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Kilosmorning guys +05:10
Kiloshey magespawn_ 05:13
barrydkGood morning everyone05:20
Kiloshi barrydk 05:24
barrydkHoe gaan dit daar Kilos05:27
Kilosgoed dankie en jy barrydk ?05:27
barrydkSorry Kilos had to run. Yea no complaints05:51
superflymorning Kilos, barrydk06:15
Kiloshi superfly digigram 06:15
digigramhi Kilos 06:16
superflyhi digigram06:37
digigramhey superfly 06:38
superflyso, anyone else interested in joining Ubuntu-MX and Ubuntu-CO with LocoGames?06:38
superflythey're starting at 17:00 on the 9th of Feb06:38
barrydkMorning superfly06:41
barrydkIs this online gaming?06:41
barrydkWish i also had cheap data06:42
superflyApparently I can get 40Mbps in my area, when Telkom launches it in MArch06:48
theblazehensuperfly:  Thats really nice. also hi06:49
barrydkTalk about something else youre making me grumpy nou.06:49
superflyhi theblazehen06:49
magespawn_mornign all06:49
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theblazehenbarrydk: how much do you get ?06:50
barrydkMorning morning06:50
magespawnmorning all06:50
theblazehenhi all06:50
superflybarrydk: I can't afford it now, but maybe in a year I'll upgrade06:50
superflyheya magespawn!06:50
magespawnthats fast superfly06:50
magespawnon my exchange they do not support the 10Mbps yet06:51
superflyI have 10Mbps (supposedly)06:51
barrydkI pay 540 for 1Gb. It is the best in my area, no telkom and Mtn is only edge, 06:52
magespawnyeah love the way they do that06:52
theblazehenthat sucks06:52
magespawnthat is hectic barrydk06:55
magespawnbarrydk: where are you?06:56
magespawnsuperfly what games are they running at LocoGames?06:57
jrgnsmorning all06:57
superflymagespawn: AssaultCube, UrbanTerror and Battle for Wesnoth06:57
Kiloshi jrgns 06:58
superflyAssaultCube and UrbanTerror are Counter Strike alternatives06:58
magespawnhave not tried the first two but i do play the last one06:58
magespawnwhere can we get more info?06:59
barrydkmagespawn, i am just outside Cullinan on a farm.06:59
magespawnmiddle of no where07:00
barrydkno man 50 k from Pretoria07:01
magespawnthat for telkom qualifies as the middle of no where07:02
superflyMuizenberg in Cape Town qualifies as the middle of nowhere for Telkom, so barrydk is indeed worse off than most of us07:06
digigrammmm I know07:06
digigramI'm in Muizenberg07:07
digigramand my house is in Parys... ffs, 120km from Jhb and 300km from Bloem07:07
digigramatleast we are 4mbps capable07:07
digigrambetter than the EDGE I use down here07:08
superflydigigram: where in Muizenberg?07:08
digigramMarina da Gama07:08
superflyah, yes07:08
digigramwish iburst had reception here07:08
superflydigigram: I know a guy who live(s/d) in Capricorn Beach who used iBurst07:09
digigramlucky him07:09
superflydigigram: what does telkom say when you ask for ADSL?07:09
digigramI don't live here permanently superfly, so getting ADSL will be a waste07:10
superflyah, right07:10
superflydigigram: studying?07:10
digigramI have ADSL at home for the wife, but I travel for work, living a week or two each 2 months in Muizenberg07:10
digigramiBurst does not pick up anything where I live, so now I waste 20gigs per month on that lol07:11
superflyhave you tried Vodacom? I was getting 3.6Mbps on 3G when I used Vodacom07:11
digigramI'm using Cell C for the price...07:12
digigramas I don't want a contract07:12
digigramlater today I'll be in Mosselbaai for 3 weeks, and there we have ADSL07:12
digigramthen I'll be in the states for 2 months07:12
superflywow, you get around, don't you? :-)07:12
digigramthen offshore for a month07:12
digigramso a contract is just a waste07:12
magespawnanybody have experince with backtrack 5?07:14
superflymagespawn: nope07:14
superflydigigram: what work do you do that takes you around so much?07:14
digigramI opened it magespawn, then decided I don't really need it, and dd'd the flash07:15
digigramso that counts as a no07:15
digigramsuperfly: drilling fluids engineer for oil rigs07:15
magespawndigigram: sounds like fun07:15
superflydigigram: so what brings you to muizenberg?07:16
digigramI'll tell you when my training is done lol07:16
digigramour Sub Sahara office is in Westlake superfly 07:16
