, any tips how can I configure further server so user who is responsible for web development will without root password be able to write and update and maintain code for web server?21:07
RoyKfrojnd: it's all in the guide21:09
RoyK!guide | frojnd21:09
ubottufrojnd: The Ubuntu server guide may be found at http://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/21:09
frojndRoyK: thank you21:15
Jaden_KorrDoes resolvconf not parse a secondary IPv6 DNS if you put two on the dns-nameservers line in /etc/network/interfaces?21:20
=== cpg|away is now known as cpg
lvmerIs anyone here a pro at bonding network interfaces? I'm having trouble getting all 3 to act as 1 connection, but they work fine separate with different ips. :/22:52
StevenRlvmer: can you be more specific? Can you pastebin the configuration you're using?22:52
lvmerstevenr: yes I can, I apologize for that.22:53
StevenRlvmer: no need to apologise :)22:53
lvmerthat's actually interfaces.bak2   I'm using a different one atm.22:54
lvmerthat has all auto/dhcp settings22:55
StevenRlvmer: I think you might be missing some steps. Have you looked at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBonding ?22:58
StevenRlvmer: also, what, if any, bonding have you configured on the switch?22:58
lvmernone on the switch23:01
lvmerI didn't need it for windows23:01
lvmerdo I need to do switch side for ubuntu?23:01
lvmerI have the same intel nic bonded in win7 with no switch problems23:02
StevenRno, you don't need to23:02
StevenRyou just need to specify an appropriate bonding mode23:02
lvmeryup I did ifenslave-2.623:02
lvmerdid the modules23:02
lvmerum 1 sec I'll get the errors and paste them23:03
lvmerbalance-rr ?23:03
lvmerin windows I use some weird dynamic mode23:03
lvmerit's like link dynamic something23:04
StevenRyour switch might not like rr. Try balance-xor23:04
lvmerubuntu said I should try 802.3ad I think in an error msg23:04
StevenRlvmer: Link Aggregation Control Protocol?23:04
StevenRis that what windows is using?23:04
lvmerno I don't think so I remember dynamic in the name I'll check23:05
frojndI have a general question about packages. My philosophy is that programs installed by official packages is safer. Now I have 12.4 LTS and I need lighttpd 1.4 the problem is that with 12.4 LTS only comes lighttpd 1.3 https://help.ubuntu.com/community/lighttpd says I can use ppa. Is this safe practice? Afaik ppa isn't checked by community?23:07
lvmerAdaptive Load Balancing (ALB)23:10
StevenRlvmer: that's what windows uses?23:11
sarnoldfrojnd: a ppa is only as good as the person who owns it; that might be very good or very bad, or anywhere in between23:12
frojndsarnold: so It's not to be blindly trusted help.ubuntu?23:12
sarnoldfrojnd: since lighttpd is in universe, updates would be handled by "the community" -- that might be the same person who runs the ppa, or might be someone else, or a bunch of people at random (or you..) -- in which case, either the ppa or the repository might be more appropriate. no easy way to tell.23:13
StevenRlvmer: what sort of switch are you using?23:13
frojndOk. sarnold since I have 12.4 LTS can I excpect for apps to be updated just like if I had 12.10?23:14
lvmersome kind of dlink no way I know off the top of my head23:14
StevenRlvmer: and is it configured as a trunk/bond/aggregated link?23:14
frojndStevenR: or this rule goes only for security updates?23:14
lvmeryah I think that means the same thing23:14
StevenRlvmer: the switch is teamed?23:14
lvmerthe nic is23:14
frojndsarnold: or this rule goes only for security updates?23:14
frojndStevenR: sorry..23:15
lvmerI don't think the switch is managed at all23:15
StevenRok... then try the xor one then23:15
lvmerI've never seen it's bios or anything, only the firewall23:15
sarnoldfrojnd: security updates can happen in LTS or non-LTS releases, as the community works on them23:16
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sarnoldfrojnd: the PPA may or may not be updated in the same fashion -- it might be intended only for use on 12.10, it might be intended for 12.04 LTS. It's up to the PPA author to declare intentions..23:17
frojndsarnold: thanx for clearing this up for me23:17
sarnoldfrojnd: general updates (not security) can also happen for both 12.10 and 12.04 LTS -- the package would have to go through the "SRU" process.. I don't yet know which is more common23:19
frojndsarnold: that's nice to hear23:19
StevenRlvmer: make sure you go through the whole document I posted the link to :)23:24
lvmerstevenr: $ ifup bond0      error: rtnetlink: file exists, failed to bring up bond023:25
StevenRlvmer: isthe bond already up?23:26
lvmercat /proc/net/bonding/bond0  = down23:26
StevenRlvmer: can you bring just the two intel interfaces into the bond?23:26
lvmerI'll try it. in windows all 3 work :(23:27
lvmerbut I don't have windows on the motherboard anymore23:27
StevenRlvmer: well, lets start with working out if it's just a problem with the "odd" card23:27
lvmerstevenr: how can I comment out a ton of lines in /etc/network/interfaces   so I can get a connection to pastebinit23:34
StevenRlvmer: um have you tried just not including the "odd" interface in the bond config, and configuring the bond as per the instructions... to get logs and configs off.. you could use a usb stick?23:39
lvmeryah I could usb stick it23:40
lvmerstevenr: yes I did get the odd interface out. I couldn't restart the networking service for some reason though. so I just rebooted. lol23:42
StevenRlvmer: um....23:43
StevenRlvmer: do you understand that the # at the start of a line means that the line will be ignored when the server reads the config file?23:43
StevenR(it's just that you seem to have commented out most of the config file23:44
lvmerstevenr: yah I said I had to comment it all out to get a link to pastebinit23:44
StevenRlvmer: so where's the *actual* config file you're trying?23:44
StevenRlvmer: I've no idea what you're working with, you're basically asking me to troubleshoot with false data23:45
StevenRlvmer: coment out bond-lacp-rate 123:49
lvmerserver seems to hang when restarting network $ sudo service networking restart23:52
StevenRlvmer: how long for?23:55
lvmerindefinitely? no idea, I canceled after 30 seconds and rebooted23:56
lvmercat /proc/net/bonding/bond0  reports up23:56
StevenRlvmer: does ps paux | grep -i network    show NetworkManager?23:56
lvmerbut I can't ping anything23:56
lvmeronly 1  'network'23:57
lvmeridk what the columns are23:57
lvmerbut it says: john 2510 0.0 0.0 9388 904 tty1 R+ 18:5723:58
lvmerfor 'network'23:58
lvmernot networkmanager23:58
StevenRthat's fine23:58
StevenRNetworkManager must not be running23:58
StevenRand it isn't, which is good23:58
lvmerI'll take your word for it23:59
StevenRlvmer: does ifconfig -a show the correct IP addressing on the bond0 interface?23:59
NomadJimanyone use debconf to silently install stuff? I'm trying to get it to work with mysql23:59

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