tion_how do i change res in ubuntu only vga is available02:23
tion_i need xvga+ res02:23
RAOFtion_: #ubuntu is the support channel; you'll be better off asking theer.02:24
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tseliottjaalton: what version and revision of fglrx-updates did you upload in precise-proposed?14:59
tjaaltontseliot: fglrx-installer-updates (2:9.000-0ubuntu0.4)15:02
tjaaltondidn't touch -updates15:02
tjaaltonsince the change was for the backport stack and it doesn't support the video abi?15:02
tseliottjaalton: it should work with Quantal's ABI, shouldn't it?15:03
tjaaltonnot sure anymore15:03
tjaaltonoh right15:03
tjaaltonit's that package :)15:04
tjaalton-exp-9 confused me15:04
tjaaltondidn't touch !-updates15:04
tseliottjaalton: oh, as I uploaded fglrx-installer-experimental-9 (2:9.010-0ubuntu0.3) on 7 January15:05
tseliottjaalton: what did you do in the package?15:06
tjaalton  * debian/substvars: Drop the versioned dependency on xserver-xorg-core*.15:07
tjaalton    (LP: #1080588)15:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1080588 in jockey (Ubuntu Precise) "jockey suggests not installable packages on renamed stack" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/108058815:07
tjaaltonsame on -exp-915:07
tjaalton0.3 was uploaded on Nov 21st..15:08
tjaalton-exp-9 0.3 was uploaded Dec 7th15:09
tjaaltonthose should both be in proposed since some time last week15:09
tjaaltonsru uploads don't seem to get through15:11
tseliottjaalton: but shouldn't it be 9.010 ?15:15
mlankhorstgoing to be a mess for a while, I hope I can get the mesa sru done soon15:16
tjaaltontseliot: I touched those two packages15:19
tjaaltonboth at -0u0.415:19
tseliottjaalton: I'm a bit confused. I uploaded these packages on 7 January (both waiting for approval): fglrx-installer-experimental-9 (2:9.010-0ubuntu0.3) precise-proposed , fglrx-installer-updates (2:9.000-0ubuntu0.3) precise-proposed15:22
tseliottjaalton: I'm wondering why it didn't reject my uploads15:22
tjaaltonthey are both on the queue15:23
tseliotok, I need to make further changes...15:27
tjaaltontseliot: you can find my uploads here https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise/+queue?queue_state=1&queue_text=15:45
tjaaltonyour's too :)15:45
tseliottjaalton: excellent, thanks15:46
tjaalton0.4 has both of the changes from the new 0.3, cjwatson suggested I should bump the release when I uploaded those15:47
tjaaltonbut I dropped the xserver dependency completely15:48
tjaaltonit's redundant15:48
tseliottjaalton: not just the versioned dependency?15:48
tseliottjaalton: do you mind if I ask an admin to reject both mine and your uploads of -updates and -experimental so that I can add the optional dependency on the quantal-lts headers?15:51
tjaaltonsure, and after re-reading the bug, maybe it was unnecessary to drop the dependency..15:53
tjaaltonfeel free to reuse 0.415:53
ogra_is there already an ETS15:53
ogra_is there already an ETA when we wiull switch ABIs ?15:53
tjaaltonmaybe early feb15:54
ogra_(the arm world will fall over once that happens)15:54
tjaaltonbefore feature-freeze most likely15:54
ogra_hmm, k, we dont have any updated binary drivers for any of the arm images atm 15:54
ogra_and without unity-2d that means no images without drivers15:55
tjaaltonthen fix it ;)15:55
tseliottjaalton: ok15:55
ogra_now ? llvmpipe wont be any solution on arm :P15:55
tjaaltontseliot: not sure if slangasek only meant the version part of "need to touch this for the next stack"15:56
tjaaltonogra_: get the cluebat and chase vendors15:56
ogra_doing that since a while 15:57
tseliottjaalton: I think it's fine to do this for the LTS15:57
ogra_though TI is hard to chase since the whole OMAP team was fired15:57
tjaaltontseliot: ok15:57

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