magespawnbacktack is ubuntu based with a couple of quirks and loads of extra software07:16
digigramyeah I know, I have used BT4 a bit magespawn 07:17
digigramlooks really nice07:17
digigramis very good if you are going to use it07:17
digigrambit for my purposes its not suited, so I did the linux thing and downloaded another distro :)...07:18
magespawnit does make life interesting when you configure everything07:18
* digigram loves choices07:18
* magespawn is running it on an old spare laptop07:19
digigramis all 8gig flash drives the same size? I reckon there might be a few kilobytes differences right?07:20
magespawnthere might also be applications on some07:23
digigramand if you dd it?07:23
digigramI'm running my MINT from a flash drive, and it works great. I make weekly backups of the drive using dd, since liveUSB has a tendency to fail sometimes with me07:24
magespawnno idea never tried that07:24
digigramnow I'm just wondering what will happen if I try to dd that image to a new flash07:24
digigramwant to get one of those kingston tiny drives that will not try to bend everytime the laptop isn't perfectly level07:25
superflyFlash drives have a finite lifespan07:26
digigramyeah I know, so I'd rather have an option to replace it when I reach that07:27
digigramluckily they aren't as expensive these days07:27
nuvolarimore oom Kilos 07:30
nuvolarinope, I was not washed away07:30
digigramwanted to boot of microSD, but laptop does not support it with the internal card reader...07:30
nuvolarimorning everyone07:30
magespawnhey nuvolari07:30
magespawnis Kilos asleep or chasing sheep?07:31
magespawnhey henkj07:31
Kiloshave done and watching the chats about gaming and connection speeds etc07:32
Kiloslo nuvolari 07:32
digigramdoes anybody have a kingston tiny thumb drive or patriot flex in 8GB size? would like to know how many bytes it takes07:34
magespawnhold a sec07:34
theblazehenwon't iit be fine if the last few blocks dont make it ?07:35
digigramI'm not sure theblazehen 07:35
magespawnone way to find out07:35
digigramyeah lol07:35
magespawnno only have a 4gb kingston traveler07:36
digigrammaybe I should try tonight to forcefully skip the last few blocks07:36
digigramto see if it works07:36
digigramor maybe next week, can't really dd to the USB I'm running my OS from lol07:37
Trixar_zaAll the patriot drives I got ended up being corrupted07:37
Trixar_zaso I don't trust them07:37
digigramId prefer something else as well07:37
digigrambut corrupt is better than bent, corrupt I can just get my backup and dd that on07:37
Trixar_zaAlso depending on the Linux distro, 4GB can be more than enough space07:38
Trixar_zaWon't recommend it for Ubuntu though, unless you start off with Ubuntu mini07:38
digigramI'm using Mint, 4GB is enough, but you run out very quickly07:38
digigramIts okay for if you just do stuff quickly, but not as a primary07:39
* digigram should go finish the dishes before the airport transfer arrives07:39
mazalFor the clever guys that might be able to help me: http://askubuntu.com/questions/240324/ive-disabled-periodic-checks-for-updates-why-does-it-still-do-so07:40
Kiloshi mazal there one more place where it says notify of updates07:42
Kilosin update manager07:42
Kilosyou tell it never to check and also untick the notify one07:42
mazalMy update manager is already set to "never check"07:43
Kiloscheck for that other block as well07:44
Kilosin updates untick the other blocks07:45
mazalWhere ?07:45
Kilosupdate manager07:45
mazalThe notify ones ?07:45
mazalThat just tells you if there are , doesn't set the checking07:46
mazalUnless it's a bug07:46
Kilosoh i thought its that notification you dont want07:46
mazalI don't want it to check at all07:47
Kilosthen untick everything07:47
mazalIt's been working fine for about 6 months on that install07:47
mazalOnly started ignoring that setting about a week ago or so07:47
mazalI wonder if software wise something updated and now there is a bug07:48
mazalMaybe update manager updated a week or so ago07:48
superflymazal: not a clue07:48
mazalCan't remember , when there are plenty of updates I never bother to check what is being updated07:48
digigrammaybe they tried what Windows did a while ago. They overrode the "do not install security updates" option a couple of years ago07:49
digigramin one nonsuspicious update07:49
mazalBut then surely more people should have this problem07:50
mazalBut then again , almost everyone works with the setting to check automatically on so will not notice this problem07:50
* digigram really needs ons of those portable bag scales07:53
Trixar_zaConsidering the route Ubuntu is going, I wouldn't put that past them07:56
digigramI know Trixar_za otherwise I wouldn't even try to joke and compare them to MS hehe07:56
magespawndigigram: a hanging fishing scale works nicely08:03
digigramyeah thats what I had in mind08:03
digigramwill get a 40kg one08:03
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N8Wulfgood morning all08:16
Kiloshi N8Wulf 08:16
N8Wulfhow you all? Week long so far for you too?08:16
Kiloslol its monday08:17
N8Wulfi really dont feel like working yet. think i need to get back to some fishing08:18
Kiloswhere yo go fishing?08:18
N8Wulfdid a bit of river fishing here in sasolburg, next to the Vaal. I'm busy planning a Vaaldam trip for next weekend or maybe month end08:19
Kilosyou need to work so you can rest after hard weekends08:21
N8Wulfgot some nice fishing tips from a house maintenance guy last week who belongs to a club... applied and finally caught a Carp of 2Kg, first one in about 30 years worth enmntioning08:21
N8Wulfso yeahhh! quite eager now08:21
barrydkWhat is going on this morning?  why does everyone talk about the things i love to do but can't. If it's not online gaming its fishing08:24
digigramlol barrydk 08:24
KilosN8Wulf, like this? http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/850/img20121231wa0008.jpg/08:24
digigramwell, bye everyone, let me go check out the 37 seater jet they want me to fly on....08:24
Kiloslol @ barrydk 08:24
* digigram shakes his head in disbelief08:24
N8Wulfbarrydk: maybe b'cause we all would rather still be in the holidays instead of at work08:25
barrydkWhat holdays, i only went on the garden route during Christmas week, you know the one around the house08:26
Kilossorry pc rebooted08:27
N8Wulfi did the garden route as well... luckily i stay in Sasolburg, so the river is about 5km from my house08:27
N8WulfKilos: I wish... mine was about a 1/4 of that monster08:28
N8WulfI took a photo with my Cellphone as well, but I made sure the camera is real close so the fish looks big08:28
Kiloswhen you get the urge and have lotsa petrol money go fishing in Bloemhof dam08:28
Kilosmassive barble there too08:29
barrydkI use to do a lot of fishing in the vaa river and dam. I lived in Vereeniging and Meyerton in my schooldays. 08:29
N8Wulfgot Bloemhof planned maybe for last week in February yes, and then from there I'm off to Scottsburg for 10 days08:29
barrydk Don't talk bout Bloemhof very good fishing spot08:29
N8WulfI DL'd Netrunner, just gonna give it a quick Live preview, BBL08:31
Kilosmôre inetpro 08:34
inetproelo kios08:34
magespawngotta love eskom09:08
Kiloswhat now magespawn 09:25
N8WulfHmmmm... guess what I'm up to09:50
N8WulfI like the Netrunner Flavour... never been a big fan of KDE, this one has me Backing up for a fullOn change over though09:51
N8Wulfquick Q: anybody know of any utils that can make a list of  "My Installed Apps" ?09:55
Kiloslol you might wait for a quick A:09:55
Kilosjust be patient09:55
mazalIn KDE ?09:55
mazalOr Unity ?09:56
N8WulfOne thing I'd like Canonical to add to the Software Centre... Login with your Ubuntu Forums Account into Software centre and it will update what you are using... similar to the Android Play Store09:56
N8WulfI'm on Unity/Gnome now09:56
N8WulfI've got 200Gb to backup to make a fresh start again for 201309:57
N8Wulfso I'll be here for another hour or so09:58
mazalTry that in that forum post N8Wulf 09:58
mazalShould give you a list09:58
N8WulfTY mazal09:58
mazalNever used it myself yet , hope it helps ;)09:59
N8WulfAhhhh.... Linux is sooo cool, as always. Always a way to skin the Cat. Ubuntu's Logo should be changed to a Devon Rex I think10:00
N8Wulfor maybe swap the Penguin for a Devon Rex10:01
mazalI have no idea what a Devon Rex is :P10:01
mazalThere's another way with synaptic as well , but can't remember it now10:03
N8Wulfmazal.. those cat's with the really short hair, they almost look and feel like they are Hairless10:03
N8Wulf... been skinned too many times10:04
mazalAh ok10:05
mazalHere's another one , but don't know how well it works , never used this: Synaptec Package Manager - file - Generate package download script10:06
mazalBUT , I think that will only be from Ubuntu to another Ubuntu10:06
mazalDon't think that should be considered for Ubuntu to Kubuntu10:06
magespawnKilos going off and on today Kilos10:06
Kilosi dont see it10:07
magespawnno me10:11
magespawnsorry that was meant to be "Power going of and on today Kilos"10:12
N8Wulfmmmm.... Vetkoek en Chilli Mince for lunch10:19
inetproN8Wulf: dpkg --get-selections10:41
Kilosaw magespawn that sucks10:42
inetproN8Wulf: or dpkg -l10:44
mazalinetpro, only one problem I have with all those methods10:45
inetpromazal: what problem?10:46
mazalIt sounded like N8Wulf wants it because of moving to Kubuntu ( I might be wrong)10:46
mazalThen most on that list should not b installed again as it is default ubuntu apps10:46
mazalI wonder if there is a way to see non-default apps. IE apps that the user added10:47
inetprowell I just answered the question 14/01 11:55:02 <N8Wulf> quick Q: anybody know of any utils that can make a list of  "My Installed Apps" ?10:48
N8Wulf@mazal... now you are talking. I followed your last suggestion and as said it creates a COMPLETE package list10:48
* inetpro didn't read everything that was said10:48
mazalN8Wulf, I thought as much :P10:48
mazalI unfortunately don't know how to get just user installed apps list10:49
inetprothere's no difference10:49
mazalinetpro, meaning ?10:50
inetproat least, not that I am aware of 10:50
inetproit's all user installed10:50
mazalIsn't all the default ubuntu apps also on that list inetpro ?10:50
N8Wulfincluding dependancies then I suppose10:50
inetproall installed by the admin user10:51
mazalLike for example brasero etc10:51
mazalIndeed it does , just checked10:52
mazalSo one won't be able to use that when moving to kubuntu10:52
N8WulfI read about a FUI App long time ago that will list and then enable you to install the same Selection on a number of Workstations among others10:52
N8Wulf(eating and typing cause Typos)10:53
mazalhmm , this is an interesting thing. I would like to find an app that shows only user installed10:53
N8WulfI had a Ref to it on my Delicious bookmarks, but my account died somehow and with it all my bookmarks10:54
mazalI myself keep and updated build document where I manually add and update it myself , but would like to find an app for it10:54
mazalN8Wulf, you know you could only add kubuntu-desktop to your current install ne ?10:57
mazalOr you don't want it that way ?10:57
N8Wulffeeling like a fresh start... and I like to test different Flavs so i can recommend based on experience10:58
mazalI almooooooost wanted to check out the new Kubuntu last week10:59
mazalFortunately the feeling went over hehehehe10:59
superflymazal: so you went back to complaining about Unity, GTK3 and Gnome Shell?11:00
N8Wulfsies man11:00
mazalWhen did I complain superfly ?11:00
mazalOnly remember my updates not working thing11:00
N8WulfI see the Steam for Linux catalogue is growing steadily11:01
N8Wulf42 Games so far11:02
mazalN8Wulf, I didn't have the strength for all the apt-get's , otherwise I would have11:04
N8Wulfand that's why I prefer to start with a Flavour somebody else already tweaked. did you have a look at the Netrunner screenshots?11:05
mazalMy problem is , there is so many extra apps I add that I need , sjoe , takes a lot of time and data to get everything installed11:06
mazalAnd I am happy with ubuntu as it is now (12.04 )11:07
mazalI like Unity and mis the dash when working on an OS that doesn't have that quick searching11:07
N8WulfI've got a Apt-Cache here on my network, so I don't download as much the second time around11:08
mazalI backup mine as well11:09
mazalBut have been told that it will work only for the same version ubuntu11:09
mazalFor example if I install Kubuntu , or ubuntu 12.10 , then those debs wont work11:09
N8Wulffunny how we got used to everything Unity brought and taught us. I also cant wait to move over or add Ubuntu to my Android phone11:10
mazalWhen it started I was one of the haters. Spent some time with K and X ubuntus. Then with 12.04 decided to give Unity a go again. Now I like it11:15
N8Wulfany of you guys using the Cairo Dock?11:20
N8WulfI've been using AWN and Docky forever, curious though about the ratings you would give to each?11:22
N8WulfI'm going home... Speak you again soon, thanx for the recommendations11:26
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mazalHave a good evening everyone12:44
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magespawnsuperfly: have you heard of/used scapy?13:43
superflymagespawn: you mean scipy?14:18
Kiloshey guys is it possible to block a number from sms you on a nokia 611114:31
Kilossis being bugged 14:31
magespawnno scapy14:31
magespawna network scanner etc written in python14:31
* magespawn goes to google scipy14:32
magespawnnot sure Kilos14:32
Kilosimo i think you cant block smses14:32
magespawni think you can block the number though14:33
magespawnsales or other stuff?14:33
tumbleweedKilos: if you file a police complaint, the provider can block it14:33
Kilosya from calling but not smses14:33
Kilosty tumbleweed thats a bit too harsh here14:33
Kilosits her sons satan spawned wife giving hassles14:34
magespawnput that number in its own caller group then set the message tone to muted14:35
magespawnyou could also group delete the sms so you do not have to read them14:35
Kiloseek how you do that magespawn 14:36
magespawnwill have to look it up, have never used the 611114:36
magespawnlet me check14:36
Kilosshe says she knows how14:37
Kilosty magespawn 14:37
Kilosshes read something about grouping numbers14:37
Kilospity we cant reply with a virus that will kill that cell14:39
magespawnwhat phone is the spawn of satan using?14:42
Kiloswe dunno14:42
Kilosshe says her fone is too old can only block all incoming or all outgoing calls but nothing about smses14:44
magespawnsee you all later15:01
Kilosfunny how some peeps are never satisfied unless they causing trouble15:13
Kiloslo Cantide 16:17
Cantidehello :)16:19
Kilosso N8Wulf hows kde doing?16:21
Kilosaw what?16:21
N8WulfDie ding is Mooi, maar die ding is gemaak vir die Parlez s'il vous plaît français16:22
Kiloslol 16:23
Kilosdidnt you install in english?16:24
N8WulfSo far so good... The Team behind Netrunner really had their own ideas on doing everything. Even renaming Common Options like Desktop Options to "Folder View Settings"16:24
N8WulfEnglish yes... but the only guy online for support on IRC thought I'm Hardegat toe ek met hom Afrikaans wou praat omdat hy nie Engels wil praat nie16:26
Kilosoh you playing with a game not kde16:26
magespawnHowdy all16:26
Kiloshey magespawn 16:26
magespawnWhat up?16:26
Kilosive realised if one wants help you have to be very gentlemanly even if the helper treats you a bit rough16:27
KilosN8Wulf, struggling some magespawn 16:27
magespawnN8Wulf what is Netrunner?16:28
Kilosi thought he was gonna install kubuntu but he is sukkeling with a game16:28
Kilosaw you on fone magespawn ?16:30
magespawnCTCG I play magic: the gathering but not on pc16:31
Kilosyou need a buntu pc at home16:31
magespawnMoeg to get laptop out only just got home16:31
Kilosah sorry16:31
magespawnNo worries16:32
magespawnLooks liks WoTC are not making it anymore16:36
magespawnWizards of the Coast16:37
magespawnCompany does a lot of fantasy gaming and trading cards etc16:38
magespawnI used to play Magic:The Gathering a lot16:39
nlsthznMTG rocks16:40
magespawnIndeed not much of a scene in Hluhluwe though16:40
nlsthzn0 in the UAE... which sucks16:41
nlsthznshort drive over to Qatar and they have a thriving community... go figure16:41
magespawnOne of those curve balls life likes to through us16:42
magespawnThe link Kilos gave was to the game loll16:42
nlsthznnetrunner has the same backers as Kubuntu16:42
* nlsthzn is just saying16:43
nlsthznand with that I go for a baff and a bet16:43
Kiloshehe looks good N8Wulf but if the support sucks then what16:44
Kiloshiya byya nlsthzn 16:45
Kiloscome back clean16:45
magespawnAny major differences between netrunner-os and the others?16:49
Kilosyeah the peeps you get help from16:49
magespawnHah lol16:50
Kilosthe thing to do is get the fly to install it then you get good help16:51
Kilosyo aquarat 16:51
aquarathey kilos16:51
magespawnsuperfly batter up16:52
magespawnAnyway I am off, dinner and family16:56
Kiloshi kbmonkey theblazehen 17:21
theblazehenhi kilos17:22
roryyello all17:24
Kiloshey roryy 17:24
kbmonkeyhello hello!17:24
roryyabout a week ago i said I was going to ask the HP shop in sandton if I could try out Ubuntu before buying17:24
roryythe staff were very helpful and let me do so - unfortunately it didn't work17:24
roryyyeah, bit annoying17:25
Kiloswhat didnt work?17:25
roryyit seemed to get through the secure boot OK, then gave a kernel fault17:25
kbmonkeythat was kind of them to at least try :)17:25
roryyyeah, the sales dude was interested17:25
roryylet him have the copy of ubuntu 12.1017:25
Kilosroryy, if you look back in our mailing lists there were some lappys that could be bought with ubuntu on17:26
kbmonkeya kernel fault is a pretty serious showstopper17:26
kbmonkeywonder what could have cause it17:26
roryyKilos: ok.  are there archives on-line?  I'm about to compare the list of "certified" laptops on canonical's site with what's available at laptopdirect17:27
roryymy current laptop is dying - screen switches off if I open it too far.17:27
Kiloswhew youll have to maybe ask in the list , someone gave the links17:27
Kilosaw that yuck17:27
Kilosinetpro, where can one see archives of our list?17:28
Kilossuperfly, bloody hot there tomorrow17:30
Kilosbloedig warm17:30
Kiloshmm 31°c17:30
Kilosnot too bad17:30
Kilosroryy, thats most likely them cable connectors17:31
Kilosmaybe you can get them17:31
Kilosbut lappy's are terrible things to pull apart17:32
kbmonkeyroryy, there are archives of mailing lists online17:32
kbmonkeybut there is no search function, so finding the info you want on there is tricky17:32
roryyKilos: it's oldish anyway - usb ports are flaky, hard drive is getting full, etc.17:32
roryyKilos: it's put in yeoman service, but it's time for it to retire17:32
Kiloshow old is it17:33
roryy5 years i think17:33
Kilosthere is still lotsa years in it17:33
Kiloslike mage runs one without a harddrive from usb17:34
Kilosthere must be replacement connectors available17:34
Kilosunles they are soldered into the mb then you are lost17:35
roryyi guess17:37
roryyi haven't soldered anything in 10 years17:37
Kiloshehe you a ballie hey17:38
roryyurban dictionary says you're implying i'm old by that remark17:38
Kilosim still trying to solder a sata cable to a busted 500g drive17:38
Kilosactually trying to build up the courage to do it17:39
Kiloskbmonkey, hows things with you laddy17:39
kbmonkeyfine oom Kilos 17:40
Kilostumbleweed, is gonna help us with the greeter script17:40
kbmonkeyok :)17:40
Kilosbut you wrong i can boot inna morn and she dont greet those in the channel17:40
kbmonkeyhows it that side, Kilos ?17:41
Kilosonly if i ctrl+c the terminal she is running on17:41
Kilosgood ty kbmonkey 17:41
kbmonkeyit should not greet when it joins a channel though17:41
kbmonkeyits not that kind of greeter. lol17:41
Kilosonly is she is rudely ctrl+c ed17:42
Kilosif i say die it dont happen on restart17:42
Kilosyo digigram 17:42
digigramhey kilos17:46
Kilosekk reboot prob is back17:48
smilehi Kilos, inetpro and others :)17:55
Kiloshi smile 17:56
Cantidesmile o/17:56
inetprogood morning smile18:13
inetproKilos: https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-za18:14
smilegood morning :p18:14
inetproKilos: just follow the link above18:14
Kilosty inetpro roryy ^^18:14
roryyawesome, ta18:15
Kilosive gone back 350 but not seen one yet18:15
Kilosthey were before 12.10 was released methinks18:15
roryy(apologies for long link)18:16
Kilosroryy, if you pm maaz and tell him shorten he does it for you18:17
roryyhuh.  if I install ubuntu I void the warranty on a dell?18:17
roryythat kinda sucks18:17
KilosMaaz, shorten https://www.google.com/search?client=ubuntu&channel=fs&q=site%3Ahttps%3A%2F%2Flists.ubuntu.com%2Farchives%2Fubuntu-za+laptop&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&gl=za18:17
MaazKilos: That reduces to: http://is.gd/PU3B1D18:17
Kilosthere was talk about someone supplying lappies with ubuntu preinstalled18:18
* inetpro would never use windows on a dell18:18
inetproubuntu just works perfect18:18
inetprowarranty should have nothing to do with the os18:19
roryyyeah, someone in the thread says he was told it wouldn't void the warranty18:21
kbmonkeyno it should not, but reality does not work well with morality18:21
kbmonkeyroryy, you can use clonezilla and clone the disk as is18:22
kbmonkeyso if for any reason you one day need to hand it in for warranty reasons, you can restore the original drive data18:23
inetprowell I can tell you if Dell where to enforce a stupid warranty rule like that they would loose a massive amount of business18:29
roryyinetpro: yeah, i'm not sure the complaint was legit18:33
inetprowb Kilos18:34
Kilosty inetpro 2nd time now when moving mouse pc reboots18:35
Kilosearlier it was when typing here so i changed the keyboard18:35
Kilosnow twice with mouse move18:35
Kilossomethong in the usb stuff18:38
Kilosno keyboard was ps218:39
kbmonkeyfor the next time it crashes, it might help us see what caused it18:40
kbmonkeythat #2.218:40
Kilosme looks18:40
Kiloswhats that  Alt+SysRq+1it does a reboot same as if you shutdown and say restart18:43
Kilos Alt+SysRq18:44
Kiloswhere is that key sysrq18:44
Kilosor do i type it in18:44
roryythink it might be pause?18:45
roryyoh, no, it varies - i see it on delete on my keyboard here18:45
Kiloswait i see it18:45
roryyFn-delete it would be18:45
Kiloslay back inna chair to ponder the situation and see it on the front of the print screen key18:46
roryyi'm off to be18:46
Kiloswow never saw that before18:46
roryycheers all18:46
Kiloscheers roorrrr18:46
Kilosninnige fanie18:46
charlgood evening18:50
charlMaaz: coffee on18:50
* Maaz flips the salt-timer18:50
kbmonkeydiscovering new keys on your keyboard, Kilos?18:50
Kiloshehe hi charl 18:50
charlhi Kilos 18:51
MaazCoffee's ready for charl!18:54
charlMaaz: thanks18:54
Maazcharl: No problem18:54
charlwow lenovo is busy with some interesting stuff18:54
charltheir ideapad looks a lot like apple's laptops http://www.lenovo.com/products/us/desktop/ideacentre/horizon/18:55
charltheir desktops look very stylish http://www.lenovo.com/products/us/desktop/18:56
charlseems like they are shedding the ibm thinkpad "stereotype" :)18:56
Kilosinetpro, them cat and tail commands are for running pc hey?19:01
kbmonkeywow that looks nice charl 19:01
kbmonkeyI have the thinkpad laptop. they have lovely linux compatible hardware.19:02
inetproKilos: uh?19:04
inetpro(head;tail) < /var/log/syslog19:04
Kilosi mean they wont show why pc rebooted will they?19:04
inetproKilos: hmm... depends19:05
inetproKilos: (head;tail) < /var/log/syslog | nl19:06
inetprothe first ten lines would be the beginning and the last 10 the end19:06
inetproKilos: what's wrong?19:07
inetproKilos: why you giving me that?19:08
Kilospc just reboots on its own while im chatting here or moving mouse is the last 219:08
inetproKilos: well you should learn to read that log of yours19:08
inetprolot's of lines get added during a boot up process19:09
Kilos   18  Jan 14 20:35:17 P4 kernel: [  264.172456] init: plymouth-stop pre-start process (3260) terminated with status 119:09
Kilos    19  Jan 14 20:39:28 P4 AptDaemon: INFO: Quitting due to inactivity19:09
Kilos    20  Jan 14 20:39:28 P4 AptDaemon: INFO: Quitting was requested19:09
inetproso the trick is to find the lines just before the startup19:09
inetprolook at the time19:09
Kilosnot in the shutdown process19:09
Kilos    10  Jan 14 09:17:01 P4 CRON[2996]: (root) CMD (   cd / && run-parts --report /etc/cron.hourly)19:10
Kilosi dunno what time it rebooted19:11
Kilosis that it19:11
inetproless /var/log/syslog19:11
inetprowith less you can scroll up and down19:11
inetprothen the time should be clear19:11
inetproanything within the same few seconds would be part of a specific sequence19:12
inetprolike a bootup sequence19:12
Kilosdoes quassel show what time i went off?19:12
inetproKilos: that won't help19:13
inetprobecause it will only show after a while19:13
inetproafter the timeout19:13
inetproKilos: last19:13
inetprolast | head19:14
inetprothat should show you when it booted19:14
inetprolast reboot19:14
inetproor even better ^^19:15
Kiloswithout the | head19:15
inetprouse q to quit out of less19:15
inetproKilos: last reboot19:15
inetprowell if there are to many of those use | head19:16
inetprobecause you're interested in the latest19:16
inetprowhich is at the top19:16
* inetpro only has 4 reboot lines since 3 Jan19:17
kbmonkeyKilos, that syslog can get a ton of messages during reboot19:17
Kilosreboot   system boot  3.2.0-35-generic Mon Jan 14 20:32 - 21:17  (00:45) 19:17
inetproKilos: ahh19:17
Kilosthats     10  Jan 14 09:17:01 P4 CRON[2996]: (root) CMD (   cd / && run-parts --report /etc/cron.hourly)19:19
Kilosits my unity messing around not the hardware hey?19:19
inetproKilos: look at just before 20:3219:20
charlkbmonkey: i also have a lenovo laptop, the b56019:20
Kiloson the first paste inetpro ?19:20
inetproKilos: no man19:21
inetproin your logs19:21
inetprothe paste was useless19:21
* inetpro was still trying to figure what your problem was19:21
charlnn all!19:22
inetproKilos: less /var/log/syslog19:22
inetprokbmonkey: and yes I agree, theres lots to read in a syslog file19:23
kbmonkeyKilos, looked at the paste, does not look like all the lines there19:24
kbmonkeygrab the whole log right after a crash19:24
Kilosless /var/log/syslog19:25
inetprokbmonkey: that's just the first 10 lines and the last 10, pointless really19:25
inetproKilos: apt-get install pastebinit19:28
inetpropastebinit -a Kilos -i /var/log/syslog19:29
Kilossnazzy command that19:31
smilebyee :)19:32
inetproKilos: looks like you're out of luck19:32
smilegood night Kilos & inetpro 19:33
Kilosnight smile 19:33
inetprosurely you were not offline for longer than half an hour?19:33
kbmonkeyKilos, did your pc crash between those times where there are gaps in the time?19:34
inetprolooks like whatever caused a reboot was not logged19:34
kbmonkeyif so, it seems to happen on the 17th minute of each hour19:34
Kilos3 times today19:34
Kilostwice tonight'19:34
kbmonkeyyour right, that hourly cronjob19:34
kbmonkeyand it does not log the error itself19:34
Kilosso is that in unity or the pc itself19:35
inetpro14/01 20:32:36 <-- Kilos (~miles@unaffiliated/kilos) has quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)19:35
inetpro14/01 20:34:28 --> Kilos (~miles@unaffiliated/kilos) has joined #ubuntu-za19:35
kbmonkeydid you try that step from the ubuntu help link?19:36
kbmonkeysysreq+1 and sysreq+t19:36
Kilosit hasnt crashed again kbmonkey 19:36
inetprothat cron at 20:17 was long before the crash19:36
Kilosmust i do that while its rebooting19:36
kbmonkeyfrom what I gather, those commands will drop you to a terminal and it will dump the trace log on screen19:37
Kilosyou know when you go shutdown and choose restart19:37
Kilosthe pc clicks and strats rebooting19:37
Kilosno time to sys anykey19:38
kbmonkeyit reboots itself right away19:38
Kilosyes 19:38
Kilosit doesnt do any crash thing just reboots19:39
kbmonkeythat is naughty19:39
kbmonkeywell I would try reseath the RAM chips just in case19:39
Kilosok will try that and run memory test19:41
inetproplay a game of chess19:42
kbmonkeyi forgot what the technical name is, but its known over time heating and cooling can slowly move ram chips to the point where their contacts lose point19:42
Kiloswhy did the pro say im outa luck19:42
inetproKilos: ai!19:42
kbmonkeyooh chess19:42
inetproKilos: looks like whatever caused a reboot was not logged19:42
Kilosoh is that all19:43
* Kilos hugs inetpro 19:43
* inetpro runs away19:43
kbmonkeyfree hugs!19:43
Kilosthought you were gonna say mb faulty19:43
* inetpro didn't grow up with hugging tendencies19:44
Kilosi see smile gets you worried now i got another stick to wallop yuou with19:45
Kiloslol ok guys ty for the help. will catch you tomorrow with good news i hope19:45
Kiloswill do reseating of ram19:46
inetproKilos: goeie nag oom19:46
Kiloslekker slapp19:46
Kilosslaap ook19:46
Kilosnight kbmonkey be good19:46
kbmonkeygn Kilos, slaap lekker19:46
kbmonkeythat is a mighty good idea oom19:46
Kilosdont you also start the oom stuff19:47

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